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Joomla AjaxQuiz: This component is superb. Download Procedure: 1. Download the file from the provided download link 2.
• • • • Joomla 1.5 Joomla 1.6 Joomla 1.7 Joomla 2.5

When you’ll download the Ajaxquiz you’ll get three zip files (joomla1.5+joomla1.6) use it as per your accordance. Shoot a ticket(, if you have any trouble in downloading the module.

NOTE* :1.6 version of the module will work in 1.7 and in 2.5 too .

Joomla AjaxQuiz Features : component and module have endless utilities,
brilliant features are listed below

1. Slick interface 2. Interactive 3. Multiple quizzes on the same page 4. Share Result in twitter

How to Use this module and Component: This module and
component is super handy , just install the module and component from Joomla admin and you’ll get the module and component admin as per the below image. Possible reason if your installation failed

1.Please make sure joomla temp folder path is correct and writable 2.Please check the joomla directories are writable for checking thisa. Login to administrator panel b. Go to Site →System Information and click on Directory Permissions tab, the status of all directoriesmust be writableCreating the Quiz 1.Login to administrator Go to Components → AjaxQuiz → Categories

2. Put the category name ex: Joomla, Put the Quiz duration in format (HH:MM:SS). For disable this feature just leave it as default (00:00:00). Select User if you want to assign Category (optional). Give Number of attempts for particular user. Give Number of Question (how much questions you want to show in this category). Then click on save and close

3.Now you need to create the questions , Click on the Questions tab

4.Then click on “New” for creating the new question

5.Fill all the fields as describe in below image then click on “Save & Close ”

6.Now you will see the below window

7. Now you need to create the answers for question, Click on the tab “Answers” then click on “New” 8.Fill the details as described in the below image then click on “Save & Close”

8.Fill the details as described in the below image then click on “Save & Close”

9.Repeat the process describe in points 7 and 8 and create more answers

10.Now quiz is ready to show on front end. You can assign it to menu item. Go to Menus → MainMenu → New Menu Item

11.Now check that menu link in front end quiz will look like the below

12.Change the start image of quiz

13. set the email template which has been mailed if result mail set as true.

14.Change Text “Let's get started!” and “Finished!”

15. This is new addition of Social Sharing on Ajax Quiz.

16. This is representation of correct and the incorrect answers.

17.Change score text

18. Set true if you want to sent mail of result to user and administrator .

when you select this option to yes then you will see one extra window in quiz like the below image for submit the name and email of user. If the user is registered and logged in then this will not show.

19.Set quiz access to only registered users

20. To set the properties of Twitter

21. To Set the properties of Facebook

22. To Set the properties of Google Plus

23. To Set the properties of Linkedin

24. To set Facebook Application ID and Facebook Application Secret Key

25. To set Category Id which will show on Facebook Fanpage

How to get Facebook App Id and App Secret Key – Goto direct link here - And login on Facebook then proceed next step – 1. Create New App -

2. Give here valid name -

3. Fill the Captcha Form

4. you will get your App ID and App Secret Key -

5. Fill all the Fields and then save changes -

6. After settings here a Facebook Fanpage look –

How to use AjaxQuiz module to put Quiz in templates module positions

Here  you  need  to  select  module  position  Don't  use  the  button  "select  position"   Just  put  anything  for  ex.quiz1    

Now go to the article editor and put the syntax {loadposition quiz1} here quiz1 is the position name which you put as mention in above screen shot

How to use quiz category list view

1. Now quiz is ready to show on front end. You can assign it to menu item. Go to Menus → MainMenu → New Menu Item then click on select

For Taking backup of your quiz database Go to your PHP MYADMIN and select your Database from here.

Select the Table you want to Export.

After clicking on Export Button you will see this screen and clicking on GO button will download file on your computer.

For taking the data backup you have to export all three selected files

Click on Import Button to import the files from your computer to the database.

Also you can find the live demo Link HERE.(

Support :If You are getting any problem with this module or do you have any suggestion
you can shoot a ticket( to us . We’ll reply you within 24 hours .

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