Practical Lessons from the Month of Fasting
I-·cd on - lc·turc ly A·lSl-ykl AldulMul·in iln U-m-d -lAll--d

¯li· tr-n·l-tion i· l-·cd on - lc·turc wli·l w-· dclivcrcd ly A·lSl-ykl AldulMul·in iln U-m-d
-lAll--d on Sl-ww--l 16, 1¬'¤ A.U. -t tlc ¯-yl-l Sc·ond-ry S·lool. It w-· -l·o ¦ulli·lcd in tlc }ourn-l
ot tlc I·l--mi· 'nivcr·ity ot M-dccn-l, I··uc =1¤. In it, tlc Sl-ykl di··u··c· - tcw ¦oint· -lout t-·tin¿ -nd
tlc montl ot l-m-d--n -· wcll -· it· rcl-tion to tlc montl· tl-t tollow. Uc tlcn li¿lli¿lt· ·crt-in ¦r-·ti·-l
lc··on· dr-wn trom tlc -ttitudc di·¦l-ycd ly Mu·lim· durin¿ l-m-d--n -nd low tlc ·-mc -ttitudc ·-n lc
tr-n·tcrrcd to litc -nd wor·li¦ in otlcr montl·. lin-lly, tlc Sl-ykl ·on·ludc· witl - rcmindcr to tlc
rc·idcnt· ot -lM-dccn-l, wlcrc tlc lc·turc w-· dclivcrcd.

Note: Somc Al--dcctl in tlc ori¿in-l Ar-li· ·our·c ot tlc -rti·lc -¦¦c-r to l-vc lccn quotcd -··ordin¿ to
tlcir mc-nin¿· -nd not tlc cx-·t wordin¿· tound in tlc look· ot U-dcctl ·itcd. Uowcvcr, tor tlc ¦ur¦o·c·
ot tli· tr-n·l-tion, tlcy l-vc lccn lctt witl tlc wordin¿· -nd rctcrcn·c· -· in tlc ¦ulli·lcd -rti·lc, wli·l i·
-v-il-llc onlinc -t· ltt¦·//www.iu.cdu.·-/M-¿-·inc/1¤/¯.ltm


In tlc ¦-mc ot All--l, tlc Mo·t Mcr·itul, tlc Ic·towcr ot Mcr·y

Practical Lessons from the Month of Fasting

This World is the Abode of Tests and Trials

All--l ·rc-tcd Ui· ·crv-nt· to wor·li¦ Uim -lonc witlout ¦-rtncr, -nd l-· ·t-tcd in Ui· m-}c·ti·
¸βρ‰7è´‹¸9 ω¸) ´§Ρ¸}#´ρ ´¸g:# M)=z $Β´ρ
wli·l mc-n·, And I have not created the jinns and humans except that they should
worship Me Alone. [Soor-l Atl¯l--riy--t ,¬1,·¬6|

Uc ·cnt Ui· c·tccmcd Mc··cn¿cr· to outlinc tlc w-y ot wor·li¦, -· Uc ·-id

Nθó≈Ü9# #θ7¸⊥G_#´ρ ´!# #ρ‰6ã# ¸χ& ωθ™¯‘ ¸πΒ& ¸≅2 ’¸û $´ΖWè/ ‰)9´ρ
wli·l mc-n·, And verily, We have sent a Messenger among every Ummah proclaiming to
them: “Worship Allaah, and avoid all false deities (Taaghoot).” [Soor-l -n¦-ll ,16,·¬6|

Uc m-dc litc in tli· world -· - ¦l-·c ot tri-l -nd tc·tin¿ -· to wli·l ot Ui· ·crv-nt· -rc lc·t in dccd·.
Uc ·-id
ξ´Κã ¡m& ¯/3•ƒ& ¯Ν.´θ=¯7´‹¸9 οθ´‹t:#´ρ N¯θϑ9# ,={ “¸%!#
wli·l mc-n·, Who has created death and life, that He may test which of you is best in
action. [Soor-l -lMulk ,6¯,·`|

-nd tlcn ·-id
'‘θó9# '“ƒ¸•è9# ´θδ´ρ
wli·l mc-n·, And He is the Almighty, the OftForgiving. [Soor-l -lMulk ,6¯,·`|


¯li· ·l-ritic· tl-t tlc·c tc·tcd individu-l· in·ludc onc· wlo cx·cl in tlcir dccd· -nd will lc rcw-rdcd
duc to wl-t i· cnt-ilcd ly All--l’· n-mc -lCl-toor ,tlc Ottlor¿ivin¿,. Simil-rly in·ludcd -rc
tlo·c wlo -·t wron¿ly -nd will dc·crvc ¦uni·lmcnt duc to wl-t i· cnt-ilcd ly Ui· n-mc -lA·cc·
,tlc Almi¿lty,. ¯l-t i· likc Ui· ·-yin¿

`ΟŠ¸9{# ´>#‹è9# ´θδ ’¸1#‹ã β&´ ρ ´∩⊆®∪ `ΟŠ¸m¯9# '‘θó9# $Ρ& ’¸ Τ& “¸Š$6¸ã ⋅¸ <Ρ
wli·l mc-n·, Declare to My servants, that I am truly the OftForgiving, the Most
Merciful. And that My Torment is indeed the most painful torment. [Soor-l -lUi}r ,1¬,·1',¬¤|

A Season of the Hereafter

}u·t -· All--l l-· ¿r-ntcd virtuc to ·omc ot m-nkind ovcr otlcr·, -· wcll -· ·crt-in ¦l-·c· ovcr otlcr·,
lc l-· -l·o t-vourcd ·crt-in timc· ovcr otlcr·. l-rt ot tl-t i· tlc virtuc ot tlc llc··cd montl ot
l-m-d--n -nd it· di·tin·tion ovcr tlc rcm-inin¿ montl·, -lon¿ witl it lcin¿ ·lo·cn -· tlc timc
wlcn t-·tin¿ i· olli¿-tcd.
'‘$Fƒ†´ρ '™$±„ $Β ,=ƒ† šš/´‘´ρ
wli·l mc-n·, And your Lord creates whatsoever He wills and chooses. [Soor-l -lÇ-·-· ,`8,·68|

A· ·u·l, All--l l-· ¿r-ntcd virtuc to tli· montl -nd dc·i¿n-tcd it -· onc ot tlc ·c-·on· ot tlc
lcrc-ttcr. Durin¿ it, tlc ·crv-nt· ot All--l ·om¦ctc witl onc -notlcr -nd r-·c to -·licvc ·u··c··
-nd nc-rnc·· to Uim. ¯lcy ·cck to ·omc ·lo·cr to tlcir lord ly t-·tin¿ in tlc d-ytimc, ·t-ndin¿ to
¦r-y -t ni¿lt, -nd rc·itin¿ Ui· M-}c·ti· Iook wli·l t-l·clood ·-nnot -¦¦ro-·l trom lctorc it nor
lclind, ·in·c it i· rcvc-lcd trom Onc wlo i· AllVi·c -nd Vortly ot -ll lr-i·c. ¯lcy ·cck nc-rnc··
to All--l ly tlc·c -nd otlcr -·t· ot olcdicn·c, wlilc ·-utiou·ly rcm-inin¿ -w-rc ot di·olcdicnt -·t·
-nd -voidin¿ tlcm. All tli· i· donc lo¦in¿ tor - ¦rotit-llc tr-dc tl-t will ncvcr ¦cri·l, wlcrcly
All--l would ¦-y tlcm tlcir w-¿c· in tull, -nd ¿ivc tlcm -n in·rc-·c out ot Ui· Iounty. Indccd,
Uc i· Ottlor¿ivin¿, Mo·t A¦¦rc·i-tivc ot ¿ood dccd· -nd rc-dy to rcw-rd tlcm.


An Increase in Bounty

Vlcrc-· All--l l-d ¦rc··rilcd t-·tin¿ tlc montl ot l-m-d--n tor Ui· ·crv-nt·, tlc Mc··cn¿cr ot
All--l ,, cn·our-¿cd tlcm to tollow it ly t-·tin¿ ·ix d-y· ot Sl-ww--l in ordcr to m-kc tlcir
rcw-rd -· ¿rc-t -· tl-t ot t-·tin¿ tlc cntirc yc-r. Aloo Ayyool -lAn·--rcc ,, rc¦ortcd tl-t tlc
Mc··cn¿cr ot All--l ,, ·t-tcd

` · · ` ' ` , . . · _ · . ` ¸ · · , . ¯ . ¯ ¸ ¸` , ` ¸ · ' ,` ·`

wli·l mc-n·, “Anyonc wlo t-·tcd l-m-d--n -nd tlcn tollowcd it witl ·ix trom Sl-ww--l, it i· -· it
lc t-·tcd ¦cr¦ctu-lly.” AlU--titl -lMuntlircc ·-id

It w-· ·ollc·tcd ly Mu·lim, Aloo D--wood, -t¯irmitlcc, -n¦-·--'cc, iln
M--}-l, -nd -t¯-l-r--ncc witl tlc -ddition, “I ·-id, i· tlcrc tor c-·l d-y ,tlc
rcw-rd ot, tcn·” Uc rc¦licd, “Yc·.” It· rc¦ortcr· -rc tlo·c ot tlc ·-lccl

¯l-t i· ·o ·in·c tlc ¿rc-tc·t numlcr ot d-y· in tlc lun-r yc-r i· tlrcc lundrcd -nd ·ixty. It ·ix d-y·
trom Sl-ww--l -rc -ddcd to tlc montl ot l-m-d--n -nd c-·l d-y i· ·on·idcrcd likc tcn, ·in·c -
¿ood dccd l-· tlc rcw-rd ot tcn likc it, tlcn it i· -· tlou¿l tlc Mu·lim l-· t-·tcd tlc cntirc yc-r.
¯li· i· wly lc ,, ·-id “it i· -· it lc t-·tcd ¦cr¦ctu-lly.” ¯l-t i· - trcmcndou· lounty trom All--l,
-nd to Uim lclon¿ -ll ¦r-i·c -nd ¿r-titudc tor Ui· innumcr-llc t-vour·.

From One Good to Another

l-rt ot tlc t-vour -nd kindnc·· trom All--l to Ui· ·crv-nt· i· tl-t Uc c-·cd tor tlcm tlo·c t-·tor·
wli·l would r-i·c tlcir lcvcl -nd kcc¦ tlcm u¦on - tirm -nd l-·tin¿ ·onnc·tion witl tlc wor·li¦ ot
tlcir lord. ¯lcy ·omc ·lo·cr to All--l witl tlc ¦-··in¿ ot tlc d-y· -nd ni¿lt· ot l-m-d--n durin¿
wli·l Uc ¦-rdon· ·in·, r-i·c· r-nk·, -nd -··i·t· tlo·c wlo t-ltcr. A· ·oon -· it· d-y· dc¦-rt -nd ·omc
to - ·lo·c tlcy -rc immcdi-tcly tollowcd ly tlc montl· ot ¦crtormin¿ U-}} to tlc S-·rcd Uou·c ot
All--l. ¯lc d-y ot Icd -llitr, wli·l i· tlc tir·t d-y ot tlc montl ot Sl-ww--l, i· -l·o tlc tir·t d-y
ot tlc montl· ot U-}} -lout wli·l All--l, tlc Ix-ltcd, l-· ·-id


´¸ks9# ’¸û Α#‰¸_ Ÿω´ρ šXθ´¡ù Ÿω´ρ ]ù´‘ Ÿξù ¯kt:# ∅¸γŠ¸ù ´ ڍù ϑù M≈Βθ=èΒ "γ©& ¯kt:#
¸=≈69{# ’¸<`ρ'≈ƒ ¸βθ)?#´ρ “´θ)−G9# ¸Š#“9# ´Ž¯z χ¸*ù #ρŠρ“?´ρ ´!# µϑ=èƒ ¸Ž¯z ¸Β #θ=è? $Β´ρ

wli·l mc-n·, The Hajj is in the wellknown months. So whosoever intends to perform
Hajj during them, then he should not have marital relations, nor commit sin, nor dispute
unjustly during the Hajj. And whatever good you do, Allaah knows it. And take a
provision with you for the journey and, indeed, the best provision is Taqwaa.
Therefore, have Taqwaa of Me, O men of understanding! [Soor-l -lI-q-r-l ,`,·1'¯|

l-m-d--n i· tlc montl in wli·l All--l rcvc-lcd tlc Çur’--n. It i· tlc llc··cd montl durin¿
wli·l tlc ¿-tc· ot }-nn-l -rc o¦cncd, tlc ¿-tc· ot tlc lclltirc -rc ·lut, -nd tlc dcvil· -rc ·l-·klcd.
In - Çud·cc U-dcctl, All--l l-· ·-id -lout tlc d-y· ot t-·tin¿

¸ ¯ ¸` , ¸ · · - ` · · ·¯ , ·` · ' ,` · , ' , ¸ ` ·` , · ·` ,` . . ¸ · , ¸ ,` - '

“lor cvcry ¿ood dccd ot tlc Son ot A-d-m, lc will l-vc tlc rcw-rd ot tcn likc it, cx·c¦t tor t-·tin¿.
Vcrily, it i· tor Mc -nd I ·l-ll rcw-rd it.” Vlcn tlc·c d-y· ot l-m-d--n ·on·ludc, tlcrc ·omc tlc
d-y· ot U-}} -lout wli·l Mc··cn¿cr ,, ·-id

` , · ` _ - ` ¸ · . ·` ,, ·` , , ¯ · ,,` · ` ¸ · _ - _ ` ¸` , ` , , ` ·' · ' ` ·` ,

“Vlocvcr ¦crtormcd U-}} witlout l-vin¿ m-rit-l rcl-tion· or -·tin¿ wron¿ly, lc would rcturn
-l·olvcd trom li· ·in· }u·t -· tlc d-y li· motlcr ¿-vc lirtl to lim.” ·ollc·tcd ly -lIukl--rcc,
Mu·lim, -nd otlcr·. Uc ,, -l·o ·-id -lout U-}}

_ ¯ · ,` ` · _ ¸ · ,` ` · ' _ - , ` , ` , , · . ¸ . , - ` · ¸` , ` _,` ,` ·` -

“Onc ¦crtorm-n·c ot 'mr-l until tlc ncxt 'mr-l i· -n cx¦i-tion tor wl-t o··urrcd lctwccn tlcm.
And tlcrc i· no rcw-rd tor tlc -··c¦tcd U-}} cx·c¦t }-nn-l.” ·ollc·tcd ly -lIukl--rcc, Mu·lim
-nd otlcr·.

In -·tu-lity, tlc Mu·lim l-rdly lid· t-rcwcll to onc ·c-·on ot tlc lcrc-ttcr lctorc lc wcl·omc·
-notlcr. ¯li· ·crvc· to m-int-in - ·ontinuou· link witl tlc wor·li¦ ot Ui· ·rc-tor -nd Ori¿in-tor

wlo lrou¿lt lim into cxi·tcn·c trom notlin¿ -nd ¿r-ntcd lim -n -lund-n·c ot llc··in¿·, lotl
-¦¦-rcnt -nd liddcn.

Practical Lessons from the Month of Fasting

¯lc Mu·lim 'mm-l l-dc t-rcwcll to tli· llc··cd ·c-·on ·omc d-y· -¿o. Ucn·c, ¿l-d tidin¿· -rc in
·torc tor tlc ¦co¦lc wlom All--l ¿r-·iou·ly -llowcd to -··om¦li·l ri¿ltcou· dccd· durin¿ it -nd
t-vourcd tlcm cvcn turtlcr ly -··c¦tin¿ tlo·c dccd·. On tlc ·ontr-ry, tlcrc will only lc lo·· in
·torc tor tlo·c wlo lct tlc d-y· ot l-m-d--n ¦-·· tlcm ly wlilc l-vin¿ not donc -ny ¿ood wli·l
tlcy would tind wlcn tlcy dc¦-rt trom tli· litc. It would lc ·u·l - di·-·tcr it tlcy l-d o··u¦icd
tlcir timc ¦lc-·in¿ tlc ·l-yt--n -nd l-d -·tcd -··ordin¿ to tlc cvil dc·irc· ot tlcir own ·oul·. Vc
·cck All--l’· rctu¿c trom tl-t.

¯lc rcm-rk-llc ·c-·on wli·l rc·cntly cndcd ·ont-in· numcrou· lc··on· -nd rcmindcr· tl-t ur¿c tlc
·oul to dcvclo¦ - lovc tor ¿oodnc·· -nd lcin¿ ·ontinuou·ly olcdicnt to All--l. At tlc ·-mc timc,
tlcy ·-u·c tlc ·oul to l-vc -n -vcr·ion tow-rd· di·olcdicnt -·t· -nd to -void -nytlin¿ tl-t would
-n¿cr All--l, tlc Mo·t Mi¿lty -nd M-}c·ti·.

¯lc ¦r-·ti·-l lc··on· -nd rcmindcr· wli·l tlc Mu·lim ¿lc-n· in tlc montl ot t-·tin¿ -rc tlc tinc
¦rodu·t· rc-¦cd trom tlo·c d-y·. In tlc tollowin¿ word·, I will -ttcm¦t to li·t ·omc ot tlcm, -nd I
rcly u¦on All--l tor ·u··c·· -nd ·orrc·tnc··.

Lesson 1: A· tlc d-y· ot l-m-d--n cl-¦·c, tlc Mu·lim tind· onc ot litc’· o¦¦ortunitic· ¦rc·cntcd
lctorc lim. It i· -n o¦¦ortunity wli·l lc m-y rc-·l on·c -¿-in, or ¦crl-¦· li· dc·rccd t-tc will
ovcrt-kc lim lctorc lc rc-·lc· it. ¦onctlclc··, wl-t i· mo·t im¦ort-nt i· tl-t tli· o¦¦ortunity i·
utili·cd ly tillin¿ it witl -·t· ot olcdicn·c -nd rcm-inin¿ t-r -w-y trom ·in·. Ivcn morc im¦ort-nt
i· rcm-inin¿ ·on·i·tcnt in doin¿ tlo·c tlin¿· -· wcll, ·in·c onc ot tlc rcw-rd· tor - ¿ood dccd i· lcin¿
¿uidcd to ¦crtorm otlcr ¿ood dccd· -ttcrw-rd·. In - ·imil-r w-y, onc ot tlc ¦uni·lmcnt· tor -n cvil
dccd i· lcin¿ lctt to ¦crtorm otlcr cvil dccd· -ttcr it. ¯lcrctorc, lct u· ·on·idcr tlc ·-·c ot tlc
Mu·lim wlo wi·lc· ¿ood tor lim·clt -nd l-· lccn ¿r-ntcd tlc tortunc ot rc-·lin¿ tli· llc··cd montl
-nd u·in¿ it tully in tlc olcdicn·c ot li· lord wlo ·rc-tcd lim tor wor·li¦ -nd ·lowcrcd llc··in¿·
u¦on lim, lotl -¦¦-rcnt -nd liddcn. Ui· ·oul would tind rc·t in ¦crtormin¿ ri¿ltcou· -·tion· -nd
li· lc-rt would tind it·clt movin¿ tow-rd· tlc lcrc-ttcr, wli·l i· tlc tin-l dc·tin-tion. It i· tlcrc
tl-t notlin¿ will lcnctit - ¦cr·on cx·c¦t wl-t li· own l-nd· l-vc ·cnt tortl, on tlc d-y wlcn

ncitlcr wc-ltl nor ott·¦rin¿ will -v-il, cx·c¦t lim wlo lrin¿· to All--l - ·lc-n lc-rt. Durin¿ tlo·c
llc··cd d-y· ot l-m-d--n, tlc ·oul ·lould l-vc -··u·tomcd it·clt to olcdicn·c wlilc lo¦in¿ tor
wl-t All--l l-· in ·torc, -nd rc·tr-inin¿ it·clt out ot tc-r trom Ui· ¦uni·lmcnt. 'ndoultcdly, on·c
tli· l-· lccn donc, tlc lcnctit wli·l tlc Mu·lim ¿lc-n· -nd tlc lc··on lc -·quirc· i· tl-t lc mu·t
·ul·cqucntly ·ontinuc to ¦crtorm ¿ood dccd· -nd -void ·in·. ¯li· i· ·o ·in·c All--l l-·
·omm-ndcd Ui· ·crv-nt· to wor·li¦ Uim tor tlc cntirc dur-tion ot tlcir livc·.

¸)´‹9# 7´‹¸?'ƒ ©Lm 7−/´‘ ‰6ã#´ρ
wli·l mc-n·, And worship your Lord until the certainty (of death) comes to you. [Soor-l
-lUi}r ,1¬,·''|
βθϑ¸=`¡•Β ΝFΡ&´ρω¸) ∫θÿC Ÿω´ ρ ¸µ¸?$)? ,m ´!# #θ)?# #θ`ΨΒ#´™ ¸%!# $κš‰'≈ƒ
wli·l mc-n·, O you who believe! Have Taqwaa of Allaah as is rightfully due to Him.
And do not die except in a state of Islaam, with complete submission to Allaah. [Soor-l
A-li Imr--n ,¬,·1¤`|

On·c tlc Mu·lim l-· t-·tcd tlc ·wcctnc·· ot olcdicn·c durin¿ tlc montl ot t-·tin¿, it i· not ¦ro¦cr
tor lim to rc¦l-·c it witl tlc littcrnc·· ot di·olcdicn·c. Addition-lly, on·c lc l-· ovcr¦owcrcd li·
cncmy in tlc montl ot t-·tin¿, in i· not tittin¿ to lrin¿ }oy to lim durin¿ Sl-ww--l -nd tlc montl·
tl-t tollow. It - Mu·lim truly w-nt· ¿ood tor lim·clt, lc mu·t not ·to¦ ¦crtormin¿ ¿ood dccd· witl
tlc dc¦-rturc ot tlc montl ot t-·tin¿. Doin¿ ·o would lc likc ·ul·titutin¿ - timc tl-t i· lcttcr tor
tl-t wli·l i· lowcr in r-nk. Durin¿ l-m-d--n, -· wcll -· -t -ll otlcr timc·, All--l i· livin¿ -nd
doc· not dic. Uc ·u·t-in· -nd ¦rotc·t· -ll Ui· ·rc-tion, -nd doc· not ·lcc¦. ¯lc dccd· ot tlc d-y
-··cnd to Uim lctorc tlo·c ot tlc ni¿lt, }u·t -· tlc -·tion· ot tlc ni¿lt -··cnd lctorc tlo·c ot tlc
d-y, -nd Uc doc· not wron¿ -nyonc in tlc lc-·t.

$ϑŠ¸àã #´_& µΡ$! ¸Β ¸Vσ`ƒ´ρ $γ¸è≈ŸÒ`ƒ π´Ζ¡m 7? β¸)´ρ
wli·l mc-n·, And if there is any good done, He doubles it and grants a great reward from
Himself. [Soor-l -n¦i·--’ ,1,·1¤|


Lesson 2: l-·tin¿ i· - ·c·rct lctwccn tlc ·crv-nt -nd li· lord, -nd no onc cl·c i· truly -w-rc ot it·
rc-lity cx·c¦t All--l. ¯li· i· tlc rc-·on lclind tlc -utlcnti· U-dcctl wlcrc All--l ·-y·

¸` , ¸ · ¸ ¯ ` · · ·¯ ' , ¸ ` ·` , · ·` ,` . . ¸ , ·` · ' ,` · , · - · , ¸ ,` - ' ` · · · ~ , ` · ,` , ` _ , ` · , , , ¸ ` - ' ` ¸ ·

wli·l mc-n·, “Ivcry -·tion ot tlc ·on ot A-d-m i· rcw-rdcd witl tcn ·imil-r to it cx·c¦t tor t-·tin¿.
Vcrily, it i· tor mc -nd I ·l-ll rcw-rd it ·in·c lc lc-vc· li· dc·irc·, tood -nd drink tor Mc.”

¯l-t i· ·o ·in·c it i· ¦o··illc tor tlc ·crv-nt to lidc trom ¦co¦lc lclind ·lo·cd door· wlil·t c-tin¿ -nd
drinkin¿, -nd tlcn ·omc out to tlcm wlilc ·l-imin¿ to lc t-·tin¿, -nd no onc would know tl-t
cx·c¦t tor All--l, tlc Mo·t Ilc··cd -nd Ix-ltcd. Uowcvcr, li· ·cn·c ot All--l lcin¿ cvcr -w-rc -nd
w-t·ltul ¦rcvcnt· lim trom doin¿ tl-t, -nd tli· i· - truly ·ommcnd-llc qu-lity in -n individu-l.
¯lc kcy lc··on lcrc i· to lc-r in mind tl-t tlc Onc wlom tlc lum-n tc-r· wlcn lc t-ll· ·lort in li·
t-·tin¿ i· tlc vcry ·-mc Onc wlom lc ·lould tc-r wlcn lc t-ll· ·lort in li· S-l--l, Z-k--l, U-}}, or
-ny otlcr dccd wli·l All--l l-· olli¿-tcd. In otlcr word·, tlc Onc wlo m-dc t-·tin¿ olli¿-tory i·
tlc Onc wlo olli¿-tcd tlc S-l--l, wli·l i· tlc ¿rc-tc·t ¦ill-r ot I·l--m -ttcr tlc tc·timony tl-t nonc
l-· tlc ri¿lt to lc wor·li¦¦cd cx·c¦t All--l -nd tl-t Mul-mm-d i· tlc Mc··cn¿cr ot All--l. Uc
olli¿-tcd S-l--l u¦on Ui· lro¦lct on tlc ni¿lt durin¿ wli·l lc w-· t-kcn u¦ tlrou¿l tlc lc-vcn·,
-nd tli· i· duc to tlc trcmcndou· r-nk -nd n-turc ot tlc S-l--l, ·in·c it ·crvc· -· tlc ·ontinuou·
·onnc·tion lctwccn tlc ·crv-nt -nd li· lord. Ucn·c, it tlc Mu·lim ·on·idcr· li· ·lort·omin¿ in
t-·tin¿ to lc ·omctlin¿ drc-dtul, tlcn lc mu·t rc-li·c tl-t t-llin¿ ·lort in li· S-l--l i· cvcn morc
·cvcrc. ¯li· i· onc ot tlc mo·t ·i¿niti·-nt -nd ·ru·i-l lc··on· wli·l tlc Mu·lim ¿lc-n· trom tlc
montl ot t-·tin¿.

Lesson 3: Onc ot tlc tlin¿· wli·l lrin¿· dcli¿lt -nd l-¦¦inc·· to tlc ¿oodn-turcd ·oul· i·
tindin¿ tlc M-·--}id lrimmin¿ witl wor·li¦¦cr· in tlc montl ot l-m-d--n. Uowcvcr,
m-int-inin¿ -nd ·ontinuin¿ tl-t -t otlcr timc· would lrin¿ cvcn turtlcr cl-tion. A· ·u·l, tlcrc i· -
mo·t timcly lc··on tor tlc Mu·lim to dr-w -ttcr l-vin¿ witnc··cd tlc M-·--}id tillcd durin¿ tlo·c
d-y·. Uc ·lould tirmly rc·olvc to lc onc ot tlo·c wlo m-kc tl-t ·¦c·t-·ul-r ·t-tc ·omctlin¿ l-·tin¿.
¯li· would m-kc lim onc ot tlc ·cvcn wlom All--l will ·l-dc on tlc d-y wlcn tlcrc will lc no
·l-dc cx·c¦t Ui·. lor indccd, -· i· c·t-lli·lcd in tlc -utlcnti· n-rr-tion· trom tlc lro¦lct ,,, onc
ot tlcm i· tlc m-n wlo·c lc-rt i· -tt-·lcd to tlc M-·--}id.

Lesson 4: ¯lc olli¿-tion ot t-·tin¿ trom tood, drink, -nd -ll cl·c tl-t nullitic· tlc t-·t t-ll· durin¿
tlc montl ot l-m-d--n. Uowcvcr, t-·tin¿ trom tlc unl-wtul i· rcquircd tlrou¿lout onc’· cntirc

litc. Durin¿ l-m-d--n, tlc Mu·lim mu·t t-·t trom tlc ¦crmi··illc -nd tlc ¦rolilitcd, lut lc mu·t
t-·t trom tlc ¦rolilitcd tlin¿· tor li· wlolc litc. Ucn·c, tlc d-y· ot rctr-inin¿ trom tlin¿· lotl
¦crmi··illc -nd ¦rolilitcd l-vc ¦-··cd, wlilc rctr-inin¿ trom tlc ¦rolilitcd rcm-in· ·ontinuou·.
In tlc lin¿ui·ti· ·cn·c, t-·tin¿ ,·-wm, mc-n· rctr-inin¿ ,im·--k, trom ·omctlin¿, lut in tlc lc¿-l
·cn·c ,Sl-rcc’-l, it· mc-nin¿ i· rctr-inin¿ trom c-tin¿, drinkin¿, -nd -nytlin¿ cl·c tl-t nullitic· tlc
t-·t tor tlc dur-tion ot timc lctwccn d-wn -nd ·un·ct. ¯lc mc-nin¿ in tlc Sl-rcc’-l i· only -
¦ortion ot tlc lin¿ui·ti· mc-nin¿. ¯lcrctorc, in tlc lin¿ui·ti· ·cn·c, it dcnotc· tlc mc-nin¿ in tlc
Sl-rcc’-l, lut it -l·o in·ludc· - widcr mc-nin¿, ¦-rt ot wli·l i· rc·tr-int trom -ll tl-t i· ¦rolilitcd.
¯lu·, rc·tr-inin¿ tlc cyc, ton¿uc, c-r, l-nd, lc¿, -nd ¦riv-tc ¦-rt· trom ¦rolilitcd dccd· i· t-·tin¿ in
tlc lin¿ui·ti· ·cn·c.

All--l l-· ¿r-ntcd t-vour to Ui· ·crv-nt· ly ¿ivin¿ tlcm tlc·c indi·¦cn·-llc llc··in¿·. Uowcvcr, in
-ddition to ¿r-ntin¿ tlcm tlc·c llc··in¿·, Uc l-· ordcrcd tl-t tlcy lc u·cd in w-y· wli·l ¦lc-·c
Uim -nd Uc l-· torliddcn u·in¿ tlcm in w-y· tl-t -n¿cr Uim. Onc ot tlc lc·t w-y· ot lcin¿
¿r-tctul to All--l tor tlc·c llc··in¿· i· tor tlc Mu·lim to cm¦loy tlcm -· lc l-· lccn ·omm-ndcd
wlilc rctr-inin¿ trom u·in¿ tlcm to di·olcy tlc Onc wlo ¿r-ntcd lim tlo·c t-·ultic·, -· wcll -·
cvcry otlcr llc··in¿ lc l-·, wlctlcr -¦¦-rcnt or not.

Ucn·c, it i· l-wtul to u·c tlc cyc tor lookin¿ -t wl-t All--l l-· ¦crmittcd, -nd it i· unl-wtul to u·c it
tor lookin¿ -t tlc ¦rolilitcd. l-·tin¿ ot tli· n-turc, wlcrc tlc cyc rctr-in· trom tlc ¦rolilitcd, i·
-¦¦li·-llc -t -ll timc·.

In - ·imil-r m-nncr, it i· l-wtul to u·c tlc c-r tor li·tcnin¿ to wl-t i· ¦crmi··illc tor it, -nd it i·
unl-wtul tor - ¦cr·on to u·c it tor li·tcnin¿ to tlc im¦crmi··illc. l-·tin¿ ot tli· n-turc, wlcrc tlc
c-r rctr-in· trom tlc im¦crmi··illc, i· -¦¦li·-llc -t -ll timc·.

It i· l-wtul to u·c tlc ton¿uc in ·¦c-kin¿ ¿ood, -nd it i· unl-wtul to u·c it in ·¦c-kin¿ cvil. l-·tin¿ ot
tli· n-turc, wlcrc tlc ton¿uc rctr-in· trom cvil ·¦cc·l, i· -¦¦li·-llc -t -ll timc·.

It i· l-wtul to u·c tlc l-nd tor cn¿-¿in¿ in wl-t All--l l-· ¦crmittcd, -nd it i· unl-wtul to u·c it in
dc-lin¿ witl -nytlin¿ ¦rolilitcd. l-·tin¿ ot tli· n-turc, wlcrc tlc l-nd rctr-in· trom tlc
¦rolilitcd, i· -¦¦li·-llc -t -ll timc·.

It i· l-wtul to u·c tlc lc¿ tor w-lkin¿ tow-rd cvcry ¿ood, -nd it i· unl-wtul to u·c it tor w-lkin¿
tow-rd tlc ¦rolilitcd. l-·tin¿ ot tli· n-turc, wlcrc tlc lc¿ rctr-in· trom tlc ¦rolilitcd, i·
-¦¦li·-llc -t -ll timc·.

It i· l-wtul to u·c tlc ¦riv-tc ¦-rt· tor cn¿-¿in¿ in tlc ¦crmi··illc, -nd it i· unl-wtul to u·c tlcm tor
-nytlin¿ ¦rolilitcd. l-·tin¿ ot tli· n-turc, wlcrc tlc ¦riv-tc ¦-rt· rctr-in trom tlc ¦rolilitcd, i·
-¦¦li·-llc -t -ll timc·.

Onc wlo ·low· ¿r-titudc tor tlc·c llc··in¿·, u·in¿ tlcm -· All--l l-· ·omm-ndcd, l-· lccn
¦romi·cd - lountitul rcw-rd ly All--l. In ·ontr-·t to tli· i· tlc onc wlo nc¿lc·t· tlc·c llc··in¿·
-nd ¿ivc· littlc rc¿-rd to tlcir ¦ro¦cr u·-¿c. Uc unlc-·lc· tlcm to ·ommit dccd· wli·l -n¿cr
All--l -nd -rc ¦lc-·in¿ to tlc ·l-yt--n, wlo i· tlc cncmy ot All--l -nd Ui· ·in·crc ·crv-nt·. All--l
l-· tlrc-tcncd ·u·l - ¦cr·on witl ¦uni·lmcnt -nd w-rncd lim tl-t tlc·c vcry liml· will lc
quc·tioncd -lout lim on tlc D-y ot }ud¿mcnt, -nd lc will lc quc·tioncd -lout tlcm.

ωθ↔`¡Β µΨã β%. 7¸×≈9`ρ& ‘≅. Š#σ9#´ρ ´ŽÇ79#´ρ ìϑ´¡9# β¸) 'Ο=¸æ ¸µ¸/ 79 ´§Š9 $Β #)? Ÿω´ρ
wli·l mc-n·, And do not follow that which you have no knowledge about. Verily! The
hearing, the sight, and the heart – about all of them you shall be questioned. [Soor-l -lI·r--
βθ6¸¡3 ƒ #θΡ%. $ϑ¸/ Νγ=`_¯‘& ‰κ¶?´ρ ¯Ν¸κ‰¸‰ƒ& $´Ζϑ¸=3?´ρ
wli·l mc-n·, And their hands will speak to Us, and their legs will bear witness to what they
used to earn. [Soor-l Y-- Sccn ,¬6,·6¬|
´¯Νγ`èϑ™ ¯Ν¸κ¯Ž=ã ‰¸κ− $δρ'™%` $Β #Œ¸) ´©Lm ∩⊇®∪ βθ`ã—θ`ƒ Μγù ¸‘$Ζ9# ’<¸) ¸!# '™#‰ã& Ž³`s`ƒ Π¯θ ƒ´ρ
$Ψ‹=ã ¯Ν›?‰¸γ© ´Ν¸9 ¯Ν¸δ¸Šθ=∨¸9 #θ9$%´ρ ∩⊄⊃∪ βθ=ϑèƒ #θΡ%. $ϑ¸/ ΝδŠθ=`_´ρ ¯Νδ`≈Á¯/ &´ρ
βθ`è_¯? ¸µ‹9¸)´ρ ¸ο¯Β Αρ& ¯Ν3)={´θδ´ρ ¸™`©« ≅. ,ÜΡ& “¸%!# ´!# $´Ζ)ÜΡ& #θ9$%

wli·l mc-n·, And (remember) the Day on which the enemies of Allaah will be gathered to
the Fire, so they will be collected there. Till, when they reach it, their hearing, their
sight, and their skins will testify against them as to what they used to do. And they will
say to their skins, “Why do you testify against us?” They will say, “Allaah has caused us to
speak, as He causes all things to speak, and He created you the first time, and to Him you
shall return.” [Soor-l lu··il-t ,11,·1'`1|

lurtlcrmorc, tlc lro¦lct ,, ·omm-ndcd Mu’--tl iln }-l-l ,, to ¿u-rd li· ton¿uc. In turn,
Mu’--tl inquircd, “O lro¦lct ot All--l: Sl-ll wc lc t-kcn to -··ount tor tlc word· wc uttcr·”
¯lc lro¦lct ,, rc¦licd

:` ´ , :' · ' · ·` · · , ¸ , ´ ' . _ · _` ¸ · ¸` ` , , ·,` -` , . ¸ ` , · , - · _ · ¸ · ` , ' ` , , ' ` . -

wli·l mc-n·, “M-y your motlcr lc lcrc-vcd ot you, O Mu’--tl: Vill tlc ¦co¦lc lc tlrown into
tlc tirc u¦on tlcir t-·c· – or lc ·-id tlcir no·c· – cx·c¦t duc to tlc l-rvc·t ot tlcir ton¿uc··”
·ollc·tcd ly -t¯irmitlcc.

Uc ,, -l·o ·-id

` · ` ¸ ` . ' ·` , ` - _ ¸` , , · , ·` , ,` - ¸` , , · ¸ ` ¸ ` ., ` ¸ · ·` -

wli·l mc-n·, “Anyonc wlo ¿u-r-ntcc· tor mc ,tlc ·l-·tity ot, wl-t i· lctwccn li· }-wlonc· -nd li·
two lc¿·, tlcn I ¿u-r-ntcc }-nn-l tor lim.” ·ollc·tcd ly -lIukl--rcc in li· S-lccl trom tlc
U-dcctl ot S-ll iln S-’d ,,. At¯irmitlcc -l·o ·ollc·tcd it trom tlc U-dcctl ot Aloo Uur-yr-l
,, -nd dc·l-rcd it l-·-n witl it· wordin¿ -· tollow·

` , ` · ` · · , ` ¸ · ·` , ,` - ¸` , , · ` , , ¸` , , · ·` , ` - _ ·` - ¸ - ·

wli·l mc-n·, “Vlocvcr All--l ¦rotc·t· trom tlc cvil ot wl-t lic· lctwccn li· own two }-wlonc·
-nd tlc cvil ot wl-t lic· lctwccn li· own two lc¿·, lc would cntcr }-nn-l.”

In -ddition, lc ,, ·-id

`, . ¯ ` ¸ · . ·` , , , · , ` ¸ ·` , ` , ' ,` , - ¸ , · , - ` .` ` . ,

wli·l mc-n·, “Vlocvcr lclicvc· in All--l -nd tlc l-·t d-y ·lould ·¦c-k ¿ood or cl·c rcm-in quict.”
·ollc·tcd ly -lIukl--rcc -nd Mu·lim trom tlc U-dcctl ot Aloo Uur-yr-l ,,. ¯lcy -l·o
·ollc·tcd trom tlc m-rtoo U-dcctl ot Aloo Moo·-- ,,

· ` ¸ · .,` ` ` , ` ¸ · ` , ` ` · , ,

wli·l mc-n·, “¯lc Mu·lim i· tlc onc trom wlo·c ton¿uc -nd l-nd tlc Mu·lim· -rc ·-tc.”

Uc ,, ·-id

` ¸ ` , · · , ·` ,, ¸ ', ` ¸ · ¸ ` · ' ` ¸ · · . ¸ · , ¸ · , . ¸ ', , ¸ · ¯ _ , , ¸ ¯ ' , · · , · , ` · · ¸ · : ,
_ =` ·` , · · . , . , · · · · - ` ¸ · · , · - ` ¸ · · ·` , · · ¸ . , . ' ¸` · ` ·` - ` . , · . , · ` ¸ · - '
_` ¸ · _ , ~ ` , ·` , · ` . - , = · ` ,` ·, = -

wli·l mc-n·, “¯lc l-nkru¦t individu-l ot my 'mm-l i· lc wlo will ·omc on tlc D-y ot
}ud¿cmcnt witl S-l--l, Siy--m, -nd Z-k--l. Uowcvcr, lc would ·omc wlilc l-vin¿ ·ur·cd -
·crt-in ¦cr·on, ·l-ndcrcd -notlcr, unl-wtully ·on·umcd tlc wc-ltl ot -notlcr, ·lcd tlc llood ot
-notlcr, -nd lc-t yct -notlcr. ¯lu·, c-·l ot tlo·c ¦co¦lc ·l-ll lc ¿ivcn trom li· ¿ood dccd·. It
li· dccd· -rc cxl-u·tcd lctorc li· -··ount i· ·cttlcd, tlcn tlc ·in· ot tlo·c ¦co¦lc will lc ·-·t u¦on
lim -nd lc will tlcn lc tlrown into tlc Uclltirc.” ·ollc·tcd ly Mu·lim.

Uc ,, ·-id
. , ,` , ` _` ` . ` - , · _ ´ , ·` - ` . ` -

wli·l mc-n·, “}-nn-l i· ·urroundcd ly l-rd·li¦·, wlilc tlc Uclltirc i· ·urroundcd ly tcm¦t-tion·.”
·ollc·tcd ly -lIukl--rcc -nd Mu·lim trom tlc U-dcctl ot ot Aloo Uur-yr-l ,,.

In ·umm-ry, wl-t ¦rc·cdcd indi·-tc· tl-t All--l l-· ordcrcd tlc ·crv-nt to ¿u-rd li· ton¿uc, ¦riv-tc
¦-rt·, lc-rin¿, ·i¿lt, l-nd, -nd lc¿ trom tlc ¦rolilitcd dccd·. ¯l-t, in -nd ot it·clt, i· t-·tin¿ in tlc
lin¿ui·ti· ·cn·c. ¯li· ty¦c ot t-·tin¿ doc· not l-vc - ·¦c·iti· timc: r-tlcr, it i· -n -·t ot olcdicn·c to
All--l, tlc Ix-ltcd, wli·l mu·t lc ·on·t-ntly ol·crvcd until dc-tl in ordcr to c-rn Ui· ¦lc-·urc -nd
lc ·-vcd trom Ui· wr-tl -nd ¦uni·lmcnt. Durin¿ tlc montl ot t-·tin¿, tlc Mu·lim rctr-in· trom
tlin¿· tl-t All--l l-· otlcrwi·c ¦crmittcd, ·in·c Uc torl-dc cn¿-¿in¿ in tlcm durin¿ tlc d-y· ot
l-m-d--n. ¯lc lc··on olt-incd trom tli· t-·t i· rc-li·in¿ tl-t All--l l-· torliddcn tlc ¦rolilitcd
tlin¿· tor tlc cntirc dur-tion ot onc’· litc -nd - ¦cr·on mu·t rctr-in trom tlcm -t -ll timc·. ¯li· i· to
lc donc tc-rin¿ tlc ¦uni·lmcnt ot All--l wli·l Uc l-· ¦rc¦-rcd tor tlo·c wlo o¦¦o·c Ui·
·omm-nd -nd cn¿-¿c in wl-t Uc l-· torliddcn.

¯lc Mc··cn¿cr ot All--l ,, intormcd u· in - Çud·cc U-dcctl n-rr-tcd trom li· lord tl-t tlc
t-·tin¿ ¦cr·on l-· two timc· ot }oy. Onc ot tlcm i· wlcn lc lrc-k· li· t-·t wlilc otlcr i· wlcn lc
mcct· li· lord. ¯lc t-·tin¿ ¦cr·on rc}oi·c· wlcn lrc-kin¿ li· t-·t ·in·c tlc lody ¦-rt-kc· in
lclovcd tlin¿· it l-d lccn ¦rcvcntcd trom. Uc rc}oi·c· -ttcr l-vin¿ lccn ¿r-ntcd tlc ·u··c·· ot
·om¦lctin¿ tlc t-·t tor wli·l tlcrc i· - trcmcndou· rcw-rd witl All--l. Addition-lly, lc ·l-ll
rc}oi·c utmo·t -t tlc timc wlcn lc mcct· li· lord -nd i· ¿r-·iou·ly rcw-rdcd tor li· t-·tin¿.

Vlocvcr ¦rc·crvc· li· ton¿uc trom toul ·¦cc·l -nd t-l·c tc·timony: li· ¦riv-tc ¦-rt· trom wl-t
All--l torl-dc: li· l-nd trom wl-t i· not ¦crmi··illc to ¦-rt-kc in: li· lc-rin¿ trom li·tcnin¿ to tlc
unl-wtul: li· ·i¿lt trom -ll tl-t All--l l-· ¦rolilitcd lookin¿ -t: -nd l-· u·cd tlc·c liml· -nd
t-·ultic· in ¦crmi··illc w-y·, ¦rotc·tin¿ -nd ·ontrollin¿ tlcm until All--l t-kc· li· litc, tlcn lc ·l-ll
lrc-k tli· t-·tin¿ ot li· witl tlc dcli¿lt wli·l All--l l-· ¦rc¦-rcd tor tlo·c wlo olcy Uim.

¯lc Mc··cn¿cr ot All--l ,, cx¦l-incd tlc tir·t dcli¿lt tlc lclicvcr ·l-ll cn·ountcr -t tlc timc ot
dc¦-rtin¿ trom tli· world to tlc -lodc ot tlc lcrc-ttcr. Durin¿ li· tin-l momcnt· in tli· world,
-n¿cl· will -¦¦ro-·l lim lookin¿ -· tlou¿l tlc ·un i· ·linin¿ u¦on tlcir t-·c·. ¯lcy will l-vc -
·lroud trom }-nn-l -lon¿ witl ¦crtumc tor cml-lmin¿ trom }-nn-l -· wcll. ¯lc An¿cl ot Dc-tl
will lc-d tlcm -nd lc will ·-y, “O ¿oodn-turcd ·oul: ·omc out to tor¿ivcnc·· trom All--l, -nd
Ui· lcin¿ ¦lc-·cd witl you.” At tl-t, li· ·oul would cxit }u·t -· - dro¦ tlow· trom tlc moutl ot tlc
w-tcr ·kin, -nd cvcnt· would tr-n·¦irc -ttcrw-rd· }u·t -· tlc ¦ollc Mc··cn¿cr ,, cx¦l-incd.

¯lc·c -rc tlc lri¿lt tir·t ·i¿n· to lc cx¦cricn·cd ly tlc ¦cr·on wlo i· kccn in ·cckin¿ out l-¦¦inc··
tor lim·clt -nd ·trivc· to -l·olvc it trom -nytlin¿ tl-t would lc-d to ruin -nd dc·tru·tion. lor tli·
rc-·on, tlc m-n wlo -·kcd -lout c·t-lli·lmcnt ot tlc lour w-· dirc·tcd ly tlc Do·tor ot Uc-rt· ,,
to ·omctlin¿ cvcn morc im¦ort-nt tl-n tlc timc ot it· o··urrcn·c. In ¦-rti·ul-r, lc ¿uidcd lim to
¦rc¦-rin¿ tor it ly ¦crtormin¿ ¿ood dccd·, -nd rc¦licd ·-yin¿, “And wl-t l-vc you ¦rc¦-rcd tor it·”
¯li· indi·-tc· tl-t tlrou¿lout onc’· worldly cxi·tcn·c, lc mu·t ¦rc¦-rc tor li· litc in tlc lcrc-ttcr.
All--l, tlc Mo·t Ix-ltcd, l-· ·-id

¸=≈69{# ’¸<`ρ'≈ƒ ¸βθ)?#´ρ “´θ)−G9# ¸Š#“9# ´Ž¯z χ¸*ù #ρŠρ“?´ρ
wli·l mc-n·, And take a provision with you for the journey and, indeed, the best
provision is Taqwaa. Therefore, have Taqwaa of Me, O men of understanding! [Soor-l
-lI-q-r-l ,`,·1'¯|


Ivcry }ourncy undcrt-kcn rcquirc· - ·uit-llc ¦rovi·ion, -nd tlc ¦rovi·ion tor tlc }ourncy tow-rd·
tlc lcrc-ttcr ·om¦ri·c· ¯-qw-- ot All--l, -·tin¿ in olcdicn·c to Uim, -nd tollowin¿ tlc ·ound
·our·c wli·l w-· lrou¿lt ly Ui· c·tccmcd Mc··cn¿cr, m-y tlc lc·t S-l--l -nd ¦crtc·t S-l--m lc
·cnt u¦on lim.

A Closing Word

I wi·l to ·on·ludc tli· lc·turc witl - word tl-t ¦crt-in· ·¦c·iti·-lly to u· wlo l-vc lccn llc··cd ly
All--l to rc·idc in ¯-yl-l -t¯-yl-l, D--r -lUi}r-l, -nd tlc tir·t ·-¦it-l tor tlc Mu·lim·.

¯lc llc··cd montl ot l-m-d--n i· - montl cnnollcd ly All--l, -nd ¿ivcn ·crt-in di·tin¿ui·lin¿
qu-litic· wli·l -rc tound in no otlcr montl. Vc, -lon¿ witl tlc cntirc Mu·lim 'mm-l, ¦-rtcd
witl tli· montl ·omc d-y· -¿o -nd wc lo¦c to l-vc -ll ·u··ccdcd durin¿ it in ¦lc-·in¿ All--l.
Vl-t I wi·l to mcntion lcrc i· tl-t tli· virtuou· -nd ·-·rcd timc l-· cl-¦·cd -nd lctt u·, -nd l-·
·imil-rly lctt -ll ot tlc Mu·lim· in cvcry ¦l-·c. Uowcvcr, tor u· in ¦-rti·ul-r, wc rc·idc in - ·-·rcd
¦l-·c -nd -ll ¦r-i·c -nd t-vour lclon¿ to All--l. A· ·u·l, in tlc montl ot l-m-d--n, All--l l-·
·omlincd tor u· - virtuou· timc -lon¿ witl - virtuou· ¦l-·c, -nd wlcn tlc tormcr dc¦-rt· tlc l-ttcr
rcm-in·. Ucrc, ri¿lt in tront ot u·, i· tlc M-·}id ot tlc lro¦lct ,,, -nd it i· - m-rkct¦l-·c -mon¿
tlo·c ot tlc lcrc-ttcr. It i· -utlcnti·-lly rc¦ortcd trom lim ,,, wlo doc· not ·¦c-k out ot li· own
dc·irc, tl-t lc ·-id

· . ¸ · · ¸ -` · · . . ' ` ¸ · ` ,` , - · ` · , , · ¸ · . ¸ · , - -`

wli·l mc-n·, “A ¦r-ycr in tli· M-·}id ot minc i· lcttcr tl-n onc tlou·-nd ¦r-ycr· -nywlcrc cl·c,
cx·c¦t tor -lM-·}id -lU-r--m.”

It i· ·crt-inly - trcmcndou· lounty trom All--l tl-t onc ¦r-ycr in tli· llc··cd M-·}id ot tlc ¦ollc
Mc··cn¿cr cx·ccd· onc tlou·-nd ¦r-ycr· in -ll otlcr M-·--}id cx·c¦t -lM-·}id -lU-r--m. ¯lcrc
i· no doult tl-t tlo·c wlo -rc cn¿ro··cd witl worldly tr-dc ·cck -ttcr tlc ·c-·on· wlcn dcm-nd i·
li¿l tor ¿ood· -nd lu·inc·· tlouri·lc·. ¯lcy would cndurc ¦crilou· ·ondition· -nd ·ro·· dc·crt· }u·t
to movc tlcir lu·inc·· trom onc ¦l-·c to -notlcr wlcn tlcy know tl-t tlc itcm wli·l ·o·t· onc
riy--l ·-n lc ·old tor two. Simil-rly, in tli· virtuou· ·ity, - ·in¿lc ¦r-ycr in tlc M-·}id ot tlc M-·tcr
ot tlc ·on· ot A-d-m ,, doc· not -mount to two, tlrcc, tcn or cvcn onc lundrcd ¦r-ycr·. l-tlcr,
it cx·ccd· onc tlou·-nd ¦r-ycr· in -ny otlcr ¦l-·c cx·c¦t tor -lM-·}id -lU-r--m. Sull--n-ll--l:

Uow in·rcdillc i· All--l’· t-vour, -nd v-·t i· Ui· kindnc·· -nd ¿cncro·ity. ¯o Uim lclon¿ -ll ¦r-i·c
-nd ¿r-titudc tor Ui· llc··in¿·.

I mu·t not nc¿lc·t to mcntion tl-t ·in·c All--l l-· llc··cd u· immcn·cly to lc rc·idcnt· ot ¯-yl-l
-t¯-yl-l, wc mu·t not tor¿ct tl-t tlc rc·¦on·ilility i· ¦ro¦ortion-l to tlc m-¿nitudc ot tlc
llc··in¿. }u·t -· ¦crtormin¿ ¿ood dccd· in tli· ·-n·titicd ¦l-·c l-· trcmcndou· rcw-rd witl All--l,
·ommittin¿ ·in· in it i· not likc ·ommittin¿ ·in· in otlcr ¦l-·c· wli·l do not l-vc - virtuou· qu-lity
-··o·i-tcd witl tlcm. ¯li· mc-n· tl-t ·omconc wlo di·olcy· All--l wlilc lcin¿ t-r -w-y trom tlc
·-n·titicd -rc- ,U-r-m, i· not likc tlc onc wlo di·olcy· Uim wlil·t in·idc tlc U-r-m it·clt. In
otlcr word·, ·omconc wlo ¦crtorm· torliddcn -·t· wlilc lc i· in tlc I-·t or tlc Vc·t i· not tlc
·-mc -· onc wlo ·ommit· ·in· in·idc M-kk-l -lMuk-rr-m-l or -lM-dccn-l -lMun-ww-r-l.
¯lc di··rc¦-n·y lctwccn tlc two i· indccd ¿rc-t. ¯l-t lcin¿ ·-id, -lM-dccn-l -lMun-ww-r-l
i· tlc mo·t lonour-llc -nd ·-n·titicd ·¦ot on tlc t-·c ot tlc I-rtl -ttcr M-kk-l -lMuk-rr-m-l. It
tollow· M-kk-l in virtuc -nd i· tollowcd ly -lM-·}id -lAq·--. ¯li· vcncr-llc ·ity w-· tlc
·t-rtin¿ ¦oint ot tlc Mc··-¿c, -nd trom it cm-n-tcd tlc li¿lt tl-t ·¦rc-d to -ll qu-rtcr· ot tlc I-rtl.
It w-· tlc ·cntr-l lo·-tion -nd tlc tir·t ·-¦it-l tor tlc Mu·lim· in tlc cr- ot tlc lro¦lct ,, trom tlc
timc lc mi¿r-tcd tlcrc, -nd -l·o durin¿ tlc timc ot Aloo I-kr, 'm-r, 'tlm--n, -nd ·omc ot tlc cr-
ot Alcc, m-y All--l lc ¦lc-·cd witl tlcm -ll. lo·-tcd in it -rc tlc ¿r-vc· ot tlc Mc··cn¿cr ot All--l
,,, Aloo I-kr, 'm-r, 'tlm--n, -nd - ¿rc-t numlcr ot ·om¦-nion·. }ilrccl ,, dc··cndcd
u¦on tli· ¦ic·c ot tlc I-rtl witl tlc rcvcl-tion trom tlc lc-vcn· to Mul-mm-d ,,. It i· tlc l-nd
·ont-inin¿ tlc tir·t cvcr I·l--mi· 'nivcr·ity, wlo·c mo·t out·t-ndin¿ ¿r-du-tc· wcrc Aloo I-kr
-·Siddccq, 'm-r -ll--rooq, 'tlm--n tlun¦oor-yn, -· wcll -· Alcc AlulU-·-n-yn, wlo w-·
tlc ·ou·in ot tlc lro¦lct ,,, li· ·oninl-w, -nd tlc tourtl ot tlc ri¿ltly ¿uidcd ·-li¦l·. M-y
All--l lc ¦lc-·cd witl tlcm -nd witl -ll tlc rcm-inin¿ ·om¦-nion·. ¯li· i· tlc l-nd wli·l l-·
lccn trc-d u¦on ly tlc tcct ot tlc ·rc-m ot tlc ·ro¦ -nd mo·t clitc -mon¿ m-nkind -ttcr tlc
lro¦lct·· tlc ·om¦-nion· ot tlc Mc··cn¿cr ot All--l ,,, m-y All--l lc ¦lc-·cd witl -ll ot tlcm.
¯lcrctorc, ·in·c All--l l-· t-vourcd u· to lc rc·idin¿ lcrc, it i· only ri¿lt tl-t wc ·cck to olt-in
trom it tlc ¦rovi·ion ot ri¿ltcou· dccd· wli·l will lcnctit u· -ttcr dc-tl, -nd tl-t wc rcm-in vi¿il-nt
wlil·t in it, lc·t wc ·ommit -nytlin¿ tl-t would ·-u·c tlc wr-tl ot All--l, tlc Mo·t Mi¿lty -nd

I -·k All--l, tlc Mo·t Ix-ltcd, to m-kc u· -ll -mon¿ tlo·c wlo·c t-·tin¿ -nd ·t-ndin¿ in ¦r-ycr wcrc
-··c¦tcd ly Uim, -nd tl-t Uc ¿r-nt u· in tli· tinc l-nd - rc·¦c·t-llc litc, ·ound mor-l·, -nd - ¿ood
cndin¿. I lo¦c trom Uim, m-y Uc lc Cloriticd, tl-t Uc ¿uidc tlc Mu·lim· -ll ovcr tlc world to
rcturn to tlc Iook ot tlcir lord -nd tlc Sunn-l ot Ui· Mc··cn¿cr ,,, ·o tl-t tlcy mi¿lt ·u··ccd ly
-tt-inin¿ l-¦¦inc·· in lotl tli· world -nd tlc lcrc-ttcr. Indccd, Uc i· -llUc-rin¿ -nd tlc Onc

wlo An·wcr· ¦r-ycr·. M-y All--l llc·· -nd ·cnd S-l--l -nd S-l--m u¦on Ui· ·crv-nt, Mc··cn¿cr,
Kl-lccl, -nd ·lo·cn onc trom tlc ·rc-tion – Mul-mm-d tlc ·on ot Aldull--l – -nd u¦on li·
t-mily, ·om¦-nion·, -nd -ll wlo tollow li· ¦-tl -nd -rc dirc·tcd ly li· ¿uid-n·c until tlc l-·t D-y.

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