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Odins Story

A story by Odin, the man, not the god

Written by Jim Folkes, told from Odins point of view

Before you continue reading remember that this book is an imaginary world using items from the real world. But most things wont be historically correct.

Chapter 1

I looked out over the stormy seas off the coast of the hill we lived on. It was always stormy here. The waves could grow to fifty feet tall at times, but they served as good protection from the nearby tribes. We would have occasional battles with rival tribes but they never got really severe. I am Odin, Im eighteen and five foot eleven. Im good with a sword and strong, thats all you really need around here. This small hut was all I had ever since the

Mainlanders destroyed the village; Ive lived here ever since. These rocks hide my small cave from the outside world. I am Odin. Im eighteen, good with a sword and an outlaw.

Chapter 2
First Light

I was woken by the glint of sun reflecting off my sword, hanging from its place on the wall. Groaning, I heaved myself out of bed. It was early, for the sun was barely in the sky. I walked over to the small fire pit I had made when I had found the cave. I took my flint and lit the fire I had prepared the night before. I got the bread off the shelf and sliced off a large chunk. Quickly devouring the bread I looked for more food. I had caught a rabbit the night before and hung it out. I got a spit and started to cook the rabbit. It was so different from three years ago. My mother would have had food ready by now and my father would already be eating. Now I was cooking for my younger brother and father. Strapping on my sword and reaching for my bow, I went over to my brother and shook him awake. Goway Get up I said. No Come on! Fine

Content that my brother would wake and finish cooking the rabbit I left to go hunting. It was dangerous hunting. Bears could kill you and men could too. Some hunters from the mainland hunted here too. Occasionally I would have to shoot a man if he saw me. I was walking along when I spotted some deer tracks. Following them carefully they lead me to a river. There was an obvious path on the other side. Walking through the huge pines I could now see the deer in front of me. It was a male the horns were big and it was big. I slowly notched an arrow into my bow and drew back the string. Stepping forward I snapped a twig lying on the ground. The deer turned and ran. Quickly I released. My shot caught the deer in the lower thigh. Cursing myself I ran after it. Bounding through the forest ahead of me I could see it was favouring the leg that was fine. It was leading me back towards my cave. Then an arrow whizzed past my head. Dam I thought. Sometimes hunters would kill other hunters so they could catch the deer for themselves. Still running I notched an arrow into my bow. I knelt down, aimed, and fired. The arrow flew true, lodging itself in the back of the deers neck. I dropped to the ground just as another arrow flew by. The other hunter walked over to the deer and started tying its legs. Stupid man I thought. You should always check if your victim is alive or not. Silently I crept through the grass to the left of the man. Then with the eerie sound of a sliding blade I drew my sword and charged. He tried to block with his knife but missed, and my blade sheared across the flesh on his back. He was dead instantly. The man had done a decent job of stringing the beast so I just took it home. * * *

By the time I arrived back I was sweaty, hungry, and tired. Kwain, my brother, had finished the rabbit and he and my father were eating. Youve brought home a rich prize there boy! exclaimed my father. I had to kill a man for it to I replied. Was it a mainlander? Yes, he was trying to take it for himself But you didnt let him have it, good man he said, grabbing my shoulder. Kwain, give your brother some food Yes I was starving, so the rabbit seemed extra good. A fine job youve done on this Kwain! Thanks Odin Are you going to come hunting tomorrow? Maybe, it will depend on whether its nice or not

Youre not going to have perfect hunting conditions for the rest of your life you know Yes, I guess Odins right Kwain said father, You should learn now rather than later anyways Yes father Good Once Id finished breakfast I sat down to sharpen my sword. I picked up my whetstone and started dragging it along the length of the blade. I always enjoyed doing this, it gave me time to relax and sort everything out in my head. I started thinking about where I would take Kwain hunting tomorrow. I could take him to the creek where I went but there might be more hunters. I thought it would be best to take him to the mountain. It was this massive hill with tons of places to turn and hide from other hunters. The hunting there was usually good, Id shot my biggest deer there, so it would be a good experience. I had found a small valley in the heart of the mountain, I would take him there. I examined the sword one last time and set down the blade, and tried to put the vision if the dead hunter out of my mind.

Chapter 3
Theres smoke

The next morning, I had gotten Kwain up at dawn and wed set out just after sunrise. When we arrived at the mountain I could already smell deer. I carried my sword and a large hunting bow, and Kwain had his small sword and compact bow. I let him lead. He started for the small opening at the base of the mountain. We walked under the twisting rock and tangling plants that had mutilated the rocks. The first sign of deer we saw was a small trail leading into a marsh. Slowly my brother descended into the marsh, then stepped up on a log that had fallen across the bog. We could now see the faint outline of several deer lining the woods. I got my brothers attention and acted out notching an arrow into an imaginary bow. I hung back.

He advanced on the deer, and slowly drew back the string. One of the deers ears perked up, and he fired. The arrow cleaved through the flesh on the front of the deers front leg. I drew another arrow and fired. It slammed home, piercing the flesh and muscle in the second deers neck, piercing the windpipe. My brother had already started after the first deer hed shot and was now almost upon it. A saw him lunge at the deer, sword drawn, then he sliced the underside of its neckbut not before he got a kick in the arm by the deers hind legs. I ran over to where he lay. I looked at his arm and gasped. The deer had missed his forearm, but had managed to break two of the fingers on his left hand. The hand was a bloody mess, bones sticking out of the skin. It hurts he said. I think there broken I replied. Did it get away? he asked, looking for the deer. No, you did a fine job of slitting the creatures throat What about yours? A deer cant run without any air in its lungs I joked. I can stand, but I cant carry anything with this hand Its all right, I can carry one, and you and father will carry the other. Ill be right back When I arrived back with father he helped me string them and tie them to a stick. It was only then that I saw a trail of smoke rising above the tree tops. Quiet! I said urgently but quietly. We crept closer to the house. To my horror I realised this was the way I went to get back to the house when I went hunting here. I recognised the twisted rocks wed passed under earlier there ominous look undying. As I looked into the clearing I could see fire coming from our house, and men walking around in the debris. Theres only four father, do you think we can take them? I knew we could I just needed fathers agreement. Slowly I drew my sword, and my father his. My brother would stay and shoot any that were at far enough away from father and me that he wouldnt risk killing us. I rapidly lunged out of the underbrush and ran at the first man. He heard me and turned to face his opponent. Slashing across at his shoulder, he blocked and forced my sword to the right. Quickly I spun and slashed his left arm near the shoulder. He tried to come up to meet my next stab, but he was too slow and my blade glanced off one of his ribs before puncturing his right lung. I jerked my blade loose and shoved him to the ground. I ran to meet the next man. He tried to slash across my chest but I deflected the blow and it fell short of my shoulder. I brought my arm back and smashed the hilt of my sword into his face, breaking his nose. Then I brought my sword back and slashed him across the chest, then thrust the point of the blade clear through his throat with both hands. Suddenly an arrow thumped into the back of the man I had just killed, instantly another arrow came from behind and slammed into the base of the mans throat. Kwain I thought. I stabbed the next man in the chest before hed brought his

sword down, and then turned to find Kwain. A wave of horror struck me as I saw him being dragged away by two men whod been missed by me and father. I was torn between helping Kwain or my father. If I left my father he might die when I could have saved him. Go! I heard my father yell. I looked over and he gestured for me to help Kwain. I started after my brother, but just as I turned around a massive shape blocked my view. The man standing before me had a double bladed axe in his right hand and a broadsword in his left. He smiled at me evilly and started forward. I hardly had time to bring up my sword to deflect the huge blow from the axe, but he gave me no break. It was immediately followed be a slash from the right with his sword. Twisting I parried the blow, dodged the axe and deflected another swing from the sword. He brought the axe down upon me again and it took all my strength from both arms to resist. I was thrown to the ground as the sword came to stab me in the chest. I rolled out of the way ad slashed for his side. My blade glanced the muscle in the giants mid-section. Roaring he threw a mighty combination of blows down on me. I had to roll away from every other one. I faked a lunge at his chest and dropped the blade to his stomach. The man jumped back. I took this brief time to jump to my feet and inflict a quick series of strokes at the mans shoulder. Only one struck home, but that was all I needed. My blade had severed the muscle in his left shoulder, rendering the arm useless. As a last resort he swung madly at me with the axe, attempting to hit me using pure force. On the fifteenth swing I could feel the energy abandoning his axe arm. He brought the axe down on my shoulder, but I dodged clear and sliced the palm of his hand severing all his fingers except for the thumb. He howled in pain and kicked me ten feet back. But the momentum was too much and his strength was escaping out his wounded shoulder and his hand, so he fell. It was all I needed once again; I pounced on him and rammed the blade into his chest. Slowly he stood up, growling at me from deep in the back of his throat. I slid the sword free and cut open his windpipe. The blood was gushing as he fell to the earth. I looked around. There was no sign of Kwain. Father was killing the last of the men as I ran over to him. He stabbed the man clean through the chest. Father, they took Kwain! I said urgently. I know Odin, but they will be long gone by now Well we cant just leave him! I protested. All we can do is hope he will be ok and in the meantime What father? An Ockrenthian rebellion is taking place on the north side of Wolkreth Island. There we will be able to find shelter and food until we can start a proper journey to find your brother A single tear slowly slid down his cheek. So thats what were going to do I stated. No. Thats what youre going to do. What! I cant leave you here! Im not going to be here. I will run and catch up with the men who took your younger brother. Then I will come also

No you must join the army, I will search Fine, but I will come and find you after Im finished my journey Good bye son Bye father He turned away and started for the forest. I took one last look, and then went the opposite way. I would get what I could from the house then leave. I found my armour, my shield and all my weapons. The mens fire was not intense enough to melt them. My armour was made be my grandfather and had been his throughout his life. The helmet had the regular shape for the part that covered the back of your neck. There was a strong piece of metal covering my nose, with two pieces of metal coming down and covering my cheeks. They came in toward the middle just enough that they made good strong eyeholes. The chest plate fit my chest nicely, unlike the mainlanders, whose chest plates stuck out at the gut and fit loosely. Mine also only had overlapping shoulder pads instead of a single plate covering your forearm. My shield was round, with a black and blue dragon in the middle. Once I was fully equipped I ran to the place in the forest where we kept the horses. My horse was black with an almost pure white mane. His name was Drago. My father had obviously taken his and my brothers horse with him. I leapt up onto Drago and urged him forward. He was a good horse and responded quickly. I watched as the place Id come to call home disappeared into the trees. The forest cleared and the land took the shape of rolling green hills. In the distance I could see the stream that use to mark the borders of the tribes who use to rule here. Now, fifty years later, I was crossing it for the reason none other than life. Fifty years ago I would have been cut down had I done this. The herds of animals ran in fright as I passed. Inside the mountains there were bears the size of four horses, capable of tearing a man apart with one swipe of its mighty paws. The night fell swiftly upon us and without warning. I dismounted and set up a small shelter. It would be a long night. I took out my whetstone and started the pattern Id learned so well. Drag down the blade, stroke up other side and twist off at the end nearest the handle, the repeat on the other side. Drago was eating the long grass that grew outside the forests edge. I was not worried about getting discovered. It would be deserted for miles. With that thought in mind I fell asleep.

Three days later I sat, slouching in the saddle of Drago, barely able to keep myself up. It felt like forever since I had left my burning house, to find the armies of the rebels.

There was a noise in the bushes beside me. Cautiously I dismounted and drew my sword, suddenly more alert. A dozen figures with bows came forth. State your business stranger, and youre free to go Who are you? I asked. Thats none of your business! Now state your business! Why wont you tell me who you are? Do you fear I will find out your rebels, from some army?! Massing an attack on the mainlanders? Well so we are! But your dead now boy, doesnt matter if a dead man knows us Wait! I wish to join the armies of the rebels, to fight the mainlanders. I want to help you How do we know youre now lying through your bloody cracked teeth so you can assassinate us all while was asleep? Can you assure me of that boy? No, but you have my word, sworn on my honor Im not lying Good enough for me. Now get your arse up on that beast of yours and get moving! We rode for another day before we reached the camp. There were gers of every size, fires warming the hands of men and cattle calling to be fed. This one will be yours for tonight; the general will talk with you in the morning I took one look at the bed and knew that the man whod found me did not like me. But it was better than nothing, and after no bed for days I was asleep in minutes.

Chapter 4
Bloody Uniting

The liquid was better than anything Id ever tasted as I took spoonful after spoonful and ate it greedily. I was supposed to meet the general at sunrise. I put on the clean pair of wool pants the man had given me, and a cotton shirt. I sat and waited for the meeting. A messenger poked his head in the small ger Id been given. The general shall see you now

I stood to leave, but a man stepped through the small flap at the front of the ger, blocking my path. Going somewhere? he said kindly. He went into the tent and asked if he may sit. Who are you? I asked. I am the general Legdrus, leader of the armies of the rebels Im sorry sir; I had no idea of your status! I said, bowing as low as I could. Please get up I slowly rose. It has come to my attention you wish to join our army and fight with us against the rebels Yes sir. They took my little brother and burned my home. I want nothing more than for them to learn their place Well we will test your loyalty now, sir Im afraid I dont follow you? A small group of Mainlanders are riding toward this camp as we speak. I want you to stop them. I will give you ten men and good strong horses. And if you try to escape they will cut you down, is that clear? Yes sir Good! I shall see you tomorrow then, if youre successful Then he left. I quickly strapped on my armour, glad to have a chance to prove myself loyal to the general. Snatching my sword I left my ger. The men were waiting outside for me. I mounted my horse, watching the other men intently. We ran through the camp at full gallop, avoiding drunken men from the night before. I ran through the last line of gers and saw them. There were twenty all together, with one figure tied to a horse. I gave the men their orders. Half of them would ride around the back to flank them when the rest of us charged at the front line.


Coming around so that our horses were facing I drew my sword. The clash of two horses was a heavy impact. The man attacking me slashed down with the strange weapon he held. I blocked the blade with my own and rammed my shield into the mans face, breaking his nose. I stabbed him through the neck as I passed. The next man hit my shield with a hard pike thrust, tossing me from the saddle. I quickly stood, and slashed at the passing horses legs. The horse tumbled, rider with it and I stabbed him in the back. The rest of the strange men could do little as we hacked at them, and in the end they were a bloody pile of mangled bodies. I ran over to the horse carrying the limp figure Id seen earlier. The man had hideous gashes along his thighs and arms. I could see they were becoming infected. The man wouldnt live long. I turned him over and recoiled at the sight. There, on the bloody saddle, lay the body of my father.

I lay on my side beside my father. Wed been talking for an hour or two now. Hed been captured by the Mainlanders when hed been close to finding my brother. He had killed three of his captures before they were forced to tie him to the horse. The doctor that Legdrus had assigned to my father didnt expect him to live much longer. It was all I could do to make sure it wouldnt happen. He was weak, and the wounds were still seeping blood. Odin he said weakly. Yes father We both know I will not live much longer No, youll make it You know thats not true I will go after Kwain. I will find him as you almost did No. You must stay with the army. They will eventually find him Yes father. Father? His chest had gone still.


I started to feel the tears fall down my cheeks. I took one last look at the man whod cared for me. Then I left. I went straight to the generals tent, ignoring the guards. When do we ride? I demanded. In a week. I take it your fathers dead then Yes Then we shall set out immediately. Id hoped to have him in our ranks, along with some others. But they died too, so we have no need to wait any longer Yes general I said. Then I left.

Chapter 5
Inner furry

I stood at the edge of the army. We rode six days to reach the camp of Elsindor, base to the mainlanders. I was a soldier of Legdruss army, and I followed him with pride. Hed proved himself worthy, as I had when we stumbled upon a small group of no more than 200 Mainlanders. Hed won us that victory without losing more than twenty men. This was a small amount, considering we had 4000 men. Now we stood on the edge of another battle. We would plough through the mass of tents and gers as if they were nothing. The fort held 6000 men, all of which were drunk and stumbling. It would be easy killing. Charge! The order ran through the army and the horses were urged forward. We gained speed until we were at full run. I aimed for a gap between two tents where two drunks were frantically looking for their swords. I killed them with two crushing swings to their heads, leaving them sprawled out on the ground. I ran through the camp, crushing people with my horse, rather than with sword. I flew out the other side of the camp. Spinning around I started firing arrows through


the mass of men. One ran up to me, so I rammed him through the chest with an arrow I had in my hand. The enemy was finally getting it together and I could see ranks forming. We shot arrow after arrow into them, thinning their ranks incredibly. By the time we were done they only had 2000 men left.