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Compare the steam and gas turbine power plant. Explain a simple gas turbine power plant.

What advantage a gas turbine power plant has over reciprocating engine from the point of view of component developments? Describe the operation of the lube oil system during; I. Turbine start-up and normal operation II. Turbine shut down III. Emergency situations

List down five (5) observations that should be made on lube oil system during change over shift. 4. Explain the cause of one unit of large engine experiencing knocking increasingly at the end of each stroke with the engine speed falling and the cylinder cooling water temperature rising. Describe the action necessary to avoid or reduce damage to the engine. Explain the consequences of operating a large diesel engine with; Cylinder starting air valve leaking Cylinder relief valve seized in closed position Crankcase lubricating oil heavily contaminated by fuel. (a) Name five (5) problems that could caused an engine misfires erratically or intermittently on all cylinders. How do you rectify the problems? Write a proposal for a cost-effective inspection to be carried out on a gas turbine plant. State clearly on the type of inspection example daily, periodically or preventive maintenance inspection. a) Explain what is meant by CETANE NUMBER? When the viscosity of the fuel is too high or too low, what effect does it have on ignition, combustion and exhaust smoke? Discuss briefly the gas turbines electrohydraulic safety system in the case of automatic and sequencing program should fail. List down all the main components of the safety system. What do you understand by the term turbocharging in the operation of a diesel engine. Briefly explain the working principles of a turbocharger.

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State the purpose of the compressor in a gas turbine system and explain the functions of the following compressors components: Variable inlet guide vane (VIGV) Blow off valve Diffuser Describe the functions performed by the lubricating and emergency oil system and explain how lube oil temperature is maintained by the lube oil cooler and temperature control valve in a gas turbine plant. What is meant by the horsepower of the engine for a reciprocating internal combustion engine. Explain also the difference between indicated horsepower and brake horsepower Turbine blade cooling concept can be divided into five (5) categories namely convection cooling, impingement cooling, film cooling, transpiration cooling and water cooling. Discuss any three (3) categories of the cooling concept. State the difference between a four stroke cycle and two stroke cycle of Diesel engine. List the series of events in both cycles in making up one complete cycle respectively. Sketch the Brayton Ranking Cycle of a gas turbine system and briefly explain the basic operation of the system. Identify Also the advantages and disadvantages of this system. What are the procedures before starting the engine (Gas/Diesel) What is the difference between 2/4 stroke engine (using the diagram to explain)? Explain how the engine oil goes through the cylinder. What do you mean by first line maintenance? Explain the functions of lubricating oil. Explain the firing order of 8 or 16 cylinders engine (Using the diagram to explain). Explain the function of turbo charger? Name all main parts/components of diesel/gas engine and explain their function.





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What are the causes of an engine to vibrate and how to prevent them? Explain the function of a flywheel. What are the main areas to write on log book? Explain the use of it. What causes the engine to misfiring? What do you mean by horse-power on an engine? If the engine cannot start, what are the area you should check? What are the difference between gas/diesel engine? Why does diesel engine do not have the spark plug? What do you mean by compression ration? What causes an engine to overheating? What are the uses of gas turbine? How to start a gas turbine (in sequence)? How to stop a gas turbine (in sequence)? What do you mean by power factor? Explain how to put load on an engine? What causes of an engine, that produced black smoke/white smoke? Why do an engine have different cylinder and position? What are you going to do if the engine room is on fire? What are the function of a battery and how many cell it has on each volts? Why people preferred to use 4 stroke engine compare to 2 stroke engine? What is the Governor for an explain how it works? Is the governor control the speed of an engine? What makes the engine more efficient?

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Can gas engine be converted into diesel engine? What do you mean by factory act. And what are their requirement to sit for class 2 exam? What happen if you were caught sleeping while on duty? How does governor control the engine? If the engine caught fire, what are the procedures you should take immediately? Why do you change lubricating oil? What do you mean by pinking on an engine? What do you mean by flash point? Explain with the sketch when the engine starts to ignite? Explain air induction system for gas/diesel engine. What is the function of a carburetor? Name three types of fire extinguisher and when it is use for? If the engine is leaking, what are the causes and how to prevent them? Why diesel engine do not required spark plug? If the engine is leaking, what are the causes and how to prevent them? What do you mean by compression ratio? What do you mean by AC/DC? How to recognize if the engine is misfiring? For conversion from gas engine into diesel engine. What should be modified Explain the function of the fuel injector. Explain the function of the electrical instrument fitted on the engine.


Explain the main objectives of any three (3) of the destructive mechanical test listed below which are normally carried out on welding specimens. 1. Tensile test 2. Bend test 3. Impact test 4. Hardness test What do you understand by protection by metallic coatings? List down four (4) methods of metallic coating and briefly explain two (2) of the methods. Describe the metallic arc welding process. What are the common defects that can arise in such a weld? How would you detect them? Write an essay on each of the following heat treatment processes. 1. annealing 2. hardening 3. tempering Write short notes on the fatigue of engineering metal and propose the methods to overcome the deformation. What is meat by specific heat? And what is the relationship of heat to work? A rigid cylinder of volume 0.025 m3 contains steam at 80 bar and 350oC. The cylinder is cooled until the pressure is 50 bar. Calculate the state of the steam after cooling and the amount of heat rejected by the steam. Sketch the process on a T-s diagram indicating the area which represents the heat flow. A steam power plant operated between a boiler pressure of 42 bar and condenser pressure of 0.035 bar. Calculate for these limits the cycle efficiency, the work ratio, and the specific steam consumption for a Carnot cycle using wet steam. Two particles, each of mass m, collide head on when their speeds are 2u and u. If they stick together on impact, find their combined speed in terms of u. (i) Derive the formula for total strain energy of the beam subjected to bending Moment, M. a) Determine the diameter of an aluminium shaft which is designed to store the same amount of strain energy per unit volume as a 50 mm diameter steel shaft of the same length. Both shafts are subjected to equal compressive axial loads.

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What will be the ratio of the stresses set up in the two shafts? E steel = 200 GN/m2 E aluminium = 67 GN/m2


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Explain what do you understand by Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) List down all the different techniques of NDT Describe the basic working principle of any two of the techniques which you have listed in (b) above.


What are the effect of the following elements in steel: i. nickel ii. phosphorus iii. manganese iv. chromium Write an easy on each of the following heat treatment processes: a) annealing b) hardening c) tempering d) normalizing With the aid of diagram, discuss how are stress-strain diagrams of materials determined. In the diagram drawn, show the following points a) b) c) d) proportional limit yield point ultimate strength permanent set




With the aid of diagram, discuss how are stress-strain diagram of materials hat do you understand by fusion and non-fusion welding ? Write a short note each on soldering and brazing. Explain the main objectives of any three (3) of the destructive mechanical test listed below which are normally carried out on welding specimens. State their advantages and limitations.


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Tensile test Bend test Macro examination d) Impact test e) Hardness test.