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Awakening from Suffering - Dr. Jeanine ....................................................... 6 - 7

The Shamanic Psycho Spiritual Process (Part 2) - Linda Star Wolf .............. 12 - 13
Huna Prosperity: Flexibility with Thoughts - Dr. Matthew B. James ............ 14 - 15
How to Stop Absorbing the Energy of Others – Judith Orloff MD ................ 23 - 25


Poems and Photos from Days and Nights in Summerville – G.L. Giles ........ 16 - 18
Poetry and Art - J. Slattum .............................................................................. 20

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Awakening from Suffering
By Dr. Jeanine

The Three Refuges: Buddha, Dharma and Sangha by: Lauren Brownell

I’ve heard it said that while not everyone is a Buddhist, everyone is a Buddha awaiting awakening.

When we embrace our Buddha nature we are free of the imagined self. The imagined self is the self that we
think we are. However, the Buddha nature is not male or female, rich or poor, suffering or happy. Our Buddha
nature is free of contradiction. As human beings who seek to awaken our Buddha nature, we learn to be in the
world but not of the world.

I believe it is true that most of us are running around with our own stories and dramas and largely caught up
in our particular brand of suffering. To awaken is to transcend the attachment to our suffering and to liberate
ourselves. While most of us understand and maybe even embrace this perspective, it can often feel like a chal-
lenging reality to actualize.

A few evenings ago I found myself telling my boys a bedtime story about Siddhartha Gautama. Siddhartha was
a wealthy prince who was sheltered by his father the king from seeing any kind of suffering. He was kept away
from sickness, poverty, death, and old age. It wasn’t until Siddhartha was a young man that he finally saw life as
it really was behind the palace walls.

“Can you imagine what an unhappy surprise that would have been?” I asked my little boys.

After this terrible shock, Siddhartha set out to overcome suffering for all, but he wasn’t at all sure how to go
about it. After living a life of indulgence and privilege he thought maybe a life of deprivation, the life of an as-
cetic, was the answer. But that didn’t seem to work either; that path left him hungry and weak. Siddhartha then
thought maybe the middle way might be the way.
Siddhartha then sat under the Bodhi Tree for 49 days and finally reached enlightenment. In other words, he
woke up to the truth. He recognized that through understanding and moving beyond ignorance we might all be
free. The understanding he arrived at is called The Four Noble Truths*. Basically, it has to do with not getting
so attached to ideas and the ways things should be and trusting.

“Is this why we shouldn’t disturb you so much when you are meditating mommy?” my boys asked.

“Yes” I said. “Mommy is trying to wake up, too.”

*(Wikipedia) The Four Noble Truths:

1) The Truth of Suffering relates to the failure to recognize the

eternity of the Buddha;
2) The Truth of the Cause of Suffering concerns the perversion and
distortion of the True Dharma (i.e. wrongly insisting that the Bud-
dha and Dharma are impermanent);
3) The Truth of the Cessation of Suffering relates to the correct
meditative cultivation of the tathagatagarbha (indwelling Buddha
Nature in all beings) and not erroneously viewing it as non-Self
and empty; cessation of suffering also arises with the elimination
of inner defilements, when one can then enter into the Buddhic Es-
sence within oneself: "When the afflictions have been eradicated,
then one will perceive entry into the tath_gata-garbha";
4) The Truth of the Path to the Cessation of Suffering entails
envisioning the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha as eternal, unshak-
able and indestructible. (Mahayana Mahaparinirvana Sutra, tr. by
Kosho Yamamoto, ed. by Dr. Tony Page, Nirvana Publications,
London, 1999-2000)

Jeanine Austin, Ph.D.

Doctor of Life Coaching
~Simply Divine Solutions~
Personal, Professional & Spiritual Coaching for Women Worldwide
Women Transitioning, Transforming and Transcending Around the World
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Ezine Expert Author
E-course for Men and Women: Dr. Jeanine is the creator of
"The Alma Answers! 21 Sacred Soul Steps to Divine Solutions"
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Cosmic Art - Jan Landers

Dragonflies for Josie


Heart Lights

I love life. I love the earth. I love color and I see art everywhere. I am blessed to live in
the beautiful Colorado Rockies where Mother Nature inspires me daily. My art expresses
my spirit and is meant to uplift and inspire you.

Jan Landers

Nature Spirits by: Aloramyst

“Witch, Witch, she’s a Witch,” they shout with their pointing fingers. I think just about every practicing witch
chuckles when hearing this chant. As shudders run down their spine and visions pass through the mind of the
burning times returning. The modern woman has much to explain in taking the title of “Witch.” Strangers look-
ing at her with curiosity and at the pentacle she wears. For some its fear that strikes their hearts, as they have
visions of the movie versions of the craft and other dark images.

Thunder Bay artist “Aloramyst” defines herself as a witch, who designs her artwork with a pagan theme. She
calls these works of art, “Soul Expressions.” Her artwork and designs come from a various mixture of medi-
ums. She uses digital photography as well as sketches, some painting and digital enhancements through various
software programs. This provides her artwork with various textures and themes that have a painter like quality
to them. You will also find expressions and designs of various animals that are fiery in nature, and the pentacle,
which can be found on some of her artwork expressing her spiritual path, “witchcraft.”
Aloramyst is a creative artist, with her newest collection called “Nature Spirits” that are just beginning to en-
chant the world. Within each of the four elements are nature spirits that are the spiritual essence of that element.
They are made up of etheric substance that is unique and specific to their particular element. They are living
entities oftentimes resembling humans in shape but inhabiting a world of their own. They have the power to
change their size and appearance almost at will. They cannot, however, change elements. Aloramyst has man-
aged to capture that essence and is sharing it. Be sure to check out her website for a gallery of artwork and much

Will you be “Bewitched” by her creative art?
Shamanism for a New Age

The Shamanic Psycho Spiritual Process

Part 2 (Continued from the Summer 2008 issue of MetaCreative Magazine)
by Linda Star Wolf

The Creator gave us this precious life to explore what it means to be a real human being while
manifesting our sacred purpose on earth - remembering we come from the cosmos and are visitors
on this planet for only a little while.

I believe that the main purpose for being on this planet is to learn and cultivate within ourselves,
and support within others, the soul qualities learned from life’s lessons. These are the lessons of
love, forgiveness, healing, compassion and embodying divinity while manifesting the idea of con-
scious co-creation. There are models for shamanic awareness in the myths, legends and religions
of the cultures of the world - Innana, Quan Yin, Shakti/Shiva, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Merlin,
Queatzcoatal, Green Tara, Isis, Osiris, Demeter, Pluto, Persephone, to name just a few. This aware-
ness is found also in the many human spiritual leaders who have graced our presence such as Jesus,
Buddha, Mohammed, Chief Seattle, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King. These spiritual and
shamanic leaders still inspire us today.

I honor the traditional way and all these practices have to teach us, while recognizing that we all
have a “Shaman Within.” We all have a wise inner self that is directly connected to our own Higher
Power, spiritual guides and allies. By studying the traditions of old and opening to the cosmic vi-
brations of future wisdom we can arrive more fully integrated into the present timeless moment of
the external now.

To embody shamanic consciousness in our everyday living is the goal of all shamans - to appreci-
ate and learn from the elders, the children, from animals and all of nature. We look to the heavens
and great star nations, and we also look deeply into our own soul’s wisdom to access all we have
learned from our journey through time and space. We are the star children learning how to live
on earth. The longing many of us have felt for the mother ship to come and take us home is really
an ancient memory of our lineage and ancestry. It is similar to longing for our lost childhood, or
for those we love who have passed over. It is not really about going “back home” but rather about
“growing up.” Growing up is about standing tall - standing in truth with love. Truth equals love
- and the opposite of truth is lies which equals evil or hate. You cannot have authentic grounded
mature love without truth, for without truth there is no trust, and without trust we cannot surrender
into the arms of love. To stand in truth is the first step toward becoming trustworthy and becoming
an agent for higher love and wisdom on this planet.

Walking in shamanic awareness is not about knowing the “correct” order for calling in the direc-
tions, or the “exact” number of stone people to be placed in the medicine wheel, or the “right” way
to behave in a purification or sweat lodge - it is about learning how to heal oneself by knowing
oneself - the light, the dark, no difference - and through this awareness awakening the Inner Sha-
man. The Inner Shaman is more interested in evolving spiritual traditions forward and away from
dogma, respectfully honoring what has been and standing on these teachings as foundations, yet
continuing to dream the dream forward in an upward spiral of spiritual wisdom. The modern day
shaman blends mysticism and magic with compassion. This is the Aquarian age - it is time to revo-
lutionize and shape shift reality into higher consciousness. We are all unique and individual sparks
of the Creator moving within a spiraling network of kindred spirits and sister/fellow Aquarian Sha-
mans. We do not need to follow the letter of the so-called law, but rather to follow the spirit of the
law. We can certainly learn from our elders, from history and from tradition and the ancestors. The
ancestors teach and support us and they deserve to be honored with respect. Their teachings are not
meant to trap, suppress or hinder the spiral of conscious spiritual evolution.

I believe the rigid adherence to what has been is based on fear, not love and not truth. It originates
from a time when there was a risk that the teachings would die and the world would be adrift with-
out spiritual guidelines and support. The time has come to embrace the new, to stop looking outside
of ourselves for what can only come from within. We are not suggesting that there is not a need for
teachers or healers - this is a both/and and not an either/or. However, the time has come for each of
us to step fully into our direct connection to the One Source of all creation, and acknowledge our
true heritage. We too are divine and are the adult children of Great Mystery. When we know this
truth deep within our hearts, no matter where we find ourselves in this vast universe, then we will
know we are truly home.

Linda Star Wolf holds a Doctorate of Ministry from University of Inte-

grative Learning, a BA with honors in Human Services from St. Leo Col-
lege, and is a nationally certified Addictions Counselor. As a Shamanic
Pastoral Counselor, spiritual midwife and guide for souls in the trans-
formational process, Star Wolf has facilitated groups and worked with
individuals from every walk of life. For more than 30 years she has served
as a guide to individuals moving through the full spectrum of spiritual
initiations, including addiction, mental illness, shamanic life changes
and spiritual transformation.

For a complete bio and more information about Linda Star Wolf’s work, please visit:
*note – part 1 of The Shamanic Psycho Spiritual Process by Linda Star Wolf can be found in the Summer 2008
issue of MetaCreative Magazine

Huna Prosperity: Flexibility with Thoughts
By Dr. Matthew B. James

The news reports say we are in a recession. Some experts say it is not true, based on textbook definitions of a
recession. Some people say to invest now; others say hold on to everything you have. One report shows the
housing market in a slump; another says it is all based on negative views of the media. Who are we to believe or
listen to at this point?

My Kumu (teacher) of Huna would say, “enough already with the negative speculation, let’s take some action.”
Huna is a modern label for an older system of empowerment and flexibility for the mind/body/spirit, and grow-
ing up with my lineage of Huna, I was taught that, while there is a real world, there is also our perception of the
real world.

What does this mean? First, thinking that everything outside you is a projection of the thoughts and emotions
inside is a powerful tool in gaining control over your reality. I have taught thousands this very concept, and
some of my students have gone on to teach the masses these same thoughts. Unfortunately, it is still not fully
understood, and it needs to be to harness the mana (energy or power) we each posses.

Let’s look at this concept of the current economic times and compare it to perceptions. Are gas prices high? Is
the stock market up and down like a roller coaster? Are people unsure what to do? The answer to all could be
yes. And this is where it gets interesting.

Gas prices are high, and the stock market is up and down. This is a description of reality and not up for discus-
sion in the realm of projections. In other words, it is something that we all need to deal with and discover what
we each need to do. However, the third question above (are people unsure what to do?) has to do with percep-
tions and projections.

This is where the power of this concept comes from - in the reaction you have to your environment. This area,
how you feel or think about what is occurring, will have a direct relationship to your results.

Please allow me to simplify the idea that perception is projection first. We have all woken up in a bad mood
(e.g. angry), and on those days, do things look and sound different than the days when we wake up in a good
mood (e.g. happy)? The answer for most people I meet is yes!

So if you are afraid to do something, do your chances of achieving a result increase or decrease? They decrease
because fear is a negative emotion that can prevent us from taking action, and this is especially problematic
when it is in an area we want to improve.

Seven years ago, my fiancé (now wife and mother of my beautiful daughter) and I had no money in our savings,
no money in our checking, well over the average in credit card debt, and a desire to achieve the level of prosper-
ity that I teach people. We borrowed money against the only thing we had (a 401k) and put a 10% down pay-
ment on a house against almost everyone’s advice.

People said the economy is bad; the housing market is going to crash; save your money; don’t spend it, and
many other things that sound a lot like what is going on now. I simply responded with a long term goal of finan-
cial stability. And after doing all the research and crunching the numbers, I found a house that was
perfect for us.

Even the real estate agent said don’t do it; the house is too much; it will come down, and we should wait. Well,
my gut said go, and I did. Now the house just sold for almost 3 times what we paid for it, and along the way, we
have reinvested our money and now own a bunch of houses and have financial freedom.

There will always be people that view the world as going in the “wrong” direction, and what I have seen is that
most successful and prosperous individuals have made money no matter what is going on around them.

I have been very fortunate, through my investments, to meet people who have control over more money than I
could describe, and each have a few qualities that I believe are universal for successful people.

First, successful people research the facts about a context. They learn everything they can and discover what
a great decision looks, sounds, and feels like. Next, they take that information and look at the current market
and make sure that the information is appropriate for what is occurring. Finally, they take action based on their
instincts and gut reactions because they have already done the thinking.

In Huna, I was taught that in ancient times the person that could trust the gut was considered to be more intel-
ligent than the person who could reason things out. How does that apply to now? Well, it is very simple. Take
relationships, for example. When you first get together with someone, you learn everything you can about them.
What types of food do they like; where do they like to go, and what do they like to do. Then, at some point we
begin to trust our gut and make decisions based on what we already know.

My wife likes certain things, and she does not like other things. If I am at the store and I see a wonderful gift
that I could get for her, I don’t question what she likes. I see it and know she will like it, and I get it for her.
Well, people who are financially successful take a similar approach to financial decisions.

I have read books that say successful people make decisions fast and are slow to change them (unsuccessful
people do the opposite; they make decisions very slow and are very quick to change them). To clarify, once a
successful person has gathered all the information they need (for example about the real estate market), they
make decisions very fast because they trust the instincts they have based on the information they have already

I am a firm believer in making Huna SMART™ decisions (an approach to decision making that I teach), and I
also believe that once all the information has been gathered, it is time to take action and trust the gut with the
path to achieving our goals.

Realize that we all create our reality based on our reactions to the environment. If the economy looks scary, it
will be more frightening. I agree that just changing a view does not change the economy. However, if you know
what to do, you can be successful in any economic time. And, some of the most successful people made a lot of
money during “bad” times, so if it is possible for them, it must be possible for anyone.

About the Author:

Matthew B. James, MA, DCH, international trainer, lecturer, and educator, is President of American Pacific
University and the Empowerment Partnership. His work is dedicated to creating personal transformation by
teaching the ancient science of consciousness and energy healing, Huna, with cutting edge therapeutic
techniques. To reach Dr. James, please e-mail him at

Poems and Photos from
Days and Nights in Summerville
A book by G.L. Giles

A Single Couple

Bending shadows
On a wall
Engaged in combat-
Love. They almost look
Like they’re having fun
When really feeling none.

Fine gossamer curtains

Fill like dragons’ wings
With the stagnant air
From Plato’s Cave blowing~~~

Together most times in their life

Looking good from the outside
The Mother’s Regions
While only numbness in.
Lovely Gaia cried today
As her kneecaps buckled in pain.
The rest of her Massive Body placed all the
On the Bent Cartilage of the fair Dame.
So, her Southern Grids folded in shame,
Their Latitudes & Longitudes must be unwor-
thy, lame
Compared to the Mother’s Other
Geographical Locations with different locu-

However, could it be that Terra Mater, Gaea,

Disowned a part of Herself, part of her Nation?
No way...Gaia laughed, as she treated her in-
jured Knees
With care, cotton-bandaged, she slowly stood
saying, “WE
Are all ONE
Transformation’s begun...
Let all areas of Me
Come together and see

How love and true acceptance

Allow Green Ways and Perspectives~~~
G.L. Giles has written four books to date: The Vampire Vignettes (2004), V2:B4 (The Vampire Vignettes Pre-
quel) (2005), V3: The Vampire Vignettes ReVamped (2007) and Days and Nights in Summerville (2008). She
has a column called “The G.L. Giles Files” at Psychic Times where she reviews mostly new releases, and she’s
also an interviewer and regular contributor to MetaCreative Magazine and the Pagan Space newsletter. Giles is
currently hard at work her new book, The Vampyre Vignettes .

Upcoming Book Signings with G.L. Giles:

1) Waldenbooks, 120 Market St., Charleston, S.C., 843-

853-1736, from 6-9 PM on Friday, October 3, 2008

2) Waldenbooks, Columbiana Mall, 100 Columbiana

Circle, Columbia, S.C., from 1-4 PM on Saturday, Oc-
tober 4, 2008 (with author Laura Stamps_)

3) Barnes & Noble, Northwoods Marketplace, 7620

Rivers Avenue, North Charleston, S.C., 843-572-2322,
from 1-4 PM on Saturday, October 18, 2008

4) Barnes & Noble, Northwoods Marketplace, 7620

Rivers Avenue, North Charleston, S.C., 843-572-2322,
from 1-4 PM on Saturday, October 25, 2008

5) Waldenbooks, Columbiana Mall, 100 Columbiana

Circle, Columbia, S.C., from 5-9 PM on Friday, No-
vember 7, 2008

6) Waldenbooks, Broad & Bultman Streets, Sumter,

S.C., from 1-4 PM on Saturday, November 8, 2008

7) Waldenbooks, Columbia Place Mall, 324 Columbia

Mall Drive, Columbia, South Carolina, 803-788-6963,
from 5-9 PM on Friday, November 21, 2008

8) Waldenbooks, 14045 Abercorn Street, Savannah,

Georgia, 912-927-1408, from 1-5 PM on Saturday,
November 22, 2008

9) Waldenbooks, 5901 University Mall, Huntsville, AL,

256-830-0168, from 2-6 PM on Saturday, November
29, 200810) Waldenbooks, 900 Commons Drive, Do-
than, Alabama, 334-792-4554, from 1-4 PM on Sunday,
November 30, 2008

11) Waldenbooks, Columbia Place Mall, 324 Columbia

Mall Drive, Columbia, S.C., 803-788-6963, from 5-9
PM on Friday, December 5, 2008

12) Waldenbooks, from 1-4 PM on Saturday, December

6, 2008 at Broad & Bultman in Sumter, SC
Visit GL Giles on the web:

My art is born from silence.

It’s an intimate and timeless
dialogue with myself, tak-
ing the observers through
a journey of self-reflection,
revealing the unknowns hiding
inside every one of us toward
the light.


Vanesa Martinelli was born in Argentina. She studied in different studios since she was 4 years old. She got a
Fine Art degree from the Cordoba Fine Art University. She traveled to Europe and studied the Masters at El
Prado Museum in Madrid while she was exhibiting in Barcelona.

This versatile artist works with several techniques such as oil, mixed media, drawing, silk and ceramic. Also
designs sets for theater plays and paints murals. She teaches art at the Molaa, Museum of Latin American Art
in Long Beach California. She's participated in many solo and group exhibitions in Argentina, Europe and
United States.

Poetry and Art by J. Slattum
Within Your Mind


Melt into one another and one to the other
Frozen whole and shattered,
Sewn into the soil,
Earthborn, grows a ladder.


Steps high, through a hole in the sky
Enter this world- what do you see?
Perhaps another Life, a Plane,
Or a time in a History?


Man without care returns the stare,
Looking back at you, as you ponder,
As you morph, evolve, run...
As you wander.

Visions Of Visions

Not places but versions of our world,

twisting and turning, flying and learning...
These snippets, all in your mind, doorways
and portals to another find...
A lucid validity in another land, tiny life on
a grain of sand,
Sliding through fingers of a clocks hand.
Decisions and Decisions.
Visions of Visions...
...This is what I see.

-J. Slattum
Interactive Art Sets - Scott Ashe

quartz rocks, but locates other exquisite rocks from re-

mote areas all over the world like the Australian Rainfor-
est and Brazil, as well as from here in the United States
from states like Wyoming and Arizona.


Scott Ashe moved from his hometown of Buffalo,

New York to Laguna Beach, California in 2006.
On a construction site in Laguna where Scott was
doing custom concrete work is where he first saw
sparkling quartz. It was lodged in the hillside
that was being torn away for the construction. He
couldn't leave the quartz rocks there to be thrown Chameleon

"I couldn't take my eyes off of it. I kept putting it

in my pockets and my toolbox every time I found Scott cuts the rocks dry, hand-sands them and doesn’t
a cool-looking chunk." polish them, which is unique. He passionately explains “I
like to leave the rocks in their natural state.” He finishes
He cleaned them and took them home. He couldn't them with a special clear-coat process and carves his
leave them alone - he wanted to do something initials “SA” into each piece.
with them.
Scott’s larger pieces are available as individual sculp-
"I tried to carve something - anything into the tures, but most of Scott’s rocks are grouped in sets as
quartz with a Dremel diamond cutter but the interactive art pieces.
wheel wouldn't budge the hard surface," Scott
recalls, "I burned the wheel up in under five min- “My interactive art sets make great conversation pieces.
utes." You can feel the energy, when you hold them in your
Scott then tried a four-inch grinder. "As soon
as the blade hit the crystal, my mind just totally
kicked-in and took over. I just started making all
kinds of crazy cuts in the rocks!"
Scott Ashe
Scott's rocks have evolved into incredibly beauti-
ful zen-like works of art. He now not only carves
Cartoons by Cartwright – Steve Cartwright
It’s well known that an artist be-
comes more popular by dying, so
I’m typing this with one hand while
pummeling my head with a frozen
mackerel with the other. I’ve done
art for several magazines, news-
papers, websites, commercial and
governmental clients, books, and
scribbling - but mostly drooling - on
tavern napkins. I also create art
pro bono for several animal rescue
groups. I was awarded the 2004
James Award for my cover art for
Champagne Shivers. I recently il-
lustrated the Cimarron Review and
Stories for Children covers. Take
a gander ( or a goose ) at my online
gallery, Cartoons by Cartwright:


How To Stop Absorbing The Energy of Others
by Judith Orloff MD

Adapted from “Positive Energy” (Three Rivers Press, 2005)

Growing up, my girlfriends couldn’t wait to hit the shopping malls and go to parties, the bigger
the better--but I didn’t share their excitement. I always felt overwhelmed, exhausted around large
groups of people, though I was clueless why. “What’s the matter with you?” friends would say,
shooting me the weirdest looks. All I knew was that crowded places and I just didn’t mix. I’d go
there feeling just fine but leave nervous, depressed, or with some horrible new ache or pain. Unsus-
pectingly, I was a gigantic sponge, absorbing the energy of people around me.

Thank goodness, as my intuition matured, I had a life-changing revelation. From conversations with
other healers and from working with patients I realized I was experiencing intuitive empathy: the
ability to sense what’s going on in others both emotionally and physically as if it were happening
to me. Amazing at times, but also challenging. Let me explain the dynamics of empathy: the more
people per square foot, the more our energy fields intersect--thus the tendency to become overload-
ed in high-density areas. This aspect of intuition is the most neglected and misunderstood.

I’m not referring to ordinary empathy--for instance, when you sympathize with a friend whose fi-
ancée left her, or share your brother’s joy on the birth of his first child. Intuitive empathy goes way
beyond. It’s the capacity to energetically merge with someone else and, for the moment, see life
(positive and negative) through their eyes, sense the world through their feelings. If this describes
you, it may be impossible to distinguish these sensations from your own, throwing you off center.

I know. I’ve been there. That my intuitive empathy has become a gift is mind-blowing--and a tre-
mendous relief. Many of us never get to the good part of empathy because we’re not shown how.
What ails us even eludes our doctors. We go in for care, but it’s like the blind leading the blind.
No one knows what’s going on. Empaths, unintentionally, can make even a good doctor’s life hell.
They manifest such a barrage of “unexplained” treatment-resistant symptoms, that frustrated physi-
cians write them off as hypochondriacs. Empaths are notoriously misdiagnosed. Patient after pa-
tient has come to me labeled “agoraphobic” or with “panic disorder,” having received only minor
respite from traditional treatments: valium and behavior therapy. Some were nearly house-bound.
They’d all say, “I dread being in crowded places where I can’t make a quick escape. Forget depart-
ment stores, busy streets, elevators, tunnels. I avoid them like the plague.” It sounded very familiar.
So I decided to take a history of how these people processed subtle energy in the world, something
all healers must be trained to assess. Voila! I found many were undiagnosed empaths. For me, this
changed everything. My job then became teaching my patients to center themselves and deal with
the day-to-day nuances of energy more productively.

In my workshops I always inquire, “How many of you have intuitive empathy?” It’s astounding.
Hands shoot up from at least a quarter of the room. Of those people, nearly everyone concurs, “I
had no idea how to describe my feelings, let alone cope with them.” Then they’d dangerously con-
clude, “I thought something was wrong with me for being ‘overly sensitive’.” I want to dispel such
a myth, illustrate how you can positively utilize this form of intuition in daily life. From telephone
calls, letters, and feedback I receive during my workshops from New York to Omaha, I’ve seen how
widespread empathy is. How do you know if you have it? What are the signs to look for?

Dr. Judith Orloff cont .

How do you constructively deal with intuitive empathy? What practical methods can you employ to
avoid becoming overamped or depleted? I’m going to present some strategies I use. Try them. See
which appeal. One is not more preferable than another. Most important is if your choice works.

Walk away. Let’s say you’re chatting with a man you’ve just met at a conference and your energy
starts bottoming out. Here’s how to tell if you’re being zapped: Don’t hesitate to politely excuse
yourself; move at least twenty feet from him (outside the range of his energy field). If you receive
immediate relief, there’s your answer. Most people are oblivious to how their energy impacts oth-
ers. Even energy vampires--people who feed off your energy to compensate for a lack of their own-
-aren’t generally intending to sap you yet still they do. Obnoxious or meek, vampires come in all
forms. Watch out for them. For years, reluctant to hurt anyone’s feelings, I needlessly endured these
types of situations and suffered. How many of us are so loathe to appear rude that a raving maniac
can be right in our face, and still we don’t budge for fear of offending? Whenever possible--if your
well-being feels at risk with an individual or group--give yourself permission to make a tactful and
swift exit. In a spot, physically removing yourself is a sure quick solution.

Shield yourself. A handy form of protection many people use, including healers with trying pa-
tients, involves visualizing an envelope of white light (or any color you feel imparts power) around
your entire body. Think of it as a shield that blocks out negativity or physical discomfort but al-
lows what’s positive to filter in. For instance, your sister is on the rampage. She’s about to blow
up; you don’t want her anger to shatter you. Now--take a deep breath, center yourself, engage your
shield. Literally picture it forming a fail-safe barrier around you which deactivates anger. It simply
can’t get to you. Shielding is a deliberately defensive technique aimed at guarding your feelings,
not repressing them. It works by establishing a perimeter of protection around you that functionally
doesn’t permit harm in.

Practice vulnerability. One tenet of my spiritual practice is to remain as vulnerable as I can to ev-
erything; not to shield, the antithesis of defense. Some people prefer my strategy, some don’t. Use
it if it succeeds for you. Here’s the premise (not madness) behind this: if we solidify our bond to
our inner self, we’ll become centered enough not to need to defend at all. Thus, the best protection
turns out to be no protection--a stance that initially alarmed me. It didn’t seem possible I could do
hands-on energy work with someone who had cancer or depression, for example, without absorbing
their symptoms myself. But it was. What could be more liberating than to find I could hold my own
and still remain open! Too often we’re taught to equate vulnerability with weakness. Not so. I like
being vulnerable and also strong. This disarms people. To me, the appeal of such an approach is that
it’s a non-fear-based way of living in the world. It requires that, increasingly, you harmonize with
whatever you confront, let it flow through you, then recenter again, stabilized by your own resil-
ience. Pace yourself. A vulnerable posture will feel safer the stronger you get. It is a choice and a
life-long practice.

Meditate. To cement your inner bond and hold your center in any situation, I recommend a daily
practice of meditation where you focus on the spirit within. Doing so gets you into the habit of con-
necting with yourself. Start with a few minutes, then gradually increase the duration. The technique
is simple: follow your breath and explore the silence. It is not void or empty; that’s the mystery. As
thoughts come, and they will, continue to refocus on your breath. Every inhalation. Every exhala-
tion. The spaces between thoughts are where your spirit waits to be discovered. There is something
real in there worth finding. My spirit feels like a core of head-to-toe warmth vertically aligned
though the center of my body. Imbued in the warmth itself is an intelligence and intuitive respon-
siveness to my rhythms and questions. It speaks only truth, which resonates like a chiming in every
cell. Silently become acquainted with your spirit. You can return to it to reinforce who you really
are--not just the self you present to the world, but that part of you that is timeless. Make room to
pursue it.

Judith Orloff MD is a psychiatrist, a practicing intuitive, and author of Positive Energy: Ten Ex-
traordinary Prescriptions for Transforming Fatigue, Stress, and Fear Into Vibrance, Strength, and
Love (Harmony Books.) Her new book Emotional Freedom will be released March, 2009. She is
also author of the bestsellers Guide to Intuitive Healing and Second Sight. She’s an assistant clini-
cal professor of psychiatry at UCLA, has a private practice in Los Angeles, and is an international
workshop leader on the interrelationship of medicine, intuition, and spirituality. Her work has been
featured on CNN, PBS, A@E and NPR.

Dr. Orloff ’s website is

*The corresponding video to this article can be viewed at:


Seashells and Ice Cream

Peter Lewis is a paper collage artist based in Dunedin, New Zealand. He has been mutating, mutilating and
reconfiguring popular culture and its images since 1990. Deftly slicing with his scalpel, he seeks to shock the
viewer’s eye out of its complacency with surreal juxtaposition and silly humour. His influences and inspirations
include Winston Smith, Max Ernst, Mark Ryden and Robert Williams. He intentionally uses nostalgic images
and pictures taken from old children’s books, not only because they appeal to his keen sense of personal nostal-
gia and revisiting the obsessions of his childhood (robots, monsters, rocketships, dinosaurs), but also because
the visual language of childhood evokes mem-
ories of a time when magic was everywhere
and you either hadn’t heard of the ‘accepted
view of the world’ with all its rules and limita-
tions, or you were unwilling to accept it and
preferred to make up your own, seeing mys-
tery and intrigue everywhere.

The magic still exists, you just have to learn to

turn the filters off, to really open your eyes and
absorb the beauty of everything around you.

In addition to his bright, psychedelic
colour work, Peter also creates col-
lages using reprinted Victorian engrav-
ings. He finds this source material very
exciting to work with as the uniformity
of the original style and printing tech-
niques mean that his collages are virtu-
ally seamless, allowing him to fool the
viewer’s eye and make the impossible
appear possible; the unreal seem real. He
also feels that the often-formal subject
matter of the engravings lends itself very
well to Surrealism and satire.

Peter’s work has been featured on CD

covers in New Zealand and the US, in
San Francisco art magazine Churn, and
recently in New York art and fashion
magazine Fifth Avenue. He has exhib-
ited pieces throughout New Zealand, in
Germany, and briefly and unauthorised-
edly at the Museum Of Modern Art in
New York.

After many years of working exclusively

on paper, he has recently begun collag-
ing directly onto canvas, using mixed
media colour wash backgrounds.

The Lady Of The Lake

Visit Peter’s online gallery at

to see many more pieces.

Cleopatra’s Minions
JEWELRY by Pamela Kritner


Many of my pieces have pendants, beads and

ornamentals older than my son (age 27) from
all over the U.S. I make hair sticks, magnetic
and healing jewelry as well as Sun and Dream
Catchers. We’ve recently aquired some lapi-
dary equipment and I will have stones from
the Wyoming area included as well as some
stained glass work incorporating stones into
the piece.

I have been making jewelry all my life. I learned

enamaling and silver work in high school, lapi-
dary at an old shop in Douglas, New Mexico
and Lost Was Casting in Colorado. I worked
for a jewelry repair shop for a while and did
all of the engraving in the Annapolis, Balti-
more area. I then worked in a custom jewelry
shop in Annapolis where I honed my skills in
lost wax casting.

My work can be found in Cody, Sheridan and

a little shop back east in Vermont...
MetaCreative Magazine Presents

A Conversation with Jinxi Boo

Interview by: Mystikka

The Cupcake Continuum was featured in the July/August 2007 issue of MetaCreative Magazine. Since we
last checked in with you, how has this project developed?

Well, the Continuum continues to reach more and more people and I have been SO LUCKY to continue to col-
lect amazing & creative cupcakes. Thanks to the internet and my endless handing out of postcards and business
cards in pursuit of making sure everyone makes their own cupcake, the response and participation has been
incredible. I am still collecting them and probably will continue to do so for another year or so. At first, I wanted
to collect them, begin the mural and present it right away ... but I have realized over time that you really can’t
rush a good thing. There are so many people that might be left out if we “wrap it up” already and I just want the
message to continue for a longer amount of time. Many people have worried about time constraints and that if
they don’t finish theirs immediately, that it might be left out of the project.... and we can’t have that! I want ev-
eryone that feels inspired to have the time and opportunity to participate. So we are collecting at a slower pace,
but still have the same goal. I have also been approached with the idea of turning it into a book to showcase the
cupcakes, so that might be something to work towards in the future as well.

What other creative project(s) have you been working on?

Well, I recently finished writing my first book, a collaboration with Mike DeVries called “Let’s Be Realistic:
Advanced Tattooing Techniques & Gallery.” It was a challenging and fun project that took close to a year to
complete, with the writing, editing, re-editing, proofreading and printing. We are thrilled with the way it turned
out and hope that everyone who buys it really enjoys the book, as it was truly a labor of love. If you are inter-
ested in reading more about it or buying a copy, visit

Please tell us a little bit about your entrepreneurial endeavors and your secret to running a successful inter-
net business?

Well, I have an interesting story regarding the way it all came about - LOL!

I have a Bachelors degree in Psychology, so I definitely never thought I would be doing this for a living... but
back in 1997, Steve was in his last year of Law School and our kids were little (Brynn was 2 and the twin boys
were just babies). I had been working part-time as a proofreader for a court reporting agency, so it was some-
thing I could do at home and it was working out well, but Steve was studying for the Bar exam and trying to
work full-time, so I needed something else to help so he could dedicate more time to studying and we could pull
in more money to start paying of Law School loans and all that wonderful stuff...

anywhooo... I was BUYING on eBay (mind you, eBay was quite new at the time and super small - but less
competition, so the profit margin was huge)... anyways, I thought, geez... all of these things I am buying - I have
similar items, I should give it a try.
Well, I did... and long-story short, by the time Steve graduated from Law School, I was SO busy that I needed
his help running everything. So... for the next 10 years we did it full-time together and he was also a real estate
agent part-time (never did practice law - after all those years of school - LOL - but crazy enough, we made more
money doing this than he ever could have as an attorney). Steve is currently working full-time for a pool supply
company, so a lot of what we previously shared in terms of the workload, I now do alone... but he still plays a
significant role with the shipping aspect of the biz.

In the early years, we would hit antique/toy conventions & stores, etc. on the weekends with the strollers in toll
& then come home and list them on eBay. But as the years went on and the competition grew on the site, I had
to find my own niches and slowly, but surely, acquired really great contacts and distributors to buy my stuff
from - so that I didn’t ever have to leave the office to buy the products - I just had them shipped to me and re-
sold them online.

I currently sell approximately 2,000-2,300 items every month - so it keeps me SUPER BUSY!! And the key for
I pack everything right here. Our formal living room in the house is the “office” - so I have the packing table
and everything organized right here (I prefer that rather than being a room, as the kids always need something,
you know?)... and then Steve helps me with all of the shipping with the Post Office runs and will post every-
thing at night and take packages on his way to work every morning.

It’s pretty awesome, because I love being my own boss... and of course, I can look however I want, which is a
big plus!! And BEST of all... ever since the kids were little, I have been home with them and nothing can beat
that!!! =)

A lot of people assume that when you work from home or work for yourself that it’s easier than a 9-5 job. But
when you really want to be successful at it, it takes a LOT of discipline and focus. I work much more than
8 hours each day - and also work on the weekends, because it seems that there is ALWAYS someone, some-
where... with a question or ready to buy a collectible. I don’t mind though... it’s an awesome trade off. It’s just
a lot more work than most people assume that it would be and it NEVER turns off. But it has really worked for
me and I keep on plugging away at it and trying to increase my inventory, increase my customer base and find
fun, cool goodies for people to add to their collections.
You have done a significant amount of work in the media including appearing on ABC’s ‘Wife Swap,’ and
have been featured in various publications. Has the media attention opened up new doorways for you and
your family, and how so?

Although “Wife Swap” was a crazy social experiment and QUITE an experience to live through, it really was
a cool opportunity to get to see how other people live. It taught me to be SO GRATEFUL for the life I live and
the people that surround me. It also brought me in touch with a LOT of people that could relate to me and my
family and I have met some amazing people and made incredible friendships from people that sought me out
after seeing the show. We were asked to do numerous interviews for magazines and websites and were featured
on the local news in LA, so it was fun to get to re-live the experience in that sense. I am also so happy that by
finding my website and also my page on myspace, that many who didn’t know about the Cupcake Continuum
project yet, were able to read about it, join and be a part!! To this day, I continue to get very kind emails from
people all over the world (as they aired our episode in many different countries) who saw the show and appreci-
ated our message and lifestyle. That really means a lot to me and I always appreciate every person that takes the
time to write.

You are a walking work of art! How did tattoos become such an integral part of your life?

Since I was born and raised in sunny Southern California, it is fitting that my first epiphany into the tattoo fasci-
nation, began at Disneyland. As a young teenager, I spiedanother Magic Kingdom visitor with a purple and pink
Cheshire Cat inked onto her shoulder blade. I thought it as the dreamiest thing I had ever seen and knew that
one day, I too would sport some colorful body art on my own skin.

Though I consistently dreamed up tattoo ideas and projects in my head for many years after that Disneyland
encounter, it wasn’t until I had already given birth to all three of my children and was about to turn thirty years
old that I finally took the plunge into beginning my tattoo collection. I headed into Animated Canvas Tattoo
Studio (now called Ground Zero Tattoo) in Riverside, California, and had a cute cherry tattooed onto my ankle
by artist, Craig Tidwell. That little piece of inked fruit was all it took for me to catch the “tattoo fever” and from
that point on, my obsession and love for the art form began. I continued to visit Craig for many years, acquiring
several pieces from him on my back, legs and stomach. He also began working on my right arm sleeve, which
consists of a colorful, cartoonish collection of underwater creatures, including: mermaids, fish, seahorses, oys-
ters, crabs, jellyfish, ocean vegetation, an underwater diver girl and herscuba diving cat, and even Spongebob

When I began my left arm sleeve, I went to my good friend, artist Nate McManus (now tattooing at Ground
Zero Tattoo) to help me design a Japanese pin-up girl style sleeve. We collaborated on finding many of the im-
ages from various Japanese adult magazines and web sites. These tattoos include many nude girls, sprinkled
with sweet, fun, girly background images; like sugary candy hearts, caramel apples, taffy, lollipops and various
kanji text sprinkled between the risque and flirtatious women.

Nate also tattooed the sides of my neck, designing an anime girl on the left side and a Maneki Neko (Japanese
lucky cat) on the right; as well as inking several fun designs on my shoulders and back, which include: a panda
bear, a pink cupcake (designed after my art project the Cupcake Continuum, which I will explain more about
below), a penguin holding a heart balloon, Bloo from Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, ChocoCat, Eric
Cartman from South Park, my kids’ names, an Alice “Malice” in Wonderland (patterned after the computer
game “American McGee’s Alice”), Indiana Jones secret decoder text, two lyric tattoos from songs by Screech-
ing Weasel and The Murmurs, two finger tattoos, an atheist atom logo, two Twiddlebugs (from Sesame Street)
and a Freethinker text tattoo, which Nate tattooed for me as a symbolic gesture after my appearance with my
family on the television show, “Wife Swap.” This Freethinker piece was important to me, because while I was
on the show, the father/husband from the family that we “swapped” with was constantly ridiculing me for being
an open-minded person that taught my children to do the same. He was a strict fundamentalist Christian who
lived by a rigid set of rules and his method of getting me to believe as he did was to try to mock the way that I
lived, so to show him that this did NOT work during my stay at his house, as soon as filming for the show
ended, I went RIGHT into the tattoo shop to have “Freethinker” added to my left shoulder so that when we
filmed for the “follow-up” of the program, I could tell him that now my open-mindedness was permanently
inked onto my skin.

My back piece is a work-in-progress and is being tattooed by Paula Higgins-Clark from Haledon, NJ. This
festive project is a montage of many Alice in Wonderland characters all set around a banner that reads “Curi-
ouser and Curiouser,” a saying that certainly does encompass me. The Alice critters include: Alice herself, the
Cheshire Cat, the White Rabbit, the Walrus & Carpenter, little oyster babies, the Dormouse and the Caterpillar.
About three years ago, I was fortunate enough to meet the amazing realism artist, Mike DeVries, at a tattoo
convention in Pomona, California. Mike hadn’t been tattooing for long at this time, but his portfolio was mind-
blowing and I immediately knew that I wanted him to tattoo my throat/chest piece. He designed a beautiful
octopus for me that fit perfectly onto this area. The project was an incredible progression to watch as it came
to life. He worked 26 hours (6 sessions) total on the octopus tattoo before giving it the final stamp of approval.
After spending time with Mike and walking away with such a beautiful piece, I knew that I wanted him to con-
tinue to tattoo me, so we next planned a portrait of Gwen Stefani for my left leg.

The Gwen portrait was fantastic as well and this gave us the idea to plan an entire leg sleeve of my favorite
female musicians. So for the last two years, DeVries has been adding his beautiful portraiture work onto my leg
project. Since that first Gwen Stefani tattoo, we have added: Cyndi Lauper, Bjork, Sinead O’Connor, Madonna,
Avril Lavigne, Meg White, and my favorite female rocker of all, my guitar-playing daughter, Brynn. In addition
to the portraits, Mike designed pink and fuschia musical notes that swirl around and between the girls. We are
almost finished with the background work on this sleeve and have just a few more sittings to go before comple-

Mike DeVries recently started tattooing my right leg sleeve as well, beginning with portraits of my twin sons,
Shea and Aidan. They will be followed next with a portrait of my husband, Steve. While tattoo collecting is one
of my favorites pastimes, my greatest love is really that of being a mom and wife. I have been married for al-
most 17 years to my best friend, Steve, and we have three amazing children (Brynn, Shea and Aidan) that totally
support and encourage my ink addiction. I plan to continue collecting tattoos until I run out of canvas.

What do you feel is the most misunderstood aspect of who you are?

So often, people who don’t know me take one glance... notice that I’m a bit “different” looking than the norm
and immediately decide that I must not be a good person. I recently had an experience at a restaurant/arcade-
type of establishment that initially would not let me in with my children because I had a head tattoo (if you are
interested, you can read more about it here:

That was definitely a good example of judging a book by its cover. It’s very odd to me that some parts of soci-
ety look down upon people that choose to decorate their skin with artwork. I am used to the stares and nods of
disapproval and I truly do know that people really just fear what they don’t understand, but it’s still quite an odd
concept to me and I hope that this type of thinking (and judging) changes over time. I hope that people learn
that there is SO MUCH more to a person than their exterior. In the long run, it really doesn’t matter at all if you
have arms covered in green & blue ink or if they are untattooed. It doesn’t matter if you have long hair down to
your ankles or have a bald head. It doesn’t matter if you pierce your ears or wear purple socks... what REALLY
matters is how you treat others, how kind you are to people, what you contribute to your family and to your
society, how you treat the environment... and I could go on and on =) I love quotes and I have two favorites that
kind of sum up what I am trying to say. The first, by ,Theodore Geisel (aka Dr. Seuss) summarizes why I look
and live the way I do... it says,


The other, by Maya Angelou, encompasses why I look past those that judge and choose to focus on being kind
to others, focusing on the good in each of us, and making sure that everyone knows that they are unique, special
and wonderful in their own way:


If you could be granted three wishes, what would they be?

Oh gosh... how fun! Ok, well... my husband and I got married in Ireland in 1991. We loved it there SO MUCH
and dream of going back someday. I think my first wish would be that we could both take a GOOD amount of
time off of work, go there again and enjoy such a beautiful country and such wonderful people!!

Next, I wish that my children follow their dreams and are truly happy in their lives. Happy with the things they
learn, happy with the people they surround themselves with, happy in their work and their families, that they
know how very much I love them & how lucky I feel to be their mom... and just live amazing lives that bring
them joy.

And third... I wish that my daughter could meet her hero, Robert Smith of The Cure (and that I could tag along
too and play the bass with Simon) - he he

What links can people visit to find your offer-

ings online?

I would LOVE if you visited my collectibles

site! You can shop at
and can browse & buy there - or click at the
top of the front page on the eBay logo to go
to the eBay listings (which include over 2,500

The Cupcake Continuum art project is at
Be your own cupcake! Join the Continuum!!!

And you can find all of these links + LOTS

more on my website:

Thanks for your support!!

Miss Harmonica Sunbeam’s
Chicken Run
Harmonica Sunbeam, The Queen of Comedy, has been delighting audiences at nightclubs, cabarets and fund-
raising events up and down the East Coast for over 10 years now. Her live appearances along with her person-
alized DVDs have gained her a cult following of all ages, races and backgrounds.

With her unique yet classic style and razor-sharp wit, she has all the necessary talents to reach her goal of
mainstream stardom. “The sky’s the limit!” Harmonica exclaims. “In the entertainment field, if people feel you
are marketable, they will use you in any capacity.”

She has been featured on several television shows (Law and Order SVU, Third Watch, Johnny Zero and 100
Center Street). Her film credits include Honey (with Jessica Alba), Uptown Girls (with Brittany Murphy) and
the Oliver Stone drama, World Trade Center.

“After Kandela, Mama wanted some hot, fresh fried chicken…”

“Hold up! These Mofo’s done messed up my damn order.”

Harmonica has also entered the world of music with three independently produced pumping club singles that
made her thousands of new and lifelong fans. These titles include “Ready to Pump,” “I’m Here To Work” and
the latest “This Is The Beat.”

Despite her busy schedule, Miss Sunbeam has still found time to assist and work with many community based
gay organizations such as POCC, GMAD, Jersey City Pride and AAOGC to name a few. Her commitment to
being a positive role model in today’s selfish world clearly speaks for itself.

“Let’s go, kids. Mama got her chicken.”

In closing, Harmonica wants to take the time out to thank all of her fans that continue to support her endeavors
both on and off the stage.

*Note: You can currently catch one of Harmonica’s shows at New York City’s ‘Escuelita’ on Sunday nights or at
Hoboken, New Jersey’s ‘The Cage’ on Tuesdays. DVDs of her performances are available for purchase on her
official website.

For more information, please visit Harmonica Sunbeam on the web:

By: Mystikka

For the first time in MetaCreative Magazine

history, I have featured my own art on the
cover of this season’s issue. The title of the
image is ‘Peace Wheel.’

If you would like to see my digital art prints

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If so, I invite you to send in an email explaining in fifty words or less, what your favorite gemstones are and
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My personal collection of minerals

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