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Biweekly Newsletter: December 9, 2011 This is the OccupySF Labor Solidarity Working Group's biweekly newsletter. This working group was initiated to begin to centralize the outpouring of support that organized workers and unions are showing the Occupy movement. We have seen that labor solidarity in NYC, and now the Bay Area, has been a key component to the sustainability and growth of Occupy. We want to streamline communication between organized labor and the OccupySF movement by developing a network of sympathetic unions and rank-and-file activists. This working group will also help union members garner support within their unions and work sites for OccupySF. The hope is that OccupySF can continue to benefit from the resources and labor skills that organized labor can provide; we also hope union members find inspiration and learn from a fresh and growing movement. email us to be added to listserve like us at:

and Action Councils have endorsed an action on 1/20/12. Various organization and coalitions are beginning to solidify a plan around how to make it a significant action. As part of the OccupySF Action Council, the working group has committed to building this action. 15mins. b. Report Back from Sub-Groups: 1. Labor Defense Sub-Group will report back around developing an Occupy/union action to protest a non-union construction site downtown. 15mins 2. Labor Thursday Sub-Group: What are the next steps for Labor Thursdays. 15mins 3. Other Sub-Group Updates: TBA 15mins. Announcements: Report backs from the Outreach, Communications, and Direct Action working groups; review Action Council Meeting; updated from Labor Council reps. 10mins.
*All working group meetings have finished on time!!!

There are five sections to newsletter: 1. Next Meeting Info 2. Important Updates 3. Key Dates for Mobilizing Unionists 4. Overview of Working Group Activities 5. Opportunities to Get Involved in Working Group 1. Next Meeting Info Time: Regular Tuesday Meeting (Dec. 13th this week) at 6:30pm Location: One Rincon Center food court at 121 Spear Street. It is a quiet food court very close to the Justin Herman Plaza camp. From Justin Herman Plaza walk down Steuart Street to halfway between Mission and Howard. Enter the plaza directly across from the Embarcadero YMCA. You could also enter the plaza from its official entrance at 121 Spear Street. The meeting will be at the inside tables just past the entrance to the One Rincon Center food court. If lost, dont hesitate to call: 415 613-3253 Proposed Agenda: 90 Minutes* a. Reflect on December 12th Action. Report back from all working group members involved. How can Occupy outreach to rank-and-file and unions in future? 20mins Mass Day of Action: Occupy b. Discuss January Wall Street West. The OccupySF General Assembly 20th

2. Important Updates a. OccupySF Encampment Raid and Torn Down. Early morning on December 8th, the OccupySF encampment was raided. Police quickly dismantled the camp discarding the belongings of a number campers. This all happened while OccupySF had made a consistent effort to work with city officials. Later that evening Occupy activists retook the space for a general assembly. Police aggressively dispersed the assembly trapping around sixty activists in the square. Activists surrounded the police eventually forcing them to retreat. Currently, there is a small encampment at 101 Market. b. The OccupySF Labor Solidarity Working Group has created subgroups to delegate tasks and accomplish more. They are the December 12th Port Action Subgroup, Labor Defense Subgroup, Labor Thursday Subgroups, Education Subgroup, and Resolution Subgroup. If you have any questions on what these subgroups are accomplishing, please feel free to come to a meeting, or email us and we will put you in contact with the member of the subgroup you are interested in. c. Live donations page is still up and running. Please refer to this page when considering what to donate to OccupySF. Heres the link: MORE INFO ON BACK!!!

3. Keys Dates for Mobilizing Members.* a. December 10th: International Human Rights Day March with OccupySF: You can take our tents but you cant take our movement. 3pm on Saturday. b. December 10th: Occupy Education NorCal Organizing Meeting: Meeting will discuss call for possible Strike/Day of Action in February for all public schools. Berkeley office of the UAW Local 2865 (2070 Allston Way, suite #205, UC Berkeley, next to Downtown Berkeley BART), and will start at 12 pm. c. December 12th: West Coast Port Shutdown! The working group voted in favor mobilizing for the West Coast Port Shut Down. The action has also been endorsed by the OSF General Assembly and OSF Action Council. While official labor support officially has not endorsed the action(other than OEA), there is significant indication that there is support on the ground. It should be acknowledged that though the action is extremely popular within the working group, it does not represent the opinion of every member of the working group. To learn more about the action, especially outreach to unions, please visit its website at: Fliers and mobilizing information will is available at the website as well. d. January 20th: Occupy Wall Street West: Mass Day of Action in the Financial District. More info to come. e. May 1st: A national network of Occupy labor outreach groups has voted to begin organizing for a mass day of action/ strike on May 1st. More info to come. Please contact working group to join the national network. d. All unions should try to mobilize for Saturday marches that start at 3pm at 101 Market every week!! *OCCUPYSF ENDORSES NO CANDIDATES. PLEASE REMEMBER NOT TO PROMOTE POLITICAL CANDIDATES AT ANY OF THESE ACTIONS. 4. Overview On Working Group Activities a. We are building a network of sympathetic unions and members that want to support OccupySF. Get on the list: b. We are continuing to promote and develop the donations page(see updates) to create an efficient and

sustainable way for unions and other organizations to effectively support OccupySF. c. We are working with the Jobs with Justice Coalition to create an emergency response network for the camp. d. We want to help members draft resolutions and facilitate union activities at OccupySF. Email if you would like assistance. e. We want to create a labor defense team that could garner support within the occupy movement to support local labor struggles. We need volunteers! f. We are creating a system that cold calls all San Francisco unions to let them know about how they can support OccupySF and vice versa. g. We are creating educational material and events to show why unions matter!!!

5. Opportunities to Get Involved in Working Group a. Come to meetings. Regular meeting time is Tuesday at 6:30pm at 121 Spear Street. Enter food court at One Rincon Center. Check messages in case of changes. Call 415 613-3253 if you need help finding the location. b. Promote working group and collect contact info of union members and sympathizers at entrance to Justin Herman Plaza on Saturday or Sunday. Volunteers needed from 12pm-3pm. Contact if interested. c. Volunteer to cold call unions and working group contacts to push unions to participate in Occupy events. Please let us know if youre interested and well send you directions. d. Join a subgroup in the working group. Work on education, labor defense campaigns, organizing Thursday and Saturday events, resolution writing support, etc. e. Write a resolution that will bring resources to OccupySF and mobilize the unions membership. Contact us to receive support in writing your resolution!!!