The core expertise of D&T group is Engineering, Fabrication and Contracting in international markets. We realize integrated engineering projects through the following business activities: A-) Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEP),

B-) Industrial Systems and Plants (IND),

C-) Construction Finishing Works (CFW).

 Our system of management ensures that contractual obligations towards our clients are met and our corporate objectives are achieved.

 We believe in sustainable growth and acknowledge our responsibility to the natural environment and to society.

 We interact with our clients actively and identify their needs. Throughout the process of teamwork based cooperation we demonstrate our expertise and professionalism.

 Our ambition at all times to the steady and ongoing improvement of our targets. . we offer our clients added value and thereby strengthen our market position. entrepreneurial attitude. loyalty and a genuine commitment to excellence. With the continuous expansion of our range of services an the development of alternative contractual models.  The services we offer are a targeted response to the requirements of the market. We achieve this by means of new ideas.

 After sales service secures the value of commercial property on lasting basis. .  To identify chances and risks and establish measures to monitor and manage them.The project team ensures that the expertise required for the project is deployed for the benefit of the client. while the provision of preventive maintenance increases the level of client satisfaction.

. The Executive Board and employees abide by the fundamental legal.  We acknowledge our obligation to health and safety and environmental protection and support clients in meeting their obligations in these fields. regulatory and ethical values that govern our society. There are no exceptions to this statement.

Dogu Electrical and Electronics Contracting was established on 1997 by Mr.COMPANY HISTORY  D&T Engineering and Contracting for MEP Contracting has established in Istanbul with partnership of Dogu Electrical and Electronics Contracting Co. banking and financial institutions. D&T’s services are uniquely positioned to serve this segment of the market because of its multi-disciplined engineering background.Ertan Aygun and Mr.Devrim Ercetin in Istanbul. .  The first company within D&T Group of Companies. and built projects that include corporate offices. Turkey. Tron Engineering and Contracting Co. its international experienced work force. university buildings and residential developments. Their objective is to provide building services (design and contracting) in electrical engineering..  Dogu has designed. health care facilities. and reliable steadfast reputations of its top management in the market. five star hotels.

Necmettin ATES both previously Partners and Board Members of Samko Group. Qatar. Turkey. Kazakhstan. have reached nearly 400 million USD. Russia and the Middle East.Onder BOYALIKLI and Mr. established by Mr. local subsidiaries Companies of D&T Group were established in these countries. Ukraine and Uzbekhstan. Total projects completed by Samko in multi service engineering and contracting. Dogu has completed projects in Azerbaijan.  Tron Engineering and Contracting Co. Georgia. Kazakhstan. Moldavia. Turkey. Romania and Azerbaijan . Libya.  Subsequently due to the continuous growth of business in Ukraine. . Samko is leading international electro-mechanical contracting company executing projects in Europe.

Moldavia. Keyap Carsi Sitesi No:48 Y. Str.O. 63.O. No:460 Almaty . BOX 23217 Doha . Skytower Ground Fl. Tuzla.W. Keyap Carsi Sitesi No:48 Y.Block B. Chisinau Tel/Fax : +373 (22) 279 347 / +373 (22) 279 329         . Vlaicu Parcalab str. Apt:B1 Sector 2.Kazakhstan Tel/Fax : +7 327 266 21 28 / +7 327 266 21 29 DOGU CASPIAN Saatli Rayonu Elisoltanli Fin Seherciyi Baku – Azerbaijan Tel/Fax : +99 412 90 70 79 D&T CONSTRUCTII SI INSTALATII SRL.Dudulu Istanbul – Turkey Tel/Fax: +90 216 527 52 12 / +90 216 527 52 10 TRON ENGINEERING AND CONTRACTING Co.Dudulu Istanbul – Turkey Tel/Fax: +90 216 527 52 12 / +90 216 527 52 10 DOGU ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS CONTRACTING Keyap Carsi Sitesi No:48 Y. P. Seifullin Ave.Dudulu Istanbul – Turkey Tel/Fax : +90 216 527 52 11 / +90 216 527 52 13 D&T ELECTRICAL MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS Co.L. Bucharest-Romania Tel/Fax : +40 31 432 23 56/ +40 31 432 23 54 D&T LIBYA JOINT COMPANY P. Nr:9-27.Qatar Tel/Fax : +974 434 20 63 / +974 413 05 68 D&T CONSTRUCTII SI INSTALATII SRL.Libya Tel/Fax : +218 21 333 15 19 DO-KAZ LLP.GROUP OF COMPANIES AND COUNTRIES  DT ENGINEERING AND CONTRACTING Co.L. BOX 1130 Tripoli .



















leading to a monthly updated forecast of the final cost. equipment ) per section or certain parts of the construction Proportion of direct to indirect costs Cost Types     Efficiency of labour working hours. All data will be entered into a system on a weekly basis. per quantity or per time ( cost/performance ratios e. accounting. Based on this system. project management team set up detailed and interlinked project execution plan. Examples of those integral parts could be as follows: Cost Center     Detailed analysis of design progress Cost per specific section. e. including development of actual paid wages Staff scheduling Development of material costs including ratio of wasted material Efficiency of equipment used plus hourly cost per equipment All required information will be consistently collected from various sources.g. After establishing the Project Execution Plan and adjusting it to the specific needs of the project. material. and site management. a detailed analysis of cost and performance will be prepared. taking into consideration the contractual time schedule. planning. which will be monitored more closely. per floor ) Detailed cost split ( wages. .Based on the project estimate.g. the project management team can set certain priorities.


Suppliers and subcontractors shall establish their own QC-Organization on the basis of this QC-System. We will ensure that the requirements laid down in the Project Management System and QC-Manual are understood and implemented at all levels of the organization. efficient. The QC-System shall be applied as a management tool to plan. environmentally sensitive and cost effective manner. In this respect the Project Management will ensure that personnel involved in QC-activities will be appropriately qualified and trained to perform their tasks. Management Personnel and each individual employee will apply and contribute to the continuous improvement of the system. Our joint aim shall be that all work from design through to completion of the contract is performed on schedule in a safe.STATEMENT The Project Management herewith states its commitment to establish on the project an effective QCOrganization to ensure that quality requirements for the project are met. All project personnel are required to support the QCOrganization. execute and document all activities effecting quality within the scope of works as defined in the Contract and applicable Statutory Regulations. .

Any non-compliance with specifications or codes will be transmitted by the QC & QA department to the Project Management via internal communication. with the specifications and local/international standards.. After the completion of the installation.QUALITY PROCEDURES Quality Control and Quality Assurance Procedures QC & QA department will be responsible for checking the compliance of materials and/or installation. QC & QA department will inspect if the requirements of the specifications and codes are satisfied. .

All correspondence i. etc. . order forms. All the documentation will be accessible for review by the QC & QA Department. are prepared and filed in a computerized environment.Document Management The Technical Office on site will manage all the documentation of the project. requisitions.e. All documentation will be recorded and filed with appropriate referencing for easy future reference.. instructions.. reports.

All the design reports will be prepared in a Word format. multidiscipline coordination plans will be prepared and modifications on each discipline drawings will be done accordingly.  Coordination Plans: Prior to submittal of each discipline drawings.  Pre-Submittal Review: Engineering Managers will check the drawings for compliance with specifications and local/intenational standards. intermediate results and draft plans will be discussed to satisfy the needs of the Employer.  Drawing Submittal: After completing all those steps. such as Cooling Load Calculation Software. All calculations will either be done using system specific software.  Request for Information: Any further contingencies and unclear points will be asked from the Engineer via Request for Information (RFI) forms. . If any corrections and modifications are required on the drawings. or Excel Spreadsheet. All drawings will be prepared under the latest Version of Autocad.Quality of Design Design quality management will be made according to the following procedure:  Preparatory Meetings: These meetings are required to record the specific design/shop drawing parameters prior to starting the design process. the drawings will be submitted for the review of the Engineer.  Design Coordination Meetings: In these regular meetings. these will be completed in a maximum of 14 days after receipt of the drawing.

Upon filling in the Inspection form. The QC&QA engineer will check the installation for compliance with the drawings and specifications. . Upon finalization of the correction of comments. the QC&QA Engineer notes this in order to describe the alteration on the Inspection Form. If any non-compliance is found to exist. the QC&QA engineer calls the Engineer’s inspector for a site inspection and attends the inspection.Construction Quality Control Upon completion of any MEP installation. this will be noted by the Engineer’s Inspector on the Inspection Form. If any alteration is essential due to a site constraint. responsible mechanical or electrical site engineer will call the QC&QA engineer for an initial inspection. The QC&QA engineer transmits a copy of this inspection form to the responsible site engineer and follows up the correction. If any comments arise during the inspection. the QC&QA engineer calls the Engineer’s inspector for a reinspection under a revision for the same referenced Inspection Form. QC&QA engineer will be present with the relevant approved shop drawings. the QC&QA Engineer fills in a Request for Correction Form.


 Supervising the General Manager. its priorities and financing resources. . namely the Company’s budget.  Drawing up and approval of the financial statements.THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS The role of the Board of Directors covers the following key roles.  Assessment of the Company’s financial status and determination of its credit framework. the Board of Directors is also required to fulfill a number of specific tasks:  Determination of the Company’s operational plans.  Determining overall Company policies. on a quarterly basis.  Apart from these general responsibilities. and  Reporting to the Annual General Meeting on the Company’s current status and business performance.


com  Devrim ERCETIN Elect. IND) Mobile Tel.Composition of the Board of Directors D&T’s Executive Committee includes four shareholders of the company.. (MEP.. TIS) Mobile Tel. BSc..  Necmettin ATES Elect. IND) Mobile Tel.  Onder BOYALIKLI Mech. : +90 (532) 282 1515 onderb@dnt-group. (MEP. (MEP. : +90 (532) 483 8929 devrim. Eng. (MEP. TIS) Mobile Tel.  Ertan AYGUN Elect. Eng. : +90 (532) 267 4472 ertan. BSc. BSc.. Eng. : +90 (532) 275 3655 nates@dnt-group. each having international expertise in electro-mechanical engineering discipline and building services which are utilized in the core businesses and represent the company and responsible from all the company activities.






in order to maintain the health and safety of our employees and others. . we undertake to observe all relevant laws and other stipulations regarding Health and Safety. We integrate health and safety measures into all project plans and procedures.HEALTH & SAFETY POLICY We are committed to minimizing the risk of accidents and subsequently injuries or fatalities. D&T Group continuously sets appropriate objectives. In our work. Along with the cooperation of our clients. enabling these to be minimized and thus reducing the risk of accidents. systematic identification and assessment of hazards. we devise appropriate preventive measures. This facilitates the early. To meet the obligations resulting from this Health and Safety Policy.

. such as consulting experts and by staying in touch with relevant authorities.who are in a better position to spot dangerous conditions .to provide recommendations for any improvements. and oblige our subcontractors to adopt similar standards. We rely primarily on our employees . in order to avoid dangers or hazards and to prevent accidents. Health and safety management represents an essential aspect of D&T quality. We promote safety consciousness among all employees by means of training and on-the-spot instructing. we take precautionary measures.Right from the planning phase. We set and follow high standards in active and passive safety measures.

D&T’s Executive Committee gives its full support to this Policy Statement. as well as the environment. amended to ensure that it is kept up to date. ensuring the outcome of Environmental Awareness.ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION Although D&T's activities do not affect the Environment directly. . clean and tidy as much as possible and practicable. We believe that our multi-service working philosophy greatly increases our effectiveness and capability to apply relevant technologies in order to meet the principles of energy conservation and thus minimize Environmental Pollution. Operatives and Supervision Team will apply the principles of material and energy conservation to minimize wastage within all Company operations. Environmental Health and Safety issues are discussed at every Board Meeting. each employee of D&T will keep working areas. This Statement of Environmental Health and Safety Policy applies to all Company operations. Additionally. The Policy will be reviewed at least annually and if necessary. all employees including Management.

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