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Lagaan takes place in the town o Champaner, during the height o
the British Lmpire in India. Captain Andrew Russell, the commanding
oicer o the Champaner cantonment, has imposed high taxes
,"lagaan", on people rom the local illages which they will be unable
to pay due to a prolonged drought. Led by Bhuan the illagers
beg Raja Puran Singh to help them. le tells them that much to his
regret, he is also bound by British law.
It is ater their isit to the Raja that the people o the illage irst witness a cricket match. Bhuan
mocks the game and gets into a ight with one o the British oicers. 1aking an instant dislike to
Bhuan, Russell oers to cancel the taxes o the whole proince or three years i the illagers can
beat his men in a game o cricket. I the illagers lose, howeer, they will hae to pay three times the
amount o their normal taxes. Bhuan accepts this wager on the behal o all illages without their
consent. \hen the other illagers ind out about the bet, they are urious with Bhuan. le argues
that it is important or eeryone to ight against British rule.
Bhuan thus begins to prepare the illagers or the match. le initially inds only ie people willing
to join the team. le is aided in his eorts by Russell's sister Llizabeth who eels that her brother has
mistreated the people in the illage. As she teaches them the rules o the game, she alls in loe with
Bhuan, much to the anguish o Gauri who is also in loe with him. Ater Bhuan reassures Gauri
o his eelings or her, the woodcutter Lakha becomes enraged as he is also in loe with Gauri. In an
attempt to discredit Bhuan, Lakha oers himsel as a spy or Russell and joins the illager's team in
order to destroy it. Lentually, as the illagers realize that winning equals reedom, and as a ew o
them are insulted by the Britishers, they join the team. Still short one player, Bhuan also inites
an untouchable, Kachra, who can bowl leg spin. 1he illagers, conditioned by long term prejudice
against untouchables, reuse to play i Kachra joins the team. Bhuan chastises the illagers, leading
them to accept Kachra.
1he irst day o the game, Bhuan and Dea ,a Sikh, who has played cricket earlier when he was a
British spay, gie their team a solid start. Dea misses out on his hal-century when a straight-drie
rom Bhuan ricochets o the bowler's hand onto the stumps at the non-striker's end, while Dea
was backing up too ar. \hen Lakha comes on to bat, he is hit by a bouncer on his head, and he
alls on to his stumps. Other batsmen get out trying to score a boundary o each deliery. Ismail, a
good batsman, retires hurt as he is hit on his leg. 1he illager's team ends the day with 5 batsmen
out o action with less than hal o the required runs on board.
On the inal day, Bhuan passes his century, while most o the later wickets all. Ismail returns to bat
with the help o a runner and reduces the required runs to a gettable total. 1he game comes down to
the last oer with Kachra on strike. le knocks the ball a short distance and manages a single. 1he
umpire signals no ball leading Bhuan to swing extremely hard at the next ball. Captain Russell
backpedals and catches the ball, leading him to beliee the British team has won. loweer, Russell
has caught the ball beyond the boundary which gies the win to Bhuan's team. At that moment, the
drought ends as a rainstorm erupts.
Bhuan's deeat o the British team leads to the disbanding o the humiliated cantonment. In
addition, Russell is orced to pay the taxes or the whole proince and is transerred to Central

Relate the movie in the J0 Principles of Lconomics
In relation to economics, the principle that shows in the moie are principle one and
principle our. 1he irst principle that I will be discussing is principle one, people ace trade-os,
because o what the lindus did they are working or their reedom. 1hey pay taxes not in a orm o
money but in a orm o goods, example o this is rice grains. 1he economic principle number our
is also represented in the moie, the People responds to incenties, because Bhuan in the moie as
the main character, he gradually accepted the opportunity gien by Captain Andrew Russell, that i
they win the game cricket against them the lagaan will be stop or 3 years but i the illagers lost in
the game the lagaan will be triple.