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Entropy (information theory)

WLPC SPIHT Boltzmann Sub-band coding Gamma statistical thermodynamics thermodynamics second law of LempelZiv stochastic(disambiguation) entropy rate -law Rate distortion theory History of entropy Color space Entropy process Bernoulli trial ShannonFano Wavelet Huffman Video Boltzmann's constant resolution Quantization NyquistShannon theorem Cross entropy thermodynamic entropy Speech compression limit expected value quantities of information History Markov source of information theory Differential entropy density matrix LZRW independent and identically-distributed random variables thermodynamic system Qualitative information Entropy in thermodynamics and variation theory PlanetMath Kolmogorov complexity alphabet von Neumann entropy Entropy encoding Jensen LSP combinatoricsinequality Entropy rate LAR VBR Rnyi entropy Entropy (arrow of time) Complexity Joint entropy Redundancy Binary entropy function Motion compensation Convolutionand sufficient necessary Companding LZ77/78 dit Dynamic range Sampling A-law Interlace Negentropy Universal probability density function universal computer quantum physics Range Frame types Fibonacci compression positive integers DEFLATE KLT ABR Timeline of information theory, data compression, and error-correcting codes Markov model Markov chain Jaynes DMC H-theorem Landauer independent Audio BWT uniform distribution nominal distributions Boltzmann constant Mutual information LZWL Loomis-Whitney inequality Shannon's source coding theorem Data compression Kolmogorov-Sinai entropy program PPM compression algorithm Image typical set LZO

Latency orthogonal projection Maxwell'ssurprisal demon CTW Theory Theil index LZS entropy Gibbs Byte pair encoding Video fair coin LZMA Video characteristics die LZJB Test images Psychoacoustic model Audio codec Lempel-Ziv Bit rate bin size PSNR qualityFisher information measure random variable Limiting density of discrete points Chroma subsampling Levenshtein distance Dictionary statistical dispersion LZX MDCT Lossless Shearer's inequality Video quality binary entropy function thermodynamics LZW maximum entropy Delta Perplexity Levenshtein RLE base Exp-Golomb Compression artifact lossless A Mathematical Theory of Communication Euler's number e EZW CBR Soundcharacterized quality Image resolution Shannon index Golomb DCT Frame rate discrete probability distribution Arithmetic probability mass function information content LZSS limiting density of discrete points CELP arithmetic coding Hamming distance stationary process ACELP PPM logarithm ADPCM Chain code Pixel DPCM LPC Conditional entropy expected Redundancy (information theory) bit Entropy power inequality Video codecs Fractal nat information Frame LP Shannon-Hartley theorem Video codec parts Lossy

differential entropy information theory bits Quantum relative entropy self-information discrete random variable

kernels empirical risk minimization reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces regularization Wiley-Interscience

structural risk minimization Shannon entropy energy Gibbs free KraftMcMillan prior distribution nats utility function empirical processes patch

support vector machine

theorem code Surprisals

shattering generalization

VapnikChervonenkis theory
computational learning theory Summer Research Conference on AI Dartmouth Weka Supervised learning time complexity Decision tree learning data modeling Predictive analytics Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) game playing random variables Semi-supervised learning structural health monitoring computation regression RapidMiner machine perception Shogun logic programming supervised learning toolbox non-linear natural language processing search engines adaptive control data taxonomy data mining stock market Genetic programming Computational intelligence ODM Artificial neural network probability theory classification object recognition artificial intelligence Pattern recognition adaptive websites

Kullback-Leibler divergence
probability distributions divergences Principle of Maximumentropy maximization Entropy premetric Deviance information criterion KolmogorovSmirnov distance cross entropy Laplace total variation RadonNikodym derivative work available symmetric Bayesian information criterion partition functionAkaike information criterion marginal Principle of Insufficient Reason joint probability distribution probability maximum likelihood Riemann hypothesis Kronecker delta distance metric

Rnyi conditional entropy Bayesian statistics continuous random variable match distance posterior distribution maximum spacing JensenShannon divergence divergence Bayes d-optimal mutual theory and Annals of Mathematical Statistics Informationinformation measure theory logit weight of probability distanceevidence entropy NIPS quantum information science normal Pinsker's inequality absolutely continuous loss function pdfs Data differencing Gibbs' Information gain in decision trees inequality topology JSTOR metric measures probability space Bayes' theorem entanglement Hellinger distance Gibbs inequality Bayesian experimental design energy Helmholtz free work Gibbs Bregman divergence data

brain-machine interfaces learning Inductive Unsupervised logic programming List of machine learning algorithms inspired probabilistic graphical model statistical Transduction Learning cheminformaticsto learn model predictive speech mathematical model bioinformatics decision tree databases DNA sequences biological evolution Orange computer vision

robot locomotion conditional independencies International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML) credit card fraud

Important publications in machine learning Netflix computer programs Journal of Machine KNIME intuition connectionist Learning Research acyclic graph directed Reinforcement learning VC dimension Bayesian network data analysis computers computational neuroscience software engineering handwriting recognition software suites fitness landscape Data mining Explanation-based learning pattern recognition inductive bias artificial neurons sensor medical diagnosis Evolutionary computation genetic algorithms computationalpatterns find model evolutionary algorithm unsupervised learning syntactic pattern recognition biological neural networks Machine Learning (journal) Multi-label classification Association rule learning

Machine learning
cognitive science algorithms

thermodynamics continuous John von Neumann Fourier transform dynamical systems

polynomial time inference theoretical computer science

triangle inequality MR density calculus matrices

Computational learning theory

One-way functions Online machine learning important publications in machine learning Algorithmic learning theory belief networks Boosting boosting Bayesian inference Cryptographic probability VC theory Information theory P NP Probably approximately correct learning Bayesian probability frequency probability support vector machines machine learning

Support vector machines statistics Cluster analysis

Perceptrons Mercer's theorem

Kernel trick

kernel function linear discriminant analysis Mercer's condition IntegralCanonical correlation transforms positive definite kernel Principal component analysis Kernel methods Fisher Linear classifications

Eberlein-mulian theorem operator algebras dot product measure spaces square-integrable reflexive linear combination complex projective space curve orthogonal polynomials closed operator Hilbert Spherical harmonics abstract linear space unit uncertainty principle algebra function spaces Hilbert compact convergence ball openness closed set linear subspace least squares signal processing PMID converges von Neumann, John L dual space Schrdinger equation symmetric matrices quantum mechanics Zorn's lemma Pythagorean theorem idempotent cardinality densely-defined operator cardinal number eigenvalue matrix orthogonal integral operators coordinate axes mathematics form harmonic analysis bilinear weakly convergent open mapping complete metric space set of measure zero continuous spectrum cokernel integral kernel ordinary differentialunitary equations Poisson equation Riesz potential Bessel potential noncommutative harmonic analysis spaces of square-integrable functions Riemann integrable measure Szeg kernel Topologies on the set of operators on a Hilbertamplitude probability space University of St Andrews limit point hearing the shape of a drum complex numbers mathematical analysis linear algebra measurements Poisson kernel integral equations if and only if -algebra self-adjoint Wightman axioms inner product space trace hyperplane linearly dependent Lebesgue measure compact parallelogram identity zeroth law of thermodynamics Alaoglu's theorem generalized functions inner product kernel Euclidean plane natural Encyclopaedia of Mathematics Dirichlet boundarysquare root conditions wavelets AtiyahSinger index theorem open mapping theorem reproducing kernel Hilbert space weak harmonic functions integral operator HilbertSchmidt operators Galois connection eigenfunction expansion Hodge theory spherical harmonics symmetries topological sets spectral decomposition bounded vector spaces surjective pure states

mathematical series operators unbounded Lp space bijective Hilbert manifold resolvent operator monotone function eigenfunctions vectors positive definite Hlder spaces orthonormal basis energy countably limits weakly compact infinite mathematical formulations of quantum mechanics overtonesHamiltonian Nordheim, Lothar (Wolfgang) SturmLiouville problem LaxMilgram theorem series electron exp linear Cauchy criterion Cartesian coordinates operator uniformly convex Banach space supremum bounded inverse theorem Bessel potentials complex conjugate HahnBanach theorem structure Fredholm operators hyperbolic partial differential equations positive operator valued measure closedness Hilbert-Schmidt operators linear span Operator theory linear operators spinors norm adjoint Hermitian operators group total energy pseudodifferential operators hydrogen atom phase space parabolic partial differential equations orthogonal projections tensor product ergodic theory real compact group linearly independent rings square-summable Galerkin quantum field theory differentiation method complex Cauchy sequence operator algebra uniform boundedness principle representation theory value absolute countable isometry bounded linear operators differential geometry Multivariable calculus Sobolev functions Tensor product of Hilbert spaces observables Spectral theory of ordinary differential equations projection complex analysis unit Riemann integral vectors chaotic weak derivatives inclusion mapping spectral theory harmonic series orbitals Parseval identity topological holomorphic functions Cartesian product ISSN Bolzano-Weierstrass theorem direct countably additive measure methods in the calculus of variations sequences infinite sequences Bergman spaces converges absolutely complex plane separable operator metric space matrixtrigonometric series mechanics compact change of basis laws of Dirichlet eigenvalues C thermodynamics Gibbs phenomenon for spherical functions Cauchy's integral formula Plancherel theorem complete unitary representation Bergman kernel of transformation pairs spectrum an operator vector space coercive ordered eigenvector commutator operator unitary Laplace applied mathematics spectral mapping theorem Peter-Weylunitary operators theorem converges with respect to this norm sequence space simple tensors RiemannStieltjes integral von Hardy spaces physics Bunimovich stadiumNeumann algebras finite element method Sobolev spaces linear functional continuous functional calculus Rigged Hilbert spaces direct methods Riesz representation theorem space Zbl topological dual operator norm resolution of the identity projectivization of sequences closed graph theorem momentum partial order partial differential equations Fock space degrees of freedom Robin boundary conditions Hamel basis Weak convergence (Hilbert space) SturmLiouville theory elliptic spectral theorem polarization identity Euclidean space Linear operators CauchySchwarz inequality functional analysis spectral theorem for compact self-adjoint operators C*-algebras elliptic equations Unbounded operators Fourier analysis bra-ket notation function space (orthogonal) direct sum of an arbitrary family topological vector space sum degree of freedom Fourier series convex functionals groupsspace relatively compact state mathematical dense double dual space system Riemannian manifold dynamical isometry group Banach spaces compact operators vector algebra operator numerical analysishermitian operators Riesz-Fischer theorem Hodge decompositionspace Banach spectrum weighted unit disc linear billiard engineering bosonic field homotopy closure History of Mathematics archive differential operator MacTutor Plancherel theorem function Lebesgue integral Green's conserved quantities set PMC compact absolutely convergent parallelogram law Self-adjoint unbounded Liouville's theorem closedcalculus of variations operators position temperature

Hilbert space