Gomez Summary Tragedy is written to explain man’s fallibility. Lately, however, the question of what and who are truly tragic have yielded a major controversy – whether or not tragedy can still be written in these modern times. It appears that today’s perception of tragedy and the tragic hero tremendously differs from those of the classical and the Shakespearean ages – unanimously considered the two best periods for the tragic genre. Though classical tragedy sees man’s misfortune as largely caused by the gods while Shakespearean tragedy perceives it as mainly self-inflicted, both portray the tragic hero as man of rank and stature. In contrast, modern tragedy sees man as a victim of a merciless environment from the very start. This time the tragic hero is the common man who achieves stature for asserting his dignity despite the hopelessness of his situation. The contention that the common man’s life can be as tragic as the king’s has continuously drawn heated arguments. Hence, the attempt to define tragic in the context of the period with it is set.

Navy. Through the use of this method. Culture Fair Test.Correlation Title: CORRELATION OF SUPERVISORY LEADERSHIP DIMENSIONS WITH INTELLIGENCE. the correlation coefficients were obtained from the two (2) sets of scores: variable one (1) being the Structure and Consideration leadership dimensions and Variable two (2) being the intelligence. The research data used in the study was obtained from the psychological test (leadership Opinion Questionnaire. temperaments and interpersonal values. Research data was analyzed through the use of the Pearson Product Moment Correlation (r). TEMPERAMENTS. AND INTERPERSONAL VALUES Author: Honeylet Lasiste Manalang Summary This research is about the correlation o9f supervisory leadership dimension. namely Consideration and Structure Military Academy graduating cadets according to the three (3) branches of service (Army. and Survey of International Values). and interpersonal values. and Air Force). .Conducted to PMA class 2007 in the line with their neuro-psychiatric screening prior to their commission ship to the Armed Forces of the Philippines as regular officers. The aim of this research is to find out if there is a significant relationship between the Structure and Considerations leadership dimensions with intelligence. Guilford-Zimmerman Temperament Survey. temperaments and interpersonal values among the three (3) values of service. temperaments to find out significant trends and differences with regards to the relationship of supervisory leadership dimensions with the variables namely intelligence. The screening is a part of the assessment related to being psychologically fit to graduate from the academy. It also intends to determine the degree as well as the direction of the relationship of the supervisor leadership dimension with intelligence. temperament.

It also determined the relationship between the extent of parental involvement and selected parents’ variables and children’s variable as well as the type of school where the children are enrolled. . Tacmo. Raulito B. This study made use of the survey questionnaire as the main data gathering tool.C Summary This study was conducted primarily investigate the nature and extent of parent involvement in the education of the children with mental handicap.Status Title: PARENTAL IN THE EDUCATION OF THE CHILDREN WITH MENTAL HANDICAP Author: Bro. F.

work experience. instructional methods used. A standard Questionnaire conceptualized by PASSCU was the main data gathering tool as descriptive method research was utilized. library and physical resources. as a follow-up mechanism after finding out the perceptions of the graduate students regarding the competence the faculty. Based on the pieces of information. It likewise identified the strengths and weakness of the program. the research made a profile of the educational. and motivation for enrolling among students respondents.Status Title: ALIGNING THE SLU MA-SPED PROGRAM TOWARDS GLOBAL COMPETETYIVESNESS IN TEACHING Author: Jeanette Bumay-et Onongen Summary The study sought to assess the status of the MA-SPED program of Saint Louis University as a perquisite in the formulation of a realistic and pro-active plan of action geared towards the development of said course. an action plan was designed to address the limitations of the course under scrutiny. specifically those who are into thesis writing and those who have at least finished twelve units of major subjects. The study was conducted on the semester of academic year 2007-2008. attainment. . The questionnaire was floated among the forty-three graduate students of the MA-SPED program. Specifically. relevance of the curriculum.

series 1990. the bottom area. the San Vicente-Amstaad-Camp 7 Waterway designated as W-II. Phytoplankton’s using the plankton net were also obtained and analyzed as to Cynobacterian content. Asin Road Waterway designated as W-III. designated as W-I. The three waterways considered were: Pacdal-Brookside-Trancoville-Sanitary Camp Waterway. the surface area. turbidity.Correlation Title: COMPARISSON AND CORRELATION BETWEEN WATER QUALITY PARAMETERS AND CYANOBACTERIAN POLLUTION INDICATORS Author: Paulina A. 1995 to represent the rainy season and on January and February. Second. on the physic-chemical biological characteristics. This was done to determine the effect of specific water conditions to the growth in the populations of the organism. and the marginal area. Collected water samples were determined as if their ph. First. and. total dissolved solids. and dissolved oxygen. 34. . Turbidity. such as ph. the San Luis-km 5. Interpretation as the degree of pollution is based on DENR Administrative Order No. Water samples were collected once monthly on September and October. The Cynobacterian population was correlated to the physic-chemical water quality parameters. 1996 to represent the dry season. This was done by comparing water quality parameters among them. Gathered data were statistically analyzed using ANOVA-Factorial. Bawingan Summary The study is intended to establish the degree of pollution in three major waterways of the City of Baguio. on the biological characteristics. and amount of dissolved oxygen. The Physico-chemical characteristics and biological characteristics of the water samples from the waterways were also compared as to different collection periods. such as identifying Cyanobacterian organisms which can serve as pollution indicators. amount of the total dissolved solids. Water samples were taken from five (5) collection points in each waterway with specific sampling sites per collection point namely. Duncan’s Multiple Range Test and Pearson’s Moment Coefficient of Correlation.

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