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November 2008

Cheshvan /Kislev
5869 Vol. 52, No. 3

14450 West Ten Mile Rd . Oak Park, MI 48237

248.967.4020 .
Worship Schedule
Friday, October 31
8:00 pm Erev Shabbat Worship
President’s Rosh Hashanah Message
Shabbat, November 1
10:30 a.m. Shabbat Morning In just three weeks we will complete the reading of the Torah cycle for this year. At
Worship in Rosen Foyer the end of the cycle, we find ourselves not in the land of Israel but outside, still in the
7:00 p.m. Havdallah Program
wilderness, still waiting to get in. The portion also ends with sadness since Moses
* is not allowed to enter the land despite his emotional plea to God. Instead he is led
Friday, November 7
7:30 p.m. First Friday by God to a high mountain where he can look at the land he will not be allowed to
Family Service enter. Despite the sadness he must feel, Moses calls Joshua and all of the people and
Blessing of New Members
urges them “Be strong and be bold.” For me, it has always been incredibly moving Dolores Galea
Shabbat, November 8 — when despite his probable anguish and maybe even envy, Moses does what is best
10:30 a.m. Shabbat Morning
Service in Rosen Foyer for his community. The story ends with Moses’ death.
* I’ve often wondered why our portion ends this way. Here we are finally about to arrive in the land of
Friday, November 14 Israel – the goal of our very long journey. But we don’t reach it in this cycle and we don’t enter it –
8:00 p.m. Erev Shabbat Worship
Marriage Blessing: instead we return to the beginning; we return to Genesis. So that when we are with Moses, we can’t help
Jolen Gedridge and Fred Sher but think ahead to Genesis and when we are in Genesis, we can’t help but think back to Moses. In other
Shabbat, November 15 words, our endings aren’t real endings and our beginnings aren’t real beginnings but instead are pieces
10:30 a.m. Shabbat Morning and portions of an endless journey. And maybe that is the point of all of it. To tell us that at all crucial
Worship in Rosen Foyer
moments, we must look back and we must look forward, ultimately realizing that the work goes on and
* the journey continues.
Friday, November 21
8:00 a.m. Erev Shabbat Worship I believe our congregation is at one of those moments in its history. One filled with hope but also
Installation of Cantor
Darcie Sharlein trepidation as we consider not only what we have accomplished but also the work that lies ahead. It
Shir Chadash Choir is a moment of looking forward and looking back. When we look back we see many successes in our
Shabbat, November 22 55 year history. In the past year alone we can feel pride in many things. The primary one, of course,
10:30 a.m. Shabbat Morning was our success in hiring a full time Cantor – a second clergy person—for our synagogue. That was an
Worship in Rosen Foyer
important goal for our Temple and one we hoped to achieve since Cantor Rose’s retirement four years
* ago. Every time I think of that, I think of what Cantor Rose meant to us in his long career at Temple and
Friday, November 28
8:00 p.m. Erev Shabbat Worship (cont. on page 11)
Shabbat, November 29
10:30 a.m. Shabbat Morning
Worship in Rosen Foyer

Concluding Shabbat - A Havdallah Celebration

Saturday, November 1 - 7:00 p.m. at Temple
Havdallah marks the end of Shabbat and the beginning of a new
week. This beautiful and intimate service combines prayer, song,
Temple and the use of sweet-smelling spices, braided candles, and wine.
Emanu-El  Sisterhood, in partnership with the Community of Learners and
Where You Belong! the Religious Committee, invites members and friends to a
We are a family of
casual, adults-only evening of music and camaraderie. Meet new
families, keeping alive friends and reconnect with old. No charge to attend. Bring an
our cherished traditions
by joyfully sharing appetizer to share. RSVP by October 29th to the Temple office
Jewish learning, 248-967-4020 or online at
spiritual celebrations, 
and a commitment
to social justice.
Reminder: You and your family (or you and a group of friends and/or relatives) can be the proud sponsor of a Bul-
letin. Your sponsorship will be noted with a photo or recognition on page one or two and information about the oc-
casion that led you to sponsor the bulletin (a special birthday, a Bar or Bat Mitzvah of a loved one, an anniversary,
a desire to honor someone for a special service, etc.) Bulletin sponsorships are $500. Please call Susan Kirschner
at (248) 967-4020 x 205 as soon as possible if you would like to reserve “your” issue for next year!
o u r t e m p l e f a m i l y t r e e

In Memoriam Yom Huledet Sameiach

Sophia Shain November Birthdays - Temple Emanu-El Children
Mazel Tov! Welcome to
Temple Emanu-El! 3 Reggie Rosenthal Owen Pittman Mallory Gonte
5 Lily Gross 19 Sophie Hart Jessica Gross
To Lora Weberman and The Congregation welcomes the 6 Kevie Traute 20 Demarcalin Sylvestre 24 Jonah Sklar
David Vinande who were following new members who 10 Reed Stocki 21 Samantha Glazer Jared Unatin
married September 27. have joined our Temple family 11 Rebecca Feber Sydney Glazer 25 Sarah Thomas
since publication of the October 12 Morgan Swimmer Roqhaelle 26 Michael Lyons
To Adam Klein and Jennifer Gavrin 15 Carly Bornstein Parr-Besemer Ryan Tikey
who were married October 5 Jacob Herskovitz 22 Lauren Harwood 28 Noah Cooper
Robyn Erb of 16 Talia Helfrick Simon Kaufmann Maya Schreiber
To David Mannie Zweigel and Sarah Milner 23 Tatiana Cripps Matthew Segall
Huntington Woods and her
Hebe Hartendorf who were 18 Sydney Newman Kailey Egrin 29 David Leibowitz
children Jules and Aidan.
married October 12
Jill Noll and Keith Kaye of
To Marc and Randie Kruman
on the birth of their first grandchild,
Huntington Woods and their November Anniversaries!
children Aden and Travis.
Matilda Grace Mountain, born to 1 Marshall & Karen Weingarden 20 Arthur & Claire Kretchmer
Sarah and Brett Mountain Michael and Amy Haenick 7 Kenneth & Harriet Rich Harold & Kelly Ann Onickel
on September 20. of Huntington Woods and their 9 Alan & Joyce Kaczander 21 John & Ilene Monkman
children Ellie and Evan. 13 Matthew & Sharon Abramsky 23 Franklin & Lois Greenberg
To Rachel Sabbath (graduate of Brian & Julie Unatin Robert & Joan Rosen
our Temple Emanu-El Choir) Dan and Jannis Danzig of 18 Howard & Ruth Sherman 25 Alan & Mara Rosenthal
who will have the lead role of “Annie” Birmingham and their daughters 19 Lowell & Mary Plotkin 27 Daniel & Elayne Steinhardt
in the Birmingham Community House Hannah and Natalie. 28 Stuart & Barbara Trager
production on November 1 and 2.
Todd and Amy Franklin of
To Michael Scrivener and Mary Ann Huntington Woods and their Memorial Book Correction:
Simmons on the birth of their children Lily and Chloe. Ms. Lola Lane’s name was spelled incorrectly in the
grandson, Xavier York Zeller, born to
We look forward to your
Memorial Book. Our sincere apology for this oversight.
Corey and Kay (Scrivener) Zeller.
involvement in services and
at our many events and activities.

y a r t z e i t s

November 7/8 *Irvin Levine *James Alan Goodman November 21/22 *Saul Modell November 28/29 Rose Klaper
Lesley Appel *Charlotte Levitan Michael Sheldon Gross Evelyn Brook *Betty Nedelman George Ascher Sender Klaper
*Herman Band Donald Nurenberg *Benjamin Harris *Harry Colburn *Fannie Newhous Mary Bieman Leonard Kosoglad
*Ralph Benach John Pintarich *Barbara Herman Anna Cooper Murray Novick Samuel H. Birnkrant Samuel Kosoglad
*Jennie Berkower Blanche Pittman Leonard Horton Sylvia Cooperman *Daniel Patt *Edith Bloomgarden *Abraham Krosnick
Stanley Chmura *Meyer Smelsey Mildred Hutto Hyman David Jeremy Patt Bernard Fowler *Bernard Meyers
Rosetta Cohen Murray Sobolov Eli Kaplan Ida Ettenson *Dr. Bernard Plotkin Lena Friedman Geri Oliva
*Dorothy Band Michell Sturman *Morris Kaplan *Dr. Paul Feldman Max Reder *Celia Glinter Anna Rosen
Cooperman Harold Weiskopf *Marshall Klaper *Shirley S. Friedman *Aaron Rosenbaum *Joseph Goodman Nathan Sahn
Tillye Dershowitz Etta York Na’ama Kroch Edward Girson *Abbie Rothnagel *Alexander Gothelf *Anna Smith
*Frances Driker *William Zolkower Rhoda Lachar *Samuel Goldberg *Irving Sacks Samuel Grundfest Edward Sorkin
*Albert Eisenberg Walter August Lage Philli*Goldstein Bluma Schwarzberg Tessie Horowitz Sol Sorkin
Myer Elfond November 14/15 Helen Limond Abe Gordon Edith Seckel Elsie Jacobs *Ben Sucher
Charlotte Engelson *Hyman Abrams *Marilyn Sasan Matenky *Ethel Green Ann Seydel Marjorie Jacobs Joseph Steingold
*Harold N. Finney Joan Applefield *Dorothy Modell *Mae J. Grossman Grace Shapiro Richard Kahn *Helen Swidler
*Sarah Fisher Nathan Barbas A. Morris Nisenson Sheryl Kahn *David M. Sidder *Max Kalik Alfred Weiner
Gertrude Freeman Sol Braiker *Dustin Alexander Fanny Katzman Jan Sidorski
Samuel Galea Margaret Casey Nowinski Gloria Kelter Sam Silberman *A light will be lit on our Memorial Board.
Ellen Geffen Peter Castronova *Fannie Potashnik *Mary Frances Klein *Louis Sorkin
Rebecca Goldberg Ernestine Stella *Elizabeth (Betty) Prady George J. Kollenberg Bertha Cole Stillman If you wish to memorialize your loved
*Lilly L. Goldfarb Chomet William Rattner *Jean Ann Layne Dora Stolzenberg ones in a special way, consider pur-
*Marilyn Price Gonte Leonard Edelman *Sadie Sachs *Eva Lerman *Ethel Bocolor Tushman chasing a memorial plaque to be dis-
*Bernard Gordon Sarah Englander *Sandra L. Samuels Fanny Levin *Samuel Tushman played in our Anne Jospey Sanctuary.
*Sydney Gottesman Abraham Ettenson Walter Schmier *Mabel Levy *Julian Unger Each year, on the anniversary of their
Max Guyer *Philip P. Fealk *Charles D. Schulman *Nathan Lurie *Louis Weinstein
death, it will be lit as a remembrance.
*H. Barton Hamburger Jeanette Fershtman *Martin Spiegel *Pauline Mandell *Erwin R. Wile
*Dr. Milton D. Isenberg Sandra Freedman Karen Stiefel *Sidney B. Mann Mildred Wise
*Samuel Jospey *Evelyn Fynke *Donald Thal Jules Meklir *David H. Zeff Contact the Temple office at 248-967-
George Kayes Sylvia Goldman *Brenda Vinton Anne Menken *Anna Zelickson 4020 to make arrangements for this
*Simon Monroe Werner eternal memory of your loved one.

-2- Temple Emanu-El Bulletin • November 2008 - Cheshvan/Kislev 5769

T h e R a b b i ’ s C o r n e r C a n t o r ’ s N o t e s

I write this message between Lamdeini, Elohai…

Rosh Hashanah and Yom Teach me, O God, a blessing, a prayer
Kippur, a few days before our on the mystery of a withered leaf,
son Adam and Jennifer will be on ripened fruit so fair,
married. To say that this has on the freedom to see, to sense,
been a busy Holiday season for to breathe, to know, to hope, to despair.
our Temple and for my family
Teach my lips a blessing,
is something of an understate-
a hymn of praise,
ment. But as hectic and rushed
as each morning and night
as these days were, there was a
You renew Your days,
wonderful calm in the Temple
Rabbi Joseph P. Klein lest my day today be as the one before; Cantor Darcie N. Sharlein
as everyone “took care of busi-
lest routine set my ways.
ness”, and everything fell nicely into place. Susan
Kirschner and her office staff worked tirelessly to These words written by Leah Goldberg and translated by Pnina Peli
organize mailings and make last minute changes to are among those included in Mishkan T’filah, the new prayerbook
meet member needs. Charles Criss and our mainte- we eagerly anticipate bringing into our sanctuary. Welcoming a new
nance staff went out of their way to insure that the siddur encourages us to take a closer look at worship and the words
building was ready and all was in working order. I we pray. Over the coming months I will explore these topics in my
was not at all surprised at how beautifully Cantor bulletin column. Lamdeini feels like the perfect place to begin.
Sharlein led our worship, or how clear and strong In general, Mishkan T’filah pairs each prayer (found on the right-hand
were our Adult and Youth Choirs. We have certainly side of a two-page spread) with one or more interpretive readings
entered a new era of Temple Emanu-El musical lead- (found on the left-hand side). Lamdeini is a left-hand companion to the
ership, and I could not be happier or more pleased. Chatzi Kaddish, which is a prayer of praise to God. Lamdeini includes
And we owe much thanks and appreciation to so that same theme, but whereas the Chatzi Kaddish uses language that is
many volunteers who did so much (both outside and exalted and sure, Lamdeini is more introspective, asking for the ability
in the building) these last several weeks. Tina Bonner to recite such words of praise. Certainly in our own lives there are
and her Garden Chavurah, with the special effort moments when, as in the Chatzi Kaddish, prayer and praise flow easily
of Jim Greenwood, brought beauty to our grounds, and confidently, and others when, as in Lamdeini, we need a little help
and they continue to work hard on maintaining our finding and connecting to them.
outside presence. Bob and Barb Levitt organized our
ushers for the Holidays, and not only assisted our Functionally, the Chatzi Kaddish reflects a moment of “in-between”
members, but managed to move everyone smoothly. in a service. It serves as a divider; whenever you encounter it in the
siddur, you can be confident that one section of prayer has just come
And to all of you who went out of your way to to a close and another is about to begin. And at this moment in our
congratulate Barb and me on Adam and Jennifer’s calendar, we are also in an “in-between” moment, one that Lamdeini
wedding, who were with us at their Marriage Bless- speaks to aptly.
ing on Friday night, and who welcomed them both so
warmly—please know that Barb and I sincerely ap- We are, for most of November, in the month of Cheshvan. We have
preciate your thoughts and well wishes. It is wonder- left Tishre; Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, days of renewal for
ful for us to be part of such a caring congregation. ourselves and the world, and Sukkot, during which we celebrated
harvest and ripened fruit, are behind us. Chanukkah won’t come until
As I think back on 33 years of leading Holidays ser- the end of next month, Kislev. Meanwhile, the leaves have turned and
vices as a synagogue rabbi, there never was a season withered.
more filled with preparations and celebrations, more
worrisome as it approached or more wonderful as We are in between holidays and seasons. Nothing out of the ordinary
it unfolded. I am most fortunate to be the Rabbi at (like the birthday of the world, or a celebration of freedom in the face
Temple Emanu-El, working with these professional of oppressors) is here to remind us to speak words of blessing and
colleagues and serving such a warm congregation. It praise. Yet Lamdeini teaches us that our most ordinary moments and
will be a good year for all of us, it has gotten off to a days are filled with opportunities for blessing and praise, if only we
great start. see and sense those chances. And, if we need a little help finding those
moments or formulating the words, the prayers and poetry found in
our siddur can always help us along the way.

Temple Emanu-El: Where You Belong • 248-967-4020 -3-

C o n g r e g a t i o n a l N e w s

Sasson Shaya Library Celebrate Jewish Book Month

Check It Out Two Ways to Support the Temple Library
Book Beat Days run for the
In The Temple Library... entire month of November in
conjunction with the national
Adult Non-Fiction celebration of Jewish Book
Yiddishlands by David G. Roskies Month. Bring your holiday
A rich sweeping memoir, shopping list or personal book
Yiddishlands demonstrates wish-list to Book Beat in Oak
that Yiddish culture is Park. Mention Temple Emanu-
spread out among many El when making your purchase
different people and geo- and they will credit 20% of the
graphic areas and trans-
total dollar amount sold to benefit
mitted through story, song,
the Sasson Shaya Library. Funds
study, and the family. Roskies leads readers through
raised during Book Beat Days are
Yiddishlands old and new by revisiting his personal
used throughout the year to purchase
and professional experiences and retelling his remark-
books, periodicals and CDs for all
able family saga in a series of interwoven stories.
ages. Help us keep our collection current
Last Days in Babylon: the exile of Iraq’s Jews, and find some wonderful gifts for family, friends
the story of My Family, by Marina Benjamin or even your child’s teacher. Book Beat is open 7-days a
Growing up in London, Marina Benjamin was pro- week for your shopping convenience.
foundly disconnected from her Iraqi past. She spoke
In addition to your Book Beat Days
no Arabic, she rejected Iraqi-Jewish culture, and she
support, many of our teachers have
scoffed at her family’s backward-looking ways. But
expressed interest in being remem-
when she had her own child, she discovered that her
heritage was more important than she had realized. bered with a book donation to the Lincoln Shopping Center
Sasson Shaya Library. This is a Greenfield Road, Oak Park
Storybooks splendid way to support
A is for Abraham: a Jewish Family Alphabet our Temple and honor our children’s dedicated educators. Buy
by Richard Michelson a book or a gift certificate and we’ll install a personalized book
plate. Please contact Rhonda White: 248-967-4023 for details.
For the Love of Autumn by Patricia Polocco

SEFER STARS 2008-09 is here!! November 1 – January 31

November is Jewish Book Month. As we do every year in conjunction with this event, the Sasson Shaya Library
sponsors the “Sefer Stars Reading Program” for our students.
Your children will receive the Sefer Stars card and program directions on the first Sunday in November. The
guidelines for this program are: the books MUST be by a Jewish author or have Jewish content.
K - 3 students read 3 books, fill out the 1st card (parents sign the card to confirm the students read the books)
and turn it in to the librarian (they will have opportunities for this during Sunday school) and then they will
receive a prize from the Treasure Chest and a 2nd card. They must read three more books, complete that card and
turn it in to the librarian and they will receive their own new book to keep!
4th – 7th grades read two books at your level (chapter books) turn in the card and receive your own new book.
Students do not have to select books from our library, but our books do meet the guidelines – they are by a
Jewish author or have Jewish content.
Please encourage your children to take part in this program.
Rhonda White, Librarian

-4- Temple Emanu-El Bulletin • November 2008 - Cheshvan/Kislev 5769

C o n g r e g a t i o n a l N e w s

Emes Update Holiday Thanks

Much gratitude to our members whose volunteer efforts
On Sunday, November 9, Robin Beck will entertain us with enabled us to put on our best face at the High Holidays. There
singing. She likes to engage her audience in answering ques- are so many people we rely upon to do all sorts of tasks neces-
tions as well as singing along. We should have a pleasant sary before you step into the building (where you will en-
interlude after our lunch. counter even more volunteers to greet you and then to be your
Lunch is at 12:30 and the program at 1:00. Lunch for Emes usher!) Here, in no particular order, are some of our angels
members is $5.00 and guests $7.00. Please call 249-967- who make our building and grounds ready and safe for High
4252, ext. 604 to let us know you are coming so we can Holiday services:
prepare for you. Guests are always welcome. Religious Vice President Pat Chomet, who works on issues
from child care to security to arranging for the greeters who
Lil Fox, EMES Pres.
welcome you at the doors--in addition to the responsibilities
she has for the more spiritual aspects of the holidays and sing-
ing in the choir!
Rabbi Klein’s Fall Book Review OUTSIDE LANDSCAPING: The garden volunteers led by
Sunday, November 23 @ 9:15 a.m. Tina Bonner and Jim Greenwood with weeding assistance
in the Patricia Modell Youth Room from Meagan Bonner.
Mary Gilhuly and Steve Klaper of The Write Stuff handle
The Politically Incorrect Guide our printing and give our BOOK of OPPORTUNITY & so
much more a beautiful and unique “look.”
to the Middle East by Martin Sieff
Yom Kippur Food Drive
The Middle East: a region that’s almost never off the front
For organizing the annual Yom Kippur Food Drive to Laura
pages, yet one most Americans know little about. The main-
Kohn and all who helped her (look for those names in the
stream media and Ivy League academics only make matters
December bulletin). It is not too late to drop off a bag of
worse by casting everything in the usual politically correct
food for the hungry!
mold: Arab terrorists are just
desperate freedom fighters, Behind The Scenes
and the region’s one free Judy Greenwald worked all summer on the water main
democracy--Israel--is the replacement and the parking lot. As always, Lou Levin
oppressor, not least because volunteers his services, knowledge, and expertise to
of its alliance with America. coordinate security. And the City of Oak Park lends us stop
And if Islamic extremism is signs and keeps our security in mind.
a problem, the establishment Our Staff and Maintenance Crew
tells us, it’s only because it’s Faye Damraur, Abby Goldfaden, Pat Mardigian, Rhonda
rooted in that source of all White in the office and Charles Criss, Slava Frasinich and
evils: religion. A different Anatoly Paransky, William Sands and Mildred Burns roll
strain of political correctness up their sleeves and put on their thinking caps and find inner
has seeped into some minds powers that allow them to accomplish all the extra work
on the right--most notably the necessary at this time of year.
Bush administration, which,
Our Vendors For Special High Holiday Needs
so ready to buy into the egalitarian myths we are all taught,
Comcast (and our special hero Sean McKenna, who pro-
believed that Western-style democracy could flourish any-
vides walkie talkies), Rental World (and our special hero-
where. Now, in The Politically Incorrect Guide(tm) to the
ine Elaine, who provides chairs), Rose of Sharon (and our
Middle East, veteran Middle East correspondent Martin Sieff
special heroine Sharon Rome, who provides Bima flowers and
puts the lie to all these myths and clichés,
our special hero Robert Howard, our indomitable 80+ year
giving you everything you need to know about the region to
old retired maintenance worker with the greenest of thumbs,
understand its past, its present, and its possible future.
who comes back to make the flowers and greenery look so
A continental breakfast will be served. If you wish to pur- lovely.); Johnson Controls (and our special hero Ken, who
chase a copy of the book, please contact Rabbi Klein. Cost is watches out for heat/a.c.); Gallagher Security; DeafCAN
$18. (sign language interpreters for our 7 p.m. services); and Cilex
(and our special hero Michael Schuratytz, who watches our
This event is sponsored by the Temple Emanu-El Library
for our computer system)
Advisory Committee.
Temple Emanu-El: Where You Belong • 248-967-4020 -5-
c o m m u n i t y N e w s

New Member!

Share Shabbat Dinner Friday, Nov. 7 - 6:15 p.m.

Join us for a family-friendly shabbat dinner before First Friday Family
Service in November. Challah, candles and grape juice, a simple shabbat
dinner with dessert and a fun, Shabbat craft activity for all ages.
Youth Choir members get to eat first!
Cost: $10 for adults
will $7.50 for children (4-12) (ages 3 & under free).
New membersm e d at Followed by Family Service at 7:30 which will
be we ervices! include a new member family blessing.
7:30 pm
Please RSVP to the Temple Office by 4:00 p.m.
Wednesday, Nov. 5 (see page 15) or call 248-967-4020.

Something for Everyone at the NELC/Detroit Federation Biennial Re-Union

Nov. 13-16, 2008 in Grand Rapids, MI
People will come from near and far to raise their voice in song, in prayer, in
learning and celebration as we gather for the Northeast Lakes Council/Detroit
Federation Regional Biennial Re-Union Nov. 13-16, 2008 in Grand Rapids, MI.
Make plans now to hit the road for Grand Rapids and bring the whole family.
There is something for people of every age at this Biennial Re-Union whether
you are an adult member of the congregation who is interested in learning with
some of the Movement’s foremost leaders and scholars; a high-school-age student
who wants to participate in a NFTY bi-Regional event or a parent or grandparent
of younger children who is interested in the Mishpachapalooza Family Program
for parents and children ages three through middle school.
This Biennial Re-Union offers networking opportunities, topical workshops and
entertainment by two of Jewish rock’s top artists. Dan Nichols headlines Saturday
evening’s entertainment which includes a family-friendly performance especially
for Mishpachapalooza registrants as well as a concert for traditional Biennial
delegates and NFTYites! On Friday evening, Josh Nelson of the Josh Nelson
Project will provide some late-night entertainment and on Thursday evening,
he will feature a Grand Rapids community thank you encore performance of
“Esther – the Musical.”
Throughout the four days, delegates will explore holistic approaches to syna-
gogue management, ways to develop and nurture generational leadership and
membership, and consider whether or not congregational operations reflect a
congregation’s core values. There will be time for Torah Lishmah – study for
the sake of study, affinity group sessions and a best-practice plenary as well as a
Mitzvah Mall and other Biennial Re-Union enhancements that have been incor-
porated at the suggestion of lay leaders from throughout the region. As details
become available, they are updated at or call the NELC office,
888.282.6352 toll-free.

-6- Temple Emanu-El Bulletin • November 2008 - Cheshvan/Kislev 5769

R e l i g i o u s Sc h o o l

Special Needs and Jewish Education pate in the Opening the Doors Special
Judaism has always shown concern for learners of diverse Education Partnership Program with
abilities and backgrounds. A great example is the Passover the Federation’s Alliance for Jewish
Seder’s four children, whose different capacities for un- Education, designed to meet the special
derstanding the Exodus story we are required to take into learning needs of the students in our re-
account. This is quite a progressive notion considering the ligious school. As a partnership school, Education Director
Haggadah was written 2000 years before the invention of the we receive educational support services Geoff Berdy

terms “special ed” or “special needs.” Some of our greatest and professional opportunities from the
sages, including Rabbi Akiva, Hillel and Resh Lakish, did not Alliance, and funds allocated from the Jewish Federation.
find their path to meaningful education until long past child- These funds allow us to hire tutors who help any student
hood. who requires a little extra assistance, and no one needs to
be labeled or categorized to receive assistance. We are also
One of the concerns near and dear to my heart is the educa- very fortunate to have a significant number of teachers with
tional experience of those students we currently call “special professional “special needs” backgrounds, and our wonder-
needs.” Some of my formative experiences as a teacher were ful teen madrichim help provide the individualized attention
the several years I spent as an assistant special education intended to make every student at home in the classroom.
teacher and as a counselor and tutor for “emotionally dis-
turbed” children. I was drawn to the field because I grew up This month, the Alliance’s Opening the Doors Program
with a brother who was a “special-ed” success story. After provides a special opportunity for teachers, parents and con-
years of extremely hard work and struggle, he made it to col- cerned community members to benefit from a true leader in
lege, a feat that early in his life they said he’d never accom- the ‘special needs field’. Dr. Ross Greene is the author of The
plish. My brother overcame many challenges, but perhaps Explosive Child and Lost at School. I attended a conference
the greatest of these was the burden of the label itself and with Dr. Greene some years ago and found it both informative
what it did to his self-esteem. At a recent meeting of Jewish and moving. Dr. Greene will be the featured speaker of the
educators I heard someone say something I found inspiring: 14th Annual Anita Naftaly Family Circle Conference, to
“Aren’t we all special needs? Isn’t all Jewish teaching be held at Congregation Shaarey Zedek on November 16th
‘special needs’ teaching?” If we truly look at each learner at 1:00 p.m.
with care and concern as an individual and if we take Pirkei For more information about this event, or if you have
Avot seriously: “Who is wise? He who learns from every- concerns about meeting your child’s needs in the context
one,” then it should be. of Jewish education, please call me for a confidential
“Special needs” in the context of Jewish education has come conversation at 967-4023.
a very long way in the last five to ten years. In our Metro-
Detroit community, we are fortunate to be able to partici-


The Fiber Circle is for Temple Things we would gladly take as donations:
Emanu-El adults and was created to • Worsted weight acrylic yarn
meet the warming needs of Metro
• 1-1/2 yard pieces of polar fleece for blankets
Detroiters during the cold win-
ter months. If you have knitting, • Handmade hats, scarves, mittens, gloves
crocheting, or sewing talents, we’d • Store bought hat, scarves, mittens, gloves
love you to join us. These items will be for homeless men, women, and children
There are no minutes, officers, or who reside in Detroit shelters.
agendas. The group pools their time We will start delivering warming items in October when
and talents to help others. We are strictly a working volunteer the weather gets nippy and continue throughout the winter
group. If you don’t know how to knit, crochet or sew, we will months.
gladly teach you when we meet. Currently, we are knitting/ If you are interested in joining our group or provide a dona-
crocheting scarves, hats, mittens, and gloves, and 12” x 12” tion contact: Jolen Gedridge at 734-953-2925 or jolen@
squares to assemble into blankets. We are also accepting
1-1/2 yard pieces of polar fleece for blankets.

Temple Emanu-El: Where You Belong • 248-967-4020 -7-

f r o m t h e e x e c u t i v e d i r e ct o r

Bequests & Planned Gifts

Temple Emanu-El gratefully acknowledges legacy bequests received from Rose Schwartz z”l,
and from the Estate of Daniel Beeghly z”l.
This month we would like to highlight Rose L. Schwartz z”l (Aug. 31, 1912 – May 14, 2008), the donor
of a generous bequest received in October. Many members recall Rose’s quiet and supportive presence at
various events and as a Sisterhood and EMES member. Founding member and past president Bea Sacks is
one of them, and when she learned of the bequest, she immediately wrote how touched she was that Rose
remembered the Temple. Rose’s daughter, Carole Olefsky, who lives in the Hartford, Connecticut area, has
Susan J. Kirschner given us some wonderful information about her mom.
Rose Lillian Schwartz (Coopersmith) was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1912 and lived in the Detroit area her entire life. She
and her husband, Nathan, were among the founding members of Temple Emanu-El. Their children, Janet (deceased) and Car-
ole, were confirmed here and Janet was married here.
Rose and Nate had their own furniture business (Schwartz Furniture) in Oak Park. Nate was an upholsterer and, during the time
that Milton Rosenbaum was Rabbi, he re-upholstered the inside of the Ark. Rose was an active member of the Sisterhood and
of EMES and, at age 95, attended the first Temple celebration of members who were over 90 years old.
Carole shared this one of her memories of Temple Emanu-El: When Rose was in her late 80s, she was headed for a function at
the Temple. Her car was hit by another car and her airbag deployed and hit her in the face. She said that her first thought was
that it took her an hour to get dressed and she didn’t even get to go.
Temple Emanu-El is honored to have been remembered by Mrs. Schwartz.

c o m m u n i t y o f l e a r n e r s

The 2008 Election Back by popular demand....

What Happened and Why? The December Dilemma

Where Do We Go From Here? Sunday, December 14 - 9:30 a.m.
The proximity of Hanukkah and Christmas presents
Sunday, Nov. 9, at 9:30 a.m. challenges for many families - provoking many
different responses. Some elevate Hanukkah’s
Jack Lessenberry, longtime lib- importance to provide a counterbalance to Christmas,
eral columnist and radio commen- while others de-emphasize the Jewish festival to
tator will return to Temple Emanu- prevent it from becoming “the Jewish Christmas.”
El to engage in dialogue with our Join us for a lively and very personal exploration of
audience. the December Dilemma and how it affects families in
our community.
We will meet in the Rosen Foyer. Look for more information in the December Bulletin
Jack Lessenberry Bagels and Coffee will be served. or go to This event is open to
This event is open to the public. the community. Bagels and coffee will be served.

-8- Temple Emanu-El Bulletin • November 2008 - Cheshvan/Kislev 5769

Temple Sisterhood is
seeking exhibitors for its
Temple Emanu-El’s New
annual Charitable Gift Annuities Program
Chanukah Bazaar Have Interest in Giving
Sunday, December 7 – 9:00 a.m. Temple Emanu-El has been a vital part of you, your family and
Temple members or ECC families who are your Jewish community for the past 55 years. Temple Emanu-El
artisans/crafters and wish to rent table space now has a Charitable Gift Annuities (CGA)
should contact Wendy: Samp
program where you can make a donation Gift le Charitable
Annuity R
to help Temple Emanu-El into the future. ates
Table rental is $40. (No percentage of sales Age Rate
will be taken. Whatever you sell you keep!) A charitable gift annuity is a combination 60 5.5%
of a donation to Temple and an annu- 65 5.7%
There will also be a dedicated children’s boutique
ity. A one time donation is all it takes to 70 6.1%
where kids can shop for their families at
establish a charitable gift annuity and 75 6.7%
very reasonable price points.
is a great way to help yourself and help 80 7.6%
Shoppers: Look for more details to come! Temple Emanu-El at the same time. 85 8.9%

Exhibitors: Reserve your space soon! Once the CGA is established, you
1) a fixed stream of income for your lifetime;
ENTERTAINMENT 2) an attractive and guaranteed lifetime rate of return;
3) a federal income tax charitable deduction for a portion of
BOOKS your donation;
4) partially tax free income for your life expectancy; and
$20 5) of course, the mitzvah of investing in the future of Temple
If this has piqued your interest, please call Susan Kirschner at
248-967-4020 or email her at We
can immediately provide a brochure and/or specific worksheet
For customized for you whether the amount of your charitable gift
information, annuity is $10,000, $50,000 or more. Our charitable gift annuity
program is administered by Comerica.
please contact
Temple Office

Proceeds benefit
save the date
WRJ/Sisterhood Temple Emanu-el
5th Annual
Weekly Event Reminders
Congregants with email may receive Rabbi Klein’s
“Monday Mailing” email which includes a two-week Event
listing of congregational events, as well as special
announcements. Members who do not receive email Sat., Feb. 7, 2009.
may read his Monday Mailing at the temple (posted Look for upcoming
on his office door) or call Rabbi Klein (248-967-
4252, ext. 207) and request phone-reminders from news in the December
the Membership Committee for social action, adult and January Bulletins.
education, worship or social programs.

Temple Emanu-El: Where You Belong • 248-967-4020 -9-

Social Act i o n in a ct i o n at temple emanu-el

Brovary Project: Helping Jews in the

former Soviet Union
Through Chicago-based Yad L’Yad (Hand To Hand), we
are in our second year of helping sustain the community of
170 Jews in Brovary, Ukraine, by raising money for their
Jewish center’s rent and sending them wish list items. To
stay in touch, we regularly telephone Brovary with the help
CAB Drive - Can and Bottle Days of a translator from Yad L’Yad.
Sunday, Dec. 7 - 9:00 a.m. to Noon We are not sure what to say to them.

to benefit
This year, not much has come in. By this time last year,
we had enough money ($400) to pay for a month of rent
HOSPICE MATLOSANA, in their Jewish gathering place and a large amount of
Klerksdorp, South Africa medicine (ibuprofin, acetaminophen, aspirin, vitamins,
prilosec, and glucometer strips).
Their cost of living in the Ukraine has risen 100%.
We need to call and wish them a Happy New Year.
Watch your mail for a letter
regarding our food collection What else should we say?
for St. Mark’s Food Pantry
Your donations are always welcome at the Temple office.
in Warren. Last year Temple
members of all ages collected, Checks can be made out to Temple Emanu-El’s Social
sorted and packed food for Action Committee, designated for Brovary. Wish-list items
hundreds of hungry families can also be dropped off in the Temple office.
- very close to home. Our Many thanks
contact at St. Mark’s tells us
that conditions are worsening Laura and Marty Kohn,
for the working poor, under- for the Bea Sacks Social Action Committee
employed, elderly and young (248) 399-5914
families whom they serve and
that the most basic necessities
are desperately needed.
Jewish Education for Families:

Social Action Collects

Judaic Crafts Mezuzah Project
Candy for the Troops Nov. 9 9:00-11:30 am
Parents of Religious School Students in grades 4-7 are
Chanukah is fast ap- invited to join us for a special morning of program-
proaching, and so is ming. The focus will be on working together with your
our traditional Candy kids to make mezuzot for your family and to be given
for the Troops remem- to immigrant families as a token of welcome. We will
brance. It’s not too late meet a professional sofer (scribe) and try our own hand
to place your order at calligraphy (no knowledge of Hebrew required). We
ASAP for the number will learn about the magic of the Hebrew alphabet and
of boxes ($10.00 per peak inside a Torah scroll to unravel some of its secrets.
box) you wish to send We’ll even take a few minutes to do a type of yoga in-
to those servicemen spired by the shape of the Hebrew letters. All parents of
and women who are on high alert and cannot be at home religious school students in grades 4-7 are invited and
with their loved ones. Call or email Bea Sacks: encouraged to attend.
248-398-3737 or Thanks.

-10- Temple Emanu-El Bulletin • November 2008 - Cheshvan/Kislev 5769

f r o m t h e p r e s i d e n t

President’s Rosh Hashanah Message

(cont. from page 1)

I look forward in warm anticipation to what Cantor Sharlein We have an incredible team of professionals, clergy and non-
will mean to us and really already means to us. Hiring Can- clergy, in place at Temple Emanu-El. Their skills support and
tor Sharlein truly honored the love we felt for Cantor Rose. complement each other so well and in ways that have been
In the four months since she began her career with us, she has quite unexpected. Their collective spirit and talent will guide
already become an important part of our community – leading us in strengthening and improving our congregation during
us in song, training our students, sharing the work with Rabbi the coming year. But they cannot do this alone.
Klein and reaching out to our members with her warm and
I think we all know what we want –we want to belong; we
kind personality.
want to celebrate together and we want to reach out to those
Although it was completely unexpected, we were also lucky in need and we want others to reach out to us. Caring for each
enough to hire an incredible new Education Director. Geoff other and for the stranger really is our responsibility and our
Berdy is beginning to put his own creative touches on our destiny – a destiny we pursue through acts of social justice
education programs. Stop in and talk to him and share your and also through personal acts of caring. When we worship
views with him. You’ll find he is smart, funny and talented. together, whether we are here for a yartzeit, a special service,
I know it is a conversation that he will welcome and you will a holiday, or every week, we want to feel the blessings of our
enjoy. lives; we want to connect with each other and consider not
only what our priorities are but also what we want them to
Other goals were completed – we launched a great new web-
be. We also want our children, our teachers, our parents, and
site, installed our Lech Lecha donor wall, and completed some
ourselves to be excited by Jewish study and learning and, of
long needed work to our building and grounds
course we want our children to continue to lead Jewish lives.
These are all important accomplishments – and were badly
Sometimes we have done these well – but I also know there
needed. Our infrastructure must be sound if we are to move
have been times that we have disappointed you, made mis-
forward. Our building and our grounds are the places we
takes even hurt each other. Yet here we are – at what I believe
celebrate and we mourn. Continuing to improve these, and we
could be our moment because we have everything we need
have plans to do so, will be key as we move ahead into the
to be a great synagogue. We won’t always agree but I still
next few years.
hope we can have constructive conversations and that these
But what it all really comes down to is the strength of our conversations will lead to bold actions so that together we can
community and whether we believe our community is worth continue to improve our synagogue. We know what we can be
these efforts. We have to decide -- are we just a gathering of and what we can accomplish, not only for own synagogue but
people or are we a true community with shared values and for the wider community.
shared purposes. I believe in our community – especially in
One rabbinic commentator said that each individual possesses
its importance as the only Reform synagogue in our imme-
something unique, something unknown to others, to contrib-
diate geographic area. But in Judaism belief is not enough
ute to his or her community. So even when a lonely person
-- what is important is what we do, particularly what we do
joins the synagogue, that person’s voice and experience add
together. This is not a religion to practice all by yourself. It is
new dimension to the community’s awareness and under-
a religion of belonging and shared action.
standing. Each of you here today is important – your pres-
When we finish a book of the torah, it is traditional for the ence and membership increase our strength and viability as a
congregation to respond “Chazak, Chazak, v’nitchazek”. “Be community. These are insecure times but our connections and
strong - Be strong - we will be strong.” So we say it twice in relationships with each other can make us stronger. So I hope
the singular and then we end in the plural. Rabbi Klein taught at the beginning of this New Year, we will all take the time to
us in Torah study that we end in the plural “we will be strong” look to the past with understanding, remembering those we
after the repeat in the singular to help us realize that only have lost with sadness but also remembering what they gave
together can we achieve true strength. us, learning from our mistakes and looking to the future with
hope and a shared vision as we act to transform our commu-
I know we have a good synagogue. Because of the hard work
nity. Although our work is not complete, together we will be
and support of so many of you, we are stronger this year than
we were last year. Thank you – the work you’ve done and
the support you’ve given us has made a difference. And with My daughter Jordan and I wish you Shana Tova.
all you’ve already given, I am still asking for more because I
truly believe that with shared vision and shared purpose we
can be a great synagogue.

Temple Emanu-El: Where You Belong • 248-967-4020 -11-

Small Talk News from Temple Emanu-El’s Early Childhood Community

Fall is in the air and in all our class- Thanksgiving is one of our favorite November themes as chil-
rooms. The children have been enjoy- dren learn about Native Americans, pilgrims and traditions
ing the changing colors of the leaves of the holiday. While some classes recreate the Mayflower,
and admiring Mother Nature’s work. others will be busy with corn prints, turkey decorations, and
As part of their unit on fall and forest cornucopias. Of course there will be an emphasis on what we
animals, some of our pre-k classes are thankful for and how we should show our appreciation
planned a trip to the Cranbrook Insti- and help others. We will culminate this unit with our own
tute of Science to learn about Bats. class feasts and school sing-along.
The program includes a discussion on
All of us who are part of the Early Childhood Community
various ecosystems, conservation is-
Eileen Brand are proud of the nurturing care we provide to every child. We
sues and habitat preservation. Cran-
continue our developmentally appropriate curriculum rich in
brook does an outstanding job in presenting this program for
the values of Jewish traditions. Beginning with our youngest
pre-kindergarten children. The Ocean Room planned a trip to
children we teach mitzvot and tzedakah. Our inter-generation-
Kensington Metro Park to explore the nature trails and visit
al partnership with the residents of the Fleishman apartments
the petting farm.
gives our pre-k students the opportunity to share holidays
with senior citizens. Most recently the Butterfly and Rainbow
classes made Sukkot decorations and shared a snack with the
Young Family Chavurah presents: residents. Throughout the year we will continue this program.
A recent article by psychologist Robi Ludwig speaks to the
Fam Jam – A Musical issue of handling a spoiled child. Parents do not intentionally
Adventure and Potluck Lunch try to raise a spoiled child, but achieving this goal requires
skill and endurance. Ludwig goes on to say that parents
Nov. 23 11:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m. become anxious when they feel they are disappointing their
child. The good news is “helping children learn how to
Calling all families with kids tot-age through third grade tolerate frustration helps them to build their inner sense of
and musicians of every type and ability! Please join us resourcefulness and determination. It also prepares them for
for a friendly “jam session” where everyone will play the real world. Ultimately, setting reasonable and consistent
an instrument or limits will help turn your lovable wonder into the respon-
sing or both. Bring sible and social person they were really always meant to be.
instruments from Parents need to say no, set limits, prepare for a fight, avoid
home or pick up temptation when possible, and make children work for what
one we provide, they want. Giving children chores helps them develop a sense
including drums, of responsibility.”
tambourines, kazoos
and others. Our Infant Room children bring smiles to our faces. They
We’ll play an array seem to be growing by leaps and bounds. We are fortunate
of simple tunes in- to have such a gifted staff working with them. We enjoy the
cluding Jewish & children being part of our Friday morning Shabbat services
Israeli, folk, chil- and sing-a-long. Their faces show how much they enjoy the
dren’s songs, lul- music of Rabbi Klein and Cantor Sharlein. Children are never
labies and more. too young to share in our Jewish traditions.
Participants are Children are a blessing. At this Thanksgiving season give
encouraged to bring your child an extra hug and kiss.
either a dish and/or instruments. Musicians of all ages
are encouraged to attend even if you don’t have kids in On behalf of the staff of the Early Childhood Community -
this age range. Advance copies of most of the music we HAPPY THANKSGIVING.
will play is available through the education center.
Feel free to suggest particular songs.
Please RSVP to 248-967-4023.
Eileen Brand, Director, Early Childhood Community

-12- Temple Emanu-El Bulletin • November 2008 - Cheshvan/Kislev 5769

“We want to thank you for a job well done,
we are extremely happy.”
Amy Zonder, past Secretary and Trustee

“You are honest and trustworthy. Your design

and suggestions were of the highest quality.”
Bill and Betty Hoffman, members

“Thank you for the tremendous job for the

Nursery school and for your prompt
attention and completing right on time.”
Michaelyn Silverman,
Early Childhood Founding Director

Howard H. Collens
Galloway and Collens, PLLC
Real Estate • Wills • Trusts
Probate • Elder Law
26075 Woodward Avenue suite 200
Huntington Woods, Michigan 48070
Phone: 248.545.2500

Picture Your Ad Here

Excellent references from
your friends, neighbors &
Temple Emanu-El members
Contact the Temple office for details

Temple Emanu-El Bulletin (USPS 443-870). 14450 W. Ten Mile Rd., Oak Park, MI 48237-1497. Published monthly periodical postage paid at Detroit, MI. and additional mailing offices.
Postmaster send address changes to Temple Emanu-El, 14450 W. Ten Mile Rd., Oak Park, MI 48237-1497.

Temple Emanu-El: Where You Belong • 248-967-4020 -13-

g i f t s a n d m e m o r i a l s
Our heartfelt gratitude to each of our contributors. Your generosity is
helping our Congregation to grow and prosper. Thank You!

MAINTENANCE Family of Stanley Kirschner Welcome & Happy New Year NER CARING COMMUNITY AITZIM CHAYIM
Dustin Nowinski Arlene & Rick Selik,
In Memory of: Florence & Louis Citarel Happy New Year In Memory of: In Memory of:
Shifra Asarch Bertha Strausz Linda & Dennis Kayes Mildred Gershon Dr.Joel Hamburger
Sanford Rosenberg Myra & Jean Solomon Harold Miller Lynn Wolin and Jenny &
Harry Maltz Lloyd Strausz WARREN EDER Jan Adler Jacobs Denny Patterson
Shirley Klein Martin Permut MEMORIAL FUND Herman & Lillian Box Nathan Diamond
Marla Permut Dennis & Jennifer Patterson
Steven & Linda Permut Jan Adler-Jacobs In Honor of:
DISCRETIONARY FUND Edward & Ann Sorkin PHOTOGRAPHY FUND Jim Greenwood, complete
Joy Wolfe Ensor
In Honor of: Scott Nathan Davis In Memory of: recovery
Mitchell Hart, Bar Mitzvah Mike, Cheryl, Missy & Jeff ROBERT ALAN GOLDS Bess Rothkin Muriel & Warren Zweigel
David & Jill Hart and Family Davis MEMORIAL Evelyn Woloveck
Ruth & Robert Curtis YOUTH CHOIR FUND
FUND FOR LIFE Norma & Izzy Liebowitz In Memory of: BEATRICE & LOUIS In Memory of:
Kim & Glenn Liebowitz Jason Toledo WEINSTEIN SCHOLAR FUND Carol Gorosh
In Memory of Sylvia & Debbie Golds
Stanley Kirschner Sol & Peppy Wolf Roz Gold
Renee Eisenberg
In Memory of:
Renee Eisenberg LOIS GOODE NFTY Arthur Steinberg
In Honor of: Esther & Mike Ingber
Fern Katz In Memory of: Marcia Mallard’s mother In Honor of:
In Memory of: Thelma Roenbaum Liz Warnick
Esther Rudner Elizabeth & Jay Zerwekh Stan Hazan, Masters of
Leah, Daniel, Rebecca & Dr. & Mrs. Robert Goode & Public Health from U of M
Stephen & Sharon Dillon Family
In Honor of:
Chelsea Rosenbaum Marriage of David Rodgers Julie & Rick Zussman
Bernard Finkelstein
Stanley Finkelstein
Rebecca & Chelsea Rosen- In Honor of: Elizabeth & Jay Zerwekh Sydney Oliva, Bat Mitzvah
baum Betty Katzman’s Special Mitchell Hart, Bar Mitzvah
Mary Steffin Leah & Daniel Rosenbaum Birthday Rachel Goldstein, Bat
Arnie, Suzanne, Charlie, Caleb & Rebecca Renee Eisenberg Mitzvah
& Jason Portner Driker-Ohren
Nessim Ettedgui Roxanne Segall, Bat Mitzvah
Perry & Elissa Driker-Ohren NORMAN ROSE Temple Emanu-El Board of
Rena Ettedgui Mary Ann Milczuk, conver- CANTOR FUND
Simon Ettedgui Trustees
Henri & Eva Ettedgui Shirley & Bernie Malamud
In Memory of:
Jan Adler-Jacobs Jan Adler Jacobs
Larry, Laurel & Marshall Statement of Ownership, Management and
Aviva Panush & Mitch Eisenberg Esther & Mike Ingber
Silverman Joseph S. Katz Circulation for Temple Emanu-El Bulletin
Renee Eisenberg
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Carol Rosenfeld
Rose Krosnick Our Children Zavier York Zeller, new Frequency of Issue................................ Monthly
Mort Krosnick Eugene & Tina Bonner grandson No. of Issues Published Annually................... 11
In Honor of: Michael, MaryAnn & Sarah Annual Subscription Price..........................$ .50
Shirley & Joe Broder 60th MUSIC FUND Scrivener Publication Number.............................0443-870
anniversary Dolores Galea
Lloyd Strausz & Renee In Honor of: Mel Ettenson’s special Complete Mailing Address of Publication
Lynn Cooper 14450 W. 10 Mile Road - Oak Park, MI 48237
Eisenberg birthday
Rachel Krasnick Bat Mitzvah Driker-Ohren Family Sharon & Kara Ettenson Name of Publisher/Business Owner
Temple Emanu-El
Marc & Wendy Bakst 20th PRAYER BOOK FUND
Anniversary SARAH SCHMIER Known Bondholders, Mortgagees,
In Memory of: LIBRARY FUND Security Holders: None
Mitchell Hart Bar Mitzvah
Ronald & Cheryl Stern & Israel Lieberman Non-Profit Status has not
In honor of: changed in the preceding 12 months
family Mary Lieberman Alan Gottesman’s 60th
Marshall Weingarden 65th Mother Extent and Nature of Circulation
birthday Renee Eisenberg Janette & Rick Levine Net Press Run
Renee & Lloyd 1, 050 Average No. of copies during past year
LECH LECHA OPERATING FUND No Paid or Requested Circulation
ENDOWMENT In Memory of: or Vendor Sales
In Memory of: Richard Larky
Robert Zweigel Mail Subscription
In Memory of: Mel & Ellie Natinsky
William Hassard Warren Zweigel 700 Average No. of copies during past year
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Marc & Randie Kruman Arthur Steinberg Dora Marks
Sarah Laker Florence & Joel Steinberg Florence & Louis Citarel Total paid and/or requested circulation
Jolie, Martin, & Simon Jan Adler-Jacobs 700 Average No. of copies during past year
Larry Jacobs AMY MARGOLIS SILBERMAN 675 Actual No. of Issues in Sept.
Ida Erdstein FLOWER FUND Free Distribution by Mail or Other Free Copies
MISHKAN T’FILAH George & Janice Erdstein Average No. of during past year......................325
In Honor of: In Memory of: Actual No. of copies - 300
In Memory of: Sonia Bensman
Joseph S. Katz Mitchell Hart, Bar Mitzvah Total Distribution
David & Jill Hart and Family Muriel & Warren Zweigel
David Marcus Katz Flo Margolis 1,025 Average No. of copies during past year
Fern Katz Mary Ann Milczuk, Actual No. of Issues in Sept. - 975
Conversion Becky Warfel
Rabbi Milton Rosenbaum Copies not distributed:
Norman & Shirley Dickman Vivian DeGain 25 Avg. No. of copies during past year
Leah, Daniel, Rebecca & 20 Actual No. of copies
Chelsea Rosenbaum

A Sincere Thank You: We sincerely thank everyone for their generous contributions to our various funds. Your support allows us to
continue offering our outstanding programs and services and helps us to support all members of our Temple Family. Thank you!

-14- Temple Emanu-El Bulletin • November 2008 - Cheshvan/Kislev 5769

Bookplate Dedications for Mishkan T’filah ATTENTION COLLEGE STUDENT PARENTS
Please return the form below to the Education Center
Each copy of at your earliest convenience so your child(ren) will
Mishkan T’filah Order Form be on our mailing list to receive the Temple Bulletin,
purchased for packages and more from their Temple family. You
$36.00 will note ___ No. Books ___ in honor of ___ in memory of
must complete a new form EVERY YEAR.
on the bookplate
your name(s) and Mail completed form to: Temple Emanu-El
for whom you ___ No. Books ___ in honor of ___ in memory of Education Center, 14450 W. Ten Mile Road, Oak
have dedicated it. Park, MI 48237 or email edasst@emanuel-mich.
Because we have a _______________________________________
org. If you include your child’s email s/he will
limited number of
___ No. Books ___ in honor of ___ in memory of receive the Rabbi’s Monday email and special
prayerbooks, we ask
college emails he sends.
that families pur- _______________________________________
chase at most four
books, so that every ___ No. Books ___ in honor of ___ in memory of Family Name _______________________________
congregation mem-
ber has an opportu- Student’s Name _____________________________
nity to remember or Your name(s) as you wish it to appear
honor a loved one. School ____________________________________
Dedicating a prayer- ________________________________________
book is a wonderful
Total No. of books @ $36 (max. 4) _____ Mailing Address _____________________________
way to to honor a
recent or upcoming Amount Enclosed $____________
Bar/Bat Mitzvah or _____________________________
Confirmation stu-
dent, a family birth e-mail address ______________________________
or wedding.

Upcoming Events at Temple Emanu-El

Concluding Shabbat
Fam Jam
- A Havdallah Celebration
Saturday, November 1
Share Shabbat Dinner A Musical Adventure and
7:00 p.m. Friday, Nov. 7 - 6:15 p.m. Potluck Lunch
RSVP by October 29th to the
$10 per person. $7.50 (kids 4-12) Nov. 23 11:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
Children 3 & under: Free
Temple office 248-967-4020 or Kids tot-age through third grade
Please RSVP to the Temple Office by
online at and musicians of every type and
4:00 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 5
ability! Bring a dish.
No Charge - Bring an appetizer to share or call 248-967-4020.
RSVP to 248-967-4023
 Tear-off registration for event listed above

Name Day phone

Event # Adults # Children Amount Enclosed

Please make your check payable to: Temple Emanu-El

and return to the Temple office. TOTAL Enclosed: $
Temple Emanu-El: Where You Belong • 248-967-4020 -15-
T e m p l e C a l e n d a r
November 2008 - Cheshvan/Kislev 5769
9:30 AM
Torah Study
10:30 AM
9:00 AM Shabbat Service
PTO Meeting 7:00 PM
Religious School Havdallah Celebration
9:30 AM
Story Telling 3 4 5 6 7 8
10:00 AM 6:00PM 4:30 PM 7:30 PM 4:30 PM 6:15 PM 9:30 AM
Sisterhood Meeting TEMTY Board Hebrew School Shir Chadash Hebrew School New Member Share Torah Study
10:45 AM 7:00 PM 7:00 PM Rehearsal 7:30 PM Shabbat Dinner 10:30 AM
My Temple Too High School Youth Committee Rabbi’s Class on 7:30 PM Shabbat Service
Youth Choir 8:00 PM Genesis First Friday Shabbat
Education Committee Nechamah Meeting

9 10 12 13 14 15
9:00 AM
Religious School 6:00 PM 4:30 PM 7:00 PM 4:30 PM 8:00 PM 9:30 AM
Brotherhood Meeting TEMTY Board Meeting Hebrew School NIRIM Training Hebrew School Erev Shabbat Torah Study
4-7th Grades Mezuzah 7:00 PM 6:15 PM 7:30 PM 7:30 PM 10:30 AM
Project High School Executive Committee Shir Chadash Rabbi’s Class Shabbat Service
9:30 AM Meeting Rehearsal Nechamah Meeting
Adult Education Political
Forum 17 18 19 20 21 22
10:00 AM 6:00 PM 430 PM 7:30 PM 4:30 PM 7:00 PM 9:30 AM
Social Action Meeting TEMTY Board Meeting Hebrew School Shir Chadash Hebrew School Cantor Darcie N. Torah Study
7:00 PM 7:30 PM Rehearsal 7:00 PM Sharlein’s Installation 10:30 AM
16 High School Religious Committee Brotherhood Game 8:00 PM Shabbat Service
9:00 AM Youth Choir Night Erev Shabbat
Religious School 7:15 PM 7:30 PM
4:00 PM Adult Education Rabbi’s Class on
Gedridge/Sher Wedding Genesis
Nechamah Meeting

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9:00 AM 6:00 PM 7:30 PM 10:30 AM Thanksgiving Building Temple Offices Closed 9:30 AM
Religious School TEMTY Board Meeting BOT Meeting Nursery Sing-A-Long Closed 8:00 PM Torah Study
9:15 AM 7:00 PM 7:30 PM Erev Shabbat 10:30 AM
Rabbi’s Book Review High School Shir Chadash Shabbat Service
10:00 AM Youth Choir Rehearsal 5:30 PM
Membership Committee Kaminsky/ Grinshpun
Meeting Wedding
11;30 AM
Fam Jam Potluck

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Joseph P. Klein Rabbi
Darcie N. Sharlein Cantor
Milton Rosenbaum, z’l Rabbi Emeritus
Norman Rose, z’l Cantor Emeritus
Susan J. Kirschner Executive Director
Geoffrey Berdy Director, Education & Youth Activities
Eileen Brand Director, Early Childhood Community
Michaelyn Silverman Founding Director - ECC
Dolores M. Galea President
Aron Kominars Administrative Vice-President
Steven L. Permut Financial Vice-President
Pat Chomet Religious Vice-President
Glenn Lapin Education Vice-President
Elissa Driker-Ohren Membership & Programming VP
Michael Benghiat Treasurer
Rena Friedberg Secretary
Sheldon Klein Immediate Past President
Bea Sacks Bulletin Editor