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Section 3: Grammar and Vocabulary

1.Join the following pairs of sentences using the conjunction in brackets. Change one verb form
into the Past Perfect.
a. She learned how to type. She started working on a new short story. (as soon as)
b. I took the atlas back to the library. I finished using the atlas. (when)
c. I wrote the letter. I posted it. (when)
d. Andy spent all his savings. He realized that that was a mistake. (when)
e. She didnt watch TV. She did her homework. (until)
2.Make a question out of the following words.
a. radio/listening/does/enjoy/to/mother/the/your? __________________________________________
b. volleyball/ often/ play/ how/ does/ she? _____________________________________________
c. university/ studying/ at/ English/ you/ are? ___________________________________________
d. do/ doing/ what/ at/ you/ like/ weekend/ the? ____________________________________________
e. dictionary/ why/ got/ you/ havent/ a? _______________________________________________
f. much/put/my/coffee/milk/how/did/in/you? ______________________________________________
g. phoned/ doing/ Pete/ when/ what/ you/ were? ___________________________________________
h. cake/ make/ is/ who/ to/ going/ the? ________________________________________________
i. weekend/ do/ what/ you/ would/ to/ this/ like? ___________________________________________
j. live/ Ann/ where/ was/ child/ a/ did/ when/ she? __________________________________________
3.Fill in the gaps forming multi-word verbs.
a. Im looking for yesterdays newspaper. Have you _______________ it away?
b. Could I _______________on these shoes, please? Size nine.
c. ______________ down the volume. The music here is too loud.
d. You look exhausted. _______________ down and have tea and a sandwich.
e. Dont forget to _______________ off the lights when you leave the room.
f. Hurry ______________ ! Youll be late for your classes.
g. I dont want to talk to my cousin now, but I used to _______________ on with him.
h. Im looking _______________ to seeing them very much.
i. ________________ up your litter. Dont drop it on the street.
j. James ________________ on the bus for New Jersey in the afternoon.
4. If any of the following sentences are correct, put a tick next to it.
a. They arent at home. They have been to work.
b. Since when have you been knowing Andy?
c. We are here since last Saturday morning.
d. Ive been running round the park two times.
5. Put the following sentences into reported speech.
a. Do you often visit your sister? she asked him. __________________________________________
b. I visit her every Sunday, he said. ____________________________________________________
c. I took her a nice present for her birthday this year, he said.
d. What did you do at the weekend? he asked her.
e. Ive forgotten when exactly we landed, but we havent recovered from all the stress yet,she said.

6.Complete the sentences with one of the following words. Careful! Not all of the words are used.
surprising surprised interesting interested annoying annoyed boring bored frightening
frightened worrying worried tiring tired exciting excited
a. The conversation was . and I stopped participating in it for a while.
b. We cant get to sleep on Christmas night. We are too .. .
c. Hi, Mum! Les! Where have you been? Weve been so .. about you!
d. Hello, Jimmy! Ive got a present for you. For me? Dont look so . .
I often buy you things. But it isnt my birthday!
e. The art exhibition was very . I loved it, but I had to leave after three hours.
My feet were killing me! I find going round art galleries rather . .
f. Some people dont go out at night because theyre . that someone will
rob them.
g. Our situation financially is quite . . I need to start spending less.
h. Youre yawning. Are you listening to what Im saying? I am! Im really .. .
I want to know what happened. Its just that I feel very . I went to bed very
late last night.
i. I am going on a two-month holiday to Canada. How .! Lucky you!
j. Was your mother ... when you told her what you did yesterday?
was furious.
7. Make the following sentences passive. Omit the doer (the agent) where it is not needed.
a. A famous architect designed the new housing estate.
b. They need to discuss the question immediately.
c. This time Ive written the answer because my friend is away.
d. Who invented the telephone?
e. The runners will cover a distance of four miles.
8. Use the correct modal verb.
a. You do as you wish - but my advice is that you do your best to be reasonable.
b. He ... leave in a hurry yesterday.
c. . you excuse me?
d. . I come in?
e. This is a fine book and everybody .. read it.
f. He be lying about the exact time of his arrival in the city.
g. I think of a synonym and I didnt express myself clearly.
h. we go to the theatre tomorrow or go out with our friends?
i. Im afraid Ive lost my pen. . you suggest where it be?
j. Jane arrived home after her first day at school. Well, Jane, asked her grandmother, what did they
teach you?
Not much, replied the child. I.. to go again.
9. Underline the most suitable verb form in each conditional sentence.
a. If the weather keep / will keep / keeps fine, we will have / have / are going to have a gorgeous
holiday tomorrow.
b. If I am / was / were dean, I wont / wouldnt / hadnt allow students to smoke in the corridors.
c. They would / would have starve unless they bring / have brought / had brought enough food for the
d. If you changed / change your opinions, you would be / have to be a more likeable person, I think.

10. Put the verb in the brackets in the correct form, active or passive.
Last night in Shrewsbery many trees (0)were blown. (blow) down in the storm. One tree (1)
......(fall) across the main road. It (2)..(take away) by the fire
brigade during the night. Heavy rain also (3)(cause) problems on the road.
Some roads (4). (cover) by half a metre of water. Many motorists (5)
. (leave) their cars and (6)..(walk) home. Now over to our
reporter, Jeff Hartnet. Jeff,, whats happening?
Well, the situation this morning is much better. The last few cars (7)(remove)
by the emergency services at the moment. I can see the telephone engineers at work. The broken lines
(8).(repair). The traffic (9) now
(move) in and out of the town along the main roads.
Thank you, Jeff. And a piece of good news now.
Yesterday evening, a black Saab (10).(steal) from outside the home of Mr John
Walters. Mr Walters (11)(telephone) the police. Later that evening, the car
(12)(see) in Grosvenor Street by Mr Walters wife, Mary. The keys were in
the car, so she (13)(drive) it home! The police (14)..
(look) for a careless thief!
And finally, some football news.
We (15).just..(hear) that Walsall Town are champions for
the third time1 A few minutes ago, the referee (16)..(blow) the whistle at the
end of the game against Dudley. Our reporter at the match, Cory Jenkins, (17)
(wait) to talk to us at the stadium.
A.B.: Cory, (18).. (be) it a good game?
C. J.: Yes, excellent, very fast, but unfortunately a bit rough. Walsall Towns star player, Tony
Anhill (19) (send) off because he (20)..(kick) one of
the Dudley players. And the Dudley goalkeeper (21).(hurt) when he (22)
(crash) into one of the goalposts. He (23)(take)
off the field with leg injuries, so both teams (24)(play) with ten men for the
last few minutes.
A.B.: Is he all right?
C. J.: Well, we dont know. He (25)(take) to hospital at this moment. The
manager (26).(think) its serious.

Oh dear. Thats a bad end to the match for Dudley. What (27)...(happen)
now in the stadium?
C. J.: The Walsall Town players (28)..(walk) up the steps to receive the
Champions Cup.
11. Underline the uncountable noun.
roll/bread flour/flower job/work pence/pound rice/rose furniture/drawer vase/liquid food/meal
12. Put the verb in brackets in the correct tense. The tenses used are the Present Simple and the
Will Future.
a. We ___________ (call) you when dinner ___________ (be) ready.
b. If you ____________ (be) not there, I ____________ (wait) for you to call us.
c. I _____________ (help) my brother as soon as I ____________ (finish) my class.
d. If Tom ____________ (know) the answer, he _____________ (write) it down.
e. If Sheilas neighbours _____________ (not stop) being noisy, she ____________ (go) round and