Sri Mouna Swami (Sri Sivachidaananda Saraswathi Swami, 1868-1943

Sri Paramahamsa Parivrajakacharya Courtallam Sankaracharya Jagadguru Sri Sri Sri Sivachidaananda Saraswathi Swami (Sri Mouna swami) established Sri Siddheswari peetham in 1916. Mouna Swami has travelled extensively all over India and had performed Penance (tapas) in the Himalayas with great siddha purushas. Sri Mouna Swami finally came to Courtallam where he had established Sri Siddhesewri peetham. Sri Sivachidananda Saraswathi Swami was known as Sri Mouna Swami, because HH swamiji took silence as a vow. Sri Mouna Swami did not speak in his life ever again after an incident in his life. Once Sri Mouna Swami attended an all India Vedic conference in Kashmir, where many scholars from all over India were debating. A question was raised for which no one could find the correct solution. Sri Mouna Swami then answered the question, which was accepted by everyone. His Guru who was also present there, cautioned him not to cross the yethi dharmam (sanyasi Dharma) by displaying different amounts wisdom unasked by some of other.s Sri Mouna Swami received this caution from his Guru and there took this

He was also a Devi Upasaka. With the blessings of his Gurus Sri Sivachidaananda Saraswathi Swami observed silence for the rest of his life. Sivayya was born to them. Sivayya was born as the third son to the blessed couple of Seethamma and Baapanayya. In his poorvaashramam (life before sanyasam) he used to give pravachanas (lectures) on the Puranas using his scholarship. arms. It was the year 1868 Vaisakha sukla chaviti in swathi nakshatram. His original name was Picchayya and was changed to Sivvayya after . changing kerosene to ghee and also changing metal in to gold. Also by the spiritual expreiences by performing Sri Narasimha Uapasana Sri Swami took the Mouna vratham (vow) which would help him increase his yogic power. That is how Sri Sivachidananda Saraswathi Swami was known as Mouna (silent) Swami. ! Sri Mouna Swami was well versed in Ramayanam. He also had the powers to bringing dead people to life. He had many Yogis Powers (Siddhis). the worship of the Mother Goddess. in Bapatla (Gunturu mandalam).thighs legs from the body during the night time and reassembling them back as before sunrise (this is one type of yogic cleaning process to allow crystall pure energy to flow through the yogic body). ! Sri Mouna Swami’s name in poorva ashramam was Sivayya. which is drawing once large intestine and small intestine outside and washing them in a river or in open space and swallowing them back after cleaning them spiritually. During his lifetime he exhibited siddhis such like khandayogam which is detaching organs like limbs. Andhra Pradesh. He was later adopted at an early age by Lakshminarasayya and Sundaramma belonging to the village called Pandilla (palle). Sri mouna Swami also performed Dhoutiyogam. forearms. Mahabharatham and all the Puranas. These were some of the yogic Siddhis performed by Sri Mouna swami. ! Sri Mouna Swami travelled through out India on yogic means with Siddha Purushas.Mouna vratham (silence vow) in mind.

under the guidance of whoom Sri Sivachidaananda Saraswathi Swami practiced different yoga sadhanas and achieved Siddhis effeiciently. He was later married to Kameswaramma.the adoption. ! Sivayya travelled into the north India and was seeking sipirtual progress. Kameswamma was also a great devotee to Divine Mother. AP. She spent the rest of her life in the worship of Devi. One day he unexpectedly met a bairagi (monk) with the direction of Devi on his way back from a neighboring village. Sri Swami toured all over India by following the yethi Dharmam and met different swamis and yethis in his travel. By the grace of the Guru Sri Sivachidaananda Saraswathi Swami advanced rapidly in Yogic practices. In December in 1906. Sivvaya was extremly spiritual internally. One such swami was Sri Vasudevananda Saraswathi Swami. His mind was turning towards higher levels of Yogic sadhana though leading a family. Sri Mouna Swami established the Courtallam Peetham in 1916 (17. From a very young age he had great devotion and respect for elders in the family. hence could understand the Divine Mission Decided by Devi. ! Sri Sivachidananda Saraswathi later was known as Sri Mouna Swami. Even as a grihasta following the path of Dharma. Sivayya was initiated into the Sanyasa Deeksha by the name of Sri Sivachadaananda Saraswathi Swami. Sri Sivachidaananda Saraswathi Swami served Sri Vasudevananda Saraswathi Swami and through his blessing became a Siddha Purusha. By the grace Sri Achyutananda Saraswathi Swami. Through the conversation Sivayya recognized His Spiritual Darmam of what he was yet to follow in life. They both shared common thoughts on spiritual progress and Sadhanas. daughter of Veeramma and Paapayya of Cheerala. one midnight he left home informing his family about his spiritual dharma.1-1916 was the date of .

2nd Son of Annamalai Chettiar a wealthy person of chettinadu village in Tamilnadu. He consumed the herb on 7th Mar 1952. ! Sri Mouna Swami had known his Samadhi day several years before in time.Ramaiah. ! The presiding Deity in the Peetham is Sri Rajarajeswari Devi the Divine Mother. Sri Mouna Swami settled in Courtallam and founded the Siddheswari Peetham which is also the Muttam for Sanyasis who come to visit the and practice tapas (penence). ! Many great leelas were exhibited by Sri Mouna Swami. ! One time Sri Mouna Swami rose from His samadhi. This was only one of many blessing events Sri Mouna Swami performed after his Maha Samadhi. On Sapthami day. assumed a human Sareeram (body).sankusthapanam). After his samadhi there was some evidence with records that he had rose from samadhi several times to bless and giude his sishyas. Such a Maha Yogi Still exists in Sri Courtallam Siddheswari Peetham and one can reach Him by performing Dyanam sitting in front of his Samadhi even today. Sri Mouna swami gave him a herb to take. 1916 Sri Mouna Swami performed the Pratishtaapana Mahothsavam (installation) to Sri Rajarajeswari Devi and Sri Kameshwara Swami. He was cured of the disease within one month. Guides and Blesses his devotees from his Samadhi in Courtallam. Even after Samadhi Sri Mouna swami blesses everyone who all seek his guidence. With the Divine grace of the Goddess.A. Sri Siddheswari Peetham invites and encourages every one to practice Spiritual sadhana and offers and atmosphere to perform japas and homams with the blessings of Mouna Swami. appeared in Madras and had a conversation physically with S. This incident took place about ten years after Sri Mouna Swami’s Maha Samadhi. Yogi Ramaiah had established numerous yoga centers all over the world. Sri Mouna Swami Speaks.A. He was unfit for a mundane life. Canada in a book titled (Babaji & Eighteen Siddha Kriya Yogas). Mangala varam (Tuesday) in Moola nakshatram 3rd of Oct. Other deities were later installed and now Courtallam Peetham is an active center for the practice of tapas/sadhana and welcomes every one to a spitritual world. He is healthy and is still living. He was suffering with bone TB and was bed ridden for six years. Not only he became healthy but also became an international figure known as “Yogi Ramaiah”. Sri Siddha . This episode was published in Montreal.

Sri Mouna Swami Samadhi Sri Mouna Swami Murthi at the Samadhi Mandiram. Sri Mouna Swami continues to bestow spiritual boons to his devotees and giudes everyone for higher levels of elite Spiritual Sadhana. Sri Mouna swami attained Maha Samadhi (Siddhi) on 28 th of December 1943. Om Shakthi Om .Purusha Sri Paramahamsa Privrajakacharya Siddheswari Peetha Vyavasthapaka Jagadguru Sri Sri Sri Sivachidaananda Saraswathi Swami. Courtallam.