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including 17 overseas. CCD is the first chain to enter retail by incorporating Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Company Ltd (ABCTCL) in the year 1994. the organized café market in India is estimated to be growing at a compound annual rate of 25%. According to New Delhi-based research and consultancy firm Technopak Advisors. Café Coffee Day (CCD) and others. Thanks to the new entrants in the segment including Barista. It currently operates 683 cafés in India. fine coffee. It is taking great strides on both counts. love. India has now become one of the fastest growing coffee markets in the world. writing. Barista. around 1. Cafés are increasingly becoming more than places to just sip coffee. revolution and of course. British coffee retail chain Costa Coffee launched its . Pioneering the café concept in India in 1996 by opening its first café at Brigade Road in Bengaluru. Introduction: India has always been predominantly a tea drinking nation. plans to boost the number of stores to 300 by the end of fiscal year 2008-09. music. Offering alternative options and pleasures of coffee to millions. there are over 1. However. ABCTCL also has an ambitious growth plan of opening 1. Coffee had been only moderately popular in some southern states. A lot many things in life and work happen over a cup these days. there has been a sudden change in this trend with coffee becoming more and more popular in recent times especially among the youth. says India Retail Report 2009.500 coffee cafes in India at present. the chain is also revolutionising the coffee drinking experience in most Indian cities. a. ABCTCL today is one of Asia‟s top 500 companies and aims to be among the top three coffee retailing companies in the world.000 cafes by 2010 marking its presence across 102 Indian cities and also establishing 50 cafes in 10 foreign countries.000 have opened in the past five years. of these. Barista: Barista traces its roots back to the old coffee houses in Italy – the hotbeds of poetry. which owns 206 stores currently. Pakistan and Austria. making its presence in the world market as well as in the domestic retail arena as more and more Indians prefer the drink. Valued at around US$185 million. Costa Coffee: As part of its overseas expansion.1. Existing Market Players: : CCD: Taking pride in 130 years of coffee growing heritage.

outlet in New Delhi. Barista. Costa Coffee pose as major competition for the entry of any upcoming brand. Hyderabad followed by a store in Select Citywalkmall. However. Coffee Republic. The success of your specialty coffee business depends on many variables. iced and ice blended beverages. Two . Mocha has proved to be a niche player and has effectively carved out a place for itself. 2. proving that it takes an effective strategy to be a smart player. 2) The entry of big global brands like Starbucks. Coffee World: Coffee World is a premium specialty coffee house that offers a comprehensive range of hot. retail players like Reliance Retail and Shoppers Stop are also retailing coffee with their multi-products offering outlets like Reliance Time-Out and Desi Café respectively. Besides. It has also been expanding its business through exclusive franchisee partnership with Devyani International. the key established players like CCD. owned and operated by International Coffee & Tea. The brand is known for its premium quality products and its signature „Frappes‟–ice blended coffees. Alto Coffee and Dunkin' Donuts will address consumers who are already exposed to those chains. Key Challenges for the Brand and its Communication: 1) With more than 1500 coffee cafes in the country. LLC and has opened its first store in India in the last quarter of 2007 opening stores in Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. CBTL: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is a California-based coffee chain. 3) Transformation from product orientation to service orientation is a huge change in perspective. becoming the first international coffee chain to start operations in India in September 2005. New Delhi in March 2008. The chain is currently operational with 36 outlets and expanding aggressively to tap this potential market. That could be a threat to existing players who will have to work harder to retain customers.

your standards of customer service. With every player on expansion track. and pampered. 6) The price of roasted coffee is currently at an all-time high of US$7 to US$8 per kilogram. Much of the success of a café depends not just on the quality of the products it serves. every player will need to strictly adhere to the triad of product quality. teen-agers form 25 per cent of the customer profile while 38 per cent of them are between 20 and 24 years and another 23 per cent belong to the age group of 25-29 years. the rentto-sales ratio in India is one of the highest across their global markets. 8) With more players entering the arena. 7) Manpower is yet another challenge. will all be major factors in attracting and building a loyal clientele 4) Brands are competing to be more youthful. For most foreign players. up 60% since last year. zeroing in on the right location is crucial. Indian consumers.of the most important are product quality and customer service. fresh. Their interaction can either enhance or detract from that experience. have always put a premium on value-for-money offerings and in order to be successful. This requires trained staff. even as one strives to deliver the best international standard of cafe experience. but on the overall ambience and guest experience. appreciated. Competing against them whilst churning out a differential strategy would be very essential. You and your employees' attitudes. 5) Bru World Cafe traditionally has less focus on youth whereas they are the one which is dominating India at large with 55% of the youth being below the age of 30. With all players targeting a similar profile of consumers. however affluent. But vending coffee is not a highly skilled job and is low paying. your ability to make your customers feel comfortable. which often results in high turnover. According to researches. your interaction with the people who prepare and serve you your beverage is a significant portion of your experience. the challenges around managing costs. value-for-money pricing and customer engagement. Students and young professionals comprise around 72 per cent of the customers. Unless you are buying coffee from a vending machine. will only intensify. The mix of high rent costs and low menu prices puts tremendous pressure on the business. Some brands like CCD and Gloria Jean's have set up their own training schools. but for others it's a tough task. there is a scramble for putting together the best team. young and new to attract its target customers. Then there is the huge real estate cost. .

worked up. gossiping and having fun along with pursuing their studies. specific interest driven. sharing tendency  Young professionals (23-30)  Look for stress busters. They are in a hurry to be financially independent and self-sufficient. dating. do not mind trying out something new for the sake of change and willing to experiment. They have a tendency of multi-tasking at work. ambience. more loyal than college goers 4. They have an independent streak. adventurous. Key consumer insights: College Goers (19-22) This group is typically described as wanting to portray an image as being cool. independent streak. rebel against what does not match their ideas and are driven towards their specific zones of interest. food or money. catching up with pals. They are more recipient and sensitive towards choosing joints which suit their tastes and preferences in terms of food and ambience.3. ambience. Young professionals (23-30) They are eagerly entrenched in their job but simultaneously look for stress busters as they are worked up with hectic schedules. They are known to be more loyal than college goers and thus are a good target audience who would be assured brand loyalists. When they want to relax and put their feet up. higher tendency to spend. They have an inclination towards „Hanging out‟ and finding appropriate zones for the same. gossip. independent streak. They are adventurous by nature. they do not mind spending in a place which assures them a warm ambience and good food. They seek novelty in offerings. . Crave for novelty. They have a sharing tendency be it for clothes. They are very much into dating. Target Consumers & their key Characteristics:  College Goers (19-22)  Inclination towards Hanging out. multi tasking. They specifically take out time between classes and their busy schedules to catch up with their various groups of pals.

Each of these themes would be of interest to various groups of customers at various hours of the day depending on their mindsets. . Pictionary. Taboo and the like could be spread across each table. Each Bru World Cafe across each city would be based on any one of the below-mentioned individual themes. Scrabble. What is the first thing your customers are going to notice when they walk in the door? That‟s right. The essential theme of all cafes would be to help the customer connect with his inner self whilst he enjoys his experience there. Indoor Games . comics as well as factuals should be shelved for the book-worm who loves a book in his hand whilst sipping his brew. guitar or the keyboard would be placed within the cafes where customers having a similar interest could come as individuals or groups to create music. A variety of games such as Monopoly.An interesting collection of books with a wide genre including a good mix of classics as well as contemporaries. interests and hobbies: Music – Different music instruments such as the drums. but first impressions really do matter. It could urge any customer with a surge of creativity to plunge into the world of paints Library. the café itself. air hockey. The ambiance being the character and feel of a place should be one of its best marketing tools. This would revive the old-time culture of sitting down as a team and playing games and could be nostalgic for the favoured few. cards etc could be on offer which could b played if a customer made a minimum billing of Rs. foozeball. There are many things it can do to create an ambiance that will make a visit to Bru World Cafe a memorable experience for its customers: Themes: Not to sound too terribly clichéd. snooker. Canvas – The canvas and a few shades of paints could be for one with a penchant for colours and shades. Board games – These could be an attraction for a group of friends or a family. The do-up of the Place itself is going to be one key marketing initiative which is going to differentiate itself from the mechanised. identical layouts of competitive stores. The look and feel of the business and the brand it creates would be its signature.Pool.Bru World Cafe would have to tailor its offerings to the consumer needs. 100. and it is one of the most important reasons why the customers would choose it over its competition. Life. These would interest the youngster with a competitive edge.

The way its employees dress is also important.Menu: Bru World Cafe must first and foremost be known as a coffeehouse as it should not want to confuse people about who it is. Building a couple of levels for seating can divide spaces appropriately and render a different feel to the place. A knowledgeable and customer service-oriented staff will make its customers feel they are frequenting an establishment that stresses on quality and treating their customers according to their likings. A low ceiling area with low seating arrangement could prove to be a cosy setting for a private affair. The way customers are treated during their visit to the cafe would be a critical element of its ambiance. The menu should not be structured to portray the place as a lunch spot or a bar. don hats or be wear aprons. shorts. it means it must present its menu in such a way that it will create a coffeehouse feel even though the menu may be expansive. Instead. Bru World Cafe will be providing complete and effective customer service. Its employees and their knowledge of coffee: The following three customer service components that. Outdoor seating may be important. especially in areas that have weather that is conducive to being outdoors much of the year. when combined with quality products. The appearance of its staff is a critical part of the overall feel of the establishment.if they should be wearing black slack. will result in a successful sale:  The first impression  The person selling the product  The lasting impression When all three components are recognized and properly attended to. as is the overall knowledge its staff has about its menu and coffee. one for those who want to linger for awhile on a couch for larger seatings for huge groups or private seating for dating couples. But its mission to be known as a coffeehouse need not mean that it has to limit its menu. Seating: There should be a number of different seating scenarios: one for those who come in alone. . Their dress should be coherent with the theme of the store .

The paper cups should have its logo on them. it will likely suit its cusomers to include songs with a driving beat from cutting-edge alternative and electronic artists.Its signage & small wares : The importance of professionally designed signage cannot be underestimated. Soft halogen lighting works well to highlight certain areas of your operation and create focus. Draperies can dampen sound and add texture. From the storefront sign with its logo to menu boards. modern art. Just as most coffeehouses are putting in a free wireless network for their clients. to unique tabletop tents. they also are incorporating flat plasma televisions into their operations. fashion or music channels in the afternoon using the stereo to play appropriate soundtrack music. It is important to have some flexibility in the lighting scheme and have the ability to dim the lights during evening hours to create a different mood than the one you have during the day. Exposed pipes and air ducts can give your business an industrial feel. The type of china and even the paper cups the beverages are served in also affect the ambiance. and the choices are almost endless. countertop and retail signs. marble. The materials they use to build out their operation will be a major component of the ambiance of their coffee business. the art you choose to put on your walls will make a huge impact on overall ambiance. A hip. while an upscale cafe theme may choose a polished look for their glassware and china. renaissance art or a hodgepodge of all of them will help convey the ambiance it is trying to define. TV screens give a lot of options when it comes to creating ambiance. Its media: A great deal of time needs to be put into choosing the right music to play at various times of the day. laminate or of beautiful wood. The shape. distinctive and thematic. One can tune your television to CNN in the morning. Do their baristas pour beautiful hearts and rosettas that wow its customers. The use of wood can evoke a feeling of warmth. size and condition of its ceramic cups also define the ambiance. Local art. Countertops can be concrete. In addition to the building materials and lighting. Presentation: Presenting the lattes and cappuccinos is an art in itself. young audience. urban theme may require mismatched retro china. . each component of its signage should be professional. If your theme/branding and ambiance is geared to a very hip. Floors can range from acid-etched concrete to terrazzo to granite. or do they serve drinks plain? This affects how its customers feel about them.

could be organized fortnightly with the other customers in the cafe to encourage or boo the singers. Brand positioning and Message Platform: BRU World Café . Whether it is after class extended chats or a search for freshness after a tiring day at workplace. Every sip of coffee is complimented with an activity of your interest . cappuccino latte etc. painting and a lot more.Whatchamacallit . The right place to quench the thirst of your creative mind with the right blend of the taste of coffee will make you move on and explore something beyond the normal course. .be it books. It could create a buzz of sorts where customers would eagerly look forward to those 2 days in the month. the rich aroma and the taste of finely ground coffee beans will always keep you going. Know your Coffee would be an event where the customer would be educated about the variants of coffee such as mocha.Events : Fun filled events with minimum registration charges could be planned each month to create excitement and zest around the cafe and drive in footfall of the regular customers: Blind Dates could be a pre-planned event organized where customers could b encouraged to interact with each other. Karaoke Evenings with a good range of music. it would have something new to offer to the customer in each of its outlets in the form of a place where a simple cup of coffee can instil in you myriad experiences from across the globe. 5.oriented themes breaking the monotony of the existing coffee centric hangout joints. along with samplings of each to help distinguish one from the other. music. They would need to pre-register themselves after which each customer would get a random table number where he/she would need to go and chat up the person occupying it. it could mean a different place for each customer.

dislikes and their attitude and expectations. A clear. The final secret is to spread to word at every opportunity. spend time listening to how they talk about their lives and the way its products and services fit into their life styles. The better it understands its audience and the more affinity it has with those people. and the stronger its voice would become as a brand asset. The more it uses its brand voice. its web site. who it isn‟t) it should use its brand voice with confidence and gusto. hang-out where they hang-out. Bru World Cafe is spirited. their likes. sowing the seeds of rich and deep emotional connections with your market. edgy and surprising with an urban attitude and will speak with a completely different voice to its customers than the immediate competitors like CCD and Barista. Brand Voice: Brand voice is potentially the most under-valued and under-utilised of all brand properties. confident and unique tone of voice would assist the market to identify and tune into your messages. It is a powerful communicator of the personality of a brand – a critical factor in the establishment of truly deep emotional connections with your audience.6. its brochure. Once it understands who its market is. (and equally importantly. No-doubt some people will not click with its messages. Its suggested tagline would be – Whatchamacallit! – The differential themes would enable it to position itself in this way as the cafe would mean something different to each customer. but those for whom your brand is intended will be strongly attracted to its authenticity. the better its writing would become. This will enable the brand to speak a language which is natural and intuitive. the greater would be its potential to create a brand voice that will truly resonate. Rather than looking to its competition for inspiration. It should re-write its ads. It should run focus groups of its customers. The thing about a rich and unique brand voice is its capacity to spread the word about the brand further and wider than ever before. . it should look towards its audience.

Hobbies are something which we all love pursuing further. This would be the right place to spark an interest to the right fuel. This entire experience over a cup of coffee will help the customer rejuvenate himself in order to hit back his work with double the vivacity. There can also be discount vouchers for the competitions offered during radio shows.7. ‘Get going with BWC’: BRU World Café invites you in whichever state of mind you are in . Communication Message: Finding the real ‘you’: BRU World Café focuses on its attempt to help customers connect with their inner selves. it helps the consumer connect to his/her unexplored creative bent of mind. 8. 20 Lacs. With its various theme-based outlets involving aspects of hobbies and interests. Purchase of time slots for promotions at regular intervals. but may not be actively linked to due to our bustling lifestyles. Besides. Moreover a service sector like food and beverages outlets does not require much of television commercial to showcase. Above the Line activities: Since budget is a constraint for us in the promotions. . they would not be able to manage television presence.whether you are exhausted after a whole day‟s lectures wanting to refresh your mind or you wish to rejuvenate your worn out self after a day‟s long work or geared up to have a good conversation. So this can be a good return on investment targeting the people owning private vehicles. Radio catches people on move. This generally includes 10% of the advertisers‟ expenditures which would be around 2 lacs. there is more to just having coffee with its range of sumptuous tit-bits and activity oriented ambience. The budget in hand is Rs. Promotional Activities: The primary concern is to develop methods in order to increase footfalls. The promotional activities include both above the line and below the line strategies. Following can be the several above the line strategies:  Radio: Tie-ups with the radio channels.

it seems anyone and everyone with an interest in coffee increasingly looks to the Internet for resources and information. The overall expenditure will be about Rs. Since youths are their primary target audience. 50. Although this is targeted towards customers directly visiting the outlets. This will require some partnership with the local newspaper vendors. front and back covers of magazines. especially at the start of a new set-up helps in increasing footfalls to a great extent. on purchase of 10 cups of coffee one will be complimentary. interesting news focussing on gossip areas among youths will pull the crowd by word of mouth. To begin with they can start with printing 10000 pamphlets which would cost on an average Rs. . Supplements with newspapers: Coloured pamphlets to be distributed along with newspapers. Another 50. So keeping an in-house newspaper for every table will be a good way to attract consumers‟ retention power of a brand. Nowadays below the line activities is more visible as well as cost effective. Below the line activities will include the following channels:  Events: Sponsorship for college and school fests through different forms of printing medium viz. This will be further discussed later.  Internet promotions: Statistics says that "coffee" is one of the most frequently searched for words on the Web. 000 can be invested on this. Newspapers are mandatory in almost every household so this is probably the best above the line promotion. events play an integral role in reaching out to them. Below the Line Activities: The promotional activities will majorly be revolving around below the line activities. 5/pamphlet. This will involve considerable expenditure. Discounts. Social media is an extremely important tool for marketing of products and service nowadays. From consumers to industry professionals. revision of offers will be done in regular intervals. The suggested strategy includes buying ad spots in major coffee related websites of Indian origin.  World coffee cards: Issuance of coffee cards to customers.000. A budget of at least 5 lacs should be allocated for this purpose. banners. posters.  In-house newspaper: The cafes‟ primary target is youth (college goers and young working professionals).

So the initial expenditure should not be more than a lac or two. will be given coffee vouchers redeemable at the cafes. . The following options can also be explored which are sold by competitors like Barista. it would be foolish of to leave this medium of advertising. The sale of retail merchandise can put additional dollars if the brand is visually appealing and cool.  Gift items like candles. the users will have to run and manage a Bru World Café store. In order to increase sales this needs to be sold at a small mark-up. Best video in a month‟s time would be given a coffee hamper. in which games like store manager would run. new stores. but selling retail merchandise emblazoned with branding caters to free advertising. There would be a caption stating “Bringing the world class coffee experience to our Bru World Café stores. Café Coffee Day:  Trendy sippers  Dry fruit packs  Designer jars  Coasters The budgetary plans for merchandizing are subject to the customer response. In this sphere there would be three pronged approach:  Facebook Page: In this page there will be a landing page. Press the like button to find out more. coffee makers.  Youtube: Fans would be requested to upload their fun videos which are shot at the cafes on Youtube. Several merchandizing ideas are:  Paper to-go cups with brand logo that employees take back to an office are great advertising.” After that whole FB page would be available in which information related to the latest product launches. Even if one only makes a dollar on a T-shirt.  Coffee related items like coffee mugs and travel mugs. coffee flavours cookies etc.  Social Media: With the growing popularity of Social Media. photo frames. one can add another profit centre to business by selling retail items. on which the names of various types of coffees would be written. stickers can be used. Although merchandizing costs a little bit to produce. The users. In this game. key chains. the true value lies in the marketing bang one gets by having people promoting the product outside of the store. Merchandizing: If the logo and brand are great. on the spot bouquets etc. fan messages would be displayed. who will have the highest score in a week. In order to avoid re-printing costs.  Facebook Applications: Apps would be made for facebook.

location etc. Windows etc. services. FB games would also be relaunched on various other OSes like Android.  Mobile: Special Bluetooth zones would be created near the cafes. Twitter: The users can tweet and get various information related to products. Billboards would be put up indicating that people are entering a Coffee Bluetooth zone and switching on their Bluetooth. they would receive latest offers. . BB OS. iOS.

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