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How to become a Jedi Knight/Sith Warrior, or the new millennium survival guide, o Camillo. by JUSTIN THYME 1. Undam the rivers. No water control structures permitted on rivers, streams, creeks, brooks, or rivuelets. Super Drip Line Water Collect Ahora (collect that which falls from the heavens). Make your main goal in life to establish free flowing drinkable rivers that naturally fertilize the ocean our main food source. Pound a stake into Ober Rivers. Stop worldwide oceanic fertilizer burn. DEEPFRY & FREEZEDRY Modern Ag. As practiced. See Spaceship rules on #22. 2. Dont use the Black Stuff mined from the ground that powers the A/C and Alternating Current. Dont even think about direct current and batrays. Plants are the only nuclear option. Windmills chop up the birds. Empower the people not the power Co. Force Global Blanket rapidly escalating carbon tax, drop current use 90%, anticipate further cuts. Use money to fund sustainable stewardship. 3. Reestablish native Flora and Fauna from handpicked local seeds. Support your local power pollenators. Take the seeds out of doomsday storage and replace with pharmaceuticals. Put over the counter stuff behind the counter. 4. Grow organic fruit, vegetables, nuts, herbs, roots and fungus, preferably heirloom. Eat more natural seafood. Horse is delicious. Beer is horse piss. Convert Champagne Room into Brew Ha Huas. Dont drink fermented GMO tainted comodeity crops. 5. Abhor plastic, aluminum, metal, soap, perfume, degreasers, basically anything that cant be put into a fish tank. Dont be a miner. Reuse as many times as possible than RECYCLE. Metal is sacred. 6. Travel by Boat use paddles, oars, sails, or tramp steamers, ferries idea. Swim. Keep swimming join with another swimmer, have child, keep enjoying swimming attempt back cross with forest elves idea. See what you get. 7. Walk if cant do above. Perhaps a bus or public transportation. HITCH HIKE. Dont burn gasoline, roll around with diesel for a few eons instead. Stroll. 8. Riding a bicycle is an extremely advanced maneuver, I recommend salvaging one from the trash pile. In fact the dump is the new mine, wave to false idol that the ohms who work there taking notes built at the top. Look out for the skateboarders and hulahoop girls. 9. Learn to teleport. DONT GET CAUGHT HOLDING A HYDROELECTRIC TURBINE, DAM or DYKE CONSTRUCTING, WETLANDS DRAINING, OR RESIVOIR PERMIT PATENT OR GRAND FATHER CLAUSE. L.A. Orange Rice Racket Rangers. PANAMA CANAL and SUEZ CANAL EXCLUDED. 10. Dont get caught with pre-sliced bread, it gets stale faster. Dont be an Arnold Jonser. Quit praying for daily bread and banglindish for rice. Rethink the teach Girls that are scouts to sell there cookies idea. 11. Turn off the TV, realize youre on universal TV already. Recycle your existing set into future Checkoff and Sulu reminder machines. 12. If you unfortunately own property, dont fence it off. Grow buffaloes instead of steers idea. Teach dog to stay, perhaps grow food for it to. Get a pig or learn to eat dog. 13. *Dont be a money lender or one of the investors in the destroy the planet project. Oysters and Honey are the new money. 14. Dont take pharmaceuticals, or manufacture them under ecologically harmful manners. Use the good lords minillimay processed herbs, funguses, and other plant and animals instead. Homo sapiens are not separate from plants and animals. 15. Do whatever you can to avoid getting a sun burn, especially on the neck. Listen to live music. Shun radioactive radio, and square unspun digital. 16. Wright your politrickons. Not too far to the left. Dont try to buy or consume a green product to solve the consumption problem on this planet. Turn the lights, heat, and A/C off instead. GO BLUE AHORA. Quit praying to the A/C&D/C!

17. Learn not to vote for guys and gals named Washingtown, Lincon, Pierce, Fillmore, Harding, Hoover Raygun, Clintown, Isenhower, Nixon, W, Chainey, Gore, Obomba? , McCane Im sure youre starting to see the light. Get the rails and used carpet ready to ride any unable politicians out of here. 18. Dont look at life as a trial and tribulation. Even though it is. Learn fast. 19. Enjoy solving problems. Begin Operation Planet Oceana Nighttime Disco Ball Display Shutdown. Unscrew and save or recycle security night lights including streetlamps. Tar and feather noncomplyers lights. Carry a torch that shines light in all directions. Use your Headlamp. Learn to do the Luke Skywalker. Hint: Drop your blastsheild. 20. Learn to identify Hydrophobes. Not aware. They store there water in open dam reservoirs, pump it up hill, and let it evaporate. Then they rush the water to the sea as fast as they can between levees and in canals. They are sandbaggers. They suck wells dry as fast as they can. They shed that which falls from the heavens. They mist water around in the air. RABID VAMPIRES. Not AWARE. They love concrete, can not dance. They love lawns and squere bushes. Pop a cap in the Sprinkler Heads. Reports of walk on water, part the- seas, and other dont melt me witch tricks. Go with Noah idea,include floara. 21. Dont abort the seeds of grass with a mower, youll starve the birds and when we have exodus the riotous ones will not be delivered there flock. Righteous/Leftous will still get some delivery. Dont rake gravel into beds. Bao, rake honey into honey pearls instead. Be productive. 22. Dont ever let a company Mountsainto+Co., take over your food supply. Ban Cloned Plants and animals on planet Oshiana. Try bringing back the Mastidon and other Megafauna instead idea. Dams, Dikes, Weirs, Canals, Clones, Flourecent Lights, Particle colliders (not allowed to turn on until out of Milky Way), New Nuclear Power Plants, Hydroponics, Plastic Food and Drink Containers, High power Radioactive wave sending devices, 92% to 98% of plastic stuff, 99% of Styrofoam. Shrimp Farms, Salmon Farms, Tuna Ranches, most pesticides,GMOs,and cleaning products are for Space Ships. 23.If you live in South Florida dont get caught with a Fuckus tree, Umbrella Plant(the hydrophobes really like this one), Pair-of-dice palm, Youreeka Palm, Arbicola, Rowbelowknees, Oyster Plant, Ixora, Normal Folk Pine, BRASillion pepper, Chinese Popcorn Tree, Boygonetothevilla, anykind of palm tree from Madatgascar, Mallucka, St.Augustine, Fauxtinia, Jolley Green Giant, Pittosporyum, Hosstrayyoung Pine, Impatients, Spatholowspyloam, Croaktown, Princess Plant, Pony Tail Palm, Suriname Cherry, Exotic Bromiliads, Elefant Bush, Black Olive with no olives, any palm trees stolen from Cuba, Ornamentals, Other useless(except as steam turban rotator fuel, animal food oneself included, building materialetc.) exotic plants. Tar and feather Florida Growers and Nursery Asssociation, if they dont stop the installation of the garden of NO EATEN. 24. In short learn how to read, consume lots of natural science books, read the bible(Manuel), I recommend reading the first chapter and then skipping to the last one to see what will happen if you follow the recipe. Its obviously a gardening Manuel. Get a degree in environmental Horticulture, Learn about drainage. Highjack the plan. Board the ship like a pirate and turn into bucaneeraeiou when pleased. I sent this to you guys first, got anything to add? It looks like Im running out of time, but I figured Id better catch these Galls and Those Whoatoman types (not nessacarily females) with their pants down. Looks like good timing dont it? ~JJMCO~ surgeon. Now performing emergency stroke work on late middle age Manchurian woman likely candidate for pharmorhormonostillwater simplex multiple massive stroke. Next patient, early 30s male dressed in leaderhosen, emergency appendixcitus,suspect damdustyfoodandbeer diet/ cleanwater complex, hes running a high temperature. Horticultural Enterprise John Lawrence Kanazawa Jolley (an average guy, golden nostaypufflessmarshmallowman, pretty boy, whos all to happy to rinse out the law) Lajohnwrencejolley, the most productive machine ever to be on the surface of this wet rock, a no flush, composting, etc. toilet with squirt gun, gauruntied to keep you alive, looking vibrant, and healthy, or the Kanazawa. John Lawrence Jolley +________________ 136 W Chestnut St. #8 Maxey Building Asheville,NC 28801 New rules take effect May25, 2009. Full swing mid melt N.Hemisphere 2009. Were bringing back the old SMOTE rule, in addition De-Smote and worse. But, Pro-Smote and better have been added as well.

This one sheet double sided double dirty dozen idea is designed specifically so one could remove any bad ending to the Manuel that one follows in life and replace with this continuem or just add it to ones golden, silver, etc. rules and proceed henceforth. Im looking for Homo sapiens (thinking apes) that will row or move this idea forward. So far Ive got the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker, and the tailor in the boat along with the gardeners, carpenters, and fishermen, as well as the evil character and the good character. Im steering, get in.