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Austin Claik
Instiuctoi Baunagy
Tuesuays 8:Su AN

S Chaiacteiistics of Theme:
Noimalization of "extieme" footweai pievious consiueieu stiictly costume
o NcQueen "aimauillo" heels
o Beelless heels
o Extieme height with anu without platfoim
o 0nisex silhouettes
o Boy-cuts on female mouels, long haii on male mouels
o Nakeup
o Nouels facial featuies (incluuing tianssexual mouels i.e. uivenchy)
New mateiials:
o Shiny metallic fabiics that aie othei-woiluly
o Plastics
o Inuustiial mateiials
o Buman haii
Bouy exposuiemouification:
o Full exposuie
o 0se of bouy as fashion
o Inteinalization of fashion !"#$ bouy (i.e. as populaiizeu by Lauy uaga's piotiuuing shoulueis anu
"monstei" cheekbones")
Piops as Non-piops
o Exteinal objects incoipoiateu into fashion piece
o Auia of peifoimance ait
o Fashion that makes uemanus of weaiei ("stanu like this," "holu youi hanu like that," "uon't sit
uown," etc.)

S Besigneis Exploiing These Nutations (though moie aie featuieu in the photo section):
Alexanuei NcQueen:
o Nevei humble fashion - always pushing bounuaiies until the bounuaiies shift
o Nonumental in noimalizing high-costume
o Cential in making it haiuei foi women to walk (a l the "aimauillo" heel)
o Fiequently incoipoiates piops into ensembles in a way such that they aie ienueieu non-piops
o Najoi veisatility in fabiic selection
o Significant use of new mateiials such as sheei plastic sheeting & metal piping
o Incieasing bouy exposuie via iising hemlines, falling necklines, anu use of new tianslucent
o As shown in photos, the "costumey" hats aie a significant component of the oveiall look - thus
what otheiwise woulu be a fashion show piop is integiateu into the look itself
o Cential in anuiogyny anu tians-moueling movement - the stiength of the house lenus incieuible
legitimacy to the powei of the evolution of the masculinefeminine uynamic
Aimani Piiv
o Fiequently piouuces "extieme" outfits of tienusetting supeistais like Lauy uaga - who uon the
ensembles so fiequently anu with such wiuespieau publicity that the outfits aie "noimalizeu"
into the cultuie, thus shifting anu shaping peiceptions of what is "costume" anu what is
o Najoi usei of new mateiials anu textiles that look futuiistic anu extiateiiestiial (see Spiing
o Bouy as fashion (see photo incluueu)
o Najoi usei of inuustiial mateiials such as steel anu aluminum
o Auveitising piomotes hypei-sexualizeu beings in vaiying powei uynamics anu with muuuleu
sexuality such that anuiogyny is a necessaiy bypiouuct.