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FS-250SRX Releasing System
Pre-Programmed, Addressable Releasing Control Panel
Models FS-250-SRX-EKIT, FS-250-ENCL and FS-250-ENCL-R
• One (1) intelligent signaling line circuit (Style 4 or 6)
pre-configured as Style 4

• Address points 1 through 4 are pre-configured to use
Model HTRI-D interface module for Manual Release stations and Abort switches

• Address points 5 through 20 are pre-configured to use
Model HFP-11 detectors

• Address points 21 through 26 are pre-configured to use
Model HTRI-M interface module for interconnection to Low-Pressure switches and keyed disconnects

• Auto program feature makes system commissioning
more efficient

• Easily programmable from the front keypad • SureWireTM polarity insensitive loop wiring • Utilizes H-Series detectors and devices • Devices operate on standard wire
(no twist or shield required)

• FirePrintTM application-specific fire detection • NAC circuits
NAC 1 (Class B) is pre-configured for First Alarm (pre-set to Temporal tone) / Pre-Discharge (pre-set to Steady tone) NAC 3 (Class B) is pre-configured for discharge (pre-set to Steady tone) NAC 2 (Class B) and NAC 4 (Class B) are pre-configured for general-alarm purposes

• Three (3) on-board, programmable relays,
plus one (1) Fail / Safe relay for Trouble events

• Releasing Features
Pre-configured to support one releasing zone Pre-configured with standard AHJ abort sequence 1-inch tall, 3-inch wide numerical countdown-timer display (pre-configured with 30-second delay)

• Maintenance and technician-level
passwords for added security

UL 864 9th Edition Listed; FM, CSFM & NYMEA Approved

Product Overview
The FS-250SRX Releasing System is a preprogrammed, addressable releasing control panel that can be used exclusively with the SinorixTM Engineered Fire-Suppression System. Model FS-250-SRX-EKIT includes:
One (1) system enclosure (Model FS-250-ENCL) One (1) electronics package (Model FS-250-CON2) Two (2) system transformers (Model FS-NPE) One (1) releasing transformer (FS-RPT) One (1) releasing module (FS-REL)

The releasing module, Model FS-REL, includes two (2), independent releasing circuits – each circuit rated at 1.5 Amp, but is pre-configured to support one (1) releasing zone. The FS-250SRX fire alarm panel also provides four (4) different Abort options: Address points 1 through 4 are pre-configured to use Model HTRI-D interface module with 30-second delay, via the Abort Switch.

s Industry, Inc.
Building Technologies Division


Acknowledge.0 amps. providing 252 input / output addresses. or can be programmed to activate simultaneously with the detector. chimes. Twisted. Systems can be configured to sound different codes on the same NAC to indicate different conditions: .) The FS-250SRX Releasing System can be installed using any of the H-series P-2 devices. Model MH-501 has a rating of 120VAC for connection to other systems.5 amps. One (1) additional non-programmable ‘Form C’ dry-contact relay is provided that activates only on Trouble events ─ operating in Fail / Safe mode in order to activate if there is a system power failure.5 amps of 24VDC for powering horns. and supports standard. A low-cost. etc. via an 80-character maximum. Password protection of maintenance and tech-level functions is present.NAC 2 (Class B) and NAC 4 (Class B) are pre-configured for general alarm events Specifications The FS-250SRX Releasing System indicates Alarm. the SinorixTM Engineered Fire-Suppression System will follow the sequence of events as programmed in the releasing panel. Style 4 addressable signaling line circuit. including the Model HFP-11 FirePrintTM detector. Alarm Silence and System Reset is each accomplished with built-in membrane control buttons. Intelligent Addressable Device Loop The FS-250SRX Releasing System utilizes the advanced P-2 protocol for the detection circuit. backlit LCD display and integral system-status LEDs. more cost-competitive applications. and other compatible notification appliances. polarity insensitivity. pre-configured to support 26 addressable input devices: Address points 1 through 4 are pre-configured to use Model HTRI-D for Manual Release stations and Abort switches Address points 5 through 20 are pre-configured to use Model HFP-11 detectors Address points 21 through 26 are pre-configured to use Model HTRI-M for interconnection to Low-Pressure switches and keyed disconnects The FS-250SRX Releasing System has three (3) programmable ‘Form C’ dry-contact relays. Non-Shielded. and retrofit installations using almost any type of wire (i. normally closed contact ‘dead-man type’ push-button switch. Each NAC is fully programmable. response time under 3 seconds. the Model ILED-HC or Model ILED-HW Intelligent Remote LED – which can be programmed to mimic the detector LED or can respond to panel logic – can be installed. Basic user and maintenance level functions (such as Viewing History or System Enable / Disable) are also accomplished through the built-in membrane control buttons. Inc. These auxiliary devices can be controlled through logic. which contains one normally open contact. relay detector base. Building Technologies Division .e.Product Overview – (continued) A 1-inch tall. which – while held in – prevents discharge of the clean agent.NAC 1 (Class B) is pre-configured for First Alarm / Pre-Discharge . standard model for the Manual Release Station is the double-action Model MH-501. (See the ILED installation or catalog sheet for details. Abort Station Model AW-1 Abort Station employs a momentary. Manual Release Station The basic. custom-coded outputs of audible devices. or remote lamp associated with it. 3-inch wide numerical countdowntimer display is available at the main panel and at the optional FS-250SRX remote annunciator.) Each detector can also have an optional audible detector base. strobes. Upon release of the push button. The P-2 loop features include SureWireTM technology. The FS-250SRX Releasing System also has four (4) ‘Class B’ or two (2) ‘Class A’ notification-appliance circuits built into its main board. Each circuit has a capacity of 1. Pre-Alarm. If a detector accessory (such as a relay or audible base) is installed and an additional remote lamp is required. Each relay is rated at 1 amp @ 28VDC. The basic FS-250SRX Releasing System features a single. The FS-250SRX Releasing System can support 38 AH battery sets – up to 12 AH will fit inside the enclosure. – Shielded. Auxiliary 24VDC power is also available on the main board with a capacity of up to 0. ultimately resulting in the release of the Sinorix agent. Supervisory and Trouble conditions. The system capacity for the four (4) NAC circuits is 3. Model HFPO-11 detector is also offered.NAC 3 (Class B) is pre-configured for Discharge . s Industry. Models FS-250-ENCL (Black enclosure) and FS-250-ENCL-R (Red enclosure) are the two (2) models available for the FS-250SRX Releasing System. which is a non-FirePrint photoelectric device for the less-demanding.

38AH capacity Supply: Environmental: Auxiliary Power Outputs: System Status Relays: Notification Appliance Circuits: Battery: Current .5 Amp with resettable and non-resettable power outputs Four (4) relays rated @ 1 Amp. The SRX Advantage The FS-250SRX Releasing System offers protection of an organization’s most critical assets. Further. it is necessary to operate the ‘push-in’ tab first to provide access to the ’pull-down’ lever.3cm.5A each. it takes less time to install a FS-250SRX Releasing System. An added benefit to the FS-250SRX Releasing System is the option of having password protection.) x 5-1/4" (13. 28 VDC resistive Rating per NAC circuit.) x 5-1/4" (13. MH-501 is constructed of durable.) FS-NPE (2 Qty.) deep Dimensions: Municipal Tie Module Cable & Programming Software Semi-Flush Trim. fitted with a ‘Pull Down’ lever and a ‘Push In’ tab.) FS-250SRX Dimensions FS-250-ENCL 500-648952 FS-250 Enclosure.) FS-RPT (1 Qty.) x 18" (46cm. Ceiling Remote Lamp. Ceiling Intel Lamp. Wall Air-Duct Housing with Relay Air-Duct Housing Main / Reserve Selector Switch Abort Station Agent Release: Dual-Action. Black Relay Processor Card 8-Relay Extender Serial Annunciator Processor Card 16-Output Annunciator Extender Serial Digital Alarm Comm. due to the manual Auto Program feature of the FS-250SRX Releasing System Less wiring is involved in the FS-250SRX Releasing System than with other conventional systems The Auto Program feature and less wiring dramatically reduce the time needed for installation. A laptop PC is not required for programming. which secures this product from tampering and non-authorized service. Larger batteries require separate enclosures.Specifications – (continued) Manual Release Station MH-501 is ‘dual-action’ type. Inc. Red Semi-Flush Trim. lead-acid battery with 7AH . matte-finished in red with raised lettering in white.) x 18-3/8" (46cm. molded polycarbonate material. Enclosure only: 22" (56cm. Red Note: FS-250SRX Electronics Package must be ordered with the SinorixTM cylinder assembly and Sinorix agent. Hence. Details for Ordering Model Number Part Number Description FS-250-SRX-EKIT 599-050589 FS-250SRX Electronics Package Includes: FS-250-CON2 (1 Qty. Supply: @ 120 VAC Secondary Power 24-volt. Optional Accessories  Model Number FS-RD3-R FS-RD3 FS-RU2 FS-RE8 FS-SAU2 FS-SAE16 FS-DACT FS-MT FS-CT2 FS-SFT-R FS-SFT HFPO-11 HFP-11 HFPT-11 RL-HC RL-HW ILED-HC ILED-HW AD2-HR AD2-P CPY-MRS AW-1 MH-501 HMS-S HMS-D HMS-M HTRI-S HTRI-D HTRI-R HTRI-M HLIM HZM DPU DPU-PRT DPU-C1 Part Number 500-649910 500-649700 500-649308 500-699467 500-649307 500-699469 500-699464 500-699462 500-649380 500-648955 500-648954 500-034800 500-033290 500-033380 500-033230 500-033310 500-048809 500-048837 500-649708 500-649706 500-697964BG 500-822500 500-622543 500-033200 500-033400 500-033450 500-033370 500-033360 500-033390 500-034000 500-033170 500-034850 500-033260 500-034020 500-033990 Description Remote Annunciator. Transmitter (DACT) (Front View) (Shown In Inches) Technical Data Operating Temperature: 32-120°F (0-49°C) Relative Humidity: up to 93% @ 90°F (32°C) Primary Input Voltage: 120 VAC (60 Hz. Red Remote Annunciator.) deep Enclosure with door: 22-9/32" (56cm. Manual Pull Station Single-Action Manual Station Dual-Action Manual Station Metal Manual Station Single-Input Monitor Module Dual-Input Monitor Module Single Input w/ Relay Module Mini Single-Input Module Line Isolator Conventional-Zone Module Device Programming / Loop Unit Label Printer with Carrying Case DPU Carrying Case s Industry.3cm. The body of the MH-501control is hinged to a back-plate assembly to which it is locked with a socket-head screw. which – when operated – locks in position after releasing a spring-loaded contact switch to effect actuation of the release circuit. Black FS-250-ENCL-R 500-648953 FS-250 Enclosure.) FS-REL (1 Qty. MH-501 is constructed with a molded housing. conventional releasing panels.0.4 Amps. and presents the most advanced detection technologies available on the fire-safety market – all at a conventional price. Building Technologies Division . 6A max. Black Photo-Only Detector FirePrint Detector Thermal Detector Remote Lamp. Base cabinet accommodates a 12 AH battery set. compared to other competitive.) Primary Power Maximum Primary Input Current: 2. 1. and then closing and locking its cover. Wall Intel Lamp. Restoring the system to normal is only accomplished by opening the cover of the hinged housing with an ‘uncommon tool’.

For the most up-to-date information. NJ 07932 Tel: (973) 593-2600 FAX: (908) 547-6877 URL: www.com/FIS (SII)  Printed in U.S. Inc.Wiring Diagram Main Termination Board Notice: This marketing catalog sheet is not intended to be used for system design or installation purposes. February 2010 New Issue . refer to each product’s installation instructions.Siemens. Building Technologies Division Fire Safety 8 Fernwood Road Florham Park.A.SBT. s Industry.

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