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Oracle Configurator An Oracle E-Commerce Solution

Gunjan Khanduri, Vijay S.G. 6100 Plano Pkwy, Suite 1800 Plano, Texas 75093
Company Overview
The Keste Center of Excellence, featuring both Oracle Exalogic and Exadata, is the first in North America to be owned and operated by an Oracle partner. WebCenter Portal Accelerator Oracle Identity Management Accelerator WebCenter Content Accelerator (Formerly Oracle UCM & Oracle ECM) WebCenter Sites Accelerator Oracle Applications Integration Architecture (AIA) Accelerator Oracle SOA Accelerator Business Process: Oracle CZ Oracle Configurator

Materials and methods

Fig 2. Building Bill of Materials

CZ helps design front end interfaces for assembly line products to implement constraints which will make sure the final product is assembled the right way. It also makes use of a pricing engine to enforce pricing according to the ATO model items. Keste has implemented CZ UI and Rules for various clients. Fig 4. Repository Mapping the BOM Models

CZ Rules CZ Rules are inbuilt or extension provided to check validity of the ATO product finally built by combination of various pricing and constraints. These are implemented by tools provided by Oracle.

Overview of ERP and Configurator: Oracles enterprise wide configuration solution Allows sellers to specify complex products or services Enables sellers to validate orders, thus ensuring manufacturability Enables buyers to customize purchases Helps buyers find the right solution, fast An embedded configurator, integrated in a hosting application such as: Order Management iStore, Telesales, HTML Quoting Custom Web Applications (Portal)

Fig 3. Import Architecture of a BOM

Extensions are implemented with JAVA using IDEJdeveloper. The Rules which are complicated to be handled by available rules in CZ

Literature cited
Oracle Bills of Materials Users Guide Keste LLC Knowledge Bank.

Configurator Developer Repository A Configurator Model will be present in the Repository for each ATO (Assemble to Order) or PTO (Pick to order) Model in your toplevel BOM. Upon opening each Model, the entire BOM structure will be displayed for those items below the ATO or PTO model selected. Should the selected Model contain other Models, these will appear as Reference Models. Refer Fig. 4 for the referencing of the BOM models in the Repository.

We thank Keste LLC for giving us an opportunity to showcase our skills in a customer facing environment. Also, the team members were extremely approachable by helping us in solving our queries and giving prompt advice.

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Figure 5. The User Interface Master Template and Content Template. Runtime UI is automatically generated from the model structure and can be customized to produce a specialized look and feel. Please contact or . More information on this and related projects can be obtained at on partner netwroks and A link to an online, PDF-version of the poster is nice, too.

Fig. 1 Product OverviewOracle Configurator Components