By Abigail Oakley Shelly, a quick and lovely cowl suited for anyone. Not too girly, with just enough feminine detail. Leave off the shell border and add a couple of stitches to the garter edge stitches for a more manly/unisex look.

Size: 21 ½” circumference, 9 ½” tall from the widest shell points Gauge: 5 stitches per inch Materials: o ~175 yds worsted weight (wool, wool blends, alpaca, alpaca blends, etc) I used locally grown and spun Alpaca o Size 7 10” straight needles o H/ 5mm crochet hook o Tapestry needle o Smooth scrap yarn (such as cotton) yarn for provisional cast on Gauge: 5 stitches per inch

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By Abigail Oakley Pattern Notes: Garter Rib Pattern (knit): Row 1 (WS): *k2, p2* to end, k2 Row 2 (RS): Knit Shell Border (crochet): Single Crochet into the first stitch, skip two stitches, 5 double crochet into the next stitch, *skip 2, sc1, skip 2, 5 dc in next stitch* repeat to end For additional info on the shell border please go here:

Body of the cowl: Provisionally cast on 46 stitches (a minimum of 4 more if omitting the shell border) using this method: You will begin by chaining a few stitches with your crochet hook and then crochet the stitches on to the needle. Begin working in Garter Rib Pattern starting with Row 1. If you are omitting the shell border any additional stitches you cast on will be knit at the beginning and end of the row. If you cast on 4 additional stitches then your row one will look like this: k4, *p2, k2* to end, k4. Continue in the Garter Rib Pattern until the piece is 21 ½” long, ending with Row 1. Slip the live stitches onto some scrap yarn and cut a long tail. Block the piece flat, with the ribbing stretched. Put the live stitches back on the needle. Unzip the provisional cast on and place those stitches on the needle as well. Use the Kitchener stitch to graft the two ends together. It should look continuous as your first and last row was *k2, p2* and the joining row is the knit row.
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By Abigail Oakley Border: Beginning at the seam, start the shell border with new yarn. You will be crocheting into the edge stitches; not the garter bumps but the in-between stitches (think valley as opposed to hill). Make sure to go under both of the legs of the stitch otherwise the border will have space between it and the body of the cowl. Crochet the shell border around both edges of the cowl. Break yarn and weave in all ends. Voilá, warm and tastefully toasty neck warmer!

This pattern has only been knit once, and by me! If you have any problems don’t hesitate to contact me on Ravelry (ID: beautyisntperfect) or by e-mail at e2011 © Abigail Oakley 2011 for personal use only

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