: Innovation in School Education System.

Research scholar

: Mr.C. Siluvai Nesa Pandian, in Management Studies

Vel tech Dr.RR & Dr.SR Technical University.

This study is being carried out in the Madurai district of Tamil Nadu state. The researcher is interested in making an in depth study on the management structure of school education system in the government and private schools in the study area.

The initial study reveals that there are 1760 schools in the Madurai District, as on February 2010.

The schools are categorized in four groups namely primary schools, upper primary schools, secondary schools, higher secondary schools. All these schools are working under the regulation of the department of school education, the Government of Tamil Nadu.

Much of school facilities are not available in rural Tamil Nadu at the higher level when compared to the number of primary schools. Because of this, many of the students coming from rural primary schools are to migrate themselves to urban schools or to become drop outs.

with limited government control leads to lot of in convinces like exorbitant fees structure. low paid teachers. central board. The different systems of education like state board. This gives interest to the researcher to go into the problem and to suggest means for better management of education system. These schools are to feed the students coming from rural primary schools. insufficient infrastructure and other problems. The growth in number of unaided schools. the unaided schools are having only limited hold with the government. Objectives: .It is interesting to note that there are less number of primary schools and upper primary schools in the urban area. matriculation and so on. makes the implementation more complicated. This leads to the growth of more private schools under aided and unaided scheme in the urban areas. This results in heavy strength of students in each class and insufficiency of infrastructure. Even though government has got control over all the schools.

with a schedule of Questionnaire. The researcher is proposed to have consultation with education experts and consultants to . Since all the schools in the state are under the policy and control of the Government of Tamil Nadu. to arrive some conclusion. 5. Methodology: 1. secondary schools. On the basis of the interpretation and analysis of the data and conclusion arrived at. In the course of the study it is proposed to collect information from the persons in charge of management and staff of the schools in different categories namely government. 4. upper primary schools. aided. To evolve solutions for the better management of the school education system for the benefit of all stake holders. the schools in Madurai district. To identify the problems and issues related to the existing system of education management in schools. 6. To study the features of different types of schools and their management in Tamil Nadu state. 2. 3. The data and information collected are to be analyzed by using appropriate statistical tools. in Tamil Nadu state are taken for collecting data on sample basis. unaided and the like. To bring out the features of different system of school education existing in Tamil Nadu state. 5. For this purpose the researcher is proposed to meet and to have discussions with the educational officers of the Tamil Nadu government. A stratified sampling will be conducted in all levels of schools namely primary schools. the correspondence/Board members of private schools and few teachers from the selected schools in the district.1. 2. 3. 4. higher secondary schools. To identify the obstacles in the betterment of educational system in the schools of Tamil Nadu.

bring out certain concrete suggestions for the better management of the school education system in Tamil Nadu. .

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