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Negeri yg satu ini, the USA the JEWnited Snakes of America, memang bedebah bin bajingan!

! Saya tidk perduli mau dibilang kasar atau apa, tetapi tidak ada kata sifat/karakteristik lain yang lebih tepat selain ini bukan makian yg memang haram, melainkan karakteristik/kata sifat, yg bbrp tahun yg lalu Harian KOMPAS bahkan berkenan mentoleransi dipakai di dlm artikel oleh seorang penulisnya kata itu yaitu BAJINGAN, paling tdk di kalangan mayoritas unsur pemerintahnya; yakni unsur (bukan oknum!) sipil/intel/militer/bisnis/media utama dan PERBANKAN yg didominasi YAHUDI bedebah, maka terjadi Occupy Wall Street. BTW; Anda gak percaya bhw kelompok MAYORITAS itu (terjemahnya di Al-Quran, most of those on earth atau dlm bhs NKRI, orang orang kebanyakan), adalah super bego dan ngaco alias SALAH akibat ngikutin hawa nafsu, suka MENYANGKA-NYANGKA !!! Amati secara JUJUR, kelompok MAYORITAS yg sangat getol dgn aneka BIDAH terkutuk, bahkan nyerempet2 ke unsur SHIRIK dan terbukti ghullu (berlebihan yg DILARANG Allah SWT dan ALMARHUM Rasulullah s.a.w.!!! Cek QS 7:116. Semoga ane DISAMBAR petir jika berdusta ttg hal itu. Amin! Presiden Iran, Dr. Ahmadinejad, selama ini dicap/dicerca Barat dll sbg crackpot atau kenthir/sinting, ketika menyatakan ttg ulah intel2 Barat di Iran sbg pengacau. Nih, baca, BUKTINYA!!! Sebelum itu, fasilitas TENAGA NUKLIR DAMAI Iran dikacaukan oleh virus terbaru STUXNET, yg dibuktikan bbrp intel Jerman dan negara2 lain, telah dibuat oleh dinas intelijen paling sinting/keji di bumi, CIA dan dinas RHS IsraHell MOSSAD (punya KANTOR RESMI, sejak 1967, downtown Jakarta, dan agen2nya berkedok/sbg/dng cover European businessmen holding European passports.) Mau ngeyel lagi? Tak kuampleng kowe! Ndak usah cerigis/ceriwis jika sampeyan belum membaca buku, EVERY SPY A PRINCE (oleh dua jurnalis cerdas/bernyali di Israel) dan BY WAY OF DECEPTION oleh ex Letkol A.L. Israel yg direkrut MOSSAD, tapi terus hengkang dr dinas intel mahabajingan itu! Tanya saja kpd antara lain, Yth. Mas Jenderal Prabowo Subijanto, yg berkenan pernah membaca halaman2 yg menyebut ttg MOSSAD di Indonesia (th 1992, dr buku ane itu). Howdy Chief! Salaam sejahtera! Ready for 2014? Harus bersaing ketat dgn Bang Drs. Haji Surya Paloh yg juga jagoan!

CIA spy plane loss exposes covert US-Iran conflict

BY DOUGLAS BIRCH The Associated Press First published Dec 10 2011 10:38AM Updated Dec 10, 2011 11:28PM Washington The loss to Iran of the CIAs surveillance drone bristling with advanced spy technology is more than a propaganda coup and intelligence windfall for the Tehran government. The planes capture has peeled back another layer of secrecy from expanding U.S. operations against Irans nuclear and military programs.

Just as the Soviet Unions downing of the American U-2 spy plane revealed a hidden aspect of the Cold War, Irans recovery of the drone has shed light on the espionage that is part of U.S.Iran hostilities. Iran has charged the U.S. or its allies with waging a campaign of cyberwarfare and sabotage, and of assassinating some Iranian scientists. The U.S. has accused the Iranian government of helping kill U.S. troops in Afghanistan and plotting to murder the Saudi ambassador in Washington. "Its beginning to look like theres a thinly-veiled, increasingly violent, global cloak-and-dagger game afoot," Thomas Donnelly, a former government official and military expert with the American Enterprise Institute, said at a Washington conference. The covert operations in play are "much bigger than people appreciate," said Stephen Hadley, former national security adviser under President George W. Bush. "But the U.S. needs to be using everything it can." Hadley said that if Iran continues to defy U.N. resolutions and doesnt curb its nuclear ambitions, the quiet conflict "will only get nastier." Some historians and foreign policy experts compared the drone incident to the Soviet Unions 1960 downing of the U-2 spy plane and pilot Francis Gary Powers. While those two countries sparred publicly on many issues, the world only occasionally glimpsed each sides secret operations. "When I first heard about the drone, my first thought was thank goodness there wasnt a pilot in it," said Francis Gary Powers Jr., the son of the U-2 pilot and founder of the Cold War Museum.
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"They were both on intelligence-gathering missions. They were both doing photo reconnaissance. They were both supporting the U.S. governments intelligence-gathering to find out intelligence about our adversaries," Powers said. The difference this time, Powers said, was that "there are no family members that have to be notified, theres no prisoner in a foreign country."

The U-2 downing shocked U.S. military planners, who thought the advanced aircraft flew too high to be hit by a Soviet missile. Likewise, Iran says it used advanced electronic warfare measures to detect, hack and bring down an RQ-170 Sentinel drone. Iran aired TV footage Thursday of what current and former U.S. officials confirm is the missing Sentinel. The robotic aircraft suffered what appeared to be only minimal damage. Iran protested Friday to the United Nations about what it described as "provocative and covert operations" by the U.S. The Tehran government called the flight by the drone a "blatant and unprovoked air violation" that was "tantamount to an act of hostility." American officials said Friday that U.S. intelligence assessments indicate that Iran played no role in the downing, either by shooting it down or using electronic or cybertechnology to force it from the sky. They contended the drone malfunctioned. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity in order to discuss the classified program. Some U.S. experts expressed skepticism that Iran would be capable of such hacking. But others said Irans capacity to counter drones may have been bolstered by Russias decision, announced in October, to sell Tehran an advanced truck-mounted electronic intelligence system. The RQ-170 is stealthy but not infallible, said robotics expert Peter Singer of the Brookings Institution think tank in Washington. Singer, who has written extensively about drones, noted Russias announcement about the sale of an undisclosed number of truck-mounted electronic intelligence systems, called the IL-222 Avtobaza, to Tehran.