What is Bridgend Growing Communities?

You may know us better as Bridgend Allotments Community Health Inclusion Project. It’s not only our name that has changed the work we are doing has moved on too. Our goal is to use community food growing as a catalyst for changing lives! We firmly believe community growing can be used to build communities and to increase opportunities for the people who live there. We are a company limited by guarantee which is currently applying for registration as a Scottish charity. We want to preserve the best of Bridgend Allotments Health Inclusion Project but to add new elements. The best just got better!

What will we do?
We will deliver open volunteering days at which social inclusion is achieved by bringing people from all backgrounds together on equal terms and will support outreach work that is focused on establishing and supporting self sustaining satellite projects in deprived areas of Edinburgh where health inequalities are among the starkest in Scotland. We want to move ahead by providing a comprehensive programme of training for both volunteers and agencies based on pilot work we have already done and to develop a social enterprise that will both provide employment opportunities for our volunteers and will also generate income to sustain the organisation. Employability – we will develop and deliver training programmes which build employability skills and help people to access college, training opportunities and jobs. We’re delivering programmes with organisations like Access to Industry which help people develop their qualifications and prepare them for the jobs market.

Why are we doing this?
Bridgend Allotments Community Health Inclusion Project is no longer receiving funding! NHS Lothian is not in a position to support the project using core funds and Fairer Scotland Funding from the City of Edinburgh Council has ceased. We explored various options to support the project with NHS Lothian and eventually both agreed that the best way to secure the funds required to support Bridgend Allotments Community Health Inclusion Project/ Bridgend Growing Communities was as a voluntary sector organisation.

EH16 4TE or call 0131 664 9559 or e-mail bridgendgrowingcommunities@gmail. Treasurer. Previous work experience in nursing. drafted staffing and management policies and procedures and applied for funding in excess of £150.com The future? We want to retain the skills. Swapna Yama. 41 Dalkeith Road. clinical and academic research at University of Edinburgh. Margaret Teale. You can e-mail us at bridgendgrowingcommunities@gmail. Karen Carrick our Secretary currently works for geenspace scotland as a research manager but was previously employed by Edinburgh Voluntary Organisations Council. She recently completed a pilot study on the therapeutic gardens in Edinburgh and served as treasurer for two years. How to get in touch with us? We have a blog at http://bridgendcommunity. Iain on 07920425955 or Serge on 07938 198164. is on the RCHS Council and Education Committee. Edinburgh. Iain has a degree in drama from Glasgow University. . Edinburgh. She is a retired adult educator and spent her professional life working in community learning and development. Steven Middlemass. Sally Swan has been a board member since 2009.SC037668. In the past six months we have prepared a business plan. Serge in interested in trying his hand at anything and making it work. Bridgend Growing Communities Charity Status Applied for.blogspot. Iain Shaw our Chair is the Director of Media Education Ltd. Committee Member is a health professional currently qualifying as a natural physician in the UK.com You can us on 0131 664 9559 or call Karen on 07775851870.Bridgend Allotment Site. 41 Dalkeith Road.blogspot. experience and enthuthiasm of staff who have been working at the project for the past four years. aka Serge is a volunteer at Bridgend and serves as a member representative on the committee. midwifery. Barbara Henson.com Or better still drop in and see us at Bridgend Allotment Site. She has a son with learning and mental health difficulties. The company is a major innovator in it’s field and specialises in using media training and production as community development tools. Committee Member. She has a law degree from Edinburgh University. EH16 4TE (Map on the blog site) Who are we? Bridgend Growing Communities Board brings together people with a wide range of abilities and skills. The company is supported by individuals and organisations across Edinburgh. Pop in and see us. He is responsible for keeping the website up to date. is a graduate in commerce with a wide experience of working in accountancy firms. We are working flat out to make sure that this sanctuary in the centre of Edinburgh is sustained.000 from over 10 organisations.com Scottish Charity Number (BACHIP) .Who supports us? We hope you will. Why not find out the latest news about us on our blog at http://bridgendcommunity.

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