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The Graphic Design Master Course

This course will help the students to grasp the core techniques in forming and creating: Posters Brochures Magazine and book covers Fliers Promotions any press released promotions The course contains 3 Semesters arranged and well tuned to start in the Graphic Design Field starting with getting all the skills you need to work as an expert on Most Popular Graphic Design Applications ending. Semester 1: Adobe Photoshop CS5 (20 Hours). Semester 2: Adobe Illustrator CS5 (20 Hours) Semester 3: Adobe In-Design CS5 (15 Hours) Course Duration: (50 Days Course) (More than 50 Hours) within 2 Months.

Semester 1: Adobe Photoshop CS5 Duration: 20 Hours

Module 1: Welcome to Photoshop CS5. Using of Photoshop Program Photoshop Interface Customize work space and panels How to use Help? Bridge Rollers, guides and smart guides Module 2: Basics: Color mode (RGB CMYK Grayscale) Choosing color Resolutions and Pixels Zooming and Panning Crating new Documents Saving and file Formats Module 3: Layers: understanding layers creating new layers Lock layers Merging and Flatting layers Layer Mask Adding layer stile Customize and copying layer stile Crating Clipping mask Module 4: Selections: Making selections Refining edges Quick mask mode

Module 5: Transforming and Combining Images: Cropping Transforming images Smart objects Image size Module 6: Photo Adjustments: Adjusting with levels Using Layer Mask with Adjustment layer Adjusting with Shadow / Highlight Adjusting with Curves Adjusting with Hue / Saturation Dodge, Burn, Sponge tools Module 7: Brushes and Painting tools: Brushes Panel Define Brush Preset (creating new Brush) Gradient tool Paint Bucket tool Eraser tool, Background Eraser tool and Magic Eraser tool Module 8: Shapes and Paths: Drawing and Combining Shapes Custom Shapes Using Pen tool, Path Selection tool and Direct selection tool Vector Mask Module 9: Text: Point and Paragraph text Type on a Path and Type in a Path Type Mask tool Module10: Filters: Filter Gallery Smart Filter

Semester 2: Adobe Illustrator CS5 Duration: 20 Hours

Module 1: Introduction Creating a new document page tool Aligning and Distributing Smart Guides and Rulers Module 2: Selections selection tool direct selection group selection selection lassos Module 3: Tools & shapes using pen tools rectangle tool rounded rectangle tool ellipse tool polygon tool star tool flare tool spiral tool rectangular grid tool The Brush Tool Scissor and Knife Module 4: Applying Color color introduction adobe color picker Gradients

Module 5: Layers and Grouping layers introduction organizing layers selecting layers grouping layers group selection duplicating layers sub-layers collect and flatten creating templates Module 6: Type the type tool area type tool path type vertical type tool wrap text creating outlines Module 7: Transformations scale tool scaling patterns rotation tool Module 8: Compound Path and Clipping Mask clipping masks clipping paths Module 9: Pathfinder pathfinder shape modes using pathfinders

Module 10: Appearance Working with Appearance panel Module 11: Filters filter introduction creating trim marks pen and ink Module 12: Symbols symbol introduction creating custom symbols symbol tools (sprayer symbol scruncher sizer spinner stainer screener styler shifter

Semester 3: Adobe In-Design CS5 Duration: 15 Hours

Module 1: Introduction to InDesign Using of InDesign Program InDesign Interface Customize work space and panels Creating new document Rollers, guides and smart guides Module 2: Pages Adding Pages technique Master page Pages sections & number Module 3: Modifying objects Selection Tools The appearance of objects Groups Layers Distributing Objects Modifying objects

Module 4: Transforming objects Scaling objects Rotating and Distorting objects Reflecting objects Duplicate objects Module 5: Working with images Import images Link and Embed images Image frames Module 6: Color Using colors Painting and Gradients Module 7: Text techniques The basics Linking Paragraphs Typing on paths Text wrap Spelling Find change type Character options Paragraph options Baseline grid Module 8: Styles Character styles Paragraph styles Frame styles Module 9: Save and print Documents Saving and Printing files