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Jchon Bahl II

369 Autumn Breeze Way Winter Park, FL 32972 325-260-8111

Full Sail University
Winter Park FL: 2011

Engaging Players in Serious Games, GDMS Thesis

Winter Park FL: 2011

MS in Game Design/Production Abilene Christian University

Abilene TX: 2006-2010

Masters Thesis that proposes creative solutions for serious game developers in terms of motivating kids to play their games. The paper offers a new motivation chart based on the conditions of flow and proposes an educational content add-on model from analyzing commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) and serious games. E.N.D Earth Near Destruction, IGDA CF Global Game Jam
Winter Park FL: 2011

BA in Graphic Design/Advertising

Computer Software Proficient with Mac and PC operating systems and formats for Hansoft Project Manager, Microsoft Project, AlienBrain, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft Vizio. Management & Leadership Familiar with Scrum and Agile production methodology, the project management body of knowledge (PMBOK) and the corresponding project management plans, quality assurance and software test planning, Think Aloud Method and usability testing, asset management systems, human/work motivation processes and leadership theory, as well as personality analysis and soft skills. Fine Art & Design Familiar with typography, publication design, print production, information and signage design, packaging design, acrylic and oil paints, marketing and public relations, and campaign scenarios.

Responsible for creating art assets and collaborating with a team of nine to create a digital game using the theme of extinction given only a 48 hour timespan.

Art Chapel Student Manager, ACU Art & Design
Abilene TX: 2009-2010

Responsible for designing posters for speakers after determining a theme and synopsis of their presentation. Entertainment Specialist, Target Corporation
Abilene TX: 2005-2009

Responsible for researching the stores electronics media for new releases in music, movies, books and software.

Leadership Training for Christ
DFW/Abilene TX: 2006-2010

Developed theatre art skits and coached teams competing in LTC Drama and Video Drama. 28th Annual Art & Design Competition/Senior Art Show
Abilene TX: 2007, 2010

Game Development Projects

Rokos Bane, Full Sail Game Capstone
Winter Park FL: 2011

Worked as a producer of a 3D Hack n Slash game with three other masters students leading a team of five programmers and three artists through a five month project by writing design documentation, creating a capacity plan and feature list, scheduling tasks based on monthly sprints and filing bugs during quality assurance testing.

Artwork displayed and previewed in Virginia Shore Art Gallery and ACU library. Eternal Threads: Peace by Piece campaign
Abilene TX: 2010

Worked as a Creative and Advertising Media Planner in order to help develop and propose a marketing campaign to a client.