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Whenever Lhe Lwo words are menLloned ln con[uncLlon ln a crowded room a mlxLure of anLlclpaLlon
and eagerness Lo an upcomlng heaLed debaLe fllls Lhe room lL ls a fasclnaLlng lssue one whlch
recenLly has sparked back onLo news channels who when fllllng Lhelr lnLernaLlonal affalrs segmenLs
have reLurned Lo Lhe old classlcs afLer a brlef obsesslon wlLh Llbya Pere you wlll flnd all Lhe faceLs of
Lhe sLory decades of Lurmoll packaged lnLo a page or Lwo
1he area ln dlspuLe has been conquered and re conquered many Llmes 1he early !ewlsh populaLlon
was drlven ouL by Lhe 8oman Lmplre and laLer Lhe Arab populaLlon was esLabllshed when Lhe
CLLoman Lmplre drove ouL Lhe 8yzanLlne Lmplre 1hen Lhe flrsL ZlonlsL congress lon was held ln
1897 wlLh Lhe alm of a !ewlsh sLaLe belng creaLed WlLh lnLense lobbylng lL led Lo 8rlLaln declarlng
Lhelr supporL of a !ewlsh naLlon ln Lhe area of alesLlne ln 1917 AlLhough Lhe 8rlLlsh governmenL
had also promlsed oLLoman Arabs lndependence lf Lhey helped Lhem overLhrow Lhe CLLoman
Lmplre ln 1916 whlle aL Lhe same Llme 8rlLaln and lrance had made a secreL LreaLy Lo dlvlde conLrol
over Lhe land afLer WW1 1hese confllcLlng resoluLlons fuelled Lhe confllcL ln Lhe years LhaL followed
Lhere was Lurmoll as more and more of Lhe !ewlsh populaLlon mlgraLed Lo alesLlne escaplng from
Lhe anLlSemlLlsm LhaL was sadly rampanL ln Lhe world LaLer ln 1947 lsrael was declared a sLaLe
afLer whlch Lhe surroundlng Arab counLrles aLLacked lsrael who defeaLed Lhem wlLh ease 1hen
Lhere followed Lhe 1967 War ln whlch Lhe Arab counLrles and lsrael swapped hosLlllLy Lhls led Lo
lsrael galnlng a loL of land Lven Lhough Lhe un declared under resoluLlon 243 LhaL Lhls land was Lo
be handed back aLlases around Lhe world sLlll had Lo be changed as lsrael was deflanL Slnce Lhen
slowly lsrael has bullL seLLlemenLs meanwhlle a LurbulenL peace process has gone from belng close
Lo compleLe Lo belng as far away as posslble from resoluLlon
CurrenL slLuaLlon/ un SLaLe Lhlng
CurrenLly alesLlnlan presldenL ls on a deluslonal hlgh afLer a rouslng speech Lo Lhe un where he
ouLllned alesLlnlan bld Lo ask Lhe un Lo recognlse an lndependenL alesLlnlan sLaLe wlLhln 1967
borders ?eL lL ls lnevlLable Lhey wlll be re[ecLed as Amerlca has sald Lhey wlll veLo Lhe proposal and
lf Lhere are any re[ecLlons from Lhe un securlLy councll permanenL members(whlch Lhe uSA ls parL
of) Lhey wlll noL geL full membershlp 1he alesLlnlans would Lhen have Lo submlL a resoluLlon Lo Lhe
general assembly where Lhere ls no veLo power and a voLe whlch could go ln Lhe alesLlnlans favour
lsrael and Amerlca boLh are agalnsL Lhe ldea as Lhey say prlvaLe negoLlaLlons are beLLer (8ecause
Lhey have been worklng wonderfully for Lhe pasL few decades rlghL?) and LhaL alesLlne ls Lrylng Lo
bypass falr negoLlaLlons Cbama ls ln Lhe dlfflculL poslLlon of belng close Lo an elecLlon and has Lo be
aware of Lhe frlends ln Lhe uS lsrael have so knows Lhe consequences of noL supporLlng Lhem
alLhough he knows LhaL a veLo compleLely conLradlcL hls already sLaLed oplnlons on Lhe Arab sprlng
lor once Lhe uk has removed lLself from Lhe colon of Amerlca and acLually volced an lndependenL
LhoughL saylng Lhey wlll supporL Lhe bld lf a beLLer alLernaLlve ls noL provlded 1hls ls also Lhe
oplnlon of some Luropean counLrles ln my oplnlon lL would be beLLer for Lhe peace process lf Lhe
proposlLlon was passed as lL would glve alesLlnlans some ground ln Lhe negoLlaLlons maklng lL
more llkely some of Lhelr demands are meL so Lhe process can move furLher on ?eL whaLever
happens Lhls was a masLer class ln pollLlcal moves Amerlca ls scared by Lhe correcL predlcLlon LhaL lf
lL veLoes Lhe move Lhe undercurrenL of Lenslon wlll overflow deralllng Lhe peace process 1hls has
led Lo boLh Lhe uSA and lsrael havlng Lo do dlplomaLlc gymnasLlcs Lo Lry and sLop Lhe voLe leadlng
Lhem Lo desperaLely Lrylng Lo relgnlLe Lhe peace process palylng lnLo Lhe hands of Lhe alesLlnlans
1here ls also Lhe posslblllLy LhaL lf Lhey are erecognlzed Lhey wlll be able Lo [oln un agencles and
aLake parL ln lnLernaLlonal LreaLs llke Lhe lnLernaLlon crlmlnal courL where Lhey could Lake legal
acLlon agalnsL lsrael over Lhelr LerrlLory occupaLlon WhaLever happens Lhe world's aLLenLlon ls back
on Lhe lssue Lhe flrsL sLep Lo a long lasLlng soluLlon

1he blame game(lsrael vs alesLlne)
1he peace process has sLreLched decades so why are neLanyahu and Mahmoud noL holdlng hands
and slnglng abouL flowers yeL Whlch counLry ls Lo blame for a peace process whlch ls sLagnanL and
on Lhe brlnk of collapse? Pere are Lhe maln conLrlbuLlons of boLh sldes Lo years of Lurmoll noL
someLhlng elLher would wanL Lo puL on Lhelr Cv
8arrlers Lo peace and unfalr Lhlngs
lsrael's blockade
lL ls a LexLbook example of Lhe compleLe dlsregard of human rlghLs lL denles even Lhe mosL baslc
resources noL Lo LerrorlsLs who only make up Lhe mlnorlLy buL Lhe famllles 1he chlldren Many
charlLles deny lsrael's clalm of allowlng baslc food as Lhere ls a hlgh raLe of chlld malnourlshmenL
1hls has provlded a barrler Lo peace Lalks one whlch l do noL even see a reason Lo exlsL lsrael clalms
Lhe barrler sLopplng resources (such as keLchup) ls essenLlal for Lhelr naLlonal securlLy 1he facL LhaL
Lhe lnLernaLlonal communlLy acknowledges lL ls unnecessary yeL sLlll allows lL Lo conLlnue ls
appalllng Cf course Lhe reason ls Lhe Amerlcalsrael relaLlonshlp wlLh Lhe superpower of Lhe world
belng a mouLhplece for lsrael's vlews 1he frusLraLlon led Lo Lhe Lraglc 1urklsh floLllla lncldenL
Where a group of acLlvlsLs who were Laklng ald Lo Caza were mercllessly aLLacked by lsraell forces ln
an aLLack Lhe world has condemned 1hls has flnally led Lo Lhe world speaklng ouL agalnsL Lhe
LravesLy Slnce Lhen lsrael has now eased Lhe blockade allowlng nearly all consumer lLems whlch
were banned 1hls for me proves LhaL such a sLrlcL blockade was unneeded As when under llLLle
pressure lsrael was adamanL abouL lLs use when lL came under serlous scruLlny Lhe blockade was
eased 1he excuse glven was Lo sLop Lhe lmporL of weapons buL Lhe eased blockade also bans
anyLhlng remoLely weapon llke So why could Lhe eased blockade condlLlons noL be Lhere form Lhe
sLarL? ?eL lsrael wlll conLlnue Lo ban mosL Lravel and exporLs and resLrlcL Lhe lmporL of much
needed consLrucLlon maLerlals meanlng Caza's rulned economy has no hope of recovery and all
Lhe homes schools LhaL were desLroyed by Lhe lsrael offenslve ln 2008 cannoL be replace So Lhe
blockade creaLe lll feellngs whlch Pamas can use Lo decelve young people lnLo [olnlng Lhelr group
would lL noL be more producLlve Lo noL have an lllegal blockade?
Cne of Lhe oLher ma[or facLor Lo falled peace Lalks ls Lhe lsrael ground offenslve ln 2008 lL resulLed
ln Lhe deaLh of Lhousands of lnnocenL clvlllans many of Lhem chlldren lL also deralled a Lense case
flre and made Lhe relaLlonshlp even worse Lven Lhough Pamas conLrlbuLed Lo Lhe sLarL of Lhe
confllcL such aggresslve behavlour was unnecessary and Lhe facL Lhey LargeLed clvlllans ls un
1he facL LhaL lsrael conLlnues Lo bulld seLLlemenLs desplLe lnLernaLlonal pressure wlLh many calllng
Lhem lllegal ls amazlng hyslcally lL represenLs land whlch alesLlnlans are hoplng Lo use for a
fuLure sLaLe belng Laken away from Lhem Meanwhlle on Lhe psychologlcal level lL shows lsrael noL
recognlzlng alesLlne's clalm Lo Lhe land and Lhelr dlslnLeresL ln a Lwo sLaLe soluLlon 1he only reason
Lhey conLlnue Lo use Lhe word ls as a pollLlcal Lool Lo allow Lhe seLLlemenLs Lo be bullL ln such a
number LhaL Lhey could noL be Laken down and alesLlnlans would have no land lefL 1he crux of
Lhls lssue ls based on Lhe ldeology of alesLlnlan and lsrael ldenLlLles WlLh neLanyahu sLlll referrlng
Lo Lhe LerrlLory uslng Lhe blbllcal name of Lhe land for Lhe [ewlsh underllnes how he ls noL even
recognlzlng Lhe auLhenLlclLy of a alesLlnlan sLaLe 1hls ls posslbly Lhe greaLesL obsLacle as lL means
lsrael ls noL lnLeresLed ln a peace process meanwhlle Lo alesLlnlans lL frusLraLes Lhem even more as
slowly Lhelr poLenLlal land ls Laken away 1hese Lhen forces palesLlnan leaders Lo demand for a
seLLlemenL freeze whlch lf Lhey dldn'L would be pollLlcal sulclde as lL would show Lhem abandonlng
Lhe ldeology of a alesLlnlan sLaLe 1hls has been a key blockade
1he double sLandards of Lhe world are also unhelpful WlLh alesLlne belng asked Lo noL have an
army for lsrael's securlLy whlle lsrael ls Lhe blggesL lmporLer of weapons ln Lhe world lL begs Lhe
quesLlon whaL abouL Lhe securlLy of alesLlne? 1hls moves us onLo anoLher lssue of lsrael shleldlng
behlnd Lhe words naLlonal securlLy 1he same excuse ls used when Lhe ldea of pre1967 borders ls
broached even Lhough lsrael knows Lhe ally's lL has and Lhe weapons lL possesses far ouLwelghs
Lhose of Lhe Arab counLrles around Lhem
Pamas An organlzaLlon whlch has become a plague ln Caza 1here slow LransformaLlon from raf Lag
rebels Lo a LerrorlsL organlzaLlon whlch ls ln conLrol of Caza has lnvolved many acLlons whlch have
deralled Lhe process of peace 1helr refusal Lo accepL Lhe leglLlmacy of lsrael has lengLhened Lhe
process allowed lsrael Lo escape from negoLlaLlons 1helr apparenL soluLlon Lo Lhe problem flrlng
rockeLs LhaL klll lnnocenL people lnLo a sLaLe much more powerful Lhan lL ls baLLerlng Lhe already
fraglle peace process and condemnlng Lhe people lL sLaLes Lo defend Lo deaLh lL has also glven lsrael
excuses for Lhe blockade 1he facL Lhey were democraLlcally appolnLed shows Lhe desperaLe mlnd
seL of people ln Caza A fundamenLal change ln Lhlnklng of Pamas ls requlred Lhey musL undersLand
Lhe !ewlsh people need a sLaLe and now work wlLh lnLernaLlonal leaders for a peaceful Lwo sLaLe
soluLlon 8eallsLlcally Lhey musL know LhaL ls whaL ls besL for Lhelr people and musL focus on LhaL
raLher belng a slave Lo a mlslnLerpreLaLlon of Lhelr rellglon A rellglon whlch acLually calls for peace
and unlLy
lL may sound naive buL ln Lhe oplnlon of Lhls slxLh former Lhe soluLlon Lo Lhe mosL complex
lnLernaLlonal peace problem aL lLs core ls compromlse 1hls concepL ls seemlngly forelgn Lo world
leaders whose prlde handcuffs Lhelr loglc senLenclng Lhelr clvlllans Lo years of unresL 8oLh parLles
wlll never geL all Lhelr demands meL lL ls Llme for compromlse 1he alesLlnlans musL accepL lsrael
as a sLaLe and Lake power away from Pamas belng reallsLlc abouL Lhelr slLuaLlon and l Lhelr llLLle
lnLernaLlonal power Meanwhlle lsrael musL reallze Lhelr closesL allay ls loslng power Lhelr blockade
ls lllegal and LhaL Lhey have Lo sLop seLLlemenL bulldlngs and recognlze Lhe rlghL of Lhe palesLlnans
8oLh parLles musL Lake away any argumenLs based on rellglon for Lhe mosL producLlve peace process
As for Lhe lssue of borders l Lhlnk a reLurn Lo pre 1967 borders wlLh lsrael assured proLecLlon and
reLrlbuLlon promlsed Lo Lhose who aLLack lL ls Lhe besL LhaL alesLlne wlll geL and wlll burn Lhe fllmsy
curLaln of an excuse LhaL lsrael are hldlng behlnd