December 7, 2011 Dear Colleagues, family, friends & brothers & sisters in Christ; I hope this letter finds you & your

family happy & in good health, both physically & spiritually. I am reaching out to all of you in an effort to appeal to what we (Global Hope Ministries) is trying to accomplish. Most of you if not all of you who I am reaching out to, know that my brother Michael & I founded a ministry about 5 years ago, which we appropriately named Global Hope Ministries (GHM), please visit for more information & access to our blog. A little over 2 years ago GHM adopted a village in Nicaragua called Las Mesitas at which time GHM made a commitment to that village to build them a multipurpose building to be used as a place to worship along with a place to share fellowship, village gatherings & feeding station for the youth ages 6 -15, additionally to be used possibly as a school. We estimated the costs at approximately $40,000USD. Ideally we would like to possibly raise close to $50K to account for inflation of prices to materials as additional funds to use for the growth & improvement of our ministry. We are asking for tax deductible donations of any size to be made in a variety of ways, 1) by check & mailed to our address below, 2) through PayPal on our website, see above for web address or3) via a fundraising website called, do a search for Global Hope Ministries once you get to the site you can donate. Your donations are fully tax deductible as a charitable contribution as GHM is a legal 501©3 entity. Nicaragua is the 2nd poorest country in the Western Hemisphere & desperately needs people & organizations like ours to help them. We are proud of our accomplishments so far as a Ministry & we have so much more to do. This church will bring together about 65-70 families or maybe over 350 people together to worship together as these people are hungry & thirsty for the Lord our God. Additionally, this facility gives the children a place to receive much needed food as well as teaching in a school environment. Integrity is of utmost importance to Michael & I as individuals & is critical to the continued success of Global Hope Ministries & we feel we have let down Las Mesitas as we had anticipated this building to have been constructed by now, however who knew the economy would be the way it has been & still is?? We are making a big push to get this project complete in the next couple of months, so again we are asking for any kind of donation PLEASE! At this time of year we know that many things are begging for your time as well as your money, so perhaps you feel that now is not the time you are led to give or feel you can, trust us we understand. However we ask you to consider these options, maybe there is loose change in your car console, or possibly the spare change you have in the house or better yet you feel led to tithe a monthly amount of $5, $10 or some other amount. Whatever the denomination we believe that what one sows GOD will multiply. You would be surprised pleasantly so, just how far a little money goes in this poor country. A $25 donation would feed a family of 5 for several weeks. We would like to thank you in advance for your continued support from Michael & myself & on behalf of GHM. It’s your support & our Passion that has kept Global Hope Ministries going! Dios te Bendiga y Feliz Navidad, Craig & Michael Mazzucca P.O. BOX 471273, CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA 28247-1273 704-562-2467

P.O. BOX 471273, CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA 28247-1273 704-562-2467

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