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Responsibility accounting: Responsibility accounting is an underlying concept of accounting performance measurement systems.

It traces costs, revenues, or profits to the individual managers who are primarily responsible for making decisions about the costs, revenues, or profits in question and taking action about them. Responsibility accounting is suitable where top management has delegated authority to make decisions. The idea behind responsibility accounting is that each manager's performance should be judge by how well he or she manages those items under his or her control. According to the Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India (ICWAI) Responsibility Accounting is "a system of management accounting" under which accountability is recognized according to the responsibility entrusted to various levels of Management and management information and reporting structure introduced to give sufficient feed back in terms of the entrusted responsibility. The basic idea is that large expanded organizations are not easy, if not impossible to manage as a single piece, thus they must be decentralized or estranged into controllable parts. These parts or sections are referred to as responsibility centers that include (I) revenue centers, (II) cost centers, (III) profit centers and (IV) investment centers. This approach allows responsibility to be dispensed to the segment managers that have the greatest amount of authority over the key elements to be managed. Finally Responsibility Accounting or productivity accounting or activity accounting which means the same thing, is a system that identifies different assessment or responsibility centers during the organization and traces costs and revenue, assets and liabilities to the individual managers who are primarily responsibility for making decisions about the costs in question. Objectives of Responsibility Accounting Responsibility accounting is a technique of separating the managerial makeup into a variety of responsibility midpoints to calculate their presentation. 01. To decide the involvement that a dissection as a sub-unit creates to the overall business. 02. To offer a foundation for assessing the excellence of the divisional managers presentation. Responsibility accounting is used to calculate the presentation of managers and it. 03. To stimulate the divisional manager to function his dissection in a method dependable with the essential objectives of the business as a complete Conclusion: Responsibility accounting is a management organizes system for measurement of division presentation of an organization. Responsibility accounting meeting points on responsibility centers such as cost centre, profit centre and investment centre. For efficient accomplishment of answerable accounting confident morality must be followed. Responsibility accounting helps not only in control but in planning and decision making too.