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We would like to take this opportunity to extend our deepest gratitude to our lecturer Tuan Haji Abdul Razak bin Othman,of the Faculty of Mathematics IPGM, Kampus Tuanku Bainun.He helps us and others classmate a lot in the success of the task. Hep also are very helpful and understanding. We also grateful to our fellow colleagues and classmates,who are very supportive and collaborate with us in our task.They show concern for our progress and our well being.Last but not least we are greatly indebted to our family for their understanding, patience and support during the entire period of our study.


The mathematics curriculum contain syllabus or defined and prescribed course of studies which student must fulfill in order to pass certain level of education. It also consist technique and method to help teachers to create an environment that is enjoyable, meaningful, useful and challenging for teaching and learning to ensure the pupils show progression in acquiring the mathematical concepts and skills. The elements that need to be taken into account and learning through the teaching and learning process in the classroom are emphasize concept building ,skill acquisition as well as the inculcation of positive values. Five pillars are very important element that need to be taken into account and learn through the teaching and learning process in the classroom besides other elements which discussed before. The five pillars also can be found in the primary school mathematics curriculum. The five pillars are problem solving in mathematics, communications in mathematics, mathematical reasoning, mathematical connections and application of technology. Problem solving in mathematics is dominant element and becomes the significant element to be emphasized in the teaching and learning of mathematics. The curriculum of mathematic places heavy emphases or relationship between mathematics and real live problem. Problem solving approaches should be used to investigate and understand mathematical content. The teaching-learning process must include exercises on problem solving skills which are comprehensive and cover the whole curriculum.

To improve pupils ability to solve various problem effectively the development of problem solving skill should be emphasis. Common skill or strategies include understand the problem, devise a plan ,carry out the plan and an important part of the skill is looking back at the solution. Its means at the end the session the children report back and explaining how they arrived at the solution. Problem solving in mathematics improve pupils self confident to facing new challenging situations. Another very important purpose of story problem is to simply develop pupils logical and abstract thinking and mental discipline. Communication is the process of expressing mathematical ideas and understandings orally, visually, and in writing, using numbers, symbols, pictures, graphs, diagrams, and words. Providing effective explanations and using correct mathematical notation when developing and presenting mathematical ideas and solutions are key aspects of effective communication in mathematics. Students communicate for various purposes and for different audiences, such as the teacher, a peer, a group of students, or the whole class. Communication is an essential process in learning mathematics. Through communication, students are able to reflect upon and clarify ideas, relationships, and mathematical arguments. Communications is one way to share ideas and clarify the understand of mathematics. Communication is mathematics will improve pupils knowledge and understanding of mathematics to a deeper level. It also can improve pupils ability to solve problem in daily life with more efficient. Pupils who have develop with skill in communication become more confident in their selves.

Communications in mathematic divided into three process. The process are listening, reading and visualization. Listening process happened when individuals respond to what they hear and encourages them to think using their mathematical knowledge in making decisions. The reading process happened when pupils collect information or data and rearranges the relationship between ideas and concepts.Vizualization process occur when an individual makes observation, analyze, interprets and synthesis the data into graphic form. Communications in mathematic consist of oral and and written communication. Oral communication incriminate process of listening, speaking, reading and observing. It has two way interaction. This process will develop their own understanding. Besides that it can help sharpen pupils thinking and develop a language for expressing mathematical ideas. The examples of techniques in mathematical oral are story telling, discussion, brainstorming and others. Written communication is the process of mathematical ideas and information are sharing with other through writing. Through writing the pupils will be encourage to think more deeply about the mathematics content and observe the relationships between concepts. The examples of written communication activities are doing exercise, keeping scrap book or folio, project and written tests. Representations is another communications in mathematics. Mathematical representation can let pupils to find relationship between mathematical ideas that are informal, intuitive and abstract using their everyday language .For example the pupils can represent mathematic word problem to mathematic sentences.

Mathematic reasoning means the ability to think logical about relationships among concepts and situations. The main goal in mathematic curriculum clearly state the student need to develop the ability to think logically, systemically, creatively and citically.Reasoning also helps student make sense of mathematic. It is the basic for understanding and solving mathematical problems. Reasoning as an important and public process arising from the interactive of learners as they solve problem together. Mathematical reasoning is closely related to the intellectual and communicative development of the pupils. It also help students reason mathematically. Practice logical thinking during teaching and learning mathematic can open up pupils minds to accept mathematics as powerful tool in world today. In problem solving pupils are encourage to predict and do guess work. In mathematical reasoning pupils also have to be trained to investigate their prediction by using concrete material, calculators, computer and others. Connection in mathematic means making connections within mathematic itself across other. Another meaning is experiences that allow students to make more connections , for example, how concepts and skills from one strand of mathematics are related to those from another or how a mathematical concept can be applied in the real world. Mathematic connection will help them develop deeper mathematical understanding. As they continue to make such connections, students begin to see mathematics more as a study of relationships rather than a series of isolated skills and concepts. Making connections not only deepens understanding, but also helps students develop the ability to use learning from one area of mathematics to understand another.

Making connections between the mathematics being studied and its applications in the real world helps convince students of the usefulness and relevance of mathematics beyond the classroom. Mathematic connections can help pupils comparing the structure of mathematic in societies throughout the ages. It must be emphasis in the teaching and learning process so that pupils can link conceptual to procedural knowledge and relate topics in mathematics with other learning areas in general. For example the topic of decimals can be related with topic of percentages. The fifth pillar of Primary School Mathematics Curriculum is application of technology. Application of technology means the use of variety of tools and strategies to help student develop a deeper understanding of mathematical concept. As a teacher the use of calculator, computers, educational software, websites in internet and available learning packages can help upgrade the pedagogical skills in the teaching. The uses of technology will help pupils to be more creative, independent, confident and designed for self-access learning. For example technology help pupils perform operation, make graphs, manipulative algebraic expressions and organize and display data that are lengthier or more complex then those addressed in curriculum expectations suited to a paper and pencil approach. Students can use calculators and computers to extend their capacity to investigate and analyze mathematical concepts and to reduce the time they might otherwise spend on purely mechanical activities. As a result application of technology will serve to stimulate pupils interests and responsibility to learning mathematics


Thanks to God, at last finally I succeed to complete my task about summarizing the five pillar in the teaching and learning of the Primary School Mathematics Curriculum. This task is one of my effort to get degree. I faced many problems and obstacles in finishing this task, such as English language problems. This is because the task given is in English. In the same time all the lecturing and refrences material are also in English. As a Malay teacher our English is so poor. Besides that limited time is one of the problems. This is because as a teacher I must spare our time for teaching, learning and family. Sometimes it make me depression. Lack of information is also one of the obstacles. We just learn the task in collage in a few hours. For me the time given is not enough to achieve the skill. It can cause we not understand the lesson . Five pillars was not something new to me because as a teacher, I was open with the matter. In fact I had practiced the matter indirectly in my class. Through the task given I realizing that most lesson plan prepared no emphasize five pillar whereas it is major in mathematics curriculum. Without give emphasis to five pillars when prepare daily lesson plan,the main objective in mathematic curriculum cannot be achieve. However I managed to overcome all the problems by helping hand from my lecturers ,friends and my own effort by referring books and internet. I realized that the task has a lot of benefit. Firstly, this task is very challenging and interesting for me. This task increase my knowledge and immensely useful knowledge in my profession

as a mathematics teacher. It also improved my skill in mathematic education. Secondly I can apply it in teaching my students and children. I also realized the five pillars was very attractive and immensely useful in mathematics learning. Nevertheless still more I have not been achieve. I hoped during pursuing this education, we can be exposed widely with how to mould these pillar effectively in teaching and learning. The assignment taught me to be more disciplines and appreciate the time. It also upgrade my knowledge , thinking way and making the best decision. In the same the task and the course help me become more professional in my profession.



: PGSR Matematik Ambilan 2008 :3 : 2010 : MATHEMATICS : WAJ 3105 NUMERICAL LITERASI. : DR.CHIEW CHIN MON





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be completed and briefing Submitted by the regarding to the topic by the lecturers in charged 23th of November 2009. Preparing a table. (DR.CHIEW CHIN MON)

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DATE 3rd of November 2009

TOPIC DISCUSSED Tesselation (individually task)

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13th of November 2009

See again with member of Complete the draft a group and discuss of assignment development



(ROZAYU) Complete all the 16 of November 2009 (NOR AZALIAH) 19tht of November 2009

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Conclusion 10

Based on the task that given to us, we found that there are many way to solve questions about linear programming problem.But what were have been taugh to us there are three method to solve the problem. The first method is by using formulation.This method is quite simple and do not use to much time.The second method is by using graphically method.This method look like traditional calculation, very easy to do but sometimes is not too accurate. The third method is by using excel program.This method quite hard because we did not expert in excel program.Without guidance from the lecturer and friends we canot complete the task.But the answer given by this method was more accuracy and precision. Based on our observation during completing this task, we found thar what were taught to us is very useful in our daily life.For example we can use the linear programming solving to do calculation to finf profit for our products, if we involve in business. As a conclution what were have been taugh to us is, something new, interesting and very useful in our life.



I certify that the attached work is entirely my own,except where material quoted or paraphrased is acknowledged in the text.I also certify that it has not been submitted in any other unit or course.

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