Fictitious Notions of a Person The Divine Beings We Are A forgotten thought on knowing the natural self, as a child we remember

a conversation with other children in regards of our being. Often their statement was you are very strange? Some even jokingly stated you not human…in agreement with their sentiments we stated back in an affirmed replied… yes we are not human. Enforced by corporate entities, over the years and with the distractions of living we have succumbed to the delusional prescribed dogma on what we are. Thus, in speaking to the level of the masses, we might mention the jargon…human to human. However, recently conversations of childhood thoughts resurfaced, when we mentioned to our daughter, we are Divine Beings and in essence we are a Deity. Now some may ponder, he is losing it… He has gone over the deep end or he has truly gone insane. Ok now hear the logic of our thoughts: as we shared with our daughter the truth of our being. Say you take a walk to the Ocean…you then take a glass and scoop up some of the water from the Ocean. Now holding up the glass asks your self, which is the Ocean. Is it the one spreading as wide and as vast as your eyes can see or is it the water in the glass? In truth, the water in the glass is also the Ocean. The fact is the water in the glass is also aspect of the Ocean. The only different is… the glass of water you are now holding in your hand is in a different container. Intrinsically our body is just like the glass, it is a container for the Divine essence on what we are. With this logic anyone can say they are divine, nonetheless not all have the distinction of saying they are a Deity. In such, studying the patterns of our past with focus on art [h]istory, we noticed something extraordinary. Such be… throughout the notions of ancient [h]istory, the images of representations on the Divine and that of the ancient Deities, they were all black. This pattern is not systemic to one region of the Globe. In fact, everywhere there is land the ancient icons of a Deity is a black being. Hence, in this logic of truth, yes we are all Divine… however; only those who truly know themselves and have the merit of 666/induced carbon beings can truly state they are a Deity. Now the questions arise, what is a man, what is mankind, what is a human and what is humankind? Also when did these attachments of denotations become a fix notion on our being? Without looking at the specify dates, all these notations are labels attached by an imposing force/entities over another. From the long-winded jargon known today as legalese, which is a legal form of writing first issued around the year 1914; in defining a human, one will see the defining notion that a human is a monster. See Black’s law dictionary. The foundation of these long-winded jargons set roots from the neo-roman’s conquests as they steal/stole the resources of other nations through genocidal patterns of living. In these conquests the motto was dee-vee-deh eht im-peh-rah or divide et impera, which translate to divide and conquer or in modern phrase the utterance would be divide and rule. Now those whom were once viewed as deities, under the division and governing they have become subjects…no victims of abnormal laws of iniquities. Henceforth, many are under the spells of ignorance in regards to self. So how did we become attached to these thesis, antithesis and synthesis of ignorance, in two words… its simple insidious betrayals.

which are all artificial entities on Blacks. Doctor Diop pointed out the Blackness of the Ancient people known today as Egyptians and the emphasis on the word Negro as a Divine expression of blackness. On the objections of the word Black. Similarly. for those suffering the afflictions of not knowing their natural self: African American. In the references on their Divine sharing. there are just a few who have watched. in fact the first beings living in these areas of land were Black beings and the images of their great reverence were Divine Blackness. many will indeed have an arrogant and ignorant perception on your Divine Being and Divine Super-natural state to be. While in the Netherlands. often one will hear these terms. now many who are black hate the word black. private artificial persons also known as slave traders. for on national passport there is no such wording as Black American nor even [w]hite Americans. while others argued and accepted the passion of stupidity that black is a void without colour. having said that. Knowing you are not a person. Yes Blacks do live in these areas. In the demographical predicament known today as America. As We Continue… By : Prof :NKWNGR : ©-® : 2011 UK . then came the insulting on blacks. we never heard any such notions as Black Chinese or Black Japanese from the residents of the land. Forgetting themselves some have even embraced the ideals of anal-sexuality through purposefully error programming of spirituality. Once we were recognized as being Divine Blacks. due to adoption of fictitious notions on self. and was appointed by criminals…. African-American-West Indian and American Caribbean…the expression Black American or Blacks have became insulting tone for many… rightly such. in the United Kingdom. knowing you are not a human. While Doctor Kwesi. nor in China or Japan. American West Indies. pointed out the Metu Neter/Hieroglyphics on blackness was symbolically represented as a burnt charcoal.Once blackness were revered by all as it was the icon of deification. listened and knows the works of such Divine Scholars like Doctor Cheikh Anta Diop and Doctor Ashra Kwesi. the term Black British and Black-Caribbean-British are used in an artificial emphasis towards an illogical state of being. Even when the visible fact is: black is the essence likewise foundation of all color and spectrum of light. Along with the commerce of miseducations on Blacks came the endorsing of the fictitious juridical juristic legal and moral person. kidnappers…. we never heard anyone referred to himself or herself as Black Dutch.