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rmad-Bhgavatam 1.7.

6 Geneva, May 31, 1974

Niti: Translation: "The material miseries of the living entity, which are superfl uous to him, can be directly mitigated by the linking process of devotional serv ice. But the mass of people do not know this. Therefore the learned Vysadeva comp iled this Vedic literature, which is in relation to the Supreme Truth." [SB 1.7. 6] Prabhupda: Anarthopaama skt. Anartha means... Artha means which is essential, artha. o anartha means just the opposite. So our present material condition is that we have increased some unwanted things, anartha. Therefore we have been entangled. Just like yesterday I was speaking with that president. He was thinking the prob lem of economics. And what is the problem? There is no problem. Anywhere, any pa rt of the world, you live, you just have some land, and some animals. Animals me ans cow. Other animals also, you can keep. There is no harm. But cows must be th ere, animals. And you cannot destroy the cows. If you want to eat meat... That i s the Indian system. Indian system, for meat-eaters, there is concession. Just l ike for sex life there is concession, similarly, for meat-eater also, there is c oncession. And for drunkards there is concession. Not impractical. Supposing one is drunkard, meat-eater, if I say all of a su dden, "Stop it," if he is not sob er, he will not accept it. Just like in India there was prohibition. Gandhi, by his sentiment... There was no, I mean to say, education. He wanted to make all o f a sudden stop. So there was illicit drinking. Illicit manufacture of wine incr eased so much that government saw that "We are losing the excise duty. These peo ple are distilling illicit liquor." So now government, to save money, now they a re manufacturing and inducing people, "All right, you go on drinking." So unless we are sober, for stopping one kind of unwanted thing, we have to intr oduce another. This is karma-ka-vicra. If you have to raise, erect, a very high skys craper building, then for the materials, you have to dig somewhere to make it a lake. You take it from there and put it here. This is karma. You cannot manufact ure. Suppose a high skyscraper building you have constructed. The another place you have taken out something. The stock is the same, conservation of the energy. You cannot increase the stock. That is not possible. So in this way we have been entangled. This is called anartha. Therefore that ge ntleman was... "If we take everyone..." That is not possible. Everyone is not go ing to take Ka consciousness. That is not possible. But he was thinking that, that "If we..." Sometimes they put this argument, that "If everyone becomes Ka conscious , who will look after this business, that business?" That will be looked after. Don't bother. The dra class, they will take care. The brhmaa class, they will take a dvantage, and the dra class, they will work hard. Just like we are taking advantag e of this microphone for Ka, but we are not going to manufacture this. That is not our business. Let the dras do it. dras will be there. They will do it. This is calle d ajagara-vtti. Ajagara-vtti means that the mouse, they make a hole in the field f or h is living comfortably. You know? You have seen the holes in the field? And the ajagara, the big snake, they take advantage of this holes. They enter into i t and eat the mouse, and live comfortably. So the mouse makes the comfortable pl ace for the snake. The snake business is to enter and live comfortably. So our b usiness is like that. You dras, you make all the advantages, and we take simply, g o there. (laughter) That's all. That is our business. You construct house, nice house, and we enter. That's all. That George Harrison paid for that house. We en ter, that's all. We do not care for this fifty-five lakhs, how to earn. No. That is Ka's policy. Let the less intelligent class of men work hard and the higher int elligent class of men take advantage of it. That's all. So... But after all, it is anartha. To increase too much of these necessities of

life, that is anartha. That is not required. But we have now increased the so m any unwanted things, and we have been entangled. So... But ukadeva Gosvm says that to minimize this anartha, one has to take to bhakti-yoga. Anartha. Anarthopaama skt. Just like the other man came yesterday. They have created the anartha, hippie pr oblem and drugs, intoxication problem. Now they want to subside it. They have co me to our center for give some advice. But our advice is the same: anarthopaama skd b hakti-yogam [SB 1.7.6]. Begin chanting. What did he say? Did he accept our formu la or not? Yogevara: He was reluctant. Prabhupda: Just see. He will not accept. He will come to consult you, but if you say something which is already formulated by him, then they will accept. That me ans you have to say his formula, yes, then he will accept. He has already some f ormula, and if you say, "Yes, it is good," then you are a very good man. And if you say something else, then I reluctant. You see? This is going on. Actually, i t is said in the stra.

So for all these anarthas, the only means is bhakti-yoga. ravaam. Bhakti-yoga mean s ravaa krtanam [SB 7.5.23]. Let everyone, all over the world, give chance to the pe ople of this ravaa krtanam. All the problems of the world will be solved. That's a f act. Anarthopaama skt. Directly you'll have. And you can realize from your own life h ow many, how much anarthas were accompanying with you. Now they are all subsided . Skt. What is the means? This chanting. Now you enjoyed chanting, dancing. But peo ple will not take to it. This is the only means. Because you have been attracted by chanting Hare Ka mantra and dancing, you are no more interested. This morning t ime, in every house, you can go. Either they are sleeping or they are drinking b ed tea, without washing mouth, and all the germs are going within the tea, and t hey are being infected within the intestines, and they are getting so many disea ses. But they will not understand. But here, and the bhakti-yogam, everyone rise s early in the morning and then washes himself, takes bath, becomes cleansed, an d chant Hare Ka mantra, read book. This is bhakti-yoga. Automatically everything wi ll be... Hygienic principle, health question, economic question, and social, pol iticaleverything will be solved. It is not joking. Anarthopaama skd bhakti-yogam adho je [SB 1.7.6]. Why the anartha is created? How? That is explained in the previous verse. yay sammohito jva tmna tri-gutmakam paro 'pi manute 'nartha tat-kta cbhipadyate [SB 1.7.5] Vysadeva, under the instruction...[break] Everything is possible simply by bhakti -yoga. So bhakti-yogena, by the means of bhakti-yoga, his mind was cleansed. Bha kti-yogena manasi samyak praihite 'male [SB 1.7.4]. The mind became completely cl eansed. The whole trouble is our mind, our consciousness, unclean. So r Caitanya M ahprabhu has given us the sakrtana movement for cleansing the heart, the consciousn ess, the mind. So Vysadeva, under the instruction of his spiritual master Nrada, he meditated in bhakti-yoga, and he saw the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Apayat purua pram. Pram ns complete. So we are also purua, living entities. Purua means enjoyer. So we are trying to enjoy, but we are incomplete, not complete. We have got so much desir e to enjoy, but we cannot because we are incomplete. There are... That song sung by Vidypati, that ttala saikate vri-bindu-sama. Ttala saikate. In hot sand beach yo u require so much water. But if somebody says, "Yes, I will supply water." "Give me some water." "No, one drop." So that will not satisfy me. So we have got so many desires. That cannot be fulfilled by so-called material advancement of life

. It is not possible. So Vysadeva saw the pra puruam. Pra purua my ca tad-ap also, but my is not conquering over him. Because Ka is pram, my cannot conquer. In ight there cannot be darkness. Any amount of darkness, you put before the sunshi ne, there is no possibility... It cannot stand. Within the sun globe, within the orbit of the sun, any amount of... Because the sun globe is so big and the orbi t is so big that the whole universal darkness you bring there, there will be no darkness. Just imagine. It is not imagine; it is fact. The universal darkness, a ll the darkness of the universe, you bring before the sun, it will not effect. I t cannot effect. Because the sun is full light. It is not that imitation light. Here we have got this imitation light. The big amount of cloud is there. Immedia tely it will be dark. But sunlight is full light. Similarly, Ka is pra-puruam. The M ilosophers, they think that when Ka comes, He reduces His energy; therefore He also becomes covered by my. This is called Myvda. Myvda means the my has covered ever o my has covered Ka also. This is Myvda philosophy. "Because my has covered me, y eryone, therefore my has covered Ka. Unless Ka or the Absolute Truth, Brahman, beco overed by my, he cannot take a form." This is Myvda philosophy. As we have taken form , because the prakti, material nature, has helped us to take this form, similarly , their philosophy is, even the Absolute Truth, Brahman, He incarnates, He accep ts a body of this material nature.

So here it is stated, kmasya nendriya prti. So long we have this body, we have to e at, we have to sleep, we have to enjoy senses, and we have to defend. hra-nidr-bhay a-maithuna. These are bodily necessities of life. And they are called kma. So kma is allowed. Ka says in the Bhagavad-gt, dharma-aviruddha kmo 'smi: "Which is not aga t religious principles, that sort of kma is allowed." But not for sense gratifica tion. You can marry. You can beget children. That's all right. But you cannot en joy sex for enjoyment, for simply enjoyment. No. That is not allowed. You eat, y ou sleep, you have sex life, you defend. Nothing is forbidden in the stra, but you must know the aim of your life. The aim of your life is tattva-jijs. You should no t forget that. Therefore the Vedic system is so organized that people may satisf y the bodily necessities of life, at the same time, he may progress in Ka conscious ness for understanding the Absolute Truth. That is Vedic system. Not one-sided. There is sufficient concession for our sense gratification, but we should not fo rget our real business of life, athto brahma jijs. Now, this my, this my cannot cover Ka, but we become covered. Therefore in the next se it is said, yay sammohito jva. That my which is so influential that she has extend ed her influence over all the living entities... Yay sammohita, bewildered. We liv ing entities, we are bewildered. So especially those who have not taken to Ka consc iousness, they are bewildered. They are thinking this material world is everythi ng. And therefore they have got some problem, simply problem. He was thinking, t hat gentleman was thinking, "How this economic problem...?" Because he was in my. But had he been in bhakti-yoga, then he could understand there is no problem at all. There is no problem. It is simply my. It is simply illusion. There is no prob lem. All problems are solved. You can practically see. We have got a hundred bra n ches, we have no problem, because Ka is there. So our traveling each time, lakhs of rupees, I am traveling. But one man cannot see once in life London or New Yor k from India. I see four times in a year. So I have no problembecause Ka is there. W e are spending lakhs and lakhs of rupees, but wherefrom the money is coming? Ka is sending. We have no problem. Now we have spent in Bombay eighteen, twenty lakhs of rupees. People are surprised. It is fifty lakhs' worth property. People are s urprised; some of them are very envious. And if you come, you will find it is ve ry, very fine place. It is just like a paradise garden. Twenty thousand square y ards. And we have got six buildings. So actually, when we come to Ka consciousness, there is no problem. Problem is crea ted. So long we are bewildered by my, there is problem. Otherwise, there is no pro blem. Therefore it is said, yay sammohito jva. The jva, or the living entities, are covered by this material encagement. He is called jva. Jva-bhta. Otherwise brahma-b hta. [SB 4.30.20] Otherwise Brahman. So long he is covered by this my, he is called

jva. Sammohito jva. But when he is not sammohita, he is not bewildered, he is Brah man. Aha brahmsmi. So being bewildered by the my, sammohito jva, what is his position now? Yay sammohito jva tmna tri-gutmakam [SB 1.7.5] . tmnam, the soul, spirit soul count of his being bewildered, he is thinking that "I am depending on this mater ial nature." Tri-gutmakam. "I am depending on these three material qualities, satt va-gua, rajo-gua, tamo-gua." Therefore, one who is strictly follow the principle, b hakti-yoga principle, he is not touched by the tri-gua. Sa gun samattyaitn brahma-bhy kalpate [Bg. 14.26]. Immediately he is in his original position, brahma-bhta [SB 4.30.20]. Brahma-bhta prasanntm na ocati [Bg. 18.54]. This is the science. And so lo ng one is captured by my, covered by my, his position is sammohito jva tmna tri-gu He is thin king that "I am something of this material nature." Tri-gutmakam. Paro 'pi, although he is transcendental, spirit soul, paro 'pi manute anartham, he is thinking so many problems. Anartham. He is thinking of so many problems. Just l ike the gentleman came to consult, as soon as we proposed that "This is the medi cine," he will not take. He... Then it can be mitigated otherwise. "They are sim ply trying to introduce their philosophy." He thought like that.

But that is not the fact. That is explained in the next verse. Yes. Anarthopaama skd bhakti-yogam adhokaje [SB 1.7.6]. If you want to get out of the problems, then ta ke to Ka consciousness. Everything will be adjusted. This is the fact. Anarthopaama s bhakti-yogam adhokaje loka... These rascals they do not know. These rascals, mha. N on-Ka conscious men, they have been described as mh. Na m duktino mh prapady ]. Lowest of the mankind. They will not surrender to Ka on account of their mischie vous and sinful life and being fool number one, duktino mh, and being the lowest of t e mankind. And mankind means, lowest of the man... In human form of body one can understand what is Ka, what is Ka con..., but he will not take to this. Therefore he is called nardhama, lowest of the mankind. In the human form of body, there is a chance, but they will not take it. Therefore nar... Why they do not take it? The re are so many M.A., Ph.D., D.H.C. and doctors and Nobel Prize holder. Why they do not? Myaypahta-jn. That my has taken away his knowledge. He will not allow. He t allow. My will not allow to take.

Therefore Bhgavata says, nai matis tvad urukramghri spaty anarthpagamo yad-artha . Apagama. Nai matis tvad urukramghrim. To get out of this my's problem, one has to ender to Ka. Ka says, mm eva ye prapadyante mym et taranti te [Bg. 7.14]. It is s. If you surrender to Ka, immediately you get out of all these problems. So that i s not being taken. It is declared, but people have not taken. Therefore Bhgavata says that why they have not taken? Nai matis tvad urukramghrim. They are not acceptin this proposal of Ka, that "You surrender." Anartha. Immediately anartha will be va nquished, but they will not take it. How? Why not? They have to surrender to His devotee. Nikicann pda-rajo 'bhiekam. Mahyas pda-rajo 'bhieka nikicann na o Ka consciousness unless they bow down to the dust of His devotee, to the dust of the lotus feet of... Mahyas pda-rajo 'bhiekam. Pda-raja. Pda-raja means the dust a otus feet of mahyasm, the exalted devotee, nikicannm, who has nothing to do with the aterial world. Nikicann na vta yvat. So long one does not take the dust of the lot of Ka's devotee, he cannot surrender to Ka. That is not possible. Therefore it is th duty of the devotees to go from place to place and just give the chance to the people to take to Ka consciousness. Then their all problems will be solved. Thank you very much. (end)