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Computer Ethics
Keller Graduate School oI Management
IS535 Managerial Applications oI InIormation Technology
December 10, 2011

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Computer Ethics
Management InIormation Systems stated that. Ethics reIers to the principles oI right and
wrong that individuals, acting as Iree moral agents, use to make choices to guide their behaviors
(Laudon, 2010). Ethics is also a set oI moral principles that govern the behavior oI a group or
individual. So with that stated Computer Ethics is a set oI moral principles that regulate the uses
oI computers. It can also be looked at as a branch oI philosophy with actions that governs how
computing proIessionals make decisions regarding proIessional and social conduct. The term
computer ethicswas Iirst coined by Walter Manner in the mid-1970s but has only as recently as
the 1990s started being integrated into proIessional development programs in academic settings
(Computer ethics, 1999).

;er;iew of the company
Rent-A-Center is the largest rent-to-own operator in the United States. The company has
grown since 1986 when Chairman and CEO Mark Speese and two partners started Jista Rent to
Own with 16 stores. Their largest acquisition was in 1998 when 1,409 stores were purchased
Irom Thorn Americas. In 2006, another 782 stores were added through the RentWay acquisition.
RAC has been a publicly traded company since 1995, is listed on the NASDAQ market under the
symbol RCII, and is ranked as a Iortune 800 company.
Each store oIIers name-brand Iurniture, computer, electronics, appliances and accessories
Irom companies like Sony, Toshiba, Hitachi, Philips, JVC, Whirlpool, Dell, Compaq, Ashley,
Standard, Progressive and others. They give consumers an opportunity to own items they may
not normally aIIord or to temporarily use items Ior varying purposes.

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RAC gives its customers Iree same-day delivery, service on rented merchandise, lease-
ownership and early purchase options with include 90 days same as cash pricing, all with no
credit check. RAC oIIers its customers a 'Worry-Free Guarantee by matching any oI our
competitor`s prices. Additionally, iI a customer needs to return an item, they can later pick up
where they leIt oII on their payments and get the same or a comparable item back. This is known
as our liIetime reinstatement program.
Along with Rent-A-Center`s home oIIice with approximately 600 co-workers in 30
departments, other businesses which are a part oI the RAC Iamily include:
Cet It Aow! And Home Choice Located in Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota, the stores oIIer
merchandise on an installment sales basis, 90 days same as cash, Iree layaway an every item.
Service on all electronics and appliances and in most cases, same-day delivery.
Better Living, Canada RAC opened these stores in Canada in 2004, their Iirst time in the
international market.
Color1yme, Inc Colortyme is the nationwide Iranchisor oI rent-a-center stores. The
headquarters are in the same building as RAC in Plano Texas.
Rent-A-Center Financial Services In 2005, RAC expanded into the Iinancial services area.
They oIIer a variety oI Iinancial services to our customers, Irom signature loans, cash advances,
check cashing, to money transIers, money orders, pre-paid credit cards and tax services.
Rent-A-Center Corporate Leasing Provides Iurnishings Ior businesses that need short-tem
living arrangements Ior employees.
Aational Product Service Provides merchandise warranty and repair service to our stores and
third parties Irom multiple service centers located across the U.S. and in Puerto Rico.
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RAC Acceptance Working with high end, nationally recognized retailers, RAC Acceptance
helps to convert merchandise into rent-to-own agreements.
Rim1yme OIIers both sales and lease ownership oI aIter-market custom wheels and tires.

Ethics and Business Practices
RAC wishes to operate according to the highest ethical and legal standard possible.
As such, RAC has established a Code oI Business Conduct and Ethics, designed to help reduce
the risks oI unethical and illegal conduct by providing a broad overview oI basic ethical
principles that guide our conduct. Although the Code oI Conduct cannot anticipate every ethical
or legal issue that may arise, nor is it Ieasible to attempt to deIine a course oI action Ior every
situation, coworkers should apply the basic principles oI honesty, Iairness, integrity, and
compliance with the law. All coworkers are responsible Ior knowing, understanding and
adhering to the code oI conduct.

Current Issues
In my research I have Iound that with Rent-A-Center a Iew issues that, iI resolved, could
make a diIIerence. For instance, the company has out-dated equipment and is running several
diIIerent operating systems and programs. There is a system that is run by Rent-A-Center itselI.
This system houses all oI RAC employee inIormation. Employees can punch in and out Ior work
and check their beneIits. This is also where open position within the company are posted as well
as company news. Also in this system you have resource such as White pages, MapQuest, State
and Local resources and etc.
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They have another system that is out sourced to a company known as High - Touch. The
High - Touch system houses all oI the customer`s inIormation. It also houses the entire inventory
Ior the store. These systems are separate Irom each other but the High Touch system oIIers
limited mobility considering all it does and could potentially oIIer. As an employee, I have
experienced the need Ior a more interactive system and in speaking with other employees, they
agree. Two things oI importance that could help things would be:
1. Company computer can`t access the internet.
2. Employees can`t email customers inIormation regarding their account.
II the system were to be expanded upon, employees could run a more eIIicient store and have
ways to satisIy the customer`s need oI convenience.

Proposed Solution
My solution Ior these issues would be to install a SharePoint. SharePoint's multi-purpose
platIorm allows Ior managing and provisioning oI intranet portals, extranets and websites,
document management and Iile management, collaboration spaces, social networking tools,
enterprise search, business intelligence tooling, process/inIormation integration, and third-party
developed solutions. SharePoint can also be used as a web application development platIorm.
In integrating this program company wide, employees will be able to better serve the
customer. By being able to oIIer the ability to communicate with the customer through email,
and search the internet Ior business related inIormation. II a customer needs account inIormation
sent to them or calls Ior a quote, the store employee would be able to access and email the
inIormation directly to them. This is not something an employee can currently do but is a
growing need.
Computer Ethics 7

Proposed Infrastructure (Hardware and Software)
ardware Requirements
Computer and processor Server with processor speed oI 2.5 gigahertz (GHz) or higher; dual
processor, 3 GHz or higher recommended
Memory 1 gigabyte (GB) RAM; 2 GB recommended1
Hard disk 3 GB oI available hard disk
Software Requirements
A. SharePoint Server
B. SharePoint Device 150 Users Cal (Client Access License)
C. SharePoint Device 200 Users Cal (Client Access License)
D. SharePoint Enterprise CAl (Enables SharePoint to build & manage Iorms Ior capturing user
E. SharePoint Designer (SharePoint look & Ieel customization)
F. Windows Server
G. SQL Server
Implementation (support and upgrade)
SharePoint is designed to be highly scalable. It is capable oI supporting multiple organizations
on a single server. MicrosoIt provides SharePoint as a Iree product, sells premium editions with
additional integration and Iunctionality, and also provides SharePoint as a cloud computing
solution as part oI BPOS and OIIice 365.
There would be very little to no training needed. Most are Iamiliar with having access to the
internet as well as current employees is already Iamiliar with the High Touch program in place.
Computer Ethics 8

Once the inIormation is converted and the internet has been intergraded, a brieI overview will be
in order. Employees will be introduced to a new interIace and shown the improvements made.

1ime and Cost
The price to convert is seventy dollars per device. With that we can pick and choose with device
should be convert and which shouldn`t be converting. The time to get everything convert on
would be one year. This does not include the price oI any computer upgrading that maybe
needed as the installation rolls out. This would have to be dealt with as the need arises.

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