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Imagining things
16 students work spread between two gallery spaces at end of semester art show
tom beedham
You werent imagining things. From Nov. 28-Dec. 4, artwork from Monica Tap and Christian Girouxs Specialized Studio course was displayed in two venues as part of an end of semester show called You Were Imagining Things. The course allows students access to personal studio space that varies in size with the demands of the students projects while still offering access to other classmates and mentors for support. We have a strong sense of community and are able to support each other as well as criticize and offer advice, said Nickey Runham. Her work, investigating the relationship between technology and textiles, wallpapered a corner of the classs project space in Alexander Hall with an orange frieze that resembled a snow fence. We constantly give each other feedback on ideas, and we help each other with questions, said Ye Han, who uses lines to create complex architectural space, also bringing painting into a drawing perspective. People get to know many different opinions at different stages of creating art work, which give us more chances to think and refine our own ideas. I have had the opportunity to create a personal relationship with the graduate students, which has been extremely beneficial, and create close bonds with students who have similar interests and goals, said Vanessa Tignanelli. Her work consisted of six portraits that focus on young adults peering downward, supposedly at cell phones. The effect is a gloomy, dreary sight. It is like a mini MFA program, said Tess Martens. Her simplistic painting of a Greek statue of a male nude places a leaf over the subjects private parts to offer comic relief from the highbrow experience of art critique. While the course offers a fair amount of freedom to the students both in the space provided

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MarIanne PoIntner

SEE zavitz PAGE 6

The specialized studio class of 2011/2012 showcased their work at their end of semester show, You Were Imagining Things from nov. 28-dec. 4.

the sadIes & the sunParlour PlaYers, Page 7


Exciting opportunities exist for students interested in summer work under two unique summer research programs. The NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Awards (USRA) and Undergraduate Research Assistantships (URA) are available for the summer of 2012. The positions are 16 weeks in length. USRA and URA Position Descriptions are posted on the respective websites.

For more information see: STUDENT ELIGIBILITY Must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada Must be registered full-time at the time of application in a baccalaureate program in natural science or engineering. Normally students participating in this program are students at the University of Guelph but students from other institutions who meet the academic criteria are also eligible Must have a cumulative average of at least a B- standing (70%) during the course of their undergraduate study There are no conditions of financial need Must have completed at least the first two terms of a baccalaureate program Must not have started a graduate program at the time of the award Must be engaged in full-time research during the tenure of the award

For more information see: STUDENT ELIGIBILITY Must be a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident of Canada residing in Ontario Must be a full-time or part-time student at the time of application in any baccalaureate program at the University of Guelph Must have a cumulative average of at least a B- standing (70%) during the course of their undergraduate study (departments may have additional academic criteria) Must have demonstrated financial need as determined by the University of Guelphs assessment through the submission of a Financial Need Assessment Form Must return to study in a baccalaureate program in Fall 2012 Must not have completed the last semester of their baccalaureate program Must be engaged in full-time research during the tenure of the award. However, a student may register as a part-time student at the University during the award period providing they are not registered for course(s) totalling more than 1.0 credits

1. Forward a complete application to the respective department/unit. Complete applications consist of: a) NSERCs Form 202 - Part 1 (now an online application)- refer to the NSERC website: asp b) The Universitys Form 2 - Student Profile (printed from Student Financial Services documents page) c) Attach an unofficial summary of grades* (*students who are offered a USRA position, must submit an official transcript to their supervisor once the position has been offered)

1. Submit a Financial Need Assessment Form to Student Financial Services for assessment, beginning Dec. 12, 2011 and no later than Feb. 2, 2012 2. SFS will assess financial need and notifying students of their eligibility. Once an approval email is received students should forward a complete application to the respective hiring department/unit. Complete applications consist of: a) The Universitys Form 2 Student Profile (printed from Student Financial Services documents page) b) Attach the confirmation of financial need notification (email provided by Student Financial Services) c) Attach an unoffical summary of grades

The Department/unit makes decisions on the applicants and selects students for either a USRA or URA, beginning February 16, 2012. A student may only hold one award at any one time.




166.14 december 8t h, 2011

Many in Motion
Guelph celebrates 25th anniversary of Rick Hansens world tour
beth Purdon-mcLeLLan
In 1986, the world watched Rick Hansen do the impossible: traveling over 40,000 km, he wheeled around the globe to raise awareness and a cure for spinal chord injuries. Now, for the 25th anniversary of his route Canada gets to see this amazing journey again, only this time Hansen passed on the torch to his fellow Canadians. The Rick Hansen Foundation organized a relay that retraces Hansens original route across Canada. On Dec. 5 the University of Guelph held its own celebration of the Man in Motion tour. The official relay did not go through the university because the event would have conflicted with exams schedules. Instead, the university created its own relay around the campus, along with speeches from Brenda Whiteside from the Office of Student Affairs, students and relay participants in the UC. This is really honouring Rick Hansens 25th anniversary of his Man in Motion tour, said Cyndy McLean, director of the Health and Performance Centre. It was to raise money and bring visibility to the abilities of those with disabilities,

loophole found in facebook privacy settings The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, had his own Facebook account hacked on Dec. 6, when a group called ZDNET discovered a flaw in the security system. In total, 14 pictures of Zuckerberg were posted on Imgur with a caption that said, Its time to fix those security flaws Facebook. The group discovered that there is a loophole on the sites reporting system for inappropriate public photos. When marking a photo as inappropriate, users also have the option of selecting and viewing photos that are marked as private. Although the flaw is no longer live, it shows that there are serious privacy issues on Facebook that have yet to be addressed. (CBC)

MarIanne PoIntner

audience members participate in an ability dance routine at the 25th anniversary ceremony of rick hansens Man in Motion tour.
particularly those with spinal chord injuries. McLean is an ambassador for the Rick Hansen Foundation and helped organize the days event on behalf of the university. She became involved with the Foundation after her own spinal cord injury in 2003, when she fell from a 60-80 Ft cliff while hiking with her father. During her recovery she spoke with Rick Hansen on the telephone, and was asked if she would help bring the Wheels in Motion to Guelph. Since 2004 she has worked alongside the community to make Guelph more accessible. Participants in the relay are individuals who have been recognized as difference makers in their community. Difference makers are individuals who are redefining their communities and making them more inclusive to all its members. For the relay they carry a commemorative medal while they wheel, walk or run 250 metres before passing it on. The relay began in Newfoundland and it is estimated that by the time it reaches Vancouver, over 7000 participants will have carried the medal. The relay demonstrates that communities can be even stronger than individuals. If each of us choose to change just one small thing in our lives as we move forward, then together, we have the power to change anything as we move into the next 25 years, said Jamie Levchuk, director of the Rick Hansen Relay. Although on person can make a difference, it requires many people to make a change which is why the Hansen Foundation has changed their slogan from the Man in Motion to the Many in Motion.

earth 2.0 Astronomers and sci-fi fans alike are ecstatic about the recently confirmed planet Kepler 22-b. The planet shares so many of Earths characteristics that it was dubbed Earth 2.0. Kepler 22-b revolves around a large star, and it is estimated to have a temperature of approximately 22C. The planet has the potential to offer a habitable zone, although scientists do not know whether it is made of rock, gas or liquid. Approximately 2.5 times larger than the Earth, Kepler 22-b has a 290-day year because the planet lays 15 per cent closer to the sun. The planet was discovered using the Kepler Space telescope, which has already identified 2,326 candidate planets. (BBC)

textbook buyback: too good to be true?

beth Purdon-mcLeLLan
When it comes to textbook buybacks, there are always mixed feelings among students. While its nice to get some money back, its hard when that number is only a fraction of the price that was charged at the store. What can be even more frustrating is that the pricing is unpredictable and changes from semester to semester. A book that was bought back one semester for 50 per cent could only be worth 10 per cent the next. The reason that there is so much pricing variation is because the textbook buyback is not always limited to the University of Guelph. Some of the textbook buybacks on campus are run by a company called Follet Higher Education Group, as US-based wholesale company that services universities across North America. Book pricing is based on continental demand, which is why book buy back prices can vary between five and 50 per cent. The University Bookstore gives the seller a list of books that will be offered with courses for the next semester. A used book sells in the Bookstore for approximately 75 per cent of the initial selling price. If a student returns a used book that matches the demands on the university booklist, that student will be paid 50 per cent of the initial selling price. So in effect, there is a potential that students will only paying 25 per cent of the actual cost of the book. So the ultimate goal for me would be to have the same book flipping on campus for three or four semesters in a row, said Ken Morrison, manage of the Bookstore. The whole concept of the used book process is to give the student the chance to use a textbook at the least amount of cost. However, the buyback potential is limited by the fact that at the University of Guelph professors get to choose which book they use in a course. If a book is used in a September semester, it might not be used in the winter semester even though

city of toronto plans to cut funding for childcare Toronto parents can expect daycare fees to increase by $500 annually as the city cuts back for the 2012 budget. The budget proposes to discontinue funding for afterschool day care facilities. The current contract has been in effect for 13 years, and in the past the city has covered heat, hydro and occupancy costs for almost 400 daycare centres. To make up for the lack of funding, parents will be charged approximately $2 per child per day. The cost of childcare is becoming unmanageable for many families, especially single parent families, young parents and families with multiple children: the annual fee for child care has been compared to buying a car each year. (The Star) Compiled by Beth Purdon-McLellan

katrIna salMon

students can expect to receive five to 50 per cent of the initial textbook selling price when they sell to the textbook buy back.
its the exact same course because there is a different professor teaching it, said Morrison. So not all books are eligible to be bought back or to be sold used. Unfortunately, buybacks are limited because many books come in a package that includes an access code to a website. Companies make it such that to buy the access code separately cost nearly as much as buying the code in combination with a new textbook. This may become a growing issue as professors switch to more interactive learning aids.

check out these theontarIon.coM exclusIves cancer bats' liam More from the Infernal sirin cormier full Interview ontarion's archives on cfru

w w e on ta r ion . c om

have accumulated in the plant cells over the course of several months. It takes only a few cycles for the soil to be fully cleansed. If we leave nature to itself, even the most contaminated sites will find some sort of balance thanks to the colonization by bacteria and mushrooms. But by isolating the most efficient species in this biological battle, we can gain a lot of time, said biology professor Mohamed Hijiri, co-director of the project and researcher at the Institut de Recherche en Biologie Vgtale de lUniversit de Montral. Genome Canada, Genome Quebec and a few other partners have invested $7.6 million over three years in the project. The researchers hope to sequence the genomes of more than 200 mushroom species that have demonstrated considerable petroleum degradation potential in the Alberta oil sands. They wish to produce an inoculation made up of a consortium of microorganisms that they will be able to commercialize within the next two to three years. Although it would be better to avoid soil contamination altogether, this project is an important step towards a cleaner,

scientifically Inclined: Mushrooms with an appetite for oil

Montreal scientists are demonstrating that a great tapenade isnt the only good thing that can come out of mixing mushrooms and oil.
arieLLe duhaime-ross
A year and a half after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, BP the company responsible for the disaster still hasnt come up with a better way to prevent and clean up spills of the magnitude that took place in the Gulf of Mexico. More recently, the Alberta Keystone XL pipeline project was delayed because of protests from the citizens of Nebraska, one of the main areas that the pipeline is planned to go through. With the possibility that the Alberta pipeline might come to fruition after the November 2012 United States presidential elections, as well as concerns being raised about this issue all over Canada, it is no wonder that Canadian scientists are trying to come up with ways to avoid and clean up oil spills. You might be surprised to learn, however, that the humble mushroom is the forerunner in the race to clean up the tar sands. A University of Montreal and McGill University collaboration has been working on the mushroom solution in a project called Improving Bioremediation of Polluted Soils Through Environmental Genomics. The project, involving lawyers, political scientists and 16 researchers, is based on a process called phytoremediation, where plant matter, in this case Willow cuttings, and the mushrooms and bacteria that accompany the roots are used for soil decontamination. For this process to work, the willow cuttings must be planted in the spring. The roots delve deep into the soil, allowing the mushrooms to degrade the petroleum and the organic pollutants it contains. They do this thanks to enzymes that are secreted from the hyphae, the fiber-like fungi that emerge from the mushroom spores, the tiny cells released from mushrooms in order to populate new areas. At the end of the season the team of scientists burn the willow stems and leaves, leaving only ashes full of the heavy metals that

Walter PoIntner

safer environment. Nature often proves to be much smarter than we are, and this is just one example. As the semester comes to an end causing many of us to barricade ourselves behind mountains of textbooks and notes in the hopes of keeping anxiety at bay, it might be wise to put everything in perspective and remember

that we were not the first ones to inhabit this planet and we will probably not be the last. So, as you prepare for finals, I hope that you will find it comforting and grounding to think that we might leave the world in capable hands, as perhaps it is the mushrooms, rather than the meek, that will inherit the Earth.


166.14 december 8t h, 2011

cole Polytechnique
Remembering the victims of gendered violence
beth Purdon-mcLeLLan
A rose ceremony and prayer was held on Dec. 6 in the UC to remember the 14 women who were killed in the cole Polytechnique massacre in Montreal. On this day in 1989, a man began shooting inside the university, specifically targeting women who were in the engineering program. He believed the increasing number of women engineers was the reason he was not accepted into the engineering program. I think every person has a defining moment where innocence is lost, and in that defining moment you forever remember where you were and what you were doing t the time, said Michele Oliver, assistant professor of engineering at Guelph. For my parents generation, it was the assignation of JFK. For many members of your generation, it was the terrible events of Sept. 11, 2001. But for me it was Dec. 6, 1989. The event was hosted by the Student Help and Advocacy Centre (SHAC), alongside Women in Science and Engineering (WISE). Vagina Monologues, GRCGED, and Women in Crisis. Brenda Whiteside reminded the audience that Dec. 6 was a day to help us remember how far we have come in terms of womens rights, and also to remember how far we have to go. Womens rights need to be examined, both within Canada and at an international level. As the events of this tragedy were specifically targeted

newcomer Welcome centre opens its doors

beth Purdon-mcLeLLan
The newly established Newcomer Welcome Centre (NWC) held its first Annual General Meeting on Dec. 3 to select its Board of Directors. The Welcome Centre is non-profit organization that helps new Canadians find resources when they arrive in Guelph. The NWCs vision is to provide a welcoming community that promotes dignity and inclusion of newcomers and people of diverse backgrounds. Until the official opening of the NWC, services were provided at a grassroots level. It has been operating informally, accessing the personal generosity of families and businesses for over the past five or six years, said Javed Akhtar, president of the NWC. Now, because of current demand, shaping the more formal Centre. Canadians. The Centre connects new Canadians to existing services, and then tries to provide what is not covered by other organizations. As with all fast growing communities with very diverse demographics, with newcomers arriving at a faster rate and arriving with different skill sets in response to changes in the economy, said Akhtar. There will always be gaps that occur faster than the eligibility for various funding restrictions to adapt to such changes. NWC Inc. will attempt to fill the gaps and builds on the strengths that the community already has in place. One of the major difficulties that new Canadians face is that, although services are provided, there is very little information on how to apply for access. Since services like health and education operate in a way that is relatively independent of one another, it can be difficult to identify what services are needed at the appropriate time. Newcomers dont know what they dont know, states the NWC information page. Visibility is low and newcomers often cannot identify access points. Even for those who have accessed the system, navigability is poor, and newcomers often cannot find the appropriate services. The community has been extremely supportive of the NWC, and want NWC Inc. to grow and deliver on its vision, mission and objectives quickly. The NWC will be a resource for all new Canadians establishing themselves in the Guelph-Wellington community.

MarIanne PoIntner

a rose was dedicated to each of the 14 women who were killed in the cole Polytechnique massacre as part of the dec. 6 remembrance ceremony.
at women, those women have be- CSA external affairs commissioner. come symbolic of violence against It assumes that it is the responsibility of women not to be violated women. Currently in Canada, women or assaulted, and that if we acted in continue to outnumber men nine just the right way [] it would just to one as victims of assault by a stop. Women who experience viospousal partner, and three times as lence often hear, she asked for it. many women are killed by spouses. A wreath laying in the Science Girls experience the greatest risk of and Engineering Memorial Garden sexual assault from a family mem- and a prayer followed the ceremober, especially between the ages of ny. The different groups provided 12- 16. There is an overwhelming resources and counseling servicamount of data that points to the es for individuals who found that fact that gendered violence is still the day triggered their own expeprevalent in Canadian society. rience with violence. SHAC and There is an underlying premise other campus groups gave Dec. 6 of gendered violence that assumes and gendered violence a visible that it is a thing that happens to presence on campus, and took a women, a natural state of things if clear stand against violence against you will, said Demetria Jackson, women.

Even for those who have accessed the system, navigability is poor, and newcomers often cannot find the appropriate services.
Akhtar suggests that although Guelph-Wellington County is always welcoming it is difficult for them to meet the needs of all new

odour complaints temporarily shut down organic Waste Processing facility

Green waste will be redirected to St. Thomas
beth Purdon-mcLeLLan
The City of Guelph has stopped sending waste to the Organic Waste Processing Facility after a series of complaints were filed about odours coming from the new facility. Opened on Sept. 27, the plant is intended to break down organic waste into commercial fertilizer, and was developed as part of Guelphs long-term plan for managing organic waste. In order to determine whether or not the odours were actually coming from the plant, the city has been diverting organic waste to the landfill in St. Thomas, south of London. The Organic Waste Processing facility was designed and built under contract with Maple Reinders Construction Ltd. In response to the complaints, the company has developed an action plan that will be shared with both the city and the Ministry of the Environment, as well as Dillon Consulting, a third party conducting a peer review of the plan. All the parties are meeting on Dec. 9 to review the draft action plan before it is implemented. The final results will be given to both the city and the Ministry of Environment, and at that point in time well pick a date to start receiving organic waste, said Dean Wyman, general manager of solid waste resources. So youre looking at maybe four to six weeks. Its important to do a very thorough analysis. We need to get it right, and it will be better to take our time and do it right than to have issues moving forward. The city is still responsible for the disposal of all waste, and it currently costs $61 per tonne to send waste to St. Thomas. However, despite the set back, the city remains confident about the Facility, and the potential it can bring to the citys sustainability. Lets put it this way: when youre starting up a new facility, you anticipate some minor glitches, said Wyman. That being said, the facility is still being commissioned by Maple Reinders, and any cost associated with addressing those issues that come up during commissioning are Maple Reinders costs and not the citys costs. The city and its consultants will ensure that the facility is operating as designed, and according to the certificates of approval without creating odours. Once the criteria are met, the facility will be legally transferred from Maple Reinders possession to city ownership.

duncan daY-MYron

The organic Waste Processing facility is temporarily closed because of odour complaints.

w w e on ta r ion . c om

arts & culture

bats feed on metal

Cancer bats rolling into Guelph on black Sabbath cover tour
tom beedham
The Cancer Bats might have recently wrapped up recording for Dead Set on Living, their follow-up to 2010s Bears, Mayors, Scraps & Bones, but theyre currently focused on the past music history, to be precise. Thats because the Toronto hardcore outfits current Ontario tour doesnt see them playing hardcore at all. Prompted by a massive interest in a cover set they played on a Prague date of European touring music festival Sonisphere this July, the Bats are running into venues with marquees that have no mention of Cancer, but an entirely different malignant force: Sabbath (yes, that Sabbath). Touring under the banner Bat Sabbath, the group came up with the idea to perform entire sets of Black Sabbath material when, approached by Sonisphere organizers to fill an empty slot following a Slipknot performance, guitarist Scott Middleton jokingly responded with the suggestion that they play tracks by the English heavy metal pioneers. said. When we were doing the SoSpeaking with The Ontarion over nisphere set I couldnt find a live set the phone from the studio while of War Pigs where Ozzy sang the waiting on mixes for Dead Set on right words. Like literally does not Living, vocalist Liam Cormier said exist, or at least I couldnt find it. there were other directions the perStill, the visual experience reachformance could have gone. es back into the archives. For the Other ideas that we had for cover shows, Cormier usually doing a cover set were like Pantera playing Cancer Bats sets in an imand stuff like that, Cormier said. provised tank top dons a cape and Pantera is a little ambitious I think, prowls the stage with a black unthem being like a really amaz- buttoned collared shirt and a cross ing metal band, and us being a bit hanging from his neck while he more of like a punk band. And I channels The Prince of Darkness. mean, thats the thing, we wanted Its not the first time the group to do something too that every- has returned from Sonisphere with body knows. Like, whether youre covers to show people. into hardcore, metal, punk rock or Its kind of funny how much Sowhatever, you know Black Sabbath. nisphere is like the breeding ground Intent on delivering the best Sab- for us doing covers. Like, originalbath covers possible, the Bats act ly we did that Sabotage cover at Jess bauMung is based on the classic Ozzy Os- Sonisphere and it kind of blew up bourne/Tony Iommi/Geezer Butler/ into this bigger thing, and then The cancer bats will be bringing their black sabbath cover act, bat Bill Ward lineup of the bands 1968 same with Bat Sabbath, Cormi- sabbath, to guelph's ebar on dec. 13. inception. er reflected. The group still plays Yeah, everybodys been watching Sabotage at concerts to mass apOn the current tour, the Bats sets songs to keep the party going. a lot of live Sabbath stuff, Corm- peal, and there might be a similar will consist solely of Sabbath covers, Bat Sabbath plays Guelphs eBar ier said. His preparation has been story with the groups Sabbath cov- but Cormier says encores might be Dec. 13 alongside Farewell to Freea different story. slightly less informed by concert ers after this tour. way covering the Ramones as the Were gonna probably play elev- Free-Mones, and Wakeless, covfootage than the rest of the group. Im sure well end up doing some All of the live footage of Ozzy, of them down the line. Well just do, en Black Sabbath songs, and then if ering Pink Floyd as Fearless. hes normally forgetting all of the like, a half hour version of War Pigs people are still partying and wasted For a full interview with Liam words, so its almost better to not at the end of our set from now on, which Im pretty sure they will be Cormier, visit www.theontarion. look at that as my example, he the singer joked. maybe well play some Cancer Bats com.

list service: five artists committed to covers

tom beedham
easy star all-stars A reggae collective that also records original material, the All-Stars are known for their track-by-track dub interpretations of popular head albums. Theyve re-imagined Pink Floyds The Dark Side of the Moon, entitled Dub Side of the Moon; Radioheads OK Computer, entitled Radiodread; and The Beatles Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, entitled Easy Stars Lonely Hearts Dub Band. Theyve also released Dubber Side of the Moon, a remixed version of their Dark Side cover project. around the world, even garnering the respect of Robert Plant, who has claimed that he preferred their cover of Your Time Is Gonna Come to the original. They have also covered Elvis Presley, Bob Marley, and the band that launched Jimmy Pages career, The Yardbirds. The flaming lips Enlisting the help of Stardeath and White Dwarfs, the Lips produced an album entitled (in typical Lips fashion) The Flaming Lips and Stardeath and White Dwarfs with Henry Rollins and Peaches Doing The Dark Side of the Moon. The Lips even went as far as calling upon Peaches to perform Clare Torrys wailing vocals on The Great Gig in the Sky and Henry Rollins to record the interview segments played throughout Floyds 1973 studio masterpiece.

Me first and the gimme gimmes Offering covers of everything from country western tracks to traditional Hebrew folk songs, and from 60s and 70s rock classics to Broadway show tunes. Always having fun with the irony, this punk rock super richard cheese group takes covers seriously, but After the world received Fred not without taking some liberties. Dursts ode to nookie, The Prodigys In order to compliment their style, Smack My Bitch Up, Nirvanas the group often borrows riffs from Rape Me and other fairly blunt multiple songs and employs them tracks that the alternative scene had in mashup fashion when covering offered by 1999, Richard Cheese reanother song entirely. sponded with Lounge Against the Machine. This is an album of lounge covers that Cheese later incorporatdread Zeppelin Best known for putting a reggae ed into his band name and inspired spin on Zeppelin since 1989, Dread an entire career doing lounge covZeppelin has toured extensively ers of popular music.

MarIanne PoIntner

vikki dziuma's scale model of a carousel horse was just one of the 16 projects featured in Zavitz gallery and alexander hall from nov. 28-dec. 4 for You Were Imagining Things. zavitz CONTINUED
as well as with the open nature of the final assignment, it is not without its intellectual demands. Our required readings are much more intense than other courses, Tignanelli said. The high expectations seemed daunting at first, yet have allowed me to work through issues in my practice that I never would have had to face otherwise. Worth 1.5 credits a semester, students are selected for entry to the class from an interview and portfolio submission process each year. All students must achieve an 80 per cent average in all of their studio art and art history classes in order to qualify. This years class consists of students Vikki Dziuma, DArcy Flynn, Josh Guthrie, Amy Hallman, Ye Han, Christina Hotz, Tess Martens, Graham Ragan, Nickey Runham, Nick Silvani, Elizabeth Sullivan, Kate Szabo, Vanessa Tignanelli, Jessie Toonen, Victoria Vaitekunas, and Leah Williams.

ARtS & CuLtuRE

duncan day-myron
Even though it was a rainy Sunday night, Van Goghs Ear was bustling as live music devotees headed out to see the Sunparlour Players and the Sadies perform. No doubt, the bands live reputations helped draw people out on such an unpleasant evening. While they both have a great catalogue and have put out many fine albums between them, none of it compares to just how great all of these guys can rock out on a stage. Players vocalist Andrew Penner has a strong, gravelly voice that can fill a room, and his energy goes a long way to bring the songs to life. On the raucous Oh, Captain, he grabbed a pair of drum sticks and went to town on the rim of the bass drum before barreling through the song. Throughout the set he switched between guitar and banjo, and the drummer went from his kit to an accordian. The band closed with a slow, pounding interpretation of AC/DCs Thunderstruck, which skirted around the originals hard rock roots and felt like a different song entirely.

166.14 december 8t h, 2011

a sunday shindig with the sadies and the sunparlour Players

The Sadies are a consummate favourites alike. The older tracks live band. As many albums as like Higher Power and Loved they record, their studio sessions on Look from their 1999 album can never quite capture the fire Pure Diamond Gold brought they bring to their performances. out shouts of enthusiasm from Theyve toured extensively for the crowd. By the end of Highwell over a decade, regularly hit- er Power, almost everyone in ting the clubs and concert halls in the room was helping out with smaller cities and towns all over the chorus, and there were more the country, and their devoted than a handful of people chimfollowers treat every show like ing in with shoop shoops on a homecoming. Loved on Look, a remake of an They have a large catalogue Elvis classic which comes pretty to draw from, and thankfully close to surpassing the original. The band is fronted by brothdidnt spend the whole concert pulling from newer recordings, ers Travis and Dallas Good, who getting through classics and fan shared guitar and vocal duties throughout the night. With Traviss bluesy wail and Dallass bass-baritone country croon, they effectively get through songs evoking delta blues, bluegrass, country, folk and good ol rock and roll. Their guitar playing, as well as Sean Dean on the stand-up bass and Mike Belitsky on drums, is peerless, and their gimmicky-yet-amazing routine of reaching over and playing each others guitars just shows this off, so does their concert tradition of playing through instrumental guitar tracks with blazing speed.

duncan daY-MYron

duncan daY-MYron

The sadies (left) drew from all eras of their catalogue at a lively show on dec. 4 at van goghs ear. They were supported by fellow ontario rockers the sunparlour Players (right).

a read for finals

emma FaLzon
Around this time of year, the thought of reading usually means textbooks, articles and a whole lot of highlighting and notes. But perhaps there is something out there that we may actually want to read during the stressful times of exams, research projects, and essays. The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein is a well recommended read, both as a great distraction during finals, or just as an enjoyable and interesting read. The story follows Enzo, a smart little dog with a human mind and soul. He reflects through his life with Denny Swift, an up-andcoming racecar driver and the rest of his family. The interesting aspect of this book is that it is not just a heart-warming, tear-jerking story, but Enzo also provides brilliant insight into his view of the world, and about everything he has learned, not only from his family but his love of television and perceptive listening skills (sure he may not have a choice

community talk
filled with case studies that evalu- confront diverse opinions and difate the ways in which communities ference, Fischlin said. are defined by the rights that are Something that allows commurepresented within them, and how nity to do those things, Fischlin different communities represent and Nandorfy argued, is art. Citrights. ing storytelling, Nandorfy claimed They also take issue with the that rather than offering opcounter models that lead to legisla- portunities for escapism, art is tions like the Universal Declaration confrontational. of Human Rights. Its really important to listen Colonialism, neo-colonial activ- to stories from non-Western culity, [and] post-colonial activity [] tures because we open ourselves that activity has simply morphed, that way to possibilities for underFischlin said. Its morphed into a standing different sets of values, different form of oppression and of said Nandorfy. restricting human agency. Fischlin and Nandorfys talk was By and large, the Western model part of Making the Changes: Ethof encounter with the Other en- ics and the Improvising Business, a counter with difference has been daylong event at MSAC presented corrupted from the start because by the Improvisation, Community, its been modeled after imperi- and Social Practice (ICASP) Project. al power-seeking et cetera, said The day also featured a symposium Fischlin. It hasnt been modeled bringing together leaders in the after a rights model that takes into fields of business ethics, cultural account the kind of community studies, ethnomusicology, manthat we argue for. agement, and music performance. For the authors, community It culminated in a performance by cant thrive on a culture of dis- Ken Aldcroft, Pete Johnston, Mark missal and rejection. Laver, Joe Sorbara, Scott ThomCommunity as we argue for son and the Contemporary Music must be based on a capacity to Ensemble.

in that one, but it sure adds to u of G professors his perspective). The paralleling discuss community stories to race car driving is new and fresh, making us think twice and rights in new book about how fast we really do drive tom beedham through life. A highly recommended read for anyone looking for an insightful, Speaking at Macdonald Stewart Art touching story. Enzo compelling- Centre (MSAC) on Dec. 2, Univerly address his readers and really sity of Guelph English professors makes us think the next time we Daniel Fischlin and Martha Nanlook at our dogs, or even have a dorfy presented Community of conversation with them. Rights: The Rights of Community, the final book in a trilogy the professors have co-written and published through Black Rose Books. Although all three books in the trilogy (which also includes Eduardo Galeano: Through the Looking Glass and The Concise Guide to Global Human Rights) can be read as standalones, it is possible to recognize a gradual move from a less critical use of the word rights in Galeano to more nuanced senses of human rights in their second book and community rights in their latest publication. Fitting with their books title, Fischlin and Nandorfys text is

w w w.t h e on ta r ion . c om

sPorts & health

We want [young people] to be community sees that; but the other Ive been to the high schools in the area. Some of the equipment exposed to our sport, but we want 90 per cent of athletes are working theyre using is archaic at times, them to be exposed to it using the hard as well. We want to cultivate said Moulton. As a city, weve right equipment, he said. He ex- their abilities as well, said Moulton. got a lot of great athletes, all the plained that it does no good to have All this is being done in an efway from little kids, to master ath- a six year old try and toss a reg- fort to promote Guelph as the letes [over forty], and theyve been ulation discus; the purchasing of Track and Field Capital of Cantraining with very poor equipment. age-appropriate equipment will ada, something the perennially Were going to use this money help garner interest in the sports successful cross-country team conto try and get the entire spectrum future generations. tributes to as well. The development of athletes the right type of equipBecause weve been successful, of this community as a track and ment, he added. our team gets a lot of exposure. field hotbed can only lead to bigAccording to Moulton, doing a We need to take that exposure and ger and better things for both the lot with a little has been the sit- turn it into something positive, he Gryphons and the non-universiuation of Guelphs track and field stated. ty athletes pursuing their athletic community lately. With the conThe exposure is coming from interests. struction of the new field house at both the university program and The development of Guelphs the university, the Gryphons look Speed Rivers connection to Olym- track and field program can only to improve the university athletes pic-caliber athletes. However, the lead to positive ends for the local performance, as well as promote exposure they generate will help athletic community. For the Grythe sport within the Guelph com- promote the sport as a whole. phons, it could relay into national munity, particularly to the younger Theyre what we like to call, championships for generations to the top of the iceberg, and the come. crowd.

guelph track and field looks to utilize trillium foundation grant

The Gryphons plan to use a grant to boost the immediate and future performance of Guelphs track and field community.
chris muLLer
Over the weekend the Gryphons track and field team travelled to Western for the first OUA meet of the year. I would say it was our best season opener in the last ten years, said assistant coach Chris Moulton. Its a really exciting team right now, I think the momentum is really good. The momentum Moulton mentions should prove useful as the men and women of the track and field team are on the hunt for a national championship. That hunt will be aided by the recent grant of $99,500 from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to the local Speed River Track and Field Club, an organization founded by head coach Dave Scott-Thomas in 1997. The Speed River program trains athletes from the University of Guelph in addition to many Olympic caliber and amateur athletes living in the Guelph area. Moulton, also involved in Speed River, suggests that the grant will be an excellent way to bring the local track and field community together. On Dec. 1, Moulton and Scott-Thomas hosted a roundtable discussion with the high school coaches in the area.

gryphons basketball steps their game up

As year ends, the womens team is starting to show their strength.
a strong lead for the Gryphons who When they resume there will won 87-30. The victory over York be a few days of practices before came with a smaller margin, 73-65, their exhibition game and then the but it was still a good sign for the regular season resumes. Their first team who are making progress in regular season games in January are the area OBrien hoped they would. against some of the toughest teams duncan day-myron If we had played the fourth quar- in their conference: Brock, Windter [last weekend] like we did on sor and Western. All of them were Going into the past two away games Saturday night [against York] we in the conferences top four last seaagainst Laurentian and York, the probably would have won one or son. OBrien is confident, however, Gryphons womens basketball two games. that they will be able to keep their coach, Tom OBrien, knew that they Those two games, however, are momentum going. had to start playing better basketball the last for the team for a while. The first two [games], against in the fourth quarter to win. Their Their next game isnt until an exhi- Brock and Windsor, are during the past few losses were close calls, and bition game on Dec. 30 and the next week before classes start. This will it all came down to the teams per- regular season game isnt until Jan. 4. allow the players to focus strictly on formance at the end of the game. We continue to have voluntary basketball without having to worry We did that in the game against basketball workouts during exams about classes, he explained. We Laurentian and especially against and the players all have a condi- will also have more time to prepare. York, OBrien said. We needed tioning program to follow right They will be tough games but all of to impose our will and we did in through the break, said OBrien us believe that we can compete with both cases. on the teams holiday hiatus. The any of these teams. Our games last The first of the two games which players will leave for home on Dec. weekend helped our confidence and was against Laurentian ended with 16 [and] we will resume on Dec. 27. our team chemistry.

John laPPa

first year student and gryphons basketball player barbara InrigPieterse guards the net as a laurentian player goes in for a layup.

Inebriated athletics
divinus c caesar
Snow frees the athlete from some of their concerns with gravity: the soft white pillow covering the earth softens the pain of falling over. Though at the same time, balls and speed are frequently sacrificed to its depths. This first effect opens the athlete to the use of alcohol in their sporting: no longer fearing a fall, they no longer require sober stability. Alcohol in turn mitigates the second effect of snow, eliminating the athletes concern about being concerned: losing the ball doesnt matter if you werent keeping score or fully aware you were playing a game. In this way, snow acts as the priest that, each winter, finally marries sport and alcohol after a year of flirting. The first of these marriages a winter-dweller usually comes across is between road hockey and alcohol. tobogganing there sober, which The game often turns the snow to by this analogy amounts to public mush and exposes the hard road, masturbation. Keep your distance so the marriage is not always happy but try to yell something extremely or painless, but the good times out- judgmental. number the bad and even after the Increasingly, though there remain relationship comes to its natural end many who see it as an abomination, in spring, alcohol and hockey con- we see the marriage of football and tinue to engage in furtive hookups alcohol brought on by snow. The throughout the year. terrible formality of traditional More common on campus is the football is here snow-submerged marriage between alcohol and to- as often as the ball, but unlike the bogganing: tray-bogganing. Its a ball, little effort is expended searchmarriage known for its ease and fun. ing for it. Plays, formations, scores, The athlete merely rides a food tray and often even teams are cast aside down a hill, too drunk to care about as archaic traditions in this playthe inevitable falls and wetness. ful relationship devoted to running Score isnt kept, no one remembers around, rolling around, and yelling. much of anything, and everyone The only caution is that participants has fun. A popular location for the avoid the urge to use a nerf ball: it coupling is on the hill near Lamb- sucks up water and will ruin absoton Hall. Be careful though: from lutely everything. time to time youll find someone

louIse gadd

In 1951, before there was

even a University of Guelph, there was the Ontarion. Initially a newspaper which supported the three colleges in town the Ontario Agricultural College, the Ontario Veterinary College and the MacDonald Institutethe Ontarion came to be the de facto university newspaper when the colleges combined into the University of Guelph in 1967. There have been some momentous events throughout our history. Weve reported bomb threats, had our publication banned and seized (on more than one occasion, and once at the printing

press itself), been accused of libel, and had our offices searched by police. Weve also seen presidents, professors, buildings, and thousands of students go through this university. Its all chronicled in the Ontarions archives: 60 years worth of on campus news, photos, opinions, letters and, of course, crosswords, all collected in heavy tomes for anyone to see and reminisce over. With nearly the entire staff rolling over every year, there have been some radical changes over time, both in content and in style, even from one year to the next. Its been accused of being too far in both

political directions, even quite recently. News has come and gone from the cover. And the ever-changing flag (the big The Ontarion you see on the cover) has had good days, and many many bad ones. But all through this, the one thing that has stayed the same, for better or for worse, was the commitment and passion of the staff and volunteers who have always come together to record and communicate what they feel is important here at the University. So take a trip down memory lane with us, and if youre ever curious, feel free to stop by and check out the archives yourself.

the 50s
Described as the most spectacular event of the year, the annual Conversat was a formal event anticipated by both student and staff alike. By 1959, the event was being held at the newly built Physical Education Building. This year there were over 300 in attendance. In the 1950s, the first of the Ontarions six decades, the University of Guelph had yet to be established. Instead the paper published for three separate colleges: the Ontario Veterinary College, the Ontario Agricultural College and the MacDonald Institute. These archives reflect on an era very different from today. This photo was taken during the College Royal Ball of 54, which took place in a meticulously decorated Creelman Hall. Here the elected Queen Joan Gallaugher, a student of MacDonald Institute is ceremoniously being crowned. .

1960- The headline of the front page of The Ontarion in 1960 reads TUITION DOUBLED. The article goes on to explain that the rise in tuition fees is the first time tuition has increased at the three colleges at OA-VC (as the UofG was called then) since 1946 when they jumped from $50 to $100 a year. On the positive side, the OA-VC saw the largest enrolment since the period after the war with a grand total enrolment of 1,352 students! Another 1960 Ontarion headline reads GOOD LUCK REDMAN highlighting the festivities of homecoming, including the float parade, variety show, big square dance and oh yeah- a football game. 1961- Dr. E.B McNaughton of the physics department (whom the current building takes its name from) warns students that Radioactivity due to [nuclear] fallout has not reached alarming levels yet. He suggests that a bomb shelter or fall-out shelter be built in Guelph because of its geographical location, while reminding students that there seems to be no cause for concern. 1963- The Union Council Disciplinary Committee makes painting the Cannon, known then as Old Jerimiah, illegal 1964- A Campus plan is proposed (and established) for the University of Guelph, taking into account existing facilities, its total land ownership of 1,500 acres, and major roads leading into the region known as the Golden Triangle one of Ontarios fastest growing economic regions in 1964. 1964-1945- With limited room in student residences, especially for women in Macdonald Institue, Mr.Eccles, Director of Accommodations, appeals to citizens

of Guelph to help with the overflow of students without housing. 1965- the Senate approves Red, Black and Gold as the official University colours. Red is a common colour of OAC and Macdonald Institute. Black is taken from OVC colours. Gold is new and signifies science, an are of study traditional to this campus. 1966- The New Arts Complex, now Mackinnon, is proposed. Estimated cost $5,300,000, ETA, fall 1967. 1967- Construction begins for The Biggest & The Best student residence on campus. Costing 13 million dollars it would have no long corridors, no elevators [and] no cavernous common rooms [so as not to] diminish the students sense of importance. They called it South. Students vote the Gryphon as the official mascot of the University of Guelph through a poll in The Ontarion, beating out other suggestions such as the Guelph Gunners, Stallions, MAVericks, Gonads and Guelphons 1968- The proposal for the building of the University Centre is bittersweet. While providing more desperately needed student space its also a major cost-burden to students who are for the majority, funding the building of the UC. Original plans in The Ontarion propose that there be a bank on the ground floor, a full newspaper office on the second and a rooftop garden coffee house on the third.

Along with camaraderie between the three colleges (O.V.C., O.A.C. and MacDonald Institute) apparently came rivalry. Several pranksters apparently took this rivalry particularly seriously. Ontarion Editors, shown above, were on scene of the incident inspecting the damage done by the angus steer that was set loose.

Lester B. Pearson, prior to his time in office as Canadian Prime Minister, did an interview with the Ontarions editorial board in regards to the current political conflict between east and west.

The staff of the Ontarion is shown in its second year of its production.

the 60s

the 70s
Inexplicably, The Ontarions 1977 editors slapped a full page drawing of Richard Nixon playing puppet master over Henry Kissinger, Chairman Mao and Leonid Brezhnev on the cover of the May 17 issue, three years after Nixon was forced to resign because of Watergate, and a year after Mao died. When a dedicated follower of campus news pamphlet News Bulletin was disappointed to find that issue 77 06 02 of the pamphlet had been recalled within minutes of its publication after a week of suspended publication, The Ontarion responded by issuing a reward of $10 for anyone that could bring the staff a copy, even if only to photocopy it.

On June 15, 1980, terrified readers were made aware of a virulent disease stalking the continent, afflicting some 80 per cent of all North Americans. Most terrifying of all, herpes had no real cure. A terrified campus locked themselves in the safety of their rooms, committed to neither talking to or sexing anyone ever again.

By January 31 1984, the terror induced by such articles had enacted its own cost, and the paper informed terrified readers they shouldnt be so terrified, because isolation will turn them into sexual lepers. Caught between virulent herpes and some terrifying thing called sexual leprosy, the terrified students of 1984 likely found themselves envying the dead.

A Jan. 14, 1986 article displayed a new, un-terrified attitude toward STDs. The almost daily presence of AIDS and herpes in the news had broken down the old, terrifying social connotation that if you had and STD you must be promiscuous. While article allowed that Chlamydia could cause serious problems, the tide had clearly turned against terror, and terrified students were advised merely to talk to your partner about STDs before having sex. An editorial in the May 24, 1977 issue of The Ontarion titled A new secret society accompanying this cartoon speaks of multiple failed attempts to interview the CSA. Apparently, the CSA was in the middle of working out an out of court settlement with its lawyer, and as a result, your friendly neighbourhood student newspaper was locked out of the associations weekly council meeting.

It seems The Ontarions 1977 staff were quite the conspiracy theorists. Just weeks before, they fingered the CSA for nefarious motives, and in the Jun. 28, 1977 edition of the paper, they set sights on the RCMP with a headline that read Mounted Police Or Secret Police?

Perhaps the change in attitude came not from the changing understanding of the terrifying moral implications of contracting an STD, but from excitement over Buckminster Fullers redesign of human genitalia that would be featured in a Nov. 7, 1989 article sort of about evolution.

the 80s

Terrified students may have felt themselves drifting into a calm period as the decade ended, their penises and vaginas (or robot versions thereof), and reputations safe from what had seemed short years earlier to be the end of everything. Instead, they found themselves right in the middle of a terrifying garbage crisis. To survive the crisis, OPIRGs recycling group provided a long list of required actions, from digging through your garbage, carrying some reusable garbage around with you at all times, and writing on garbage, to where to buy things (and what to buy), and how to make cleaning cleansers (not out of garbage), followed by the reminder that a radical change in your lifestyle isnt required in order to serve the (terrifying?) ultimate goal. Looking back we may have difficulty believing that digging through garbage and carrying around your own waste apparently in service of a cults ultimate goal doesnt amount to a radical departure from an ordinary life, but if we remember the decade terrified students had just endured, from an 80 per cent herpes infection rate to the mysterious sexual leprosy and the robot genitalia which followed, I suspect the correct attitude is not doubt, but terror.

the 90s
Oct 25, 1994 Guelph has a long legacy of a successful womens rugby team. In this tournament they won 25-3 over McMaster. September 2006 had some familiar and unfamiliar sights on campus: Thornbrough was under extensive construction and renovations, something it is currently in the midst of again; and the Gryphon dome, now nothing more than a memory, had just finished construction. How quickly the face of our campus can change Think WebAdvisors a pain? Back in 2001, students had to line up to register for their classes. Comparing getting on campus and in line to register and just getting to a computer, students today have it a lot simpler.

June 16, 1991 The Barenaked Ladies were popular in Guelph before they had even released their first album.

Sept. 3, 1991 Gwen Jacobs stirred up controversy after strolling topless on two separate occasions on Ontario St. Jacobs maintained that her actions were intended to demand equal treatment for men and women, and to reduce the objectivity of women and womens breasts.

Guelphs reputation for political activism made it as far as the CBC back in 2006 when comedy heartthrob Rick Mercer made a stop on campus to hang out with students apparently including several dressed up as the rock band KISS.

March 3, 1992 The University of Guelph gears up for the CSA elections.

Who knows where that band youre seeing play at a bar downtown could be in a few years. Back in 2004, a then littleknown group from Montreal named Arcade Fire played a show at Ed Videos old downtown location on Wyndham St. Theyd go on to play Hillside a short time later, before sharing the stage with Bowie and Springsteen and taking home Album of the Year.

June 10, 1997 Downtown Guelph looked extremely different before construction revitalized St. Georges Square.

Larry was the Ontarions first ever weekly dog. Beginning in 2010, the weekly feature has been an unlikely hit with staff and readers alike. At current, we are making our way through a backlog of submissions for canine companions looking for their moment in the spotlight.

the 2000s


166.14 december 8t h, 2011


volle yb al l ( M)
vo l l e y b a l l ( W ) b asketball (M) b asketball (W )

I ce h o ckey ( M )

I ce h o ckey ( W )

last gaMe results 12/03: guelph vs. Western 0-3 grYPhon season standIngs: W l t 6 3 0

last gaMe results 12/03: guelph vs. Western 2-3 grYPhon season standIngs: W l t 4 3 0

last gaMe results 12/03: guelph vs. York 77 - 62 grYPhon season standIngs: W l t 7 7 0

last gaMe results 12/03: guelph vs. York 73 - 65 grYPhon season standIngs: W l t 6 4 0

last gaMe results 12/02: guelph vs. Western 4-6 grYPhon season standIngs: W l t 4 13 0

last gaMe results 11/26: guelph vs. Queens 4 - 3 so grYPhon season standIngs: W l t 12 4 0

Iaido: the art of swords

sasha odesse
The Ontarion takes a moment to talk to the University of Guelphs chief iaido instructor Kim Taylor about the art of swords. sasha odesse: What defines iaido from other martial arts, for example karate? Kim Taylor: Iaido is, strictly speaking, the art of drawing and attacking/defending with the Japanese sword directly from the scabbard. It is, of course, much more than that. A typical iaido kata or technique consists of four parts: the draw and cut (nuki uchi), the finishing cut or cuts (kiri tsuke), cleaning the blade (chiburi) and putting the blade back into the scabbard (noto). All without looking away from the opponent. This all sounds a bit bloodthirsty but iaido as described is done as a solo practice, it is a serious contemplative art that has more to do with killing inner demons than other men. Iaido practice also includes setpiece kata with a partner using wooden swords and so can also be described as kenjutsu (sword art). The arts we practice here in Guelph are Iaido (the All Japan Kendo Federation iaido set and a koryu (old school) called Muso Jikiden Eishinryu as well as a couple of minor schools), Jodo (a stick art practiced using a 50 inch staff against a (wooden) sword. We practice the All Japan Kendo Federation jodo set and a koryu (old school) called Shindo Muso Ryu). Finally, we practice a kenjutsu founded by the famous swordsman Miyamoto Musashi called Hyoho Niten Ichiryu. This last art is notable for its twosword practices. so: Is there a testing system/different levels of iaido? (similar to white, yellow, green belts etc. or dans?) KT: The Canadian Kendo Federation has iaido, jodo and kendo sections and a total of 8 dan grades are supported in all three arts. I teach the

ritalin abuse in students

abigeL Lemak
part of the effects of this drug are placebo related. The use of Ritalin has become increasingly popular on university campuses, and with final examinations coming up, students are more likely to fold under the pressure. For students who feel that they are truly disadvantaged in their lack of ability to stay focused, a consultation with a school doctor or counselor might prove a safer option. Methylphenidate increases activity, arousal, talkativeness, and mood in normal subjects, wrote Svetlov, Kobeissy and Gold. However, these effects are a subject of individual differences so that some persons experience anxiety, dysphoria and tiredness. Most of the abuse related to this drug is a result of prescription sharing between students. With Ritalin growing more popular on university campuses, more tests are likely required in exploring the harmful side-effects of this drug in order to educate students. Maybe it did help, but I dont like the idea of taking medications that have not been prescribed to me, said one student.

The pressure of final examinations can be a bit overwhelming at times. So overwhelming that many university students decide to buy Ritalin off of their friends in hopes of making it through their classes. [T]he popularity of Ritalin as a universal performance enhancer has skyrocketed over the last two decades, especially in adolescents and college students. wrote Svetlov, Kobeissy and Gold in their 2008 article Performance Enhancing, Non-Prescription Use of Ritalin, in the Journal of Addictive Diseases. Ritalin, or methylphenidate JaMIe Macdonald (MPH), is a psycho-stimulant that is understood to be a cogkim taylor is the chief instructor of the university of guelphs Iaido nitive enhancer, and works by club, which has been around since 1987. ` increasing activity in the central iaido and jodo arts here on cam- guelph? nervous system. There are many pus and my ranks are 7dan iaido KT: Without a doubt, my favourite debates surrounding the use of and 5dan jodo. I sit on the nation- part of teaching iaido here at the Ritalin by healthy students who al grading panel for iaido and am University is to watch our students do not need it for ADD or ADHD in charge of the jodo section for come to class unsure, insecure, shy treatment. Canada. and perhaps even a bit scared of After four exams, my brain life, develop into confident, com- was getting really strung out and so: Would you say that iaido is mostly petent people over the months and I was having difficulty focusing, an individual sport? years of practice. While I cant so when my friend offered to let KT: The main practice of iaido is claim that it is iaido that does me buy some, I said sure, said solo, using a metal sword, which this for every student who joins one student. for beginners, is aluminum and not (most university students develop Some find it a question of ethsharp. At 5 dan the CKF requires into wonderful people during their ics and wonder whether the use of sharp blades for grading challenges. years here regardless) I would like Ritalin can be called cheating, or to think that our club helps those if the acclaimed boost this drug so: Im assuming iaido is similar to who join us. gives in cognitive function is just a other martial arts in that it is also a rumoured hype. Others wonder if mental discipline. If so, what can students who are in the Iaido club expect to learn/achieve? KT: The long hours of practice required to perfect an iaido kata are an excellent meditative practice which is well suited to some people as a mental/spiritual practice. It is also a budo (old Japanese martial art) and so develops a tough, determined attitude to hardship and the troubles of everyday life. so: What is your favourite part about teaching iaido at the university of


w w e on ta r ion . c om

Jessica avoLio

FASHION choosing a haircolour

green or gold-brown, you are blue, violet, beige and ash-based likely warm and your veins will hair colours which will wash you have a greenish tint to them. out. The break-down of tones will If you feel like you fall into both also appear on the hair dye box. categories, you may be neutral toned. For cools, look for an R-V which Cool people should opt for means Red/Violet, V for Vioshades of ash-brown rather than let, A for Ash and B for Blue red-browns and cools can usu- and look for key-words like Ash ally pull off black and platinum or Cool. Warms should look for hair best. If you are cool-toned G which stands for Golden, R and want to go red, go with for Red and R-O which is Red/ blue-red shades such as bur- Orange and should look for keygundy, ruby, garnet, cherry or words like Golden and Warm bordeaux. Stick with neutral, ash on the package. There is also N and beige shades when choosing which stands for neutrals and a colour. Highlight with wheat, both cools and warms may be honey, taupe or ash shades that able to opt for this shade. contrast the base. You should Also, if you end up with a coalso avoid gold, yellow, red and lour that turns out yellow or bronze tones in your hair. orange, you will want a purple or Warm people are generally bet- blue to counter-act this. You can ter suited for golden, rich browns pick up something called toner and redder colours. If you have at Sally Beauty Supply if this is warm skin, reds will look best in an issue. If your hair turned out copper, cinnamon, ginger and more red than you expected, look strawberry shades. Rich colours for a green to combat the colour, like dark golden brown, chest- and ash colours are typically con- lot darker than expected. Also, nut, mahogany or auburn look sidered green. colour cant lift colour. If you great and can be highlighted with Some other tips are to, when want to go lighter you will have red, cinnamon or copper streaks. in doubt, choose a shade light- to lighten your hair before hand. Highlighting is a great way to add er than what you want. Many And a good tip to keep in mind is warm tones to your hair. Avoid times the dye will come out a to only go a couple shades lighter


Changing up your hair with hair dye is a great way to do something new with your look. The task may be a little daunting if you dont know where to begin, but the following will break down what you need to know when you plan on dying your hair at home. First you need to determine if your skin tone is cool, warm or neutral. You are cool if your hair is naturally blueish-black, dark brown, medium ash or golden blonde. Your skin is likely pale with pink or no undertones; medium with pink undertones or no cheek colour; very dark brown; or true olive. Grey and blue eyes and dark brown and black eyes will also make you cool. In addition, if the veins in your arm look blue, you are cool. If you are warm-toned, your natural hair colour is red, reddish or golden brown, strawberry blonde or natural golden blonde. If you are pale, you will have peach or gold undertones; brown skin will have pink, copper, caramel or golden undertones; or freckled skin. If your eyes are


or a couple shades darker than your natural hair. Follow these simple rules and youll be on your way to awesome home-dyed hair in no time.

beths craft corner

Make your own string lampshade
beth Purdon-mcLeLLan
After you take down the tree, the tinsel, and the lights, you may find that you miss those decorations once theyre gone. If youre not ready to give up that holiday spirit, heres a decoration that can hang around till New Years. You will need: String (preferably thicker) Vaseline Balloons cup white glue cup water Newspaper how to make it: Mix the glue and water in a bowl. If you find you need more, you can make larger batches as long as you keep the ratio the same. Tie a string between two chairs and place the newspaper on the floor beneath it. Blow up the balloon and knot the opening. Cut a piece of string to about a foot in length. Tie one end to the balloon below the knot, and the other to the line of string between the two chairs. This part is messy but necessary. Generously apply Vaseline to the outside of the balloon. This

Weekly dog


is to make sure that, when the glue mixture dries, it does not stick to the balloon. Then, coat the string one section at a time in the glue mixture and begin to wrap it around the balloon. To make sure that your layers dont slide off, wrap the balloon lengthwise the first couple times

and then wrap the string around the top of the balloon. After that, you can wrap the string around however many times you like. Leave the globe to dry for at least a full day. Pop the balloon with a pin and gently remove the pieces from inside your globe.

sarah stanger guY

Jesse loved smelling sewers. Was that weird? oh well, it didnt matter as long as his herd was all together. he even let the little ones decorate him for christmas. It meant more treats, you see. he had a simple life philosophy; do what makes you happy, but its ok to brood once in a while. nothing pulled him out of a funk like a new sticker though. You should ask him about his sticker collection.

sasha odesse
If like me, you come from a small town where the most ethically diverse restaurant sells beer-battered fish and chips, youll understand that eating typical, dare-I-call-it, American food, can get rather boring. When the stop signs have been plowed over with snow and the fastest way into town is likely to be snow-shoeing, you can indulge in the pleasure of gyoza dumplings in the comfort of your snowed-in home. Just make sure to pick up the dumpling wrappers before you head home. You can find them at the Asian food market in downtown Guelph for an extremely reasonable price-I paid more to use the debit machine than I did to buy the actual wrappers. What youll need: lb of ground beef, turkey or pork 3-4 green onions 1-1.5 inch piece of fresh ginger 2 tbsp soy sauce black or white pepper tsp sesame oil Dumpling or won ton wrappers 1 tbsp peanut oil or vegetable oil *Makes about 20 dumplings Start by peeling the ginger and slicing it into coins. Next chop up the green onions. Add ginger and green onions to blender or food processor and blend the hell out of them. Add the ground beef, pepper, soy sauce and sesame oil to food processor and pulse or blend until combined. Lay out dumpling wrappers and spoon about a teaspoon of the ground beef mixture into the centre of each one. Use a little bit of water on your finger to seal up the dumpling wrappers. Heat peanut oil in skillet or frying pan and fry until just browning on each side. Add cup of water to the pan with the oil. Move the dumplings around to make sure they arent sticking and then cover and let steam for about 5-7 minutes. Check to make sure your dumplings are cooked through and then enjoy with freshly chopped green onions to garnish. Dip in soy sauce or mix a bit of rice wine vinegar,

1 66.14 december 8t h, 2011


Japanese-inspired dumplings from your own kitchen

sasha odesse

sesame oil and soy sauce to make a slightly more tasty sauce. It will make quite a few

dumplings, which you can then refrigerate for later or binge on beef and eat them all at once.

christmas citrus squares

marianne Pointner
A quick and easy (but delicious) recipe, a great failsafe for the chaotic holiday month. base cup butter, softened 1 cup flour 2 tablespoons brown sugar top 1 cup white sugar 1 cup coconut flakes 2 tablespoons flour 2 eggs juice and rind of one lemon cranberries for base: Cream together butter, flour, and brown sugar and spread evenly in an 8x8 greased baking pan. Bake at 350 F for five minutes and remove from oven. for top: Beat eggs and mix in remaining ingredients apart from the cranberries. Carefully spread mixture over the baked crust and garnish by sprinkling cranberries. Place back in oven and cook for another 25 minutes at 350 F. Once cooled, cut into small squares and enjoy!
MarIanne PoIntner

sex geek: keeping sexy during the holidays

shireen nobLe
You probably dont want to try and sneak out of the house into I dont know what it is about win- the madness that is the local Shopter holidays, but theres really pers Drug Mart three days before nothing sexy about them. Maybe Christmas, so make sure that you it has something to do with the fact have what you need before headthat it suddenly becomes socially ing home. The Wellness Centre is acceptable to buy a couple match- still open during exam time, so ing flannel pajamas. Maybe its you have the opportunity to pick because there are noisy, sticky- up supplies before you head home. fingered little neighbours around Worried about your family findto remind you of the potential ing your secret stash? There are outcomes of heterosexual sex. Or plenty of little zippered sections in maybe its the fact that no one in your backpack that no one needs history has ever felt sexy after a to know about. meal of turkey and eggnog. Whatever the reason might be, it takes cover your tracks. Okay, so you some work to make sex happen know how you feel about your parduring the winter break. Luck- ents having sex? Like, you know ily, Ive got some tips to keep you it has to have happened at some warm at night. point, but youd still prefer to believe otherwise in the face of all stock up. You know whats worse evidence? The same goes for how than not being able to find time to your parents feel about you havspend with your partner over the ing sex. No matter how cool they break? Managing to find a win- might be with your relationship dow of time and realizing that and letting you have your sigyoure missing something im- nificant other for your holiday portant (condom, lubricant, etc). celebrations, your family really doesnt need to know that youre having sex under their roof. If youre going to have sex, choose a minimally disruptive time, lock the door and be discreet. Noisy bedsprings? Consider relocating that particular romp to the floor. Made a mess? Change the sheets yourself. Make sure you properly dispose of your used condoms and wrappers and never ever try flushing them down the toilet. set boundaries. As nice as it is to have a partner to bring home, sometimes its not possible for any number of reasons. So make sure that you talk to your partner before the holidays about the rules and boundaries you might have for each other. Is sexting each other really going to be okay when you have curious cousins playing with your phone all day? You can pretty easily avoid that awkward moment by figuring it out in advance. Who are you going to be kissing at midnight? And whats your policy on mistletoe? Having these conversations now before heading home can prevent a lot of misery next semester. Same goes if youre unattached and decide to get together with a high school sweetheart. Make sure you know what youre getting into (is it a one night stand? A friend-with-benefits relationship for the duration of your stay? Or do they think youre getting back together?) to avoid complications at the end of the break. do some personal shopping. While youre busy worrying about what youre going to get for everyone else, why not spend a little bit and treat yourself? Sex toy stores and websites have holiday specials and sales too. Since some of the higher quality sex toys can get quite expensive, it might be worth finding out how your partner feels about a particular toy before you order. get some privacy. There are going to be some families that just cant accept that youve grown up, youre in a relationship, and that you need some time to yourselves. So you cant get any time together at home? Tell everyone that youve gone to see a movie, park your car in a secluded location, and relive your high school days by making out in the back seat. Go to a coffee shop where youre not going to be recognized by everyone there and have a date night. Offer to take the family dog to the park and dont ask if anyone else wants to join you. Just make sure youre taking some time to unwind together and (hopefully) enjoy yourselves. Okay, so there are a bunch of unpleasant things that happen over the holiday season. Theres a marked increase in interpersonal conflict, family drama, depression, alcohol intake, and tension. But that doesnt mean that you have to give up your sex life for the duration. After all, theres no reason you cant eat, drink, be merry, and orgasm.


w w e on ta r ion . c om

manner. They may complain of having to ship the animals across borders and not receive a so-called fair market price. Well frankly, I would not even put a penny in their pocket for an ounce of horsemeat. Anti-slaughter activists in Canada are striving to try and shut down slaughterhouses here, and this step back in legislation does nothing but set back the hope to end the sad faith for horses here. Obama has stirred up a lot of issues both here in Canada and in his own country. The lack of recognition of the importance of this animal and the extreme controversy that surrounds slaughterhouses, has done nothing for Obamas image, particularly in the eyes of any animal lovers. Theres little to no demand here, so why create the supply? Particularly when there are so many more important issues for him to be addressing.

obama fuelling horsemeat controversy

emma FaLzon
As we all know, events in the United States affect us at times, to the same degree as if it were happening in our own country. Actually, people are sometimes more interested in whats happening to south of the border than here in Canada (but thats another topic). Regardless, recent legislation has passed in the States by President Barack Obama that has caused controversy in both the north and the south. Congress has lifted the existing ban on funding horsemeat inspections and horse slaughterhouses, meaning that they could be up and running in no time. The defence is seen as slaughterhouses being an answer to the growing amount of neglected and abandoned horses in the United States. The problem is that slaughtering these animals is neither ethical nor appropriate. Neglected have consumed medication such Horsemeat consumption is not a and abandoned animals are a very as anti-inflammatories, pain kill- very common dish in North Amersad part of our society, however ers, or others, and the potentially ica, as opposed to other places on the answer that Obama has pro- devastating effects on humans. the globe such as in Europe and in vided is not right and will cause There is not enough secure regu- the South Pacific. Why then are major controversy. lation, nor are the practices used these places in existence, espeHorses are intelligent animals, by slaughterhouses ethical. cially with the severe controversy and their purpose to many essurrounding them? Rather than repecially here in Canada and in sort to torturous circumstances for the United States is far from these animals, why not work on consumption. Horses for sport, educating potential horse owners on not only the extreme responsiwhether racing, jumping, or dresbility, but also the high costs that sage, are worth and valued far beyond the meat mans price. An are associated with horse ownership. Controlling breeding is Olympic sport, with various disciplines, horses are seen as athletes, another factor that could drastically reduce the amount of neglected and companions, and best friends. National-level jumping horses see abandoned horses. Horses are not market prices both in the US and only beloved pets, but are seen with in Canada, far into six figures. Why a positive, even iconic image in the is it then that the US could see West. Given the lack of horsemeat slaughterhouses emerging withconsumption, allowing these plants in a month? Another point some just seems to be a way for ranchers cease to recognize is the danger and other horsemen to dispose of old or unwanted horses in an easy of slaughtering horses that could

Given the lack of horsemeat consumption, allowing these plants just seems to be a way for ranchers and other horsemen to dispose of old or unwanted horses in an easy manner.

In praise of mans best friend

carLeigh cathcart
If you were to walk past my dorm room at any given time of the year, you would find that my door is decorated somewhat like a shrine, but not to a religious figure or deity. It is basically a display of my love for my dog. I put my in quotation marks, because you could say I am as much his girl as he is my pet. For those of you who arent absolutely in love with one, you either dont have a dog, or dont have a heart. I forgive you. Of course, canine love is not quite so universal nothing is liked by everyone. But for someone as animal-oriented as myself, it can be difficult to fathom why someone would not enjoy the benefits of having a pet dog (or any other type of animal, for that matter). The best part of dogs is not what they have, but what they dont. Dogs are loyal: they have no apprehension toward caring for and protecting those that they love. They have no judgement: they will not love you less because you failed a test or are having a bad hair day. And dogs have no hidden agenda or ulterior purpose: the tail is wagging because they are happy, end of story. Now, back to my door. On it, below my slingy-dog and above my paw-print stocking, is a picture of my (adorable) pup, two Saint Bernard ornaments, a Saint Bernard welcome figure, and a A house is not a home without a St. Bernard sign. Can you guess what type of dog I have? For those who are familiar with the Saint Bernard breed, you can attest to the fact that the term pup is perhaps misleading. At a whopping 156 pounds, hes not exactly a baby anymore (believe it or not, I was able to carry him, once upon a time. Now, if I could just find a saddle, Im sure he could carry me instead!). Grown men are afraid of his menacing teeth and muscular build, which I admit would terrify me if not for the knowledge that he is just a gentle giant. But be warned there is no doubt in my mind that should the situation arise, he would stop at nothing to defend

carleIgh cathcart

my safety. For that, I am thankful. His name is Norm (eNORMous), and I have no shame in stating that he is my best friend. When I come home, he is always there to greet me, with a sincere happiness Im not too sure Ive ever

seen in a fellow human. When I am upset, he asks no questions, just sitting with me and tolerating my rants until I feel better (which always occurs with his comfort). When I need to lighten up, he runs like a manic in circles,

making a funny face and turning back to check out my reaction. Regardless of my determination to stay solemn, I end up laughing every time. And Ill be darned if that sparkle in his eyes isnt him laughing right along with me.

As the Tory government tries to wave through the new omnibus crime bill, it is becoming apparent that the full financial and social impacts have not been thought through. Already the province of Quebec anticipates that it will cost between $294 to 545 million to create the infrastructure to support the bill, as well as an additional $74 million a year to service it. The federal government says that it will pay $78.6 million dollars of the bills estimated cost. From this perspective, the crime bill seems to run at odds with the Tory governments initial proposal to end the long-gun registry earlier this year. The gun bill was scrapped because it was considered expensive and inefficient, and did not seem to be correlated with the decrease in crime. To cap it off, the new crime bill will most likely target young offenders: according to Statistics Canada, young offenders are three times as likely to commit property crime than violent crime. As the federal government pursues the introduction of the new crime bill, the issue doesnt seem to be the cost of law enforcement, but rather what kind of law enforcement is implemented. The most disturbing aspect of scrapping the long-gun registration is that all records of long-gun ownership will be destroyed. The federal government is refusing to release the registry to the Quebec provincial government so that the province can continue its own long-gun registration. Although the province knows that the bill will be passed, Quebec is still the strongest long-gun registration advocate because of its history with the bill. The long-gun bill was developed after the massacres at cole Polytechnique, when Marc Lpine used a long gun to shoot and kill 14 women enrolled in the engineering program. The long-gun registration has its roots in the fight against violence against women, and in light of the financial situation of the new crime bill, the move to erase the bill has deeper significance. The fight against gendered violence emphasizes the need for open communication, and that silence will only continue the violence against women. The cole Polytechnique was an extreme example of gendered violence, however, it is important to remember that violence against women often goes unrecognized, is written off, or not reported. Identifying violence against women and taking a visible stand against these crimes is crucial to establishing womens rights. Erasing the registration therefore has symbolic repercussions. It is not creating transparency; erasing the registration is just sweeping the fact that long-guns can be a weapon under the rug. There is little reason for the government to refuse to give Quebec its own gun registration information. The fact of the matter is that marginalized groups are the ones to pay for cuts to social services.

166.14 december 8t h, 2011


The unsaid importance of the long-gun bill

Although there is no solid evidence that the long-gun bill makes it easier to reduce crime, the federal government has inadvertently said that this risk is not important enough to monitor. It is, according to them, a non-issue. Discarding the history of gun registration is to disregard the tragedy of Dec. 6 on which the longgun registry was formed. It would seem that many Canadians are in agreement. At the ceremony for the cole Polytechnique in Montreal, many members of the audience held placards that appealed to the federal government to keep the long-gun bill. Former Governor General Michalle Jean spoke at the ceremony about the need to protect womens right to saftey. Although Jean did not specifically mention the long-gun bill, it should be noted that no Tory MPs were asked to participate in the ceremony.

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It is unfortunate that Theresa Martin misinterpreted the intent of my suggestion to work with ones peers during exam time. I would like to clarify that I was not endorsing getting a Physics major (to) help with the Biological reason for ... depression. Perhaps Ms.Martin personally finds it difficult to be productive in the presence of her friends, but many often benefit from a working environment with others who can contribute their own understanding to supplement each others. Also, I agree that I neglected to mention the importance of physical activity. Exercise, regardless of the time of year, is a vital habit in the complex continuum of long-term health. Carleigh Cathcart In your article on the letters campaign, Kayla mentions a volunteer that was inspired to help because of an experience working in a native community where there was a tornado. I believe I am the volunteer she was talking about and I would just like to clarify that Goderich, Ontario is not an aboriginal community. I simply compared the response to a declaration of a state of emergency there compared to a declaration of a state of emergency in an aboriginal community. Within 24 hours of the storm, Premier McGuinty had toured Goderich and announced $5 million in aid. He also promised that Ontario was behind the community. I believe that Attawapiskat and other aboriginal communities should receive the same support from both governments and other residents of our province and country. Four weeks is an absurd amount of time to take to respond to an emergency.

Thank you for allowing me to make this clarification, Sophia Jefferson Dear Editor of the Ontarion, I received an email from CSA about the UC Student Space Sit-In event to show that students need more space in the library for students. I am an off campus student and I commute from Hamilton and I completely understand the need for more space. But I also think in addition to study space, there needs to be more space for commuting students. I dont have the luxuries of going home in between classes. That being said, I end up having to bring multiple bags to campus with my books, textbooks, and laptop to go to my classes and do work. I think the ideal solution would be to have a program in the library that allows commuting students to register for a personal cubicle every semester. It would have a greater benefit than just a locker because it would provide a spot in the library where the commuter can go in between classes and work without wandering the library or the campus with multiple bags. Sincerely, Kamille Balliram In response to the response to Carleigh Cathcarts article, we would like to express how very happy we are to see how much attention the Ontarion has recently paid to helping students during this stressful exam period. We have been

particularly impressed with the recent letters to the editor about tips for dealing with exam stress. Speaking as upper year University Students, we know how important it is to equip oneself with examcoping strategies, and feel that we may have some points of value to contribute to this important discussion. Although the suggestion of drinking water to increase oxygen intake has merit, it is really only useful for those students with gills; however, for those of us without that luxury (the 99%), we have some alternative solutions to offer. Toting an oxygen tank may be a more efficient way to quickly get that hit that youre looking for. Volunteering at a retirement home serves the double function of giving you a great resume-builder as well as access to unlimited pressurized oxygen supplies. However, a tank can prove to be somewhat unwieldy. If youd like a more userfriendly option, consider having your septum perforated to expand your nasal cavity and improve your oxygen uptake capacity (VO2). However, do NOT do this at home some of the tattoo parlours in Guelph have started performing this procedure for a very reasonable price. Typically, after getting your septum procedure done, we would encourage you to take full advantage of the new sensations you will experience in the fresh air of the great outdoors. Thus, we would

agree with the suggestion to study in a park; however, given the unseasonably warm weather, we suggest making alternative plans until the temperature is safely below zero, at which point you can return to your favourite park. Furthermore, we fully agree that studying with people outside of your discipline is inefficient and even potentially detrimental. We would go further, suggesting that you sever all communication with students not in your classes, lest they offer you an alternative opinion to your own or that sanctioned by your professor. This can be emotionally upsetting, or cause you to overthink things, complicating your studying process. Lastly, we would like to point out that study time is most effective when used for studying. While this may seem counterintuitive, we assure concerned first-years that it is, in fact, the case. Writing lengthy letters to the editor may seem like a good way to hone your analytical skills, but resist the temptation. Readers may not be in your program, sparking miscommunication and bad feelings they simply will not get you. We, of course, have only broken this cardinal rule due to our passion for the topic and our belief that our contribution can truly make a difference. In perpetuity, Melissa Sarah Eisen, Sylvie Lorraine Vigneux, and Gill Margaret Buckle



Carleigh Cathcart Arielle duhaimeRoss Emma falzon Jamie Macdonald Victoria Martin Chris Muller

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w w e on ta r ion . c om
10- traveled 11- Adult male deer 12- Go (over) carefully 13- bird feed 19- female sovereign 21- Etta of old comics 25- Supple 26- Made ineffective 27- dice game 28- Living in flowing water 29- bahamanian island 30- Actress Long 31- Compel 32- Open, as a gate 33- Goes the distance 35- ___-Cat 39- turkish honorific 40- umbilicus 42- Very much (2) 44- Actor Epps 46- Mother of Calcutta 47- Root vegetable 49- dr. Salk 50- Rabbits tail 51- when said three times, a 1970 war movie 52- Actor Jannings 53- Clinton cabinet member federico 55- indian instrument 56- big birds 57- Centrepiece of the human face 59- Leb. neighbor 60- bridge expert Culbertson

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1- dutch name of The Hague 5- ___-Croatian 10- Cookbook amts. 14- He sang about Alice 15- Arrogant 16- native Oklahoman 17- Asian desert 18- forthrightly 20- Style 22- big bang cause 23- Exhorted 24- icy 26- born 27- fragmental 30- necessary 34- Automatons 35- indication 36- ___ roll (2) 37- ___ all-time high (2) 38- Capital city of yemen 40- Eyes, poetically 41- Snap 42- Canceled (2) 43- Male domestic feline 45- blind spot 47- Hardens metal

48- Extra-wide shoe size 49- One of the 12 tribes of israel 50- Severe 53- ___ favor 54- Lustrous black 58- Comic actress 61- big wheels wheels 62- Exodus author 63- Gastropod mollusk 64- blame 65- Currency unit in western Samoa 66- irritable 67- freelancers encl.

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1- Crones 2- Get ones ducks in ___ (2) 3- Goyas The duchess of ___ 4- Happenings (2) 5- Lotion letters 6- Sexy 7- Circular 8- Songwriter bacharach 9- Open domain Server

166.14 december 8t h, 2011


Time for Change? New career? Adventure? Seeing the world? Come to sunny Costa Rica in January and get: Four weeks international training in our TESOL Certificate course, allowing you to teach in other countries. Four weeks stay near world famous Manuel Antonio Rainforest. Your choice of Surfing, Spanish or Salsa lessons. White water rafting, or Ziplining trip. Email mike.fitztefl@ for more information. camp in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, 2 12 hours from NYC. Were seeking counselors who can teach any Team & Individual Sports,Tennis, Gymnastics, Horseback Riding, Mt. Biking, Skate Park, Theatre, TechTheatre, Circus, Magic, Arts & Crafts, Pioneering, Climbing Tower, Water Sports, Music, Dance or Science. Great salaries and perks. Plenty of free time. Internships available for many majors. Interviews on Feb 1. Apply online at Call 800-869-6083 between 9 and 5 eastern time on weekdays for more information.

coMMunItY events
GUELPH FIELD NATURALISTS. Next indoor meeting: Thursday, December 8th at 6:00pm at the Arboretum Centre. All welcome. ANNUAL MEMBERS NIGHT. Potluck Supper with presentations by Club members. Note start time - 6pm.

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Under University student plan, co-payment has been waived. Dentistry Asleep. FREE CUSTOM TEETH WHITENING! Invisalign from $1900!

eMPloYMent oPPortunItIes
Have the summer of your life at a prestigious coed sleepaway

coMMunItY lIstIngs
Thursday december 8 Relieve Stress at the Library. If youre feeling stressed about exams, come to the Library and meet with a wellness professional, get nutrition tips from the campus dietitian and learn how to relax with yoga. McLaughlin Library, December 6th - 9th and December 12th. friday december 9 Guelph Country Dances monthly contra dance at St. James Anglican Church, S/W corner of Paisley Road & Glasgow St. No partner or previous experience necessary. Band: Relative Harmony. Caller: Judy Greenhill. 8pm. Admission $10 ($8 students and members). Free parking. No street shoes on dance floor please! saturday december 10 The Mayan Civilization: Who were the Mayan? Where did they come from? Where are they now? Find out at: 10 Carden St., 10am. Ph: 519-722-6948. sunday december 11 Come for Guelph Orchestras European Nol. 3pm at the River Run Centre. Check out GSOs new Under-30 Ticket Series. Anyone under the age of 30 can purchase a regular priced ticket for $20 from 6pm Friday-Sunday 3 pm. Proof of age required. Tickets: 519-763-3000) or online at Guelph Hiking Trail Club: Radial Line Trail Section 3 loop, 1 1/2 hr. Meet 1pm at Guelphs covered bridge parking lot, East of Gordon St. to carpool; or at 2nd Line, Trail Head between Sections 3 & 4, for a 1:30pm start. All welcome. Leader: Jim Hoare 519835-5284 james.w.hoare@gmail. com. Level 2. Speed moderate. tuesday december 13 Songwriters Open Stage 8pm at the eBar. All welcome. Bring your instrument, PA provided. Free admission. saturday december 17 Guelph Poetry Slam - 1st Annual Laugh it off Slam. Featuring, Comedian Dave Brennan of The Imponderables. Slam & open mic at 7pm at the eBar (41 Quebec St.) For more info check out friday december 30 Sound Off: Youth Poetry Slam W/ workshop. Featuring, Eytan Crouton 1st Disciple. Slam for ages 12-22. Open Mic for all ages. Workshop start 5:30pm. Slam start 6:30pm at the Guelph Public Library Main Branch (100 Norfolk St.). For more info check out


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