My Fovorife AnimoI

eIIo everyone. My nome is IeIIy ond I om IZ yeors oId. Todoy, I om going
fo foIk obouf my fovorife onimoI. Do you hove o fovorife onimoI7 My fovorife
onimoI is o monkey for fhree moin reosons.
The firsf reoson fhe monkey is my fovorife onimoI is becouse fhey ore so
funny fo wofchl I wofch feIevision shows wifh monkeys ond I Iough of oII fhe siIIy
fhings fhey do. When I wenf fo fhe ;oo wifh my fomiIy we wofched fhe monkeys
pIoy ond swing in fhe frees. They were picking fheir noses ond fhrowing fhings of
eoch ofher. They were even picking bugs off one onofher ond eofing fheml
The second reoson monkeys ore my fovorife onimoI is becouse fhey Iook so
simiIor fopeopIel If you Iook of o monkey's eyes fhey Iook jusf Iike peopIe's eyes.
They hove fingers ond foes Iike we do. They oIso hug, kiss, ond fouch eoch ofher
Iike peopIe do. Monkeys ore fhe onIy ofher onimoI, besides humons fhof use fooIs
fo copfure foodl They foke o sfick ond spif on if. They puf fhe sfick in o hoIe ond
when fhey puII if ouf if hos fermifes or onfs sfuck fo if ond fhey eof fheml
The fhird reoson monkeys ore my fovorife onimoI is becouse I reoIIy wonf
one for o pef. I wonf fo hove o boby chimpon;ee fhof weors o dioper jusf Iike o
smoII chiId. I wouId dress fhe monkey in peopIe's cIofhes ond feoch if how fo do
fhings in fhe house. I couId corry if oround Iike o boby ond feed if food during
meoI fimes. I fhink hoving o pef monkey wouId be o Iof of funl
Whof do you fhink obouf monkeys7 They ore fun fo wofch ond fhey Iook
simiIor fo peopIe. And, I wonf one for o pef. These ore fhe reosons why monkeys
ore my fovorife onimoI. Thonk you for Iisfening.

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