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Stories for Transformation


Inner Journeys to Personal & Global Harmony
Volume 1, Stories 1~5  Foundations of Harmony

By Teka Luttrell

Stories for Transformation

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Stories for Transformation

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please visit the beautiful and fascinating online home of Stories for Transformation: www.soulconnection. All rights reserved. Stories 1~5  Foundations of Harmony TM & ©2005–2011 Teka Luttrell.Stories for Transformation TM Volume 1.soulconnection. ISBN 978-0-07-212575-6 • teka@soulconnection.. music. free downloads. 2011. Stories for Transformation ~ 4 ~ .net/storiesfortransformation. easy-to-read 14 point type and wide Date of this version: June 15.. and compelling presentations blending science and soul . b For more b Luxury type and page design: This paragraph is an example of the size of the print in the main content area of the book. it provides a rare and exceptionally comfortable reading experience. visionary art. Designed with large. b FREE online version of Stories for Transformation: www.html When you visit the page above touch the heart of an angel to enter the realm of Stories for Transformation. news.

Charity Parker. Dr. Ann Klein. It really was born with many blemishes and I thank everyone for sharing their unique abilities. Paul & Robin Burgert. Many thanks to Ann Klein for her fine editing of this work and all who have contributed to making Stories for Transformation possible. energies and care. And once I saw what it was able to do I let its freedom reign. Morginn. thus giving birth to their fullness of beauty. ~ Teka Luttrell Stories for Transformation ~ 5 ~ . They are intimately connected to all beautiful and noble creations that manifest through me and I thank them from the bottom of my heart. Thynn Thynn. A Once I found my heart’s orientation I was fine letting it guide this creation. inspiration and love are woven into the words and art that compose this book. I am deeply grateful to my spiritual family: Sollena K.Acknowledgments T FIRST I WAS HESITANT to start this journey of creation thinking that I was unworthy and knowing that my sincerest expressions would certainly contain hundreds of mistakes. Dr. blemishes and all. I decided to throw my concerns to the wind and bring what I was dreaming into the world. But then an unexplainable courage arose in me. Their spirits. Laurel Mellin and my ever-present counselors and guides: the benevolent souls from the Family of Light. Fern Kazlow. Dr. wisdom.

Contents 10 12 21 24 26 27 28 32 38 Introduction How the stories work Symbology & the reader’s perspective Reading Instructions Recognizable results Disclaimer Getting started Issues Targets STORIES 1~5: Foundations of Harmony 42 The Woman. 80 Tree of Life This story will help people who are bothered by obsessive thinking. 56 Child This story will help people who are their own worst enemy. Castle & Moat This story is designed to help people who feel that another person or a significant external factor is standing in their way to being healthy and happy. Stories for Transformation ~ 6 ~ . and who have “tried everything” but have not found a way out of their self-involved rut.

130 Eternal Heart Two stories. multi-dimensional reality.100 Finding My Inner Father This story helps people who have issues stemming from a very dysfunctional relationship with a parental figure. read separately. the prime importance of pets and the magical ways that the universe can use our energies to help others. The stories speak of compassion that knows no boundaries. intertwine into one. 173 Future plans for SFT 177 About the Author b Stories for Transformation ~ 7 ~ .

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By simply reading our stories.. navigate and create inner reality. This process reveals and unlocks the orchestrated fields of awareness that are native to the soul as it pulses into creation from the quantum center of the Universe . a person’s energy is influenced through the exchange of subtle energies between the holographic worlds of the stories and the vibrating heart and mind of the reader. incredibly simple. These transformational stories are designed to gently expand the reader’s internal imagery.Introduction S tories for Transformation is a collection of short stories that form a safe. This program is a unique adventure into the exciting new realms of personal mythology. often outwardly-invisible transformations are significant achievements for any individual. feelings and beliefs in highly positive and benevolent directions. They are also the necessary forerunners to providing a sheltered womb for the incubation of a grand and precious dream . Such intimate. but of humanity’s future as well. within. The simple purpose behind this project is to help the reader shift to more harmonious states of being. user-friendly tool for personal transformation. sacred positive psychology and mirror neurons. Encoded within these stories is the essence of a remarkable vision — not only of you. dear Reader. It brings forth the natural abilities of the soul to transform. a dream of wholeness so profound that it transcends our present life and this world. through your own quiet center of stillness... Stories for Transformation ~ 10 ~ ..

b Stories for Transformation ~ 11 ~ . Each story has an Issues Target (pages 32–37) that explains several issues. Please read Recognizable Results (page 26) to learn about the pace of transformations.Personal journeys to the Foundations of Harmony The stories in this project serve as energetic maps to help guide readers as they journey to new theaters of harmonic inner experience. psychologically or energetically stuck on certain issues. A story is designed to help the reader become free of the energies that its Issues Target describes. you will learn in the pages that follow — a person’s inner experience is a dynamic and powerful incubator for the experiences unfolding around them in the physical world. immersion with a story casts a wide influence over the energy and holographic make-up within the reader. as suggested in the Reading Instructions (page 25) may also assist people who are stuck in feelings and inner spaces that are only slightly related to the central issue that the story is designed to help. And. Even though each of our stories are focused on specific issues. Engaging with a story consistently for a month. The first 5 stories now available — the Foundations of Harmony series — are designed to help people who feel they are emotionally.

Not only is this true for people. If you can relate to the character and form a bond with her. you become energetically entangled with them. invisible levels of your being.B How the stories work y contemplating the main character in a story and repeatedly considering what they are going through and how they interact with their world. intelligence. you assimilate the patterns of energy that are holographically built into and being transmitted by the character. known as mirror neurons. When we read a book. activate when we observe the actions of others and when we simply read sentences describing the same action. we discussed how everything is a universe inside a universe with infinite depth. insights and wisdom that resides in the quantum field address1 that the character is energetically related to. on ultra-subtle. Through empathy and entanglement. these specialized cells respond as if we are actually doing what the book character is doing. you open a door inside yourself that allows connection to the feelings.” 2 You may remember in an essay from the Soul Connection Network website on the principles of Holographic Awareness 3. “New brain imaging from UCLA demonstrates that specialized brain cells. galaxies Stories for Transformation ~ 12 ~ .

titled “First Evidence Found of Mirror Neuron’s Role in Language. has a unique vibration and all are enfolded into the universal quantum field. 1Quantum Field Address: Everything in existence.” published Sept. The inner theater where one sees and interacts with their thoughts. 22. balanced The characters in the Stories for Transformation (SFT) are not exceptions to the holographic rule. 2 3 The Soul Connection Network website: see the two essays on holographic awareness. Hence. starting on page From an article about ground-breaking research of mirror neurons.html Stories for Transformation ~ 13 ~ . They often are not bright. harmonious beings who deeply and truly enjoy life. Who do you have within? Whose energy and holographic content are you interacting with? For many of us. both real and imagined. but also for our thoughts. at: http://www. and the holographic content associated with these addresses are continually appearing and disappearing in their thoughts. everything has its own vibrational “place” in the quantum field which is called an “address. We live in a giant super-holographic universe. 2006.and grains of sand. dreams and the characters that we have inside us. the characters that we most often have in our thoughts cannot be accurately described as healthy. memories and feelings. memories and feelings is called the Personal Inner Hologram.soulconnection.” Each address is a library of the holographic content associated with it.physorg. Many of them have problems and we are energetically entangled with them. wise. Many of the people that we see in our inner world — people in our memories and those that swirl in our feelings — have not solved the issues they are facing. Every individual is tuned-into the quantum field addresses of the things that make-up the reality of their lives. as they too are universes in universes with infinite depth.

. You. feelings. As we interact with the main characters that live in our thoughts and feelings. absorb and live with the patterns of energy that they share with us.. until now... For many people. Most people do not have heroes and guides in their inner world that are familiar with the metaphysical landscape . dear Reader. we see their faces and physical forms and we hear and feel their problems and arguments being replayed over and over again. Stories for Transformation ~ 14 ~ . or are aspects of ourselves.. we can’t help but feel. images. may not have known that such good and noble beings exist in your inner world . beings who have new stories to tell and who will show you the way to hidden paths that lead to the vast inner universe of harmony. their inner environments are dominated with a high level of chaos and are populated with beings who are arguing and fighting with one another. beings who step out of the shadows and shed new and brighter light across the realms of thoughts and memory ..How the Stories work These characters in our inner world are reflections of others. In the theater of our mind. We are struggling with certain ideas. memories and the energy associated with them.

How the Stories work

They are parts of yourself that can and should be activated, and brought to the forefront of your inner life. The SFT characters are involved in life-changing inner events and their stories end differently than the usual stories that we replay over and over again in our minds Following along with the SFT story lines and contemplating how the characters react to the environments and situations that they find themselves in, builds neural pathways within yourself to new holographic worlds for you to experience. Through the normal functioning of mirror neurons in your brain, the stories project bright inner routes to new territories of harmony that lay off the beaten track of the places you may normally be seeing and experiencing, in your inner world. Contemplating the characters over a period of time, transmits an intuitive intelligence that is part of the makeup of the character. Actually, these characters are aspects of yourself, and they exist in the inner regions that are part of who you are. By contemplating them and their stories, you activate your own inner abilities, intuition and wisdom. The activation of intuitive intelligence is subtle and invisible, and it happens in the most quiet regions of the human spirit. But its activation radiates valuable directional guidance for your energy and focus, as you embark on new journeys to the higher landscapes of your own inner cosmos. And, you’ll learn in the pages that follow that what a person

Stories for Transformation

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How the Stories work

goes through internally is the crucible of creation for what unfolds around them in the so-called “external” world. At work & play ... in the quantum field The energetic relationship between the reader and the story is rooted in physics — with the knowledge that every human being is an organized system of unseen energy that is forever living in, and vibrating with the universal quantum field. The individual and the quantum field are not separate entities but are intimately connected. In fact, the quantum field is the very essence of being and you can rightly say that we are quantum beings. The primary zone of creative interaction between the individual and the universal quantum field is a person’s collage of thoughts and the deepest feelings that one identifies with. A person’s core beliefs, the ideas about who and what one thinks she is, and the feelings that swirl around the center of her being form invisible patterns of energy that are the primary creators of personal reality. The energies, thoughts and feelings automatically and constantly interact with the quantum field ... which responds by forming custom-made personal realities for the individual to experience. The popular name for this process is called the creation of personal reality. Up until now, most of us have been taught a point of view that sees the individual as one thing and the universe “out there” as another. But it is now believed by many scientists,

Stories for Transformation

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How the Stories work

philosophers and spiritual adepts that the so-called “external universe” that an individual finds oneself surrounded by and interacting with on a personal level is intimately connected to our innermost thoughts, feelings, beliefs, chemistry and unique vibrations. They believe that an individual’s inner cosmos attracts the events, relationships, environments and situations that compose the so-called “outer universe” that is experienced. “The inner begets the outer” is an ancient observation that is ringing true in the minds of today’s most brilliant thinkers. Personal reality is created to a significant degree, from the inside-out. Many are stuck in creating the same personal reality over and over again All would be well if people were using their innermost thoughts and feelings to design happy and healthy lives. But, this is not the case throughout much of the world today as many people have created realities that are out of balance, painful, fragmented and incomplete. They seem to be in a holding pattern in which the same personal reality is being recreated over and over again. On closer inspection, people might realize that their parents, siblings and friends are creating similar realities as their own. From a quantum perspective, they are in the same resonant family and are cooperating in the creation of a group reality. But people outside of their resonant family may be

Stories for Transformation

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whole and satisfying. and you do not need to recreate them again and again. if the experiences being recreated are healthy and satisfying. beliefs. and the story is of the experiences that they create and share. of course.How the Stories work creating personal realities that are completely different . This can be a good thing.. If the experiences are not good for you. realities that can be more healthy. feelings.. Resonant families often support the continual replay and recreation of the experiences that its members have in common. then you can choose to make Stories for Transformation Stories for Transformation ~ 18 ~ 18 ~ ~ . Each resonant family has a unique story to tell .. Each group has a different collage of thoughts. The difference between the two groups is that each is holding onto different invisible energy patterns within themselves.. memories and vibrations that they identify with — resulting in the creation of widely different personal realities for each group to experience.

How the Stories work a shift in your energy.. If not.. mystical and soulful you. unified. most mysterious areas of your being. feelings. day after day. personal realities for you to experience. and are setting-up future realities for you to experience In the deepest. and providing a home for their existence in the depths of your being. Again: all is well if the stories about yourself are creating realities that are satisfying and healthy. In time. The stories about you and your life that you carry within yourself are helping to create your current personal reality . b Stories for Transformation ~ 19 ~ . meaningful. By holding onto their energy. the expanded vision of yourself — the new story of who and what you are — will help create new. memories and beliefs are woven into holographic expressions that form dreams and stories about yourself. These dreams and stories define who you are. year after year — you hold onto these holographic ideas about yourself which radiate their unique patterns of energy into the quantum field. to yourself. your personal reality is constantly being formed — in you and around you — in the here and now. then Stories for Transformation may be of gentle assistance in expanding your vision so that you may see a more harmonious. thoughts and feelings. Subconsciously — moment by moment. your energies. and create new experiences in a new personal reality.

the stories are absorbed into and change your personal stories. “Teacher: Visualization is not confined to a specific position in the body or head. The Lyricus Teaching Order Techniques of the Intuitive Intelligence.” ~ Albert Einstein ~ Stories for Transformation ~ 20 ~ .” Discourse 6. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions. deep in your inner world. Student: Who is watching outside my body ? Teacher: You are. imagery. Some of the symbolism. ideas and feelings of the stories will be adapted and absorbed into your own personal stories. Over time.How the Stories work The way that Stories for Transformation works is by slowly and effortlessly influencing your deepest patterns of energy with the harmonic energy and feelings contained in the stories. The one who views the projection can be outside of your body watching from a distance of a few meters. Simply project the pictures to the area in the center of your chest. b “Imagination is everything. It can be placed anywhere by projection. The resulting subtle changes re-configure your vibrational presence in the Universe and will assist you in the creation of more harmonious personal realities.

The instrument would not be properly focused or pointed in precisely the right direction. Castle & Moat. as you carefully adjust the dials and the direction of the scope. (pages 42~51) — to shed light on the type of symbology used in all the stories. But then. at first. you would soon zero-in on the target. Castle & Moat story is designed to help people who feel that an external person or a significant external Stories for Transformation ~ 21 ~ . everything would appear blurry. Beautiful clarity would flood into your awareness as the stars that have been there all along come into view.Symbology & the reader’s perspective I The type of symbology used in the Stories & the reader’s perspective f you were to set up a telescope in your back yard. and we use the first story — The Woman. purposes and possibilities that have been there all along come into view. point it towards a specific group of stars and then look through it. The explanation that follows appears only once in this book. May this explanation help you adjust the direction of your own inward-oriented telescope — the one that gazes across the cosmos of your thoughts and dreams — so that the deeper meanings. Shift your point of view to move to new inner areas of insight and understanding The Woman.

rather than exclusively thinking that your partner or limiting influences are external from you .” This is the specific issue that the story is designed to help. • The castle that the main character lives in represents the reader’s mind/body. we offer this SUGGESTION TO THE READER: While you are immersed in The Woman. Castle & Moat story. Therefore.Symbology & the reader’s perspective factor is standing in their way to being healthy and happy. In the center of the story’s Issues Target (page 33) it is written: “I cannot be well. is invited to see themselves as being similar to the woman in the story.. • The symbol for the reader’s partner or external limiting factor is the moat. healthy or happy because of the relationship with my partner.. you are invited to see: Main symbols in the story The Woman. In the story. Castle & Moat: • The reader who selected this as their story. the main character feels trapped by the moat — which is external to her — and Stories for Transformation ~ 22 ~ .

just as the woman resolves her issues through new. there is a very real possibility that you will follow in her tracks. And. you may feel that you are like the main character in the story. Castle & Moat story. The presence of your partner or the limiting factor holding you back that you feel internally is like the moat. • The great natural landscape that stretches out beyond the moat is symbolic for All That Is.Symbology & the reader’s perspective she perceives it as separating her from the resources she needs for her own health and well being. profound inner discoveries and realizations. b Stories for Transformation ~ 23 ~ . IN SUMMARY: As you immerse yourself in The Woman. It is her connection to All That Is and its resources that hold the key to her healing.

Stories for Transformation ~ 24 ~ .. The main idea is to immerse your heart and mind with a story for a continuous 30-day period.T Reading Instructions hese instructions are for those who will be using the stories for purposes of inner transformation . The instructions consist of two user-friendly parts: That’s it. to assist you in overcoming emotional or psychological issues that block your way to being a more harmonious. the Earth and the Universe. There’s nothing more to do. happy. integrated.. spiritually-centered being — one who feels connected to humankind.

making the story light-up and replay from start to finish. You are invited to day dream about the story and welcome its imagery. when we say “lose yourself in the story” we mean do your best to empathize with the main character . This is accomplished by deliberately scanning the story in its external form (in print or on the web). energies and feelings to freely appear and disappear in your inner world. All or parts of it can be recalled whenever you please. Losing yourself in the story In the Reading Instructions. The inner movie is holographic in nature and is stored in memory.* The Holographic Replay Technique After reading a story. . use your imagination and a light heart to see yourself as the main character. within yourself. . in all its textures. feelings and details. Stories for Transformation ~ 25 ~ . concepts. page by page and scene by scene. phrases. The word “replay” in the Reading Instructions describe a process in which you deliberately and consciously review the entire story as an inner holographic movie. Allow your focused attention to intuitively find key words and sentences in every paragraph that act as catalysts. you will see that it has been transposed into a thought-movie inside yourself.


Recognizable results

tories for Transformation are designed to work slowly. They are not made on the fast food template. They are not designed to give the reader instant recognizable results in transforming their mind, their health, their situations, or to immediately change the unfolding events in their lives. The way the stories work is similar to the way a garden grows ... it takes time to mature. The stories are designed to help you stay steady from day to day, and help to assist your inner energy patterns become more balanced and harmonious over time. Hence, the changes that you make will probably be imperceptible for days, weeks, and maybe months. The changes are happening behind the scenes in the inner world of your energy, background thoughts, deep symbolic imagery, feelings, personal stories and beliefs. Recognizable results will probably appear one day through a pleasant realization that you have become more balanced and unified than you were say, last year. When you trace back to where and how the transformation started, you might see

Stories for Transformation

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the Stories for Transformation quietly sitting near the beginning of the sequence of events that have unfolded. Disclaimer — the scope of SFT and your responsibility The entire Stories for Transformation project is offered to embrace the flow of personal spiritual growth, and to inspire new expansive thoughts, feelings, beliefs and harmonious energies to arise within readers and participants. The information and materials presented on our websites and forums, and in our books, articles, essays, emails, pdfs and works of art are educational resources only. They are not a substitute for health care and do not constitute professional psychological, spiritual or health advice. For specific questions, answers, opinions, advice and services, it is the responsibility of the reader to consult a professional.


Stories for Transformation

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Getting started

he Stories for Transformation help you determine where you are stuck ... which is your starting point. This is accomplished when you read through the stories and find one or two that you most resonate with. If you easily empathize with a main character and what she or he is going through then that story may be your story. Issues Targets

If you are reading this to assist you in overcoming an emotional or psychological issue, then you might be able to find your stories by scanning through the Issues Target graphics, pages 32–37. There is one Issues Target for every story. Each of these graphics shows a cluster of personal issues that relate to the story. When you find phrases in the graphics that resonate with you, then you can read that story to see if it rings true for you. “In resonance you will be guided” is a timeless spiritual suggestion that you are invited to use to find the stories that will be most helpful in gently moving your heart and mind to more harmonious states of well-being. You will soon see that our stories are different than the personal inner stories that are going through your mind. Each of these stories contains new and different symbols than what you may be engaging with internally ... and certainly, all

Stories for Transformation

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Stories for Transformation ~ 29 ~ . or you may draw symbols and icons that carry a special power and significance for you.our stories have new and better endings than most people’s inner stories. phrases or sentences that stimulate certain beneficial energies and ideas that may arise within you. The blank pages following each story can be used for your personal notes and drawings that relate to you and the story that you are reading. the Reading Instructions should be faithfully followed The two-part Reading Instructions are exquisitely simple and worth repeating: 1) Find your story and read it at least once. For those who are using the stories for personal transformation. The blank pages following each story are for your notes and drawings You are invited to use this book as a creative workbook. Use these pages to record the key words. replay the entire story in the theater of your heart. every-other-day for a month. Then.

and special phrases in the story to have a home in your heart and mind. It is best to simply enjoy the process. Just read your story and become involved with it for a month — period! There’s nothing difficult about it. Do not over-analyze the story with the rational part of your mind. energetic transformations. You don’t have to believe that the story is either true or a fairy tale. then we suggest that you let it happen on its own as a result of how your deepest energies are sitting in and interacting with the universal quantum field. for they are not. just relax and let the transformations come naturally. please don’t force change . Stories for Transformation ~ 30 ~ . Search for meaning. . You don’t have to try to make the story’s conclusion translate into similar situations in your own life. Welcome a good portion of your relationship with the story to remain a mystery so that your mind and energy are allowed to freely dance with its characters and in its landscapes over time. Hence. on their own and in their own time.Getting started 2) Lose yourself in the story. always evolving process that searches for understanding between you and the story. That’s it! — There’s nothing more to do. Become involved in an ongoing. If such a translation happens. characters. profound. Allow the imagery. thinking that logical foundations are necessary to produce harmonious. and understanding. inspirational energies. .

but still. the process of immersion is the most important thing. Ask yourself: “Why in the world am I attracted to this particular story?” Wonder about the relationship between the story and you. The process is mysterious and you may never find the answers that you hoped for. . . but you can’t quite put your finger on it. jump into it with both feet! With these stories. try to engage with it searching for meaning and purpose. “Why is this my story? Where is this taking me?” You may feel something is happening in your inner world . Have a light heart and enjoy the experience. Still. b Stories for Transformation ~ 31 ~ .Getting started Immersion. Understanding + a Light Heart We do suggest that you try to reach for some understanding when reading your story.

immersion with a story casts a wide influence over the energy and holographic make-up within the reader. Engaging with a story consistently for a month as suggested in the Reading Instructions may also assist people who are stuck in feelings and inner spaces that are only slightly related to the central issue that the story is designed to help. Stories for Transformation ~ 32 ~ . Each story has an Issues Target that explains several issues.Issues Targets T Issues Targets he stories are designed to help people who feel they are emotionally or psychologically stuck on certain issues. The story is designed to help the reader become free of those issues. Even though our stories are focused on specific issues.

Issues Targets

M ISSUES TARGET m ISSUES TARGET m M Woman, Castle & Moat The
Pages 46~55 The Woman, Castle & Moat, pages 42~51
This story is designed to help people with the issue seen in the center of the target below. However, it may also help people who have issues that resonate with those positioned in the gray areas of the target.

There is an important person in my life, that I feel is standing in my way, preventing me from being healthy and happy. I cannot be healthy or happy because there is no possible way out of my situation.

I cannot be healthy or happy because of my past, because of my family, because of my friends, because of my ...

I cannot be well, healthy or happy because of the relationship with my partner. S/he’s an OK person but our relationship is not satifying to me. S/he refuses to change to make things better.

There are certain limiting, external features in my life, that I feel are standing in my way to being healthy and happy.

Because I am an ordinary, average person, I am not a spiritual being and have no special abilities to change my life.

I’m not the prime-mover of my Inner World, someone else is, or no one is.

Stories for Transformation

~ 33 ~

Issues Targets


Child, pages 56~76


This story is designed to help people with the issue seen in the center of the target below. However, it may also help people who have issues that resonate with those positioned in the gray areas of the target.

It feels like a battle is being fought inside myself and I am losing. I’m afraid to have a deep spiritual connection as I may lose touch with the real world. I hate myself. I am my own worst enemy. I do not feel connected to the deepest parts of my Self or to anything of great value in life. Even material success and physical survival are feeling increasingly shallow.

I’m overly self-involved but now realize that there is more to life than my own interests.

I feel fragmented and life seems to be a jumbled-up mess. I sense that there’s “something more” but have not found it through traditional educational or spiritual methods.

Stories for Transformation

~ 34 ~

Issues Targets




Tree of Life, pages 80~98
This story is designed to help people with the issue seen in the center of the target below. However, it may also help people who have issues that resonate with those positioned in the gray areas of the target.

My life, as rich as it is, is shallow and unfulfilling. My thoughts are dominated by trivia. I know there’s more to life than this, but, I don’t want or need to go to the ends of the earth to find meaning, purpose wholeness, serenity.

I feel separate from others and the universe. Something inside myself seems to be “calling me home” to a new state of being.

My mind is driving me crazy. I suffer from obsessive thinking. I am powerless as my mind never rests ... day and night it jumps from thought to thought. There’s always an underlying pressure and stress.

I practice meditation and have a “monkey mind.” There has to be an easier way to bring calmness to the endless torrent of thoughts.

I’m on a spiritual path, but a connection to Oneness is illusive. I feel it is right under my nose, but I’m now realizing that the teachers and methods I’ve associated with have taken me to their boundaries and nothing more.

Stories for Transformation

~ 35 ~

someone else is. I am a parent who has a dysfunctional relationship with my child. Stories for Transformation ~ 36 ~ . or no one is. as an adult. Now. I am not the prime-mover of my Inner World. it may also help people who have issues that resonate with those positioned in the gray areas of the target.Issues Targets M ISSUES TARGET m Finding My Inner Father. as memories are written in stone. I see that relationship being reflected in close relationships with others. Since childhood. I have had a dysfunctional relationship with an abusive parent. However. My parents selfishly split-up the family. I have abused someone and know that I am ever-present in their thoughts and feelings. I cannot change the engergy of past events. pages 100~128 This story is designed to help people with the issue seen in the center of the target below. I was abused by my parent(s) or a primary authority figure. I had a mother or father that was intentionally missing from my life.

I sense a more profound principle and want intimate. The world is a mess and there’s nothing I can do about it. I feel disconnected from everything. it may also help people who have issues that resonate with those positioned in the gray areas of the target. I am open to discovering new ways to bring greater harmony to my inner cosmos. We are told “the world is a harsh place in which only the strong survive. Stories for Transformation ~ 37 ~ . My efforts to change it in positive ways has no effect as the problems are too big and I have no resources. all I’ve gotten in response is deafening silence. However. I am facing a problem that no human can solve. I am beginning to realize my nature as a sovereign spiritual being. and it’s a primitive way to engage with Life. first-hand experience with it. and in the past when I’ve reached out to God.” But that’s clearly not true. There is little hope for the future. There is no one to turn to. pages 130~170 This story is designed to help people with the issue seen in the center of the target below. I am all alone.Issues Targets M ISSUES TARGET m Eternal Heart.

See the Issues Target for this story on page 33. nature. Child. Tree of Life. Stories for Transformation ~ 38 ~ . . . See the Issues Target for this story on page 34. Meditators call this the “monkey mind. for animals. and for the whole universe. pages 42~51 This story is designed to help people who feel that another person or a significant external factor is standing in their way to being healthy and happy. Assimilation of this story will help the reader embrace the wholeness of life and sense their destiny. pages 80~98 This story will help people who are bothered by obsessive thinking.Stories 1~5 Foundations of Harmony The Woman. Its symbolism is also discussed in the section: Symbology and the reader’s perspective. From that base of love and acceptance springs the same for others . and who have “tried everything” but have not found a way out of their self-involved rut. Castle & Moat. pages 21~23.” Readers will be helped to form a new identity with a calm mind . The reader will be shown a unique way to accept and love themselves at the very core of their being. plants. pages 56~76 This story will help people who are their own worst enemy...

and they see the qualities and energies of that primary relationship being reflected in many relationships with other people in their lives. The stories speak of compassion. b Stories for Transformation ~ 39 ~ .. See the Issues Target for this story on page 36. See the Issues Target for this story on page 35. pages 130~170 Two stories. compassion. with intelligence.which over time makes a healing. compassionate heart flower into being. intertwine into one. read separately. multi-dimensional reality. wise.. and magical creativity. and how a transformed person (who’s symbolically the reader in the future) will be able to use his new-found inner skills as a sovereign being . Finding My Inner Father. See the Issues Target for this story on page 37. the prime importance of pets. pages 100~128 This story helps people who have issues stemming from a very dysfunctional relationship with a parental figure. Eternal Heart.

Stories for Transformation ~ 40 ~ .

Stories for Transformation ~ 41 ~ .

The Woman. Castle & Moat Stories for Transformation ~ 42 ~ .

She’s fairly functional in her castle which truly has become her own little world. What she does not have is happiness and health. or filledin with dirt. even though the moat is surrounding her on all sides. If it could be drained. frozen. After years of going through this — knowing that happiness is so close. birds. waterfalls and clear paths to follow. or would change in some way. but not intimately connected to her — she grows angry at her situation and that stupid moat! She thinks “If only that moat were not here. Most of what she needs to survive is available .. forests. The castle does not have a bridge.. but she can sense it nearby — just on the other side of the moat.The Woman. She intuitively knows that happiness and health are found on the other side of the moat. meadows. Every day she sits in her room and looks out across the moat onto a land with sparkling blue skies. then I could easily walk to the other side Stories for Transformation ~ 43 ~ . Castle & Moat T his is the story of a most wonderful woman who is living in a castle on an island surrounded by a moat.

confidence and with a lighter heart.” Stories for Transformation ~ 44 ~ . I’ve never noticed that before. “Hmmm .. and grows very weak. In the flow of this attitude she decides to do a little cleaning up . Castle & Moat and get the happiness and health I need. and her health and happiness diminish. As she’s rearranging the closet. she realizes that the only thing that she has the power to change at this current moment is her attitude.The Woman. things will get better in my life” she thinks. “Why not use this energy for something useful?” She opens the broom closet and sees that it’s a big mess! So the first thing is to put it in order. She knows she has to do something to shift out of her current situation.. but all she does is wander around the rooms and hallways of the castle — she feels so lonely. but it must have been here all along. She begins moving through the castle with a greater sense of hope. One day. She’s nearly at her breaking point. she discovers a small door in the shadows at the back.” This goes on for years and years.. With this in mind.. she musters up the strength to pick her spirit up a bit. “Maybe by changing my attitude.

Castle & Moat She opens the door and is surprised that it did not go to a basement as she had thought. She feels a strong current of fear flashing through her body.. Tears well up in her eyes at the first sight of the gorgeous landscape stretching out before her.. She passes through the small. As she looks way. but rather to a spiral staircase going up. mysterious spiral staircase. images of the world of happiness on the other side of the moat pass through her mind . as she had no idea that her castle includes upper levels. The woman finds herself on a lovely stone patio with a sturdy railing all around. From this elevated vantage point she has a spectacular 360° view and can see to the horizon in every direction. way up … spiral after spiral after spiral … she sees light at the very top. Stories for Transformation ~ 45 ~ . but the new upbeat attitude that she is experiencing propels her forward with a sense of excitement.The Woman. A surge of energy flows through her and she instinctively knows she must ascend the staircase and see what must be a spectacular view! As she climbs the steps. She soon is at the pinnacle of the staircase and steps out into bright warm light. hidden door and looks up to the beautiful. This is a shock to her.

This is another surprise to her. As she scans the moat — which appears black and smooth as glass. as she realizes that there are more areas and levels in this castle that she had no idea existed. reflecting its surroundings like a perfect mirror — she sees a little room connected to the castle that is jutting out into the water. Knowing that she can return to this point of view anytime she pleases. The woman chuckles to herself that even the moat below. she takes off to do more exploring and find the way to get to the “room on the moat. she realizes that her current good fortune has unfolded all because she intentionally shifted her attitude earlier in the day. down. she finds herself filled with gratitude as to what has happened on this incredible day. looks OK from this lofty perspective.” As she descends the spiral staircase. Castle & Moat The environment she sees is far beyond her wildest dreams and she spends a good hour taking it all in. As she spirals down. and Stories for Transformation ~ 46 ~ .The Woman. as she knows that the room on the moat has to be on the lower level. She enters the main area of the castle and then descends into the basement. down.

a feeling of calm confidence flows through her heart. Stories for Transformation ~ 47 ~ . The woman realizes the strange similarities in that both the doorway to the ascending staircase. She makes a mental note to return to that feeling. everyday perspective. she feels cobwebs clinging to her clothes. After an unexpectedly long time of searching. As she slowly makes her way through the damp darkness of the basement. even if the so-called “moat room” turns out to be empty or full of junk. Her clothes become dirty with the dust that hangs thickly in the air. She pauses for a moment and recognizes it to be a feeling and energy that is deeply nourishing to her. and the doorway to the moat room were hidden away from her normal.The Woman. But the feelings of hope and determination in her heart coupled with the excitement of exploring new territory make her continue on the journey. As she enters the basement proper. She lights a candle and starts to search for a doorway to the moat room. She thinks to herself that this is truly a fascinating coincidence. Castle & Moat on the outer edge of the castle.

She does not know why both doorways that she Stories for Transformation ~ 48 ~ .. As the sight of the room is revealed to the woman. The far side of the room is open so that the boat can come and go freely. The woman soon realizes that as part of the design of the castle. and a sliver of light instantly splits the darkness enfolding her. Castle & Moat she finds the doorway. The woman turns the handle. she feels that it is covered in dust and immediately realizes that the doorway has not been opened in years. The smell of water pours through on the brilliant rays. silently and gracefully swings open on its own . on the other side of the door. She cannot believe what she’s looking at: Right in front of her. The boat is silhouetted against the mirror of the moat... overwhelming feelings well up and she bursts into tears. She gives the door a little shove and it slowly.. there always has been a way to get across the moat and to the other side. It’s a normal-sized door with a large handle.The Woman. a dock. Tied to the dock is a lovely little rowboat with a paddle. is a platform . As she reaches out and touches the handle. opening the door just a crack.

she collects seeds and rare flowering Stories for Transformation ~ 49 ~ . and no one left a map to find them. the woman is free to go anywhere. she also discovers a new creative part of herself that was hidden and dormant while she was ill and stuck in her castle. Castle & Moat found on this remarkable day have been hidden. They were always in use. the doors were not hidden. anytime she pleases. The doors were a normal part of the castle. She is now connected to the greater world. There she finds everything that she needs in infinite abundance — soon her health and happiness return. and the top levels of the castle. Since she now knows the way to the boat. because I had no experience with them. but she realizes now they are not.The Woman. With the return of health and happiness. “In the original design of the castle. As she walks the trails in the beautiful forests and meadows on the other side. She discovers that she has a natural talent to grow gardens and care for plants. But to me. the doorways were hidden from my point of view. She thinks to herself.” The woman carefully gets into the boat and gracefully rows to the other side of the moat in less than a minute.

Stories for Transformation ~ 50 ~ . It turns out that the moat actually contains all the nutrients her garden needs to grow and flourish.plants. She brings them back to the boat … and ultimately back home to the castle. She grows the most incredible garden in the center of the castle’s courtyard using water from the moat — the same moat which she perceived as her greatest barrier.

The woman now clearly senses that everything is unified and whole … just as it should be. She looks down at her garden below which is in the middle of the castle’s central courtyard.The Woman. Stories for Transformation ~ 51 ~ . while standing at the top of the castle overlooking what has become her harmonious reality. She can see that the plants and the feeling of the garden that she created are a perfect match to the plants and feeling in the world of happiness and health that stretches as far as her eyes can see. Calm. Castle & Moat One day. she looks out at the world of happiness and health across the moat. delicious feelings of gratitude flow through her as she knows that she is truly connected with the entire Universe. several years later.

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Child Stories for Transformation ~ 56 ~ .

This is Sarah’s second journey to Asia in three years. She is a much different person than before the first trip.R iding atop a swaying elephant in a tide of great beasts. On her first trip. Sarah is grateful for the transformation that moved her to this present state of being. and this is who she has come to see — a quiet little girl with the most beautiful chocolate-red skin. The song of crickets and birds fills the air as the first golden rays of sunlight bring a new day to India. is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Sarah. With every breath she takes. The procession is slowly moving eastward through a meadow of lush waist-high grass. But being in the presence of a truly magnificent being — a person who has all the particles of her existence aligned and flowing in unity and wholeness — happens once in a thousand lifetimes. A sovereign being of this nature is riding the elephant just ahead of her. the little girl who became her friend during the original trek. passed along a Stories for Transformation ~ 57 ~ . she carried the burden of self hate and disconnection that she had known all her life. But quite unexpectedly.

Just a couple years ago. All she has to do is think about going left. she was so involved with her own problems. In the past when she would hear a bird sing on a beautiful morning like this. As Sarah gently sways above the meadows and forest of India. and even the field of her sense perceptions. she might simply notice Stories for Transformation ~ 58 ~ . nobility and massive size.. They seem to know exactly where to go. her thoughts. slightly to the right or stopping .. while also being intimately in-tune with their riders. “The elephant’s life is one of silent thunder” Sarah whispers to herself. she could never have had such grateful thoughts about elephants or anything in nature for that matter.. For now the herd is moving as one. The transformation that she experienced has completely altered her point of view.Child spark of energy and spirit to Sarah that changed everything. and it magically happens. feelings. marveling at her new ability to spontaneously speak in poetic phrases.. and she is immersed in the orchestrated flow. She appreciates their gentle stealth. she reflects on her life .

This gateway of perception extends to everything in life that truly interests her and she recently noticed that through it she occasionally previews events that are soon to appear in her future.. and how it hops among the branches.. the sky behind it . but an entire new world of perception opens to her. She also sees the other birds nearby and can even sense the mood of the group.” Now however. she can see where it’s sitting in the tree. not only does she usually recognize the species. when she hears a bird sing. In her investigation of this fascinating perceptual process and how it comes about. On the wings of the song are packets of visual information regarding the bird.. its color and features .. Then the new type of perception automatically flows on the heels of those memories which allows her inner vision to see real events happening in the external world that are at a distance or hidden from normal sight. she can see the bird itself ... Sarah learns that the first step is to allow associative memories of the subject to arise normally on their own. Within herself. as she listens to the bird’s song. She learned that Stories for Transformation ~ 59 ~ .Child it for a split second and then move on to “more important things.

intelligent woman. who graduated from college three years ago. That is what Sarah is pondering now as they move through the softly lit meadow. It is the child who suggests that they go on this trip aboard the elephants. She came to understand that those abilities were always a part of herself all along — the child simply gave her the confidence and permission to access and use them. But Sarah’s young friend means so much more to her than her newly-found clairvoyant skills. As the elephants kneel to the ground to allow the riders to mount them. Sarah is a young.Child this perceptual ability is a type of clairvoyance called remote viewing. Such doors of perception were utterly unknown and unavailable to Sarah before she came to India the first time. the little girl asks Sarah to think about their possible destination and the symbolic meaning that this journey contains. Sarah did not try to develop these abilities — they simply unfolded on their own in the months and years after meeting the little girl. They start in the predawn darkness with a sliver of moon hanging in the west and the starry river of the Milky Way spreading above. Before Stories for Transformation ~ 60 ~ .

and she was losing. she secretly carried the hope of finding herself . In fact. Her life had always been promising. She had been in therapy for years and friends told her to look on the bright side. or rather — losing her old attitude and finding a new way to be in her skin and engage with life. an endless loop of doubt and gloom. On her first trip to India. she was more committed to resolving her inner problems than what her waking consciousness was aware of. But everyone’s honest efforts to help proved to be nothing more than empty words that carried no meaningful effect..... Inside herself Sarah was Stories for Transformation ~ 61 ~ . but the biggest thing holding her back was her low opinion of herself. self-deprecating. but also to everything in Life. This made no sense to her as she knew she was intelligent and talented in many ways. she embarked on a trip to the far corners of the globe. Not only did she feel disconnected at the core of her being. self-involved rut . to “love herself” and all the usual stuff. it was like Sarah was at war with herself ..Child starting a career in science. Over-shadowing that knowledge was the fact that she was stuck in a deep. This issue was actually a spiritual wound so deep. and could not find a way out..

a 9 year old girl who spoke the same languages as he. one of them being English. but kept some of its features in his daily life. she gathered that he dropped out of the traditional Buddhist path long ago. in a remote village in India.Child truly ready to change. On the first trip. He spoke several languages. with her beautiful skin and elegantly thin and small Stories for Transformation ~ 62 ~ . but they were cut differently and adorned with a unique belt and a colorful array of beads. and Sarah hired him to be her guide. and the trip she took to the other side of the world was a natural expression of the inner journey that had already begun. His clothes were the saffron color worn by other Buddhists in the region. and Sarah instantly agreed. The only condition to his being hired was that he be permitted to bring along his adopted daughter. The man’s dark hair was tied behind him in a braid — his beard was long and wispy. Sarah met a friendly former Buddhist monk. To Sarah the child was quite a marvelous sight. By his appearance. The little girl was by his side. knowing that their company would be a welcome break from traveling solo — and she might also learn a lot from the pair.

but it felt natural and appropriate at the same time . They did not need to talk much at all. Her Moroccan sari was perfectly wrapped and adorned with a trim of finely woven details. It was strange to see. the pair treated each other as absolute equals. Her eyes seemed to gently free Sarah’s spirit from her own limitations and she consciously noticed the transmission of a joyful. and when they did it was usually in whispers. and the father never told the child what to do. and their mere presence spontaneously drew admiration and affection for them. As they moved through the landscapes and villages of India.” The guide turned out to be quite good in his role. from the core of Sarah’s heart. The girl had a glowing smile and big. They hardly spoke with each other. dark eyes of clear beauty and rare magic. Sarah soon became intrigued with the relationship between the guide and his daughter. uplifting feeling coming from the radiant little girl. They obviously had a close relationship. intelligence and confidence made Sarah feel very safe and well cared for. deep. His experience...Child stature. Sarah thought to herself “this is going to be a lot of fun. Stories for Transformation ~ 63 ~ .

Stories for Transformation ~ 64 ~ .

Stories for Transformation ~ 65 ~ .

and the wisdom of an old soul. Sarah did not know it at the time. or even his points of view. I largely let her be and simply gave her love. and she realized the depth of what he was saying: The little girl came into this world with a sense of timelessness. the former monk stared blankly into Sarah’s eyes.” With those words. understanding. or anywhere for that matter. and boundless heart stayed intact. The monk did not attempt to teach her anything about the ways of his world. as-is. quite by accident. a big heart. but she had much more in common with the little girl than she ever could imagine. When she came into my life. She was complete. clear mind.Child Sarah mentioned this to her guide and noted that the relationship he shared with his daughter seemed to break the mold of the usual parent-child relationships in India. care and companionship. She praised him for bringing up such a wonderful child. One of the first signs that the child was truly Stories for Transformation ~ 66 ~ . his religion. and so her ageless wisdom. But his response surprised Sarah: “Call me irresponsible” he said without emotion “I have no parenting skills and am not inspired to follow in my parents’ footsteps. That is all and nothing more.

absolutely undisturbed. the child’s response was as unexpected as it was remarkable — she didn’t react at all! Sarah could see that the girl. However. fully acknowledged the angry man but she kept the slow pace through the market. The force of the man’s energy seemed to pass straight through the child and her father. shouting obscenities and waving his arms wildly. but his physical space seemed to be of no significance in the equation. The child was leading the way and Sarah had paused behind them to look at a table of high-tech items — wireless telephones and digital music players that stood side by side with the ancient cultural wares of India.Child unique. The man must have been five times the size and weight of the little girl. Sarah was frozen Stories for Transformation ~ 67 ~ . Suddenly a commotion erupted — a burly shopkeeper came charging out to the girl and her father. happened as they were strolling through a busy open market. Sarah instantly thought that either the man was mentally ill or was on edge from tragic events in his own life. using her eyes and a slight movement of her head. His energy and words hit nothing in them. and now was taking it out on her friends.

fully accept it . Because there wasn’t the slightest reaction coming from them.. She had never witnessed anything like that before.. A few more seconds of arm waving and angry words at the shivering crowd concluded his emotional explosion.. but not have any interest in it. She came to the understanding that the serene attention and utterly authentic. seemed to render them — in the most practical..Child in her tracks and she noticed other people stepping back from the man’s emotional shock wave. said “Be kind Sarah . calm demeanor of the child and her father. wearing what Sarah thought must be the Buddha’s smile. The child. but her friends seemed to expect it. Even more remarkable was the child’s response to Sarah when she asked her about the crazy man at the market. because Stories for Transformation ~ 68 ~ . Sarah became immersed in this experience and replayed it over and over in her mind. “That was very cool!” Sarah thought. worldly sense — invisible to the hostile man. Sarah could see his eyes immediately dart around the market looking at the numerous other people whom he had frightened. the shopkeeper instinctively seemed to know that he had no business with her friends.

in an agricultural area on the edge of a quiet town. The child scooted Sarah’s cot out to the middle of the room and requested that Sarah lay down and relax. The little girl said that she had something special to share with Sarah .” The Unification Healing Matrix The most profound experience of the first trip. Sarah was always receptive to whatever the fascinating child had to offer. widely spaced in different parts of the room: two were in the direction of Sarah’s feet and one behind her head. The girl lit three candles.. and the turning point in Sarah’s life happened late one night just before she was going to bed. The travelers happened to be staying at the guide’s modest home. The child announced that she was going to work with Spirit to help bring healing to some of Sarah’s biggest problems.. They had not talked about any Stories for Transformation ~ 69 ~ . Sarah noticed that the candles formed an equilateral triangle that emitted an incredibly stable feeling of energy in which she felt comfortably absorbed.Child everyone you meet is fighting a great battle.

the healing ceremony that Sarah experienced that evening was called the Unification Healing Matrix. The child softly placed her hands on either side of Sarah’s head. and asked her to close her eyes and relax deeper than she ever had before. and then create a profoundly sacred space with these words: “All beings are intimate with First Source. “It will not hurt to entertain the child” she thought to herself.Child of Sarah’s issues.“ and she settled in to play along with the game. one-on-one. Sarah could hear her friend take a few deep thoughtful breaths. which has been quietly shared among special people.” Sarah was stunned and electrified by such a statement. The One Spirit has returned to consciously claim its own. But with a light heart Sarah chuckled “Everyone has problems. around the world. Her mind was instantly and unexpectedly set free of all memories like a flock of doves suddenly Stories for Transformation ~ 70 ~ . and Sarah was surprised that the child would boldly bring up anything of this nature. In later years.

and is Its divine expression. Everywhere the girl’s hands went.Child released from a cage. Sarah felt utterly free. clear voice. Personal reality is a fragment of God’s reality. a delightful Stories for Transformation ~ 71 ~ . Sarah’s conscious presence floated in blissful timelessness as the child continued in a remarkably confident. spacious silence filled the room. The pathway to God is this present moment in which everything resides. the God of One and All.. moving in graceful. Occasionally she peeked out and saw that the girl had her eyes closed and her hands hovering above Sarah. Sarah sensed the girl gently moving around her body from head to toe. intoned with poetic cadence . slow.” The most beautiful. To value all things as they are and to be a witness to the wholeness of their expression is to be One with the Infinite. There is no space more divine than another. sweeping passes. True freedom is living as a manifestation of First Source.. “There is no being more sacred than another. as if playing a symphony of divine energy.

listens to and repeats these words: “I am here!” “I am found.” “Light fills my Soul.” “We are One!” Stories for Transformation ~ 72 ~ .” “I am One with the Universe.” “I am deserving of conscious re-unification with the Infinite. The girl whispered to Sarah that she should repeat the phrases that she was about to give her.” “I am connected to everyone and everything. with her eyes closed.” “I am precious and pure. Sarah.Child tingling was felt in Sarah’s body and in the atmosphere between them.” “My unification is thorough and I now have everything I need.” “I am strong in deep. just as I am. and with the child continuing to hover above.” “I release the sorrow that has been caused by separation from the Infinite.” “I am adored by First Source as I am Its child. infinite wholeness.

Sarah knew that something very special had just happened. There was perfect clarity with the knowing that a deep connection had been made to something so ancient. Her logical mind was impressed. incomprehensible intelligence and compassionate presence of All That Is. and once again places her hands to either side of Sarah’s head. Then she slowly bends over and kisses Sarah on the forehead like a mother kisses her child. Sarah knew that something had just happened that would change her forever. Stories for Transformation ~ 73 ~ . but she felt enveloped in what she identified as the energy. and tranquilized.Child With these final words the child returned to the place she started. and made no attempt to analyze it. mysterious. The girl stepped back into the darkness of the room. She could not fully grasp it. The ceremony was complete. and primordial that she knew it transcended her present life and this world. speechless. leaving Sarah floating in silent wonder.

We’ve already arrived at ‘the destination’ which is the present moment . The elephants have taken them on a journey that was a giant loop and she now can see their starting point quickly approaching.. Stories for Transformation ~ 74 ~ . Everything is complete and whole. just as it should be. the girl turns to Sarah with a radiant smile. and responds: “There is no external destination. Sarah approaches her young friend who is petting the elephant she rode and is whispering something in his ear. When finished.. and asks “Did you think about the trip aboard the elephants. Once again. The elephants are symbols of All That Is. the kind elephants kneel down and the riders dismount. We can sit comfortably in the flow and be guided by Source. acknowledging that they have come back to the same place. which has been here all along. our destination. and its meaning?” Sarah looks around.Child Returning Home The sun is now well above the eastern horizon and Sarah can hear a nearby village beginning to stir. and the powerful flow of Creation.

that she has everything she needs and is complete. and is surprised to feel that she is not saddened by her friend’s words. we are also invited to shape our destiny and the journey ahead. the child’s essence has blended into and become a part of Sarah. In fact. knowing that she may never see the physical form of the child again. Sarah knows this to be true. Stories for Transformation ~ 75 ~ . She realizes that her core vibration is made of the same intelligence. Sarah now fully accepts this as her truth and returns home to embrace her life and destiny. and that the inner world is the spirit’s native home. They thank the elephant caretakers and leave to return home. the little girl mentions to Sarah that she no longer has to return to India.Child and as part of Source.” The little girl says nothing but beams a broad smile. On their walk back. compassion and wisdom as that of the little girl who lives as a channel of Source Reality. Sarah knows that the spirit of her friend is so much more than her body or its physical location.

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Tree of Life Stories for Transformation ~ 80 ~ .

She comes to believe that the momentum of her constant thinking is so deeply ingrained that it is insurmountable. settling in amongst the constant flood of thoughts is a deep lack of fulfillment. She can’t get her mind to stop.” flitting from one thing to another. She loves her husband. Her attention on too many material things and trying to keep up with her self-imposed. don’t really matter. She is suffering from too much thinking. who is a good guy. For years. let alone take a break. “It’s enough to make anyone go nuts!” she frequently thinks.T his is the story of a woman who “has it all” in the popular sense. Day and night. but whose mind drives her crazy. but he has similar issues and his Stories for Transformation ~ 81 ~ . jam-packed schedule. John. She is both a mom and a professional with a decent-paying job. She has an intelligent 5 year old daughter named Clara. has left her more frazzled and disturbed than satisfied and complete. it’s always “on. Most of her thoughts are trivial. at the end of the day. They are about things that.

but how in the world can we add another thing to this family? For the hundredth time: ‘No! — You don’t need a cat.. deadlines at work . seemingly always on edge.. need to do more to stay ahead of the game..’ I’m worried that she’s becoming like me — frazzled . Clara needs my attention.. Stories for Transformation ~ 82 ~ ... Expanding garage for new office .... I’m keeping up but my body.... first: call the people who’ll enlarge the driveway. Read the morning paper ... worrying too much. what’s happening? John works hard and does not play enough.. Clara wants a cat more than anything.. too... Here is what her mind goes through in a couple of minutes as it jumps around like a frantic monkey. pick up 10 things on list . mind and certainly my spirit are always pooped. big day ahead.T ree of Life thoughts and concerns run at the same pace as hers. She seems way too young for that . need 5 of them for dinner. hopping from topic to topic: “Out of bed! . Stop! ... Why? It’s gotta stop. Stop at store on the way home .. there are already signs. the news — nearly always bad — why? Need to be at appointments on time.. Dozens of projects at work . Get Clara ready for school .

The mental experience is thoroughly exhausting and ultimately unsatisfying.. she will run herself ragged and may even create more serious health problems! The first thought to go through her mind is that her life is so full that she Stories for Transformation ~ 83 ~ . Her mind races from one thing to the next. but she feels that 90% of everything that she thinks about is petty.. also: call tree service to have those big overhanging limbs removed. Gotta go .T ree of Life Bigger driveway needs to spread out under the oak tree in back .. otherwise..” The woman’s schedule is completely full. balance. day and night.. One day she decides that she has to start moving her life-style into a better state of balance. But an important area of life is missing from her personal reality . deep fulfillment and real happiness. awake and asleep. clean later. She knows that she’s doing what everyone else is doing. and most people would think that she’s doing fine and has nothing to complain about. but life marches on. a realm that contains peace. She would like to pay more attention to her spiritual life... I hate to do that to the grand old tree.. but hardly has the time to do so. This window is filthy .

” Thoughts of balance and unity emerge and the shift begins. She begins with entertaining positive thoughts of calmness and centeredness — she welcomes them by giving them a “home in her. reads a few articles on the subject. She starts reading about Eastern religion and meditation finding that although she likes the idea of Buddhism.. She is drawn to meditation. she presses onward as she senses that in a real sense. to take her focused attention and build more and more torrents of thoughts. Mostly meaningless.. and also asks friends about it. but her first attempt at meditation is an utter disaster. largely worthless thoughts! It’s really too much for her. she finds her mind racing faster than ever before! It is like her mind is seizing on the opportunity that she is offering it. She even signs up for a meditation class at her church. But still. blah. When she closes her eyes and looks into her inner world. blah. Endless thoughts . it’s either “do or die.” She’s an intelligent woman and intuitively knows that she must first shift her attitude before making any changes. it is not her cup of tea. and Stories for Transformation ~ 84 ~ .T ree of Life doesn’t have the time to make substantial changes. disconnected. blah.

She finds that she can use it on the fly — when driving down the freeway. One day. And when new thoughts arise while she is holding her breath. as she is in bed trying to fall asleep. She has to concentrate on not tensing up during the in-breath. She recognizes and enjoys the longer. empty spaces between the thoughts. Still. and the out-breath — but the little bit of calmness that she is able to repeatedly produce is quite an amazing revelation. her mind slows down to its calmest level when she holds her breath. she finds that when she relaxes and does her breathing routine. The woman remembers that the breathing technique suggested in the meditation class works best to get her mind to slow down. walking to a store. and working at her desk — the spontaneity and effectiveness of the technique is very appealing. during these moments she gets a taste of what a calm mind might be like. Even though her mind relaxes for just a few seconds. the holding. she feels that she must continue on and decides to go her own route. This is an amazing Stories for Transformation ~ 85 ~ . she does not frantically attach to the thoughts or their content. smoother.T ree of Life she quits going to class.

but she allows the thought to be at home in her being. and she wonders why she had not been aware of the intimate operations of her mind and breath before. Then one Saturday she found she has a few hours to herself.T ree of Life insight.. She creates her own self-help program which includes the breathing technique. but she arranges to allow more time for herself in her daily routine. she had even exercised and tried a little meditation earlier Stories for Transformation ~ 86 ~ . and her spiritual energy begins to blossom now. things seem to be going better. the chores were done. The family left. The over-all tone of her mind is microscopically in better shape than it was a few months ago and she has hopes that one day she may actually learn how to be a calm. She traces the new. It is a stretch . positive momentum back to the point in time where she made the commitment to shift her attitude. The downward momentum has stopped. centered person.. and an every-other-day workout at a nearby gym. Although her mind still runs wild on a daily basis. Gradually things are starting to change in her inner world. going for walks with Clara and John. Her schedule is very busy.

she’s able to allow her surroundings to touch her tired mind and calm her heart. The instant she moves into the dark shade under the spreading branches of the tree. Now. she glances at the back yard and sees the delicious shade under their big oak.” she thinks to herself. As she wanders around her place.T ree of Life in the day. Now there is literally nothing to do — and she enjoys the feeling of this rare opportunity. She slumps a bit as she is always tired from the fast pace of her life. She walks deeper into the shade and does something that she hasn’t done since she was a very little girl.” It’s a warm summer day as she strolls out to the tree. She slowly Stories for Transformation ~ 87 ~ . she feels the delicious cool air and pauses to soak it in. about Clara’s age: she sits down on the grass at the base of the beautiful old tree. Soft green grass spreads beneath its giant limbs. but is so happy to have a few hours off to just relax and do nothing. “How wonderful! I never would have appreciated such common little experiences like this a few months ago. and she thinks “I better go and enjoy the grass in that spot before the new driveway covers it.

. “Life is good” she whispers to herself. so special . does life get any better than this? Not by much.T ree of Life slides back to rest against the noble. massive trunk.. She chuckles to herself and silently shakes her head in disbelief about how nice this simple experience is . This is so different from what I’ve become. to enjoy a tree. and it has been here all along. With this. how ordinary . and the awareness drifts between light dreaming and barely being aware of the physical world. yet how far away it is from the emotions of her busy life... precious feelings it holds are in my own back yard. I’ve run right past these experiences . for a life of what? Yet... the cool grass. This is so sweet.. “Why have I not come out here before? Why have I ignored this tree? This beautiful space and the lovely.” With these thoughts the woman closes her eyes and thinks more about her life and the good changes that she is making. and to relax. Stories for Transformation ~ 88 ~ . Her attitude has improved.. happy mode. and now she can even take a few moments to breathe. This is one of those marvelous times in which the mind is in a peaceful. she gently falls into a twilight space of sleep. quiet.

The feeling is safe. warm. Her vision slowly opens and she finds herself in a most wonderful dream. She seems to be expanding into a space that welcomes her freedom. upward. she sees herself laying against the trunk. She finds herself at the top of the great oak tree and is looking down through the branches and leaves at the ground. The woman feels her limbs become like what must be the wings of a mighty. Stretching out below the limbs are the cool green grass of her back yard. This is the type of dream in which she realizes that she is dreaming. mythical bird. she can see the whole neighborhood and a lot of the town from her elevated point of view. as she looks through the branches and down the trunk. One like she’s never had before. and she can even see over the fence into the neighbor’s yard. “How incredible! — Amazingly realistic!” she thinks.T ree of Life In this dreamy state of awareness she feels herself moving upward in peaceful darkness — slowly. To her surprise. gently. and has a natural flow. She is transfixed in Stories for Transformation ~ 89 ~ . appearing to be fast asleep. her home. smooth. In fact.

In fact. But anything can happen in a dream. yet atmospheric. Not only accept it. she’s a conscious entity at the top of the tree — an entity separate from her physical body. She has. but enjoy Stories for Transformation ~ 90 ~ . In this dream.T ree of Life wonder at this sight. blissfully still. When she opens her eyes she still finds herself as a functionally aware center of consciousness at the top of the tree. She settles into the dream awareness and finds herself calmly closing her eyes and floating with the experience in the crown of the tree. and feels what it is like to be such a noble. she seems somehow to have blended into the tree itself. and to make sure to recall EVERYTHING about the dream when she awakens. so why not? The feeling is safe and grounded. become the tree itself. in fact. The tree actually seems to be in a continual state of serenity. but it does not take away from what she’s experiencing. She realizes that this experience may be a dream. For once in her life she feels what it is like to totally accept life as it is. ancient oak — utterly calm. The woman makes a mental note to keep this dream going as long as possible. Her mind is utterly at rest. saturated with peace and beautiful clarity.

the birds. the other trees that stretch up the hillsides athrough the valleys. But it’s just a dream and so there is nothing to believe or disbelieve about it.. Everything flows nicely onto the page which locks the amazing experience into her full. conscious awareness. the houses.. she does her best to recall everything about the dream. She thinks about the tree and the wonder of it’s existence... Yet — how marvelous!” The woman can’t take her mind off the dream and what it is like to actually have experienced being the tree’s awareness and her own awareness at the same time. The dream captivates her attention: “What in the world happened here? This was cosmic . Soon the woman can feel her body stirring and knows that she is about to return to her waking state..T ree of Life it . unbelievable. As her eyes flutter open in her physical body she instantly remembers the fantastic dream of being up in the tree and of being the tree itself. the air. She quickly goes to the house and with every step she takes. She remembers how her mind was so Stories for Transformation ~ 91 ~ . to feel a part of her surroundings: the grass.. supernatural . Once in the house she starts recording her dream.

she finds herself drawn to the tree. animals and the people below. native presence — always empty but so complete.. With the purest sense of excitement. Over the days and weeks that follow. just like in her original dream experience. but light as a feather . able to bend in the wind and be a welcome home for birds. so she keeps recalling the memories of the dream and contemplating everything about it: every detail. She knows she wants more of that experience. every sight and sound. Somehow. she allows time and space to think about the tree and actually spends time under its great branches. Stories for Transformation ~ 92 ~ . every feeling. She truly becomes absorbed in the dream and especially loves the feeling of being lost in its wonder. she sits in the exact same place as before. She loved the feelings of the tree and she recognized how it felt in it’s raw. solid.. Grounded. even with her busy schedule. She has some success with this. passion and intention. and tries to rest and fall asleep. She can’t tell if her new experiences with the tree are just imagination.T ree of Life utterly calm when she was a fully conscious part of the tree.

It loves hearing the voices of people. core spiritual experience. It loves to feel the wind pick up and make its mighty branches sway.. It loves her family. this becomes her new. It loves the birds that fly into and sing in its branches... What matters is that she is able to visualize herself up in the tree again and again. are lucid dreams . but it does not seem to matter.T ree of Life or in fact. She learns that the tree is a great lover. Over the months. She can be the tree and look out over her house and the neighborhood. She spends a lot of time contemplating the tree and actually picturing herself in its crown. Eventually the woman finds it easy to dream about being the tree . The tree’s stillness and serenity become hers. visionary. loves hearing the symphony of leaves rustle in the breeze.. At night the tree looks to the Stories for Transformation ~ 93 ~ . here-and-now experience for her. (and now. and seeing life through their shared awareness. This is truly a first-hand. the people walking on the sidewalks. too). The tree. the animals and insects echoing among its leaves and branches. the woman. her child. to let herself go into the energy and feeling of the tree.

T ree of Life stars and planets moving in the cosmos. As the months pass. Over time the woman realizes that the energy of the tree is something that she has translated and absorbed into her own energy field. her mind is no longer possessed with trivia. and especially does not need to expand the driveway. awareness. and feels a supreme connection to All That Is. The feelings the woman gets while being the tree. She now is thinking about Life itself. the tree Stories for Transformation ~ 94 ~ .. the transformation of the woman is profound. are enough to make her cry. It happened naturally — without any effort on her part. and is intimately involved with its movement. and awareness. and tears often well up in her eyes just by recalling these experiences. She finds her life vastly more meaningful . The tree is far more important and valuable than such business considerations. acceptance. She would never do anything to hurt her tree. the strength and wisdom of the ancient oak.. She has quietly integrated into her own consciousness the feeling. She soon realizes that she does not need to add an office to the garage. The noble oak has changed her life through and through.

Stories for Transformation ~ 95 ~ .

. And at a nearby animal shelter. They bring it home and it is now an important part of the family. As the years pass and the woman grows more and more comfortable with having a quiet mind. or to adopt her personal points of view. the cat helps her daughter realign with her original. Clara and her cat instantly flow into an exceptional state of balance and harmony that is a wonder to behold. The woman realizes that all along.. and grow at her own pace. The woman stops forcing her daughter to grow up and follow her adult-generated schedules and expectations. her daughter knew that a cat would be good for her spirit. She allows Clara to return to being a child.T ree of Life which has given her so much. Clara’s cat is like the woman’s beloved tree . a new talent unfolds from the deepest part of herself. Her Stories for Transformation ~ 96 ~ . Clara finds a cat that she seems to have a special connection with. she intuitively knew that a cat would help her stay connected to the feeling heart at the core of her being and be nourishing to her unique energy. true nature. thoughts and dreams. Though Clara could not voice it. She is not surprised as she could feel it coming.

These two groups are attracted to her like a moth to a flame . delicious feelings of gratitude flow through her as she knows that she is truly connected — connected with her family. Calm. The woman now clearly senses that everything is unified and whole … just as it should be.T ree of Life new ability flowers into a career path as the purpose of her life is revealed. Stories for Transformation ~ 97 ~ . It turns out that the woman has a natural propensity for nursing and becomes a highly skilled and compassionate nurse. like a bird to its nest. the tree and with the entire Grand Universe. into her own life. serenity and love that is the very essence of the tree. The woman fully integrates her experiences with the tree and translates the care.. the patients in her care.. Her forte is caring for the very young as well as the very old. or we should say.

T ree of Life Stories for Transformation ~ 98 ~ .

Stories for Transformation ~ 99 ~ .

Finding My Inner Father Stories for Transformation ~ 100 ~ .

She’s surviving OK as she has her health. spiritual visions. But now. none of them lasted or were very fulfilling. but ultimately. She went into history because she had a yearning to connect with the past. a few good friends and teaches history at a high school. spectacular. T his story is about a middle aged woman. She was married in her early twenties but the marriage ended after only four years. She has had many relationships. Her relationships with men since then have been boring or they have been roller coaster rides in Stories for Transformation ~ 101 ~ . An area of continual problems for her is with men.There are dreams — there are day dreams. thinking that if she could learn from its lessons and find its treasures she might better understand the experiences of today. and then there are clear. This is the story of a woman whose life is transformed by spiritual visions that reveal and unlock her true inner reality. her professional interests no longer hold their original fascination.

she’s always had a feeling of disconnection . with his own problems. Her father and mother divorced when she was young. and she longs for him to wake up and accept her. and perhaps lasting relationship.. “He did the best he could. “but it certainly wasn’t enough. but after problems and limitations in the relationships became apparent. but even today her father is unreachable. However. The woman is intelligent and knows the basics of psychology.Finding My Inner Father which she would feel excited and hopeful for a while. but she is slowly realizing that he’s his own man.” she would tell her friends. he was always emotionally distant and never took care of her like she wanted. but she saw him frequently and even stayed with him for long periods during the summer. Hence. satisfying. they were over. She sees him every month. a deep yearning to unify and become whole within herself and with a partner. as long as she can remember.. and it probably will Stories for Transformation ~ 102 ~ . is rooted in her relationship with her father.” She clearly traces her current feelings of disconnection and yearning back to her earliest years. She knows that her inability to meet a man whom she can partner with to co-create a happy.

began exercising regularly. The hopelessness and yearning to be complete produced a low-level depression that spanned many of her recent years. The woman bought several self-help books. One day. These certainly had positive effects. during her regular exercise routine. You could say that her heart is broken.Finding My Inner Father never happen. and even enrolled in a hatha yoga class. “I get it!” she blurted out. she was able to make the clear connection that her frame of mind and feelings were drawing better experiences and situations to her. She easily cries when she loses herself in the thoughts. or she would certainly fall deeper into the muck as she gets older. while contemplating how things have improved over the last few months. and at least helped take her mind off her loneliness. feelings and memories surrounding her relationship with her dad. About a year ago. but it was not enough as she continued the cycle of unsatisfying relationships with men. She did her best to pick herself up. she decided that she really needed to get control of her attitude. She was thrilled! This Stories for Transformation ~ 103 ~ . when she realized that positive possibilities were lining up in her future.

She was happy to feel the soft comforter wrap around her tired muscles. One day. this is a nice state of awareness” she thought. She became mired in the feelings and imagery related to those events. for several months.. Merging with the stillness. the woman worked on developing a deeply positive attitude.. she came home. showered and fell into bed. after a long hike to the top of a mountain. She felt better about herself. “Mmmmm . During this process. the desire to be whole and complete quickly picked her spirits up and kept her moving in a positive inner direction. but from an even deeper place. she had several potent experiences with her father and with a man that she loved — experiences that were especially vile and hurtful to her. she ponders her father Stories for Transformation ~ 104 ~ . Day after day.Finding My Inner Father simple realization felt like a spiritual awakening. She still felt painfully incomplete in her relationships with men — and her father remained as cold and distant as always — but her attitude kept improving little by little. Her body seemed to fall into delicious sleep while her mind remained quiet and awake.

She instinctively recognizes this environment of awareness as something familiar: it feels safe and peaceful .. she has a clear sense that she has lived for eons in this realm. her mind let go of those thoughts and feelings as she drifted into twilight consciousness between being awake and asleep.. and that her entire life in the physical dimension is a purposeful visit rather than a permanent residence. and she knows she has been here many times before.. it suddenly dawns on her that she is wide awake but not in her physical body. Finally.Finding My Inner Father and their relationship..” She recognizes the memory as one she often enjoyed as a very young Stories for Transformation ~ 105 ~ . and how it is reflected in all the failed relationships with men spanning her whole life. but realistically knew it to be impossible. In fact. She feels an immense yearning to be fully united with him . nor is she dreaming. Floating peacefully. Journey through the inner worlds As the woman drifts along in this pleasant state of consciousness. she recalls her earliest memory of this “realm of awareness.

charity. In this life. She saw herself before she was born. The Emissary spoke: “Are you ready my dear?” “I am. She beamed with feelings of eagerness but could only offer a gentle voice when in the presence of such a magnificent being. Seated next to her was a radiant being.” and she truly was a symphony of beauty and wisdom. which has left you fragmented and wanting wholeness. and she was very happy and excited about an approaching adventure.Finding My Inner Father child. Stories for Transformation ~ 106 ~ . you will once again repeat what you have done before. Her earliest memory was heavenly you might say . but the memory of this fantastic place had slowly disappeared from waking consciousness as adulthood wrapped its concerns around her. purpose and unconditional love... The counselor was known to her as the “Soul’s Emissary.” the woman whispered softly. a woman whom she recognized as her personal counselor and guide. as a spiritual being in a world of bright. and saturated with spiritual tones. “You are about to enter a new incarnation that will be the most meaningful of all. soothing light. Their relationship was imbued with perfect knowing.

First. She instinctively knows that there are two principle ways to travel through this realm: one is by instantly moving to any destination as if time and Stories for Transformation ~ 107 ~ . Know that in your journey through the physical world I will never leave you. That was her earliest memory of this inner realm of awareness and now she understands that once again she is a traveler in this infinitely vast. Every atom of her being tingled with excitement as she knew that soon she would be in human form. fruitful journey in the physical dimension. spiral. The Emissary bid her farewell and a happy. you will find the heart’s unification in an inner place that you have not seen before. glowing Universe.” The Emissary then intoned a special blessing and tapped her gently on the forehead. and that you are always in my care. descending. The woman departed from the presence of her counselor as she began to move without any effort of her own — she felt intentionally pulled by a greater force. and ever closer to complete fulfillment.Finding My Inner Father In this incarnation. and then began the journey to the physical dimension in a slow. she ascended in an immensely long rainbow-shaped arc.

feeling very much at ease.. which is what she is doing now. and the other is by soaring . white light.. and her eyes flutter open with perfect vision. she begins descending through an immense space of thick. delicious. Soaring is especially pleasant as it gives you time to think about the experiences that are unfolding. As the woman floats along.Finding My Inner Father space do not matter or exist as barriers. and allows the traveler an opportunity to take in the spectacular views. She recognizes herself as Stories for Transformation ~ 108 ~ . Suddenly. she knows she is settling down into what seems to be a 3D environment.

but asks.Finding My Inner Father having the mind and awareness of her adult self. and her child-self . You are under my care. the magnetic presence of the Emissary sweeps through her being. as she has Stories for Transformation ~ 109 ~ . she sees that she is standing in the front yard of her mother’s home where she grew up. “Why am I here? This is the worst place for me to be!” She knows what is going to happen if they enter the house. In an instant.. The girl instantly feels absorbed into her field of energy. She is seven years old and marvels at this amazing experience in which she can be a harmonious blend of the mind and feelings of both her adult-self. “Don’t be afraid. Once the full realization sinks in of where she is and at which time of her life. but looks down and sees herself in the body of a child.” Her counselor speaks with a wonderful tone of assurance.. But before fear can overtake her. she freezes in fear — she recognizes this to be the precise time and space of one of her worst childhood memories. As she looks around the environment. The girl now feels calm. This is your inner world. at the same time. her guide and counselor is standing by her side.

And in that horrible memory. The Emissary’s hand feels warm and her aura of confidence and purpose has a tranquilizing effect. as she’s actually a part of her.Finding My Inner Father replayed this particular memory an infinite number of times throughout her life.” The girl does not have a clue as to what her guide means. the little girl can hear Stories for Transformation ~ 110 ~ . but she trusts her more than anything. her mother and father are in the living room having a heated argument. her father turns to see that his daughter has heard it all. She’s standing in the doorway.” she tells the Emissary. “This exact memory represents the sum total of all the terrible feelings of abandonment and disconnection with my father. The Emissary knows what the little girl is thinking and feeling. the Emissary says “We will make things right. and hears her father talking about her. Taking her by the hand. He’s angrily saying that he wishes their daughter had never been born — that things would be a hell of a lot easier without her. she can see that he meant every word. He continues on with his tirade as if she weren’t there. In this powerful memory. As the girl looks into his eyes. As they enter the house.

He quickly wheels around and catches sight of his daughter and is looking directly in her eyes with the same coldness and disconnection that he has always had. in this here-and-now reality. projected enough power and authority to stop him cold. palm facing the girl’s father .. in mid-sentence.. which confirms the series of events that they are about to witness.. He is about to shout something and begins to open his mouth .Finding My Inner Father her parents arguing.. Her father’s focus on the conversation with her mother is interrupted as he feels the clear presence of people standing behind him. The Emissary raises her right hand. combined with that simple act. The little girl starts to cringe as she knows she is about to hear her dad say those terrible words. events begin to change. But this time. The Emissary gently pulls her towards the living room and stands in the very doorway that is prominent in the young girl’s vivid memories. The little girl is stunned at what she is witnessing! Stories for Transformation ~ 111 ~ . her presence. when he suddenly becomes aware of the composed and powerful being standing with his daughter.

“Never again are you allowed to treat your daughter with anything but respect. the little girl sees her father’s body recoil backwards with a quick jerk. But he realizes it is hopeless. Your time for sharing the unkindness that you harbor in yourself is OVER!” the Emissary pronounces. Stories for Transformation ~ 112 ~ . Both of them could see the father’s body suddenly weaken as he teeters under the full impact of the moment. “You no longer have any control over your daughter!” the Emissary announces with the authority of what seems like God..Finding My Inner Father She can see that her father is utterly and completely shocked as well — even more so. For a fraction of a second. acceptance and care. The young girl can see her dad’s eyes move back and forth with lightning speed as his mind processes the moment. she recognizes this as his instinctive attempt to look bigger in hopes of dominating this incredible being who now has his daughter under her wing. and totally surrenders to the flow of events that he thought he was orchestrating and which instantly came to a screeching halt.. and he tries to stand up taller than usual .

or treat her badly in any way.Finding My Inner Father “She is now the prime mover of her entire Inner World. If you raise one finger in anger to her. Stories for Transformation ~ 113 ~ . that I am always watching after your daughter. I will return instantly! You will always be in my mind and heart. Everyone knows that a profound shift has just occurred. Once she is satisfied that their understanding is complete. frozen in wonder. and in so doing. the man slowly slumps into his chair.” Both parents instinctively nod. The Emissary peers into both of their eyes just to be sure that her message is locked in place. she says: “We are leaving. but she remains standing beside him. I am watching you. without taking his eyes off the Emissary. The Emissary turns to leave with the young girl. In complete silence. You are not. indicating their understanding and acceptance. The Emissary and the little girl stand silently. but remember.” The Emissary pauses for a minute to let her last words sink into the group’s consciousness. The young girl’s mother also looks utterly bewildered and awed by what has transpired. hand in hand at the doorway as energy electrifies the room.

. but that at this moment. he truly has had an epiphany. in her inner world. The little girl sees that her father can hardly believe what has just happened: As she reads his mind..Finding My Inner Father and as the girl steps through the front door. But now. she sees that he assumed that he would always be the Lord of his daughter’s inner world. She sees the expression on his face and instantly reads his mind . he comes to the full realization that his daughter is in control of her life. will and know-how to put him in his place . she takes a final look back at her dad. authority. As the little girl and the Emissary stroll back to the front lawn. He has to act according to her wishes. as she is in charge of this world inside herself! She now has the full power. the girl feels waves of gratitude for this Stories for Transformation ~ 114 ~ . it has already happened.. that he could be hurtful and unkind without consequences. and that he is simply a guest in her inner world. In fact. The girl can see in his eyes that he is ashamed of the way that he has treated her in the past... He thought he would always get away with his behavior . She sees that her father understands what the Emissary has said..

The image of him. in yourself. which includes his lack of wholeness.Finding My Inner Father incredible life-changing event that has just occurred.. you now have full control over your inner world.” The Emissary looks into her eyes and says: “The image of your father in this world — your inner world — carries his full energetic make-up. With tears of joy in her eyes she says “Tell me more about what happened there . “What we just did with the image of your father. He is no longer running the show — you are. We did this in a single event..” The girl’s attention flashes forward into the full consciousness of her adult self and replies: “I now have a better understanding of the relationship with my Stories for Transformation ~ 115 ~ . In so doing. just so I can have perfect clarity. you could never become a fully connected and whole human being if you allow that image to dominate your inner reality. and the energy field of that key memory was re-written with the resolution that you just witnessed. is we took back the power that he had taken from you as a little girl. is now in its rightful place. Therefore. in this key memory.

” The girl replies. It seems that everyone is fragmented and out of balance in some way or another. “Then. is there no hope for any being? All humans have their problems — no one is perfect. The ultimate fulfillment of completeness is only found in the realms of your inner world — but not in the surface areas that most beings look. “Most people look inside Stories for Transformation ~ 116 ~ .Finding My Inner Father father. the Emissary breaks the silence: “You have looked for unity and wholeness through earthly parents spanning hundreds of incarnations. but each time you found yourself aligned with their level of incompleteness. Reunification The Emissary and the little girl pause for a while to take it all in. and how my personal evolution has always been pulled back to that image I held of him — the image with limitations and problems. there is hope.” says her guide.” “Yes. and her spirit soars in its new found freedom. Finally.” She thanks her guide with a long hug.

Finding My Inner Father themselves and see worlds of memories endlessly repeating themselves in a confusing fog of feelings and utter illusion. but as you can see it is often distorted and unfulfilled in the physical dimension. But for those who do.” Again the Emissary pauses for the girl to process these words. and the highest levels of unity and wholeness. you still are not fully unified. the harmony of the inner cosmos is revealed. There is a purpose to the parent-child relationship. “Even though you now feel the exhilaration of being free from the boundaries of the inner energetic form of your earthly father. “Beings who become the prime mover of their inner world find that there is an underlying grand structure already in place that supports the entire multi-dimensional Universe.” “I get it!” says the girl “You’re going to take me Stories for Transformation ~ 117 ~ . This includes the lowest levels of fragmentation and separation. In this original structure is everything a being needs at all stages of its evolution. Few are able to untangle the mental chaos and see beyond their identities in the physical world.

present and future. The starry sky is still overhead as she begins to visualize the shape of a lovely. all rolled into one. In this realm. and then through a marvelous black star-filled sky. she is the past.” The Emissary chuckles and replies: “You are already seeing God. The girl feels the sensation of flying forward and upward in long graceful spirals. God is everywhere. and she gently sways in a slightly downward direction. All beings are intimate with First Source always! But beings are not fully aware of this fundamental connection with God while they are fragmented and are not aware of their deeper unified essence. As she Stories for Transformation ~ 118 ~ . She holds the presence of herself as an adult.” The girl and her guide leave the environment of her childhood home and begin to travel side-by-side. She is both calm and excited about the unfolding adventure.Finding My Inner Father to see God. simple home in a beautiful natural environment. along with her feelings and mindstyle as a child. as God is All That Is. Soon she feels the presence of a 3D environment approaching. We are now on our way to a profound re-connection. first through an expanse of white light.

This is truly your home. as though waiting for her return. even though it is night and the stars blaze in a black sky. She runs across Stories for Transformation ~ 119 ~ . The little girl looks at her Inner Father standing on the porch and sees the same smile. The little girl and her guide settle down on the front lawn. there is everything. she sees a grassy lawn. the young girl smiles. He has always been here .” The girl knows this to be true as she can feel it in every atom of her being. in the inner cosmos. but now you have returned. The journey was spread across many human lifetimes . “And.Finding My Inner Father descends further. a good distance from the house... here in your inner world.. all things seem to glow from their own light.” As the Emissary says these words.. The Emissary looks at the little girl and says “You see. you have a parental Father at the core of Being. spectacular flowers that glow in a symphony of colors and shapes — and a radiant being who is looking her way. In this particular environment. you have just been on a long journey that has taken you away from home.

The little girl knows her Inner Father to be strong and full of wisdom. her hopes. longest hug in all her memories.. He kisses her on the forehead and gives her the biggest. For instance. warmest light she has ever known. and that he is “soooo glad that she is home!” He accepts every speck of her being.Finding My Inner Father the yard to him and he scoops her up in his arms. and how she has grown during her journeys. has a good heart. Being in the presence of her Inner Father is an absorbing experience as the girl learns how he relates to all of Life. He is a being who gives affection freely. when he reaches for a cup Stories for Transformation ~ 120 ~ . He tells her that he loves her with all his heart.. and is eager to hear all about her experiences. She sits with him in his favorite chair for hours and hours. He even sings the most beautiful song to her . and she sometimes falls asleep and dreams the most wonderful dreams. a sense of humor and an incredible twinkle in his eye. He does not hesitate to pick her up and cradle her in his arms. her dreams. And when she awakens he is still holding her in his arms. The authenticity of his energy and the feelings he projects are like the purest.

touching the handle and bringing the cup to his lips . his entire being is open to her and she is free to connect and absorb his wisdom. she sees in the way he moves and the feelings he exudes that he is grateful — not only for the tea. listening to her. thoughts and feelings are reaching out to help nurture all forms of life. but in fact he will always be with her. both seen and unseen. She is free to separate from him and journey to the far edge of Creation to have all the experiences she wants and needs.. but for everything. As he strolls through the garden. she knows that he is seeing God in all things. is a conscious explorer of Life.Finding My Inner Father of warm tea.. as a radiant. or looking up at the stars. petting a cat. As she watches him talking to people. philosophy. and became completely lost in Stories for Transformation ~ 121 ~ . rocks in his favorite chair. in essence. or prepares a meal. The little girl knows this to be absolutely true! One time. He will not only be waiting here for her to return. she can tell that his energy. In this way. attitudes and feelings. The father explains to his daughter that she. energetic form in her inner world. she flew out into the night sky to a circular cluster of seven stars.

Life goes on in Completeness In the “real life” of the physical world. She traversed this spectacular stellar pathway to its very end and then turned around for the long journey home. She now knows herself to be complete and unified. down to her home. She slowly spiraled down. Her first sight of him was as a little speck because the distance was so great. the distinctive color of the clay tiles on the roof and the shape of the yard. and she can feel it in her bones. She is Stories for Transformation ~ 122 ~ . down. the woman thoroughly integrates and processes her spiritual visions. but when she finally got close enough to make out his features. she saw that he was facing her way. which she thought must be her father. As she descended through the darkness. and soon saw a person out on the lawn. she finally got her first sight of the familiar trees far below. After what seemed to be an incredibly long time. she looked for her home to come into view.Finding My Inner Father their wonder. He was looking up to the night sky to catch the first sight of her returning to him. He did not forget.

but actually is with her anywhere and everywhere.. she can see and connect with his energetic form and wisdom at any time and any place. The woman knows that he does not reside in any one place. She has learned that she can call the radiant form of her Inner Father and he will be in her presence instantly.. she unites with her Inner Father.. With her eyes open or shut . wide awake or in dreams . anytime and at Stories for Transformation Stories for Transformation ~ 123 ~ ~ 123 ~ . But now..infinitely grateful to have found her Inner Father in the clarity of her inner world. he’s there. and she uses his image and pattern of energy to help shape her personal reality. She can ask him for guidance and he will impart his special wisdom. her Inner Father seemed to be in a home far away. In her spiritual vision. and involved with her as a young girl. If she needs company.

She truly has become a unified human being Stories for Transformation ~ 124 ~ . too. She now accepts him as-is. It is unconditional. In a very real way. wisdom and qualities that are in the personalities of her Inner Father and her Soul’s Emissary.Finding My Inner Father all times. thoughts and feelings. Indeed. she has brought not only his image back to the physical dimension where she is an adult woman — but she has also brought the timelessness of his spirit into her life. She now loves him more than ever before. The woman realizes that she has absorbed many of the insights. and he knows his place in her world. The woman finds that she can easily handle any situation throughout her inner cosmos. she never has to call the Emissary to her side. For one thing. He has not changed but she is no longer needing and expecting him to. she has become them. She understands that just by holding their luminous forms in her inner world. the image of her earthly father learned his lesson. When she meets up with the form of her earthly father in her inner world. she has become aligned with their energy patterns. as her love for him has changed. It turns out that her relationship with her earthly father improves.

Finding My Inner Father Stories for Transformation ~ 125 ~ .

Apparently. She meets her need to serve humanity by becoming a child psychologist. but now that she is complete they have sprung to life. As the sense of wholeness settles in.Finding My Inner Father who now intentionally projects the highest version of herself into the multi-dimensional Universe. developing a profound program that helps hundreds of thousands of children all around the world. but is not dependent on them to make her happy or complete. The unification of her inner world is now reflected in her outer reality. the woman flourishes in the physical world. She now has wonderful relationships with men. The woman knows that she is now creating personal realities that are a vibrational match to the Stories for Transformation ~ 126 ~ . Life goes on. It is never the end of the story. She is now an attractor field for men who are unified themselves. these abilities were dormant when she was a fragmented being. In her new unified form. It is revealed that the woman has uncanny insight into the mental and emotional realities of children. she discovers that new abilities have suddenly awakened in her. But this is not the end of the story.

Finding My Inner Father harmonious energy patterns of the Emissary and her Inner Father. Stories for Transformation ~ 127 ~ . Deep feelings of gratitude flow through her as she knows that she is truly connected to All That Is. She now clearly understands that the entire mulidimensional Universe is unified and whole … just as it should be.

You are not so much a citizen of planetary race. Your true lineage is from the stars. You are Sovereign Entity of the Central Universe! Countless the explorations you have wrapped your Self in the fabric of forms that grow native to a planet’s ecology. or nation.Offspring of the Heavens Eternal Being. you are a happy wanderer of the bright realms of the Central Sun and Traveler of the Inner Skies. culture. Stories for Transformation ~ 128 ~ .

With this understanding. be a blessing to all children of the Tribes of Light for they. like you. s Stories for Transformation ~ 129 ~ . are offspring of the heavens.

Eternal Heart Stories for Transformation ~ 130 ~ .

stands on a rocky precipice and looks in wonder at his mysterious world. He lives in a modest home on the edge of town and has a family. The other story is on the right. A six year old boy living in ancient times T ~ 131 ~ his story is about a regular guy. but after reading both stories you will see that they are intertwined like a metaphysical double helix. Stories for Transformation ..This is two stories in one. outside of the box. Even if these are not “your stories. a dog and the usual trappings of life. The story that should be read first is in the gray box on the left of each page. as they transmit an intuitive intelligence that will be helpful in processing all other Stories for Transformation.” it is highly recommended that they be read and absorbed at least once . The stories are to be read separately..

relative safety and spectacular views of the roaming herds of animals below.000 years ago. but rather with his Stories for Transformation ~ 132 ~ . seemingly endless. A year earlier.. one that has good water. It is 10. His people live in the foothills above the valley floor. This is his clan’s favorite space . and he enjoys working for himself in an area that’s good for the planet. His business keeps him busy. There are soaring eagles and ever-changing clouds above. shade.Eternal Heart He sees an expansive. framed by a magnificent pair of parallel mountain ranges. grassfilled valley.. For a decade he worked for a major power company but recently made the courageous move to strike out on his own as a private contractor installing solar power units. on a small flat area of land that is accessed by a steep trail. pays the bills. He did not have an issue with his father. the man was surprised to find that the story Finding My Inner Father had special meaning for him. sun.

Besides. moon and food. They have several home encampments as they migrate with the rhythms of the sun. He is not an outcast. and he immersed himself in the story for a month. and that the genders of the characters were not important. It was the main message that mattered — he recognized it as his story. The boy has physical problems and is not fully integrated into his clan. He was born with a deformed left foot (it bends inward) mother. but is seen as a “runt” by his people. It is the fall season and they have already arrived at their winter home. but he did his best and stayed with it. He knew that the story was symbolic. He often thought Stories for Transformation ~ 133 ~ .Eternal Heart His people call themselves the Hu. it was a fascinating story. He sometimes complained that the story was too long. The man followed the suggested reading instructions for Stories for Transformation. There are 53 members currently in the clan.

He is also blind in his right eye and deaf in his right ear due to an infection that nearly took his life as a baby. And he often thought about how the story related to his past. and his psychological makeup. his current life. As the days and weeks passed.Eternal Heart which creates a slight limp and prevents him from running at top speed. This has made the boy the smallest of all the about its central ideas. Around that time. he sensed no immediate changes in himself but that was fine as no harm was brought about by it either. wondering if any of them could be true. After a month of engagement with the story. his father left on a hunting trip and never returned. and over the years he has not received the support or food he needs. he noticed that key parts of Finding My Inner Father would come and go freely in his Stories for Transformation ~ 134 ~ . These are serious problems for the child. His mother was taken in by another man who clearly sees the boy as a burden.

he was a new man! This was not a Stories for Transformation ~ 135 ~ .Eternal Heart children his age. he is wise. The medicine man speaks of mysterious forces that give life and shape to their world and to awareness. mysteriously. His hopes for a bright future — to enjoy a full life. But inside himself glows an ember of hope. and then one day. as he was at work doing a routine job and daydreaming about his life. and knows that his life will likely increase in difficulty and be short. Though he is young. have a family. it dawned on him that somehow over the past year — slowly. and a delicate thread of the story had been woven into his own inner world. He has listened well to the shaman tell the spiritual stories of his people. As compared to his starting point of a year ago. and without effort — he had undergone an inner transformation. The boy sees the writing on the wall. and be a meaningful part of his clan — are dim. Months passed.

but get a steady supply of food from the wild wheats that they have learned how to grow in concentrated patches making it easier to harvest. then he will need the help of such spirits. This was a practical realization in which he clearly saw and knew that a fundamental shift in who he was had taken place. The boy feels that if it is his destiny to live through the winter. as his clan’s lack of support will soon bring his current existence to a close. as he understood that people change all the time. The Hu are a mixture of hunters and farmers.Eternal Heart invisible spirits that harbor the wisdom and intelligence of the whole universe. They prefer meat. he was not. He now was far more composed internally and able to see the bigger picture of Life and feel part of it. The little things that used to bother him. Externally he was the same — internally. His love for Stories for Transformation ~ 136 ~ . The revelation. no longer had the same interest or control over his heart and mind.

Eternal Heart

boy is incapable of keeping up with the hunters, and so is more helpful to the women with the crops of grain. No mature men work with the grains and he can see that his time is limited in this area, too. Life is difficult for the Hu as two years of low rainfall have taken its toll on both the wheat crop and the presence of small game animals. The tribe is weak and needs more. Hence the boy is on the very edge of the larger problem that the Hu clan is experiencing.

his family and friends was deepened and less subject to the ups and downs of daily life. As these transformations were slowly unfolding, he also lost the fixation on who he thought he was, i.e. a solid, knowable, physical being. He now felt lighter, higher (more atmospheric you might say) and knew himself to be a spiritual being. He saw that he was a great mystery — and he grew comfortable with it. Very comfortable. In fact, he embraced that aspect of himself. In the year after

Stories for Transformation

~ 137 ~

Eternal Heart

first processing his personal Story for Tonight is very special for the clan. All are gathered around a giant fire and led by the shaman who is blessing the hunters to bring them safety and good fortune on their journeys. The boy is not a part of the activities, but loves watching from a solitary place in the shadows. The dancing, the flames, the rhythmic sounds of drums and sticks, the smell of burning sage and swirling shadows cast a hypnotic, intoxicating spell to the very depths Transformation, he rescues a dog named Alo from a shelter. Alo is rather old and considered unadoptable, but the man feels a special connection with him and he gives him a home. Alo quickly becomes his best friend and side kick. They are inseparable and the dog even goes to work with him. When the man practices daily stillness (his own custom-made method to quiet his mind and

Stories for Transformation

~ 138 ~

Eternal Heart

of the boy’s being. As he is experiencing the festive gathering he becomes aware that he is not the only being out here on the edge of the group. Fifty feet to his right, slightly above a group of rocks that rest below a tower of trees, he can see the dimly lit faces and shapes of the pack of dogs that follow the clan. The dogs are not pets but are accepted by the clan as being helpful, as they act as sentinels to the outside world. They warn the Hu when lions are near

feelings) Alo’s favorite spot is right beside him. The bond between Alo and him coincides with the man’s inner transformation and gives him greater access to his intuitive nature; and the unconditional love that only dogs can give is a welcome gift. This may seem over-stated to people who are not animal lovers, but Alo helps the man develop as a spiritual being. The dog is fiercely loyal, silent, wise, and noble ... and has the air of an old soul. The natural exchange of energy in

Stories for Transformation

~ 139 ~

The Hu and the dogs have a mutually beneficial relationship. he becomes aware that his mind has started using one of the fascinating techniques that was suggested in Finding My Inner Father. as the pack receives a significant measure of protection just being near the humans.Eternal Heart or when a scouting party from neighboring tribes approaches. Shortly after the man realizes his transformation. and occasionally are able to eat some of the spoiled foods that the Hu discard. the main character returns to a significant key memory that had cast its influence Stories for Transformation ~ 140 ~ . which is especially fluid between compatible beings allows the transfer of the dog’s best qualities into the quiet recesses of the man’s own being. In the story. are shy. The dogs live on the outside edge of the village. No dog has ever been a part of any Hu family as their nature does not mix at this stage the Universe. and know their place. easily spooked.

Rather than eating it now. she magically manipulates the central energy composing the memory and creates a new story-line in the memory which produces a new powerful ending. he thinks it might be better to keep it by throughout her life. As the ritual draws to a close and the people go back to their huts. As a result. and literally changes her life. of course.Eternal Heart of their evolution. in an area where the medicine man had accidentally dropped a sacred piece of bread. The key memory is essentially re-written in the deepest level of her .. picks it up and blows off the dust. The boy finds the bread.. in the universal quantum field. This changes the way the memory resides in the woman. the boy emerges from the darkness and approaches the fire. He searches along the outer ring where the shaman was dancing. The boy often feels that he and the pack have something in common. and. Up until this point the man thought that the interesting mental technique in the story Stories for Transformation ~ 141 ~ .

But now — months after engaging with the story — as he looks into himself he sees that subconsciously he is actually starting to use the technique to engage with certain key memories of his own. and he soon settles into the leaves and furs that form his bed. His conscious awareness is not even involved. Subconsciously Stories for Transformation ~ 142 ~ .Eternal Heart his side tonight and use the powers it contains to attract the divine spirits that can give him the help and guidance he so desperately needs. Lying on his side he cradles the sacred bread near his heart which the shaman says is the most sacred space on a human’s body. It’s incredible! He experiences chills throughout his body as he realizes the depth and mystery of the process and the hidden abilities of his deepest nature. A full moon is above and a beautiful light fills a chamber of space before him that is framed by was simply a part of a rich. The boy has his own small lean-to that he built on the edge of the village. well-told fairy-tale.

the boy closes his eyes and reaches inward to contemplate his life... he is going back to important childhood memories of a negative nature that have been replaying in his mind for decades. and has the will and nerve to move on. and that invisible part of his being is carefully reviewing key memories and planning Stories for Transformation ~ 143 ~ . it seems that a higher aspect of himself has been activated after processing the Finding My Inner Father story. and he has experienced its conclusion. Excited to have the sacred bread in his presence for the night. He intuitively knows that those memories and the energy that compose them have been shaping his personal reality since their inception. he feels that he has been through dire situations just like this many times before. But tonight is different — he feels no need or fascination to replay dreams of how it has ended in past lives. Even though he is so young. And so.Eternal Heart tall trees and brush. He knows this reality. He is ready .

With that. Stories for Transformation ~ 144 ~ .” A satisfied smile spreads across his face with the hopeful feelings that ring through his heart. This takes a few days to figure it out. as such inner work is new territory for him and he had never heard of anyone doing this before .Eternal Heart The boy looks inward to the radiant spirits and prays. His message is bravely intoned as a powerful. Once the man becomes fully aware of what is happening in the deepest regions of himself. I need help! Make me strong! Send a guide. His inner orientation is not like that which is taught by the elders and common to his tribe. right?).. he becomes actively involved in creating new story lines for the memories and directing how they will be changed. authentic command: “If YOU want me to continue in this world. except in Finding My Inner Father (which is only a myth. the boy quietly how a few of them can be beneficially transformed.. In his communion there is no emotional pleading.

he takes a journey back to a key memory that he wants to change. Once the memory is re- Stories for Transformation ~ 145 ~ . Appearing in his vision is a luminous spirit in strange clothes and a skin color that he has not seen before. The boy has a most wonderful dream. Then one day. and becomes immersed in its world. he re-lives the memory and alters its usual sequence of events. The boy instantly feels connected to the being and is saturated in his field of energy. during his silent time. just as he had planned. The spirit says nothing but simply radiates care and love as he floats above the child.. while fully concentrating. They drift in For a few days. directing the new content and storyline to play out in the memory . The spirit’s eyes are green which is a color that he has never seen in a human being. he goes through a period of rehearsals in his mind as to the best way to alter the key memories. But this time..Eternal Heart falls asleep and merges with the songs of crickets and owls.

as time goes on. over-shadowing the old one in his inner data bank. As his vision comes cast with new content and a new ending. outward consciousness. In fact. he returns to fully awake.Eternal Heart timelessness together and then the dream itself floats away as the boy falls back into the shadows of sleep. He feels that the spirit in the dream has a part in what is happening. he finds that the new memory has become the dominant memory. With the thought of the dream still in his awareness. It is the middle of night and the bright moon is still casting its golden light when the boy wakes up to the presence of an animal sitting on the ground right in front of him. he feels no threat in the experience that’s unfolding. This is a significant milestone Stories for Transformation ~ 146 ~ . entertaining memory that he has redesigned so beautifully. he cannot help but replay the fascinating. He relaxes and contemplates what has just happened. In the days and weeks that follow.

and the energetic structure of it feels much better. he sees that the animal is a young dog from the pack that follows his people. and looking straight at the boy from just 3 feet away. giving shape to his current personal reality. rising like the full moon. This is unheard of as all dogs keep a respectful distance from the Hu. has dropped his normal defenses.. comes a deep understanding that the heart of the boy means him no in his life . He is alert. From the core of his being.. The dog is sitting upright. the old memory has no control over him. This makes the events and situations of his life unfold in more harmonious. seemingly Stories for Transformation ~ 147 ~ . satisfying ways. from that point on. The new memory and its new energy has taken its place. for the moment. The man is delighted in this new found. knowing that humans see everything as a meal. The energy of it is no longer sitting in a position of power in the quantum field. But this dog.Eternal Heart into focus.

and then back to the bread.. The boy softly giggles at the look of the dog who has his ears going in two different directions.. but the boy thinks how wonderful it is that the dog did not charge him and steal the bread. He looks into the boy’s eyes. His Stories for Transformation ~ 148 ~ .Eternal Heart harm.. then quickly shifts back to the boy’s eyes . too. The dog is obviously hungry.. He experiences the unfolding of a deeply familiar presence that only exists in the eternal here-and-now — a spiritual presence that he recognizes as his true nature — an original essence that is connected to everything in the universe. The results of such powerful inner work make a new sense of identity and unity arise in him. The dog has friendly respect for the boy magical skill to work with his inner cosmos. then glances at the bread . The dog seems to have a crazy grin on his face. He uses it to re-cast several key memories that have been bothering him his entire life.

Following his own instincts.Eternal Heart and his precious food. One curious thing that he starts noticing is an image of a poor little boy in tattered clothes that keeps Stories for Transformation ~ 149 ~ . He becomes completely fascinated with his inner world and the great mysteries it holds. Though one of the shaman’s most important rules is to not waste sacred bread. the boy feels he has something more significant to do. he breaks from tradition and slowly tears off a small chunk of the bread and carefully lifts it as an offering. The boy instinctively is in awe of the young dog’s attitude which he has never experienced before. and is quite happy to see his friend enjoy life while being so composed. The dog cocks his head to the side in a long pause. Time passes and the man becomes more balanced and aware of finer inner levels. Alo knows it too. and transformation has taken him to a new personal reality that is deeply satisfying and ultimately enjoyable.

at least in the world known to the Hu. he realizes that this is an image of a child that had been appearing The dog stays near the boy that night and is waiting for him to wake up as the sun rises above the mountains. was the birth of a deep bond between dog and man . At first he just thinks it to be one of the many images that his mind is recalling from the daily news stories. during times of stillness. In fact. reappearing in his inner world.. and ever-so gently takes it from the boy’s fingers.. and traces his appearance through his memory banks. For years the child has not felt that anyone cares for and disappearing throughout his entire life. when he recalls the boy and fully concentrates on him. But as he looks more closely at the boy.Eternal Heart slowly leans forward. smells the bread .. This is a precious moment! In the quiet of a moonlit night some 10.. bringing the image closer and Stories for Transformation ~ 150 ~ .000 years ago.

As the man becomes absorbed in the image before him. but now he is in the company of a being who does.. but is from a time long ago. the boy is even able to pet the dog. but is wearing buckskins. He can see that the child is around 6 years of age. He then knows that the boy is not from current news stories. he senses that the boy is very sad — that he has a serious problem. Soon they are inseparable. The dog becomes an extension of the boy’s clearer — the man sees that the boy is not poor.. He also has an incredibly strong spirit. or is from a past life or anything like Stories for Transformation ~ 151 ~ . Within weeks the boy and the dog have formed a team. They flow with ease into their unusual relationship as both are innocent enough to allow the openness that permits close physical and emotional bonds to grow.Eternal Heart him . The dog follows the boy around all day and when they are alone. The man does not believe the boy is real.

and the boy shares whatever food he comes up with. the dog makes up for. a single unified being. and he sees that the image and presence of the boy in his inner world is a part of his Stories for Transformation ~ 152 ~ . Soon. unknown place. The man knows the Universe to be an infinitely mysterious. All he knows is that the image of the boy keeps re-appearing in his inner world — that is all. more-or-less. What the boy lacks in vision. dreams and many things in life that cannot be described in words. so he leaves the reality of what the little boy is as a mystery. They share companionship. he does not disbelieve it either. They move through and interact with the world as. they are even that. and nothing more. hearing and speed. They help each other on many levels: the dog finds meat and shares it with his friend. The fact is.Eternal Heart senses and enhances the child’s connection to the world. The man’s intuitive nature has developed. everyday experiences. He feels totally comfortable with that.

over and over again throughout his life. When spring comes. that there must be a deep and special meaning to their relationship. He also feels that the boy is stuck. The Hu people. Not only is the boy snatched from larger Universal Self. unable to move on. But now rather than just letting the boy’s image come and go as usual. He seems to be facing a large hurdle which is why he always appears in the same way and with the same energy and feelings. And they understand the deep significance of the relationship. who had been witnessing the rapid development of the boy-dog bond. the man has inner skills Stories for Transformation ~ 153 ~ . staying close to his side.Eternal Heart sharing body warmth on cold winter nights. He thinks that because the image of the boy is returning to him. the dog trusts the boy so thoroughly that he walks with the boy through the village. cannot believe their eyes! They have never seen a dog behave in this manner — being so close and at ease with a human.

and then enter the inner world in full. senses and abilities added to what the boy brought to the table. The man has developed several ways to engage with rewriting memories and influencing his inner cosmos.Eternal Heart death by his friendship with the dog. The dog’s companionship. he looks taller and certainly walks with more confidence. healthy and strong. The boy appears to have gained weight. but now they both are flourishing. He instinctively wants to help the boy and he is determined to do so. connecting both of them to their world in new and that allow him to reach out and interact with the characters and environments composing his inner world. functional consciousness to spontaneously work in the here-and-now Stories for Transformation ~ 154 ~ . The Hu have never seen a person with such physical limitations look so normal. It is clear that the dog has made the difference. His favorite method is to start with a clear desired goal.

Still the man realizes that he can use the same Stories for Transformation ~ 155 ~ . events and beings as they unfold. too. What he is about to do in his inner world with the image and presence of the boy is new territory for him. but also throughout all the neighboring tribes up and down the valley.. which has the effect of guiding the outcome of the events that unfold in the inner environment. situations. This ushers in a new era of human-dog relationship that not only spreads in a single generation among the families of the Hu. With the help of the dog. The key ingredient is to keep the desired goal as a radiant powerhouse in his heart. And the pack of dogs are aware of the pair. and the natural barriers separating man and dog begin dissolving on a much larger and broader scale. They see the advantages of being closer to people . the boy grows with the energies..Eternal Heart successful ways. This is not a normal memory that he is used to working with.

and intuition of Nature that is not available to people. In the man’s relationship with dogs. He has a wife and children and eventually becomes the clan’s shaman. Animals have a certain understanding. there is a sharing on the most primal levels of existence that goes far beyond mere survival. With special inner projects like this. do not go back to sleep. Because no one is up and moving about. He is known far and wide as the being who built the important bridge between man and dog.Eternal Heart into a strong young man with a remarkably full and rich life.. vision.. on his inner journeys. this allows him to proceed undisturbed with full concentration. the time of day in the outer physical world The morning breeze has secrets to tell you . Because of inner skills that he uses with his own childhood memories to reach inward and connect with the boy and help him in some way. the man rises in the earliest hours of the morning. ~Rumi Stories for Transformation ~ 156 ~ . This particular night happens to be a full moon which he sees as a good omen. Curiously.

The man can already sense that something special will be happening on this particular morning — as if the events that he is about to witness Stories for Transformation ~ 157 ~ . and becomes fully awake with hot cups of Earl Gray tea and a little reading.. In the transfer of energies and intelligence at such deep levels. without the man knowing it. by Alo. Once he is fully awake. followed as usual. The man rises at 2 a. forming a new relationship with the world they share. the dogs’ intuitive knowing.m. and the information that they gather through their senses is effortlessly translated and integrated into his own being. Over time this allows the flowering of an expanded view of the unity of Life.. he tiptoes to a spare bedroom and to his favorite place for practicing stillness .Eternal Heart the energetic bonds between him and his dogs. he also absorbs the higher aspects of the dogs is often reflected and seen as he travels through the inner cosmos.

. and creates a sacred space inside himself. inside and out.. are calling to him from the future.. hold on” he says to himself and the boy. The man settles into the familiar flow of relaxation. He frequently asks them for insight . Throughout his long life. Before even settling down. the image of the little boy starts coming to him.. He often communes with the inner being who came to him in the dream long ago on that fateful night that changed his life. the man remains in contact with the radiant spirits of his inner world. emptiness and silence. and gets it without hesitation. I’m coming . Alo settles Stories for Transformation ~ 158 ~ . He is excited and feels electrified throughout his entire being. “Wait.. He is connected. wait .. and the ability to resonate with a love that is unconditional. He is eternally grateful to the spirit for the part he and participate in. He is quickly absorbed into the delicious darkness of his inner world.Eternal Heart in terms of loyalty to others.

the boy fades into the dark background and the man can see a smile Stories for Transformation ~ 159 ~ . but it helped every village in the world known by the Hu. too. and the man clearly sees the child’s radiant presence materialize before him. The boy grows brighter and brighter. Not only did it help him.Eternal Heart played in helping bring about his friendship with dogs. He telepathically says to the boy: “I have come to help you. In the beginning of his life it was very difficult in too . Using his imagination. the man grows to a very old age. We are going to resolve your situation — tonight!” With that. he brings the image of the boy to him. and becomes a respected spiritual leader that unites all the clans in the world of the Hu. The spirit.. the man can feel Alo’s warm back snuggling up against his right foot and ankle.. Finally. delights in knowing that the man did well with this life and spent it giving support and transmitting his love and wisdom to others.

The man rests comfortably in the inner stillness and waits for events to unfold on their own. But with a little help from kind spirits and the friendship of a good dog. using his own life story as an example. From past experiences. In the vastness of inner space. It was only because a dog reached out to him and took care of on his face as he disappears. Stories for Transformation ~ 160 ~ . he was discarded as a useless member of his clan. The presence of Alo is strong and comforting.Eternal Heart and he felt all alone. his long life grew rich with many experiences. As a child with physical limitations. he teaches them the value of taking care of those in their community who cannot take care of themselves. he is fully aware that the core harmonious structure and features of his inner world will help him on this mission and produce wonderful and amazing results. In his final gift to his people. the man resumes contemplating the goal of helping the little boy.

wide. and is very excited about the prospects of a new adventure for a very worthwhile cause.Eternal Heart him. that he was able to thrive and make a profound contribution to the tribe and people throughout the valley.. He is happy to see the image of Alo to his right and The End. deliciousfeeling spiral.. it is our original state of being and fundamental reality. Please return to page 131 to begin reading the companion story on the right-hand side of the page. He feels the familiar sensation of moving up through the darkness No one stands alone in the harmonious structure of the Grand Universe. We are unified and whole . His awareness climbs upward through a slow. Soon the man feels the stirring of energetic currents in the swirl of space. Sensing a delicate shift in energy he feels the presence of another Stories for Transformation ~ 161 ~ . knows that his friend is coming with him.

Eternal Heart With a little help from kind spirits and the friendship of a good dog. his long life grew rich with many experiences. Stories for Transformation ~ 162 ~ .

and that he is part of a small group of spirit beings who will be helping the boy. It feels natural to him and also thrilling. [Reader: Imagine shooting an arrow at an angle that would make it travel the greatest distance . which is something the man had experienced during earlier excursions into the bright realms of the inner cosmos. but the distance takes the arrow to another world and thousands of years back in time.] As their trajectory flattens out.Eternal Heart spirit who remains invisible. The spirit calls the purpose of their trip a healing... who is still to his right. The man is happy to feel the presence of Alo. The party of three travel up and reach what seems like a plateau of space.. and the spirit who is on Stories for Transformation ~ 163 ~ . On several occasions he has been involved in events in which he was the receiver of healings but this is the first time in which he will participate with a group of healers as one of them. Then they pick up speed and are propelled forward in an immense luminous arc. space and time .. He receives a message from the spirit that this is not a solo journey. in seconds. This group of spiritual travelers cover such an immense distance. they slow down into an serene space of soothing darkness under a star-filled sky.

and that he is here for a special purpose! He. hypnotic and wonderful! The man is absolutely thrilled to be fully immersed in this experience as he knows who he is.Eternal Heart his left.. In the distance the party sees a dim gold light coming into view. Alo. At first the man’s vision is foggy. it is becoming clear that they are about to enter an ancient world of tribal ceremony. unseen destination. Transfixed in wonder at the unfolding situation. It grows larger and brighter as they approach and he recognizes it to be a most beautiful full moon. People are dancing around a large fire. slightly out in front and leading the way. Waves of thunder ring all around as they are magnetically drawn to a certain. The music is primitive. but things eventually clear and he can see that they are witnessing a sacred gathering of an ancient community. The man quickly scans the scene and Stories for Transformation ~ 164 ~ .. the travelers descend into a rich natural environment glowing in golden moon light. giving him the chills . and his spiritual guide are invisible to the dancing people — they have instinctively arrived at the spot in the environment that is immediately behind the boy. where he has come from. who is hiding in the shadows on the outer edge of the group. The faint sound of drums and chanting are heard.

the shaman holds a primitive spear adorned with three raptor feathers. The man intuitively feels the ancient.Eternal Heart sees the luminous forms of three additional guardian spirits — all on the outer edge of where the ceremony is taking place — and he instantly knows that they are part of this mission to help the boy. The man thinks to himself. he senses that Alo has somehow summoned the dogs to this event. in fact. Stories for Transformation ~ 165 ~ . primal connection between Alo and the dogs and. or how he will help. the shaman lifts what appears to be a type of flat bread which must have sacred symbolism. The man is not clear as to how things will unfold. He watches the medicine man dance and lead the group in the fascinating ritual. this ritual is a blessing for the hunters and for the people’s crops of grain. In his right hand held high above his head. The man is amazed at the divine orchestration he’s witnessing. realizing that Alo is a key figure in what is happening. He follows the eyes of the child as the boy looks over to the right and sees a pack of wild dogs that are also watching the tribal ritual. In his left hand. but he is comfortable and elated to simply hold onto the desire to help the boy and let the cosmic forces take their course.

Suddenly. besides those in the healing party. the shaman’s spear strikes the sacred bread sending a small piece of it twirling off into the darkness. and the young dog from the pack watch as the child finds the little treasure.. He takes it back to a lean-to. The shaman’s body responds by bending backwards in an expressive arch. During this event. are the boy they came to help and a young dog in the pack.. The man. that appears to be his own private dwelling. Alo. and he quickly merges into the furs and leaves which form his bed. Eventually the ritual comes to a close and the people go to their huts. Stories for Transformation ~ 166 ~ . the energy collectively held in the healers’ attention is spontaneously released in a wave of luminous splendor and simultaneously pulses through the shaman. the spirits. The man sees that the only beings to notice the stray piece of bread. As soon as everyone leaves the boy jumps up and goes searching for the piece of sacred bread left behind. He sees the shaman twirling around at the dark edge of the dancing tribe .Eternal Heart The man relaxes into the experience and waits for a defining moment to happen — a special event that will lead to helping the boy. and feels an unmistakable surge of joyous energy build in the team of observing spirits.

he just knows that something is about to. He must ask for it though.. A chorus of crickets and owls sing the tribe to sleep... and not take it. and he meets the child’s radiant form in the child’s inner world.Eternal Heart The light of the moon casts the most beautiful. he just floats with the boy in spirit and shares what can be described Stories for Transformation ~ 167 ~ . and he whispers to the young dog that he should approach the boy and ask for the bread. The man senses that a special string of events are unfolding that will change the course of the boy’s life and maybe the lives of others. Alo is very interested in what is happening. He cannot see that anything special has happened yet . and he can feel and see the radiant form of Alo by his side. He does not say anything . Alo knows of the special bonds between man and dog. He gladly does so . The young dog keeps his distance and Alo tells him that things will be all right... The man is telepathically asked by one of the spirits to remain near the boy for a while longer.. and seems to be intimately connected to the young dog who has a keen interest in the sacred bread that the boy has clutched to his heart. mystical shadows over the entire area. The man now sees that the boy is dreaming.

and sees the light of the full moon pouring through the window. contemplating the events that unfolded in his inner world. He wonders if there really was or is a little boy somewhere that he has helped? That he concludes. magnificent” he murmurs quietly. Chills run through the man’s spiritual form as he is electrified with a vision that things will turn out all right for the child.. He spends the next hour in the chair..Eternal Heart as the essential stirrings of the soul’s eternal heart. their healing mission is complete. universal force. As the sight of the boy disappears from view. and resolved an issue that a little boy had been Stories for Transformation ~ 168 ~ . The only thing that he can be sure of is that he took a journey into his inner world. The man returns to the waking world. aligned with a gathering of spiritual forces. Apparently. he will never know. Alo is sleeping at his feet and the clock says 4:30. suffused in stillness. “That was truly beautiful . unseen. Soon the boy drifts back into the shadows of sleep. The man can feel himself and Alo being pulled back to the present day reality by a great. the man sees that the young dog is sitting right in front of the boy and is patiently waiting for him to wake up.

the child appeared before the man as soon as he closed his Stories for Transformation ~ 169 ~ . a month later. As the days pass. mystical inner journey. On that occasion. He concludes that it must have been a success. the man often reflects on the incredibly moving. inside himself.struggling with. as the image of the little boy — which had been coming to him in the same form his entire life — returns only once.

He has returned home . The boy bowed to him in a gesture of universal gratitude and friendship. However. and purpose — he was transformed! The man is especially delighted to see the young dog sitting closely beside the boy. the radiant form of a strong young man in buckskins often appears. Stories for Transformation ~ 170 ~ . In future years the man is never revisited by the same inner vision of the young boy in trouble.. power. just as it should be. The child seemed to literally glow with a special happiness. home to the original Oneness that rests at the heart of the Universe and the center of his being. With a heart filled with joy.Eternal Heart eyes to begin an early morning meditation session. It is now perfectly clear that everyone and everything is connected and unified. He knows this presence to be the same being he helped early one morning so long ago. with a dog by his side. He instantly knows them to be inseparable in their world.. the man stands in wonder of it all — happy to be alive and a part of the Great Mystery. and the man — in his inner energetic form — returned the bow.

Stories for Transformation ~ 171 ~ .

Stories for Transformation ~ 172 ~ .

written by many authors. emotionally or energetically stuck. the visualization. They focus upon the feeling. In the same spirit and intention as the first 5 stories. these are not necessarily designed to help in the healing of emotional issues within readers — though they are welcome to have that effect and for some people these stories will be very helpful in the activation of their self-healing abilities. virtues and courage in the hearts of readers. the stories of this nature are primarily designed to seed and incubate future realities. Stories will also be created for people who sense they have a special purpose — be it great or small — in the evolution of humanity. Most fascinating to me are the stories being created that see wondrous visions of the future. Stories 6~10. and Stories for Transformation ~ 173 ~ . They will help in the formation of very rare.Future plans for SFT T here are several stories currently in development that will form the next set in this project: Volume 2. sheltered. more will be developed that are designed to help free people from the inner fields of chaos in which they feel mentally. and the energizing of fascinating. sustainable and harmonious futures for the reader and humankind. But. Unlike the first 5 stories. I envision that there will be dozens of stories. available in many languages and enjoyed by a diverse audience from all over the world. These stories will assist in the growth of unique harmonies.

Peace & Blessings — Always! Family of Light Stories for Transformation ~ 174 ~ . nourished and born. I invite you to share with me any ideas. suggestions. or short stories that you feel might be a notable addition to Stories for Transformation.beautiful inner nurseries where the highest possibilities of life’s expressions can be conceived. reviews.

The Soul Connection materials shine light on five areas: • • • • • Holographic awareness. Stories for Transformation ~ 175 ~ ..Stories for Transformation is brought to you by www. From there. And. psychology. music. beautifully converge. The creation of personal and group realities. Our telepathic communication system. symbols. Our purpose is to assist individuals along their journey and help humanity shift to the new energies of harmony dawning upon the planet. art. Our primary messages are that the foundation of the universe is unity and wholeness. The holographic universe. and the core essence and ultimate identity of a human being is the immortal soul. essays. the nature and abilities of the immortal soul. We share our messages through a unique weaving of visionary art. through one’s daily T he Soul Connection Network website is a visually stunning place where people. physics and soul . Condensed into its simplest form.. stories and gentle ambient sounds. These new energies are first realized and nurtured within an individual’s own heart and mind.soulconnection. they are expressed and transmitted to the realities of the physical world.

Soul Connection TV is brought to you by and part of The Soul Connection Network family of by people from over 90 countries each month.html Know Thyself: http://www.html Soul Connection’s Visionary Art Gallery: http://www. entertain.soulconnection.soulconnection. b Stories for Transformation ~ 176 ~ . As of early 2011. b www.html We welcome you to this mirror of your own vastness. educate and uplift its diverse.html Stories for Transformation: http://www. positive entertainment. well over 1. worldwide / tv S oul Connection TV is a huge collection of videos that inspire. the most popular destinations of the 500+ pages website are: Free Downloads of Visionary Art: http://www. making for easy viewing and countless hours of videos are organized into a menu of

I am the creator of the Soul Connection Network materials. Stories for Transformation ~ 177 ~ . symbols. holographic imagery and the Infinite.About the Author M y name is Teka Luttrell. Treasures of light and meaning become visible in the physical world as the understanding of inner universes and the nature and abilities of the immortal soul are translated into art. The luminous realms inside ourselves are the original canvases as our creations first swirl into being from the Quiet Center of Stillness within. I live a very quiet life of gratitude. wonder and serenity in the heart of Nature. We play in the inner fields of energy. imagination. the Stories for Transformation energy project and Soul Connection TV. words and stories.

beliefs.Our creations are vibrant energetic packages that are designed to be consumed through the physical senses and assimilated into the inner depths of beings all around the world. As you know. sound and energy into the resonating inner worlds of the observers. personal and collective realities are largely created from the inside-out. we acquire the ability to see. our art travels as light. The reflections of our creations cast benevolent and expansive influences across the subtle fields of feelings. b Stories for Transformation ~ 178 ~ . unity and harmony inside ourselves. Hence. imagine and dream new worlds of beauty. Seen on computer screens. through the delivery and absorption of inspirational content. images and memories that compose people’s hearts and minds. feel.

Stories for Transformation ~ 179 ~ .

Stories for Transformation ~ 180 ~ .

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