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Amendment of th|s ass|gnment

Conc|us|on of 1ask A uest|on 2

So by evaluaLlng 1!x Companles lncorporaLlon's achlevemenL of Lhe sLakeholders'
ob[ecLlves lL can be sald LhaL as a successful buslness organlzaLlon achlevemenL of Lhe
sLakeholders' ob[ecLlves ls one of Lhe maln reasons of Lhelr success

Conc|us|on of 1ask A uest|on 3
1hese all are Lhe sLraLegles of 1!x Companles lncorporaLlon Lo meeL Lhelr responslblllLles
uescrlbed responslblllLles and sLraLegles followed by 1!x Companles lncorporaLlon help
Lhem Lo reach Lhelr vlslon mlsslon and all over buslness success

Conc|us|on of 1ask A uest|on 4

O educe carbon emlsslons
O ,lnlmlze wasLe naLural resources
O ,lnlmlze conserve naLural resources lncludlng waLer
O 9arLlclpaLlon ln Lhe Carbon ulsclosure 9ro[ecL (Cu9%
So lf 1!x companles lnc wanL Lo expand Lhelr buslness ln Asla Lhan Lhe descrlbed mlsslon
vlslon ob[ecLlves and values wlll help Lhem Lo operaLe buslness ln Asla

Conc|us|on of 1ask 8 uest|on 1

So lL can be sald LhaL SysLems do noL aLLempL anyLhlng because people use sysLem Lo
descrlbe whaL ls group efforLs 1hus lL would be beLLer served as comparlng a shopkeeper
as for example as a caplLallsL economy Lrylng Lo efflclenLly allocaLe resources Lo maxlmlze
Lhe proflL compared Lo a shopkeeper ln a CommunlsL economy aLLempLlng Lhe slmllar Lhlng
8ecause people allocaLe resources 1hey use resources effecLlvely or wasLefully

Conc|us|on of 1ask 8 uest|on 2

So based on Lhe dlscusslon lL can be sald LhaL soclal welfare has ob[ecLlves Lo evaluaLe
soclal eLhlcs and value welfare [udgemenLs whlch ls noL only lnclude Lhe sLandard of llvlng
buL also lnclude envlronmenL as for example alr soll waLer crlme level lncludlng healLh
houslng lncome malnLenance educaLlon and connecLlon Lo pollLlcs and socleLy
Cn Lhe oLher hand lndusLrlal pollcy permlLs Lhe CovernmenL Lo Lake an energeLlc role Lo
supporL lnvesLmenL and encourage a fasLer raLe of economlc growLh ln lndusLry Lo sLop Lhe
decllne of manufacLurlng secLor lL emphaslzes Lhe cooperaLlon beLween CovernmenL
banks prlvaLe enLerprlses and employees Lo make sLronger Lhe naLlonal economy
Pere lL can be menLloned as an example soclal lmpacL on Cadbury's ls always poslLlve
because as Cuaker famlly Lhey are always parLlclpaLlng Lhe reforms ln socleLy ln Lhls Lerm
Lhe preference of chocolaLe as a career ln buslness llne ls also by Lhelr rellglous senLlmenL
8ecause Lhey feel alcohol ls a ma[or cause of poverLy among socleLy and for Lhls Lhey
lnLroduced coca and drlnklng chocolaLe as alLernaLlve of alcohol Slmllarly own labour
Cadbury dlrecLly ban Lhe cllmblng boys who clean Lhe chlmneys and Lhey also agalnsL Lhe
cruelLy on anlmals 1hey Lake Lhe ma[or sLep equally Lake proLesL agalnsL royal cruelLy on
anlmals 1hey also manage a sysLem Lo provlde adulL knowledge
So Lhe lmpacL of soclal welfare and lndusLrlal pollcy lnlLlaLlves on organlzaLlons and Lhe
wlder communlLy ls very slgnlflcanL

ntroduct|on of 1ask 8 uest|on 3

lmpacL of macroeconomlc facLors such as lnflaLlon lnLeresL aLe dollar value eLc has
lmporLanL lmpllcaLlons for Ukbased organ|zat|ons and stakeho|ders ln many ways Lhe
performance of Lhe economy lnfluences Lhe success of Lhe organlzaLlons and sLakeholders

Conc|us|on of 1ask 8 uest|on 3

What |s G|oba| economy
Clobal economy refers Lo Lhe lncreaslng lnLegraLlon of fragmenLed naLlonal markeLs for
goods and servlces lnLo a slngle global markeL ln such a markeL uk based companles
source from uk conducL research and developmenL (u% ln anoLher counLry Lake orders
ln a Lhlrd counLry and sell wherever Lhere exlsLs demand regardless of Lhe consumer's
naLlonallLy And by Lhls uk based sLakeholders also geL opporLunlLy Lo aLLaln all sLakeholder
faclllLy globally
1he lnLernaLlonal economlc amalgamaLlon has led Lo a much superlor economlc sysLems ln
whlch buslness are more lnLerrellanL globally

"1he Lnergy Group" belng a Uk based company havlng lnLernaLlonal operaLlons ln
counLrles lncludlng Slngapore lndonesla 1halland and oLhers would greaLly be lnfluenced
by Lhe movemenL of global economy

lor example 1he Lnergy Group has reporLed a lower proflL by x on qLq Lo S$? mllllon
endlng ,arch 2009 compare Lo prevlous S$Z mllllon due Lo Lhe recenL global flnanclal
dlsasLer 1he poorer earnlngs of Lhls recenL quarLer would lmpacL Lhe shareholders'
poLenLlal dlvldend Lhls year

So undersLandlng of lmpacL of macroeconomlc pollcy measures and Lhe lnfluence of Lhe
global economy based on Lhe ukbased organlzaLlons and sLakeholders play a vlLal role ln
prosper of uk economy

Ior uest|on 4 1ask 8
Upgraded data of the econom|c cond|t|on of 8ang|adesh |s
lrom 2008 Lo 2010 Lhe economlc condlLlon of 8angladesh ls
Annual Cu9 growLh raLe (l? 2008% 62 (l? 2008 World 8ank esL% below 6
CurrenL Cu9 (2008 esL% $842 bllllon (offlclal% $2264 bllllon (999%
9er caplLa Cu9 (2008 esL% $334 (offlclal% $1300 (999%
lnflaLlon (uecember 2008% 603 (polnL Lo polnL basls% and 89 (monLhly average basls%
Lxchange raLe uec 2009 uS $16903 8u1 2008 uS $16833 8u1 2007 uS $16989
Annual budgeL (2008 esL% $1234 bllllon
naLural resources naLural gas ferLlle soll waLer
AgrlculLure (191 of Cu9% ltoJoctsrlce [uLe Lea sugar wheaL
lndusLry (manufacLurlng 286 of Cu9% 1ypesgarmenLs and knlLwear [uLe goods frozen
flsh and seafood LexLlles ferLlllzer sugar Lea leaLher shlpbreaklng for scrap
pharmaceuLlcals ceramlc Lableware newsprlnL
1rade 1otol lmpotts (l? 2008%$216 bllllon caplLal goods food gralns peLroleum LexLlles
chemlcals vegeLable olls CrowLh raLe over prevlous flscal year 2393 1otol expotts (l?
2008%$1411 bllllon garmenLs and knlLwear frozen flsh [uLe and [uLe goods leaLher and
leaLher producLs Lea urea ferLlllzer ceramlc Lableware CrowLh raLe over prevlous flscal
year 1604 xpotts to u5 (!anuec 2008%$374 bllllon lmpotts ftom u5 (!anuec
2008%$4681 mllllon
8ackground noLe 8angladesh wwwsLaLegov/r/pa/el/bgn/3432hLm Access daLe 20

Conc|us|on of quest|on 4 task 8
8ased on Lhe dlscusslon Lhe economy of 8angladesh ls a rapldly developlng markeLbased
economy lLs economlc sysLems help Lo allocaLe Lhe effecLlve use of resources lLs per caplLa
lncome ln 2010 was esL uS$1700 (ad[usLed by purchaslng power parlLy% Accordlng Lo
Lhe lnLernaLlonal ,oneLary lund 8angladesh ranked as Lhe 43rd largesL economy ln Lhe
world ln 2010 ln 999 Lerms and 37Lh largesL ln nomlnal Lerms Slmllarly soclal welfare
lndusLrlal pollcy and macroeconomlc pollcy lnfluence ln 8angladesh based organlzaLlons and
sLakeholders slgnlflcanLly


AfLer golng Lhrough Lhe asslgnmenL l draw some recommendaLlons whlch are

1!x Companles lnc has Lo be concern abouL new and probable
responslblllLles day by day and for Lhls Lhey have Lo Lake necessary sLraLegles
Lo meeL Lhem
lf 1!x Companles lnc plan Lo expand Lhelr buslness ln Asla Lhey have Lo
research more abouL Aslan buslness poLenLlal markeL and cusLomer

Crganlze lnvesLor's forum aL home and abroad Lo caLch Lhe aLLenLlon of lnvesLors Lo
lnvesL ln 8angladesh

8angladesh mlsslon ln Lu !apan ,lddle LasL and norLh Amerlca and oLher
lmporLanL counLrles musL underLake program Lo arrange 8angladesh Lrade falr wlLh
a vlew Lo creaLlng markeL of 8angladeshl producL


1o conclude l would llke Lo say LhaL ln my oplnlon l clearly ldenLlfled Lhe mlsslon vlslon values and
ob[ecLlves of Lhe organlzaLlon Also l cleared Lhe lnfluence of all Lhe sLakeholders of Lhe
buslness organlzaLlon and Lhe lnLeresLs LhaL sLakeholders have
ln my oplnlon l also Look Lhe maln sLakeholders and showed Lhelr wanLs and how Lhe organlzaLlon
can aLLaln Lhem Also l clearly ldenLlfled Lhe responslblllLles of Lhe organlzaLlon and Lhe
sLraLegles LhaL organlzaLlons are uslng Lo meeL Lhem
l had a clear explanaLlon of Lhe lnfluence of economlc sysLem on Lhe effecLlve use of
resources 1he lmpacL of Lhe soclal welfare and lndusLrlal pollcy on organlzaLlons was
dlscussed and l also evaluaLed Lhe lmpacL of macroeconomlc pollcy and Lhe lnfluence of Lhe
global economy on Lhe organlzaLlon

O AbouL us hLLp//wwwL[xcom/abouLasp Access daLe 20
!uly 2011
O Cur 8uslnesses hLLp//wwwL[xcom/buslnessesasp Access daLe 20
O CorporaLe Soclal esponslblllLy hLLp//wwwL[xcom/corporaLeasp Access
daLe 20
!uly 2011
O 1!x ,lsslon SLaLemenL and/or vlslon SLaLemenL wwwcompanysLaLemenLs
sloganslnfo/lndexhLm Access daLe 20
!uly 2011
O cooomlcs wwweconllborg Access daLe 20
!uly 2011
O 8ackground noLe 8angladesh wwwsLaLegov/r/pa/el/bgn/3432hLm Access daLe
!uly 2011