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At Grass Roots we help our clients achieve their goals by designing and delivering programs that influence the attitude and behaviour of these three groups. It’s all about inspiring people.At your service… High performing organisations engage with their employees. Communication Education Measurement Rewards Events Communication Education Measurement Rewards Events . partners and customers. We would like to share just a few examples of how we have done this with an outline of the specialist services we provide.

including: • Assisting working parents to pay approved carers efficiently and costeffectively • A cycle to work scheme. which in 2010 raised over £70. Our philosophy has grown from the ethos of our founders over 30 years ago – that is to ‘Have Fun and Do Good Work’ – and our values are reflected in this.we are here to inspire people in everything we do.000 for local schools and sports facilities Our approach is simple . ‘Spirit of Tring’. promoting teamwork and most importantly. staged by Grass Roots Communication Education Measurement Rewards Events . being energetic and committed. treating all stake holders as partners. Our commitment to doing good work extends across many communities. inspiring people. For four successive years we have been listed in the Sunday Times Top 100 Best Companies to work for. staged by Grass Roots. They include: fostering creativity. channel partners and customers. which helps the environment and promotes general well-being • An annual open-air concert. We live and breathe these values within our work places around the world and in the Asia-Pacific region.Our philosophy Our aim is to help your organisation reach its business goals through inspiring your employees. ‘Spirit of Spring’ concert 2011.

with global ‘follow the sun’ support. Grass Roots has grown into a global performance improvement company with turnover in excess of £300 million and over 1000 employees in 16 countries. China. Around the world. we ‘Think Global.3Mespe. This thinking demands we have a dynamic team on the ground across our 25 offices in 16 countries.com. Some of our Asia Pacific clients include: www.au www.300 client-programs. proprietary technology. including 67 of the world’s top 100 brands • 1. across 186 currencies in 18 different languages • Global in-house creative design agency. Singapore and Australia. Grass Roots enjoys working with over 2.com.In Good Hands In Good Company From modest beginnings over 30 years ago. three data centres and robust service/reward delivery • £200 million of rewards to client organisations every year with over 14.au Some of our global clients include: Communication Education Measurement Rewards Events Communication Education Measurement Rewards Events .3Mespe. including our offices in India.100 clients. no challenge is too great.200 merchandise products and 627 vouchers in our catalogues Around the world. to achieve successful outcomes for our customers. Act Local’. By utilising our local knowledge.100 exciting and Found From Website PDF innovative companies. You are in good hands: • 2.

Grass Roots can better help to positively influence the behaviour of these three audiences. up sell and repurchase rates (increase ‘share of wallet’)? Service Areas • Improve motivation and reduce employee attrition • Recognise and reward behaviours • Create loyalty through reduced attrition and increased retention Customer • Increase share-of-wallet (upsell. cross-sell. channels and employees Audiences Typical business objectives • Acquire and recruit the best partners Channel • Reward channels for behaviours aligned with business goals • Build community and improve partnersip ethos • Drive profitibility by improving the behaviours & attitudes of employees Employee Employees • How can we drive profitability by improving the behaviours and attitudes of employees? • How can we build community and improve the sense that ‘we’re in it together’? • How can we use the power of recognition in a manner that motivates all employees? Customers • How can we build customer advocacy and loyalty? • How can we retain existing customers and reduce attrition rates? • How can we improve cross-sell. we have over 30 years experience influencing the behaviours and attitudes of customers. repurchase) • Build community and develop insight Communication Education Measurement Rewards Events Service capability and frameworks The Hub Digital & Creative Studio Global Data Centres Global Reward Fulfilment Communication Education Measurement Rewards Events Communication Education Measurement Rewards Events . Channel Partners • How can we help acquire and recruit the best partners for your channel? • How can we avoid rewarding channels for something they might have done anyway? • How can we build community and improve partnership ethos? At Grass Roots. employees and customers.Addressing Organisational Challenges Grass Roots Propositions and Competencies By understanding the challenges organisations face with channel partners.

Global support. Communication Education Measurement Rewards Events Communication Education Measurement Rewards Events . We perform with passion and we do good work for our clients. Our dedicated offices are located in the fast growing economies of India and China and the established markets of Australia and Singapore. reward fulfilment and technology. Grass Roots is the only performance improvement business with full service capabilities across the Asia Pacific region – leveraging regional and global experience – whilst delivering local solutions. local capability Strength in Asia-Pacific With numerous countries and cultures within Asia Pacific an understanding of the region is critical to success. Our Asia-Pacific team is over 100 strong with dedicated resources in the areas of program design.

com. Sell any Porté gé R700 series and rec eive $30 Terms & Condi tions | Privacy Policy | Contact Us www.au www.3Mespe.au Communication Education Measurement Rewards Events Communication Education Measurement Rewards Events . Offer ends 31st December 2010.3Mespe.com.HOME PORTÉGÉ PAYS HOW TO REDE EM REDEMPTION Card Reward PORTÉG É 4690 GOOD THRU * Click below for Terms and Conditions.

Dell Achievers 39% in non-participating partners. After a strategic program review. We provide Symantec with a detailed analysis of the data which empowers Symantec’s account managers with another tool to take to potential resellers. their approach wasn’t achieving the desired cut-through. Dell recognised they needed to develop a more collaborative representatives participating in Dell channel relationship with individual sales representatives. compared to designed to engage and motivate key channel partners. The solution also fully integrated the partner reward module with Symantec’s broader partner portal. A Operat Relationship M ANNABEL REID anagement. an Asia-wide program.’ is a single platform. anagem roject M P ast Asia South E Communication Education Measurement Rewards . W YEO ANDRE ent. SYMANTEC Consistent channel partner program delivers positive pan-Asia results “Over 2. Grass Roots understood this challenge and after transitioning the existing reward effort. A ustralia ARMA DAS S India AYATU J ment. ast Asia PE EW PO MATTH ustralia ions. In the highly competitive market in which Symantec operates. partners with sales representatives in Dell Achievers achieved sales growth of 191% year on year. flexible approach incorporating local country requirements. Achievers achieved sales growth Grass Roots developed Dell Achievers. Chin elopme ess Dev Busin GINA L EE Accoun t Mana gemen South E t.” a U ANDY L nt. established a new multi-lingual channel reward platform. anage tM Projec H KUMA R Client So lutions. compared to 39% in non-participating partners.500 members receiving branded. multi-lingual. which was of 191% year on year. The Symplus partner program was enhanced through more consistent application of rewards through a branded Visa card. Dell partners were making purchase decisions to meet their customer’s needs based solely on driving maximum value for their own individual ‘…partners with sales businesses. In dia SAURAB Symantec’s partners weren’t historically engaged and rewarded in a way that was consistent or effective.Our Expert Asia-Pacific Team Achieving results with the Channel CASE STUDY Events DELL An Asia wide partner incentive program Across Asia. engaging and consistent rewards and communication in 14 countries.

The program united employees across all branches and increased their brand and product advocacy to help drive sales of credit cards to new customers. we can report that comparison data from FY10 and FY11 shows that purchases of those registered in the program have increased at a far greater rate than those not registered. over 400 000 applications have been sourced. RS Components identified that a loyalty program would greatly enhance customer experience and drive positive buying behaviour. to make the experience of recognising and being recognised more immediate. in better understanding how to communicate with their employees. in four languages.over 400 000 credit card applications have been sourced. in an environment where switching costs were low. Grass Roots understood the challenge of reduced.Achieving results with the Employee CASE STUDY Achieving results with the Customer CASE STUDY Events SPLASH “Our solution applies principles of social media to make the experience of recognising & being recognised more immediate. SBI CARD . drive more customers to transact online and to reward all desired purchasing behaviour. Our solution resulted in an increase in customer acquisition of 30%.Money2India . with a high activation and low default rate.. ICICI BANK Fixed fee Consumer Promotion “The Grass Roots solution ICICI Bank’s money transfer service . in person. interactive & fun” MICROSOFT Peer to Peer Employee recognition program Microsoft ANZ is going through a period of unprecedented change. Grass Roots worked with SBI Card to provide a solution that motivated branch employees to cross-sell credit card applications through a reward program. A great result for all. appealing and motivating solution. where exchange rates and benefits play a major role in customer customer acquisition of 30%. which intrudes on normal face to face interaction within teams. Key objectives were to retain and grow their customer base.operates in a commoditised resulted in an increase in market. Another challenge is the changing work environment.” “. spanning the cultural diversity of Asia. optimise share of spend. “The initial response has been tremendous beating our expectations and giving us huge confidence that this program can make a big difference in our quest to retain and grow our existing customer base across Asia. Grass Roots developed RS Infinity. with a high activation and low default rate. workplace interaction and developed a solution using live and interactive recognition feeds.” SBI Card had been sourcing credit card applications through outsourced agencies and were witnessing a decline in application sourcing and issuance.INDIA Peer to Peer Employee recognition program RS COMPONENTS A pan-Asian business-to-business Customer Loyalty program For continued market leadership across Asia. ICICI Bank’s challenge was to ensure. One of the most exciting aspects of this dialogue is the value of the information it generates for Microsoft. Whilst the results of the program are confidential. they attracted and kept the right customers. smart phone applications and digital recognition walls. an online portal for customers across 10 key markets. Since the program’s inception. Grass Roots understood these challenges and worked with ICICI Bank to create a dynamic. We developed a program whereby customers were rewarded for transacting with Money2India and were offered multiple rewards which they could redeem themselves or nominate a beneficiary. interactive and fun. as their industry grapples with the exciting and disruptive influence of cloud computing. Communication Education Measurement Rewards Events Communication Education Measurement Rewards .” preference..

com Managin CHAROO AGGARW AL g Directo r.com Matt Seadon (Australia and New Zealand) matt.Regional Management Team Contact Us.seadon@grg. insert it portra BRA PAC T CHA cer .. Australia Y h Eas SAXT Sout TEVE ger. To begin a dialogue with Grass Roots.A RMEE HA y Offi olog Techn Chief GNATO CARPIA a PAUL S er..scarpiagnato@grg.saxty@grg.com MARK BARLIN G Genera l Mana ger Ma rketing and Ma jor Acc ounts APAC Communication Education Measurement Rewards Events .com Steve Saxty (South East Asia) steven. Chin Manag eneral G We would welcome the opportunity to help you inspire the people that matter to your business. S ana ral M Gene t Asia Charoo Aggarwal (India) charoo. email Paul Scarpiagnato (China) paul.aggarwal@grg. India N General Manag MATT SEADO er.

grassroots.sg INDIA Telephone +91 22 4030 1130 www.in GRASS ROOTS OFFICES AROUND THE WORLD Australia · Brazil · China · Colombia · France · Germany · India · Ireland · Mexico Singapore · Spain · Switzerland · United Kingdom · USA · Venezuela Communication Education Measurement Rewards Events .grassroots-china.com AUSTRALIA Telephone +61 3 8415 8402 www.CHINA Telephone +86 10 8518 0798 www.com SOUTH EAST ASIA Telephone +65 6295 6021 www.com.grassroots.au.grassrootsindia.

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