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Again, if you think about the interaction that Jesus had with people then you can read any of the healing examples. Theres a quality of relationship that has this message You exist, I see you, you are valuable, you are important, you are special, not you are better than anybody else but you are special as you are. You are welcome and you belong here. You have something to contribute and you have something to give. These are going to be the basic messages that we bring to this container and then, as we were saying, we to plant the seeds in this rich soil. What I want to do is to start by having us practice: a little bit of creating this container first. I want to have you a first practice, we are going to make this Coach Container. What that it means first is about preparing yourself. I think it is very important because when people hear the story I tell about my mother they say: Oh, you healed your mother

or I should heal my mother, I need to do this; for me that is all stuff that is coming out of the ego. That is what I call ego based NLP. That is: I am helping you for my benefit, because it makes me great, it benefits me, I am in control. One of the first things you have to realize with true healing you have to put the ego out of a side. Before I was willing to coach my mother, I had to fist check myself and say: What is my motivation for this?. Am I doing it because I think I am great? Am I going to prove something to the world? Because, if that is what I am coming from, it is not going to work. Am I doing it because I am afraid and I wouldnt be able to stand it if she die and I will feel sad and I cant be with my own sadness? then its my ego and I am doing it for me. When we try to get rid of somebody elses bad feelings because it makes us feel uncomfortable, we are doing it for ourselves. For me, the first question was: I have to be able to support her to make any choice that she may. As soon as my ego

got involved, again, it is not supporting another person and it is not a true sponsorship. It starts with intention: I would not have worked with my mother if I couldnt have felt a pure intention that I want to support her in whatever she wants and whatever she needs. Its not about me, its not about NLP, its about her and I think youll see that very clearly in all the examples of Jesus: is there at the service of the others to connect them, to awake them, to create the possibilities but the other has to have the intention too and then theres a relationship, not of two egos but between soul and soul. Erickson was an old man who could barely talk and move one of his hands, on a wheelchair: where does his power come from? Its because his power was not from his physical energy but it was from the soul. When I think about Erickson I think to this very wonderful poem by William Butler Yeats, in Sailing to Byzantium he says:

An aged man is but a paltry thing, A tattered coat upon a stick, unless Soul clap its hands and sing, and louder sing For every tatter in its mortal dress It remembers me Erickson with her wife that wheeled him on his chair and when he looked at you and soul came to clap its hands and sing. For me the lessons are not to have a more inflated ego, they are not about you were controlling everything. Its about reconnecting to this deeper essence of yourself, of opening to a larger mind and through a true sponsoring relationship with another person theres a kind of awakening of what I think is the real magic, that is not in the tricks, in the suggestions, its in field. So, what I want to do for first is a little of practice and find this coaching state. The first step would be: what sort of way, if you were modelling Jesus, how would he stand, how

would he breathe? Obviously you would be in your centre, you would be in yourself, you would be connected to the earth but you would also be connected to a bigger field. What I want to invite you to do is to put your pencils and papers aside for just a moment and seat where you can be in a relaxed posture but in your vertical access. Make sure that both feet are touching the floor and what I like to ask you to do is to begin to do the first part of the coaching process which is to be concentred in yourself. If you think about those times when you are most connected to your soul, to your deepest sense of your essence, of the unique energy of you, where is that centred in you? Is it in the belly, in solar-plexus, in the heart? Each of these is a kind of a centre. If you want, you can even place your hand on your body where you feel this sense of a centre. Breathe into that place. The second part of coaching process is to be open, in particular, you have to be open in your heart but also in

your mind, to possibilities, in your vision, so, as you are being centred, you are open, and, then, to became aware of your body, from the bottom of your feet all the way, through all body, feel the three-dimensional space around all the part of your body, from the feet to the head: a complete awareness of your body in the present and, when you feel that connection to your centre in your body, the connection of your feet to the floor and from the floor to the earth, then you can feel a sense of connection in the space, all the way to the centre of the earth, a connection below you and above you, up into the sky, to the universe, to the left and the right, to the past and to the future. Hold all of them, hold these connections in your thoughts but bigger than your thoughts, hold the sensations in your body and emotions but bigger than the sensations in your body and emotions. So, notice that sense of being in this field, in a way, in your own field. If you eyes were closed doing this, you can also stay in this place with your eyes


opened. So, open your eyes and keep feeling your body, all the way. Now, the third thing to do is to stay in this place but standing up. Coach, centred, open, aware, connected Now, find a partner and face the partner. Now, without saying anything, make sure that you can be centred in yourself. Bring your partner in your awareness. Coach, centred, open, aware, connected When you are ready and you can say it honestly, just, simply, say to your partner: I am here and then, answer to your partner: I can see you. And just notice what is unique in your partner, without saying anything. What word or symbols would you give to this field between you and your partner? How would you describe it? Just find that and share, for a moment, to your partner what is that word or symbol for the field that you sense between you. Now, find a non verbal way to say thank you to your partner.


Very briefly: do it on your own now with one other partner, I mean, find a new person and, silently, create this container. Centred, open, aware, connected And notice the differences between the two different partners.


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