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Missouri Valley College,

Marshall, Mo. Volume 17, No. 3 December 2, 2011

Concert celebrates holiday spirit, fun

The Celebration of Christmas Holiday Music Show with performances by choir, band, and dance students, runs through Friday, Dec. 2, at 7:30 p.m. in Eckilson-Mabee Theater. The annual holiday concert features Valley Connection, MVC Concert Choir, Valley Voices, MVC Repertory Dance Ensemble, and the MVC Brass Ensemble. The music includes Deck the Halls, White Christmas, Jesus, Born This Day, and a Celtic Silent Night. The student performers are led by Diana Malan, director of the choirs; Garry Anders, director of the bands; and Janie Morgan, artistic director for the dance ensemble. PHOTOS: (Top,left) A Santa Baby number with Loren Gruber as Santa; (top, right) Soloist Tessa Belcher; (middle) Drummer Joe Graham and the choir; (left) The parade of the toy soldiers; (right) Dancers Hana Urabe and Charlique Rolle.

in her office over the past couple years have more than likely seen as many pictures of me in her office as her own biological children. I was also fortunate to receive, in my humble (and slightly biased) opinion, the best adviser Missouri Valley has to offer in David Roberts. He has been my academic adviser, my workstudy supervisor, mentor, teacher for six classes and a practicum. In other words, we have spent way too much time together. And if someone would have told me that he would end up having more of an impact on me here on campus than anyone else, while I was sitting bored out of my mind in his Intro to Mass Comm class as an 18-yearold freshman, I would have assumed they were doing drugs. I was also able to be accepted into the Adopt-A-Viking program where I was welcomed by the Kennon family, and working at the Salt Fork YMCA has also given me another family away from home as well as support system (and plenty of funny stories and examples of how kids have no filter). God had indeed surrounded me with people at every turn to help me, and as whacky as this experience was, there are certain memories I wouldnt trade for the world. Like the time I tricked half of the Mens Honor dorm to watch the infamous Two Girls One Cup video my freshman year. One of my good friends still hasnt forgiven me for that. Or that time this employee in the Caf attempted to chase me because I had two packets of Maple and Brown Sugar Oatmeal and I was headed for the door. She didnt catch me, of course (this was back when they used to allow us to use the other exit door).

The Delta

Dec. 2, 2011

Its about that time:

As graduation nears, student reflects on time spent at MVC
Column by Devon Wade
Delta Editor Emeritus

The Delta
Leon Emperio, Jessica Gates, Toray Henry, Luka Jevtovic, Andrew I have also had the privilege of seeing the many changes that have Mohler, Paulene-Wendy Ntsame taken place here at MVC. I rememAssoumou, and Jordan Nichols ber wireless existed only at the Tech Photographer: Ariana Stephens Center, and now you can get access Guest Writer: Ralitsa Gospodinova wireless almost anywhere on campus. I remember when there were Editor Emeritus: Devon Wade no soap dispensers in the mens Delta Online Webmaster: Amit Jain dorms, and making a mental note of everyone I saw, who washed their hands using nothing but water, and This edition of the Missouri Valley making sure I never gave them College Delta was produced with the dap, ever. assistance of the Newspaper class, the I remember doing papers on my lap-top and having to save the docu- Copy Editing class, and other classes and students. ment as Word 97-2003 Document, otherwise I would not be able to Faculty Advisers: David L. Roberts print anywhere on campus. and Harry Carrell I remember how easy it was to take toilet paper from the Ferguson The Delta reserves the right to edit or Center bathrooms before they reject any articles or other material subinstalled those sophisticated toilet mitted. Opinions in the Delta do not necespaper holders. sarily reflect the views of MVC or the I remember when the football team petitioned just to be able to Delta newspaper. hear hip-hop music during pre-game The Delta is published by warm-ups over the loud speaker at Missouri Valley College Gregg-Mitchell Field. I remember 500 East College Street when free laundry was only a figMarshall, MO 65340 ment of my imagination, and when (660) 831-4211 the prospect of a student center Email: being built and new housing was an urban legend. The Delta is a publication project of the I remember when I first realized that squirrels indigenous to Marshall MVC Mass Communication Department. do not fear humans at all. (If you do It is printed by the Marshall Democratnot believe me, try to scare off a News. It is a member of the Missouri squirrel here on campus.) Collegiate Press Association. I remember when walking down the steps of the football stadium was Congress shall make no law respecting one wrong step away from getting an establishment of religion, or proseriously injured, and now the stadihibiting the free exercise thereof; or um is renovated and turf has been installed. abridging the freedom of speech, or of There have been many improvethe press; or the right of the people ments here and under Dr. Humphrey peaceably to assemble, and to petition Im sure the best has yet to come. Although I will be leaving Marshall the government for a redress of grievances. soon, I would be lying if I didnt say that Marshall grew on me. There --First Amendment to arent many places where I can find the U.S. Constitution a locksmith shop that is also an ice cream shop.

Depending on who youre talking to, Missouri Valley could be described as a modest, yet nice campus, some classic historic buildings or it could be described as a tiny campus with nothing to do. I have been here long enough to have heard every compliment and insult that can be said about MVC. As much as I like to joke about Valley as much as the next student, I do know that this is where I was supposed to be at this part in my life. Growing up, I was taught that when you are in a place where God wants you to be, He will put people in place to help you, and I didnt realize how true that was until I left home in Stone Mountain, Georgia, and arrived in Marshall, Missouri. Some people arrive here and get the roommate from hell or an adviser who they may only see or hear from when it is time for class registration, and some people arrive here and have no support system. I was more than fortunate in each instance. My roommate Clarence Franklin is probably one of very few people who could have tolerated sharing a room with me for four years. We decided after freshman year that anyone else would have killed us after a month so we might as well remain roommates during the duration of college. When my mom dropped me off freshman year, she met Nurse Diane (Weinreich) and Nurse Diane promised to watch out for me and ended up becoming my mom here on campus, and anything I have ever needed she would have made sure I had it and for people who have been

Dec. 2, 2011


The Delta

Community Counseling masters degree

Graduate program applications due mid-month

Story by Ralitsa Gospodinova
Special Delta Writer

The deadline for the spring semester applications for Missouri Valley Colleges Community Counseling graduate program is December 15. The college launched its Master of Arts in Community Counseling (MACC) in the summer of 2011. The mission of the graduate program is to prepare students to use counseling principles and techniques competently and ethically, to help individuals, couples and families of diverse cultural backgrounds achieve a healthy adjustment in the areas of personal, social, educational, and career development. With its focus on critical thinking, cultural awareness, communicative skills, and academic excellence, the program seeks to produce future professional counselors who are exemplary members of society with lifelong love of learning. The program offers a very strong clinical training experience for students, Dr. Kevin Sanders, director of the Master of Arts in Community Counseling, said. There are other masters programs that have more of a research emphasis, our program is much more suited for people who are committed to being practitioners, he added. Sanders recently joined MVC as MACC director bringing a lot of experience and new ideas for the graduate program. He has bachelors degrees in psychology and sociology from the University of Missouri and a masters degree and doctorate of psychology from Forest Institute in Springfield, Mo. Sanders has vast clinical experience in different counseling settings and he is a great addition to the Missouri Valley College community. MACC is a flexible program that can accommodate the needs of the adult learner who might not be able to come to classes during the traditional daytime course schedule, Dr. Sanders said. For convenience of such students, the classes are scheduled in the evenings. The program consists of 60 credit hours, which can be completed in two years or more. This is beyond what is currently required for licensure in Missouri and a lot of other states, Dr. Sanders said. It enables students to meet most of the licensure requirements as far as academic standards in different states, which may have higher requirements than Missouri currently does, and enhance the training of the students. With December 15 as the deadline for the spring semester applications to enroll into the graduate program, candidates for the program need to have a

bachelors degree in psychology, or a bachelor in a MACC students must pass the Counselor related field who must complete prerequisite cours- Preparation Comprehensive Examination (CPCE) es; 2.5 undergraduate GPA; GRE score of at least in their final semester. The CPCE is a nationally 900 (currently incorporating the new GRE scoring administered multiple-choice exam designed to system); three letters of reference; personal state- provide evidence of competence in the field of proment; and an interview with MACC officials. fessional counseling, and it is also a smaller version There are currently 13 students enrolled in the of the exam students will have to pass in order to program. The student body consists of individuals become licensed professional counselors. who just completed their bachelors degree to We are kind of tough on the students academiadults who are returning to school after many years cally because we expect so much, Mayfield said. of work. It is because they are going to be our colleagues, You can get one on one attention a lot quicker, they wont be considered students anymore once people respond much faster, Dr. Cami Miller, a they pass that licensing exam, she said. MACC professor, said. If you ever have a problem After graduating from our program students will everybody comes be trained to work together to help you in private practice out. The students work, community are great, they are mental health cenvery collaborative, ters, service agenstudious and they cies, correctional really participate facilities, hospiand make class tals, and even what it is, she said. potentially workWe have differing with the VA ent evaluative prosystem, Sanders cedures that a lot said. of other programs There are a lot dont to the same of varied types of extent, Sanders experiences they said. We want to can get involved Dr. Kevin Sanders is the director of the MACC graduate make sure that the in, he added. studies program. (Photograph by Ralitsa Gospodinova) students are going The 60-creditto be successful when they enter the clinical world, hour curriculum helps students prepare for licenso we have different professional milestones they sure in many states, allowing for mobility to have to successfully reach. explore employment opportunities throughout the After completing the five foundation courses, the United States. students of the MACC program petition for candiThe MACC officials realize that some of the studacy status. The candidacy process ensures the dents are adult learners and they may be invested in MACC students readiness to continue in the pro- staying in their own communities rather than going gram and evaluates the sufficiency of the students out to different areas of the country, therefore this academic performance. program is structured in such a way that there is a There are also qualifying exams prior to lot of flexibility when working with students on practicum to ensure students are ready to enter that their practicum and internship opportunities. stage of the program. They are required to complete I started this program in the summer semester, a 100-hour practicum and two 300-hour intern- not really knowing what to expect but knowing ships. what I wanted to get out of it, Tabatha Inscore, a Six hundred hours of practice might not seem a student in the MACC program, said. I feel like all lot, but, for the state of Missouri, it is good, and it the instructors are extremely knowledgeable, the mirrors what students can expect once they gradu- fact that they can bring practice and not just book ate, Rachel Mayfield, MACC Practicum coordina- knowledge to the program is extremely beneficial tor, said. for the students. Its challenging and so far I am There is also a Capstone project which gives stu- really enjoying it. dents the opportunity to demonstrate the knowlThe clinical courses are taught by practicing proedge gained from academic as well as experiential fessionals who bring in a lot of knowledge and learning. In order to be eligible for graduation, experience to the MACC program.

Delta Staff Reporter


The Delta

Dec. 2, 2011

Conference focuses on childrens education

Story by Paulene-Wendy Ntsame Assoumou
Mr. Stinky Feet, a silly name that makes children laugh and provides smiles to the grown-up kids, entitles Jim Cosgrove to be, as his website notes, a kid rocker! Cosgrove performed in a free family concert at the Eckilson-Mabee Theater on Friday, Nov. 18. He sang songs and played his guitar, often joined on stage by excited children who were eager to sing and dance. With simple songs for sing-alongs and a lot of energy, Cosgrove had an enthusiastic audience of children, parents, and others. At the end of the concert, he even got some parents to join him on stage for a performance. Having performed twice at the White House Easter Egg Roll, Cosgrove also was the keynote speaker at the Care Conference, held in the MVC Technology Center on Saturday, Nov. 19. His message was simple and positive. In the current, fast-paced society, people need to enjoy taking time with children, Peggy Sherman, assistant Jim Cosgrove, who goes by the name of Mr. Stinky Feet for his concerts for children, sings and professor of Education, said. plays the guitar while children and students eagerly join him on stage. (Photo by David L. Roberts) The Care Conference basically brings child-care providers, parents and grandparents together to counselor, also have a group called Parents as can be. discuss and hear about educational topics about Teachers which work with Marshall public Also a director of a pre-school, Sherman has toddlers. schools. The goal is to reach out to parents in four children (a 10-year-old, 7-year-old, 4-year-old Some of this years topics were about child community and help with birth to 3-year-olds and 2 year-old) and truly lives her experience motor development, speech development, learnchild development, she said, so once a month for a every day, she said. how-to-read tips, and taking action for autism. hour some teachers go to the homes of parents and Sherman is already getting the dont-pick-myThe Care Conference existed for 8 to 9 years but help them concerning activities, she said. clothes-in-the-morning and the drop-me-at-thethe Birth To Five part of it has just been brought Knowledgeable and experienced are two words corner-of-school with her 10-year-old pre-teen, back this year. It has been gone for 2 years used by her students to describe Peggy Sherman. she said. But she is in the healthy process of letbecause of founding issues and changes of the Brielle Martinez, a junior majoring in Special ting her daughter be a pre-teen. She will see how directors, Sherman said. Peggy Sherman is a Education, said that one feature she retains from it goes and adapt when her daughter becomes a founder of the Birth to Five Professional Shermans class is that patience is a master word teenager, she added with a smile. Conference titled The Care Conference, with to handle situations with children. People call me the organizer or the founder but Melissa Pointer as a co-founder. Emily Adams, a junior majoring in Elementary please mention that it is actually real team work, Children were a natural calling for Sherman. Education with a minor in Early Childhood, said Sherman said. The Birth to Five council is comShe always has enjoyed that Shermans teaching also posed of Sherman, Jackie Marshall, Rachel activities with them and underlines that not categorizMayfield, Melissa Pointer, Rise DePaoli. An all wants to make a difference ing children because all are female team? Yes, I dont understand why? for others as well as the different is important. Maybe males would go crazy working with all of less fortunate, she said. Martinez and Adams love chil- us! she said jokingly. Childhood is not the only dren and feel like, as with The team also has the great support of a lot of time to make a difference Sherman, it is something that sponsors, such as the Lighthouse Shelter, the in an individual life as it is came to them naturally. Marshall Lions Club, and ConAgra. Local businever too late, but the Sherman advises her stunesses are the largest contributors, without which formative years are a crudents, who are looking for they couldnt organize free family events like the cial time, Sherman said. internships and to work in the concert and the conference, she said. Sherman, Pointer, and field, to help the children be While the parents found interesting subjects Rachel Mayfield who is an kind to one another but, above covered at the conference, the children enjoyed the assistant professor of all, lead by example and seek concert, singing and dancing joyfully with Mr. Jim Cosgrove rocks with a young fan. Psychology and campus to be the best role model they Stinky Feet. No audience could have been happier.

5 FEATURE New class to examine social media

Dec. 2, 2011
Story by Ashley Boyd
Special Delta Writer Netiquette is the newest slang term, derived from Internet etiquette, that refers to acceptable behavior and practices in Internet communications. Trends show that social networks are the hub of communication, marketing, and advertising because of the number of people who use social networks and access them multiple times a day. However, while businesses are thriving by using social networks, individuals are not always as successful. Issues have arisen because of inappropriateness on social networking sites, such as pictures or abusive language. What is considered appropriate has been challenged as users upload questionable pictures or use less than politically correct language on social networking sites. Also, issues of formality have been discovered, such as teacher/student contact through social networking sites. Whether or not it is appropriate to have student/teacher or boss/employee contacts on social networking sites is still being evaluated and causing controversy. For Missouri Valley College students, help is in the near future. In the spring 2012 semester, an experimental social networking class is going to be offered. Susan Dittmer, chair of the Division of Communications, has designed a course to show students how social networks are impacting communication skills. The course will cover not only the history of social media, but look at the basic communication techniques of social networking, Dittmer said. Dittmer said students will learn how marketing, advertising, and communication with family and friends have changed since social networks have emerged. Patricia Freeman, a Missouri Valley senior, will be bringing knowledge to the class after a summer internship position dealing with social media where she was thrown into real-life experiences. Brett Caldwell, an MVC student enrolled in the class, said she enrolled to benefit her public relations major and she believes it will be a fun class. She said she uses Facebook at least twice a day and wants to know how to properly use it so it is a beneficial tool. Luckily for students in the class, Dittmer said she hopes to change how students conduct themselves online as well as change how they conduct themselves in a professional setting. Dittmer added that the class will have an impact on communication skills both on the interpersonal and professional level. Students will learn networking skills for business settings and employment opportunities. Social networks expected to be examined include Facebook, MySpace, Digg (for social bookmarking), Flickr (for photo/video share), LinkedIn (for professional networks), Twitter, and Google Buzz. With social networkings massive increase in peoples everyday lives, Missouri Valley College is hoping to better prepare its students for a trend that will certainly be in their futures. MVC students who take the class will understand how marketing, advertising, and communication have adapted to social networks as well as how to professionally engage in social networking.

The Delta

Simic named HAAC soccer coach of year

Story by Leon Emperio
Delta Staff Reporter Vladimir Simic, MVC head mens soccer coach and assistant professor of Business division, was recently named the 2011 HAAC Coach of the Year in one of the fiercest and fastest competitive regions in the country. He kicked off his 10th year at Valley Missouri College with great expectations from the fans and the school. Simics involvement in soccer was a true calling. Much of his success and accomplishment started with childhood adoration for the game. Legendary soccer players, the likes of Van Bastan and George Weah, were the founding fathers that instilled the zeal that Simic continues to carry today. Simics soccer career curved to Missouri Valley College, beginning with Mount Senario College (MSC) as a student-athlete who played for four years on a team that won back-to-back NAIA Region Championships. Communication continued between the former MSC assistant coach and Simic that subsequently led to Simics position at Missouri Valley College in 2001. Simic was promoted from assistant womens coach to head mens soccer coach within three years. Progression and development of the soccer team was and is the core concern of Simics coaching philosophy. The program is designed to give the opportunity of education and of a comprehensive college experience. I always emphasize the importance of education, Simic said. Education first MVC Head Mens Soccer Coach Vladimir Simic is named 2011 and then soccer. Diligence and perseverance are HAAC Coach of the Year. (Photograph by Leon Emperio) footprints in Simics coaching record that has led down a path to NAIA cham- Vikings, although I didnt graduate at Valley, Simic said. Id like also to thank everybody pionships. Simics commitment and affinity is steadfast. that supported the team and the fans that kept us strong. I really do feel like I am one of the alumni

Dec. 2, 2011 SPORTS Freshman takes helm as quarterback

Story by Drew Gregory
Special Delta Writer Five-foot-eleven, 180 pounds isnt what you picture when you think of a college quarterback at any level. But that is what the Missouri Valley Vikings got when they recruited Bruce Reyes from Beaumont, Texas. In Texas, high school football is king and being a product of a good Texas high school program developed Reyes into a starting quarterback at the winningest program in the NAIA. In high school, Reyes threw for 4,767 and ran for 1,022 yards which got him many accolades in Texas, including two-time district MVP, Dave Campbells 5A breakout player of the year, and all-state honors. Not many 18-year-olds can go from high school to college and play, not to mention start, with the impact that Reyes had on the Vikings in the 2011 season. I didnt think I would start. I just wanted to play football for at least four more years, Reyes said. It feels amazing. I cant believe that I am experiencing so much as a freshman, Reyes said about how it feels to lead the Vikings to champiNew Viking Quarterback Bruce Reyes captures some onship as a freshman. He led the Vikings to their extra yardage. (Photograph by Ariana Stephens) first HAAC championship since 2006 and second play-off appearance in three seasons. Reyes came to Missouri Valley while the Vikings were looking to replace four-year starter Chris White who graduated last May. Reyes, who fought through a potential redshirt and being third on the depth chart during fall camp, climbed his way into the starting spot for the week four matchup with the Baker University Wildcats and never looked back. Going 7-1 as a starter in the regular season, Reyes never seemed uncomfortable in the starting role, being in the backfield with other natives of Beaumont: Nijel Daw and Keith ONeil. I first heard of Mo Val when I asked Keith where he was going while we were both still in high school. Football made me come here. I had a good feeling about the team, Reyes said. Finishing the season with a 9-2 overall record, losing in the first round of the NAIA play-offs, the Vikings lose 16 seniors to graduation. Their football careers are done at MVC. Reyes is looking forward to his first off-season as part of the Vikings. Im looking to get better at everything I possibly can. Get bigger and stronger and improve my throwing more, Reyes said. The football program at MVC which is always at the top of the HAAC and nationally ranked each year will continue to strive for excellence and push another conference championship next season with Reyes at the helm. With a season under his belt, and entering the off-season as the starting quarterback of the HAAC champion Vikings, Reyes is on route to having a great career at MVC with three years left.

The Delta

For love of game, volleyball senior overcomes challenges

Story by Brittany Stone
Special Delta Writer Playing volleyball was tricky before, but having Erbs Palsy can make it even more of a challenge to play. Dustina Bitten, a 21-year-old senior volleyball player at Missouri Valley College, has proved that it is possible to be paralyzed in one arm and still be able to perform on the court. During birth is when Bittens left arm became paralyzed, her muscles and nerves of her neck and shoulder became stretched, causing nerve damage. Never getting to crawl and going straight to walking at 6 months, Bitten has raised the bar for herself in many ways, including volleyball. In the sixth grade, Bitten underwent a surgery. The procedure included taking out the bone turning the arm 90 degrees and placing a plate and six screws in the bones place. In a sling for 6 to 8 weeks and following physical therapy, Bitten was back playing volleyball as an outside hitter, proving that her left arm was no match for her amazing skill of placement and power of hitting. Bitten, still unable to use full motion and turn her left hand palm side up, has managed to play volleyball since seventh grade as a hitter and on into her college years. Bitten had played in three different high schools, never playing below a junior varsity letter. Her talent and skill and love for the game helped her push through the pain and struggle to play at a higher level than high school, and continue on to play at the college level. Lamar Community College in Lamar, Colo., was where Bitten first played her two years of college volleyball, earning a varsity letter and many awards. Continuing on to finish her playing career at Missouri Valley College, she lettered varsity and was second team all-conference as a junior and first team all-conference as a senior and Student Athlete of the Week. I never thought that I would ever play college volleyball because of my condition and look where it landed me. Four years of starting as an outside hitter on varsity in college on a scholarship, Bitten said. Bitten has shown that she is a strong player who has the dedication for the game to keep working toward her goals. In her final season to play, Bitten has proved any struggle or injury can be overcome if you work hard enough and have the heart and love for the game.

Dec. 2, 2011

Isabel, and noted passages from The Portrait of A Lady, which was published in 1881. Some of James other novels include The Turn of the Screw and The Ambassadors. His influences in literature include literary realism and the psychological novel. In the lecture by Valerie Wedel, who also serves as co-director of the Morris Gallery of Contemporary Art, the focus was upon the life and artwork of artist William A. Berry, who died last year. When Wedel was a graduate student at the University of Missouri-Columbia, she became an assistant and then archivist to Berry, who was a retired professor suffering from Parkinsons disease. He had taught art there for 15 years. As an assistant, Wedel said she read to him articles from the New York Times and even the novel Casanova. She said, Over time, I got to know him. In her lecture titled Valerie Wedels lecture Perseverance and focuses on the work of Memory: The Late artist Willliam A. Berry.. Work of William A.

The Delta

Berry, Wedel said that Berry had more than 6,000 pieces of artwork, including watercolors and oils, though most are drawings. The work he is known for is large color line drawings, she said. Berry loved art and used almost anything as his canvas. One piece of art that Wedel A slide show includes this noted, during a self-portrait drawing by slideshow of his artist William A. Berry. work, was drawn on a brown paper towel. One of Berrys illustrations was a scene of a helicopter in Vietnam, which was used on the cover of an edition of Newsweek magazine. Berry had diverse interests, including learning other languages, such as Italian and Arabic. About the lecture presentations, English student Robert Pannell said he found the lecture series to be fascinating. It allows students and faculty members to experience the research and scholarship of our wonderful instructors, he said.

Faculty present literary, artistic topics

An author and an artist were subjects of the first specially presented Faculty Lectures, which took place on Nov. 14 in the R. Wilson Brown Room. Jennifer Eimers, assistant professor of English, and Valerie Wedel, assistant professor of Art, presented the academic topics. Eimers, who also is chair of the Languages and Humanities Division, spoke about author Henry James in a lecture titled Isabel in Italy: Aesthetic Experience in The Portrait of a Lady. Eimers had presented the subject in a paper at a conference in Italy this past summer. Dr. Jennifer Eimers Eimers has a doctorate presents information from the University of about Henry James. Georgia. She said she was a graduate student at Creighton University when she studied author Henry James, reading his personal letters first. She said it was over aesthetical philosophies that, through their correspondence, James and novelist H.G. Wells disagreed and even ended their friendship. Eimers talked about the characters, such as

Recap news through Viking Views shows

Story by Jordan Nichols
Delta Staff Reporter With the busy life of a college student, it often is impossible to participate in everything thats happening on campus. Wouldnt it be nice to have a recap of what you might have missed? Let the Missouri Valley Viking Views be your source for sports highlights, music concerts, upcoming shows, and other campus events. This informative campus news segment is created by students in the Mass Communication department who spend hours behind-the-scenes shooting camera footage of campus and community events along with additional hours in the Ferguson Center editing lab making the news show come to life. The show is anchored, produced, directed, and videotaped all by students involved in the TV broadcasting courses who plan to pursue various areas of Mass Communication. Working on the show I get hands-on experience of what its like to work with a production crew. I liked how it took everyones effort to come together to make a nice show, said senior Toray Henry who helps produce the show. To catch the Missouri Valley Viking Views news show tune into Windjammer channel 3 in the local Marshall area or visit their Youtube channel at mvcviking.

Library features Lincoln

In addition to the exhibit about Abraham Lincoln, which runs through Dec. 5 at the Murrell Memorial Library, MVC faculty member Kristopher Maulden provided a view of Lincoln as a legislator in Illinois on Wednesday evening.

Mass Comm students Scott Charboneau and Melissa Bublitz prepare to film a news show.


The Delta

Dec. 2, 2011

What it feels like...

This series of short articles was written by students in the Basic News Reporting class. Additional stories will be posted on the Delta Online website, at this month.

...To be a twin
Story by LeKyndra Duncan
Having a twin has its ups and downs. Lets start with the downs. Dressing alike every single day until we were in middle school, for one. It was cuter when we were babies. And birthdays Getting the exact, same gift is cool, but it can lead to confusion and confrontation when she thinks it is hers and it is mine. Though we are twins and were forced to share a room in growing up, we do not like sharing at all. Period. There are different types of twins. There are fraternal and identical. I am fraternal, and I am the oldest by 10 minutes. So, it is a major insult to wish my sister a Happy Birthday first. Last, but not least, never, ever, ever, compare us to one another. It is not fair to the other and we personally hate it. Now, lets work our way to the positives. One positive is that I have bragging rights to say I have a little sister, 10 minutes younger than me. Other positives of being a twin include always having someone to talk to, to hang out with, and an everlasting connection no matter what the circumstance is. People tend to think its cool to have a twin, so it makes a twin feel like they are one in a million. Your twin will always have your back and never leave your side. Though being a twin has ups and downs, I wouldnt trade it for any-

What does it feel like to be paid to party? Of course, it sounds like a lot of fun. Actually, it is a totally different story. To be paid to party, you have to conduct a most serious and responsible job that includes event production; complete organization; arranging for the camera crew, crowd, theme, and creating the vibe; and everything else. It is not uncommon to go without sleep for a few days in a row, just working on the computer and phone, and not in a club. It is a lot of hard work. And then, when the night comes, if everything was right and people are having a great time, I enjoy it, too. Our events recently have been featured in many magazines and on TV networks. One recent event was in New York during Fashion Week where P. Diddy, Rihanna, Ciara, Kim Kardashian, Chris Brown, and Drake came to our event. It grabbed a lot of media and, for us, it was a great reference.

...To be able to fly

Story by Jake Coleman
All my life, I have had a fascination with birds, jets, space shuttles, and all things that could soar high into the sky. Looking deep into the aqua-colored sky, I imagine myself high above a cloud, ascending toward the stars and moon. As my life progressed, I came to see that you dont need wings to fly. My runway is the hardwood and I am preparing for launch. As the tunnel vision sets to the end of the runway, its take-off. My mind is accelerating as I grip the orange Spalding ball, yet I feel slow as if Im stuck in time. My heart starts to beat faster, feeling as if it is roaring like the engines of a jet. What seemed to be time at its slowest is just magnified. Creeping gradually as if gravity is fading by the second, I float. I sit at the top of the gym thats transformed into sky. Boom! The ball whips through the rim, leaving a swish to echo throughout the gym. Casually, I drift back toward land and end up on the runway. Another flight Ive taken to the clouds and back to reality. The feeling of flying is unique and can take you beyond imagination. No matter if youre on a plane, watching the birds, or using your own two feet.


...To be paid to party

Story by Sasa Devic
A few years ago, I played professional basketball. After my second injury, it was not the same as before and I could not play it as I used to. In Miami, I met a person who is one of the top people in the entertainment business and he was a great influence. I founded an event management company and started organizing events around the world. 7D/Seven Dimensions is a unique lifestyle and events management company that prides itself on a level of services, sense of style, and attention to detail that is quite rare. Our events have been successful all over the worldNew York, Miami, London, Cannes, Barcelona, San Francisco, Geneva, and other places.

Delta Online website

There will be more What It Feels Like stories at the Delta Online website throughout the holiday break. Also, stories about the library stitching group, a Volleyball player, and students who live on campus. Also, photos of various events throughout the semester. Check out the Delta in December.

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