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Opusculum Astrologicum
Tm~w"d Edited hy Rob", Hood

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Project Hindsight
Latin Track Volume Iv

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Opusculum Astrologicum
Translated & Edited Robert Hand


Project Hindsight
Latin Track Volume IV

PROJEt.."T HINDSIGHT is entirely funded by the astrological community through subscriptions and donations.

©Copyright 1994 by Robert S. Hand

Published by the Golden Hind Press, P.O. Box 002, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411

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Dedj~atory Th~Fiut

Epistle Part Contains Instruction on the U,,, of the Ephen'tri!.


:~!~a~~. ~~.~~e.

and D~'.~Si~on



.~emeri' for t~
Lener. the I

CW10fI U. To Inquire COrlc.:ming the Golden ln~ictiou Dnd the Su. Mo,·~sbles



Planet!<, the Head m,d Tail of the Dragon at :-/oon of Any Day ..... Caoon v, T" Find the Tnoe Place of the Sun and Mono amI lhe Fi~c Plmel, Dnd the Head and Tail of the Orag<Jn at Any Hour and Minule of tloeDay Canon VI. To Infer the Hourly Motion of Any Planet Skillfully Canoo. VII. To ln~"'ligate io a Different Way What the Pn:ccwng Has Taught .4 CiU10n Viti. To Find the True and Awmge Argument of the Lilirude of the



Canon XU. To Definc the True ·lime of Any Cortjuru.."lion. ()ppol;itiOll or Qu~draIu'" of the L,uninarie.1 al Al'y Meridian .. <I C~non XIn_ To Foresoo the Edip,;cs of the Luminaries. if Any Happen in (he y= 5 Cl1IOll XIV, To Que,tion Whether the Eclips" Happen, amuoo the Head of the fail 01 the l)ragnn, and Whether it is Total or P".tial, and if PlITtial Whether the Northern or S"',lhern Pan is Eclipsed. 5 Canon XV. To Reckon 11,= Times, Namely the Beginning, the Middk and lheEn<l,>rnd lhe F.ntire Duration of Any Eclipsc, . 5 CQIIOO XVI. To D.-=ine ,he LengtJ. of Time of the Whole Lunar Body Hidiogunoi:rll\eShadow. 5 Caron XVIT_ T" E""mernte ,he f.,cnglh oI the Day or Night. Lik~wi.,e the Time vftheRisingorScninsMthe Sun al Any Ti,ne of Year. 5 Canon xvm. To CaRven ASUOtlomical Hours R~gun at Noon intf) Hour., "i'aking Their Ikginning f'Qm Sunrise, S"n.'et or Mi<Jnillh' Canon XiX. To SCI Up A Figure: <If Heaven for Any Mom,,!)t According Rule><ofthcAlt. 5 to th~ 5

Canon II. To Rcco),;nilcthcQualitics.wdConditioIlSoftbcSeYenPianels 20

an Evil One_ Canon

. a Plane! is Ascending toward

35 the Angle. ~~

XII. To Find Whether

61 Leadm .non XXX.Carum XXHI. Tu Sec the Ele"atiQn ofs Platlet ever A Planet Canon XXXV. (lr Disposition ... Rulers nrc..!ht. Degrees Dork. .ccemricCircre.!.. Plam! from CQfljunction or Aspect . 46 C.·er!~eLords. To Determine the F<>rtilUdcs a"d Debilities of the Planets Canon XL To Define in a Learned M~nner the Fortunes am! loformnes of the· Cu~ps Mloc Houses or Hea~en. 45 Caonn XXVIII. 50 Canon XXXVI.47 Canon XXXIV. Azimenearulfortunal" 5] Caol>n XXXVIII. 42 C8DOn XXV. ToDisco.~y. or tju. .id. 43 Canon xxvn. Likewise Uegree<Ocep. To Attend to whether Any of th~ Planets Ale Void of Course Canon XXiV. To Comprehend in a Learned Manner the Contrariety or De~tnlcti"n "fConjunction" of t~e Planei.i. in Lighl or Nnt 5] Canon XXXVII.. To F.'grees M". Donation of Vin"". .pl"". Suitable for Bloooletting am) Cuppiog Canon JV. Collnec~on. Which ThcyCite to Gi"cPowcrto AnothcrPIRl\c:t. Canon XL. To taanune Tim".ovefIK)[> which Man. To Discern the Abscjssion of i~e Lillit( ur Na(\llI' uf One PI"nel by AlIOll.. To Notice thal a Pianet i.. To Obset>.n XXXU.eLllinc "nd Feminine. C2non VI._ the o. Degrees "ml Minu(t" CMon XXXIX. .clo..iQ". Tn Elect Healthful Times for Ihe TakinS 01 • Drug.I.. '1'0 Sed< Ihe Denunciation Df Lighl. To Di. wbK:.h i. LikewiM< of the Pl~ ot Ih~ Planets and of!hc:PilruoftheSignificat:J"'. 46 Canon XXIX.". Wbether Any P!Jmct is Peregrin~ OJ Fm. To Goth . whi~h is Called the Rerum ofVinue 47 C""".. To Watch the Ascension and Descension of a Planet in tk f. To Comp""hend th~ l'rusrrarion of.non XXXI.mc Canon XLII.'Ie through TravelS.. 47 C. Which Planets am Friends or Enemies of Each Other. Canon XXXIII.62 the Moo" .andal""intheEpicycl~ 43 ceco XXVI.. To Sec Refrenatinn from Conjunction Of Aspect. Lucid ond Vr. ofthc1'ltr.ion lWdthe . the An(. To Elw: Time. SIl'Ok. To Qllickly Comprehend the Decam of the Sign. Callcrl PuI~at.. .-e the t7 6& 70 70 nJOO Suitable Suitable for Balh< f<lt Cultiog Hair. Caooo V.61 of the Zodiac A'P<:"I or~leMoon tothcPlaneL~ L3non III. '1'0 Compr~hend the Collection of Ught or Nature. in Sign •. To Demomlf"ate the Reception of a Planet. . To Inquire alxmt t~e TOlrtllation of Ug~l or Nature.C.

to Make and 77 and for s".. To Comprehend when It Is Be. . ToFiod out when ftl. BesllOHnm m.for CODSlructing a Buildin~ Canon XVII.! to Buy Jml Sell.AnotlJer.ct Suitable Time for naveling Legalinm Canon XIX.nding . To Sele. Canon XVL To Laj' the Foundation . Recei"ea Lmul Canon XVIII.

Rook I .Appendix-Schoener's Fixed Star Table From Cannn XXI.


very dearly from Schoener'.rI.'..\.ed oul chan """"'plcs •• characlcristic of mDSI of the books BOlunlikcLiUyeverytbingi..ection U~ rn\t?1 ailrology. However.aodlhebasic.li. In vinuaHyeveI)'areawhcrethet"''Oanlho same t~~hliical material. with re'poct '0 that <Of (he rdati~ely recentpaOl.y to work with and quite d..e.aI.lC1's. ~re failly ea.~dibly simpjifioo 2U1h Century a. a dcar hicrarcl1y of teChniques m. I discovered because Ih~.mall group of Ii"'t principles and (hI almost ~U of the details folio"..ihey "n'p"'>I!:nled herein the form ofahandbook. of\lnconne<. 0"" di.cover~ that Schoeller n:~.."nr ofmatcriai WO"'.' wen: several . differingoniy in oecn •..lheRenaissOlncc..uiI.lcnl00. In thl: .:$ a.$Ccompendiurnofastrologicru priru. the amount of information...dy dune so.led of severer wurks b~ Schoener ""d ulheTS .e predictive method.lhe!lrenglh i.on's modem work 00 electiollS.1:heh:l.. This included Partridge's Mikmt><JIUlSlron..semcdllftheendofBook IV ot'I~Qlemy·.I. quite i. Schoener pre.l1ele&lincc.lbema. idea."'.jng that 1 iIfIl dealing with a ma~. descrihed in IMc lasl few soctions or Book IV are extremely comI'Je..:'lretic.terial in S"hoentr(hal wasnolprescnledinaoyntherle>. \\lbenu.-iod.lmtthere is a ronsid<rablc "."rol"l§w~ Elimnta. the reader wiU hegin 10 get SOme idea <>f how 'n. Chri. II.tlyand ec CJlme only close... and method.eiimplcaodcal'heappliedhyanyone .hutarrwgooverysy.mply lium these.elllcUin spllCCsothatonecangetagreatdtalofinformaUonqukkly.pomedbyWiliiarn Lilly and lheot.the.~otI1yancshi"goutofthslpre. Wilson's lJic'i(Jnar. 'rncse are essentially the sam~asthooee.. when I had to Lheck material Latin roraccuracyinOlhe'r'textbooksufruughlylhcsamcpeliod.WhcrclIleStn:"glhof Lilly'..' fOI cumpl~.hokno"'. they were at the end of the Middle Ages.C pre.foned{\(. cover the Ihi.Introduction by Robert Hand Schoener's OpU5c~lU1f1 MlroiogitWlI is a work which we would have to writ"...".iDclependcntobservntions"'ithlilileornoallCmpl..~ work by Schoener are "cry good compiemenls Therei.. SibJeis Amotogy.Cs.ipies._ on dection'.ycarerllUyorganiRrlandprc:.atsysremati~3lion 8uttheSYi~matizatiOJ1isnOljIlSlfOlthe5akeofthc:. if I>c had II()t aI".'0'" n. main lack .lilhework.o.c~on' is quite lypiclll of the strength of the aglrolopy ofthi'p"rioo.lneveryiostancc I round m.(U1ASlrol"gerlie< precisely inils exampics.on' from a rdatively ..1 thaI there are nD from lhisperiod a small "flhis ".en!. Lilly nnd th.:rlto fudge as the.o. Terrabiblos 11'~."".ffi~...ozy and a numbel of other Icsscr None of tl!ese carne close e~cept L. Lilly. more detail. Lest ""yo.Theprincipl.cca.lmlogy i. i.ergrcat English astrologers of 17th (:ent\lry.t.' af Aurolo..hoeoer's concise m"tcrial to Hob .led. hisaconci.ver)'cornpactlysoastownsliluleancure'nelyg<>r>t:l ref=~l~" book for Ihe astrology of lhis . And the section on .".t1l!aynothinguft1JcGreekandArabicIUHlcriaL11.lematicailysothat. lhink lhal thi~ is an O[igi""~01l of &ho<:..d method.'1 wort. In Robson I have Ihe feeJ. a... l"wbich I had access.origin.l book actually CI." COlJlpal'es Sc.. CoJ~y's Clallis A.. nohonuy in SChne'lel.\'eTyde~sely.ion.

AbllutJuboumesScbocner. .

'Bo!hn""""meon"'blacke"ru.The cha_<tlS recompn!ed for the Regiomo1l1anns hou.tem Schoonerwollldhaveused. noti''''.. whi.e . the 'y.y~lcm.."pP<ls~'~ath.daimOO10h"vc"o""Su.h j.andisgi"enbclow .relllly='~n!O." .

usefuL Ho"'c. .Hewf-din 1547 On. there were problems with the Latin nfth.hining e~ample.."la!t:nole.~uite""idefrumrny strengths lind weaknesses as a translator.:ogli!dt cquivale-nl!.llation." C neralNouoJltheTnuv. The Latin it!.Ill!>d.'. IheNam"/o Pr/mo.laliu'L . !l would be wonderful if I could say I was completely ronfident ofthi. Throughout the Middle Ages Latin cvulvoo Ii:om the Ctasstcal standard of the aforernCT1tioned.. of astrolugers 31 the f"". extraordinarily clearandstraightforward.rl "" hcliocentOc astronomy.olei"lh~hi"toryof Science_ Tie was one of those who urged Copemicus 10 ruhlish hi~ w. il w:u in !he fonnofa long l"LLerloSchoener..wleefforth:ugoneinlomakiogit about every aspect Gorre-ct a.elf i.d Enliglttenment tumed cur artintct'supcrstition..er.~ text quite apart from those TII~ tc~t i.lcano"lysaytluoICUllBider. Words in MedieVal Latin that look like their F. Schoener.Sch""""fp!nyedano!herimpOItalLt.f the Renaissance Humanists...1ulhors to the language from which much actually came into modem Englis~. alnng with Rcgiomontanus. well a.sued a short introouClion 10 Copemicus' worlin 1540..d by the i Neoclassical Slyle.sar. 3S a . Wilen RhClicIH i. wriUo:n in Late Medieval Latin M)TT"K:whalnflllCnce.tnn.butlhtvocabularyisnutthatoftheLatinnfCiceroand C~.front of inteUe<tuai prOll=s before the great paradigm shift of the $O~.

lrfo_wy begun in Schoene. Nor was this vocallulary pari of lhe Classical languag"....~~I~th::a~:I:~~a~. 0" lop of (hi.:. __ " _. Bul mucb of lhe vocabula...·s time..at. _.n that had .y of Late Medieval Latin did not come into EogH&h or any "tller modem language..mean precisely what their English equivalents mean.10 :~~e ~~u:. as . (here was a Medicvall. ::~ .

All of Ihe nntes inlhio wori. are by lite tr"mlalor.on_II is exactly !he same as tile Almuten of Arallic astrology.o referenced in the notes wherever.1 as "ruler.oocidentalisc~t=alandcircumsl:uuiaLAnythingessentiaJOO=(IIllofthevc-ry beingofalhing_ Anessernialdignilyisone!ha! reinfom:s the essence of all anmlngicat energy from wilhin.' ruICfshipby.. . one lhal reinf= an a.lrolcgi(al ~~~~~~~o:fO'" lei us relainilie word and the concept of 'Dccident' jn ils Dominus and Oarninmor.mthal hmean~lheplanelhaving lTIOSIcssentiaJ dignities in any po. In this lexl""e havesyslematically InllIslatcd.trologicaienergyfrnmwilhouLinthecircumSOOlCeslh<ltsurrouncltheaslrologicai energy.il.d: DomiMlOT mean. The"" WOrd. This. An accidcntal ilignily i.00 a great deal of damage u) the clarity and effectiveness of ".<..somedlinglllllll:lh. Dominus i. both have to do witj] rul." 11 is aI.\C>ccU".sigllonlyaodhassystemalkallybe<:nlraoslaledas 'Io. an extremely importnnl dislinctioo and lhe failurc lOob!ICIYe it has """'."hip.

nesSchocncr.ocndsgrccting' .Dedkatery Eplstle To Joanncs and Christoter Geuder. brolhers~mlpat. loru.riciaasofN"remberg.


Signs and A"IH'ct>. T(I Examine the Sequence and Disp<)sition Flr!ltTun~. M(lveable!!. and otber To. Carum I. of the physical of the Ephemeri~ for the [Thi. lndkti(ln and the Sh.. the Con~m. To inquire JaYOUlof Schoener's epru:mcris. .. section 1> a discussion Canon 11. lh~ Dominical [This C~n(>" uescribes muwablcfcast.t".ne the Golden Number.] Utter.> Give Notice of the Planets.The First Part Contains Instrllction en the Use of the Ephemeris.J Canon IIL rem1S used to c=pllle &'.


To phuels.over the TruH Motion of the Suu. or Canon VI.<c the Sun and Moon and the FiYe Planets and.itioru.-. and the Five the Head and Tail of the Dragon at Noon of Any Day Cannn V.. Moon. ally [lnthiscIDlonatabkofd.edluculTcctplanclaty[lCl.umalmotioni£u.. Di.ceee rv. Tu Infer thr Hourly "'turtOD of Any Planet Skjllfu1ly...for . Dragon at Any "our and Minnte nfllie Day. To Find the True PI.the Head and Tail ofu.

To lIetermlne the Latimdes of the Fi. Schoener uses only lll!irudcs.n< was compuled.given lime. [Sch". [Thiscanl)n t~ach~. Tn DefiDl! Iu."_ Pollowing th~ Arabic tradition. To Find the True and AnTlIJ:e M~. :stiga .on to the term ·3verngo. [This Canon uescrib"" huw 10 cum:ctthc time< of the pha". does not conlain thcactuaJ latitude crrte Mooo. To Sbo . oth~rrlays of the month. True Time of Any Conjunction. t"mh and twentieth duys of each month...4.now that 'here is absnluleJy nn mention Irulde of dedinalions hc. ~apablc only of gencretlng the average latitude.givcrhc latitunc< of the pl£U1Cts[urtl1" Cml.] .1 procedure i.iaJ on intespolating Argument planrouypnsitiO!l').bation"lhalwouldalTcCl!""hltirudeortl1~Moon. To h .] C .· Thi. declinations came into heavy use It coold enter be before or after this time.. AI this time We do 110{ know WMr. Ttl Dtsccver the .. hnw to findlhe average Jalilude of the Moon a.witheachOlhcr..~ Plamts rur Certetn D~~ aud Heurs. disregardingpertu.ltisnolciearwhatlhca!lje<'livc "erus.~ of the Pla~1$ tu the Moon aDd of me Other PlaDetsBetWft'll1belllStl~u. We would usc the term 'true. n Xl.. the Latitude or the Moon It Any Mome-nt. [lbiscanoo~"Onliooes Canon with !lI()remare..j Canon X. [This takes the arsumcru of tbe btiru& thn' w~ gnt in the pre''. a function of ilsclong8tionli"omitsno<ies..oct.'''''' "anon ond gCJ1eratcs the latitude (still av.."er'se·phcmcri.. in a.spect.oriwl at Any M~r1dI8n. This canon describes how \0 intelj){liatc the pcslti 0""' fo..] CaDl)O IX.] of the Latitude of !be Way \\fhal the Preadlng Has: VIII. Apparemly Sch""ner's tpilemeri.. DifJennt Tallght.rng~) from 3 tablt which i.mcarOngilas to do with this.] Canon vn. [There is an Jspectariancomv1"t" witb lilIlCll Qftloc espccn thcplanctsaru\lheplanw.. of tl1e Moon fOf mer-ruans other than mal for which the eph •. The reader sbould k. Quadntnre OppnsltloD or of tho LDJIIin..' in oon1mdist.doc..j Canon botl1 for the Moon with XU. suppliw...m.

.-. Namely the Ek'ginnins.informedastohow(ou"clhemforcompDlinlllhclc.. If Any Rappen in the Canon XlV. and Canon XVI.blcdthcdiumal and nocturnal se. the Middle the Rnd.J Canon XVIL To Enumerate the Length of the Day or Night. To Question Whether the Eclipse IIapp"DS 31"ound lhe Head (If tbcl'.NC. To S.ilhCft:ad<. and tile Entire Duration of Any Eclipse.i. the nme of the Rising or Setting of the Sun at Any Time of Year.miarc..ngth ()fday~nd Canon rtighl. the foregoing tables reckoned fromlhcvmiom diffCfentlimes listed in the titlc.J XVID.. To Reckon Tb«>e Times. Sunset or Midnight.. Year.rll<lftheDragWl. J"ullar Body Hiding "nder the Shadow.anou.] CllI10n XIX. to wmpute hours IThis "aJlmllclli the reader how 10 ". To Convert Astronomical Bears Degun at NlOOn into Hours Taking Their Deginning fclIIO Sunrise. Wbol.and Whether if is Total (lr Partlal.HfI. Canon XV. . WIK>tbu the Nuriliern or Southern Part is Eclipsed.Canm' XIIL To Fo«>see the Eclipses of the Lumtnarle:s.' . To DetermiIll! Ibe Length of Time (If lb.'given laliUloc. AcctJrding to . lin thi. forvariou.upplied.. Likewi .and if Partial.t.t Up A Figure of Heaven for Any Moment the Rule.1 of the Art.

t!.. ACC(lrding to tbe COnditi!l1l of the FiIed Stars Whicb Nearly Touch Them..on XXI.'r. •. . Fixed Stars of the i. To Insert the PIace:s oCthe Planet!.. To Introdru:e the Conjuncti!lns ami Asp.Canoll XX.nmJnari"" and PJan~L. and Other EIJ".:an.. of the l. and oflhe Figure In a Ma'iterJy Mann.!.


.. .. ..'' . '" .. . . q " If ~ ~ '" 11.. 1)"" " ". .."'N ""'.. .]] ... " ~ ~ " " .o . __ - ." D Q ~ Q Q l" ~ .")!"""" ~ :r.." " "" . ' ." .... " .. " II " . .D"" D "' ".. ~ . ... " .. .........~" '34]00' ... D 0 0 """'" . 50 f. R " ... ~&!I 9"" " " .. . • ".~.... .. ".. __ SeeAwondix .."" I' . . f c ... 0"" n Q """~..$ " ~ " " ... . " LO 11 ') " 14 " 11 '. . (0 II " '1" " . " .... " . ...n 1l " .. I 1) l ll'''...~. " ' ._.. ~. " .• ..) :I. druhor"""''''''. U . ' •. I '.. •• Q . 'Snouldbetlleb ... oj m ~ .. 0" '" 1II -tn . " .....~. .

t the Changing of tbe Air! .Canon XXIL To }"oreom.

aspeCl. in these words: "WheD Ihe MOOD is "'paratcd fmmthcoonjunction of any planet or from hi_. acoordiog (0 (he Damre "r those planets. as others .elves al\he polar clcvatiou of 49'hdcgrccs..clr.If (he A.Alcabitio.Thil.lhe names.'ille wrile.. true ploccs.andisconjoinedtollOother plandi!Ild lhc bou:><:.." And these operungs of gates alld of greal doors are alIexpoonded plainly in thetahle written helnw_ Furthcf. of the more well-known fixed sial'< are <!isolo.ay.bcrpolar cJcvalion.) wheo 1I.thc'aITlcalanoi. \Vhocvcrdchlre. John of Se.sh"uldcousullpwblcmS70flherable. sctling and Midheaven passe! of eesc same present them.(a.y.'( <. of directions ofthe most le"me<l loanne. in tile more worthy allpe' preceding or following (ile Moon i(.the opening of the great door>.'Coocemingtbeopeniog ofgreru door. in which il happeno lhat wimh amI rains come.magnirudcs and nall1re. Il is called llteopeningoIga[e. i joined 10 a superior and Wilh tpjs their houses areopposed.pects uf (be Plancts Between Themselves and to the Moon in Consideration of the Changing of {he Air 13 Win(cr-Coid &.nowy . i.in the place of the Moon and me Ascendant Of.!Inferior planet i.ed in the tahl~ ju..oftheprimummobileortabIe <>f rhe table.of those phmelS arcopposed.\1 above There also the rising. dc Monte Regio A Li.

·Jupi~r· Spting· Turb!lleot ~:::: ~ ~~~"r 2-</. Cooling & rurtlUlent Spring·T\Jrbulenl&dnmp Summer· Greal thunder or lempel1lle Aulumn· Windy & rainy Winter· Turbulenlor fO!lgy All !ea.0-'>· Spring..<oow 0-<1 Spring·\ .0 'i-0 9-0: Chtlngingairar:cordingt.nns.Teml"'rareair All se.. !::::~ ~~~~"r & lighl.n win1er & falling .Rain&wld Summer· Grem thllndcr Aun..? in "" me>i.er. Spring· Showers Summer· Heavy rain Autumn· Showers Wmler·Coolingand." Mar.Otlicmltureoflhcseasun The.o.>ons·Tcmpemle Spring.mn. Some wind with moi"I~le e..>: Spring· Showers & turbulent Summer· Greatthun(fur Allblmn·Showern&IUrhulent wtrner . Wind.nnw All season> ..1 winds 1\11 sea..Cnld& frosty wtnter c Fcggy cr snowy 0'.um· 0".".Cooling )...ring Wimer· Cooling down & Windy or lemper~te </.hnwers Spring·S~nwers Summer· Thnnder Autumn· Showers Winter·Omnpncss & heavy no.'IJecially . Tn wJrer5igns..n "indy [signs}.rure.in .>.mJy&dry i Summer·· Thunder & lightning Autumn· Windy & dry Win. '4...

ning' 01 lhe Gat"" "'pQJ~l&J~ TheOpening.Foggy & turbulent Wintcr-TurbulentOTmowy ~-1: H The o.oflhe l~Jl: Greal Doors r'".. -1 ~ j..truting. if carried t"ward .Silring-Damporcioudy Summcr_Warmingup Autumn .cp.. tJ -l 'If r0l ~ Lo'J . or tile contrary L1J Moon" .


TweIveSigrn. Baltamia.'Syri" Cava.oftbe of flcgions: England.ance. IUldProperlleso1lhe Zodlao:. CanonL To Reveal lhe Nature.F. Britain . Germonia.The Second Part of the Introduction Treats Compendiously Astrology.

peak with Women JJ Region. dry melanchulie. .commandiog. EI"Clums: Begin arrything that you desire give ple"sure. rcligions and "prigbl wOm~'n Regions: P..northern. honest.TcHchoo)'s ofblooo-ve.sel' Cancer 6 i:1l>. ..of<Jhlique RScensioD.ebIe and weak ending.quadrupedal.Taurustl Narures: The secondary house of 'i'.'brnken.crnoktd. wwcr fllypl Eleclions.lu~urious. Margiana. Gemini be . \>e w".becau".or<.'" Armenia.Irung.af.:i.'l\ic. &£thy. and J\"ia. MOOi.rlhia. moi.y of the cupping glass' and tile opcning N{P"FCS: The hou. cold. feminine.dom(. Wnl~.skk"nddefectiw. phlegmatic. <Jfllle '<Juthemlriplicity."" to and Maritimc Asia Minur.ry> cold.offewchildren.oj" ~"lofflimbs.' be'lial. feminine noclurnal.agn:alaIllJstr{}IJgbegilllling.J.. Hircania.vocal. buy cattle. !he Cycl.jIctl. nocturnal. Cyrene.e of the )I. Marrnari~a.SOUr . build.

Pw-IS oflhe Body and llln~s .. s: The lungs, the whole breast, the liver, ribs. spleen, mammarie~, and the di.,eaw; of these parts. Pustules, leprosy, generally a, ahnve in T. Impediments phlegm •.' Regwns_ Elect;"',,",: choleric of the eye" oougbs. C<Jru;umptio!~ pleurisy, he is doomed to ,a1(


Africa Minor, Bithynia. prof"'rly

Phrygia, Colchis bloodletting is good for

Make a removal, persons

take an electuary.'

R~gj~n.<: All oflmly.

the Alp.l, Sicily, Phoenicia,





AIl;nfinnitie. Regio,,",: and Crete. EI~cl;"ns:

wh""eroulprocoells Babylonia,

[rom melancholy. Assyria, the part of Greece calk'Al Hellas, Achaia


Teach boys [theirjletters,

seek the love of girls, do not merry

RegiOl7s: Sa<.-"tria, C.'peria. Ethiopia



10 others the land of the ~"mnn',


o<>l ex.cr<-"i"e.. bur do huy or.,ell


Regions: Mauril.ru., M~l"goni[ica, Getulia, according to oome, Arnhia, and COrDsaim', Eluritms: BeginnotlJing

Syria, Comrnagene,



enlire!y good bccauscthi'i'[he

sign of falsity and Iyin g

Take pharmaceuticals

in pOlio",

RegioMS: Cillo;.


Spain, Cellica,

Oaliia Narooncnsis,


Felix, Liguria


persons CapricumY'l

R~gi/),,-<: India, Adriana, {j,dro.ia,




. Cilici~. midrlloofEthiopia Oxiana..hius and their infinnilies. Part.lie" houses.".sels.'good formclanch()licpcrs"ns.<: You . Pamphilh . Lydia. aJIM Body and l/i1Umes: The . Arabia Dcscrta and Pclfa. cultivate a field.hould be with old f"'''l'ie. black cutting ofblood-v". and building" vines. jaundi<:e.: SaUlomanlia. ~own the fouIKIHlion8 "r L. .. Sogdia. Ihe Az""ia.inc~ Or a garJcn Aquarius..}. the Electums: u.". PiscesH pl~nllr"es and Reg'''''5: Phasania. Region.£Ieclion. from W 1()25 degrees illnesses of the· eye. Nasamcnica.bloodletlillg. Garamsnres.

bladder..ppcat in otl.1)0 'Ao!!:... grccdycjcalous lean.' black jaundice. h added grntoito".... palsy.J working.1hk"eryOOltu'ifully"nf(}ld.. "'i"vohi.::.: Judaenns.ant on . and i. W "feverish·'..""..orne kin.t.n or w . adi . Thisi..D. masons......CCO!J.iog the Qualities and ConditiollS of tht ~eD Planeis wd..._ ~I}'_' .'J Nmurf. Bndy cmd IIIl1essts: The right ear.intoEngli<has·etikI. ionof tbeLatin 'Qrl..LI1. hlpp<""'tobeaki"" ofeoastip>li"" 'sci.!:erorall""tImn.lapparenlly in~olving p~lcl.f. tin~ di~""".lI><ducidalinoofThi'UliliTy._"inkj"Mo '.J!lQfllhew.themsc.a"" "'roob c""". masculine.This i.isc!earlyav"-....-Thi. how<vt". cancers. Moots..ump....>'<li"'".tbeoriginofQormodcmw~rd"""~i<.'WfImI "".atbelworlto: ...."kd"'ithS3!Um".E. melancholy.' colic.... voraciou •.tlh\sme.. the grea!CT inlurtune.d"." iewerwQrk"Tb."' n.'leprosy...i()'U" will lonkfrom.ver<. taciturn. solitary. which w< have ·'TI'::(oUowingl.ofdi&oolored'l::i"wme"'hat Iil:<l<pm'y 'wrwrWil. 'cimlcorios.Wcha¥cnoidco wb. . I"'mo~.liJ..' rheumatism.. • 1~"'L""'m_Th... To Recugoize !hefoUo". <hi.""..ontbeMedievalLulinllm.:X! in tbe t>rigiIW d«cribo. people whO are lenaciQus..s... l1i.ctivity .oogh'Yllu:cMr.ut. ~tonC-CU!\crs. attc.Ik.mhoN.i"" is no dQ"bI why i'i. ~~of:~i'.>the..nrtreasurers ""n ....th<. beardless. O..". earthy..rir.casc.. farmers.]y 11>0 !omc oermdoes....w"icIJhaslost i". bone.Hri.in. ". disorders telaling tc ee black bile. "r.J>..'thcdregi of humanity. ami People.i.. spleen. cleph81lIia~is.quartanfe~e~alIdi5"ase60faooldanddryllillure._aInIliIior>ll Utin_. ~I("..J..nd<d with O"iMct cheeks and bo~ dry 'kin.>1 meaning and now only ".. hd. given i<ali'erai transl ...::.~!Ie<l"'makcabowelmo •• merub'l!!IOtlungbappe .'i .1i i.originally in Ulbulacform.ccQIII"a"i"~ c"".. potters.worrlpcr1. [rom the Roman"" with I.U.i.yhan. '. twasm.. melancholic Paru "Itht diurnal..ltevm""""... and Ibeir infinnilie5.LoIinaskcticu..' Clhica.S..-""ling di.Ihicom... v". is • Jisea>e io wru~h to a.l . ori..""dinOldF=oh'1ik liI>dtlique.. bow to """ .nn.kel. sewerworl:e.".nitbe=re.. dry.ngloLh"".lic~..obt".'asweUasthemo"'prcperfomt'Itectic."how ••• r..ginistheG ..(1IU1 CUrlStiluMII: Cold.LQ<eWelS..hos. mthc. vc.Jl.oflilepl""""""duud<rthtbcadingthary"" propose: 'nW'P"'a.E_I)' "'''aop lied 10' kind of r""or which .cribetlb)'\I. dissolving of Ihe stomach_' Contlillo".[cn:n=.!>'wo. Innners..::O.8ulinludWt"""SJ>'llli.t<:lc. UfI""'_ ACCOIding tb<..'Tb:: Ullin fOJrn u~ here. dece.Wttat web.ugse.. sorrowful.itoelf.:.dM ..:scw<o.Canon (Again U.me of Ib" """"i..lefi'h. very m~lefjcen!.." a bock oo""'.~ slin eruption.

' Daioria.dusty T'redousSwnes: Droocltes. greater fortune. C{)/ors:Tawny. masmline.. lite fullen' lanners' works.a.. pmple.green . billish. R()mandiub. jupiter" Namre /lI1d Consrimn'on: Hot..lIeredilaty1X".'our Regions: Ra>ew. the Flavors: ASlringenl.'lessions. airy. art. Dcxtrum Constantia. Onentis.ash-colorcd.'goldenyellow. mOist. S(yria.' S3Xonia.md MagiHrucics: Th~ culti. diumal. Ingolstadt. Firs! clima. le'den.Endowmelll< . building'aruI prisons Colo.(ion of the earth.: Hlack.-_.' black and dusky stone.

I: Jasper.m: Hot. kidneys. Region': NalUre (/Jid CCn!I.dtineruplions..' ulceralions..pustulcs. nocturnal. ulcerations. hOI absce.. Pcrsia..' . manias. veins. Cologne.' falls from heights. ernpirnam.carbuncics. pc>l.erysipelas.< and Magi. chirurgeoru. thesmoca. and th~jr illnes\~. bumingfeverg. ethiCJl.111Iit.PreciousStOlU's. leaders of armies.formsofcooghingupblood. Hungary. Flavors: Sweet gnod smeliing..Babylltn.' Endowment.dys.norih. p~rts vI 11m Body WId Illnesses: The left ear.amclhysi..""pph. ""lhrax.torments.s. woood<. The secondclime. m"5CUline..". cruel death by Ihe sword or fire.""".n.m.. Emerald.' hemlcranial beadache. lesser infortune. gOllt.the. Spain. heingcarried away by force. dry. mbcrcuk\. Ihrealening and cruel conditiDm on !he Skin. worken. choleric. unremittingfevcTh. Tyranny.ilo:n.rrodt!s. red bile.' acute fev""" lertillllague. red morpho . jaundice. with fire 2IId iron PTt!ci(J~s SlOne. fiery.<iange'" ' fromquadrupeds.:nlcry. hematite.

' cold. ~hgmlllimous. scn o Namr~ WId Constilutio~: HOI. prefecture.m'. Empire.liLce'''''''''''"Il"uofiniectionca".. .ww.acies ~rLh. diurnal. h~art:. masculine.pustules of the JO"'Crpllrt$of. fonunate in " and A.' <Jnd Magislracies.' c"'mps.. moulh_BUlIhc . pnnlOip"IC.' diseases of the rnouth. heartburn. while.. of Ihi.(heea>( Venus 9 d~..h~body and the womb Coodilions ambitio".. listulas.ing wilhil'llocn""h)"paltSoftt.. somewhat reddish. sour. GewJia Lcmbards. the consuming ofthoL: nClih in themoulh.rheums'f]II-'C of tbe eyes." Erul(}wtn. puwcr. j.': SbMp. I-'recio~s SIO"~S: lIy"cinctu.. ffron.cnme. .m': Gnld oolor.. red jaundice. scarlet. Peoples: king'.rionmlrarniuminar<_ll solll1w. Cracaw! P~lavia. Prubobly.. left side of the body. oftl". indumious. v. citizens. nerves. Lln[ortLLl"'t~ in" ami </" "hulen" with moderntion Parl. dry."e Regians:Tberuunbdimll."'''' . therighl eye. lIO!alallcku_ "y"ci~c".''''' . magi«. ". proyjdenl.«j~lhus~! 1"". Goths.. l\('~'<JJdi(lg10 othe . <lOmach and liver. pungenl of good o:Jor but no! e~ceS. potenla(es.Fkll'ou: 8iller. and 1M infirmities nf th=. Ilnd persons. princes. Sauromantes. cahmhs. Co/.sharj>IOliUOJL Rel/Wtu: The wrd ."oflh~ Hor/y<Jlld /IIne ..' syncope.l. beauliful.-' Mewl:Gold F/aw>r..on T wm=. Fem:ria !be north.ofgalJ.nan' on k). .•us: Sight. and "'ork~1':\ in ~old kingship. npthalmia.

lovers."". 11.ther.nc'e w the aI:>l=viatio" ""'"h..o ('nd!hi. fantasies.:tlcss..dancers.qh.. M>ybeSel!. mirror materials of alllOr>ds FlDvors: Unctuolls...e doso't thol .. singers. priapism. Stun"" Large pefifl" snpphires.wo:I..o(JUlly unab!e.. Campmria. suffering or the rnotller.l.. h>ClI\ioo 'II'~'" '_Wnc/u)lic"'cwnadu. f~mini"e.c~.1lJ:illica.. di"lThCll.ts: Womb.<II. s"..e 0IId Co".lyobbn:viatodp"". Augsburg. and Consli!Wi(m: Cold.. tile 'pleen. delicate people."".he nlUurc of tbaJ to which it is joilll:. pan O{(hCgllll_bladder.diseasesoftheSlOmacb. t".' ~avo" Vi~nna.>i ."eet and nrcmauc Reg/om: The fifth clima. lj~cr. theliver and liver becau. fat.. To uJ:ll-x malt"" wruse. 'c.gein"'" !>auk. persons fond of women. ne""csofthebrain.illclinedtoW'.!_'Whit"'=()fdjngtoothcrs~rccn.ubl. every fonn of mclanchrlly except thaI wbich i~ called mormoidal. which" Imw... Thcprettdill8 i.'/tu!ion: Dry bIll changing acoording to !.. sperm. di.. langWlge.m.beblood and SIOIUOCh C""dilimu wul Peoples: GcnOe. ·om""p«i". genitals. mammaries.coldnc". 'PP"ms In II".tthis. EmlowmmlS o. phltgmatic.1 oj buU. pernons..rolempcl'3t(. Austria.-young persons ".I.ahil:hlyo_.: bO!J~ lim""" OIly ".TJeaIU... fal.tOSthorTelldou.. diabetes. moiSlure.ocks. Poland.lUlru... meianclmlic but burning' Pans oj till Body and fUnustJ: Menwri".ufl.aci'Y'"tl'lc:AdrilllicC"""..WncIwIu.ho choo~ . soft . hands and fingers.: in pmcious . leg bone. all OmamenlS."_. the Boder and fUn..€mmOfTMidadiJ. tbe 1~5ser forrune."omen} mus..tools.' Mercury~ Natu. wel\·adometl mercy. noctum:>l. ParT.e uf cold and fi..-ter."" scs or the tongue. manias.'Swi12erlarul..1 illlo!he something different'.Scna.. gonorrhea."oturalrcadingofwhllli. carbuncles. moi.imr.ul(1J'_ .~.OU. lhere Ii "" Loti" word in any "'(""'nO!.<p'. Precio."j(J~(ti'nut"tcar"h.tnoes ccafcrs in spices and Magi"TOCi~s: The alt> of music and weaving. icictJleys.N(Uu. Color.. 1 j~'~". lethargy. p"f<0IlS scdting . all beautiful Slones appearing Mu<>l: Copper. SOCiable. throat. Greater Arabia.Thuregum.

bl<xkab'CQflhcgall bladder,' hoarscne.o;s, vflmiting,quocidian' feVeT"S,COllSllmption, epilepsy,C(lIlghs,anahllJ1dancenf,~putum,aIlinfumities nriginating from IJIlkooWIl dry places CrmdiriQf!5 and Prop/es: ingelli(lUi, ~Hgadol)" crafty. vchemen!, perSOI\S, M!en deceitful.' inC(ln~tal\l, mendacious, proud, writer', matlK:flIAtid,' [lOCl.S, merchant<, in"cnrors of subtle arts, E",it)wmlmu busine$Sman, Cowrs: and Magi:irraeies: curiosity, !he art
Of impetuous arithmeticiam,

or wriling,

MiUhematici&n.' rhetorician, philo50[>h~, mastery of .kills, divine .. , new slWls, of grey, ill magical imag~s And which servo


er uc

hcaycn~, vBriw""

Pre<:iIJUS SlImes: Alectorium,' magi<:31[>Urpose,

~1J stones carved


R"8i(JlfS: 1llC sixth cii""" Egypt Greece, England, Vrntisl.,", Erfforilia. Vienna in Au,ui~ M<)on) Narure "'''/ Cmwi""i()lI: Cold. moist, [<Olninine, nocturnal, .?,phlegmatic


Sile.~i9., Paris

wOlety. bene,volent

in .'

ami hand

IIIalc"l)lent ino,oand

"u.raoflh" Brxiyand lI/"t.<$U: Thcbrain,!he left eycofa Olan. rigbl eye of. ,,"oman, loIomach. bcUy. (he left ~ide. the intestines, hl<id<l<r. ge'''''8tive or ...an~ in a woman, rhe li"Cl,thc ta,u:, bml-~t and the diseases oflhese, c3tarrh. palsy, ep:ikpsy, colic, menstrualion. diarrhea, lienteric, drorsy, phiegflllltic absce"ses, cross-eye.,'

wetonC<'lm<i,"",,,h<umwhi,llpenoin,lotn.:rodfi,h I A~.in lIu: ilhb",,;otion, cou'" probko",,_ Tho tc~t """""" to hove ""piWWIII'mfriri,I." wllie." il' v",ion' on "oppila'iOII.'~Ji!l/j.," , The woN 'quotidian' h<",;' ..."""",har coojoctllral .., ru le>.I ""'~&;B' OIl .h..--.rr.ely .",bigwus~viO!iooIil.a'lool:s.....-dhing(iI<.w""'foUo""rtr".""p.'IWu....aoill·,,'is u"",dy~oo.ethe'<l,"\lI< onlydifficully;,dloilqllOridiar! fuYet;,,"" .... t~ ~ven<nM8rs,

·Tlti.~b<eitber"'''JIIlo~<"ormatl>tm.1lkjan, "see p",vioUlt n01" '!I. ~enl all~gedly fOUld in <hemow uf" cock 'Q/lliquita., '"""''- Tbe u-anslationis onmething uf a sue"," mean, "ul>I;~"jty of~,< face"

to., <,pl~"iGn ."ually


nerves proceeding fronlhlockage,

Endowm~n'.< and M"g;,'lrt1c;~_<: Ser',ilnde, mes.<engers, <Indy of history, about, IJavigation, wmh cum;eming water, planting, breedi:ng C~lo",:'Vhi!e, green, ashy, blue. $affron


Preciou:;StlJne.:Crys!al. MnaJ:SHver,gla" FI"Vtm: Salty, odors halfway belweeng<;J<>:j and bad

'Ibe seventh clima, r1Jndm,

Hofland. Selandia,




The qu~litjcs of the planets are changed the 0 """"ruing ro their p<>Siti"n with regard 10




-L 1


L QCcidentai orielUaI, occidentalS odd,

Ldryness rbca1arn1lOO;Slurc moisture.


roo"landd'Ym:s, Ldryne"



1 radds1

r heat a.'ldmo;,(un: L moisture

L occidentalJ

" ~ Im..towit. The five planets BIId!he lumiruuies are mengthened.. _ jQ I '' . n"... hnuse. =' ~!.!.~·f_ . 1 t)b<lIy back. ·l)pW tid" . triplicity.rfonitude!l_Andsomcoftb~fnrtitude.. I~:: I:=~ I of the Plands. I=~: i.n d.....rt.1an. CIIJlOQ IV."h .. To Collect the Fortitude5 and o.m.btUtle~ .. and the illness is revealed in IlK common angle "_..~ IlliSh~ . of)l.. the m_ Arconlingto the Parts of thf! Plan~ts in th~ Twelve ortbeBod.. -_. tennand face .."... To Detfrmi .Canon m. ~~) .""" .e:<ailation. 'I·e<l_bo<:l<.~s3idtobe""senlial..tTerenl parIi of& sign in ooeorBl.01: .=. Signs Emerllhe table] with tile sign of !he zodiac OlIleft side and with !he charncrer of the planct at the head of the table.. 'W" I'ol.

Icbililics of lhe planels arc !O \Ie"" collc-C!ed In like order..Th~ <..en them is made mOl.. perfec!.' YQU will see au of these in beau.irul order with a.mthemean< be..inglecotryinlhefoUowingligurc' ..tionoflhn<ewhich.'placednexllJ)lhem.. ~incc from '''~ opposi[e..!heruogn.

0..¥'Q.I-l"'-l~-.fO +' '" 0. intbeSigns o Exaltations 000000000000 +0-.'lCSofthc:Plano:l. +'f. £.~lon''h'nOll'Orth"dignit. I Peregrination .':.g"~ of Ihe Zodioc HOll.. ~-l-l..S.. Th<pl.lo."'''f.::.


«:obe.be is briefly related by the figure Caoon VI. Fortiludes..1_1!!1bo cigblbt.. "..i<:l<riclLl'.' of the houses rna)..o.aW<lldtharap(l<aI>.uftbe!e.ws or H""veo Whal each of the significations on thc previoos page..h<f"llowingdiagr. Hou.. Entry..ll"idllndoclllbl~iflfOliDgood<OMiGmiOQutCQpyofthc"". it could bc. wmk.. COWlli!utioDS. To Make tho SigllilicatiOIlS or the 'twelve KDo .m.."" ..vcrylwlliudeciphctn. Tho:yan:no. Colon.. MllndaDf Division. NoiLhcrlhi"nor3DyO!he<wordtHCmblintit"l'p<aIin""y".bUl if we are "'''''ing ilC<lIreCtly.' tmnsIMed if 'T ... in Brlef.-ari:niOll on tbe s1<lndard word fnrjaundi<cd. .tnlhatpankularhousc. ournbero.r<. i.ei.Canon V. hQ .~h"..llDd the Joym of the Pianets witbtn Them with a SUtgJ. their Sex. To Crunprehend the Twelve Houses..Bu'doc""l."nt:drngnitie'!bc planwha"."oochho .lhonouubeJ'so(""'""".f""".. c'i.Thi.' 'So""."'t .&ttri4lm<>.oo.."'"r.

. Contrariwi.m:. as written in the ephemeris. .il}.'ofthe Canon firslpage nfthe preface of the ephemerides planet. it retrogre. of tile Planets. of minutes.<... when it diroinishe~. ts in Themseives.ses_ However.mostea.rtheMotionofaPianet. teaches and vm. '0 o d o 0 D 31 59 27 ~ CanOll lX. This same can be dbcernoo by means of the syll~bles. "Hi" and "Re" inserted in the columns of the five planets_In additiOll. of Slow. whether a Pianct is Increased Decreased in Ught or Number. which frequently happen to lhe plmer. when mere is no movement in degre~.. fbooc five [accidcllls]. can be known i!l many. T(I Attend to the SwiftnffiS Mlls .e. or . ways. and the Rdrogndalious and Slatiom. A planet progresses whee its motion. and the ProgreSljious or 1lir0000tions tu Each Other.. To Investigate Conc.Canon VII..rease.. it is said to be stationary.:rnlng tbe Acc1dents' wbleh Befall the Pla .the demonstratestheaccidenl.

-lI1Idoccidenllll from theiroppol>ition(J}tIleoonjunctiOllwitb the Sun again. othastra""ledon it> "picyd" IroHlli>eapcgee.po"d.r.how whal is sought.tJcll .uperi".lOlbeorbilmtheS""ib<:lf..un."pogee~to!ht:$I>periorCO"j""""""w:i'" the SUtI:Ih&qoc)...a pl.". i.""..<el.rortheinil::ri<>tpl"""'. consider Ihe three .:.ry:above 1110 boriron lit either .totho coojunc'1ionw:ithtbeS"".~ tIIo "IIUlIjOl'ojm. . 1 Thi..!h•• pogeepositioDr<)Ughlycorre.~ of ~lri" planrtn")' t"""".the"'lu"tiOJloflh~argumcnt.thtlle Sun tIDtillhciroppositionrotr. which "".h .jcorruptionoflh:.ugumeoluflhcplanctiscuctly6orI2signs. .'ro"81~y.r and Man...<!e.._rial in tt.rcasing.'t ..<ntal if it w"" in Iho:"""tolltt .. .. lupi!er. The .1 if in Ib<wtst<'lll . under the character~ of the flve planets.' .e Sun.stigate [Ill. ori""tallltd occi<k:ntal"" gi." pkon"' 0=.mi'''I'l''''''''tot."l ""IIlIIlO"d"'inition of the rums. To Know Wbeth~r a Planet is Oriental or Ocddental.o<I>it3bout tho Sun"'....ig..Medie''.lhenilisneitberincrea<ing nor.idono. added to 1M mMn position of the plilll<!."nrise()l"'~"'o~ ""doo:. effeaivoly mear~ that" . rhe syllablcs 'Or: ami 'Occ. For earlier amroIogeffi.cil>"""". Jupil."calJcdoricollllfmmilieiroonjuncrionw.. On the right poge of the ephemeris.»C8ki"8thed. 10" thall 6 .igns. til< """" oibi~ or ..tefem:tt.riorplanetJj.ssubtrac red from the mean motion and il called decreasiug in number.. ""'ben it i.. the.~er.ethe hori""o at oitile. abo.] in a different m:m.ver!h. the 1'10D<l'.. cQll3lt(1. orion revoiv."bt..uperiurs.. Ihtepieyclcit.. ""I".l'<:r.-po<Ids. it i.-<.unrise "r ..tho m. If how....:n in the Ren. 1 w"" .... Sarum.Th~ IRCI"'>SeOr Decrease in Numher' if rhe e<jU"too argurncnrof tbc planet is Jess !han 6 signs.. aoom:"tio. the cqu"tiun uftbe "'b '11' mom is added tu the melln motioo and is ~aUoo increasing in number_ If the "'Iuared argumentoflhepianetismorethan6. But if you wish 10 inv. "'gum •• " i.q_<darg"""'nl. but is called equal in number.doctrlneasrauglnhy boI~ the ""d tIte AJ~b..rn<tcd. .' .H""...<lfc"rn:<jJCndI to Ihe orbit>l rnotioIloftiteearth obo"'thoS".ky.. Thi... Cannn X.bout =bnical malt<.i'"""">.Theu:nn." 8fta!Utban 6 sigm.arl ..I/.

. they ori~ntal..HOne. To Conclude Wh~lher a Planet May be in a Good Confill'lratiotl oranE. entitled to be called occidental from the New Moon Moo!] and ori~mal [rom the Full Moon !O the conjunction again] 0. hnwever when (hey precede the Sun in the morning.d Mercury "'" crulw occidental for as long as they <etting Sun.However. Venus .. . The Moon. a planet is called ofienlal when it appears to rise above the eanh before the Sun in the mmning andoccldental when in the evening it "PP""'s aoove the earthaftersumet' Call1'n XI..- follow the are cnlle<l to !be Full [to put it] differently.

:. ~.- I "f~~dl.hnie. of the evil planets is evil.ng Canon XII..tiaJ pJI!o<. of an evil with a midilling planet i~evil.' S!ro"gori~ .• swith.Mglcsnr""ccOOeDJ..owever wish itto be geed because of the tempering of th" qualities ofthemiddljngplanelSisilldjff=nt. 100 I:~ :i:::':~~~::.. as with s l':>. aswiLh\j9.1y o!Mr. p""".~). as with". Middling0.. not 0".lIgPlaoets.. or I!rly one ofce.lj meanin~ <...with"~).l.. which an: fortunes..t>. lib' wilh"'" d.~~~.".theeigbth~e1cepled J 1'1""""" dncenlif..e"".anlgood. bOll iI probahly II. Some h. 9. if they are f . are good.:: good :~are which.~.iIl "'ward the Angle. Evil and unforrunrue':>. with evil. Theconjunction "r a gwd with an evil planels is evil. To Find whether II..ht:<1uItt ... 1 :r:~I.Ier.If:hi. nre note"il.~. A plancl is a=ding IOIlIam theangleswhenil. "fa good with a middling planet i.. Tho .. oftllegoodpIanetsisgood . as with".*.wilhgood. Planet is Ascending IleKenrling from the Angles.The good planets..""With) planets.. whichever ~f1ho '1"0 plWle!' tru. as with " \j). bowe"u this must hejudgeti according io the naruK30d disposition of the pla:nel thatis !upc:rior' in the figure. ). i.~il~ . of the Iwninaries is exccplod."" r o dIf.1j9. are ..good.[&ood p18llCIS."It.<I.

1the lighter of thcsc is joined to !he heavier. lhoscnowcvcrwho caUthlsan application toward conjunctionus thus: ore cr o II 0 W Orbof'l ? M o Illilltllllttitiltlllttlllllill 10 The aspect of the &enile or hexagon is when ~ plonet is disulIICtd from [an(l\'oorj planel (~) degrees. Th. and oj' is now in 18 T.Qin26degree. as when Ihe Sun stan<. Otbcn.nds.nearer """th<Of .l s.s follow.planet aspecLSlhe samcl>eavy planet.itionordiarneteri.asQ 'lOT. There the Moon prohibits Mars and it8~lr is cntljnined wilh Saturn in way..whcnlheyaredistan<:edby half of the cirde. heavieroft!>eseh:LSPdssedLhrou~hmore<iegree.amc is "1.5 is of IWO ~. Ihat . Ihnl planet that has pa"cd through a lesser pan of the .1lIen dlat planel which is joined bodily prohibit> 1M aspectingpillllct !IO that it does not 3Spe<. To CDmp~ebcnd Col\illnctloo.eumetogclhcr in a.ign.n two or more planets are also said to heconjul>Cl whrn tbey much each ollier willi lncir orbs. whkh.\ ~ccept aspects according to the cont""t urlhe planets. are in OM sign. however. separation uccur~ wh~n Ihe light planet hilS receded frum Ihc hcavy hy I minute..Jll2 T. if we (lo not pay artrnlioD 10 orbs J>rohlbitlon from ASPI'<'t (lr XV.erved when it ha. 'The quedrere or tetragon is wben il is di~tallCC<l by ')() degrees.efolluwing it.judgc.theconjlloction(>/Ihcor.c\henlhemitkllconcpmhibit.m.n.CaOOll XW.lpecls.oQ.lInoo Thisll:ll'P"nswhen. Ifhowe~"rlheaspectingplanct i. nallJcly.closeas!heto:lilyoonjunctinnofapI4l1etwhich 'land' in 1M same . say. as the liinStjaspect''''. lheuinemlrig"nby 120. it is then said 10 b.' orbs Oflhc Howevcr. and . To Know Se~rati .i.nfthatsignthiUlcilherofthenther two. For il happens WhM lbere are Ihree planeL$ in une 'ig~.0 to he oh.ign. o frll<Il Aspect or Col\iunction. Mau. To Ddine A conjunCtion minute.l'l:met! happens Col\iuodiOlL'l aDd AspKIs of !he Planets. degru and There are wm. 11". (. XJV. lInd theronjunctinnufasl"'clisjusta.light'planeliseiongaledfromal\O'a"Y'planctbythequ~ntity ufthc '!cgrecsofl!>eirorbs. ') 15 T. in the same sign.s Canon true.cparmed from'" This.Theoppo.ls in 5Q& 'lin29Q they are cal ltd conjunct. and anOthc. if'land oj' had previously been conjunct in 10 ilcS"'cs uf T. wben there are IWO planet.

with 1) in the same sign ~150.nrlcs.lnofMon.be<:a=..s. pec. 2IS0.a'J~Ij" . is comhcsuon.liooondse.quitecle"'tlwlhcte.<["i"".incettoepositi<. ~ The~od'remai"".]ti....s.sioce them it is in thesame.Ddr.e. '-------'--' The~4 'I'he). berorc or aftef. Wben u I'lane(is very nellf (0 (he Sun. or is ComhUJl can happen 10 a pianel..:. To luvesligau.eraJother[condition'Jare~muchw()nttoimpedeother planet. only P")'"u<II[. Tbc)* 'i'i'prnhibitl:d by MitI'S. distant from the Sun hy longitudeandlali(udeonJy CII!lOO XVII. II <"Onjutlotion both longi..~ZH:1 ~ '----' The}J''' i..ny .ign as the Moon. iti$ em. bellier under The greatest debilily.'" [for example:] ~lOO.d'W!j. althoughOOth of the planets is n:tr<Jgnldu.' 01' Oppressed.lr.!'d'remains It is prohibiled )15m.' Canon XVI.. there will be a conjunction ofaspecl and it prolribits the bQdiJy ooojunctioo of the planet which i.:iSyoo "'iUplainJy see in what follows..ince thered' i.if .l1!sstk"~ 16 minute. Tltil.oo". .. 16minute.noltcprcviou<c . mr]egivcn abo""i"the~How"' . .npk .-. Many in modem .d'20tl....isthesruneasgjven. ltlfi){.gnwilhlhei>ca''YpJanel. To Attend "" to wbethtr a Planet is UnJ~ willi lbe Sun or Not..on to longitnilo .tshooldread}IOi:!..prnhibitc~ b~ Me".in tlie same'. aod latitude.whlch a l'IaIwct the RlI~1i.appcantobcint<IIdcd ill""!mionoftbethiNhypolbeticaJe . The ccmbustion 'Thl. xtile of Ven..b~ espect than the heavier. by Mars.. d'13T. lnan)·c"". than i'istulbeconjtillCliooofMam...i:cenainlj·it! not an illl1ilr<ition oftbc third 'YP< ofprolu1oilian dis<=«I above... . when it i.. that is."pmbtblyu typ<lflallhicalerrof..~IOIhe~tbeMoooi$ clOkt to the . Note that the oo"di~~n ".

Which tbey Call undertbe solar rays. DiuUlal'Planets Thu. Motoover 3 plan et 15 degrees before or after the Sun..' i.within CanOil XIX.' J . Similitnd. Whether or not a Planet Hayz.Canon XVllL To Attend to Whether a Planet is ApporeDl or Not.olarray".ifili..< -l r -"-1 '+ ~ in" r diurnal -1 1 ~ figure is J I "b~~" Thoearth l ~I looc""". which ltas lain for some time Ihemorning Or evening. Theappeamnceof" planel happens wben a planet. in It. begins touppearin issmdw]jelJIlderthc.

awording to iu configuration wilh planets.houldDOlewelJ.tbeSnninlhtdaytimoandIhoMwnolmglo. that <I plancl i~three times in its own Hayz... it must be 110100 that Mercury i. sometimes diurnal and sometimes nUL1umal.. l"Iliisis a conditinnj when a planel is in its Hayz and in an angk.aoxotdingto m"""ulineOr femininequadnml. Caooo XX. now ma. Tu Reo:ognlr. jl' 1~) and occict. i.orafcminincplanelisfournliuafemini"".Thw J:} l)) jna {diUrnal L nocturnal ~ figurei.culinitYOffemininity(lftbesign.ilynu..1WlI 9th In !his manner it happens wmetime.:l!Idisorientai..«:uline. found ifis no! ronjUtlClorconfiguredbyano!herplanel.andin!heni!. or ""cording to the IIlIture of !he ~j8n in whkh it.a!l thm 'i.lhirtl. .alof!heSun.orient.e Ductoria Illld That Whim Is Called Security.lmd lhe luminary of the ~me' is in an angle away rrom iI. in ~.whil.. {t>enealhtheeanh.!ht OCCidenlal of the Moon_llmsit is necessary thai in Ille daytime il i< in ee Itnlh sign from the Sun and in the mghr in the fourth sign from theMoon. Ihal is. second. besides the oppmition. fjrsL aGcording 10 the time of day [wbether the plane!] is above or below the eanh. lh&l8planeliDlhedaytimeil. . which&ClXlfdinglOotilersiscallwconforrnityof 'luwsnt. in a m3SCtJlinc J Or [a planet is initl similitude'whenlamllWllineplall"tis fuund iignandquarter.:.acoordingtothcma:. Uowcwr.ignand quarter and i'occidental Thus C } ~lr!]-" is in IlJ i. then feminine. above the eanh.

according 10 tbe . If tu the succcs. AlmugeaoflheSun as when the Moon is in the fifth sign from When J ' ~ 't J ~ the planet is 6. in 111.. ~ ~ signs from the O. therefore the 0 when. There is Rellarding when there are asmaoy sign •.. as. a" you will easily see from Ihe planet 10 the Moon3S following.d &. [There is] Almllgca there are between house of of the) house is the sixth from the Sun. Whcnthe}is ~ [ ~j !~ c' ~~ signsfrum l~. there are as many signs from the t. Canon XXII.'le seconda.there is Almugllll. Whdher . from the Sun 10 the planet as there aresignsfromQtotheprincipal such a planet.ion of the signs. roncerrung"'.. To Jilnd A1mugeas or the Regarding' and MOOD.d o Canon -+- I o ~-d d ) of Planets toward tile Sun -+- I I XXI. l: J LiJ Airnug-ca of the Moon r'. 'if.. according his principal is in T & .-y house of tile planct w. a Planet is Besieged or not.uccession of the sign>.

r.3JId after hef scparntion from \ Ihere.t~j$lhe}"\in/. " planet Slanding.ysofaoolhcr p\an"t . When apianel i.TakefllfeJ. moiety "forb ."" me Mouni~saidt"bevoidofoou=until5heleave. \. that planet is ..nori..hu Ally !'bOO is Penwine or FtraL dignities. thllS situated.AA1plelhefoJlo"ing:Ifth.. itis cillledvllidllfoour. in .[aplanet] is called feml when it is in auy of Ihe signs. and is notjoinod to ilnOIhcrby body or aspect.Canoo XXUl. 02oT.'5){..9T. )l26tlThere .scparalcd from any otlJerplanel by " or aspect.Hllweverthi5IlUghtrobeundcnlDlldaCCllrdinglbeOIbsand ra)'SllflheplallelS.e. in B sign alone without even the l1I. ... It i. 'l'24T. Wbd.anythingjoiMdtor..nlh'" ca. wherefurc Caoon A plane! is caUedpcregrine. it is called feral. is called peregrine. when it is nor in any crIrs own essenuaj [aod] therefnre ex"mple1 ")in6Tposscs:lCSuocssentialdignity.o[the ray of any planet wbicl! sbe can 3$pett. [For OJ..pectedbynothingin26tl.in body or in aspect. But we do not ub:lerve this only in the [ease uIthe] Anotherexample IheMooni. To Attend to whether Any or the PlIInelll An Void of Course.. fDl" as long as !ha\ plaru:t is in \hc same sign./andisjoihedlOanyplanel.n whichtbere is J)oolher planet. \ 10 u. A~ long .1\ the ~ign.. I!owever. nor even the rays Many oftheolher pl"neIS. .s 110 planel in/to which she can be jcined by iIt(.whilesileis she will be rec~oned void cf course XXIV.e- Moon 17 ll.

.tbenilpuise..from .vt:s and retains.. Planet F.:rvinucloa plaoet ""periQrlo dignity of Venus) I>erself..lelf. when a planet is in tiledill7'ily a. or Dbposltllln. which Is Called PulsatJoo.pectingllmsamepianel. as<jl in3 111'. the Do_lion orVirtn~.. To [l~monstrate the Reception or a l'Ianet. Connection.it$C:lldsthen. strongly retainsrhisstrength wben Ihei. Canon XXVI.hcrWO!ds.tbalis.o.if9aspc.:ts Ihat superiQr planct (standing in an essential with any aspect.' 0.!:~~ z: ~anet{ Otto 6J { 6 IlJ i.sJdescending Lascending } in its epicycle.. TOO first.mion aDd DaceusiOD of ..pointooMC<:lh.centrk O.inanallg!ethanlwhenshcisi nflhepla='ofbca~"ILSuhsequenUy'i'canalthi.s in Ihrucategories. ~20.'l.there9connectsthenatureorhisown W1<lshe more in any nther house and hi~ term to Venus he"cl[ and 'i' reu.Canon XXV. Then Venus as a rcsu!t conoecu her wsposilion 'Commjuio. in the .I>ool=. the lord il.oodem_oftheword .c!e.. and also in tbe Epicycle..!"<>.arureofthelonl·s dignity to ofanOibef. To Walen the Au.inlbe. This. '1oru.


ulI.'lj12){Therethe)transferStbCnallrn:of~to'lj ~...& '1. &... When a light planet scp..ve Power wAnother of [J~1 of Nature.&0accoro- . From Terrn&.]rn. c Oralw. ~r'l J 1 ruee is joined to t. Whicb Planet. lhus the heal of MiIIl. lord of the Lennand raccof~ rereivesSand ~ connects his di$~ition ""d virtue tQ him.rweiy~Ibc]land =t~hlsdi'p'. 27l-1.. Il~j Term and Face {t5 [J ~ . 10 G.oo. 0 LOthe" 0.. th"" ) carries OVer tILe heat oi in this in~tsnc~...111ld'I. and >If'plie."eivcd by meM$ ofm. aspect !be) ff<.l' 0. as r. then that light planet transfers the nalure of the rm. Face of? 923!i '..]lows' o ~-. LOanomer which is of the same quality_ And th~ more modem [amologenl follow this modeoflran~laLjon."'llonandVlrtueIOher.l pianet to the second.wF"boID.. s Canan XXVII.o.SD c__J Th".1") J 11"1>ere!he)isjoinedlutncO. Similarly aloo when a lightl'l.rHte' from a hoary planel. :!3 O}{ Q. wmplc\Cd..t isjoincd toone heavier lltan itself by scrne aspect.o whicb~)is_!oc~~... i! inneased be<:ause the Sun gives bis power to 0. tile Moon rn:edes the 0 from the . To lnqQlr~ about Ih~ 'fnoslation 1bey Ciu. i:hen lhe middleoneltansferslhennlureoflhctighIOJlelotbebeavi«.isjoined to another by budy or aspect.asfotrows· ~IOD. which .[thcrcistrnnslationlwheIJaligillplnnelis'epamlcdfmrnoneheavierthan itself.r v-r I' )3T-t I IT_ 03-1 IT l~J IJ l~. and before the separation i. and lllarone again to ahea"icr.owouru. to d' which is atso hOi..

Canon XXIX.Cllnon XXVID. Dr interposition. To Dis~rn !he AbI. of One .ion of the Light or Nature Planet by Another.cisl. To Comprehend In a Learned Manner the Contrariety nffitroction or COnjnDCtiOnS oftbe Planets.

il...nt. .l""""'pooosroThtl»rtjlllu . fur which reason Venus is held back frum !hed'" Canon xxxm. w1H. seeking The <f 111. !he r-----. To See R~l'relllltion nrus happens] lheconjunction an inferior planet sed<s 10 be joined Il. hul before it comes 10 him..Thus '4 is annulled.o«m.asfnllows· rclrograde. of a PiaOl!t nem COll..s!essiselel'aledabovcdl"planet.jt[thejnferiurplanet1give~backilsvimte. and in Ihe beginning of thai sign are the rays of ann'herplanel UJ which it is joined. re!rogr.arne is unde"toodwith [for Mamplej 95 regard to aspeclS.>a superior. when two planers are compon:cJ lU caell other in epicycl".o Thcrei isdebilimed. While an infcriOfplanel aspe<:1S a superior [which i'1 oombu"tor 1nowwcakened..upMmpiancr. yvhentwoorRlurcvlanclSarejoi"edwithonevl~net.sjoinedwilhlbernysoftheaspecting plane!. becallS< of lbe lIIys of !.-inferiorplmcosl""tlewpaic.canOl! XXX.<wnjlUldiouwi:t. 'Thc:n when thc ~ghl pllUlelcomeslothe""rthehea.J then posit lhM'" of"'.the hca"y planet goes inm [anotller1 sign.ionwithtbo t Suu.jUDlO" Thi. 'The 011< orgulIl<n1 is [he ili. & 9 begins !o become re!rogra<ie.ns Thi. Thus a'rectingplancl its" with the ho:a~y planet is annulled i15<f. ucum iu many ways.s tbe dofa heavy nne. Tn Cnmprtb . d the Collection of Ught or Nature."'th~'tl1eplanetwhoselrueargument'·.s wben a lightplanelscek.. Caoon XXXI. To Comprehend the Frustration lion or AspKt. Jupiter colen d'go.asfjntl!e \.c it is joined with the heavy plane!. This . and also receives tbcir nature. firstis jeined tn the rays \ in 30 Q r:J 23 Q. in longitude from ilS apogee.ttw:onel'lanetC<JIle<.as TI1. til gooccnlricaiU'Ooornytho'l"'g". the ) gives back hl:r virtue rmtn Conjunction or Aspect. XXXII.yplaro&.t. but bcfu. I D~laIjo""m... of Virtu.tb<Sun.we.. il become.Ulheil light.he whjchfruslrntes following:] nut ofQ. IKnbefoce is completed..occu. F. There 9 goes roweru the <i"'.(for... ~ in"" Canon combu. ) in {. bldt Is Called the Return err. . To Sftt the DHtuncialiou' or Ugbt.'" t2 lU.'looce "fthe plan". acd so !hed'" aspect< I W.

.".'of"ne.OIocl. Ihe pi""".. hing"'" opposrlit>nh<.."..-hkh has southern latitude. rest of the .upo:ri. ".. BJ>d thi. 'h" poifILTllen:. n... illl_geocemric longitude .<}wnepicycle.! which is mote di~llim from the auge ofitsown!.iealasp<OThnfPmlomak A..ho:d.eccer.-"' .'iT'cp.."'_Bulth"' ....wl>ich. awgis_ This i.."ronomy.. lime tho !(COCcnln" longil"de. \he same. the lesser rs elevated above the other. its hciimxn<rit lung... p...a..hin the !eCru. it goo._n..-rrpla"<$.nc<iinoru:Schtti"ei.re. !lUll i.I.. not a Lat. fo. to ~ ch plonrt ""d 'Or. tiJc".""Id.-edistllflt from the auge orss own epicycle.1~...!bepl:...ile OflIl". Howevo" .mini.hcrent<r 'Wrul< we areOee~ wi.on =mI'O.." .A"aila\llei"r. Thi..uperi<:w-_inf<rior6i<I>otnmytlwl.ated abo".-='!isA"g<'.c aUI(" wi"". er.. that planet whkh ha.. cdyd ...lt..cycJicaugewhcn.itsgco.." . i_t." in [he ~1e~r.".uI""nmanililOICl'iorplLmet> P.t..l$'>el~ntricondi"~k'"tiuni""..which...ogmoo .". nus "..S beyond 're hdiocentri.. its bt>lioccDuic puSition"'lIkhit~..el.ts..luc . il> cle'ation.. d.refnre e.[00~:>!.lhelcss.pog"". .. Tbo''''allerti>o di..n""""''''1>P"'IhcS"n3lldMOC<ttbeere~ati""issi".""""mil by.. which ha."_. If both planet' have northern [.00 direct station.. we h. to •• «>nuadict the i<:ea t~at <Wifin".: mme di""".:P-"gltr.. is dcv81ed abo"" tho:pJano:l whoseuueargurnen'i."... ".. hole "".""".u. 'cr.litirlnoflheauge'oflhcepiq'clc_ Thereupon".o"ofi"'di .loin 1'0< iii< inferi...:ooriliernlaliludeiselevaiedaocwcibe planet ".".... Ihlll the planet which is less diu'TIl from the augc of i~ own deferent' is ele.. gOo'"-. CO"j.. (1 1o.sioceind\heplanc. with Ihc SWJ.. th<sc ideas can l>e·re.ool)"n:ft:tto • def .rldronrirme<i""'In>grwklnotion. """fmmtt. we nut! to COITlP'l'" .arutr....fJ_ ...n:f<nthepo:rigeeQrpointoollJleca:n'ricdO!iCSll(>IlIeEarth i\«OfdiDg'othe O_F...Oftl>eI1lD<ldiSTanI poinl on ccccntric ·llIeowosiri""of:h<Au~"islb. Th<n!be pI. And this Is con. lIS far as (.'"nl 10 ou<post..r 'hl" i< rtJo.. th .I lhe more. '.fu""'.ply.Odioc.lefe=~a. Schroi"".Ihalis...Mj lIJI "'.'pecially in ue e or planet' In the same way lei us say. di"'ing"j...l\< aug""the infe<ior <""june. ihc planc.c. ' . opic)'cl.n wo.4ely".. "... ."""JOOrCwdowithiloc.. all the WlI) up to Lre '"Jlf'"jo..Jtionrrom!beSilnin<"..""'"'""V"te'..f'ot . ..ion of c)e..ron". ""'!.. is said 10 hcclevated above !hal which i. tail!Cd ...pla""ti.ruun in .... . Ar Ih~..""t<d..'lll..!iMnflkp!lne1..A:.m be ..rues ore reI""... ~erived from tile Ar. HQw... whooeuucargnmen! i.upo:riurpian"".iondec""a<os..t..~"".uiOlL. Ihc tnQdo""erm<j..hose true arguIDCOI i& Ih~ S"'"'Cf.opbtm<ride._ Tbii i..""I"<""jund.dj.>:nrriclong""deheoo". II i.".theplanelwbichslandsle.apJanrti_<"'.:t."ry p.oh"'.we."It. Ifilnas southern lalirudc."..ionofthe ...lhi" word." i.-an be ".iloppo.oe"olho Sun.diSiarufrumlhc ""~ofiO..-l again "I'PII>".lhen a northern one 1 _.. i.. in v..til.Copemicon e". awj.gns.kss lhao.."..d~'<rtoth"nonn.'irude.'rk. Urn tIu$ .. ... as far as .r."de.!. far as 10 llle auge of the cpieycle.del'od in.."" is a ai!illtY....' Seoond..'hi<h Ibo earth is no< p. i•• ."!tha!Sch<><Mrinlr._rctrugm!ea.he!..< <>f m<II. ". tilt: planet ond tlmrdoTO lh" uw".'". .Iacli refentolllehigbostpoinlin:mopicydeor._backward<trom&:hot:r><)~'i~c •.d.long. mo.va!edabovelanotbcr] plaJl"t =rding 10 its lalitlidein tbe7. lfonc is on the ediptic.ahove the ulher. CQmp.-. .lbcgreaterg""...>< O"niUnOlionwithIhcSu".l."""veinCanon25...::trog"~o period..."."" .".!haI .OIion of plOlletSin. a pi. .!i.idered.sd:theS".k=ioni ...M .hbetween'ne. .'.lhdigoity-de!oility Oddiy """"gil !he '.:carth whicbo..n<:ov.". A.. a doc""". >p<:1IId"b Io .

sotheangle()f!heM.iselevatedahoveitand!halwhichisontheeclipticisabovethmwhichissoutbem.[i'l when a planet is distant from allOlber by lOot}l signsacoo.lsCIsolllhcmdcdination.wl1kheveroftheseha'the le<ser. that 0 ne is elevated above tbe other.puthem rieclination.. if two planets are diverse in longitude and latitude.iftwoplanet"areinthebalfoflhezodioclhatisasccrnlingnr descending and have the $3IIIe latItude.dentctc and !he ele"enth house is .ding (()tn~sllccessiou[ofthesign'l. If both have southern declinarion. is elevated above the other. whichever oftbem in longirudehas!hc greaterdedinatipn itlthe north. elevated above the Asc. Thiru. Fourth.orthclc.thatone is elevated above the other.C. Likewise. ascel1~ion in the north. because of iI..lheonewlricl!hasthegrealernorthcm..

..0 'ThcUrriJl. To E""Lo .regarditwiL"h_d 'Til<: Lati" add" "But themo. om.' -9 o are-i al'''l c' C. 'Ij all' ~d bu(J d .IChousc< 1 ..'" l ~.Canon XXXV... om all ~ ~ butJ =c t j.. 9 .. ""hleh PI:mets are Friend.e "'iii! V""~s· .od~""Theulhe. by re~so" ofOPPOS.. or Enemies or ElICb we 10 c' C. )I >.00.'"c' li . v =(' 'd Encmi. ".

Masrulilll' Canon XXXVIL To Qulckly ComprebeDd the DeCIUIII of the Slliilll!. SmnI<ey.CaOOll XXXVL Whcn~diurnal 1'0 Notice' that a Planet is in Llf::bt 01" NoL figure.1 Or also a pJanei guiIlll oul oflhc solar rays. Azimeoe and FortullllU:.onlhenexlpage.) .a. and [whichl will O!Jl be joined to another. Lucid and Void.' nev. UkewiR Degrees Deep. ))egretS Dari<. and a p1aneo: i< thc significator of some matter in adiun. the and FeminlH. is said 10 be in ils Own ligJ\I. [1"hetahlei.l rnlCtumaipJanetisthesignificatorofamatteratnighl. [il is S8id 10 be in ilS own lighr.

8VIOLI6 S 22'1 270)() OLOIOLI8021 1. OD3LROl6LW 024t29030 OU3L7VilLI4 V I\lL27 030 01..>20<...Decaru of !/Ie Sign~ Masc.. S. Deg:.li30 ]I') O"'10920S'30 OM II FI9M30 .>30 0051. 011<1::. Lucid.12'116 L22021V30 T Od'l0020"lJ3Q OMSF'IMI.'iF22 M~O Of'SMIIF17M 21 J124M30 OF5MI6F22M 261'30 lj 0~1022O"'30 U O~1O~20"'30 o Q OlilOd2O"lJ30 OM2F8MlOF120L12DI4VI8S M 231'11M 30 20L2~v OM51'8M15F230Dl0S20V2. & fern... Void (kg.27V30 OD3L~VI4L20 ISnV27D30 OL9012LI9S23 L30 007L1OS 022'1'25030 15L19 0910 ':>21)230 lit OcflOlJ20.'iL M30 30 OFSMI2F20M 30 OM3Fl~M20f 27 M30 OM4PI4Ml7f 24M30 OM2F5MI2F24 M 30 30 0010\IWd30 :u "" 0910">.4071. 0'" 10 s 20 s 30 H OlJ10)20d'30 .·okey...

27 7.15.19 into the tnble Qf degrees.24..13.15.20 m ~ n ~ 9.19 9.10 " D 0 Q 3.. 1.29 11. of }'<lur planet. nexl 10 thcsc Hes 50 millules. As [for example]: If ~ i~ in T 20 degrees and since T hes neX110 1JI'..2.17.1\..21.7.Deep Degrees Atil""neDe~ F'<!rtunaleDeg_ T 13.20 13.22.26. enter me column of minules with the 10 minules of.23. Degred 1100 Minules. like""'.111.17.13..27 " l1CX]to which lies 10 dCb>reell_if [you wish] minules.22.16.27 7.8.22 ['7.ends inlo TO' ruo anlisdon_ If you wi<h adegrce. 3.25 2.13.20 '/.10..CIIterwi!h the degree of.20 12.30 19.30 6.15.16..7.whoseantisci""you wi<h in 100 CQlumD ofLhe ~igns in !be following lallle_ For the sign whim ties by Ihe <ide of ywr ".28"" ~ .21 7.17. To Gathu the Antisdl1 in SIItIl".29 H " 4.15 18..15.9.22. FirlLseek the sigo of your pianef. 20.22..30 1Z.19 26.28- CBDOn XXXVID. Condude antiscionjntol0degrees50minulcsof1ll' therefore lhat S"lum sends hi' .16.28 5.29 5.gII is !he si&n of !he antiscion 10 minules.

.Anti. 1 8 " 52 51 :~I 13 14 15-i "II." I ~~ 147 l45 146 .r °1 . ' 2 J .59 '" 57 11 .~ia jn Signs Degrees ~l .J : I:.

~r~:::~~~rO~~:Ortuoe.cend.:~"~~~i::~·r!~~~C:: Sun is called an -coojuncc I bc>iegtd an infortulXlor in il. l l:~ ~h~~~g~:'[l or 0 debil.blllties of (he l"LanI'ts.Canon XXXIX.ilated Ifltl .ingindcdeofhisauge :nU. a fortune & joined 10 one. ~.:riOO. 10 wil.lerminc tbo: Fortitudo:s and n. ~ganf~::el -peregrtne =~~~~Qi"~5= ... or qu>lrtcr..degreeorquatU' inlhedigniriesoftheinfortunc< with lhe infortu= clcvatcdahove . him. if itt rru. 'ljOinetltQacadentPlrnlelbyaspectOl"hiS dignities. detn· infer.peC! by infommes or in lheirrays.s~a:~!e=tric- ~~:=~ J I :~:: In a rnose.•. except "". _Til n.~e~~:'~~~~ his \0 I in "" evil aspect of tile Moon orOlilea tuneifit IS 4separmingfromafortune&juincdtoRn linf[)[tune.. r:s~.< a>.::'::: inafeminin~~i~... I I !fonified I seplII"dtingfrom l::i~~ldCgree strong i. j r§~::. dignities. ~Ign. ~ :: ~o?~~C~s~:: 1 I ~::ti%~lhcrN.landing in .:7~. Imalefic<Cftdcntfmmit. degree.


o-rorn:c'<dpositioru... in a mesc..areferencelotbefirs{artd!ai..1't021">.do noIgive :lt1y.& in Gemini.\~ own The alllbors of our age determine lB II 10 2 O..t inam.""liOll"nancienl times.i.as the S«Olldhalfof"". of an e<.Thebonryl"~C(}mbusUlI1lllY bclheoligillOltropi'-'>lpo.il""..diml}· possiblelhallh. in the nigbt below theeanh. i. with infonuncsclevatoo above her.. the.n:oIly<l.ncc book..."othem in theMilty 13 of til< Way llu be] from same sign. degree orquorter. .ra half froru S .i!iJ.ie!l(bouse.illc"mb"""ofhot:uy..nthcvia combu..I' to of. .fartu"e... and in !..itionofoneoftl>cl"""""".i.' of d The Moon ts called debilitated Q or tJ of tl tbef1rsthalf l in lhe dignities of the infortUIle:< intheC<lnjunctiooofaplanClcadentfrom:manglll... swift in motion thc vi«c"mbu. sinc:einthis~anmplaccit.nlhedayabo~cthecart".. dcscendinginiUqHcyclc under the rays & rombu.be .be ref"". sign.arcfeIencewthesignG<onini. planet sumding in the oPl""ition dignities.<ame ..tquaners.yb.from24.• within lr .bul .:tbe<ea.c.ip<ic·miIkYl'iayinll:.. "nd again..'iliI.'.lri.< in oonjunction of..w:hio1~ 'This"""oot~ppearalfit>llobethe.lb3si$ofthoscdc:gtt>eS.~mayhcthelrueprece"io..Iti""isfium jS""tolSlllHowever.e . slowinmtllion elCValruabovcthefurrunes intbedignitie!of.peregnnc.' '''ng<'/ltln. if it enters the term.[jp.ldividedintwo.thallhi. ~oulhcrn descending in ju ecceatric.

be~. .Venus. unilctl with the Sunorin hisgood aspect in a good aspccl cr ee Moon inwyoflheifdignilies in a lucid degree.or their rays ifthcm(l]efic.flllcy Me conjunct or in d!e a.. are eadem from them.:aJ!cd I :::~~n:~~~:~.& Mercury ~.~ }'. l~~:~'~d... separated from the Innuncs f{)rtunc~. ~]''' .eged hy (mtune'. andjoiucd t(I Ihc 58 .pect uf the fort~nc>._".

Is '~':'":~~ :::~o:~'southor e II'">' desrel1c!inB 011 th~.~" i. abo'·elliee. llIte<lif & 9 in masculine s.Cttheinfonuncsorintheiraspea hc:~jeged by the infortulle" Or their ray. . ~~~.ndark degrecs.u1h. degrees 'Thi.~l::~:rthern.(l. qinlhcdaybclow!lJcearth..v~~ in!he 'ocsiegedbylhefonuneslll"lhcirmys' Lin tbedigoil'eI\ of the fortunes rcor. i '>. of it' Ollge signs.2. combust in the evil aspecl of the Sun or Moon in Ihe opPOsition of lhcir own dignities te a cedent nocsc.exr".inlhcrughlal)o\.ju!'I.e_ 1<!.illlhcIIigblbcl<Jw !ronjull<. j ~~~~t~:na:.igJlr.~d:~O<A. separnredfromaninfortune&joinedtoaninfortun~ decrcasingin lighr in the lenns oc houses of the m~lellcs in durk degree~.r:~~::::~ :~t~':~~~~~. inoom:cdyplocoJun<k:.iinlhedayabovelheearth.. ?" in Iheday ahov~ ~.jt~: ::O.rJinfeminine M< '00"= & 9'ot. I ~ri~~'~ ~: ~hea!I~~::::. . in IiIe night below night 'f&9infemini""SignS'degreegandquarte~.:~!~~~:. Sun'srays. degrees and qU.!ecan". circle occidental of th" ~un. cxttpl 'II.'·""r"""r. [ccnjunct a cadent planet.<t.ental andquaners "ftbe O. tbe in an IIJlgleor succeoenr.' "'trogJ'lUk pllUlCU jcoRjullClaJtimpOOcdplallct.ale·' .~::~e O.

. uwn domicile.< ru. Monrulmo ha. as a planet standing in hi.asfQlenmple:"ThclllSi or tenth houIiegets. marked thi' sys!cmwilhnumber. ju51 as 5 poinl' in R fortitude 31so. i( must be notOO (hal [Lord] Amo"iu.Hnwever.'i {poin~~J in thaI place because they an: srn:ngth.accordinglofoJtiludesanddebi!itiel." 6(> . Accept the following tab!eof thi..

v. according 10 the mo. nO! impeded by malefics. fourth.co"t<X''''llS"... <" or 0.""~'nroiumw""" .soalwjnanyinlLTrnCdialedegrre[oforblbelowthemoiet~ ofhl. placed in lhefigure ofb..twithlhcm. and southerly. Or wbelher it is swift or dow. in fall from e~all<otion.dia...n!heir HoYl-o the superiors oriental. in an anglc.net<. Lhe mediocre planet\ by their. CIISp5 of the H~ or HeavCll.1n this ssme way alSOllllde"tand the ".orare~"(Jnju ..ofUIC l\ood planets . wbether it il direct or 001.li.l. unfortunate lIIld damned."bullbeEnl!IWoword·fall'isb. whlchL.ignificators are made fortuna!e by lhe-s and all aspe<:[.John of SeviIle. whatever is in it' rlace. wbcntbeyare retrograde. b~ which means [it im:J""oosj the gnod for the good and evil for tile cvil. "h._ ottb"P.freefromC()mbustion.l as with 9..nru.'haIthi. '''''''''r1Im.bu'inthi'= iti'not.andwbentbeya"'. exailation. e o..USl1alJylh.jU.i. BUI lheir power and fortitude are increased if they arc Il<pecledbyfortunes. For Ihc evil planets rend<:runfonunaLe the place.:d""tht:LaubC<1>'.... because thu.. at or helow the moiety of their 011:>$. when they ".. Third.. ~att""slatiO""...".etyori!~orb. it makes 'he cmp nfthe .". and of lIle rnsp5 orthe bousC. The tl maKe. whether it i.ftlld'-<i. impeded by malefic! <I.<"""""maldi~pl.se whicb novices comrnonlyfollow. and inferiors oc~'.dcntal.<h""<a<knt&om'h<'r e.pccltbesameplaccs or arc<lalorbelowllieflKlietyofllleirom.e. Fifth ond la."rramedj.'as tbe$eCOIIdhOU5eofthefigureufhcavClI.Latinmighl . oondhou5efortunale./'. they arc called indiffercnt cr medlocrc.. !bey And arc "' much as [there are1 more lestimonies of evil.Second.> in any ofilSOwn dignities.nluab<. inanglc..standbyou'trarulalion. IiI i'l<:rcascs1 the 'J"'-""'CHil:!"'{"nsi< '~nd.ringof lbc afO)resaid place.. by w~ich mean. ned Manner the Fortunes In..hutpanlyindignitie~nndfortitudcs.orh.lrong. ·.whentlteyaredi=tin[their ownJhouscsor""altation .'i. triplicity. "h~ n with its presence makes fortunate "od io""".. comb"st. in contrary Hay?. succedentor<:adem T'hcrcforeplanctsarecalledpCIwerfuland.hcOOlls>OOrswhet/leraplane{bewmbu!!orOOl. & 0.'"~I~deartharit.jrblortbeSiwrifkalo~ l"he cusps and beginnings omd Iorertunes or Ole l'IaOl'ts of and of uie houses of heaven..'m"'"lthIltW"ybere ·u:. tennorf~ce. and t:he paru of the 5ignificator" by !be " .and by the good a. aspt'rungthe cuspby~. and pam of p lhe....au. Canon XI •. Wmwisc Ill<:: lane!!. They are called supremely damned and unfortunate. . of the good planets.'pec15 of the rnediocre p\anets... Ulltwl:ie of lbl' P1.' in a cadent house.' <0 much mule unfUllunAtC. To Define in a .. whether. "sin ho".hati"". in what manner it i.J'. in lheevil aspect ofinfommc •• or in good aspect of furtures or nol.oriental. .avcn.UdI<'!Um •.in [f01"exarnpleli{l~ ts is tbe cusp of 23 degrt:eS ofW.derivedfmmciJdn l"hotefo .Fin.partlyindebilitiesand<k:pressiom. obserYes only Ihe moregmeral principles of tho..t. unfortunale and diminishes.~orsuccedents.. whether il i.

which Maru.tar.goodwjth 1l1e~vil and evil with lite good.illn of the Zodiac Travels. To Disrlose through. TO}Djso. i.' the Rultrs' Leade.cd . or Governors' and the CanlHl XLI. Ihe .(lwr the lAIrds. .. Canon XLII..\1"0" How much effect the mo't ancient wri!~Th of this art ~nributed to TI]Of[..·orthc'I"hcme.

10 the.eVioontfrornthis:1beydividedtbewbolewdiacin2Srna""ionsandtheyimpo. Having found the truepositinn of the Moon by meuns "ftbecan"ns presented earlier.J ba."Cll' 'ofthepJan<I. Uue to the neamess whicb it ha.cu.toOeobrerved hdure all of !he res!.' .. or its name.. For tbe beginning of whichever mansion you likch"" been printed near its title. natures and properties olllhem from these fixed liars.m"'teasily seen in which mansion itis to be located. Therdom becausc thc Moun.] 'i. as well its end hy mean.. sccks will appear by a oingle look into the following Corrected to the Completed tahle A Table of Lunar Mansions Year 1538 [Table follow< lin nextpage.worldberel:>elowthehe. of tile bcgimung nf!he following mansion. everythin"unc..<e lowerregions.e." il i.ed names.

ormy Hom.::":~:. ::." = I~~~::~ I..h.S.S''''J'ion Tailofth.'< '7ID" lD lion 11 n"kof.!I .ix f""."~\".6Dry 4 V"'yWet 13 Helli'lofu.".::~".:~ I...~ 0("'" !::::::: J4 15 ~picaQrViodelHi. Wo ~I~J'G~~~~~:~':::2...."..i~c:~ I=.. ': i .. ~~~O~'Pricom~ i l~i ~..'< 38 Vw.." .~7 romp"". I! ~:..e Bull 23 so WC1&S..: i ~ !~:"''' I~.=:tOHot I.:I:.::.'W".ofthcVirgin "" i 19..:.. :i . eve of rJ.QfpiOfi '9 I.I:"~'.ffilheH"1I lllZlUI)'&Hot ~6 T""p""..~" 1:::::.Uon Hc.

theMQon also.> makeo> use of poisons iu a cure. the fIxed sign> arc rather lu be clcclt:d.ame malter. this matter shoold agree with the aspect of the planets w.dly inAuy Election. and lo.e."<!IlIianl ruJdi(.' arc TCCkoncd [to be] in " middle lItalJ" betw~cn ~. if there is no o::on_'iderarion held of the natal geniture or figure: from which lhis emerges. however.' In.ig".ired til be firm and stable.slIug-hlC>lJ1oo.econd and third caoon oflhe secood partofthi. and in the a'peclofaplanetsignifyinghy its own natnre that matter: theplanctalsowhicb rules the proposed matter. UllItte:r.urelydistingui. in a wdiacal signagreeahlc to the matter prO[105ro.cend must be bastenedjhe moveable signs [. A fllrtuuate IIIillIsion of the Mooni. Morwver.intbebeginningofanywork.~_ In particular elections.tahlished under good crmditioru.o.The Third Part Concerning Common Elections.io]). the "millly be mmt iuve~tigalro thoroughly before "verything_ Then inrleed the Moon O}lJghtto be free from the impediments mentioned above [in SecomlJ'. ~ontribute~ liltle. under any sign whatever.lord. that lise mmt be m~ by the aslrologcr uf malefics in elections. and its lof<i.. ought parrlC\llarly [Qe"". that in any Irnltler who.j and that wbichi. ruU.e_""peoted hybencfios. jusl as a phy~ician somcti"".bed Thi.d th~ lord of the Ascendant and the Ascendant itself shine with happy rays_ However_ he says that the Moon ShllllS with its own hody the augle of the Ascendant in every electioll. Must he ConsIdered In unive".rtreatise. bUl lh~ cnmmon . all of which Plo!emy has sufficiently advjsed in his Centiloquy in the ~jghth '1011tenth V"". Haly dir""ts that the as(..1 e]"diOJls of something !hat has been put forward.ntj.hould be prefemld].d of her house hee. and posi~oo_ And the election will he made hetter if the M<lOn ar. at laS! we wish \0 be observed.l (he rest of the planets in fortitude in a figure of heaven. 'i.th the Moon: the significalion of each pianet is acooruing 10 the tables in tbe .dditio[). in those matters howe \lerwbich are de. the house which pos&coses the nature and signification of that .should be eon'plc(clyrrccfrom(hemaleficsandtheirrays_Itisbestiftheysmnebencfically.. ClUl<)n L To Put Forward Those Matters Which Gener.whatcvct.wonttohringnotalittle fa'"Drtn [hi.ough in moocn!1. Or with bendlc OSJ>OCII . aU thi.. AI.".

IOn 11.Jlllre!'tfOOlllolh~PllllIets undu Whicbe~er 'vi/hci.r"!:. '1'6 Narrate Whalll1usl"" ~Wd rJr A~oided Aspt'd."'''R .cW..Ca.

To Elecl Times Suitable fnr Bloodletting and Cupping.' .Canon ill.

CaDDO I\-. To Elect Healthful TIm . for the Takin~ ufa Dnlg.. ..

zodiac there are three sign< which are wet..the)adyof_. when the Moon shines out of:oJy watery 'ign with Venus iD a . "" &. compelj. trom which ha. and contraries dimini. located in th""esigns_ However it behoove< a skille<iphy. Aml. arj. [or drawing out humorswilh the added aidoflhe Moon and ita sign (andpa-rticularlygOO<.) are (he airy [sign.: i.en tbe appcllsLion of the weI triplicity.-.thdl1lw] the melancholic_homo. it is itself in comparison with the rest [of the "gil.lUse in truth 'imilan.iDee celestial Leo ml~s the .... alllhe more ar. we will more easily withdraw the choleric humor.l'forthe melanchQlic humoo.. added to similars increase power..t SIE".gn being suitable. to wit. But [we w.] execrable in this maner.t .).as tile greater power. to pa.tom~ch..0 qualily ofa'.o:.ician tn nbservethis most carciully(unless greater dange. m & }(..ru.e benefil of (lie presiding sigll..'. lJ. With phlegm i." lhal (heMoonnO!onlyselsinlomnTionthefihhoflheOOwel.iftbeMoon. bUI a100 that it ejects what is stirred up and set in mO!iOtla[lhe lower placcsby mean. more nppormne if it is located with the SUD in that [811me] mao". Among all of the signs thus far enumerated e & lJ "'" less effective.cs.u~h hod. g".tan~einthepurgingofbodies.' because indeed it com. .' I add that if the various humors are to be releas edfromth~ human body.h them/tbe moi.are secn to confn tbe greate't=i. oftj. . these arc e.><:nUe aspect.coroing t. if the Moon is sel up in an air <ign .

To Teach tb~ I'roper TilIlil for th~ Cuttin!. Canon VII.! of an UUlel!ent.CPD(lD VL 1'(1 Observe tftt_ Time Suitable ror Cutting Hair. .

. a"cording 10 the author.. to M~ccul)' Besides this lhere am lho.' But the generative and concupiscent [is subjectj to Venm and to the inxmious sig".aheedlesscuttingofung~e"IS.~theretentivelOSatnrnwith{hcearth.. To Explore I'Ianling and Sowing.ili.' to Jupiter wirh the "iI signs. of the body. Thevegetalive virruesare attrihuted to the Mo()n and I/. the expulsive {o {he Moon with water signs. that uf the soul..ignilicators "fmanyo{f'pring.". Vinues also receive good . from ever)' kind of infortune.llglhening.e [principalsl which are usually called by physicians the less' principal [ones].wh. the vital belongs {J)the Sun. hulto divers significalOrs: {he "{tractiv~ and irascihle [vir1uc~j are subje~'\ loM.ingoodaspectrn-conjunctionofthehenefics. Ptolemy.Andthi. fitting{nsunnisoothatgondandsareoperatioll5al\as{proceroreasonahly Canon IX. and lbe Moon 5hoold occupy that sign free from their [Le.tn.trengthening ifthc planet of thai pari of the body. Ope.irregularunguent.igns.ruJlhe 8ignsoflhepart.clJ are.orthatab.... in which is the seat of those very virtues. moreover. . TIJCrcfurewilh lbe virtues well strengthene<iin tbis way. Among {he principal virtu~s..arem"de.' especially the principle of unci(:rstanding. An ill pan ol"tbe body is most healtbfully sirengthened wbile the sign that has respccl 10 lheill pari of the hody isf= from the maleficsand tbeir unfortunate rays. and the ascendant of the hour are placM in excellent disposilion. when (heir signiflcators have a fortunale influenceacenrding to the celestial fig urc.hasgreatpowcr fnr.{Mdiges{ive g..aref. the malcfics'] impediments.crncd.part:ly governing and partly subject in like mann Cr not to one.C moist signs. Vlrtuell and..andthefiresigru.ce"es forthalxlUlthem Canon spring VIlL To Strengtmn DifeI1l Parts of Ihe Booy... (he nMurn1lu Jupilerwilh lhe Moon.fums under a Fortunale COnr<lellatilHl with the Appropri3te Medicines.

' . To Seek a Suilablt nme for Weaning an Infant.Canon X. 1'0 Marry and To Create Offspring. Canon XI.

.' The.~.h 10 commend boys to their It:aChcn. bowever. however. it "trengthen i. ofmauy childrcn . To Distir. and the othe'I>ith the Moon 01' slallding in her benevulent. to be . must effedive in a tim~ in which the Moon is situated increasing in light in a human sign with Mercury: Jrregimling the same with a fortunate aspea. andlhen borh the sig.encgleclCd.tand. for thc gaining of o[fspring.n:.art "0" CalIDll XUI.hall male thi. You may ullderstand which aspect and which sign it i'properm ob""rve for the hope ofreacilillg and learning from the t.e a Suitable Time roc Giving over Boys to Teachers.wng of offspring.' . fm the purpose of sludie. And t.witilone oooefic in the Ascendant.. Tn Cboo.. and shut off from all impediment.endant and the Moon ought ~nd suitable 10 the occru.."d in oonignaspeL'I..oo or marriage.hoosej of marriage.l.. Or the Medium Cooli itself should have allreemenr . if the Moon is in Ihe fifth..efore everything else the fifth house shoujd te well disposed. Ubra. and the secorui canon of the second I..afe and-f=..ofIupiler and verne. Mercury also with Il.ith the lord of the Asccnillr. Sagillariu" AquariU5. we . and Pisces and Virgo for widows In the universe.! [thehou.if Mercury is afQ!lllDateraywilhthelordoftheA". When we wi.r_ Nor doc.. gentle shining i.fol1h as the house of wisoom and of studies..e sip. with this. with ahuman.hould be in sigru. CQnun XU.ilualelJ in a good place in the fil"'re. which i<calle.abic in the first canon of the secon<i part.. the Ascendanl and the Moon .notcontrary to Ibe pru<.on thcnilltil hOU8e must nat t. .8im:ethi"housea\ongwith the tenth.ej of mastery. tenth or eleventh houscs. with Mercury strong.ns arc Taurus.spcet..ame holding !he Medium CoeIi. oftl1eA".gulsh when Servants Can Be lUred or Beasts BllughL .. It is better.ill" Mlding the boro5Cope.endanl I"add.'and with the lord of the .

the Moon and the Asccndanlishould hel in moveable si8"s with L~e fortunes or their rays."nm"j . dOlTlC.tlleMoooor(he..o a fi .. and the Ascendam in a Olmmon sigll'. a&Ihey are not suit~bJe signs.jnsiglWco. it should be a mnsculinc:. agreeing in '""'.""lIIlas. fitting thal tile Moon be.. and i.:oodt. Taunt! mu.i~th house~the lord theJwfshould occupy in ~ fortunate way a sign of lite ~~ property nr im~.5!he home of Venus and exaltation of the...llicor human.orrnchinttnt. with the Sun standingfunh in thc.lh its lord must nor he pa<.udc_ In addilionto lhi •.."o. however. l'he sixlh house indeed.t2Om in m'.ign: if female. tbeAl<ccBdcnl or thc.. as the 22nd verse of Ptolemy' warns.n.lhoMoonshou1dheobsef"lledincreasing in Uglil and the second house nnd il~ lord in a common or muveabl. lHIUlllhing.. To Investlgate What Time is Su. [the housc] of be.. in " """evolent ray ". it i..the pri<><:ip"'_ fu<u:unpk.in laUt. are excepted. ex~pl whon we ". .Mcdium O>eli For pluling on dotb~-< indeed.tsofMh 'l"hep"".uru<.... ...ml"o!ex(whol'lori!.- .ially when the Moon i. becouse it.. .ib~' and it' should Shine wirh fortnnat" ..ish to put on a military clQak' nt orms for war.itable '!ti<oo._ Iti"'ery eppropriatcin the buying of beaSts jfthe MOO!I. or wild and IIflbridl~: if a I2me beast.... illumiOHtooby fortunate ray'."Y$.' .it.ooghlnot to be omined in sik"".f". Jf iodoed the beast is unbridled.' for P~parin~ and Pulting InlhehtlUrofbu~ing~ndUitoringclothing. [onc musl consider that] a heaSi is eilher tamed and getlilc.""". however.. One must tie wary.ha:pwul<rAtie:<.arrd=.. And th.nlil"'J"y.bl. it is fitting that die ascending sign is moveable and the Moon ..ed sign. ofll!e fIXed signs aruJ abo. Moon 'Th"re...• uch lhatit mould bcfroe from the infnrrune. which i. w. lIiohmake'"OscllSC We.:! ill sipw "'-""""'_'Ii. '1~"I""'lth.' CanDo XIV.ilh M~s. it should bea femirlliJesign.."eahle 'igns.lSI•.cle".!h:IloooshooldbuycanlcUDd!:r T.rulerdmi< ·~C.arinha:i.. 'IIII/'''/mtuc"".. Th:1. ospe<.. Leo nnd ScorpiO.pMl'nl')'pIlht:>~. wilh the 5U always related tu the si~'l1: {for c~amplcl if il is male.t not be fe"red ill this elISe.'e all uf Loo. Almough il\d""d the fIxed signs arc prohibited... .edby .

.lbeen said regarding thef(}rtune'...y' .ei"thefigure.titure of High om~l. or Oltlcial Posilion'.-. or Tl'IlDSr~r O_lf from OIH.cept with Mars fortIrnately radiating nn the previnw.'"Cstrongerihantheforrunes.'orlinkedmlheinronfthe secondbringsmuchlC>..lhenone must deal with the iruorronesin the manner thaI ha.%' Forthetakingupofllleinlestiturenfhight)fficc.ial affairs. of miligarion.ions is thllt in which tl!e fourth house and it. The time ior taking hold of hcred:itary pmse. <ignific"t"''' and locatedjTlagoodpl~o. m.d !lol1ting should im!Jede.andthattheyhaverlignihc..n the 39th verse') in the emhronemeot of a king Of prince Signifies 10'" hath in his dolllCSli~ and financ. wilh the luminaries aspecting that same p lace with a benev<llent ray. To Take up Hereditary Pos . ions.however with some mean.orofnfficialpo. or in tbe Medium fuli aspeeling the lord of the Ascendant with a benevolent a. where he says..e ought 10 be fiffiledir. the Inv~.. fixed sigos arul the iords of the ang!es oriental.' House into Another. . But !he afllicrion of the clc\"cnlh (as Ptolemy relate.tions. with the fonur>eS . One ...the place oftl!e \uminarics should be diligenlly ob. The affli~lion of tile =00 place signifies the lo"e.' of hi. Tn this m""er tre &4111YCr"" of Ptolc.jon. howeyer.Onemustkno .It is best that Jupiter stand in the Ascendant ond the Sun in the Medium Cook But if it happenslllatlheinforronesa..Canon XV. lord are ""fe and shonc up<ln by the rays of llu: fortune •• wiili Moon piaoe<i unimpeded in its domicile Or exaltation.espociallytnefourth house and the Ascendant.huuld not come to a miliwry <ligmly C>l.. In the universe moreover OM must SOO tbat the formnc. subjects..ho~ld be ~unsidered.<peCL Inaddilion thefounh hou.erved lost they be impeded by evil raY'.andi8PfC"mtinthesecondpt""".s arc iolheang!es.ju.thatlhesllcce"of a higtt office is as great as the fortitude or debility of the significarofS in the nativity . ''Mid"1 when he is the lord of tile Ascendant in Ule time oftakingpOS'es.>eli.tarxling direct' in !he· Ascendant or Medium C<.

Tn Lay tbe FoundMion (or Constructing a Buildin~.Cantin XVI. .

of the hUYCT and of a debtor are the Ascendant. the fortune of the boyer [includes] the Part of Fortune in Ihe oow. lord. lhereshouklbej aforrunate Mercury and impeded by no malign my of Mars. the Mc". conjunct wilh Mercury or with hi.enlybodies with respect to each olher_ Therefore the significaton..boughl and . In the universe the.audwhetherilisgoodorbad. al!o sla". with tbe lord nf the A>lCeod.'hc should mfike suitable the Jcgrec of the I'arr of Fortune or Mercury.] A fortunate radiation of the lord of Ascesdem with the .e of Jupilt:I shining with fortunate abundance.. or to Make and Receiv~1I Loon.scparatingill<elffromthefoTtlllle. for whomever there i~an inclination of buying. with Mercury fommareand localedin a good place. benevolent my. for Ihen the item i.thosematterswillhecarri. he will have it the bene. The Moon placed in exakation cr triplicityia .e ofbuy:ing and 'el!ing. For both jointly [w benefit.eventh and il. whoever of lhe".... theMoou standing in Leu ScorpioorSagittariUlli"goociforl.'.Forailof lhe.lnrestilUtion .old witll at a fairprire.1ntappearing with dimini<hed motion and !he lord "f!he MediumCoeli staDding safe.me.e """ have subjoiooorules: 11.hoscwbomaleurroccivedloan_Butifilisin Ihehc~'. To Comprehend when It Is Rest to Buy and Sell. arId the Moon in the third quarter.l]tal quaners.then a1.ling in !he firot guarirature of the Sun.' will find hispl ace. but not bodily. it should be joined 10 Venus Or Jupiter. from the opposition I() IhelaM quaJter or in the two oc~id('.igIl'''[ uprighlascension.at which increa:. or IlteMoOfl .. if either of these wishes 10 h~y or m rereive a 1000 insccret Butifanycmcwi.Cannn XVII. The . it wilj give evil toonegivingtheloan.'arethe seventh house andit:s lord and the planet from whom the Moon separates.giveninuchatlge.cilllbejudgedfmmlhefourth house and its lord.> is tlie opiniQIl o[. or from an opportl1niryoffortune. orofmakingandreceivingaloaJI_lfrhey regardCllch olhcr with lhe tetragon or oppooitioUlSpccl...landing in !he .'. [of the two.erond quadrarure of the Sun or in oriemlllqnartet' mak""fnrlhe seller.is good for a buyer or one who receives a loan..c""beohservedfromthetentllhoosearuiilSlord. impeded in no way.cOll1 .o lrom the plaCl/ of the MOOD_ Concerning the thing itself which is ". a. Howeve. Besides this.joining-it<elfwithlherays of themalefics. if it is retrograde.Id or which i. seUing or making or receiving a ioan.nningQfthesc sign'.i. How much the pri"" may be and whether ornotitisjustorex=. makes for ea.inslituledwith.r.ignificulors of the selter andofthcleruk..noteWJ1 lhi..h""tobe~agerforaprofitfrommoney pul u"l at mterest. itllgrerudi'sen'io!l.. its lord and the planet to which tne Moon applie. the last quarte ..ive. alsoillcreasing in tigilt andmction.eforc.'.nu the [properjcondilionofthc h"".. made fortunate.

th •..(.ery good. To Find <JUt wh~n It Is B. nr Pi. Canon XIX. Moon in Aquariu_<. Tirne for Tnoveling-and for Scnding Lejtations.e". if the set forth aoove have been served XVIll.1iDIl oiTh<Cenliioq"}' . conditions Canon decreasiog in light wiU_be . 'inthcclct.s1 tu Hu.. To Sel""ISnitabl.

thattheMoonapply to a plane! . of which kind~n.doe'notgov~wellforlhchun!er. sliollid nu\ bcin an angle.' wild animals.lrOgrad~ planets ol1inding in the aogl"'. Sagiltariu. Finally t>!I~ .e applying to a fllrtune. and Mercury is Ia<:aled in a good place.ign'.. [n addition lu this il matters whether he would hunt on water or land.withanapplicationtoMarsbyabenevolent "'y. and with Ihe Moon applying to \h<:m.situated] so lhat it does notirradiarerheA. In Fire."n"rarClhey "n~! whO brirrgb.Gemini.<.LeoorSagiMrius.Xlh hous" impeded by malefics or lheir ray'.. Venus indeed should slandin the Ascendant Or !he Medium CoelL with the Moon applying tu he!_ Huweve:r it is th"bcsl of all iflhe Moon isin Cancer with Jupiter occupying Pisces. Fm birds lh~airsigmare"lrong andlhe flying . bears a!ld Ihe re. Iha! the Moon apply 10 Jupiter.:.withoneaddition. or To Work at the .gacd lu wulve~. the Moon shoold have a loc.ce'.eventh house. I add tothe"e [principles] IhatbcaNl'Ollwhich there are beeves are fittingly sought with Mars or the Moon occupying the Medium Coello With n. Becau. we shall observe only tbis.en<lant. applying LQ Venus . boars. with this rule. the Moon shOllld he in the Medium Coeli in CanCCf or Pisces. Fo r h"nlirrg""lu~\icbird". and Pi. lhat!\fun. If bowever we wisb to hunt on the water. Virgo. nor !he Ascendant in a quadrupedal sign.t u[the most femcioll. SCC>l1'iocw~"pted.ilisnearJythesame.!andingin the .houlu nutc mat n.ationinArie. nor the Moon Of_'. c"peci~lIyifilis"nfortunate.if the Moofl is in the.t1Art.ck much prey Csnon XX.tandingina wJtersign.e lf terrcstrial hunting is in mind. To Perfect tbe Works of Metals Alcl>emic:.

..l .nla/cit. d .."..1'_.u'". of the_ ~c"J"... 'xnat~ra<"rwo.. Akhimi" 'reading 'XllulJl"... Pr-. ..sumablytil< refer""ce" inlh< f.ne f~r me .mine """au.

The Fourlb Part Concerning Nati~ities. you should Imow the native's ""untry.-an infottune dominant in that year..<ideroo Nativity. If indeed (he impub.'thereuponhytheaccidentsoftnenativejfhe. ortbe degree of the Medium Coeli. of the Animodar' or the length of time of the native i. in ~ro. or Ascendant i.en<lant by mean. and hi' descent' for a particular judgment: for the celestial influences work one way in one person and another way in anoth~. orlbepIHceorlhcSun.'h"uldhave[suffidentlage Having done this.orthepl~c"ofthcPart. Til Discl""" ThIliSe Matte~ Judgment Which Must Be Cnn. before the or a Human First the nativity sJlou1<ll:>e verifie<l "" m~~h all """sible regarding Ih~rlegree orth. at the time of the mosr recent entry of the Sun into Arie:s prece<li"i the nativity.ofFurtllnc. and consider whellier lhe ionJ of the nativity.'then See the degree of thc Asccndantan<lthelonl 01 Ihe year along with the rest oftlJe angle. CIlRIID I. Coosider also jf in th~t year in whid) he was born any ""Iip"e of the luminaries preceded the nativity.urtbeplaceoftheMoon. and a<:eording to this to increase or decrease the goodne"ormaliceofthesignificatDfaccorrlingtothefivchyicgicalplaccsjustllOw mentioned. Asc." or the active principles' OCCUrI" a patient' who is predisposcd. tbepl3Ceofat'nrtune o. or of the .ora conjunclion of the OC$Y planets.

ther the Native III To Be Nourished 10 the Thlnklng Or No! and or Piolemy.CaIMln IL 'Iu Explain Con<:ernin~ Vt'bE.' of the Hyl~g' According . the ChoiCl.

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