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DEVELOPMENT Web Application Development

Felda Tourism Portal This is a group project. You have just been appointed as a Senior Web Programmer in Mimos Berhad. You are assigned to a project group to maintain & upgrade a website. The source codes are written in html, javascripts and PHP, while the database is stored in mySQL. You are required to maintain/upgrade the existing web application to develop a Felda Tourism Portal. Tasks for the group: i) Choose Felda products & services to be registered at your Portal. ii) Each member is required to find & register at least one (real) product and one (real) service available from any Felda side industries. iii) Study the existing portal. iv) Propose new modules to enhance the existing features. v) Prepare a User Interface Design for the new module. vi) Develop the new modules. vii) Implement/Upload the new modules to a web hosting server of your choice. viii) Submit a Full Project Report (hardcopy & softcopy in CD) that consists of PART 1 & PART 2 as follows: PART 1 (Assignment 1 5 marks (5% of the total coursework)): a. Project Description - Objectives, Target Users, Features b. Description of Existing System - Existing Code Map - Codes Used, and Unused Codes c. New Design - Justification of New Design & Implementation, New Site Structure, New Code Map, New Features d. User Interface Design PART 2: e. Database Design f. Module Development g. Codes, and h. Project Implementation i. Group Members & their Roles.


This is a group project. Please work as a group. Project Leader must appoint roles, assign tasks and work schedules to each member, motivate members towards the completion of the project, and ensure all project activities are completed according to plan. Each member will be assessed according to their contribution and participation towards the completion of the development of the Felda Tourism Portal. This is done at ULearn called Cooperative PBL (CPBL) activity (which is 5% of the total coursework). Project Evaluation: i. Creativity & Innovation 10 marks ii. System Design & User Interface Design 15 marks iii. System Functionality (Module Development) 15 marks iv. Programming Style 10 marks v. Database Design 15 marks vi. Presentation 10 marks vii. Team-working Skills 10 marks viii. Report & Documentation 15 marks Skills required: - Analytical & Creativity Skills for System Design & Database Design - Team-working Skills - Programming Skills: HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and mySQL. Assignment 1 Due Date: 6 December 2011 Project Due Date & Presentation Date: 13 December 2011