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; ; II II i i i I II I I i i i I I ii i' i , I I ii i i II I i II I I Ii I ii ii i I i I ii II
(j) Construct Zipper Bulldlrlg (gym. academic. retail. dorm. faculty housirlg. hot el. and
supermarkel relocation) (Eltlmllted con5tnJc1lon tn... rn<ntw)
Create rleW 11.000 sf pUblicly accessible playground In UniverSIty Village ('
a> Create a new esplanade along former Greene Street to access new playground. dog run.
and zipper building (' """"",)
Elosting Buikjtnga
NI!.W Public Space
PtlY"'O SpaeM.
(Current Phase)
New Buildlng'i
Entry Poinll;"
(Cunel'lt Phase)
NeN Publlc Spital

(Pr.....lous PNIO)
N.w BUlldln9 _
(Previous Pllalie)

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