Gimp Quick Reference Card v.1.

File Management
Ctr+N Ctr+O Ctr+S Ctr+W Create new image Open existing image Save current image Close current image

Image Manipulation
Alt+R Alt+G Alt+I Shift+Ctr+O Ctr+D Switch image to RGB mode Switch image to grayscale mode Switch image to indexed (GIF) mode Offset image Duplicate image

Image Editing
Ctr+Z Ctr+R Ctr+X Ctr+C Ctr+V Shift+Ctr+X Undo last change Redo last change Cut current image/selection Copy current image/selection Paste current image/selection Cut current image/selection into named buffer Shift+Ctr+C Copy current image/selection into named buffer Shift+Ctr+V Paste current image/selection from named buffer Ctr+K Clear image/selection with current background color Ctr+, (comma) Fill current image/selection with current background color Ctr+. (dot) Fill current image/selection with current foreground color

Layers Manipulation
Ctr+H Ctr+M Anchor layer Merge visible layers

D X O T Selection Select Rectangle tool Select Ellipse tool Select Freehand tool Select Magic Wand (Fuzzy) tool Select Bezier tool Select Intelligent Scissors tool Transform M Select Move tool Shift+M Select Magnify tool Shift+C Select Crop & Resize tool Shift+T Select Transform tool Shift+F Select Flip tool Painting Shift+B Bucket Fill tool L Blending tool Shift+P Pencil tool P Paintbrush tool Shift+E Eraser tool A Airbrush tool C Clone tool V Convolve tool I Ink tool Shift+D Dodge/Burn tool Shift+S Smudge tool R E F Z B I Default colors Swap colors Color picker Text tool

Rectangular Selection Tools Shift+Left Mouse Button Square selection Ctr+Left Mouse Button Rectangle selection with begining in the middle of the rectangle Shift+Ctr+Left Mouse Button Square selection with begining in the middle of the square Ellipse Selection Tools Shift+Left Mouse Button Circle selection Ctr+Left Mouse Button Elipse selection with begining in the middle of the ellipse Shift+Ctr+Left Mouse Button Circle selection with begining in the middle of the circle Zoom In/Out Tool Ctr+Left Mouse Button Flip Tool Ctr+Left Mouse Button Bucket Tool Ctr+Left Mouse Button Toggle zoom in/out Toggle flip horizontaly/vertically Toggle fill foreground/backgroun d colors

Ctr+Left Mouse Button Ctr+Left Mouse Button

Horizontal distance Duble click add guide

Ctr+L Shift+Ctr+B Shift+Ctr+P Ctr+G Ctr+P Open Layers, Channels & Path Dialog Open Brushes Dialog Open Patterns Dialog Open Gradients Dialog Open Pallette Dialog

F1 Shift+F1 Help Context help

Add a key as a shortcut to the menu item Open menu, place cursor over item, press desired shortcut key

Useful Links Main gimp web site Gimp manual Grokking the Gimp book Gimp plugin registry

Image Selection
Ctr+I Ctr+A Shift+Ctr+A Shift+Ctr+L Shift+Ctr+F Shift+Ctr+H Invert current selection Select all image Remove all selections Create floating selection Feather selection Sharpen selection

Pencil, Brush, Airbrush Tool Ctr+Left Mouse Button Pick colors from the image Shift+Left Mouse Button Draw a line Erase Tool Ctr+Left Mouse Button Shift+Left Mouse Button Cloning Tool Ctr+Left Mouse Button Left Mouse Button Anti erase image Erase a line Sets the source point in the image Sets the destination point, hold to draw with clone Toggle blur/sharpen image Blur/Sharpen in line Toggle dodge/burn image Dodge/Burn in line Smudge in line

Image Viewing
= (equal) - (minus) 1 Shift+Ctr+I Shift+Ctr+N Ctr+T Shift+Ctr+R Shift+Ctr+S Shift+Ctr+T Ctr+E Zoom in image Zoom out Image Zoom 1:1 scale Open info window Open zoom navigation window Toggle selection on/off Toggle rullers on/off Toggle status bar on/off Toggles Shrink wrap window to image size

Convolve Tool Ctr+Left Mouse Button Shift+Left Mouse Button

Tools + Mouse Manipulation

Keyboard keys pressed before Mouse button with Rectangular, Ellipse, Freehand and Magic Wand Shift+Left Mouse Button Selection tools Ctr+Left Mouse Button Subtract selection Smudge Tool Shift+Left Mouse Button Add selection Shift+Left Mouse Button Shift+Ctr+Left Mouse Button Intersect selection Measurement Tool Keyboard keys pressed after Mouse key

Dodge/Burn Tool Ctr+Left Mouse Button

Copyright © Ilia Tyker 2002 Designed for Gimp version 1.2.2 Permission is granted under General Public License (GPL) to distribute and make a copies of this card provided the copyright notice and this permission notice preserverd on all copies

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