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ow would you feel if you knew that you were your love’s life

and death at the same time? How would you feel if the only way to kill your soul mate was be getting killed yourself? You would dread the thought. And so do I- standing face to face with death. Death is walking towards me and there’s no way to stop it, no help around to come. I look into its eyes- giving it a hateful look… It smiles at me and now I hate it even more. I didn’t know what happened but all I was able to see was blackness…I was sure that I haven’t died because I could feel pain. I came back to consciousness. That proved to me that I wasn’t dead. I opened my eyes and I didn’t like what I saw. The love of my life fought with effort to save our lives. I hoped that my love would not give up and fight, however death was stronger in many ways. Could we hang on and survive this ordeal or would we become just another two names ticked of death’s endless list? It was then when I saw the determined cerulean eyes when something crossed my mind; I realised that there is a way to save the two of us with as little fight as possible.



was finally moving. After living in rainy England for what

seemed as endless six years, I was finally moving. My dreams of lounging under the baking hot sun and on the golden beaches were now becoming true. I was moving into the vicinity of Sydney, Australia. I can remember when I was six, my parents promised to move there but when I was about ten we moved to Britain instead. We lived in a medium sized town called Rotherham. There we lived in one of those old terrace houses numbered with a big, decorative fourteen. The house was nearly one hundred years old- and to be honest it looked like it. We had a small garden with many flowering plants. We had a bush of full, white roses- they were my favourites. In fact the garden was one of not many things I liked in England. The other thing I liked was the school. Yes, I surely liked school. Most of people called me weird just because I liked it. I bet they would have understood me if they would have ever studied in Poland. It was way more enjoyable and easier to learn in English than in Polish schools. Poland. Warm in summer and in most of the spring. Cold in the winter and some of the autumn. It snowed every Christmas. Why couldn't we have stayed? Oh, of course politics and all that. I can't even begin to express how much I hate politicians for their greed. It's their entire fault that I've spent six years in Britain, in dreadful conditions. I'll always miss my friends from Poland. There's no one to miss from England though. I've spent most of the time in the school library and I didn't make any true friends. I actually somehow didn't want any friends. I guess it's because I was turned down so many times when I tried to make friends with someone. I was always that weird and annoying Kate Burney to them. In Poland I was always liked and everyone said I was beautiful, then in England I was always called ugly. I didn't understand it. Now as a seventeen year old girl I was moving to a new place

and I was hoping that it will be better in Australia than in Britain. I wouldn't be able to stand being an outsider in a place I've always dreamed of. I felt the plane set its wheels on the rough, solid route. It was a rather unpleasant sensation that made my stomach flip. Then all of the sudden people started cheering and applauding, I joined with them. I was thankful that the flight was over. I wonder why was I so scared that something bad would happen. Anyway does it matter, we've made it. All four of us. The whole Burney family- my parents, my sister and me, have officially arrived to Australia after a particularly long and boring flight. I slept nearly the whole flight. Two flights actually - from London to Singapore and from Singapore to Sydney. Both seemed to last forever. As I had been expecting, my auntie and uncle were waiting for us outside the Sydney airport. I don't know how we found our way out of the airport building- which seemed like an endless maze of corridors and signs- in the very first place. I've only seen my auntie and uncle in pictures before. They look exactly the same in real life, even though the only pictures we've got are from about five years ago. That was strange, worthy questioning, even though I knew that I would never be brave enough to ask anyone about it. My aunt Sarah is a really skinny person with a golden tan and long, straight blonde hair. She looks really young even though she is in her late forties. Her husband Logan is a muscular man with a dark tan and black, neatly brushed back hair, also in his late forties. He is a few inches taller than Sarah. Sarah waved her slim hand welcomingly and then she ran with Logan in our direction as gracefully as if she was dancing; she didn’t hide her excitement. She looked as if the happiest thing in her live has just happened. She looked as if she has won a lottery. As they approached us, I could finally study their features closely. Sarah had really kind looking aqua blue eyes with long eyelashes. To my surprise, what seemed as fake lashes was actually real. She had laugh lines and her nose was little and straight. She probably could be a model if she would want to, I thought to myself. I also thought that she is a trustworthy person who you can go to and tell everything that bothers you and she will always find a way to make you feel better. She is like a mother figure- caring and helpful. Not over caring like my mum Marie though- whom I love anyway.

"Hello! I hope you had a peaceful journey my dears." Sarah said in a sweet, kind voice and then she hugged each one of us. I saw tears of excitement and happiness in her aqua eyes. Yes, she definitely was a kind and caring person. Her grip was strong, like she didn't want to let go of us or like we were really slippery and would slip out of her hold at any moment. I thought that it was the warmest welcome I've ever had in my entire life. Once Sarah unwillingly let go of us, her husband approached in a steady pace to welcome us. "Hello." Logan said loudly but rather shyly in a deep, warm voice. "May I take your baggage?" Now I could see that his eyes were a beautiful, hazel colour. Like Sarah's, they held an incredible kindness in them. His lips were tight and he had laugh lines just like Sarah. "Oh don't bother, we can manage to do it ourselves, but thanks anyway." Was my dad's (Andrew's) automatic response. He was a sort of person who wanted to have everything done by himself. He thought that it was the only way for something to be done properly. It was one of those points of view that I have inherited from him. "I'm sure you had a long and tiring journey. Let me take it for you." Logan insisted and before my dad had even time to think of how to answer him, he took our bags and started carrying them somewhere around the corner where I suppose his car was. He really was strong, I thought with amazement. "Let's go my dears. The cars are just there, around this corner." She pointed. It took us thirty seconds to get to the cars. One was a blue, shiny Citroen with a big boot and the other one was a rather small silver BMW. Both of the cars looked new and expensive. Well what have I expected- they are both successful lawyers after all. "We don’t have a six-seater so we brought two cars with us." Sarah explained the whole situation with a kind smile on her face. In fact this smile seemed to never fade away. "We thought that in the Citroen Logan will take your luggage and that I’ll drive you back to our place in the BMW." She carried on explaining. Kindness was not fading away from her face still. Out of sudden I found myself being hugged for the second time today. It was a lot more delicate than the other hug though- as if I was a precious and breakable thing. "I've been waiting for you lot to come for over twelve years. It's all my fault that it took so long. After all I was supposed to be a good lawyer." she said, her aqua eyes going glossy behind her long eyelashes. She was hugging her only brother now- my dad.

We got ourselves sat comfortably in the BMW with Sarah behind the wheel. "Hi. that I'll be an outsider in a country of my dreams. We can't stand here forever. if that was possible. I chatted to Logan about England and told him how much I hated it there..if it comes to happiness and excitement. I still had today and tomorrow until Monday though so I've got time to mentally prepare myself. Thank you. To be honest I was scared that I won't be liked. He seemed more relaxed." I answered honestly. and now let’s get moving. "Well. um. Logan welcomed me with a warm smile and such thoughts escaped my mind. for I did enjoy making people happy especially when all I had to do was to keep company. I felt sorry for Logan who had to drive on his own. You are such a good child. For a fraction of a second I felt like I was going to regret the decision I made but as I opened the passenger door. "Maybe I should go with uncle Logan? I will keep him company. I. I was to get started the following Monday. I would have never thought that talking to Logan would be so easy and pleasant. "No. decided that I should keep you company. when they talked to her on the phone. The whole way to my relative's house. I got out of the silver BMW and marched towards much bigger blue Citroen. It was so simple at the moment to make someone smile. I saw his hazel eyes get warmer. I bet this will greatly satisfy him. "That's a great idea dear. I found out that he and my aunt have already found a school for me.just like I was one in England. . Sarah couldn’t and didn’t complain. you know we would have come earlier if not our language problems. I also asked many questions about Australia (aiming to get as much information from him as I could) that he was more than happy to answer. "It's not your fault that it took us so long just to learn basics of English. I know I am a good person but she couldn't have stated that without knowing me more. I was going to go to South Sydney High School in Maroubra." after these words I sat myself on the passenger seat. So don't blame yourself. Angela."Sarah." my dad said as politely as he could. Did Sarah send you as a messenger?" he said. To my surprise it was more comfortable than in the other car.. I knew that my dad Andrew didn't like showing his feelings much and that he felt the same way as Sarah. From his voice I could tell that something was bothering him. Aunt Sarah has nothing to do with it." I said. I wondered how many things my parents would have told her about me and my sister." answered my aunt in a grateful tone. I'm a rather sociable man." he comforted her. that you shouldn't drive by yourself.

"She is upstairs by the way. By the way. ." "Okay mum. "We were talking about Australia." He answered in one breath." I moaned. Maroubra also is a part of Eastern suburbs region. Each one of them had it's own garden. especially considering the fact that I can hurt myself on anything.I didn’t want to sleep yet. in fact I couldn't blame her for. We stopped in front of the biggest house on the street. There was a long corridor with four doors. My mum seemed to realise that. it didn't have a swimming pool or a garden (that I could see). It is placed ten kilometres South-East from Sydney central business district if you wish to know. We will help him with that so it will be pretty soon.We were driving behind the silver BMW and eventually we found ourselves on a street with big and expensive houses on both sides of the road. I jumped as one of them opened and my aunt came out. I'm a magnet to blood spilling situations. "In Maroubra in New South Wales. Maroubra belongs to the local area of the city of Randwick. I said it halfheartedly because I suddenly felt tired. at least two garages and a swimming pool. "Oh" was all I could say because something about the house made me not even want to think about moving into a different one. I went up the stairs. Unlike the other houses. The door was made out of honey coloured wood which composed well with the sunflower yellow paint in which the house was painted. "You need to rest dear. "This is going to be your home for some time until your dad finds a job and a house of his own. "What took you so long out there?" asked my mum with unnecessary concern in her voice.” I answered. I wonder what she thought. Her chocolate brown eyes that I sometimes envied searched for any signs of injury on me." declared Logan. even though I was tired.probably that I hurt myself on something in the garage which.after Logan has parked his car safely in one of the garages.every window was decorated with stained glass at the upper part of it which was really effective in attracting attention to itself. It had two garages and beautiful windows. "Where exactly in Australia are we now?" I had to ask.I was purely curious. I think that you will like it. Then we went through the honey wood door inside where others have been waiting." my mum added quickly before I vanished from her eyesight. She definitely was over caring. ask aunt Sarah for the way to your room.

"Wow. bedroom. Come and have a look. "We wanted you to feel welcome here. neat note stuck to it. A cupboard was opened with a small pile of my clothes on one side and much bigger pile of clothes that I didn't recognize on the other. "Whose are these?" I pointed at the unknown to me neat pile of clothes. I just realized that next to my bed. There was a small.both on the ceiling. I'm glad that you're happy. It’s perfect! Thank you!" I smiled and then gave her a big hug." she stated and before I could ask her anything else she was gone.which means that I’m going to have a nice view at night." She took my arm in her bony hand and dragged me towards the creamy door she would have came out from earlier. I came up to the mirror. I opened it and I found myself in a small bathroom. My thoughts tangled around the last sentence. And sky blue paint has its charm. I really liked it all." I answered. You need to wake up early tomorrow if you want to see something amazing and I'm saying no more. in the left corner of the room was another creamy door. The floor was covered in perfect white tiles and the walls were covered in pastel pink. I looked around. bathroom. "I love it.literally silver eyes which were duplicates of my . I absolutely love it and I always wanted to have windows in the ceiling. There was a beautifully framed mirror on the wall and a small window. Her eyes were flickering with gladness now. It's just one of your Australia coming presents. I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I was so grateful." She announced. I wondered whether I was worth it all. clothes and who knows what else. you really shouldn't have. I had a rather pale skin. I hope you will like it. It was one of my Australia coming presents. It had two windows. The room was small with sky blue walls. Sweet dreams dear. Thank you so much. leaving me with my thoughts."I've just been setting up your room dear. "All yours dear.from the lack of sunlight. They really thought about everything: over the comfy looking single bed. This bathroom is all yours for the time you will spend here so make yourself comfortable. Sarah Rail xxx I smiled as I read it. And now tell me how do you like your room?" Her aqua eyes flickered with interest as she said that. "I'm going to leave you on your own now dear.

my hair was light brown with blond streaks. a silly question aroused in my head: Could it have been…hunger in her eyes? No. my dad's round face and medium sized nose and my mum's beautiful lips. She gave a quick glance at my dressed finger. She led us out . She was grinning. I had a dreamless night. I wasn't really bothered to do anything else with it now. I stood up and took a blue dress (the Australia coming present) from the cupboard and changed quickly in the bathroom.she must have heard me groaning and guessed what happened. It was natural. I groaned and put my finger in my mouth. I was lucky not to fall over but also unlucky.I've never dyed it or even planned to. “Here you go. I gave out a long yawn and then stretched myself.” Sarah passed me a strip of plaster. There was something I haven’t seen before in her eyes. I tied up my tangled hair. “Get yourself dressed quickly but be quiet because everyone else is still asleep. It was Sarah. She turned away from me quickly so I couldn’t examine them closer but from what I caught a glimpse of. "Wake up Sleeping Beauty! You have to hurry. “Of course I want to. “Do you want to see that amazing thing or not dear?” She looked unsure.grandmother’s. Her aqua blue eyes sparkled with enthusiasm. After those routines I went to bed and quickly drifted into a deep sleep. I grabbed myself on the banister in the last fraction of second. “Well if you are come here then.” I didn’t want a tiny cut to spoil whatever amazing thing was waiting there for me. I had a long and relaxing bath and then dressed myself in shortsleeved pyjamas then I quickly blow-dried my hair and brushed my teeth.showing her perfect. I saw blurred but familiar face in front of me. trying to be as quiet as possible but I almost tripped on the last step. When it was on the left side. there was a little piece of nail sticking out and it scratched the tip of my forefinger at my right hand. Blood started oozing from the wound.amazing things don’t last forever.” She grinned. Next morning someone woke me up.” I quickly ran down the stairs. It was all up to where I put the parting on my hair.I corrected myself. “Are you ready yet?” I heard a voice coming from downstairs.I could have it either with streaks or without streaks at any time. My hair was special. I was what my family and people from Poland called beautiful. Please lead the way." she reminded me. My mum envied the thickness of my hair and the way it shone. straight teeth. it must have been concern. It was an automatic response. my hair was medium-dark brown and when it was on the right side. My hair was brown with blond streaks.

It was about wolves. I didn’t recognize any of those birds except from a lonely pair. “Let’s go. When we came back in everyone was up and Sarah started making breakfast. I passed Sarah the bags. How could she believe that I wouldn’t like such an amazing thing.” She pointed at the few scars she had on her right hand. Birds became more animated. How can I not love it? It’s something I’ve never seen before.” This made her glow. They are quite dangerous when they fight for food. My aunt smiled warmly and her aqua blue eyes sparkled with what I knew was happiness. . “I thought I was dreaming when I saw it all. “W-o-w. “There’s everything ready on the kitchen table. “Sarah. There were birds of varied hues and sizes wherever I rested my eyes. that’s right.and ran back to the garden. After I ate the breakfast I drifted away to my bedroom.moan about everything and keep on repeating that she is too old. A pair of Rainbow Lorikeets. I had a lot of time so I picked up a book “White Fang” from the shelf. There were different tints of blue feathery balls sitting on one of the tree branches and various shades of red ones on a different one. “Wow. It’s amazing. “Yes.which made me flinch.” I thought I was dreaming.” She confirmed. I got scratched few times. fighting for food. Can you bring it here.” That seemed to have convinced her. The clock said that it was only ten past seven in the morning. I would have read it few times before. She opened them and started chucking the contents all over the place. “You seem to love this?” It was more of a question than a statement. It was the biggest garden I would have seen so far and the most amazing one. I quickly ran to the kitchen table and picked up a bag of seeds and another bag full of wriggling worms. because it was the sort of book that usually took me a day to read.” I pointed at the loveliest birds out of them all. She looked so young. please?” She asked and I nodded. The point of it is to keep my head away from thinking about tomorrow. “We need to feed them. There were different colours also but those stood out the most.of the house into the garden which I haven’t seen before because it wasn’t seen from the road. And she doesn’t behave like other people of her age that I know.” She said.

a buzz of a fly. just after the supper.Reading the book took me the rest of the morning and whole afternoon with breaks for lunch and dinner. ‘What if I won’t be liked because of my appearance or because of the way I talk.every little rustle seemed to keep me fully awake. Everyone was asleep except from my surprise it accent? What if I’ll say something stupid as it often happens? Or what if they don’t like people from other countries?’ The same thoughts circulated my head. . . inevitably rushed into my consciousness. I finished the book and all the thoughts I kept from my mind. I finally found myself in ‘Dreamland’ but without dreams. It was time to sleep but I couldn’t close an eye. murmur of the wind against the leaves. Everything seemed so loud. In the evening. so I tried ‘counting the sheep’.

I rushed downstairs (trying not to trip over like yesterday) for my breakfast which was waiting for me on the kitchen table. She rolled her eyes and walked out of my room to give me some privacy. I thanked Sarah and mum for making me some breakfast and rushed up the stairs. I stood up and stretched my stiff muscles. her eyes flickering with curiosity. “Kate! I’ve got something for you!” Sarah cried out from the kitchen. equipped with notebooks. “I was already awake when you came. I went down to the kitchen where Sarah stood.” I remarked.which was a useful thing for a person with memorising problems. mahogany kitchen table.” I heard her whisper urgently.CHAPTER 2 I had a dreamless night. I thought as I ran back downstairs with the rucksack hanging over my shoulder. I picked up some clothes that I had chosen from the ‘Australia coming present’ pile yesterday night. It was wrapped in silvery wrapping paper. I chewed the crispy toasts with jam fiercely and then briefly slurped the milk from the glass. unsure what to expect. “Kate! Wake up or you will be late to school. I ran to the bathroom and combed my hair slowly and then I parted them on the right side to show off my blond streaks. ‘It must be another ‘Australia coming present’ or something along those lines’. I left my hair loose but I put a hair-bubble around my wrist just in case I had PE today. I got dressed quickly. I . She must have thought I was still asleep because she started shaking me violently. I picked the first one up. I picked up my brand new rucksack. exercise books. She pointed at two bundles that laid on the square. I guess I was way too worried about school to let my mind produce any kind of dream. I tore the paper off with one swift movement. My sleep was so light that I roused when I heard my mum’s meant-to-be quiet footsteps. pencil case and a planner.

Her eyes sparkled like never before. And if the car wasn’t enough in it’s own grace. black gift box that jewellery is given in.” I responded smiling. “Okay.showing her perfect teeth. She looked like she is going to jump over the moon (if it there was one out. “I picked this one with your mum in the internet. It used to be my personal source of good was daytime after all). Here in my hands I was holding . unpack the other one. “Anyway. It was exactly the colour I would have dreamed about to have my car painted. I opened it. We stopped outside the house where the car was parked. The car I wanted so much is parked right here. She seemed to glow and looked happier than ever.” She gesticulated towards my mum and smiled. It was beautiful. I froze as I tore the paper off. also excited. it was painted a fiery orange metallic colour.shimmering in a profusion of sunlight. I was curious indeed. ready for me to sit in it comfortably and drive it. It is for good luck dear. I examined the item in my hands closely. “You must be joking me! The car of my dreams in a country of my dreams? I’m being greatly spoiled here. What is the point of ‘Australia coming presents’ anyway? Is it to keep me here? To help me settle? I’ve been brought back on Earth as Sarah grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the front (honey wood) door. I’ve put the necklace on before I reached for the other bundle which was wrapped in golden paper and tied with a scarlet ribbon that stood out beautifully. It reminded me of the necklace from my favourite grandmother that I’d have lost few years before. I envied a little the way her beautiful eyes sparkled happily.” She almost chirped those words in her keys.” I teased my aunt. Sarah’s long blond hair was tied up in a neat bun (it was like that only when she was doing some work. It was a Peugeot 307 convertible.” She was so excited. “But… could it be-?“ I was so amazed. It made me smile.whenever at her home office or in . in harmony with her feelings. “You’ve got to see it. Your dad said that this is the car you wanted to get in the future.found myself holding a little. It was a gold necklace with a flower shaped charm that had a carving of Mary and baby Jesus on it. She smiled a wide grin of perfect teeth back at me. I was amazed and second time since I’ve been here I had to think whether I was worth it all.

Her school is on the way to yours so it shouldn’t be a problem. “Angela lets go.” I hesitated slightly. “I got to go to school. She was already running late.” My mum explained. Logan wanted to give it you personally but he had to go to work earlier today. “Wow. Bye Kate!” She chirped in her warm voice.” I grinned. “Ok mum. Logan and whoever else was it that helped choosing this car has really made it perfect for me in every detail. so relaxing.” My aunt smiled and kissed my cheek for goodbye like aunts often tend to do. . I settled myself comfortably on the creamy leather seat that shone with its newness. Marie had cried out for me urgently and rushed out from the house with my little sister clenched on her side. That reminded me of everything that was to happen todayme having to put up with school and her going to work. I’m off to work now. GPS. that’s no problem as long as I know the address.” She said convincingly as if she read my thoughts.the kitchen). I was about to open the door of my new fiery orange convertible but my mother. “Don’t worry dear. “All the needed addresses are already saved on your GPS. I wouldn’t let you drive to school without you knowing the way. I should have thought that mum. “Have a nice ride then dear. “Sarah was supposed to do it but she had to go to work. The door opened smoothly. I led her to the passenger side. I didn’t know where exactly the school was and that was the only problem.watching her gasping for breath. “One more thing Kate. She sat herself on the creamy leather seat and clipped her seat belt straight away.” She winked.” I told her. Can you do that for me?” She requested once her breathing went back to normal. I shut the door behind her and strode towards the driver’s side. She was faster to open the door. I was about to ask who will drive me there which sounded silly now when I had my own car. “Yes mum?” I asked.” I sweetly smiled to my cute six-year old sister and seized her delicate hand. It was so nice to sit on this seat. this car has been chosen by Logan and your dad with a bit of my help. “Just look inside your car.” She added and shortly vanished from my sight. I stiffened at the thought that I will have to drive on my own. “Please take Angela to school. love.

furry steering wheel.” It told after a while of driving straight forward. The car had a wooden dashboard and an automatic gearbox. I hope you like your car dear. I smiled to myself for making a good choice at my sixteenth year of living on this world. . Enjoy the ride! Sarah Rail xxx My aunt and my uncle are the most kind people in the universe. I didn’t know where I gained so much concentration from.just as the computer male voice told me. “You’ve reached your destination. The car gave a silent purr as it came to life. I didn’t talk to Angela as I drove her to school and if not the radio. Probably I gained it subconsciously from the part of the brain that fights for survival because it was the only part of me that didn’t worry about today… it will get to worry later on though.I gave a quick glance at the inside of my car. I searched for a parking space. Now I was seventeen and able to get whenever I want to on my own.I believed. The screen lighted up and a computerised voice welcomed me. I would have dealt with satellite navigation before so I knew what to do. “Kate.when I won’t have to concentrate on my life. It was something I would never had before. In one word it was… luxurious. the most important thing: GPS. There was a sticky note stuck to the white. there!” pointed Angela at the space between a red Mercedes and a black Jeep. It was attached to one of the air conditioning crates. Do you know where to go?” If she doesn’t then that can be a problem because I don’t know where she is supposed to go either. I was really glad that just after my sixteenth birthday I had passed a driving test. I turned right. Now. The way was surprisingly short and easy. I pressed the red button with some force. In the menu I chose ‘addresses’ and then picked one marked as ‘Angela’s school’. It was barley two streets away from Sarah’s house. It had air conditioning which I set to room temperature. I quickly recognised Sarah’s neat writing. “Thanks. I was certain of that. the silence would be crushing. All the addresses you’ll need are already typed into your GPS. I’ve put the keys into ignition and turned them swiftly.

It’s so magical how this hanging on the sky ball of fire can affect me and many others around. also waving goodbye. ‘Oh God. dark forest and green hills. She nodded again. I hoped that her day will be good. my mood would surely match it perfectly. My school wasn’t as close to Sarah’s house as Angela’s but it was not far away either. “Look Kate! It’s there where these kids are playing. There was one pitch that I knew was especially designed for running and other athletic activities. There were two football pitches with people playing football on them. I felt my throat going suddenly dry but it wasn’t because I was thirsty…I could see the school. The sun certainly helped a lot. How good that the golden sun was out. I grinned back at her. so it is five kilometres away from Sarah’s house’ I made a quick calculation in my head. I was extremely scared but with the sun’s help I was also somehow eager and excited. ‘My school is four point four kilometres away from Angela’s school. kissed me on a cheek smiling and ran off to the place where youngsters were jumping about happily.fifteen years in roasting sun with only a few drops of rain throughout the year is what I call a paradise or at least a part of my imagined paradise. She had her mum’s eyes.” She pointed at a group of kids. She unclipped her seatbelt.just over thirty kilometres. She turned around and waved goodbye with her delicate hand. I will get to know if Australia is as good as it seemed so far or whether my (worthy a reputation of nightmares) thoughts are true. bless the sun!’ I thought. I watched her for a while. I drove slowly. If the weather would be worse. My nerves were in shreds…first day at school. then I changed the destination on my GPS to ‘My school’ and drove away listening to the radio and the computer voice at the same time. I . It was surrounded by a thick. I could see its extensive pitches. Now I could trust her for sure. “Are you sure? Maybe you want me to come with you?” I wouldn’t want to get in trouble with my parents. No wonder that Sarah and Logan are always in a good mood.To my relief she nodded but I couldn’t believe a six years old child straight away.probably of her age. She looked so cute in the pink knee length dress.chocolate brown and she had my dad’s brown hair.running towards her new class mates.

as if it wasn’t me who just tooted the horn. I was really stiff and tensed out of sudden. She is the believer in our family. He said that if he would have gone to college. This was no good. The one thing I hated the most was being stared at as if I was an exhibit in the museum… I’m going to dislike today. I drove past the gate… getting tenser with every second because now it was time to look for a place to park (which I was no good at). He always wants the best for me. there was a free parking space next to a big. Strict but great. It wasn’t that humiliating experience anyway. That was one good thing that I could spot already. She is what anyone could call a motherly friend. I have to calm down. I can’t be too nervous about it. One of his biggest mistakes according to his stories was the one to choose not to continue with his will make me stand out with my light. The computerised voice told me that I’ve reached my destination and made me toot my horn by accident. I tried to look as if nothing happened. He is a great father. He would have told me about the mistakes he made and he would have changed the way I look at the world. The gate was pastel green in colour and looked quite old. whose interest was gained by my horn. He told me that I shouldn’t ever follow the path he took. I was was sign of great stress. She believes that I will have an easier future. My mother would have told me the same type of stories. There also was a telephone number given and the school motto. I’m new in this school and already I’ve done a silly thing. I totally agreed with the motto. I hope that students in here also agree with it. ‘You can buy beauty but knowledge you’ll be never able to buy. he would have had a better job now and that our family would have had been in Australia a lot sooner. I bet that everyone will be like ‘Oh it’s that new girl who tooted her horn for no reason’ but on the other hand it was just an accident… it happens. The crowd of students. Obviously everyone will glare at me.‘Let us be known by our deeds’.also wanting me to have a great future and to chose a correct path. . white sign announcing ‘South Sydney High School’ in green letters. now continued striding toward the school gates.was a good runner and I knew that I will enjoy spending time on that particular pitch.’My dad would have repeated so many times. peachy skin but what else could I have expected? Australians without a tan? All of them to be albinos? I drove slowly toward the arch-shaped gates of my new school. It made all the pedestrians look my way. I realised that all of them were tanned. I was judged too much by appearance in England.

I gave a quick gaze at my surrounding and locked my orange Peugeot with one click of the button. I grabbed my bag and stepped out of the car. Nice to meet you Kate. I was in a car park (obviously) and I had to find someone who looks kind and helpful. An urge of panic washed through me. I cleared my throat. . “Hello. When I find someone who is kind enough to help. I searched for that someone who hopefully won’t mind helping me. shoulder long. I opened the door slowly. concentrating on my plan. There was a plenty of room left where I could sit. I started walking towards the bench. She had a cinnamon carnation and black. My name is Kate” I smiled kindly.that caught her attention. I parked my car next to the sign and silenced the engine down. giving me goose bumps. I took a few deep breaths to clear my mind and calm myself down then I closed my eyes to concentrate on planning something out. They were an unique emerald green. My name is Calla. After a minute of thought I figured out that I should get out of my car and find someone who could help me. The girl didn’t look up as I sat myself next to her. I was very nearly hyperventilating in the car. I could feel that she wouldn’t mind giving me a hand in need. not because they wanted to. In fact they only moved because they had to. she had the most intriguing eyes I would have ever seen. I shall never let them down. It was a simple plan. My legs shovelled forward with struggle. I’ll ask him or her for the way to reception and then I’ll ask the receptionist for the map of the school plus my time table. There was a group of people laughing and messing about around the corner but they didn’t look welcoming so I carried on searching. I own them too much to leave them disappointed after all their effort they’ve put in raising me. wavy hair. I didn’t know where I was supposed to go.” She smiled shyly and then tucked her hair behind her ear.I love my parents. My eyes stopped on a lonely girl sitting on the bench under the protective shade of a hefty tree. “Hi. She was reading a book but I couldn’t see what the title was. I just realised one thing about the girl.

” The woman whispered something to the woman next to her as I told my name. I raised my eyebrows in confusion.” Was her answer. “Um. “I’m Kate Burney. There was a big. Her shoulder long jet black hair seemed to radiate in the sun.” I informed the plump woman behind the desk. I answered her question with a single nod. “Of course. She was as tall as me (about 5. As we came in I could tell straight away that she led me the right way. “So I’m Kate Burney the niece of Rails and now can I have my lesson time table please?” I asked quite rudely because I was getting inpatient. There was nothing interesting. Calla started walking and I followed. no problem.” She shoved the book that I’ve interrupted her from reading into her bag. can you show me where is reception in this school… please?” I stated. Now I had to tell her what I wanted. separate building with blue door. She smiled and nodded. lets go. She looked impatient. “How can I help you?” She asked interested and somehow surprised by our visit. The reaction I witnessed was really unexpected. then she stood up and hung her bag over her shoulder. The women shook themselves and two of them went back to . She was as slim as me too. all three women stared at me wide eyed with their mouths slightly parted. Have they seen a ghost? I turned around to check if perhaps it was something behind me that they were looking at. tall desk behind which sat three women typing something fiercely on the computer keyboards. just a notice board and the blue door I came here through. “Are you Sarah and Logan Rail’s niece by any chance?” Questioned the one with round glasses. The other woman whispered in to the ear of the one with round glasses and now I had all three of them staring at me curiously. “No problem.“I was just wondering if I could ask you for some help?” I hesitated slightly. One of them looked up from the computer screen. “I’m new in this school and I don’t have a time table for my lessons. Why would this girl want to help me anyway? I was surprised when she smiled kindly. We were walking towards a small white.4 feet). “And…What is your name Miss?” She asked.

the plump one printed out something and handed it to me. From now on I was sure that I and Calla are going to be good friends. I was in classroom S5. “What is it?” I creased my forehead.” I informed and then passed her my time table so she can have a look herself. “You’ve been holding this upside down. One of them. She looked amused as she checked for herself. “I have science in S5 first today. I turned around only to realise it was Calla. You don’t have science but English in E3 first today. . I had no idea where was that.” She explained and we both laughed at my silliness. “Do you need help finding your way to your first lesson?” Suddenly a melodic voice came from behind me. I nodded my head in acceptance. I glanced at my time table.typing fiercely on the keyboards. I had science first today. then she also went back to typing.

making me cover up my ears. realising how very ponderous were my movements in comparison to hers.that was something my eyes would have missed at first. Calla beckoned for me to follow and I started walking behind her.” I smiled at my new friend and she. that was nothing. “Yes… Is there something wrong with that?” Why did people react so strangely about the fact that I was Sarah and Logan’s niece? Calla seemed to realise that her question made me suspicious and confused because she was smiling again whilst shaking her head.CHAPTER 3 T he bell rang deafeningly.” We both said at the same time and then laughed at our coincidence. I could only follow and envy. the classroom was already full. We stepped into E3. “Aw. Everyone was busy chatting and the teacher was nowhere .” Calla assured me but I felt as if there was something she was trying to hide from me or that her words had a double meaning. “Let’s go to E3. “No there’s nothing wrong with that…They are both really good lawyers and everyone respects them. I’ve checked on my time table. as I expected. If she was someone I knew for longer then I wouldn’t mind asking her but she practically was a stranger and there was no reason why she would want to tell me anything so I figured out that I should just let the subject drop. Isn’t that good?” She told me after the bell finally stopped informing us that we should move on. We were just on time. She walked as gracefully as a model. “So you are Rails’ niece?” She asked and her expression suddenly changed from happy to unreadable.” She stated with a big grin across her face. “Yes that’s great and thanks for your help. “I have English in E3 first today. “I’ve only just realised that you’re in my teaching group!” Calla managed to shout over the noise of the bell. We also have other lessons together. beamed back at me in return.

Roger gesticulated towards an empty seat. That’s me. I’ll call you back when I’m finished.” I heard him say. At least I didn’t have to sit next to a stranger. I stepped back into the classroom full of gawking be seen.” He murmured under his breath. “Miss Burney. I didn’t have to wait long (not long enough to clear my mind) until my English teacher’s head appeared from the gap between the door. right?” He hesitated slightly and I nodded in response. . Now there must be something that slipped through my mind past these two days or there’s something that hasn’t been mentioned to me. My head was tangled in thoughts. I felt as if I was an exhibit in a museum. I felt quite self-conscious to stand in the middle of the classroom. “Yes to a muscular. I was told to sit next to Calla and that certainly was a good start. I could almost hear all the faces in the room tense as if I’ve announced someone’s death. ‘Why did I have to walk out of the classroom? Why couldn’t I’ve just stayed when he was talking to them? Why do people react so strangely because of who my aunt and uncle are? Why does everyone go suddenly quiet when someone mentions them?’ These were the questions on my mind. Roger by the way. as I presume?” Asked a male voice from behind which I knew belonged to a teacher. Third time today people reacted strangely at the fact that I’m Sarah and Logan’s niece. red haired boy. jet black mop of hair and thick moustache.everyone was gawking at me and some girls in the corner were holding back their giggles. where I would have seen the red haired boy sit previously. always beginning with ‘Why’. Calla walked towards her seat.” I confirmed as I faced a rather attractive tall man with a thick. Everyone was sat down expect from me. can you just go outside the classroom so that I can speak to the class…? It shouldn’t take long. making my heart beat faster. “You can come back in now Miss Burney. affirming nod. Suddenly everyone quietened down as the door behind me opened. “You must be Rails’ niece then. I needed someone to answer them for me before I become insane. I was out of the classroom after giving him a short. it was really humiliating. “Um. I’m Mr. Mr.

The boy had chestnut hair that was neatly spiked up. The boy looked up at me. McCrea. I’ve let my legs carry me towards her. She shook that expression off and then told me that she was called Mrs. McCrea set us a task and once again . he isn’t! He is just an average boy. but I couldn’t with the unknown boy by my side. He was so perfect… so beautiful and angelic. Sarah’s or Logan’s eyes added up together. I walked slowly towards my table. We walked or shall I say practically ran to our next lesson. This way of thinking worked well and convincingly. McCrea pointed at a free seat next to a brown-skinned boy who was just pulling his jumper off. despite his dark skin tone. The annoying bell rang the second time today. Calla told me that there isn’t much time given to get to our next subject class. She looked as if she was from Italy. especially if to consider that he was a stranger and I was the ugliest person in the whole universe? I took my seat quietly and tried to concentrate on the lesson. cerulean eyes. showing his ripped chest in the process of it. no. then the lesson began and I had to concentrate on what Mr. making my stomach flip and my heart to beat frantically. Roger was trying to teach us. no. His face was very angular and chiseled. I nodded my head and for a glimpse of a second her face was unreadable. frozen.” Mrs. The boy. Don’t get too excited because you’ve got no chance with him anyway.’ I’ve thought to myself. I could feel a slight blush spread across my face and I barley ever blushed.” Mrs.3 now. I and Calla will be having geography in room 1. brown. informing us to go to our next lesson. I was awed. What chance did I stand with him. ‘No. something punched my insides. They were more beautiful than Calla’s. As we walked in. I was glad that I somehow managed not to peek at his perfection. a female teacher with shoulder-long. had sparkling. “You can sit there Kate. She asked if I was Kate Burney. that’s why we had to be quick. Sarah and Logan’s niece.I was welcomed by a warm smile as I sat next to Calla. “Work with the person you sit next to and together make a distribution map of Australia. curly hair noticed me and beckoned me with her long finger.

I felt a faint blush spread on my face today. Suddenly the blackness appeared again followed by the ability to think clearly.” I heard a familiar melodic voice coming from the left side of the room. The teacher gave the stranger next to me a harsh but meaningful look which made him groan. What has happened and why has something happened? “Mrs. it vanished and was replaced by complete nothingness. she’s waking up. I realised that there was something familiar in his beautiful eyes. Dove. and then everything happened in a rush. someone would be arranging a funeral for me right now. The unknown boy glanced at the teacher with his cerulean eyes wide open in disbelief.‘If looks could kill’. The boy looked at me with eyes full of hatred and I felt myself shrinking in the chair. I managed not to groan in pain and to keep my face straight. I wasn’t hundred percent sure whether I saw it in England or in Australia but I knew that I will recall it sometime. Both of them were examining my face for some reason. ache on the top of my head. As the blackness covered my thoughts completely. Dove. For a while neither I nor the boy reached out for the given equipment. He made a famous phrase jump into my mind. I felt really self-conscious. First thing I knew was that we both reached for the same thing at the same time and our hands touched by accident for a fraction of second. I opened my eyes and saw Calla and a petite woman who I suspected to be Mrs. . something I saw somewhere before. I didn’t know for how long it lasted but it did seem long. The second thing I knew was that there was nothing but an overwhelming blackness spreading in my head like ink spreads in the water. nearly unbearable.if they could. I tried to sit up to show them that I was fine but I underestimated my abilities and tried to sit up too fast which ended up not only in dizziness but also in an. McCrea handed out sheets of plain A3 paper and square boxes full of colours for each table. Mrs. Did I do something to this boy? He was eyeing me as if I have had killed all the members of his family in a savage way. I must have had banged my head and I must have had hit it hard. Humiliation spread around my body like a poison. I was pretty much sure that it belonged to Calla.

I creased my forehead in thought and confusion. ignoring the growing pain on the top of my head. It was probably because I couldn’t understand how fainting away was no big deal.I didn’t wan to stay in here. in fact I could feel them and they were painful. Then it struck me…it was the most vivid flashback I would have had in my life. I’ve never fainted even when others around did. “What happened to me?” The nurse looked like as if she hoped I wouldn’t ask that question. glaring at me with concern.” I lied. “I’m fine.I knew the outcomes. “You’ve hit your head really hard Miss Burney. ever. “Well…” from her expression I guessed that she was looking for the right words. Never before in my life I would have passed out.” I sighed. naturally tan skin. I always used my acting skills when telling lies. Does she have bad news? In one instance her expression changed into more relaxed. .” Said the nurse after a while and was shortly gone out of my sight. trying to remember what lead me to passing out.” I already figured that out without her needing to tell me. “Because your brain didn’t get enough oxygen. I would have fainted when our hands touched by accident. All I needed to know is what happened and why did it happen. no matter what was the situation. Didn’t I breathe because of that or what? That was unlikely especially if to consider that I never fainted before. ‘It’s no big deal…’ I repeated these words in my mind. “You’ve fainted-“ “Why?” I didn’t even let her finish the sentence. How foolish of her was that. even though I had more than one good chance to do so. but surely it was no big deal! “I’m going to get you an ice pack for your head dear. It’s no big deal… You’ll have to stay here and rest for a while though.she must had found the correct words to express herself. First the mesmerizing cerulean eyes then the Geography pair work and finally the touch of the unknown boy’s soft. She seemed concentrated and tensed. I was a really convincing liar. My aching head somehow didn’t want to let them sink in.“How do you feel?” The petite woman (probably the nurse) asked. I was using every tiny bit of my concentration.

“There you go love. I didn’t mind getting away from this small rectangular room. Her expression was hard to read but it looked like as if she was lost in thought. Dove had to say and tried my best to memorise it.” I looked up at Calla who was seated on the wooden chair. “Do you want to go?” She asked and she had a hopeful look in her beautiful emerald eyes. If there are any problems like disordered vision or dizziness then contact your doctor immediately.” She informed. I couldn’t help but to grin back. I smiled slightly from the comfort I felt. “You felt and banged your head on the table quite hard Kate. I think that miss Burney can go home now and have some rest. The nurse rolled her eyes and turned back to face me again.” The nurse came back with an ice pack clenched in her hands. It sounded quite serious yet so beautiful. can you make sure that Kate gets home safely?” So Calla’s surname was Gravelle… I really liked the way it ringed in my ears. “That’s how you’ve hit your head. I waited patiently and after a while I heard nurse’s voice drifting closer. “You shall go home now and have some rest dear. This room made me think of England. She was smiling suited her. The nurse now faced Calla with a serious face. the nurse turned around and Calla pulled an innocent face on. She passed me the ice pack whilst smiling at me warmly and then disappearing from the sight. Calla stood up and walked out of the room leaving me on my own.” I listened carefully to what Mrs.a place I want to forget about. in the corner of this small room. As I grinned at Calla. that gained me a warm smile in return.” The door opened and the nurse entered with Calla who was widely grinning at me behind her back. well the . “Yes. There were a few wooden chairs in the corner and one small window through which only a few rays of sunlight came in. I wanted to go not only because the room was too dull to exist in Australia but also because my head stopped pulsing from pain now. I put the ice pack on the place where my head hurt. As an answer to her question I nodded and smiled widely. “Miss Gravelle. If your head hurts then get yourself a pain killer. It was a great relief.

I wondered how many days it will take me to learn my way around this school and stop feeling silly when following Calla. “Great. I figured out that there is no point of arguing any further and passed her the keys to my beloved car. Calla smiled and motioned her hand in a way which I guessed meant that I shall stand up. just because I’ve banged my head? And how will she get home afterwards? “I think I can drive-“ I started but Calla interrupted me. Her graceful movements made me have a hit on my self-esteem.” When she finished pointing out what job she was given. I . now give me the keys.beautiful part did.” I told her the colour just in case she wanted to know that too. which I love so much. I wasn’t so sure about the serious part.I’ve got to make sure you get home safely. she was a shy human being. She reminded me a lot of Sarah for a moment. Calla wasn’t a serious type of person (as far as I knew). “What make is it?” so that’s what she expected me to tell her. I didn’t want to cause any trouble to someone who is going to pick her up. “It’s a Peugeot 307 convertible…it’s fiery orange. It’s not good for you to drive after what happened today. Calla pulled an expression which I thought meant that she wanted me to continue.” Did she really think that I wasn’t capable of driving myself. roasting sun. everything has been taken care of. “No problem. her cinnamon skin radiating from happiness. “Don’t you worry. I creased my forehead. “You’ve heard the nurse miss Burney. I could also see the hefty tree where I would have met Calla this morning. My eyes searched for any glimpse of the fiery orange paintwork but couldn’t find it anywhere. I tried to remember where would I have parked it.” She told the nurse. We were half way through now and I still didn’t recall it. walking behind her as I often did today. I could spot the shapes of cars in the distance ahead of us. We walked outside in to the dazzling. Mrs. “Yes” I answered. Dove nodded her head as a ‘thank you’ to Calla and left the room without a further word. “Have you got a car?” she asked. “How will you get home though?” I couldn’t help asking.” She assured as we turned around the corner of the building. I felt cheerful as the profusion of sunlight and warmth hugged my face and my bare shoulders delightfully.

Yes.obviously pleased with myself. I managed to find my fiery orange convertible. with school’s motto and name on it written in green. It was hard to hide how creepy all this sounded.” I finally remembered. I suddenly remembered something. “Your car is really nice.” She answered as if she knew what thoughts and feelings evoked in me. . does she know where I live and where to drive? If she didn’t know then surely she would have asked… but she didn’t. I was deliberately striding towards the driver’s side but I quickly changed the directions when I saw Calla put her hand on her hips and pull a disapproving face.started panicking. After a while of passing through long rows of cars.” I beamed. We ran through the aisles of parked cars.heated by the sun. I grew even happier as I spotted the white sign that I would have just recalled. “Do you know where to go?” I asked as she pulled out on to the calm road. ‘Hang on… there was a sign. I was growing obsessive about it and that disturbed me a little. always making sure that we were getting closer to the sign. “Thanks. satisfied by her little remark. I overtook Calla and now I was the one leading the way. there was! A white one. It seemed much bigger than I would have thought at first. “Everyone knows where the Rails live.” Smiled Calla as she started the engine. I decided that I was going to give one more try on driving on my own. It felt better that I imagined to be the leader. The fact that everyone knew where I lived with my family was still really creepy and I knew that I won’t feel too safe at night anymore. I felt relief instantly as I stroke.” She smiled but the smile didn’t get to her eyes. This car park seemed like a maze right now and I felt like a rat searching for a slice of good that Calla was walking in front of me or else she would have realised my strange behaviour.paintwork of the vehicle. Her statement didn’t help much anyway. my vehicle. So everyone knew where my Uncle and Aunt live… where I currently live. I relaxed and smiled. “They are such a good lawyers…That’s why. We both sat ourselves comfortably on the leather seats and clipped the seatbelts for safety. After about five minutes of silent driving (except from the radio) Calla turned into Sarah’s and Logan’s driveway where she cut the engine.

I know I will. I’m on a special diet.” It was lunch time now. just after Calla waved me goodbye and they were gone out of my sight without another word in a matter of seconds. Is she really on a special diet? As if she needs any of that. he was looking at the house with his expression unreadable.the reason of me fainting.he was still studying the house.” She announced as she finished whispering through her phone. . I was in some sort of trans at the very moment and I really wished that he would speak again but he didn’t. It didn’t take long to spot the car that made this noise.sideways to us and then the door opened and out came him. His voice made me think of melting chocolate with it’s sweetness but yet it was slightly bitter. I will remember that. I can make you something to eat or drink.Is Calla Nicolas’ girlfriend? I shook my head. It was very smooth and the sound of it melted my insides. I gasped and jumped up as I heard a tooting sound out of the sudden. My heart beat was so fast now that it seemed as if my heart is going to escape my chest. It was certainly the easiest car to spot especially if to consider that it was a bright yellow Lamborghini Gallardo.” She looked amused as if she found something funny about this. There were more important questions to be answered but I knew that I would never bring myself to ask many of them.” She grinned and then passed me the keys. I’m not hungry. “I told you to call me Nick and now we got to go.” Chirped Calla towards dark skinned boy. The boy that I was sat next to on Geography. thank you.I thought. I was hungry so why wouldn’t she be? “No. I’m going in five minutes. The car stopped. a lot more mysterious. “We can go in if you want. These were a lot more important.” So his name is Nicolas but he prefers to be called Nick. “Hi Nicolas. hoping that this way I might dump this question from my head. He didn’t look at me. Instead they both swiftly got in to the car. This was the first time I would have heard this angelic boy speak. We stepped out of the car and Calla started talking to someone quietly on the phone. “Right. I couldn’t hear a word of the conversation. I was left with one unanswered question. I strode towards us so fast that it looked blurry.without return.“We’re here. Our eyes met for a glimpse of a second and I smiled shyly. These were the questions like why people reacted so strangely today and why did I faint after Nicolas touched me.

then I watched TV until everyone came back home (I wasn’t really paying attention to the TV because my head was spinning around the eventful day I had). She asked me how was my school and I lied to her that it was good. I didn’t even talk to him and the way he looked at me at Geography… as if I killed his family… as if he was about to kill me in revenge.The house was silent when I entered. I was haunted mostly by this single thought since the yellow Lamborghini vanished from my sight. . After the quiet supper I ran into my cheerful as always. I told my parents the same stories and lies. I was shocked that none of them realised that I would have came home early. I couldn’t understand why did it bother me that much.just to not to make anyone suspicious. I’ve let one tear escape at the thought of Nicolas and Calla together. I was just about to go to my room when I was caught into a tight embrace by Sarah. It also was a relief because I didn’t feel like being tormented with questions. everyone was at work (except from Angela who was still at school). First to come were my parents with Angela by their sides. It was lunch time and I had nothing to do so I made myself something to eat. It’s not like I knew this guy for a long time. relieved for not having to pull a happy face any longer. I took a quick shower and quickly went to sleep. I was glad I didn’t because it meant that all the thoughts are going to get silenced out for the night time. Her aqua eyes flickered with curiosity and excitement. I gave out a loud sigh. That was the only truth that could be revealed. After them came Sarah with Logan. I didn’t have a problem with falling asleep today. What else could I have done? Bombard her with questions that sounded rude and out of this world even in my head? I told her that I’ve met Calla and that teachers were quite nice.

My feet was bare and I could feel the comforting softness of the fluffy carpet. The room. I could feel it tickle me between my toes. I held the twig firmly and then started exploring the room. The amber-coloured fire was the only source of warmth and light in the room. willing to see what it felt and looked like. I didn’t know how could anyone on the world paint pictures that are so alluring to the human eye. circular room. I figured that out because of the columns that had Greek key printed over them and because of the marble statues of Greek gods and goddesses placed along the walls of the room. After a while I could finally confirm that the wall was covered in magnolias which were drawn on a cerulean background. As I came closer and closer the shapes on the wall became clearer. watching the fiery tongues of fire flicker cheerfully. . I reached for the tree’s bark and it was just as rough as real. I touched the flowers and their petals seemed silky just like in reality. I was sat in front of the fire place. was build mostly in a Greek style.CHAPTER 4 I was sat in a scarlet armchair in the middle of a small. I stopped in front of the wall awed because the drawings looked so realistic. I reached for the cerulean background and I felt sunrays hugging my skin. The door creaked but I ignored it even though I heard clearly how it made a sound which to me sounded like thousand people screaming at one in shrieking voices. from what I could tell. careful not to burn my fingers. I walked towards the wall. I reached out my hand to prove to my stubborn self that what I could see was just a pretty picture. I raised out of the comfortable armchair and seized a burning twig out of the fireplace. I couldn’t help smirking. It was just warm enough for a human being to feel content but not light enough to be able to study the surroundings closer.

I recalled that earlier on I’d have heard the door make a creaking sound. I was just about to open my mouth… just about to ask why does he hate me so much but then strings of silvery mist started to circulate at one spot and then the contours of a woman became clearer and clearer until the mist disappeared and in the middle of room stood emerald eyed Calla. manly figure. The couple started kissing passionately. I wildly gawked all over the place.I shoved my feet unwillingly from the intriguing wall towards one of the still. She slowly wrapped her arms around his neck with a big grin of satisfaction spreading over her face. He looked at her as if he was about to turn into a kitten and give out a loud satisfied purr. not paying any attention to the fact that I was in the room. I felt the fire on the twig getting dangerously closer towards the surface of my pale skin. Out of sudden everything vanished from my sight into the wild spin around me. I wanted to swivel away so that the couple can have some privacy. . I could tell it was Nicolas by the build and the dark skin tone. cold sculptures. He squinted his eyes at me. Sudden realisation struck me. I ran towards the fireplace and placed the twig where it would have came from. She walked towards Nick in that graceful motion that always made me feel so ponderous. I felt how rough. My body seemed to have froze in place. After that I dropped myself in to the armchair and closed my eyes. My eyes locked on a tall. His eyes flung open and I saw a flash of cerulean in the dull light from the fire. grainy and uneven the surface was. I couldn’t even twitch my littlest finger. The hole I was falling into seemed to have no end at the moment. I was falling into the world of complete blackness…the world of inevitable blackness. He had his eyes shut tight as though he was having a battle inside him. I felt the icy carving. He was leering at her. It was a stare so full of hatred that I started regretting that I haven’t simply kept on watching the fire flicker happily in the fireplace. Calla is my friend and I felt happy for her and a little jealous. glancing at them. I felt outraged that they didn’t realise that I was in the room.

took a pen and a piece of paper off the mahogany kitchen table. Kate. I was practically shouting it over the buzz of my tangled thoughts. It was a nonstop. I turned around to face Sarah. I left the note on the table. She beamed at me showing off her perfect teeth and I could see her wonderful aqua eyes sparkle with excitement. and started scribbling a messy note. I went for a little jog. my friend has a relation ship with Nicolas. concentrating on repeating one intention in my head. lacy pyjama and quickly got dressed into a purple jogging suit. beside my bed. . Sarah wasn’t like that. I could feel that I won’t be able to sleep for any longer. I began to feel relief wash through my veins and body. wooden floor. I stood up from the hard. It was all just a dream… more of a nightmare than a dream but it still didn’t happen in reality.I could tell straight away that she approved to the idea of jogging at five o’clock. I’ll be back at seven. the boy who made me lose my consciousness.I was surprised when I reached the ground. Don’t worry about me. The sort of sound that could make anyone go insane. It was only five o’clock in the morning. landing with a loud thud. The only part of the dream that seemed to have been true was the fact that Calla. I was just about to open the door but I heard someone’s steps coming from upstairs. I gave a quick glance at the silver watch on the wall. That certainly wasn’t helping me to fall asleep. Now! I ran towards the cupboard full of clothes. I have to find a jogging suit and I have to do it now. but I wasn’t going to let it take control of me. I pulled out of the blankets. I pulled off my sandy brown. I just needed some fresh air. tossed myself carelessly back on to the bed and then rubbed my temples. If it was one of my parents they would tell me to go back to bed. She made me think of a little kid being excited about Christmas. I became as solid as a sculpture out of stone. I sighed in relief. I tiptoed downstairs. dull and weighing down sound. Love. I wasn’t tired and the storm of racing thoughts from yesterday made a buzzing sound inside my head. She was fully dressed in sports clothes. I opened my eyes and I was lying on the floor. It didn’t take long to find what I desired.

The kind of morning that made it easy for you to predict what the rest of day will be like. You’ll love it!” She chirped cheerfully. I smiled to myself. I don’t mind. it doesn’t bother me. It was just rising.’ It seemed to whisper in a voice that sounded like bells. “ far a s I know her. It was the warmest and the most pleasant morning that saw in my life. grabbed the note that I left on the table and added a few sentences in her neat writing. My heart rate was getting faster and my breathing deeper. The constant buzzing noise in my head seemed to have quietened down and now was just an unnoticeable background whisper. She reminded me a little of a young kid that bombards others with millions of questions but most often with ‘Why?’.” I smiled back.into the fresh air of the morning. got hold of my arm and pulled me out of the house.” I ran towards her as fast as my legs allowed me to.” I answered honestly.” Laughed lightly my aunt when she saw how fast I ran to catch up with her. I didn’t know where I wanted to go and Sarah. “You seem so full of energy dear. “I love running. “Because it frees me from bad thoughts.” I smiled cheerfully. It also felt good to have wind play with my hair. I smiled to her and answered her question. Even though asking ‘Why?’ to me sounded childish. I normally hate for the wind to mess with my hair but whenever I run. “Why?” She asked casually.“Going for a little run? Mind if I join?” She said playfully. The Sun was a perfect shade of orange. Nothing bad will happen. It felt so good and refreshing to have the wind blow in my face. “I know a great place to jog.” I explained happily. “Come on Kate! Follow me!” shouted Sarah who already was good ten metres ahead of me. I haven’t even started jogging but I felt better already. . ‘The rest of the day is going to be cheerful and exciting. She folded the note and stuck it on the fridge.knows spectacular’s fiery rays warming up anything that dares to stand on their path. “I’m coming. making my eyes produce tears. “Well…I guess so. Pleased. It was five o’clock.

“I just wonder why do people react strangely when someone mentions that I’m your niece?” There was something fierce in her eyes like she was ready to listen to any names I mention and pounce on those people furiously for giving my a hard thinking time… but I didn’t mention any names. I should have predicted that she would ask me this. but I’ll have to. She wants me and my family to settle here easily. Not that it’s something I’ll be proud of doing or something that will help me get some answers. “Well everyone gets suddenly quiet and starts gawking at me with those… unreadable expressions on their faces. I could demand from her to tell me a reason behind everyone’s reactions when her surname gets mentioned. right?” she asked. and what else could it be about anyway?. thinking of the right words. “Well…” I hesitated. That made us both laugh. I have to finish what I already began. No wonder she wants to know what’s bothering me. I need to make a quick decision. “Well it’s all caused by my job. Also. “So people react like that because they fear of you?” I watched my aunt’s face carefully for any sign of change. Another question popped into my head. which didn’t occur. I’m well known and nobody messes with lawyers.“And what bad thought are you trying to escape from today?” concern was very clearly visible in her aqua eyes. I could ask her things about Calla and Nick. She is my only relative in Australia (except from my parents. my sister and Logan) and she wants me to be content in here.” She showed off her biceps muscles in a superman way when she said the last sentence. then I would get nowhere near any answers. On the other side I could tell her the truth.” She giggled. Also. she probably thinks that it’s something to do with Australia. She even laughed radiantly. “And how exactly do they react?” Suspicion mixed with anger was present not only in her eyes that didn’t sparkle but also in the tone of her now hoarse voice. “I guess you can say so. . She is too kind to not to be saddened that some bad thoughts are bothering me.” What a sweet relief I felt when I saw smile paint over Sarah’s face. I started regretting telling her the truth but if I wouldn’t have. “You wouldn’t want to mess with anyone who’s relatives are very nearly the most important people in the local area. I will have to lie to her.

We jogged always to the same rhythm. Her eyes were out of focus as if she was trying to spot something invisible. “Do you know Calla Gravelle?” she looked up at me to show she was paying attention. “I think she is. I nearly tripped over the sticking out of the ground roots because I was so absorbed by the scent. The sweetest scent hung like a mist in the morning air.I was sure.she knew the answer. Her blonde hair was loose and tousled by the warm breeze from our running. There was a different kind of plant wherever I rested my eyes. What is she thinking about? .” Sarah said out of the sudden. My head sunk unconsciously in the most adorable scent in the world. I felt ashamed of myself for not letting what she said ever run across my mind at any point all this time. she was right and I felt silly for troubling myself so much earlier on. It was a honey-sweet scent of flowers. The place was painted in all colours of the rainbow. I couldn’t make a decision so I concentrated on studying the surroundings. “Did you know that Waratah means beautiful?” My aunt asked as she followed my gaze. I looked up at her. but from now on I do. Especially. making the leaves under our feet rustle.” I grinned widely at her. As I listened to the sounds of nature I made my mind up about asking Sarah another question. “No. streams murmured softly and insects buzzed. Orchids and bushes of Telopea which are also known as Waratahs. There weren’t many flowers that I recognised. It was like a dreamland or like a paradise. In fact I only recognised Freesias. There also were full of majesty mighty trees. We jogged quietly for a while and I was still considering whether to ask Sarah another question. We were an addition to the music of this forest where birds sang. I didn’t know what species did any of them belong to.” I answered but I wasn’t hundred percent sure. “Isn’t she a daughter of Alistair Gravelle?” it sounded more as if she was asking herself rather than me. I shook my head.even though. The one that will confirm whether Calla dos or does not go out with Nick. “She has great parents. We both widely grinned at each other and carried on jogging. rising above the bushes and beautifully scented flowers.

” That explained a lot. Gravelle works for the local hospital for mentally ill people. “Yes…indeed but unfortunately…it’s time to go. You got to go to school at eight and I bet that you would like to take a shower before you go out. Anjali doesn’t work but I think she does a great as a housekeeper.” Sarah said after checking the time on her golden watch. have you met him by any chance?” Sarah chirped out. “Yes. “Yes. I gave her an affirming nod because I wasn’t able to say a word. The fact that that Nicolas might be just a relative to Calla never stumbled across my mind and now I felt quilt show up. He does a great job there by the way. “Yes Kate.” I grinned and in return I gained a sight of Sarah’s eyes sparkle from joy. Her face fell slightly as if she didn’t want to go back yet. I savoured every little bit of the fragrance.” I sighed and then took one more big sniff of the sweetly scented air. “I think that Nicolas also goes to your school. “Anjali looks after the house and children.” I chuckled. “Come on Kate. Lets go. Every little information about the Gravelle family felt precious to me because I wanted to know more about them. Little beads of perspiration hung to my forehead. It’s my favourite jogging location… It’s so peaceful and alluring. Sarah did the same.” Sarah informed me. Sarah passed me some tissue to wipe my face and then we started running towards home. I was clammy with sweat. “Do you come here often?” I pointed at the astonishing surroundings. Don’t you just think?” She answered in a dreamy voice that caused me to smile uncontrollably. I could feel them slowly slide down on the surface of my face until they reached my chin and dropped to the ground. “Yeah. His wife.“Mr. it’s really alluring indeed. “Ok then. It’s quarter to seven. squinting my eyes with pleasure in the act of it. It was the type of quilt people feel when they judge someone incorrectly. your friend is her step-daughter and Nicolas is her son.” She whispered as if saying it quietly will make everything better. . I found everything very interesting to listen to. Calla. If that really was what she felt then I felt exactly the same way.” She told me. shower would be good. Why would anyone want to leave a place that in description is closer to a paradise than to anything else? “Do we really have to?” I couldn’t help wincing. Sarah grinned widely.

School was great. “Why? What happened?” her aqua eyes winded form concern and surprise.that I’m going to keep to myself. “According to what I’ve been told by the nurse. Sarah raised her eyebrows and then sighed. scanning my face as we ran. we gave her loads of toys and clothes which she is more than delighted with.I fainted because my brain didn’t get enough oxygen. also I didn’t want to be favoured. She looked deeply in to my eyes as if she was excepting to see something there. “I-answered-your-question-now-you-should-answer-mine.not wanting to talk about yesterday. “I-I fainted.-Whydid-you-faint?” She said slowly and calmly. “Then why did you come home early yesterday?” So she has realised. Sarah smirked and sped up from jogging speed into sprinting. “Why did you!?” She exploded (only after taking in a few deep breaths). “Who by?” she raised her eyebrows. I sped up too until I was at the same level of speed as her.” I murmured. Sarah’s eyes winded even more as I told her the reason why I was sent home. My lying skills were suddenly gone. “So did Angela get any Australia coming gifts?” I changed the subject suddenly. She . “How was school yesterday Kate?” I was surprised that Sarah asked me a question that I would have answered yesterday. We breathed in through our noses and out through our mouths because that is the correct way of breathing when exercising. Dove I think. “It’s no big deal.” I told her and she seemed relieved.” I lied but I didn’t make an eye contact. “By a nurse… Mrs. I’ll have to tell her everything. “Yes.” I repeated the nurse’s words which sounded like a plain lie to me.” I answered and waited for more questions to come because I was sure that my aunt won’t let go of this too soon. What on Earth am I going to say.We ran in silence. Too bad. Waiting a second after every single word before she said another. “I told you yesterday.” Sarah smiled but her eyes still showed concern a curiosity.” I stammered. um…was told to go home. I pretended to clear my throat so that I could have at least few seconds to think. breathing deeply and fast. “I. so I had to check if my cute sister is getting anything which would seem as the only fair way. except from my opinion of why did I faint. That’s a bit of a slip-up.

She nodded and then the corners of her mouth raised into a kind smile. I ran to my personal bathroom. The whole kitchen was laughing and I couldn’t help but to laugh with them. “Sarah!” I shouted for my aunt who didn’t realise the emptiness by her side. What has happened? My daughter has improved on punctuality. I stopped out of the sudden because I had something important to announce. My hair looked wild. After I showed my gratefulness to my mother Marie for making the breakfast. I just wonder if you could keep the fact that I fainted and that I came from school early yesterday to yourself?” I didn’t have a slightest intention to worry anyone else and I didn’t want my parents to have a panic attack. “Can you do that for me? Please?” I asked. When I finished I took all my clothes off and stepped into the icy shower which felt soothing against my burning body. out of place. She turned around quickly and sprinted like an arrow in my direction. I was still sticky form sweat when I was eating my portion of fried eggs and fresh fruit. It was tangled by wind into thousand knots. I always was either too late or too early. My face was strawberry red after the amount of exercise I would have done this morning. .” Teased my mum. I started running even faster and caught up with my auntie once again. We both laughed and kept the same speed for the rest of the way. I took the hairbrush from the windowsill and started the fierce battle of untangling my hair. When we reached home everyone was already up and there was breakfast waiting on the table.laughed beautifully and sped up even more. “Wow. I wouldn’t have believed that a person of her age could run so fast if I wouldn’t have just seen it with my own eyes. The digital clock that stood proudly on the microwave was pointing out exactly seven o’clock. I looked at my reflection. “Sarah.

I can’t deny and so I won’t that I’m extremely proud of myself for making a very fast progress. I simply can’t change my point of view about things. I simply learned the routes by heart. I myself find clock alarms not suitable for waking people up. It was Sunday morning and it was raining. Now I don’t have to rely on Calla’s kindness to walk me to our next lesson (it made me feel like I was a dog on a leash. ‘From confusion to precision.I had to go everywhere where my friend did as if I was pulled by her). I did not have a clock to check what time it was because my sister. To be honest I felt sorry for her. People should be waken up in a delicate. In the two weeks time I had not only learned how to find classrooms in my new school but I had also stopped using my GPS to get to either mine or Angela’s school.trying to get as comfy as possible. I just don’t like to bother people and even though Calla assured me thousand times that she doesn’t mind helping me out and that she understands that it’s hard to find a way in a new place. sat up and sighed. She got really done by my parents. Now I can exactly remember every single turn and every single crossing and where every single lights come up on those routes. After about two more tries I gave up. subtle way. I started grumbling and complaining silently under my breath. no matter how I would have laid myself on the bed. I fidgeted in the bed. Angie would have smashed it one morning when the sound of alarm clock would have annoyed her. I was woken up by the annoying tapping sound on the roof and the windows that I hoped I would never in my life have to hear again.listening to the constant dripping of the rain that after a while became I call it. I’ve learned my way around the school buildings last Monday.trying to get at least five more minutes of precious sleep. .CHAPTER 5 T wo weeks of school passed. I could not feel content so I had to turn once more and then again and again. I cursed the rain about hundred times before I tightly shut my eyes and pulled the blanket over my head. I turned from one side to the other.’. I simply had to groan.

. It wasn’t as bright and cheerful now but dreary in every possible way. It wasn’t a very big difference if compared to my previous comparisons of my estimated time to the real time. I was in half way back to my bedroom when I reminded myself about the need of knowing the time. The sky was cloudless and the shinning stars stood out perfectly on the indigo backdrop. It was nine in the morning. The only problem that bothers me with the lack of clock is that I have to guess what time is it and that can never be accurate. Even the air seemed different. After that I sluggishly went downstairs to make myself some breakfast. That is because I was observing the golden stars with the brand new telescope my parents bought me yesterday. Generally the walls were painted my favourite colour. in fact I’m quite glad she did because I didn’t like that clock much anyway. When I was little I used to have a telescope but I broke it. dried them with a soft cloth and then put them where they belonged to. It wasn’t as light and refreshing. I always found space fascinating and mysterious. I hurried back to kitchen and glanced at the bloody-red numbers on the digital clock. I’ve made two sandwiches with jam and a cup of steaming hot cocoa. I quitted the kitchen and dashed into my room which looked a far cry from the usual due to the change of weather. The imagined clock in my head was one hour late. I love tracing shapes on the sky and making up my own constellations.I realised. I was blue but today they seemed gray as if the colour was sucked out of them. Something deep inside me pulled me towards the moon and stars. I stood on the bed and pressed my face against the cold roof window to see where the sunshine was visible behind the clouds. Yesterday I would have gone to sleep at two at night. I sighed. If I was to describe it to someone I would say that it was mind-clouding. The sun rays were cutting through the clouds just above the burgundy roofs of the houses on the opposite side of the road. I was getting better at this every day. When I eventually finished I washed the dishes. I’ve never owned another telescope until yesterday.therefore I don’t exactly blame Angela for killing my clock. I ate and drank reluctantly. I estimated the time to be about ten o’clock in the morning. I slowly moved towards my cupboard and put on my old clothes because they were warmer than the ones I received as an Australia coming gift. It was nice and warm last night. I jumped off the bed on to the icy floorboards which squeaked as I landed on them.

) I was send outside so that couch Martin could talk to the rest of the class. For example I found out that her favourite colour is scarlet and that she and her family aren’t from Australia but from America and that her ancestors were native American. I have no idea what he had declared to them but when I came back in everyone except from Calla was giving me death stares. The mood in the room changed into indescribable. A few minutes have passed and I started reminding myself of the past two weeks. It worried me because of all the stares I gained (that if they could they would pierce me with their intensity and hatred). On the same day few people introduced themselves to me. It might sound unfair or nasty but if to think about I many people put what matters more to them in the first place. It was two girls and three boys but I can’t describe what they looked like because through the two weeks time I never spoke to them again. Everyone looked as if hey were suddenly hungry and frustrated at the same time. (Couch Martin was certainly the nicest PE teacher I had. I craved to be able to fall asleep whilst it rained. Everyone was still asleep after a week that was filled with heaps of hard work. and spun around on it. I found out that she was just like me in many ways. I wanted to fly out of the window just to get away from the pack of gazes that were fixated on me .if I read the expressions right which I hoped that I did not. The rest of the week would have been fine if not the fact that every day there was at least one person less in our class. I was trying to get away from the gawking people too vigorously and tripped over someone’s foot when I was going back to my place. I get to know Calla better.I sat on the armchair. When I stood up warm blood was tricking out of the small wound. I don’t remember their names because I was never particularly good at memorising anything especially if something did not interest me too much. I thought about the next day after I fainted. As I tripped my knee slid along a sticking out floorboard. beside the desk. The only thing I can remember is that five people introduced themselves at once. . On PE boys and girls have PE together and on the first lesson couch Martin told us that we will be running fifteen hundred metres. We practically talked non-stop on breaks. I covered my mouth with my hand as I gave out a long and loud yawn. Calla definitely is one of the kindest people I’d have met as far as I live. He has honey blond hair and pale skin as if he is an albino. I was shot with stillest from the eyes of students walking past in the corridor since the first PE lesson. He is very lean and athletic. Everyone was staring at the wound with the same expressions on their faces as my aunt when I hurt myself.

On the last Friday. (He always sits with me and Calla at lunch times. In the nurse’s office my knee was taken care of by Mrs. I was never disappointed so I imagined the ‘new house’ almost as a castle. Another thing is that there’s more to it. When I tried to insist on the grown-ups to tell me what is the ‘new house’ like.) His voice was so beautiful as he spoke and so mind-boggling… simply unforgettable. Calla and Nick. they would only smirk and tell me that I’ll see in my own time. I laughed internally at all those thoughts.( That is everyone except from the teachers. “I can do it. for example. It was lunch time when that happened. not only has she bought a house for us but she will be our neighbour because she bought the house from the opposite side for herself. “Thanks Miss Gravelle.’ As I’ve been told. Of course Sarah came up with her ‘You’ll love it dear. with headphones placed in his ears.) There was one thing that made me smile as I reminded myself of the first week of school.’. I was told that Sarah bought a new house for my parents. He even smiled (I realised that he rarely smiles) as he said hello. Interesting things not only happened in the school but also in between my family. nearly on top of her lungs. ‘New house.” Answered the coach just before we vanished from everyone’s sight.“Can someone take Miss Burney to the nurse to disinfect the injury and get a plaster?” Whispered coach Martin just loud enough to be audible to the whole class. The house has got possibilities. . Sometimes I catch myself craving for the sound of his ravishing voice. “Kate! Kate!” I heard my mum yell.” Murmured Calla just as quietly (more to herself than to anyone else) then jumped up towards me and gripped my arm. It was the day when Nick officially introduced himself to me. It can be small but very comfy or it can be big and beautiful and so on. It is hard not to think about it and his breathtaking cerulean eyes. Dove. So after that everyone begun to avoid me. I like the sound of it and my imagination is simply exploding with ideas of how the ‘new house’ may look. I didn’t think that the plaster was necessary but she insisted to put on anyway.obviously knowing that I was pushing my dreams too far. and whenever those words came out of her mouth.

She tucked her mid-neck long black hair. “I don’t want anything from you. “Mum I don’t know whether anyone has told you. People of your age do all sorts of different strange things. White Fang. my mother said this. When I wasn’t reading I was either eating or thinking abut the new house. Sometimes when I was younger I wished I had a wolf as a pet. “Yes mum.” My eyes nearly popped out of their places as Marie. She practically could not stay seated for more than five minutes and she kept on prating about how will her room look like and which room will it be and what will be the garden like and all those things that I quietly wondered about too. Do you want something from me?” I heard her respire deeply from relief. Sarah went to town to hire some vans and to buy boxes and sticky-tape for packaging. the door opened and in came my mother. I rolled my eyes once more. Marie clicked her tongue and giggled. then she left me on my own in my room. The wolf. The most excited was my little sister Angie. I was just worried that you ran away or something. I had this idea going on in my head that nothing interesting will happen today so. “Well. . “Why would you think that I would want to run away?” I asked quietly. I knew that I won’t finish this book today because I started reading it too late but to be honest this book became my favourite. I don’t know. it almost comes alive with every word I read. All the description in it is so realistic. as I always did when I had that feeling. I wondered where has she been thinking I was. “There you are love!” She sighed. making me roll my eyes in my thoughts.” I laughed at her and she grinned widely. The rainy morning quickly past and was followed by a lovely sunny afternoon. I was always amazed by their beauty. I took “White Fang” off the shelf and started reading. I was lost in thought for a few seconds but then I heard footsteps and a fraction of a second later. I was more than surprised to hear that my mum was expecting me to have a reason to run away.“Are you there Kate?” I rolled my eyes at the unnecessary concern in her voice. is such a strong character. but you’re very silly!” I exclaimed. At dinner time my parents announced that we will be moving in the next month. We were to start packing from Monday. behind her ears. that was getting in her face. wilderness and strong spirit. I realised that she became more caring (if that was possible) since we came to Australia. This obviously associated with helping my aunt and uncle to pack up. The excitement could be clearly felt in the house.

that’s enough.” At the words ‘ice cold water’ I technically flew out of the bed at the speed of light. I could hear my dad chuckle loudly for a while. I hurried under the warm shower. You got to get ready. Come on. I was positive that tomorrow something will happen. don’t make me drag you out of bed and wet you with ice cold water. I couldn’t resist laughing and poking him back. and then I could hear his heavy steps when he was going downstairs. you’ll love it..’ I yawned. stretched widely and grinning. It’s amazing. Rule number two: if dad doesn’t seem to be right. Nearly all of my cosmetics smell of coconut. it was very frustrating to hear the same thing over and over again. I sometimes think that I gained most of the humour from him. then see rule number one for help. I have an obsession with coconut fragrance. “What if you’re mistaken? Why can’t I know? What if I don’t.” My dad chuckled and I playfully smacked him on the arm. when I was only six years old because when I was little it was always him who was waking me up and he always said the same thing: ‘Time to go to school sweetie. straight to the bathroom. I washed my hair with coconut shampoo that I loved so much.” He said this every time I tried to get some information out of him.” A well known phrase of my conversations with dad. The next thing that I knew was that the covers were gone and that I felt cold. I couldn’t guess if it will be a good or a bad thing but I simply knew that it will be something memorable. closed my eyes and was immediately lulled by the peaceful voices of the grown ups coming from downstairs.” My dad said in a sing-song voice grinning.. I was quite surprised because usually it was either Sarah or Marie who did the waking up in the whole house. there are some exceptions because I have a cream that smell of chocolate and a moisturiser that smells of almonds. “Time to go to school sweetie. “Ok. “Time to go to school sweetie. “Yeah. “Will you tell me about the new house?” I pleaded in a voice nearly as sweet as sugar.It was nine o’clock in the evening and time to go to bed. pulled the covers over my head. The next morning I was waken up by my dad.” He cut me off at midsentence with one loud ‘Shhh’. I rolled my eyes and then he playfully poked my ribs. After taking a quick shower I went to bed. he reminded me of my childhood. “Rule number one: dad is always right. . We always got along well.

cute voice. the colour of roared up pieces of coal. just setting my foot on the ground when I felt eyes of a stranger on me. I’ve checked twice. I patiently waited in my car for my sister Angie to come. that’s why it was so easy to spot them.” She rolled her eyes and then I stuck my tongue out at her. I turned the keys in the ignition and the engine silently purred to life. “Fine. It wasn’t hard to spot them anyway. I was just opening the door. It was a group of four people. except that her eyes weren’t like Calla’s warm emerald ones. She grinned and then she kissed me on the cheek. then. six parking spaces away from me. then I ate some breakfast which was a bowl of honey cereals with warm milk. They had exactly the same tousled golden blonde hair and exactly the same ice blue eyes that were filled with the same amount of aversion. .” She chirped in her childish. In the mean time. I kicked the gas peddle and speeded towards South Sydney High School. The other girl had ginger hair.After showering I blow dried my hair and dressed and packed for school. One of the women had charcoal hair and green eyes. “Yes. “Are you ready to go then? Have you got everything you need?” I asked because she tends to forget her belongings. On the way to school I switched the radio on and my sister started singing along with the song. She was shorter than me. All of them had skin as white as porcelain. I went upstairs one last time to brush my teeth and than. I joined her but I was lip-singing because my singing skills are unbearable. as far as I could tell from the distance. Both of the women had the looks of top supermodels. and in came Angie. I automatically looked around and saw them. I was dragged back on Earth as the passenger door clicked and opened wide. I would say that they were twins. They were all intensely observing me. Her eyes were raven black and filled to the edges with hatred. They were stood near the lamp-post on my left. I parked at my usual spot near the big sign. I have this idea weighing my mind that he probably knows more about me than I about him. and if not. After ‘byes’ have been said.two males and two females. I was thinking about how to start a conversation with Nicolas. Sometimes I felt as if he wasn’t listening to music but eavesdropping to my conversations with Calla. then I’ll talk to him when he sits on my table on lunch. but don’t blame me when you realise that you are missing something because I have asked. The two men looked like brothers. I’ll talk to him on a geography lesson. The male part of the group was just as beautiful and just as full of bitterness.I was feeling awkward to have him sit on my table and say nothing. If not the height difference between them. therefore. but poison-green as eyes of a viper.

There was no laughter but constant shouting and groaning from pain. they will jump past all the six parking spaces down to me and tear me apart limb by limb. full of suspicion and unpleasant thoughts. If I wasn’t human then what else could I be. “Do you really have to have a snack all gathered around me?” I whispered faintly. “She is too cold to be human Jenifer. I was knocked down on to the ground. I took a big swing and punched him in the stomach as hard as I could…he didn’t even flinch but I ended up with a broken arm. We are just about to have a little snack. I blinked. The woman who the taller man called Jenifer (she was the woman with eyes of a viper) loudly sniffed with her nose. (Only because I had that feeling that if I will take my eyes of them. I gasped. I was surrounded by four faces of the strangers that were everything but friendly.) I could not bring myself to turn away. then something unexpected happened and I was on the sandy ground once more with my face hidden. One of the men( I didn’t care which) grabbed my head and lifted me up. The taller of the men grasped my hand but then he let go very quickly with a surprised look on his face. my hands always are inhumanly cold but so were my mum’s when she was of my age. I punched him with my other hand… in vain. I could feel a cold shallow breath near the back of my neck. How did they manage to get over here so quick? “What is a little vulnerable person like you doing here?” The woman with poison green eyes asked in cold voice that made my insides tremble in a warning sign.” True. I could not tell what was happening. all four of them pounced at me.I stared at the lot of them for a long time. I could smell it from there. His skin was so hard…but I didn’t give up. I took them less than a blink to gather around me. “Nonsense! Blood is flowing in her veins. Then I kicked but I ended up bruising my self. The group laughed in a sinister way and then.” The girl with hair of colour of roared up pieces of coal giggled unpleasantly.I thought sarcastically. . I could feel my heart beat faster than wings of a hummingbird. “W-what do you want from me?” I stammered. There was a fight going on around me and I was the prize apparently. I could have had as well punched a mountain and I would have ended up with the same injuries. The breathing got closer. I heard laughter all around me.” I stood there not being able to move even though I knew that I should run as fast as possible away of these queer beings. my breathing became uneven. I looked at them all. I ended up with a sharp pain of a sprained wrist.that the person talking to me is no one pleasant. “Oh nothing sweetie.

with a great effort. They were punching and kicking and giving headlocks but they did not get hurt. I looked at his handsome angular face and his spiky chestnut hair that were slightly messy now. I intensified my sight and saw Calla and Nick in the centre of the fighting bundle. the fight was still going on but at some distance away from me. waiting for what I wanted to say. “Can you stand up?” He said but there was something about the tone of his voice that made me think that he doubted that I will say yes. It wasn’t what I really wanted to ask but I reckoned that this was more important. How much time has past since it all started? Should it not have finished by now? And why was Nick not as hurt as I was? I saw him punching and kicking and not breaking his bones. I closed my eyes. I wanted to help them so much that it ached my heart to watch. However I tried to stand up anyway. I didn’t go far when people started running from all directions. I took one last look around and saw the fight still in move. It felt so right to be curled up in his arms. “Kate?” Nick started shaking me anxiously. He watched me struggle for a while then he shook his head and delicately picked me up as if I was lighter than a feather. I tried to observe the person that in a way rescued me from something dreadful. that could belong to only one person. I tried to stand up but the pain was stronger than my will. . There was a tight crowd around me that shortly vanished to help Calla and Nicolas. If I could only mange to drag myself to reception then I could call for help.I did not want to see what was happening… I’ve seen too much already. I somehow managed to crawl. It was as if we were made to fit each other. I didn’t answer or open my eyes because I wanted to hear the voice again. I was glad that they were doing extremely well. no matter how hard the punches they gave seemed to me from where I laid. but when I eventually stuck my head up to look around. “Kate? Kate? Can you hear me?” I heard the most beautiful voice. “Where are you taking me?” I questioned half out of curiosity and half out of the craving to hear the melody of his voice. ask. “Yeah?” I finally answered weakly with my eyes opened wide.How long did I lay like that? I did not know. I was amazed that the skin as hard as a diamond did not hurt my friends (well Calla was my friend but then Nick is neither a foe nor a friend but I prefer to call him my friend). And what about my friend Calla? Is she okay? “Nick?” I breathed softly. He looked straight into my eyes and nodded.

I beamed back a little too enthusiastically but I couldn’t help it. . but on the other side I wanted it to be close “No. I didn’t care for the pain as long as I’ll get some time to be alone with him.“To hospital. “Is it far?” I asked.” He simply answered. On one side I wanted it to be far.” I was quite disappointed by the answer but the day was saved because this was the first time I saw his slightly lopsided and truly entrancing smile.

” I assured him as convincingly as the sharp pain allowed me to. After all my dad taught me how to defend myself on situations like this so it wasn’t hurt because I couldn’t fight. He parted his lips slightly as if he was about to say something then he closed them again and took a deep breath.CHAPTER 6 W e were driving in a luxurious yellow Lamborghini at highest speed that is legally allowed.” His stare was so hard and solemn as he was concentrating on driving that it made me feel awkward. with our seatbelts tightly wrapped around us. . Out of sudden an emerald heart-shaped leaf swished past the window and the colour of it instantly reminded me of Calla. and the reason why I’m not hurt is that I know how to fight without getting hurt… and so does my sister.” He sighed. The pain was getting unbearable and it reminded me of one more question to ask. Those people fled after we drove away and I have no idea who were they and before you ask. then I would not be going to hospital right now. did they? Who were they in the first place?” I came out with a fountain of questions. “Their skin was perfectly normal.” Nick asked me and I was either deceived by my imagination or there actually was worry in his angelic voice.” I watched Nick’s expression very carefully but I did not know what exactly was I looking for. “Will you be able to put up with the pain for a little bit longer? It’s not far now. You must have imagined something under the stress and rush of adrenaline. The silence in the car was piercing my bones and I didn’t like it one bit.” His clarification relieved me. She was still fighting when we were going away. I don’t know why they attacked you. except from the part when he said that the skin of those people was normal because if it was. “How come I be hurt so much and you are not even bruised? The skin of those attackers was harder than a diamond. I really needed to know the answers. “She’s not hurt. “Sure. I sighed quietly. “Where’s Calla? Is she okay? Those people didn’t hurt her. “Calla is fine. I’ll stand it.

” I said. and then he put his arm around my waist to prevent me from falling and hurting myself more than I already was.” I muttered and saw him smirk. He slowly led me towards the old chair in front of the counter. Nicolas had very carefully put me down. which made me realise that we were at the hospital parking lot. “Because it’s impossible! No one moves so fast!” I wondered how he managed to keep his voice under control. making me hurt my sprained wrist as I stopped my self from banging my head as the unexpected stop made my whole body lean forward. He locked the car with one gentle press of a button on his keys and then he carried me towards the hospital. seeing my pointless attempts of doing it myself and then he picked me up and held me in a bridal style way. “Thanks.“Right. He shook his head and sighed and then he opened his door. I started thinking what I would tell them. She had her eyes for no one but Nick. “Are you sure that you’re feeling ok?” he questioned bitterly and I felt stung. “I’m sure that your parents will get told about it. “Good point. My parents will be asking a lot of questions when they will be told that I was brought to hospital by a boy. One of them was busy talking on the phone and the other one was filing her nails. They will be asking questions like if he is my boyfriend or if I fancy him. I rocked from side to side and I was close to falling but he saw me helplessly waving my arms in search of balance and steadied me. but I know what I saw. It was more because of the fact that he was holding me and if I was to describe it I don’t think I would be able to. This didn’t sound appealing to me. “I broke my left arm and sprained my right wrist. trying to mirror his calmness. “Do you think that my parents know that I’m in hospital and that I’m with you?” I whispered just before we entered the emergency room. He opened the door for me. not even one bit. maybe I’ve imagined that their skin was very hard but how can you explain the speed that they moved in? It took them a single blink of my eye to get to me from the distance of six parking spaces!” I shrieked and then he briskly kicked the brake. Nicolas had to clear his throat quite loud before she took a slightest notice of us.” I finally caught her attention as I spoke this loud and clearly. “Yes! Why don’t you believe me?” He looked at me as if I was mentally ill. Her face was heart-shaped and bony and she had tawny bob hair that matched her bark brown eyes. I felt warmth spread in my body but it wasn’t because he was very warm (slightly too warm even). “How can I help?” she asked with a squeaky voice. .” He smiled beautifully and then we entered the emergency reception which was a small room with a glossy glass partition behind which two women were sat.

“I have been phoned by your school when I was in work and I was so worried. The walls were painted clean white and two rectangular information boards hung opposite to each other. “Yeah. bye. which hurt a lot because my arms had to be constantly touched and moved (especially my left arm). twisted the door handle and opened the door. I gave her all the details including my British address and then.” I murmured back and jumped out of the car which was gone before I had a chance to turn around. . I walked there with some support from Nick and I could tell that my bruised leg was getting better and the pain was slowly easing away. The seats were dark blue and clearly worn out because of the lighter shade of blue where the person would sit. We have waited about fifteen minutes before we were called in by a gray-haired doctor with crinkled from wrinkles face. the emotions behind them were covered up safely from my eyes. I studied the perfect angles and the shade of his smooth skin and then I studied his cerulean eyes that at the moment seemed like two bright sapphires. and before I even set my foot on the marble floor I was pulled in a tight hug by Sarah. It was the first broken limb in my life. My right hand. Marie probably felt into hysterics and dad was most likely comforting her the best he can. to my relief. They seemed closed from the surrounding world. The room was rather wide and tall.” She was close to crying on my shoulder.” The doctor said and I could smell the strong scent of tobacco coming from him. was only badly bruised but my left hand was definitely broken so I had to have a cast put on it which took quite a while.“Can I have your details please?” She asked and then stuck her stare to Nicolas once again. drove to the pharmacy to buy the painkillers and then set off towards Sarah’s. I took the deepest breath in my life. she has told us to take a seat in the waiting room. and hopefully the last. which gave out a piercing noise like a band of people screaming all at once. I was asked what has happened and then I had both of my arms xrayed.” He smiled without looking at me. After I was prescribed some strong painkillers. I studied his angelic face for a while. I was already imagining what is to be expected when I enter the house. “Bye then. I and Nick walked back (with some effort I could walk on my own) to the Lamborghini. I always believed that doctors don’t smoke and live a very healthy life style. the sun not too high in the sky but high enough to give a warm cuddle to he surroundings. It was ten o’clock in the morning when I got home. after she has checked that she has got all the correct details and when she was informed who Nick is to me (he told her that he is my brother). “Come back in six weeks time for a check-up.

and he raised his hands defensively and sat down on one of the kitchen chairs. Copyrighted © by Klaudia Karbowiak All Rights Reserved Pictures: I’ve made this in Gimp and these are cerulean eyes. your arm is broken so not everything is okay. which between me and him meant that I didn’t need any help.” I patted her on the shoulder “No. :) . I would not have suspected today’s attackers to have the will to kill me then…until I got home.Nick’s eyes.” He said in a well controlled voice. and his skin colour too. “I’m glad that you’re okay other than the broken arm of course. especially as I looked at my dad again and only now did I realise how hard was he trying to keep tears away. Andrew was just about to grasp my arm to help me walk but I looked at him with raised eyebrows. “Glad to see you alive kid. I walked to the kitchen. Her eyes were sore from the tears that tickled down her cheeks looking like little crystals in the morning light that was coming in through the window.“But everything is okay aunt. Next was Logan.” He was looking extremely delighted.” She argued and then she let me go so fast that I wobbled and was steadied by my mum just in time. “Oh. my dear Kate! They could have had knives or other weapons! And what if no help would have came…” She sobbed hysterically and was immediately pulled by my dad into his arms. I thought that they started the fight for fun but it is somehow more obvious now. The mood in the house was nearly equal to the mood that would be present here if it was my funeral. “Dear child…” he started awkwardly but then he changed his mind and simply gave me a short hug.

This is Kate’s hair on the darker side (my hair that is) And this is Kate’s hair on the blonder side (my hair again!) maybe you can’t see that much difference but pictures don’t give the justice of anyone’s hair (at least not the ones taken by my camera lol) .

Also the person (who ever it is) looks a bit like Calla.Calla’s eyes. (The eye colour was also changed in Gimp) .And the front view of the hair when it’s on the blond side (my hair again[believe it or not but my hair IS 100% naturally coloured in that way]) Emerald eyes.

This is Sarah.this is the closest I could get: . (changed in Gimp) Time for Logan everyone (changed in Gimp). Not as tanned as she should be though.

What would the story be without Kate!? is not exactly how I imagined her. .it’s hard to get the effect I wanted.but she does look mean and she has got changed by me eyes and she is pale and she has black hair :) I hope that the eyes look poisonous enough. :) This is the mean woman with poison green eyes. Here she isedited in Gimp Jessica Alba: Additional note about the picture above: Kate’s appearance is based on my own but Kate is wayyyy prettier than me.she doesn’t dress in that way.

If you would like to know what anyone else looks like then tell me :) .

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