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Activity 1

Write true (T) False (F) or doesn't say (DS) here it is strongly recommended to read carefully in
order to avoid a misinterpretation problem. DOESN'T SAY mean no sufficient information to make
accurate decision.

Best Shopping Citites

Which are the best cities to shop in? Writer, Ellie Clare, has been to five cities around the world to
find out This week, she writes about Paris.

went to Paris in June. t's a lovely city for sightseeing at that time of year, but it's also a great place
to find high-quality fashion. started in the boutiques and visited all the top names, including Cartier,
Chanel, Christian Dior, and Yves Saint Laurent. 've never seen such beautiful things, but they are,
of course, expensive. bought some perfume and moved on to the huge department stores of
Paris. Two of the most famous are Printemps and Galeries Lafayette and they are definitely good
places to visit. One place found disappointing was The Champs-Elyses. n the old days, it was a
great place for fashion, but now there are too many fast-food restaurants, banks, airline offices,
shopping centres, and cinemas aimed at tourists. Don't waste your time there!

After the shops, tried the markets. One of the most famous places to find treasures in Paris is the
flea market. There are three main flea markets and they are situated around the old gates of the
city. spent hours walking around these fascinating places and while was there, discovered the
meaning of the name flea market. Hundreds of years ago, the royal family gave away their old
clothes, but they were full of little insects - fleas, of course! One stall holder told me that the best
time to find treasures at the market is before the crowds arrive, usually between 5 a.m. and 6 a.m.
But that was a bit early for me. was enjoying Paris night life too much! There are also open-air
markets all around the city where you can buy flowers, clothes, pets, food, and many other things.
And if you want to buy a book, visit the rows of bookstalls along the River Seine. You can find some
great bargains there, or you can spend hours just looking.

f you want to buy half of Paris or if you just want to walk around and look, you'll love the
experience. Paris is a great place to shop!

1. Ellie didn't go sightseeing in Paris DS
2. She bought one item from a boutique T
3. She didn't visit any of the department store F
4. She mentions two department stores T
5. She thinks the Champs Elyses has improved F
6. You can have a meal on the Champs Elyses F
7. Ellie spent most of her time in the flea markets DS
8. A long time ago. Kinds and Queen sold their old clothes in fleas markets F
9. Ellie visited the flea market in the afternoon T
10. The book stalls by the river are very expensive DS

Answer the following question on according to the text above by circling the corresponding letter
Only one the option is right.

1. What two things does Ellie like most about Paris in June?
Sightseeing, visiting fashion boutiques
2. Why didn't Ellie buy more things in the boutiques?
They were too expensive.
3. What could you find at The Champs-Elyses before?
Fashion shops

4. Why is it a good idea to visit the flea markets early?
To find the best treasures before the crowds arrive.
5. What did Ellie do in the evenings?
She enjoyed the night life.

Written a 150-word history descriptive text. Circle the following connectors: however, wh that.
About "important inventions (At least, three paragraphs). The purpose is narrative passive voice is
the structure base of this writing part.


Activity 1

For this part you must circle the correct phrase that better completes the sentence, actives or
passives. The two options are in italics.

1. Tobacco isn't grown don't grown in Britain.
2. English is spoken is spoke by our workers.
3. How many BMWs will make be made in Oxford?
4. Jk Rowling Wrote is Written the harry potter books.
5. Cotton was picked picked by slaves.
6. Have my shoes repaired been repaired?
7. Coca cola is made has been made in Texas for more than thundered years.
8. Was cotton grew grown in Europe
9. Chewing gum was invented / has been in Sweden.
10. Sugar is took was taken to the west by Columbus.

Activity 2

Here you must make a decision between fact and possibilities. Circle the word or phrase better
completes the sentence given:

1. 've got a new job and am stating might start it today.
2. Wales will might win but would be surprised.
3. Sophia sees might see them tomorrow.
4. t isn't might not be sunny next weekend.
5. We might go are going on holiday. We at 9 o'clock tonight.


Activity 1
You will hear a conversation about meeting someone else. Circle the correct answer you will listen
to this track twice:

1. Where does this conversation most likely take place?
A. at a park
B. at a school
C. at a birthday party
D. at a music recital
2. What is the girl's name?
A. Kathy
B. Karen
C. Nancy
D. Nanny

3. Where does the girl probably live now?
A. in Scotland
B. in France
C. in England
D. in the United States

4. What does the girl's father do for a living?
A. He is a travel agent.
B. He is a professor.
C. He is computer programmer.
D. He is a French teacher.

5. What is one thing NOT mentioned about the girl's family?
A. why her parents lived in England for several years
B. where her mother works at the present time
C. where the girl grew up
D. how old the girl was when she moved to her present location

Activity 2

Server: Hi. Welcome to Joe's Hamburger Restaurant. [i( Home of the one-pound super deluxe hot
and spicy cheeseburger. Will this be for here or to go?
Customer: Uh, to go.
Server: Okay. What would you like today? Would you like to try the one-pound super hot and spicy
Customer: Uh. don't think so. 'd probably have heartburn for a week after downing that monster.
Server: Well. t's our house special this week, and it comes with fries, and a large specialty drink
called "Everything-but-the-kitchen-sink."
Customer: A what? "Everything-but-the-kitchen-sink"? What in the world is that?
Server: Well, it's a little mix of everything in a large cup: Pepsi, Sprite, Fanta Orange, and
lemonade with crushed ice and a scoop of ice cream.
Customer: Ah, that sounds disgusting.
Server: Hey, it'll grow on you.
Customer: Nay, think 'll just order a hamburger with some mustard and lettuce and a glass of
Server: Boring. Hey. Would you care for anything else like a side order of amazing cheesy onion
Customer: No thank you. Onion rings usually don't agree with me.
Server: Hmm. Okay. Your total comes to ten ninety (.9).
Customer: Ten ninety? For just a hamburger?! You've got to be kidding
Server: Well, the one-pound super deluxe hamburger is nine dollars.
Customer: Hey, didn't order a one-pound burger. just wanted a simple burger. That's all.
Server: Well, sir. Joe's Hamburger Restaurant only serves one-pound burgers. [an!( The one-
pound super hot and spicy, the one-pound barbecue burger, the one-pound bacon cheese burger,
the one-pound . . .
Customer: No, no. Those are all huge.
Server: Well, sir. f you really want something smaller [eah(, you should order from the kids' menu:
The half-pound super hot and spicy burger, the half-pound barbecue burger, the half-pound bacon
cheese burger, the half-pound . . .
Customer: No. Those are still giant burgers.
Server: Well, in these parts, we are hearty eaters.
Customer: Okay, but you said my total was ten ninety, but the burger only comes to ten bucks.
What about the other ninety cents?
Server: Well, sir. We only serve natural spring water from yonder hills, and . . .
Customer: Okay, okay. 'll take the giant burger and a bottle of your spring water. The sandwich
should feed me for a week.