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Part II: Transcendent Precepts

Understanding the Human Self Let us discuss the nature of the human self from the scientific and Islamic perspective. We need sound scientific knowledge to understand the reality of our existence as a composite being. From the Islamic perspective, we have four or more aspects that constitute the human self. We also understand from teachings of prophets from Adam to Abraham to Jesus to Moses to Prophet Muhammad, including great teachers like Buddha, Lao Tze, Confucius, and others that human self is not purely physical but have other inner dimensions, i.e., the transcendent/spiritual dimension of the self. From the perspective of Islam, human being consists of at least four domains/aspects. Based on the Quranic revelation the four aspects are our spirit/ruh, aspects or domains, our inner heart, our mind and our physical self.Only God knows how many aspects we have. We call them aspects because, in the end when we look at the root cause of everything that exists in this world, they are all creations or manifestation from God. The five aspects as mentioned in the Quran are, the Ruh which is the spirit aspect, the Qalb, which is the Heart aspect, the Aqal which is the intellectual/ mind aspect and the Jasad, which is the physical aspect. We also have the totality of the human self/human psyche or theNafs. We have all these five aspects as we live on this earth. But how then do we relate these aspects? What is the nature of these aspects? We can look from the perspective of quantum physics on the nature of the physical world.For example, the physical body comprises of organs, cells and so on.The cells consist of lipids, complex amino acids etc, which are made of elements,like oxygen, hydrogen, calcium, potassium and so on. These elements can then be split further into electron, neutron, proton and further subdivided into sub atomic particles. If we split these sub atomic particles further, then what is left is energy in particles or wave form. According to Einstein formulaE = MC2, at the point of the speed of light mass will be infinity. That is unimaginable, anyway. Again, from the perspective of quantum physics, there is a point where all things, even at the sub atomic particle levels exist beyond space and beyond time. i.e. The quantum non-locality phenomena. In this non-locality event at the quantum level, these sub atomic particles will not be operating within space or time. It can be instantaneous and it can be in two places at the same time. This phenomenon is now being investigated and they are working on various details of quantum mechanics to understand this quantum phenomena.We now have some understanding of the nature of things in this universe. From the micro perspective i.e. at the sub-atomic particle level,we have matter/energy and information that governs our life at the micro level. We know that energy is indestructible i.e. we cannot destroy energy. Energy can be change, i.e. heat energy can be transform into light energy orelectrical energy etc. Likewise electrical energy can be transformed into heat energy and so on. Energy is indestructible and it came from a source which is preexisting before anything physical is created. We know that energy is created because at the

point of the creation of the universe, energy was manifested into physical matter i.e. the galaxy, stars, planet etc.God tells he exists before anything existed. This universe began its existenceat the point 14.5 billion years ago. This universe came from a singularity. At the point of singularity it just explode through the Big Bang expansion, from then on we have the sub atomic particles then the protons, the neutron, formations of helium, hydrogen, helium star, super nova etc.This whole process then generates other elements and then at a certain point there is biological life then there is man. All this process happen not out of chance in the Quran, Allah tells us that this process begin with his command Kun Faya KunBe and it became.(AlQuran, 2:117)That singularity became this universe and at that point the energy that we know today existed together by the command of God.God created energy by his command or power. What isin existence before the creation of this universeor other universes or dimensions is only known to God. We have no knowledge of the phenomena that occurs before the existence of the universe, before time and space existed. The Quran tells usThat knowledge is only known to the Creator i.e. God. says: Glory to God, who created In pairs all things that the earth produces, As well As their own human kind and other things of which they have no knowledge(Al-Quran, 36:36).If you look at the nature of matter, we have anti-matter. If you look at particle, we have anti-particle etc. The nature of pairing as ordained by God is a phenomena currently being studied by scientist in many fields. If we look at ourselves we will find that we are a composite being having five or more aspects/dimension. Our five aspects or dimensions, i.e., the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical self (SEMP)as well as our total human self/human psyche are all interrelated. From the Quranic perspective we can define the human self as nafs.God says: By the Soul, and the proportion and order given to it; (7)And its enlightenment as to its wrong and its right;(8)Truly he succeeds that purifies it, (9)And he fails that corrupts it! (Al-Quran, 91:10)When we talk of the human self or nafs, Muslim scholars use it interchangeably as the human self or as the human psyche. Let us try to understand these five aspects/dimensions in detail. Understanding these five aspects will enable us to understand the total reality of being a human being.

The Spirit/Ruh
In traditional human society, God created the universe through his divine power. He endows us with free-will to realize the beauty of creation and the grandeur of the Creator. Traditional religious beliefs from the beginning of humanity put God as a Creator of the universe. Human beings were created from Divine Light, and endowed with personal responsibility.We have unlimited possibilities to achieve peace, happiness and perfection in this world and the Hereafter. We are endowed with a proper vision of life, of who we are, why we are alive, what do we do with our life on earth, and where do we go after our physical death i.e. the Hereafter.

Atheistic values in the 20th centuries created a mechanical vision of human beings who are just mechanical automata without any meaning or purpose in life. We are just cogs in a giant machine that grinds inexorably along a preordained path in the grip of a blind causal process. This modern atheistic 20th century ideology is morally corrosive and profoundly inaccurate. This atheistic materialistic way of life destroys traditional moral values as well as the notion of personal responsibility. Today this atheistic value is destroying our civilization and our environment that could finally lead to the demise of the human species in the near future. Today, this notion of mechanical human being without any purpose in life is being challenged by enlightened scientists, physicists and intellectuals. These intellectuals understand the latest scientific and holistic knowledge of the nature of the cosmos and the nature of existence. Science and faith share a common belief that what we see as normal reality is not actual reality; the observable has something more fundamental hidden behind it. Attempts to structure systems that open up all of that reality face real obstacles. For example, the law of physics breaks down as we approach time zero at the point of the Big Bang in the creation of this universe. At time zero of Planck time the universe is smaller than its quantum wavelength and is consequently hidden in the impenetrable clouds of quantum uncertainty. The identification of the force that brought the universe into being appears to be scientifically unknowable. We have no knowledge of ever lifting the veil to know what really happen before or at the point of singularity in the creation of the universe. Modern cosmology points to the possible existence of multiple universes existing in hyperspace. The fact that this universe exists points to a very compelling proof of the existence of God as the Creator of this universe or multi universes. We can explain the nature of our spiritual self/ruh by analogy and understanding the phenomena of the nature of the human genetic code i.e. the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). The DNA constitutes the program or biological information that is the central distinction between living and nonliving matter. In the physical world we have two basic fundamentals of nature. Einstein discovered that matter and energy are one fundamental i.e. matter/energy. Claude Shannon information theory explains the nature of information structured within the DNA molecule. We can then deduce that in the physical world of this universe we have two fundamentals of nature i.e. matter/energy and information. The instructions in DNA that exists in all living matter are written in the genetic code using the letters A (for Adenine), G (for Genuine), C (for Cytosine) and T (for Thymine). The rungs of the nitrogen bases of the double helix DNA molecule are pairs of either adenine and thymine (A-T) or cytosine with guanine (C-G). The instructions in DNA are written in the genetic code and carried in sequences of codons. The program of the genetic code is extremely complex. The DNA for even the smallest single-called bacterium contains over 4 million instructions. Physicist Paul Davies in his book The Fifth Miracle states the law of physics that operate between atoms and molecule are simple and cannot apply to the genetic code. No simple law of

physics or chemistry can generate a random information-rich macromolecule code of the DNA structure. A law of nature of the sort that we know and love will not create biological information or indeed any information at all. Ordinary laws just transform input data into output data. They can shuffle information about but they cannot create it. The laws of physics, which determine what atoms react with what, and how, are algorithmically very simple.These laws of physics or chemistry contain relatively little information. Consequently, they cannot on their own be responsible for creating informational macromolecules such as the DNA structure. Contrary to the oft-repeated claim by atheist, life cannot be written into the laws of physics or chemistry as we know today. Mathematician Gregory Chaitin, the founder of Algorithmic Information Theory concludes that the genetic information for life to exist even for the smallest living organism is much larger that the information content found in the laws of physics and chemistry. An algorithm dramatically shorter than the sequence itself cannot generate the sequences necessary to transmit the genetic information found in living matter. Once this essential point is grasped, the real problem of life beginning from non-living elements, minerals and complex carbon chains becomes impossible. Biogenesis from the structure of DNA is definitely created as a program for life to exist on this earth. Today we understand the nature of the DNA genetic code that allows us to be a living being. The next question is who created all these information in our DNA structure. Who is the Programmer who created the DNA information that allows life to exist? No scientist or atheist anywhere can give a plausible explanation for the mystery of life. Of more fundamentally why there is life and why human life is intelligible?We can only debate on who is the Creator. We can call him the Supreme Master Programmer, the Supreme Intellect etc. or we can call Him God, the Creator. For believers the existence of God who created this universe also created the DNA code to allow all living matters including human beings to live in the universe. God is a Supreme Programmer who created the genetic code and allows life to exist in this earth. For Muslims we have no problem in understanding the nature of the human self. God not only created the genetic code to allow the continuous existence of the human species but also specify the real nature of the human self. Fundamentally, we are spiritual beings living temporarily in the physical world. We existed even before the existence of the genetic code that enable human being to exist in this physical world. We already exist in the spiritual realm with God beyond space and beyond time. Just like we have the genetic imprint in our physical self, we also have spiritual imprint that is the true fundamental nature of the human self. This fundamental nature is our spirit/ruh. The human spirit or ruh as the holy Quran says, and they ask you about the ruh (spirit).Say to them the ruh proceed from the command of Allah (amar) and you have very little knowledge of the nature of the ruh (Al-Quran, 17:85). This verse of the Quran signifies that our spirit/ruh

proceed from the Divine command. God will upon the creation of the human spiritual selfi.e. the ruh. In the saying of Prophet Muhammad, the first thing that God created was the spirit (ruh). There are two aspects of the ruh. The uncreated aspect refers to the Universal Spirit that relates to God, the Divine Being. The created aspect is the ruh or spirit that is of the manifestation of the Universal Spirit that is projected and fused with the human being that becomes his spirit, soul or nafs.Muslim scholars call this the infusion of the breadth of God onto man. And I breathed into him My spirit. (Al-Quran,15:29). The human spirit/ruh that was created by God was living in the primordial plane in close proximity to God before the existence of the universe.The Quran say, When your Lord drew forth from the children of Adam from their loins- their descendants, and made them testify concerning themselves,Am I not your Lord?- They said:Yea! We do testify! (Al-Quran, 7:172). The human ruhat its point of existence also carries the imprint of his mental and emotional dimensions, i.e. Spiritual-Emotional-Mind(SEM) aspects. To simplify our understanding of the ruh, we can deduce that it has its spiritual/ruh, emotional/heart aspect, and the mind/intellectual aspect coming together as one package in the spirit/ruh. Its differentiation is on its functional aspects, either at the spiritual level (ruh), heart level(qalb)or mind/intellectual level(aqal). We can now understand that imprinted within our spiritual DNA is the inner cognition of who we are and our relationship with God. Imprinted within our spiritual self/ruh is the witnessing of God as our Creator. Every human being that existed in this world will already have the potential to believe and know God imprinted in our psyche. Every human being born into this world is born a believer in God because of our covenant with God(Al-Quran, 7:172).This imprint of our covenant with God inour psyche happened in the primordial spiritual state before the existence of the physical world. This innate inner human nature or fitrah can be blurred due to selfindulgence of atheism and materialism. God allows us to follow our innate primordial human nature of being believers or to deny God by following our baser ego and material desires. According to the Quran, humanity then transcend into another state beyond the state of primordial spiritual existent with God. In this second state, we existed in a blissful transcendental dimension of existence.God says: O Adam, dwell thou and thy wife in this garden, and eat freely thereof, both of you, whatever you may wish: but do not approach this one tree, lest you become wrongdoers. (Al-Quran, 2:35) At this stage of our existence we not only have our spiritual dimension but also rational, emotional and intellectual dimension built into our nature and personality i.e. our fitrah. The heart/qalband intellectual/mental aspects were imprinted in our spirit/ruh. This is affirmed thus: and He i.e. God taught Adam the names of all things (Al-Quran, 2:31). Here Adam represents all of humanity endowed with the intellectual capability of knowing all forms of knowledge.

The third stage of our existence is on planet earth. We descend from the heavenly realm due to the abuse of our free-will to live on this physical earth. Since humanity is endowed with the knowledge of all things that enabled him to live on this earth he is given the opportunity to journey towards success and perfection.The knowledge of all things given to the human species should be used towards goodness and not towards self-destruction. Using our free-will and knowledge we can make this world a better place or make it hellish that brings us towards self-destruction. From the perspective of modern quantum physics, we can understand this universe in terms of wave of energy at different frequencies. For example, let us study the nature of physical light. We know that the light spectrum is dependent on its spectrum frequencies as well as energy level. Physical lights also travel at a certain velocity of 300,000kilometersper second. Within the spectrum of physical light, we have infrared light, ultraviolet light, microwave light and many, many other frequencies and ranges of frequencies coexisting within the visible as well as the invisible light spectrum. We understand that human being even in our physical form is a system of energy at quantum level. At every moment of our existence, we have energy flows at cellular physical level as well as energy that emanates from our emotion and thoughts. We can describe the process of thinking as the transfer of energy or light that is directed by our consciousness. We can describe the ultimate nature of human being from the perspective of being a dynamic creature of energy flow i.e. light energy that gives shape to our physical action, emotional feelings, creativity, intention and thoughts. It is impossible for the human mind to grasp the essential nature/essence of God. We can understand by analogy and parable of the nature of the Creator. In the verse of light in the Quran God says,God is nur/the uncreated light of the heavens and the earth. The parable of His light is as if there were a Niche and within it a Lamp. The Lamp enclose in glass. The glass as it were a brilliant star, lit from a blessed tree, an Olive, neither of the East nor of the West, whose oil is well-nigh luminous, through fire scarcely touched it. Light upon Light! God doth guide whom He will to His Light. God doth know all things. (Al-Quran, 24:35) Imam al-Ghazali interpreted the above verse from the perspective of Quranic metaphysics of the nature of nur/uncreated light. The metaphor nuror the UniversalUncreated Light is the real light of God. From this first uncreated light, God manifests his power through the hierarchy of lights from the least to the greatest. Al-Ghazali describes the simple and beautiful example for us to understand this hierarchy of light. For example, if we take the moonlight passing through a window that reflects onto a mirror in a house, and then reflected on the opposite wall and onto the floor of the house, we can see different levels of brightness. In each of these stages the light differs in brightness depending on its proximity to the original source of light from the reflection of the moon, which actually receives the light from the sun. In this way he describes how the

light of God is passed from God to his creations through various manifestations of existence.These manifestations exist for all created things regardless whether they are at the unseen energy level or at the physical visible existence in this physical universe or in other universes. From the scientific perspective, we know that white and black are not colors. White light is a combination of all colors of the visible spectrum just like the color of the rainbow. Black is the absence of light. This symbol is used throughout human history where God is symbolized as the Divine light and the evil is symbolized as darkness or the absence of light. We know that our physical universes consist of physical matter that can disintegrate into atoms and sub-atomic particles, which will then be manifested as energies vibrating at different frequencies. We know the physical light is created light, because it travels at the velocity of 1080 million kilometersper hour. Divine light or nurmentioned in the Quran is the Eternal Uncreated Light of God. This divine light manifested and permeates through all the universes. Our spirit/ruh is a dynamic system of light, which was infused and permeated with the Divine Light. This divine gift of love from God unto all of humanity enables us to become the Vicegerent of God on earth. The goal of human existence is to get nearer to the light of God through joyful strivingto achieve spiritual enlighten and transformation. For believers we are living within the embrace of the light of God. For the unbelievers, they cannot recognize the light of God, as such live in spiritual darkness. The Quran describes the unbelievers as those living in darkness in a fathomless ocean covered by waves enveloping them resulting in depth of total darkness. Allah says: the Unbelievers' state is like the depths of darkness in a vast deep ocean, overwhelmed with billow topped by billow, topped by (dark) clouds: depths of darkness, one above another: if a man stretches out his hands, he can hardly see it! for any to whom Allah giveth not light, there is no light! (Al-Quran, 24:40).These fathomless ocean and waves of darkness represents disbelief in God or atheism, human greed, appetites, sensory pleasures, hatred, arrogance and other human weaknesses and immoralities. The cloud of darkness represents the depths of disbelief that results in secular materialistic way of life. This veil of darkness separates the believers from the unbelievers. Believers are infused with the light/nur of God. For the unbelievers they are veiled from the light of God and as such live in spiritual darkness. Prophet Muhammad describes this veil as God being separated from humans by seventy veils of light and darkness. Muslim scholars describe these veils at three levels. (a) Veil of darkness: covers the atheists and those who do not have faith in God and in the life in the Hereafter i.e. life after death. (b) Veil of darkness mixed with light: represents those who believes in God but mixed it up with the false principles/precepts and way of life.

(c) Veil of light: represents those who have realized the nature of Godhood at various levels or grades. These people at this level seek to understand and live within the presence of the light of God. From the Quranic description of the verse of light as symbolized by the niche, glass, lamp, tree and oil, God gives the metaphor of His reality of being the Uncreated Light/Nur. By His grace, He bestows His Light and guides those who believe in Him. The ultimate end of understanding the nature of God/the Uncreated Light is the ability to perceive the ultimate transcendental reality that governs the whole universe. God opens the door to human being to absorb in the spectrum of Gods Light to realize God and become His true Vicegerent on the earth. Muslim scholars give the analogy of how the human spirit/ruh relates to God. God is like an endless sea of ocean. Human beings are like droplets of water being formed from this ocean. In the primordial state, we are like the droplets of water vapor floatingin the cloud. As these droplets of water travels over the mountains, it falls down as rain that gushes forth to become rivers, i.e. the rivers of life on earth. The rivers will then flow gushing into the infinite ocean of mercy, i.e. returning to God. The Quran tells us that from God we came and onto God shall we return. (verse ..) The purpose of the spirit/ruh as it exist in this physical realm is to perfect itself. It carried within itself the seeds of the Divine attributes in some small relative quantities. God out of His abundant love, grace and mercy bestow upon the human self some small measures of the infinite Divine attributes. For example, all human beings are born with the innate capabilities and desire for love. This humanly love is a reflection of the infinite attributes of divine love belonging to God. God possess the divine attributes of perfection. As such, human beings carrying in some small measure the attributes of perfection. Life on earth as ordained by God is like a school where we go to the process of perfecting ourselves in space and time. The sum total of all our intentions, actions and experiences will then constitute our level of goodness or badness. By exercising our free-will we can journey towards perfecting ourselves or degrading ourselves. For example, if our lives are full of evil deeds like committing murder, being unjust, being greedy, and full of hate, then we are journeying towards spiritual degradation. Such actions will cause our spiritual selves to degenerate and we become imperfect beings. However if we continuously try to improve ourselves by doing good deeds we are slowly perfecting our spiritual selves, which can then absorb greater quantities of the Divine light and finally reach enlighten. Our human spirit(ruh) because it existed beyond the realm of the physical world can interact with other spiritual dimensions that are created by God. For example, prophets and saints can be totally aware and interact with the angelic dimension and other dimensions created by God. All human beings have these spiritual faculties. However, modern secular materialistic human beings cannot sense this spiritual capability because of our spiritual imperfection that is influenced by the materialistic way of life. Modern secular materialistic human beings only

function with our innate five physical sensory capabilities only. We have lost our sixth faculty i.e. our spiritual faculty. We canstrengthen our spiritual, emotional, and mental dimensions that will enable us to function beyond the five sensory human beings. The human spirit/ruh while existing in this physical earth can perceive beyond the physical reality. God has given us the ability beyond the five senses to become multisensory human beings that can understand the realm of the spiritual or the invisible. From the perspective of the modern science, we can understand our existence beyond the quantum state. We also can realize our nature beyond our physical DNA towards understanding our nature asa creature of light. The understanding and the realization that we are a spiritual being existing with the physical body is the key to understanding our existence on this earth. God gave us the key to understanding our spiritual reality that is the basis of our purpose in life. As we grow to perfect ourselves to become multisensory beings, we will become aware of the spiritual reality and understand subtle feelings that is useful in our journey towards perfection. The Quran tells us that our ruh is a spirit from God. The spiritual nature of our spirit/ruhincludes an eternal, invisible, non-corporeal and transcendental element which emanates from, or to have been created by God. We will later explain the relationship of our spirit/ruhvis--visother aspects of the human self. To simplify our understanding or our spirit/ruh, heart/qalb and mind/aqal aspects let us represent them in a diagram. This diagram does not represent the real nature of the human self, which in reality is beyond any physical representation or description. This diagram is just an analogy for us to understand and realize our true nature.
Qalb (Heart) Ruh (Spirit) Nafs (Self) Aqal (Mind)

Diagram 1. Human Self in The Primordial State We can represent our spirit/ruh as the outer circle as shown in the diagram. Within our spirit/ruh we have the heart/qalb aspect as represented by the second circle. Within our spirit/ruhalso we have the mind/intellectual/aqal aspect. All these three aspects operate and interact as one unified entity as shown in the diagram above. We describe the spirit/ruh as the heart/qalb when it

functions from the perspective offree-will and emotion. We also describe the spirit/ruh as the mind/aqal when it functions from the perspective ofintellect and decision-making. In reality, there is only one entity and the terms ruh/qalb/aqal can be used to describe the one entity i.e. the human self. In our primordial state our human self on nafs consist of the above three aspects. In the physical existence in this world, ourself/nafs will include our physical entity/jasad. We will elaborate all these aspects in greater detail.

The Heart/Qalb
As mentioned earlier, Muslim scholars describe interchangeably the human spirit, ruh as well as heart/qalb and intellect/aqal as one entity. The human spirit/ruh when it is manifested by God at the primordial state i.e the state of azali, already have the imprint of the heart/qalbaspect and the intellectual aspect of intellect/aqal. When we describe the heart aspect i.e. qalbwe are also describing our spirit i.e.ruh. God gives us a composite reality of our spirit/ruh that includes the function of the heart/qalb aspect as well as the intellect/aqal aspect in our primordial nature. These innate spiritual gifts allow us to use of our heart and our intellect to accept God and become believers and receive the light of God. We also can use the same faculty to deny God and veil ourselves from the light of God and thus become atheistic modern materialistic human being as we know today. There are two aspects of the heart i.e. the biological heart in our physical body as well as the inner heart is imprinted in the spirit/ruh. The inner heart/qalb has an affinity and close connection with our physical biological heart. Since time immemorial this connection was known to humanity. We can find this perspective in Chinese, Hindu, Hebrew, Christian and Islamic traditions. In traditional Chinese philosophy, the physical heart is the connection between the spirit and the body, i.e. with the blood carrying the hearts vital rhythmic messages throughout the body. In traditional Chinese medicine, the bodys holistic integral function is accessed via the pulse reading of the heart. In Hindu yogi tradition, the heart is recognized as the seed of individual consciousness and the center of life. The physical heart is connected to the inner heart that will affect the balance and equilibrium of the individual if these two aspects of the heart are not tuned holistically. According to ancient Judaic tradition, the heart is one of the energy center (Sefirot) that affects beauty, harmony and balance (Tif fer et). The heart holds the key to radiant health, joy, peace and total well-being. In Christian tradition, both in the old and new testament, we find For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he (Proverbs, 23:7) What reasons ye in the hearts(Luke, 5:22) show the connection between the physical and spiritual aspects of the heart. The organ in the body that is associated with feelings of love and emotion is the heart. Just as the intellectual mind transcends the physical brain, the spiritual heart transcends the physical heart. This is mentioned in the Quran: It is not the eyes that are blind but the hearts (Al-Quran,

22:46). According to the hadithal-Qudsi, the heavens and the earth cannot contain me, but the heart of my believing servants has room for me. Our transcendent heart identifies with the divine beyond the physical heart or physical realm. According to al-Ghazali, the qalb is the essence of man, which is synonymous for spirit/ruhdepending on its functional aspect. In this physical plane on earth the transcendental heart is the spiritual entity that abides within and beyond the physical body and control all functions of life on earth.It also functions within the spiritual realm beyond space, beyond time and beyond the physical constraints of the physical self and the physical world. Understanding our heart: Our heart start beating when we are still in the womb of our mother. The heart of fetus of the unborn baby begins to beat at around 22 days. Medical scientist and biologist do not know why all of the sudden the fetus premature heart start beating. They call this phenomena auto rhythmic. Somehow, the heartbeat was self-initiated within the heart itself. As believers, we believe that everything is initiated by the will of God. If we look at the structure of the heart we will find that the heart is truly an amazing organ. The heart works throughout our lifetime without ever stopping. The moment it stopped, we will die. Over the period of our lifetime it beats at about 100 thousand times a day, and approximately 40 million times a year. If we live to 70 years old, our heart beats nearly 3 billion times. Our heart also pumps more than 4 liter of blood per minute throughout our vascular system, which is more than 96 thousand kilometers long i.e. 2 times the circumference of this earth. There are many new scientific finding about our amazing heart that points to the Divine Creator, God. Let us review some of this scientific discovery about our heart. Recently, cardiologist and bio scientist discovered that the heart not only responds to the signal coming from the brain, but also vice-versa. There is a bilateral, two-way dynamic relationship between the heart and the brain. We know when the fetus begin to grow, the most important part of the brain development begin with the brain stem, the amygdale and the hippocampus, which are the emotion centers of the unborn baby. It is evident that the fetus already has a function emotional brain and a beating heart long before the other part of the brains i.e. the cortex or the thinking brain begin to form. We now know that the heart interacts with the brain through at least four pathways. The signals from these four pathways are: a. b. c. d. Neurologically through electrical impulse Chemically through hormones and neurotransmitters Physically by pressure waves Electromagnetic field interaction

Let us study the electromagnetic field interaction of the heart. Scientist discovered that the heart emits a stronger electromagnetic field than our brain. This electromagnetic field from the heart is 40-60 times greater in amplitude and permeates every cell in the body. It is approximately 5,000 times stronger than the brains magnetic field. Using sensitive magnetometers we can detect the

hearts magnetic field approximately 1 meter away from the body. This phenomena proves that the heart electromagnetic field not only permeates throughout every cell in our physical body but also transcend our physical body. Scientists are now discovering that our earth electromagnetic field interacts with the electromagnetic field of our heart. This phenomenon shows that all of us are intimately connected to this earth as well as to all other human beings and other creatures on planet earth. We also know that our earth electromagnetic field is influenced by the electromagnetic field of our galaxy the Milky Way. The Milky Way in turn is influenced by other electromagnetic field of all other galaxies in this universe. Reflect on these phenomena! It shows that we are all interconnected from the smallest subatomic particle to the cell in our body, to our heart, to this earth and to this universe. We are interacting all the time giving and receiving signal that will influence our future and the future of this earth and of the universe. The heart plays the key role in this interaction. Ancient sages and Muslim scholars realized this interconnectedness long before modern science able to prove. In religious term, these sages and scholars use analogy of the heart receiving light. We know from quantum physics that light energy is actually a waveform of electromagnetic energy that is being transmitted and permeates throughout the universe. We may now understand that the electromagnetic heart energy from us can transcend our physical body and interact with the universe. In Islam, the heart can interact not only with other human beings and the universe but also interact with the Divine. Latest research points to the existence of cell memory. Scientists of Karolinska Institute Stockholm show that the cells of our body contain some form of memory. This memory effects the surrounding and can be transmitted from one generation to another. We now know that this influence is being stored in our genes i.e. our DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). From the Islamic perspective we not only have a physical DNA but also a spiritual DNA that was imprinted before we existed as a physical being. This imprint of both the physical DNA and the spiritual DNA are interacting to determine and influence our future. From the Islamic perspective our future transcends the physical world. In Islam, the terminology qalb or heart signify both the biological physical heart as well as the spiritual inner heart imprintedin our ruh. The analogy symbolizing the inner heart/qalb is like the sun, which is the heart of our solar system. It spreads its energy throughout the whole solar system. Likewise, our inner heart/qalb spreads its energy throughout the human self. The spiritual inner heart is an independent entity that has affinity and closeness with the physical heart. This connection is transcendental. The spiritual heart is the real substance whereas the physical heart is only an appendage. Both the physical heart and the inner spiritual heart are the emotional centers of our being. Our faculties such as perception, consciousness, sensation, reasoning, and will power are part of the human capabilities centered on the heart. The biological heart is directed by the inner heart. In one of the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad,There is a fleshy part in the body. If it is healthy, then the whole of the body is healthy. If it is corrupted, then all the body is corrupted. Beware!

That part is heart. This saying shows the importance of the connection between our physical heart and our inner spiritual heart/qalb. Our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical (SEMP) well-being is dependent on the condition of our physical and inner spiritual heart/qalb. The nature of this connection between the biological heart and inner heart has been discussed by Muslim scholars and sages for centuries. Through Islamic spiritual practices,these scholars andSages discover the connection between the biological and the inner spiritual heart, which is the source of all human feelings and emotions. They also discover the inner heart is the center of the divine faculty that differentiates human beings from other animals. The spiritual heart houses our belief system, knowledge of God and love of God. Our spiritual heart realizes the spiritual delight of affinity to God and finally knowing God. The synergy between our spiritual heart and our biological heart conveys the rhythmic emotions from the realm of the inner heart and spirit to the physical realm. This will enable the physical body to feel the inner peace, tranquility, happiness, love and all the positive emotions necessary for our holistic well-being. Ignoring the inner voice of our inner heart will result in splinted personality that cannot feel the joy, happiness and meaning of life. Modern materialistic civilization creates a mono-dimensional materialistic human being without any higher purpose in life except to eat, have sex and other material indulgences. As a result, today modern humanity is having serious problems in terms of mental health, happiness in life as well as having higher purpose in life beyond the physical realm. Embedded throughout every cell in our body especially our heart a system of cell memory. It contains information and memory about our past actions and behaviors as well as our personalities. Scientist Dr. Kandis Burt in his book Passion Molecules discovered that all cells in the human body exchange signal with each other through amino acid interaction. It is now proven, that these bio transmitters are not only found in the brain but also in other internal organs such as the heart. Bioscientist Dr. Joseph Chilton Pearce the author of the book The Biology of Transcendence discovered that there are neural like cells in our heart. He discovered that within the heart cells there are clusters of small neural groupings in the heart that is almost like axon-dendrites forming the neural connection of our brain. Neurosciences in recent years have made startling discoveries. In many research centers, neuroscientists have discovered that the heart has its own independent nervous system. A complex system simply referred to as the brain in the heart. Neuroscientists discover that there are more than 40,000 neuroncells in the heart, which is about the same found in the sub-cortical center of the brain. Neuroscientists discover there is constant communication between the neurons in the heart and the brain functional area, i.e. the amygdala, the thalamus and the cortex. We know that the amygdala, an almond shaped structure deep inside the brain emotional processing center, is key to all emotion. The amygdala will assess any new information for its

emotional significance. It then communicates with the brain cortex to assess this new information and take appropriate action. Dr. Rollin McCraty from the Institute of HeartMath discovered that the heart can act on its own. He said, We observed the heart was acting as though it had amind of its own and was profoundly affecting perception, intelligence, and awareness. Over the past twenty years, scientists have discovered new information about the heart that makes us realize its far more complex that wed ever imagined. We now have scientific evidence that the heart send us emotional and intuitive signals to help govern our lives. Instead of simply pumping blood, it directs and aligns many systems in the body so that they can function in harmony with one another. And although the heart is in a constant communication with the brain, we now know that it makes many of its own decisions. Physiologist John and Beatrice Lacey of the Fels Research Institute discovered that the heart has its own brain-like nervous system that can affect our physical brain through signals sent to the amygdala, the thalamus and the cortex. The Laceys found that when the brain sent orders to the heart through the nervous system, the heart didnt automatically obey. Instead, the heart responded as if it had its own distinctive logic. Sometimes when the brain sent an arousal signal to the body in response to stimuli, the heartbeat sped up accordingly. But frequently it actually slowed down while the other organs responded with arousal. The selectivity of the hearts response indicated that it wasnt merely mechanically responding to a signal from the brain. Rather, the hearts response appeared to depend on the nature of the particular task at hand and the type of mental processing it required.Even more intriguing, the Laceys found that the heart appeared to be sending messages back to the brain that the brain not only understood the signal but also obeyed it. This proves that the messages from the heart can actually influence a persons behavior and future outcome. It also shows that our intuition play a role beyond just our normal senses. This intuitive nature is built in within our heart. Modern human beings somehow are beginning to lose our intuitive heart capability. In Islam, the prophet told us that the heart can control the brain. The heart will shape the personality of any individual that allows them to realize the Creator. God reveal in the Quran, For, Believers are those who, when Allah is mentioned, feel a tremor in their hearts, and when they hear His signs rehearsed, find their faith strengthened, and put (all) their trust in their Lord (Al-Quran, 8:2). Another verse of the Quran confirms the existence of cell memory in the heart. He knows all that is in the heavens and on earth; and He knows all that you keep secret as well as all that you bring into the open: for God has full knowledge of what is in the hearts [of men] (Al-Quran, 64:4). The Quran was revealed to humanity 1400 years ago. Yet it contains information now modern sciences is discovering.

God reveals that our physical heart is linked to the inner spiritual heart which can received signal or light from God. The illumination or enlightment from God affect both our physical and spiritual inner heart. God says, Could, then, one whose bosom God has opened wide with willingness towards self-surrender unto Him, so that he is illumined by a light that flows from his Sustainer, be likened to the blind and deaf of heart? Woe, then, unto those whose hearts are hardened against all remembrance of God! They are most obviously lost in error! (Al-Quran, 39:22). In another verse, God also mention, not only our heart has cell memory, our other organs like the skin also have cell memory that transcends the normal function of the skin. God bestows from on high the best of all teachings in the shape of a divine writ fully consistent within itself, repeating each statement of the truth in manifold forms, a divine writ whereat shiver the skins of all who stand in awe of their Sustainer: but in the end their skins and their hearts do soften at the remembrance of the grace of God. Such is Gods guidance: He guides therewith him that wills to be guided whereas he whom God lets go astray can never find any guide. (AlQuran, 39:23). Professor Benjamin Libet, a neurophysiologist at the University of California discovered that every thought, emotion, perception, or movement happens before our consciousness can realize it. This experiment proves that is a transcendent element beyond space and beyond time that affects our emotion, perception, or movement. In one of his experiment he allows the person to be experimented to move his finger at random. Throughout this time the brain is subject to continuous monitoring. Professor Libet observed the relevant brain cells before the person actually took the decision to move his finger. The command move finger reaches the individuals brain, which is then readied for action. The individual can only activate this command and become aware of this command after about 400 milliseconds. From this experiment Professor Libet summarized as follows: the decision to move a muscle takes place before that decision reaches the consciousness. There is always a delay between a neurological or perceptual process and our becoming aware of the thought, feeling, perception or movement it represents. To put it another way, we can only be aware of a decision after that decision has been taken. From the above experiment, we can conclude that there is a decision maker beyond our physical brain and beyond our consciousness. It seems that what we do in our physical life is always in the past tense. In Islam, we not only live in a physical dimension but our hearts always live within the realm of divine consciousness. Everything that happens in this universe is by the will of God. The Quran says, And never say about anything, Behold, I shall do this tomorrow, without adding, if God so Wills. And if you should forget yourself at the time, and become aware of it later, call on your Sustainer to mind and say: I pray that my Sustainer guide me, even closer than this, to a consciousness of what is right! (Al-Quran, 18:24). God gives us free-will to use our heart to believe in God and align ourselves with what is good or to disbelief and indulge in evil deeds following our desire or ego. In reality, everything that

exists in the universe that can happen and will happen was pre-determined by God at the point when He commands this universe to Be, and it became. The human species is given the freewill to carry his or her action in a limited sense. We are individually responsible of our actions based on the freewill to use our heart and mind to do good or to do evil.Research by Dr. Francis Waldrop of National Institute of Mental Health shows that the heart is important to make us a whole person and the heart can be the key to restore people with psychological and mental problems. As we get closer and closer towards the understanding of the physical and its connection with human behavior and human well-being we should contemplate and take another step. Naturally, the scientistscannot use the term spirit or the divine because it seems unscientific to them. However, in reality only when science surrender to the spirit can we have real knowledge. We will then understand the meaning of being a human being that has four aspects/dimensions i.e. spiritual, emotional, mental and physical dimensions as we live on this earth. Contemplate over this discovery and ask yourselves, how could all those ancient sages know so much of our heart that the modern man seems to be ignorant of? In modern psychology today we know that intelligence quotient (IQ) does not result in success in life. Extensive research by leading psychologists throughout the world point to the need for emotional intelligence (EQ). Today we know that success in life is based more on our ability to manage our emotions than our intellectual capabilities. Today psychologists are talking about cultivating heart intelligence. By using our heart, we will be able to develop self-awareness to make good decision. The heart is the center of our emotional intelligence. Famous psychologist Daniel Goleman says the ABCs of emotional intelligence include: self-awareness, seeing the links between thoughts, feelings and reactions; knowing if thoughts or feelings are ruling a decision; seeing the consequences of alternative choices; and applying these insights to choices. Without the guiding influence of the heart which is our emotional center, we easily fall prey to reactive emotions such anger, fear, frustration, depression and other negative behaviors.The problems of our modern 21st century civilization like crime, rape, mental diseases, breakdown of our family and societal structures points to the need for nourishing and cultivating our heart/emotional intelligence. In Islam, the heart is the gateway to attain the vision of Divine presence. Through the eye of our inner heart we begin the process of affinity to the Divine and gain intuition (kashf). As we journey towards perfecting our heart/qalb through prayers and spiritual practices, we begin to be aware of our affinity with God. Finally, we will be able to have certainty of believe by not only having faith in God but to know God in our heart (ainul yakin: i.e. knowing God through our inner heart). This knowledge will bring us closer to the knowledge of the ultimate reality. Through this process, we will finally realize our true nature of being the Vicegerent of God on earth.

Maintenance of a healthy inner heart is the most important aspect of our existence in this world. It is important that we maintain a healthyheart/qalb and a healthy body as all human feelings and emotions are directed to this critical center. The heart must be protected and kept safe from being infected by evil. The heart functions as a bridge between all that is good as well as the gateway to the blessings of God. It can also be deviated by satanic and evil temptations. In the Quran, we are advised to pray Our Lord! Do not cause our hearts to swerve after You have guided us (Al-Quran,3:7) The prophet Muhammad in one of his supplications O God, O Converter of hearts. Establish our hearts on your way of truth. This reminds us of the absolute need to protect and preserve the heart from the influence of evil. The heart that is influenced by evil will have an inner satanic desire that leads to evil deeds, temptations and vices. The spiritual qalb is open to the physical world through the sense organs, which are conceived to be the external windows. The qalb is fed with sensory facts perceived through the physical light. Depending upon the states of the inner illumination of the heart, the qalb processes these data and reveals their interrelationships and meaning to the self that becomes the basis of judgment and decision. Decisions are made by the qalb. The brain and the nervous system function as instruments to implement them. The inner state of the qalb that has been spiritually regenerated is like a shining glass that refracts divine light. The glass does not prohibit the light from leaving. In fact, it preserves them and projects them just like the brilliant stars lighting up the universe. In our physical world, we utilize our five senses to explore the physical reality. For us to transcend our physical state, we have to utilize our heart/qalb to understand our spiritual reality, which is beyond space and time. That is the real purpose of our life on this earth. The heart/qalb can also be described according to its functions and its relationship with the rest of the bodily organs as well as our emotion, perception and behavior.In the Quranic verse God declares mankind to be theVicegerent or representative of God on earth.(Al-Quran, 2:30)We can relate an analogy from the Hadith, which stateGod created Adam in His form. Since God, as the Creator of this universe, governs it with sovereign authority, the heart/qalb is considered to be the authority and master of the body and its functions. All the organs of the body have been subordinated to the heart/qalb.Our external perception, emotion and behavior are virtually the manifestations of the state of the heart i.e. the conditioning of our emotion based on the good and bad deeds that we have done. Two Quranic verses here are of utmost significance on the danger of not taking care of our heart. Nay, but their hearts are corroded by all the evil that they were incline to do (Al-Quran, 83:14) God has sealed their hearts and their hearing, and over their eyes is a veil; and awesome suffering awaits them. (Al-Quran, 2:7). The sealing of the heart occurs over time. If a person follow this destructive path of excessive material indulgences andharmful evil deeds i.e. the path of sin, he gradually looses the ability to perceive the truth. Prophet Muhammad gave an analogy of our heart that will have black spots on it as we do sinful evil deeds. As we continue to do more sinful evil deeds, the heart will be overwhelmed with black spots that will prevent

divine light and guidance from entering our heart/qalb. At this point it is as if a seal is set upon our heart/qalb that makes it totally evil and beyond reform i.e. the inner heart is dead even though the physical heart is physically alive. This is a consequence of mans free choice to take the path of evil. Those who follow the path of evil will harden the heart. This heart will be preoccupied with excessive lust, greed, selfishness, arrogance, envy, pride, heedlessness and attachment to status. This heart is centered only on the physical happiness and has lost all the ability to feel, believe and realize God. If we take the path of perfecting our heart, then we are travelling on a journey of perfecting ourselves. Our heart will begin to grow, mature and slowly acquire the spiritual insights. We always live in constant consciousness of God fully realizing the Divine in our life. We will enjoy complete happiness, serenity and security under Divine protection. We live a life under the light of God and live a life of purpose and self-control. The whole focus of life is to love God and to pursue our life to please God.This way of life will allow us to receive the love of God i.e. divine light and causes the whole universe to love us. We will receive a warm welcome in all realm ofexistence. Finally,by perfecting ones heart we will be able to complete conquer the selfcentered ego that is prone to evil. With the grace of God, gradually we will have a direct understanding of the innermost transcendental nature of our heart. We will have the ability to see withthe eye of the heart and understand the ultimate reality of the unity of God. This journey towards the perfection of the self is open to all human beings who use the inner heart/qalb to make the right choice. It is our choice to nourish our heart to reach perfection and total success or follow the ego towards ultimate disillusion and destruction. We have to strive and work hard to achieve perfection of ourselves by perfecting of our inner heart. There is no shortcut towards real success in life. Realsuccess allows us to experience and achieve Gnostic (makrifah) and wisdom (hikmah).It will then allow us to comprehend the inner reality of life. As the Vicegerent of God, the human self is inherently endowed with some ofGods attributes in some small finite measures. These attributes, however, remain dormant and veiled by the passions and the sensuous preoccupations of the egoistic self as we journey through our physical life on earth. This test of life is described in the Quran:By the human self/nafsi.e. the spirit, heart, and mind, and the proportion and order given to it, and its enlightenment as to its wrong and its right. Truly, he succeeds that purifies it, and he fails that corrupts it! (Al-Quran, 91:7-9) From the above verse, we can understand that to succeed in life we have to purify our heart to receive enlightenment. Al-Ghazali defines the diseases of the heart like pride/arrogance (takabbur), hypocrisy (nifaq), uncontrolled desire (hawa), ostentatiousness (ria), greed (hars), ego and other spiritual diseases link to the heart/qalb that can destroy our state of balance, and bring us towards inner conflict and self-destruction. Modern humanity is fully engrossed withthe worldlyindulgences and passions that are merely sensuous and physical in nature. At this level, our existence is just like animals where survival

of the fittest becomes the dominant behavior. Our 21 st century civilization will completely disintegrate if we continue this materialistic atheistic path. To survive in the post-modern human society we must acknowledge the reality ofthe divine Creator. This awakening or realization of the Divine will remove the illusion of our ego and make the heart free from pursuance of temporary sensuous goals. Freeing the self from the bondage of temporary sensory pursuits will removethe veil of darkness. In this process, the heart willgradually understand the nature and the secret treasures of the Divine reality.

The Mind/Aqal
In our earlier description of our spirit/ruh and inner heart/qalb we have elaborated on the primordial covenant in the state of azali at the creation of the human self, the mind/intellect/aqal aspect is imprinted in our spirit/ruh. As a result, Muslim scholars tend to use these three aspects interchangeably depending on its functional and situational roles in our journey of life. From our existence in the primordial realm to our existence in the physical realm on this earth and then back to the realm of the hereafter, our mind/intellect/aqal plays the key role in reason and decision-making. Islamic scholars have defined aqal as the all-encompassing intellect. It covers the whole range of the mind/brain/intelligence aspects. Aqal is bound within the spirit/nafs/soul and functions as an integrative faculty between the spirit, inner heart and mind/aqal. Muslim scholars divided mind/aqal into two basic faculties: a. Al-aqal al-juzi: the faculty of reason, conscious mind, the faculty of discursive or analytical thought b. Al-aqal al-kulli:the subconscious mind and beyond the subconscious mind, the faculty of intuition and higher intellect, and the faculty of awareness of the spiritual and divine realities The integration between these two aspects of reason and higher intellect and intuition will enable the human being to discern truth from falsehood, good from bad, etc., which will then imprint positively and negatively his spiritual experiences throughout the journey of life. The faculties of aqal is bestowed upon man enable him to cope his reality of existence in this world. The Islamic integrative concept of higher intelligence/mind/aqal is compatible with the findings of modern science in neurology, physiology, psychology, quantum physics and other new sciences on the nature of the brain and mind-body relationship. Just like a physical heart is connected with the inner heart/qalb, our physical brain is connected with our mind/higher intelligence/i.e. al-aqal al-kulli. Let us understand the basic science of our brain and mind and how it is connected integratively with the totality of the human self and the universe.

Our amazing physical brain have more than one hundred billion brain cells consisting of active neuron cells connected through more than 20 thousand branch-like connection with each cell. Brain and memory expert Tony Bujan says your brain is made of a trillion brain cells. Each brain cell is like the most phenomenally complex little octopus. It has a center, it has many branches, and each branch has many connection points. Each one of those billions of brain cells is many times more powerful and sophisticated that most of the computers around the planet today. Each one of these cells connects, embraces, hundreds of thousands to tens of thousands of others. And they shuttle information back and forward. Its been called an enchanted loom, the most astoundingly complex, beautiful thing in existence. And each person has one. Each of your 100 billion active neurons or brain cells stores information on its thousands of dendrites like branches. It then transmits that information to other cells, and other parts of the body, by electrical impulses, along a major pathway called an axon. When it reaches the synapse-connecting gap to another brain-cell, each electrical impulse triggers chemical reactiona neurotransmitters which jumps across the gap to transfer the message. Each axon is insulated by a myelin sheath, which acts as an insulator. The brain has at least 70 different types of neurotransmitter, and each is affected by diet that we eat as well as our way of life. The entire communication system is surrounded by glial cells for glue, which lay down the myelin sheathing and generally nourish the active nerves cells. We have actually three brains in one i.e. three different levels from the outer brain to the brainstem. Our brain has two sides that are the left brain and the right brain. We have six distinct layers of our brain. Our lower brain or brain-stem controls many of our instincts, such as breathing and heartbeat. The central part of our brain controls our emotions which is called the limbic system from the Latin word limbus for collar or ring- because it wraps around the brain-stem like a collar. Our upper brain enables us to think, talk, reason and creates. It is called the Cortex. We use many different parts of the brain together to store, remember and retrieve information. Each one of these factors has an important bearing on how we use our inbuilt power of the brain.We have on each of our individual head the most powerful of all computers in the world put together. How amazing! If I tell you that all of Microsoft software that we are using now comes into existence without the tens of thousands of software engineers at Microsoft headquarter creating the software code, would you believe? Your commonsense answer would be that the software codes were created by Microsoft engineers. I would not like to indulge in a religious debate. How can we believe that our brain, which are millions of times more powerful than our computers were not created by a Supreme Creator? Atheism does not make any sense and is not rational. The complexity of the human brain, mind and soul represents the pinnacle of all the creation. All other creatures on earth do not have the capability of our brain, which are endowed with free-will, intelligence and reason. Our purpose is to realize the grandeur of Gods creation of the universe. Today the science of quantum physics is bringing us closer towards understanding of our spiritual inner

brain i.e. our higher intelligence/mind/aqaletc. Islam provides the most comprehensive understanding of the nature of the human self through the Quranic revelation from God sent to Prophet Muhammad and all other Prophets before him, like Jesus, Moses, Abraham as well as sages like Buddha, Krishna, Confucius and others. This message provides us with the answers of why we are living on earth and where do we go after we die. The basis of 21st century materialistic civilization is based on the wrong so called scientific Newtonian definition of space, time, matter and causality. These deeply ingrained materialistic philosophy resulted in the atheistic believe prevalent in modern society. We need to have a new holistic way of thinking as well as an integrative way of life. Once we completely comprehend the modern sciences as well as quantum physics which will revolutionize our believe system in the 21st century and beyond. I believe this new believe system will finally be able to synergize with the transcendent and spiritual precepts known to humanity since the beginning of humanity. We know that the human brain is a complex metrics of interwoven systems. The human brain functions by neurons connecting our cerebral cortex allow us higher brain functions to make us human beings. Today neuroscientists are trying to understand the nature of human consciousness. Is consciousness itself limited to the brain cells within our brain or does it transcend beyond our brain system as well as our physical self? Is our capacity for perception, thought, awareness and purposive response merely the result of our neurotransmitters reaction in our brain or is it beyond our brain? Is free-will, the ability to choose between the right and wrong, good and bad directed only by our brain or is it more transcendent beyond our brain system? The above problems of the nature of consciousness are now being investigated through neurosciences and quantum physics. Prominent quantum Physicist David Bohm says we may well now ask whether the close analogy between quantum processes and our inner experiences and thought processes is mere coincidence the remarkable point-by-point analogy between thought processes and quantum processes would suggest that a hypothesis relating these two may well turn out to be fruitful. If such a hypothesis could ever be verified, it would explain in a natural way a great many features of our thinking. As we develop the science of quantum physics and neurobiology we are beginning to realize the complex nature of our brain system.We are also beginning to understand the nature of consciousness and thought processes that can transcend beyond the physical realm of space and time. It can exist beyond the physical neuron of our physical brain. Today quantum physicists are able to explain the non-local correlation effects of quantum events. This non-locality quantum event allows subatomic particles to operate instantaneously beyond distance space or time when it is in the waveform.Professor Roger Penrose says, Quantum physics involves many highly intriguing and mysterious kind of behavior. Not the latest of these are the non-local quantum correlations that can occur over widely separated distances. It seems to me to be a definite possibility that such things could be playing a role in conscious thought modes. Perhaps it is not too fanciful to suggest that quantum correlations could be playing an operative role over large

regions of the brain. Might there be any relation between a state of awareness and a highly coherent quantum state in the brain? Is the oneness or globalist that seems to be a feature of consciousness connected with this? It is somewhat tempting to believe so. Each day thousands of our neuron cells dies yet the same me exists. Life is an ongoing process. Our physical body is made out of atoms and elements that was once stardust in some galaxies. In future it will again find the home among the stars as this earth disintegrates. We can understand the nature of unity of not only the physical dimension but also the transcendent dimension. Author Danah Zohar says, Just as there is no space and time between two separate laser beams (theirwave patterns interfere across space and time), so there no real division in space and or time between selves. We are all individuals, but individuals within a greater unity, a unity which defines each of us in terms of others, each of us have a stake in eternity. Understanding this, understanding the full reality of the extent to which we are all, physically, interwoven, requires a revolution in our whole way of perceiving ourselves and our relation to others. It is a revolution required when we apply quantum concepts to the nature of the self. We know that quantum physics calls upon us to alter our notions of space and time, but now we have to accept that this touches each and every one of us at the core of our personhood. As we further develop our understanding of the quantum phenomena we will be able to understand the transcendent nature of our mind. We will be able to understand the phenomena of consciousness i.e. our awareness, perception, thought, memory etc. transcends space and time. The Islamic concept of higher intelligence/mind/aqal provides a beautiful answer to the nature of our true transcendent self. God is the Supreme Intellect and demand acknowledgement from His thinking creation, i.e. human being. This is a divine directive. One of the saying of the prophet on one important aspect of Godhood, I was the hidden treasure and I desire to be known so I created the creation. The whole scheme of this universe and its existence will not be known unless God created a being endowed with intelligence to realize the Creator. As God is the All Knowing (Al-Alim) he created man to realize the greatness of his attribute of Divine Intelligence, Love, Beauty and all other Divine attributes. Mankind was the creation that was given in some small measure the gifts, faculties and qualities of theseDivine attributes. With these gifts man can take part in the process of reasoning, contemplation and receive knowledge through higher intelligence and intuitions. The integration of the two aspects of aqal, i.e. al-aqalal-juzi (reason) and al-aqal alkulli which is intuition and higher intelligence will lead man to the realization of the divine. Mans integrative intelligence of aqal can witness to the truth of the existence of the Supreme Intelligence, i.e. God. This realization of the existence of God is imprinted in our spiritual DNA at the point when God commanded our existence in the spiritual realm i.e. before our existence in the physical realm. Through the faculty of aqal, mankind can understand God.We have an inner primordial desire to love God because God have given us some of the His attributes. Metaphorically mankind is the reflection of the image of God. Of course, this does not

mean that God is an image; rather it means that mankind possessessome small divine attributes. These faculties and gifts, allow us to take part in the divine reflection. Man is the image, and God is the Light of the heavens and the earth (Al-Quran, 24:35) behind that human image.God is the Absolute and the All Knowing (Al-Alim).God is also the Loving (Al-Wadud). God bestows intelligence to the human species to reflect on the divine attributes of God and to infuse these attributes within the human self. As such we are bestowed higher intelligence that is capable of discernment and contemplation. We are also given free-will, which we can exercise with reason to achieve true success in life. In Islam, the essential knowledge of the knowledge of Godhood and the purpose of life was reveal by God.By exercising our faculty of intuition and higher intelligence we can perceive the truth of divine revelation.The medium of communication between God and the human species is through the mind/aqal which is the integrative intelligence that can grasp the nature of the Divine. Mans intelligence is capable of objectivity because it can grasp the idea of the Supreme Intelligence. Similarly, we are given free-willand reason so that our mind/aqal can act upon to make correct and good decisions. It would not be sufficient if man could grasp the notion of the Supreme Intelligence i.e. God, but could not act on behalf of God. The medium for this intervention is the mind/higher intelligence/aqal. As mentioned earlier, our mind/higher intelligence/aqal is imprinted within the spirit/ruh. The spirit/ruh provides the ground in which the result of our interaction of our intelligence and free-will can take root. The mind/aqalis the meeting ground between God and man in the intellectual sense, and acts as a bridge between the world of the senses and the world of the spirit. Without these divine gifts of the minds/higher intelligence/aqal our understanding of God is not possible or feasible. In Islam, faith, believing and realizing God begins with the use of our higher intelligence. Without the spiritually discerning higher intelligence, there is no grasping of essential knowledge of the Divine. By coupling our mind/aqal and exercising our reason and free-will, we will transcend the current secular materialistic human mentality. The synergy of our inner heart/qalb and our mind/aqal provides the basis for knowing who we are as human beings and where we are to journey beyond this physical life i.e. in the spiritual realm with God. Our earthly hope resides in realizing God. Our ultimate refuge rests in knowing the reality of Gods definitive existence. Our aqal/integrative intelligence, endowed with free-will, is the key to this realization. God is the absolute Divine Intelligence and we are endowed with relative intelligence of our mind/aqal to understand Him. God alone is worthy of being desired and loved as the sole object of mans mission in this world. Only then, can we satisfy the holistic needs of the human self for love, beauty and goodness i.e. our desire for the realization of perennial and universal truth. Our human intelligence in this world functions with the brain for our survival as a species. This mode of mind/aqal comprises of the multiple intelligences to enable man to progress

scientifically. Using sound reasoning of mind/aqalbeyond the scientific realm will finally lead towards the intelligence of intuition and spirituality. The heart/qalb, is the meeting ground where intelligence and free-will work together to provide the vital manifestation of our inner quest for love, beauty and awareness of God. When God endowed man the free-will and intelligence, man can take advantage of these faculties to enrich the soul and achieve total eternal success or man can use these faculties of intelligence and free-will to commit evil. Like a two-edged sword, they can cut both ways, either to mans advantage or to his disadvantage, and even to his ultimate damnation. The intelligence can fail, the will can betray him, and the self can sink into a shadowy darkness through the evil that man can commit from within. The human self/nafs is certainly prone to evil, the Quran (ayat??) and even the Queen of Sheba said: My Lord! I have wronged my own soul. (27:44)??? Contemporary man uses intelligence in a fragmentary manner. We grasp the nature of our reality via piecemeal fragmentary processes. We only perceive, rely and recognize the physical material reality. This attitude permeates throughout the idea that to be scientific we must rely on physical proof only. As such it is fashionable for scientist to deny any existence beyond the physical realm. However, the latest discovery in quantum physics shows that there is a reality beyond the physical reality. Scientist in the 21 st century must go beyond atheism to embrace non-physical spiritual realities. The fragmentary use of the mind/aqal tend to be destructive, misguided and out of control. The current dilemma of the 21st century, with its host of problems from the ecological disaster to the destruction of human values, points to the misuse of our intelligence. If nothing is done in the 21st century, our planet and all of human inhabitants will suffer the greatest catastrophe in the history of man. It could even signal Armageddon and the end of humanity. The story of Adam in the Quran relates how the first man fail to use his intelligence properly by following the misguided impulse of his free-will, i.e. disobeying God and eating the forbidden fruit. At this point, Adam betrayed the primordial sacred trust and disobeyed God. Adams failure to reflect and use his free-will, which is consonant with the needs of the spirit/ruh, resulted in Adams discharge from the primordial heaven. At this point, Adam the servant of God has disobeyed God, the Master. Adam, the Vicegerent of God has betrayed the sacred trust. Later, Adam regretted and asked God for forgiveness and began his spiritual journey to become the prophet of God, fully aware of his spiritual legacy We said: O Adam! dwell thou and thy wife in the Garden; and eat of the bountiful things therein as (where and when) ye will; but approach not this tree, or ye run into harm and transgression. Then did Satan make them slip from the garden, and get them out of the state of felicity in which they had been. We said: Get ye down, all (ye people), with enmity between yourselves. On earth will be your dwelling-place and your means of livelihood - for a time. Then learnt Adam from his Lord words of inspiration, and

his Lord Turned towards him; for He is Oft-Returning, Most Merciful. But those who reject Faith and belie Our Signs, they shall be companions of the Fire; they shall abide therein. (AlQuran, 2:34-38). These two modes of Adams use of intelligence are still available to contemporary man. We can use our intelligence and mental faculties purely for material success in the physical plane, which is short termed and destructive. This short-term thinking is the root cause of the dilemma of humanity in the 21 st century. We need a new paradigm where we can use our intelligence and free-will to grasp the essential spiritual knowledge to advance us toward the path of total success and salvation. By harmonizing the use of our faculties of intelligence and free-will, coupled with the need of our spirit/ruh, we will be able to grasp the essential knowledge of God and tune our intelligence towards the realization of the divine purpose. That man can think intelligently and act on intelligently using his free-will lead him to the love of God. Through the integrative faculty of mind/aqal he will develop sincere faith that will direct the spirit/ruhtowards its real destiny with the divine. To love God totally with our mind, heart and spirit, will bring us closer to God who is the Supreme Being. To be loved by God in return, which is the object of the ultimate loving desire creates an inner blessing and a feeling of equilibrium.Our expression of spirituality is fully manifested itself through faith, surrender and virtue. Mind/aqal, guided by the spirit/ruh and the heart/qalb, will lead man to the highest achievement and total success in this world and the eternal realm of the Hereafter. Prophet Muhammad beautifully described the nature of our higher intelligence/mind/aqal, which is very comprehensive and summarizes our discussion on aqal. It is narrated by Ibn-'Abbas that the Apostle of God said, for everything there is an instrument and a tool, and the instrument of the believer is his intellect; for everything there is a mainstay, and the mainstay of man is his intellect; for everything there is a support, and the support of religion is the intellect; for every group of me there is a goal, and the goal of the worshippers is the intellect; for every people there is a missionary (who calls them to true faith), and the missionary of the devout is the intellect; for every merchant there are goods and merchandise, and the merchandise of the scholars is the intellect; for every house there is a keeper, and the keeper of the houses of the saints is the intellect; for every ruin there is rehabilitation, and the rehabilitation of death is the intellect; for every man there is a offspring who bears his name and perpetuates his memory, and the offspring of the saints, who bear their names, and perpetuate their memory, are their intellects; and finally for every journey there is a shelter, and the shelter of the believers is the intellect.

The Body/Jasad
Our physical body/jasad is a marvelous creation and a miracle. No words seem adequate to describe the amazing versatility, complexity and capability of the human body. As human beings we not only live, breath, move and think. The full capability of our human body also encompasses transcendental capabilities, which transcends the physical body.

During our lifetime on this earth,we undergo a remarkable journey of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development that begins in the womb and continuous until the end of physical life. From Islamic perspective, our life will continue beyond the physical life in the physical realm. The miracle of the human cell still fascinates scientist, biologist, medical doctors, psychologists, philosophers, spiritual masters and sages. For example, if we study the miracle of the development of the human foetus, life begins with conception when a male sperm fuses with a female ovum to produce a single cell. Over the next 40 weeks this single fertilized cell divides again and again, millions of times in a process that transforms it from a minuscule speck no larger than a pinhead into a fully independent life outside the womb. The mechanism by which this occurs is called mitotic cell division, a copying and splitting by which cell constantly divide and reproduce themselves. This process, which begins in the womb, continuous throughout life. It is controlled by our genes i.e. the DNA/RNA structures within the cells. Our DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) gene carries within it a blueprint of information. Together, the millions of genes determine the unique physical and mental characteristics inherited by the new human being from its parents. The miracle of our creation is vividly describe in the Quran which exactly explains the various stage of our creation from the egg and the sperm right up to becoming a new born baby. The Quran says, O mankind! If you have a doubt about the Resurrection, consider that We created you out of dust, then out of sperm, then out of a leech-like clot, then out of a morsel of flesh, partly formed and partly unformed, in order that We may manifest our power to you; and We cause whom We will to rest in the wombs for an appointed term, then do We bring you out as babes, then foster you that you may reach your age of full strength; and some of you are called to die, and some are sent back to the feeblest old age, so that they know nothing after having known much, and further, you see the earth barren and lifeless, but when We pour down rain on it, it is stirred to life, it swells, and it puts forth every kind of beautiful growth in pairs. (AlQuran, 22:5). The above verse is a miracle in medical science because God describes how the foetus is being formed scientifically. This scientific fact was only discovered in the 20 th century. Yet the Quran was revealed to prophet Muhammad 1,400 years ago. From a tiny sperm and egg which is smaller than the size of a pinhead which is less than 0.1 millimeters to the growth of the foetus to be born as a fully form human being at birth. God describes the process of fertilization (nutfah). After the fertilization of the ovum, it is anchored in the wall of the uterus, where it starts to grow. This stage of the growing zygote is called alaqah. It is still so minute that it is slightly more than 0.1 millimeter in diameter. In the Quran, alaqah means a leech like suspended thing like a black clot. The developing embryo has a leech like appearance, and this stage of alaqah of the embryo growth continuous for about 25 days. The Quran describes the next stage of the embryo growth as mudghah or a lump of flesh, chewed like substance. The appearance of the embryo at this stage really looks like a chewed substance with 13 somites resembling teeth prints on a substance which is chewed. The somites are paired, block like masses of mesoderm arranged segmentally

alongside the neural tube of the embryo, forming the vertebral column and segmental musculature, also called mesodermal segments. As the embryo begin to grow, all the organ systems begin to be form. The Quran describe this stage of the mudghah is partly formed and unformed. This is a scientific fact that medical science found to be true today. In the Quran, the development of the foetus is further describe When We placed him as a drop of sperm in a place of rest, firmly fixed;Then We made the sperm into a clot of congealed blood; then of that clot We made a foetus lump; then we made out of that lump bones and clothed the bones with flesh; then we developed out of it another creature. So blessed be Allah, the best to create! (Al Quran, 22:12-13). Throughout the period from fertilization and gestation the foetus become a fully form baby in about 280 days or 40 weeks. It is ordain by God that from miraculous birth we were grow from infanthood to childhood, adulthood and finally old age. In the Quran God tells us that in the old age we will become child like and forget many things that we have learn. The Quran says, If We grant long life to any, We cause him to be reversed in nature: Will they not then understand? (Al-Quran, 36:67).We know that in old age, our physical body will degenerate; our mental capability will also deteriorate. For some they will have dementia, Alzheimers disease and other mental problems. Which make them become child-like. However, God also mention that there is hope for the future. We will continue to exist beyond the physical realm. God says, The trumpet shall be sounded, when behold! from the sepulchers men will rush forth to their Lord! They will say: Ah! Woe unto us! Who hath raised us up from our beds of repose?... A voice will say, This is what Allah Most Gracious had promised. And true was the word of the messengers!It will be no more than a single Blast, when lo! they will all be brought up before Us! (Al-Quran, 36:50-52) In another verse, the Quran says, Verily We shall give life to the dead, and We record that which they send before and that which they leave behind, and of all things have We taken account in a clear Book of evidence. (Al-Quran, 36:11).In another verse, God says, It would not be reasonable in me if I did not serve Him Who created me, and to Whom ye shall (all) be brought back. (Al-Quran, 36:21). The journey of life after death is a reality that every one of us will have to go through. We can choose to do evil in our life on earth and suffer the consequence in the Hereafter or we can take a path of goodness and faith and enjoy eternal heaven. The Quran says,As to those who believe and work righteousness, verily We shall not cause them to suffer or perish. Their reward will be Gardens of Eternity; beneath them rivers will flow; they will be adorned therein with bracelets of gold, and they will wear green garments of fine silk and heavy brocade: They will recline therein on raised thrones. How good the recompense! How beautiful a couch to recline on! (Al-Quran, 18:30-31). > 1207

In all spiritual tradition whether Hebrew, Hindu, Chinese or Islamic traditions, the physical world is infused with a subtle element of life force, imparting motion and movement to the body. Thus, if we talk about the physical realm, we have in the physical dimension, space and time. Whereas, the spiritual dimension are not bounded by space and time. It is evident, from the above ideas, that Islamic view of man self essentially includes, spirit/ruh, heart/qalb and mind/aqalaspect which is non-invisible, corporeal and transcendental. We identify all these aspects as the ruh with its imprint of the inner heart or mind. This primordial ruh, come in contact with the physical realm when we are born into this world and carry a physical body which we call jasad. This body forms the borderline area which connects the physical aspect of man to his spiritual self. At this stage in the world, it is as if we are living in a purely physical world. This is an illusion. Our prime life force that enables us to exist beyond space and beyond time is our spiritual aspect which will remain forever, i.e. beyond space beyond time and beyond the physical world of this universe. Our physical body that we carry in this world will disintegrate at the point of death. The sum total of our experiences in this world, i.e. our belief system, our deeds and actions, feelings, etc. will be permanently imprinted into the spiritual self. Thus, the physical body is there to serve the purpose as a tool towards differentiating success or failure. The Creator is aware of the tendencies of the human self or nafs in the physical world to seek base desires and pleasures. God knows the weakness of the human self in its physical tendencies for ego, lust and passion. Man, in this physical realm tend to lose sight of his spiritual nature and seek base pleasure. Al Quran, By the token of time, man is verily in the state of lost. Except those who have faith and do good deeds. And those who practice patience and constancy. (Al-Quran, 103:1-4). Through the discipline of our physical self we can reduce the egoistic tendency to become align with the spiritual reality. As we go through the journey of life, there will be endless serious battles between the ego and the spirit. The ego led by the physical master, the physical desires tends to gravitate towards evil, lust, and greed, i.e. egoistic behavior. At this stage, the human self is at the stage of the self that has tendency towards evil (an-nafsal-ammarah bi al-su). In this state, the human self is totally egoistic. Muslim scholars equate this stage as those of the diseased state. They classify the diseases of the ego as those who lived through greed, lust, pride, ostentatiousness, hypocrisy, self-centered, avarice, restlessness and animalistic behavior. In the contemporary world today, it is a dog eat dog world, and in Wall Street the game is the survival of the fittest. This way of life is a clear manifestation of the control of the ego in contemporary human societies. The human self in this world, with its physical aspect, can transcend the egoistic state to align itself with its spiritual reality. Through serious effort in developing faith in God, prayers, and other practices, we train the physical body to be disciplined. In every situation, we can use our free-will to choose the way of the ego or the way of the spirit. God says in the Quran, But he hath made no haste on the path that is steep. And what will explain to thee the path that is steep?

It is freeing of slaves; or the giving of food in days of privation;or to the extreme poor in the dust.They will be of those who believe, and enjoin patience, constancy, and self-restraint. They enjoin deeds of kindness and compassion.Such are the Companions of the Right Hand.(AlQuran, 90:10-17).We have indeed created man as the best of creation, but We can use our freewill to be the lowest of all creatures (Al-Quran, 95:3-4). We strive to take the higher route that is to follow the way of the spirit. By continuous practice and discipline of the physical selfthrough faith and good deeds, we can finally eliminate the ego.At that pointthe human self will be open to the knowledge of the mysteries of the spiritual and the divine. This is not an illusion but a reality through real experience by enlightened multisensory human beings.

Human self/Nafs
Let us summarize the four aspects of our spirit/ruh, heart/qalb, mind/aqal and body/jasad in a diagram form. It is very difficult to represent a transcendent concept in any representation of form. Please see this graphical representation as an analogy to help us to understand the holistic nature of the human self/nafs. Nature of Human Self/Nafs
(a) Primordial Self/Nafs Self/Nafs on Earth Self/Nafs in the Hereafter after physical death (back to original nature with imprint of experiences in the world) Qalb (Heart) Ruh (Spirit) Nafs (Self) Aqal (Mind)

Qalb (Heart) Ruh (Spirit) Nafs (Self) Aqal (Mind)


Qalb (Heart) Ruh (Spirit) Nafs (Self) Aqal (Mind) Jasad (Body)


Beyond Space-Time, Realm of Azali

Beyond Space-Time Link to the physical body

Physical body/jasad within spacetime in this physical world

Beyond Space-Time. Separated from the disintegrated physical body

a. The realm of primordial existence/azalibefore the existence of space and time Period before the existence of our universe and before human being existed in the physical plane, i.e. we existed in a timeless spiritual plane with God. At this stage, the human self or nafs does not have a physical body. We are all spiritual beings and live in a dimension beyond space and time in the realm primordial spiritual state i.e. the realm of azali. At this primordial spiritual statewe are aware of our existence as mentioned in the Quran: And recall when at the time of the primordial spiritual state, your Lord brought forth the chain of humanity of the children of Adam and made them all testify to God Am I not your Lord?- They all said: Yea! We all do testify! (Al-Quran,7:172).This event relates to the existence of the human self in the transcendent primordial spiritual dimension before the advent of man in this spatio-temporal physical world. From the above verse, the human self at this stage is the ruh or the spirit from God that isaware of God and exist in the realm in close proximity to God in the transcendent dimension. The ruh also have the capacity to testify of our relationship with God i.e. the ruh have the mind aspects/aqal aspect. The ruh also have the emotional state or the heart aspect/qalb aspect in identifying with the God. We will then realize that our spirit or ruh have the built-in heart aspect and mind aspect as shown in the diagram above. Muslim scholars use the term ruh (spirit), qalb(inner heart) and aqal (mind) interchangeably to describe the nature of human psyche or the human self/nafs. This description is dependent on which aspect is predominant in their respective usage or emphasis. Some scholars use the term self to describe the above three transcendent aspects as one spiritual entity. We can now define that at the primordial stage of our existence before the existence space-time our transcendent self or nafs have three important aspects built-in within the ruh or spirit. We can deduce that this primordial human self/nafs have inherently the spiritual aspect i.e. ruh, the emotional aspect i.e. qalb and mind/mental aspect i.e. aqal. They are three aspects within one entity. It is also possible that we may have other aspects within one entity. This reality is described by Muslim spiritual masters as those infuse with the unlimited attributes of the Creator in a relative sense. In this state the spiritual human self realizes and acknowledge the perfect attributes of the Creator. The prophet says (Hadits qudsi) We cannot fully really describe something in the transcendent realm within a simple diagram. The above diagram is only ananalogy for us to understand the relationship of our transcendent self. What is important is that we can now understand the nature of our spirit/ruh, our inner heart/qalb and mind/aqal are aspects of one and the same thing.Our spirit/heart/mind operates synergistically to realize our role as the Vicegerent of God in this universe. This imprint of Vicegerencyexisted with us in the primordial realm before our existence in the physical universe.

b. The human self ornafs in this world The innate spiritual, emotional, mental dimensions that constitute the primordial nafswere then projected with the physical body/jasad at the point of our existence in this physical world. As we live in this physical world, we carry four aspects, i.e. our self/nafs will now constitute the spirit/ruh aspect, the qalb/inner heart aspect, the mind/aqal aspect and the physical body/jasad aspecti.e. SEMP dimensions. As we grow old and die, the physical body will disintegrate but the SEMP dimensions will then be projected to another realm of existence. God says, Verily We shall give life to the dead, and We record that which they send before and that which they leave behind, and of all things have We taken account in a clear Book of evidence. (Al-Quran, 36:11). The primordial nafsthat existed in the spiritual realm of azali is fused with the physical entity during pregnancy (Ayat ditiupkannya ruh). The physical/jasad aspect interacts with the spirit/ruh, inner heart/qalb and mind/aqal. The human self at this point is both living in this physical realm as well as the spiritual realm. If you look at the diagram, the arrow encompasses everything, including the physical realm. The physical realm meets a barrier at the center of the human self. There is a veil or barrier for the physical man to transcend to the spiritual realm. By the grace of God, through prayer and spiritual exercise, and good deeds, God will slowly open the door for us to receive divine light (nurhidayah). As this veil opens, an enlightened human realizes his true destiny as a spiritual being living temporarily in the physical world. c. This realm of life after death At the point of death, the physical body is separated from the spiritual nafs from the original primordial nafs. In the diagram, the physical self is drawn on the dotted line to represent the imprint of our physical existence in this world. All our experiences, our deed, habits, etc. will impact the luminosity of our primordial spirit/ruh, i.e. that constitute the ruh, qalb and the aqal. Thus, if one takes the path of submission and surrender to God and nurture our spiritual aspects in this world, his nafs will experience tremendous joy which can be described as heaven. In the opposite case, if the whole life of the human self in this world is based on denial of God, greed, lust and other evil way of life, this evil imprint will cause the nafs to feel extremely frustration anguish and suffering. There are many stages within the realm of the hereafter. For example, the SEM dimensions of the deceased man will then be projected into another realm known as barzakh, a dimension of life after death. The human self now only constitute the SEM dimensions as it originated from the period before human exists on the human plane i.e. in this physical world. The journey of the self/nafs after death is dependent on the intention/actions that we do when we live on earth. Those who acknowledged God and

nourish his spiritual, emotional and mental aspects/dimensions (SEM) will then have the joy of infinite happiness and fulfillment i.e. heaven. This heavenly state is for those human selves that have fulfilled his primordial contract with God. As for those who live in this world purely under animalistic, atheistic and materialistic plane, his SEM state will be diminished and undernourished. In this situation, he cannot have close proximity to the Divine Creator and cannot feel Divine love and peace. This will create a tremendous sense of disappointment, anguish, frustration and total regret. This is what constitutes hell. However, out of the grace of God, even those who have diminished spiritual SEM dimension will finally be cleansed, as the concept of hell constitutes a cleansing process. These unfortunate human beings, finally, with the grace of God will be accepted to heaven. We can have a better understanding of the terminology that constitute the human self/nafs, the spirit/ruh, soul, inner heart/qalb/the emotional center, mind/aqal inclusive of our intellect as well as our total brain function and our physical self, i.e. what constitute our body. Let us elaborate these five terminologies so that we can understand the real nature and purpose of our existence as human being. Al-nafs, at times called the human self or soul or psyche. As described in the above diagram the primordial nafs is the integrated transcendent entity that consist of SEM (spiritual, emotional and mental realm).This Nafs has three dimensions or aspects. It has the capacity to move upward towards affinity to God or move downwardstowards the baser physical temptations or desires. The upward journey is the uppermost limit of psyche that connects it to the Divine while the downward journey is represented by the physical sensory desires like sex, food etc. thatis connected it to the bodily satisfaction. At the point of our existence on this planet earth, our human self will have the other dimensions of the physical body/jasad. This physical body is only temporary because scientifically it can only exist within space and time. In this world ournafs will constitute four aspects, i.e. SEMP aspects. The description of the human nafs that constitute its SEMP functions point to its role in our existence on earth. We can make this analogy that the human body will constitute organs like the heart, lungs, brain, kidney etc. that allow our body to function. Each of these organs have specific roles that ensures the survival of our physical body. Likewise, when we describe the fours aspects, i.e. the spirit (ruh), emotional self (qalb), the mental self (aqal) and the physical(jasd), they each play a specific role in the way we function as a supra-temporal being living within time and space as well as beyond time and space, i.e. within the physical realm as well as the spiritual realm simultaneously. Each of these aspects will then play its functional role of perfecting the human self to finally reach affinity or closeness to God. Ascend or descend of the human self or nafs in this world:

Total Happiness in this world and hereafter: HEAVEN

Towards Self Perfection

Faith and Good

Progress/Ascent or Decent of Self

No Faith in God and Evil Deeds

Towards Self Destruction

Total anguish and failure in this World and Hereafter i.e. Hell From the above diagram we can understand that the human self or nafs has the capacity and the free-will to ascend or descend depending on the choice made on this earth. God revealed in the Quran that God create us to be the best of all creation but we can descend to become the lowest of the low (Al-Quran, 95:4-5).As human being we go through life as a test as well as a journey towards perfection.If we follow our baser desires with undue indulgences we will descend to become to the lowest of the low.The corporeal and bodily parts exist at purely animal level and always pressure man for sensual gratification. The Quran saysbut he inclined to the earth and followed his own vain desires. (7:176) Man has the tendency to dwell on the desires of his lower selves and thus the possibilities of becoming preoccupied and distracted from his true purpose in life. Preoccupation with his egoistic self andbaser desires will cause us to imbalance in life. Since God is the creator, He knows the limitations of man and provides the way out to such needs. God has made the fulfillment of basic legitimate needs to have a good a good and happy life on the earth. For

example, equilibrium is neither the starving man nor the overfed glutton. A starving man will leave his responsibilities in search for food while the overfed glutton will tend to sleep on his duty. Thus, if a person does not permit the self even the legitimate fulfillment of physical needs like sex, the lower self will rebel violently and will attack him violently to fulfill his needs immediately. For this reason, the self should be granted its legitimate right to be listened to its demands in accordance to divine injunction. All difficulties and problems faced by man are due to their distance from God and ignorance of the divine principle. Mans ultimate goal in life on this earth is the realization of the reality of his creation. It is a `maturation process where man has to undergo various stages in life from preoccupation and gratification of sensuous lowly needs to elevation towards the perfect man where his actions reflect the realization of the reality. The first stratum is known as al-nafs al-ammarah bi al-su meaning literally the `commanding soul, that aspect of the soul which instigates man to evil. It is mans biggest enemy, cutting his way to God. The al-nafs al-ammarah bi al-su has Shaytn as its ally. He promises it great rewards and gains, but casts falsehood into it. This soul (ego) says, Serve me, Bow to me, and I am everything, and you are my slave. As long as this soul gives orders and as long as man abides by these orders he would not be able to reach the Reality. It is an inner locus of immoderate desires and fiery passions. It enjoys worldly things, not spiritual things and it is never contented. Man does countless acts for the ego, and the ego ends up saying, What have you done for me? Even if man were to work twenty-four hours a day to satisfy his ego, it will still say that man is lazy. The second stratum is called al-nafs al-lawwamah, which literally means the blaming soul. It refers to that aspect of the soul which blames or criticizes itself, one which is aware of its own evil nature. It is the locus of moral conscience and the ego which is formed in this dimension is principally the rational ego, one that passes critical judgment upon itself and others. The al-nafs al-lawwamah is the one, which cannot rest in any one state. It often changes, remembers and forgets, submits and evades, loves and hates, rejoices and become sad, accepts and rejects, obeys and rebels. The concept partially covers what philosophers call aqal, reason or intellect. The third stratum is al-nafs al-mutmainnah, also known as the pacified soul. It is the believing soul in which the turbulence of desires and passions has been calmed down and the agitations of thoughts and concepts reduced to stillness, tranquility and quietude. Its owner is at rest and content with his knowledge of Gods Names and Attributes, and with what He has said about Himself and His Messenger, and with what He has said about what awaits the soul after death: about the departure of the soul, the life in the barzakh, and the events of the Day of Resurrection which will follow. So much so that a believer such as this can almost see them with his own eyes. So he submits to the will of God and surrenders to Him contentedly, never dissatisfied or complaining, and with his faith never wavering. He does not rejoice at his gains, nor do his

afflictions make him despair for he knows that they were decreed long before they happened to him, even before he was created. Depending upon its condition, the Nafs exist in multidimensional. When the Nafs is tranquil because of obeying Allh, and the soul opposes its desires, this soul is known as al-nafs almutmainnah. Regarding this, Allh has spoken about it in the Quran (89:27-28). But if the soul does not attain peace with itself, rather being exposed to desires, then such soul is known as the al-nafs al-lawwamah because this soul reproaches its owner due to the owners carelessness in fulfilling out Allahs wishes - Qur'an (75:2). More so, if the soul submits to lusts and allows itself to be seduced by Shaytan, such a soul is known as al-nafs al-ammarah. We will be able to live beyond the five sensory experiences and receive information, intuition and other metaphysical experiences that brings us closer to the love of God. Through our journey of life of perfecting ourselves (nafs), we will act more positively, have a deep feeling of love for all, and live in harmony with God and all His creatures. The self that is journeying towards perfection will be infused with the loving personality whenhe receives the rays of Divine light. The journey towards perfection will be blessed with a life of love and peace free from fear, frustration or anguish. Quran says, they shall have no fear nor shall they grieve. As we journey in this life of making ourselves good, helping others to be good and making the world good, we will achieve this perfection. At that point, God invites us back to his realm as mentioned in the Quran, "O thou soul, in complete rest and satisfaction!(Al-Quran, 89:27) God also reveals By the human self/nafs, and the proportion and order given to it; (7)And its enlightenment as to its wrong and its right; (8)Truly he succeeds that purifies it, (9)And he fails that corrupts it! (Al-Quran, 91: 7-10) We cannot actually describe the location of a nonphysical entity like our spirit/ruh. To simplify and understand the interrelationship of the human self, with its other aspects/ dimensions, we have represented this graphically. At the center core of the intersection of the circles is the human self. Circle 1 represents the spiritual/ruh aspect of man. Circle 2 represents the heart/emotional/qalb center of man. Circle 3 represents the mind/intellectual/aqal aspect of man. The dotted lines enveloping all the 3 circles represent the physical/jasad body of man. The totality of the human self, i.e. its SEMP aspects constitute the human self/nafs as we live in this earth. From this diagram, we can see the interrelationship between all our aspects as we existed in this world. For us to achieve total excellence there must be a holistic balance between the SEMP aspects. Any imbalances will then create SEMP diseases, as we know today. Within our human self/nafs the physical body/jasad play an important role. If the whole life is skewed towards physical pleasure, (sex and materialism) the human self will then gravitated towards animalistic desires, greed, selfishness etc. that then finally overwhelm our SEM aspects. If the person continues towards his whole life towards this base desires, the heart will metaphorically die. In that state the person is already terminal and have no hope for the grace of God. To ensure

our total self/nafs is in balance, i.e. SEMP aspects, we have to follow the divine keys towards excellence and total success. By immersing ourselves in developing our spirit, heart, mind and physical body we will gravitate towards goodness and the divine. Our spirit, heart and mind have close affinity to God and as we practice the practical ways to strengthen our SEM self we will discover God and achieve total success, joy and happiness forever. Nature of Human Psyche:From the Quranic perspective, the inner human nature or psyche is viewed from the spiritual and rational dimension. The spiritual dimension is closely associated to the transcendental nature of humans existence when humanity was pictured in the Quran:We said: O Adam, dwell thou and thy wife in the Garden; and eat of the bountiful things therein as ye will, but approach not this tree or ye run into harm and transgression. Then did Satan make them slip from the Garden, and get them out. (2:35-36) However, the Quran is unequivocal and emphatic in explaining the human psyche as a specific entity, stating it as a distinct supra physical in nature, as in the following verse: When thy Lord drew forth from the children of Adam from their loins- their descendants, and made them testify concerning themselves: Am I not your Lord?- They said:Yea! We do testify! (7:172) This event relates to the transcendental plane of existence before the advent of man in this spatiotemporal world and clearly this verse indicates to us that man has an entity over and above his physical existence which is spiritual in nature. This spiritual entity has been projected into the flesh and blood existence of man in this physical world which makes up the rational dimension of personality. The existence of the rational dimension has been affirmed in the verse:And He taught Adam the names of all things (2:37) The knowledge of names of all things signifies mans faculty of logical definition. That by Adam the whole human race is referred to by the angels as having the potential of spreading corruption on earth and will shed blood. The essential and real primordial human being is thus spiritual in nature. The earlier verse also affirmed that apart from the existence of the spiritual human being, man, since its dawn of creation until the last, possesses consciousness the consciousness of the existence of God.