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Advantages and Disadvantages of studying abroad

Education today is one of the most important things in our lives. Nowadays, there
are many people continue their studies outside their country. They think that
educations in other countries are better than in their own country. Studying
abroad is a good choice but there are many advantages and disadvantages on it.

By moving to other country and leaving alone, we can gain more experience and
also we can stand alone. However, we need a long time to adapt or else we can
get homesick.

The disadvantages are. The cost of living in other countries is quite expensive,
so we need to spend more money on it. Moreover, the free-friendship means you
can have friends and do anything freely,.

n conclusion, think studying abroad is a good choice but we need to guard

ourselves by avoiding drugs, , and other criminal things.

AdvanLages are LhaL you come Lo know many people belonglng Lo dlfferenL culLures lf abroad ls
glvlng more quallLy educaLlon Lhen you geL advanLage of more hlgh level sLudles as compared Lo
your counLrys sLudenLs ?ou can also easlly geL !ob Lhere abroad Loo And also your language
skllls geL developed

lL can geL Loo expenslve ?ou mlghL need Lo do a hecLlc !ob whlch can lnLerfere ln your sLudles
(MosLly sLudenLs do !obs abroad Lo afford Lhelr expenses) ?ou mlghL noL be able Lo ad[usL wlLh
people llvlng wlLh you because of culLural dlfference eLc (ln case of hosLel shared aparLmenL

1he beneflL of sLudy abroad

Advanced unlverslLles allow you Lo learn aL Lhe hands of professors have frlcLlon wlLh Lhe laLesL
research and Lhe laLesL pracLlcal appllcaLlons of Lhls research

1he pracLlcal slde where Lhere ls a dlsLlncL laboraLorles and compuLers equlpped wlLh
speclallzed programs

Llbrarles and lnformaLlon avallable Lhrough Lhe unlverslLy such as references LhaL you can geL
from llbrarles unlverslLles or oLher elecLronlc lnformaLlon shared by Lhe unlverslLy enables you
access Lo research and arLlcles on Lhe lnLerneL whlch provldes a loL of Llme ln Lhe search

AvallablllLy of modern maLerlals sclence may noL be LaughL ln Arab unlverslLles

lorelgn sLudenLs of frlcLlon

1he enormous experlence of llfe ln a forelgn counLry

CbLaln a cerLlflcaLe from a forelgn unlverslLy may allow you Lo geL a beLLer [ob

ulfflculLles ln sLudy abroad?

Lack of language proflclency ls a ma[or obsLacle durlng Lhe sLudy

ulfferenL Leachlng sLyle could prove dlfflculL ln Lhe flrsL monLhs

ulfferenL culLure and rellglon beLween your counLry and Lhe counLry of sLudy ls a psychologlcal

CeL used Lo Lhe conservaLlon and Lhe absence of Lhe ablllLy of lndependenL LhoughL could prove
dlfflculL ln Lhe flrsL perlod of Lhe sLudy

SomeLlmes be assoclaLed wlLh Lhe sLudy by Lhe counLry of sLudy whlch may be very dlfferenL
from your counLry of orlgln

ulfferenL laws and sysLems where llfe ls a burden LhaL you have Lo recognlze Lhe Lhlngs you
need for llvlng

ulfflculLles Lo apply whaL you learned abroad when you reLurn Lo your home counLry