Experience Details: Present Organization: SAI VISION TECHNOLOGIES PROJECT: ONLINE CREDIT CARD PROCESSING Client: Methodology: Water

Fall Environment: IBM Mainframe Software: COBOL, JCL and DB2. DESIGNATION: Jr. Software Engineers DESCRIPTION This project aims at creation of a secure Internet credit card banking system. This will be accessible to all customers who have a valid User Id and Password. This system provides the following facilities Application for new account opening, Balance Enquiry, Credit process, Debit process, Final bill, Statement generation and Based on the customer’s transaction Addition or deduction of amount from the available balance. Whenever a new account is created or transaction or any changes to customer info is made appropriate tables are updated. The tables Used, 1. Maintain customer’s username and password. 2. Transaction of the customer. 3. The information of the customer like address, Account type, Date of account opening, Etc. ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES:  Analyzing the requirements  Preparing test cases  Enhancement of code  Testing  Code review Technology Used :  COBOL  JCL  VSAM  DB2 Strength:  Very Cooperative and Adjustable nature  Good interacting skills and public relations.  Positive Thinker  Heard Working & take instructions easily  Result oriented  Good Time Management Skills

Projects: #1 Project Title Client Duration Role Domain Description: CPS – Client profile system is a system that is used to capture, store and process information related to accounts and clients of the firm. The system is based on VSAM KSDS files with CICS front end application. It has been built and used for the very long time and currently is still considered to be “the books and records of the firm”. CPS system is account centric which does not allow unique view of the clients. In other words if one is to open two accounts with the firm, there will be to entries in the system for each account where client information is duplicated. Roles & Responsibilities:

: : : : :

CPS (Client Profile System) Morgan Stanley, UK. Sep09 to till date Team member Financial

    

Analysing the requirement and prepare document of understanding. Coding programs as per specifications. Review and Testing. Quality Control Activities. Preparation of application training materials Attending project status meetings on weekly basis.

#2 Project Title Client Duration Role Domain Description:

: : : : :

CCA-PP (Consumer Credit Act – Product Parameterization) LB (Lloyds Bank), UK. Jan09 to Aug09 Team member Banking

LB Internet Banking System is designed to provide businesses and consumers a convenient online facility for their various transactions. LB Internet Banking users are allowed to use their existing LB accounts to do the various online transactions like financial transactions, post-dated transactions, application and request, account information, OCOE transactions, ESA transactions, Inter-bank fund transfer etc Roles & Responsibilities:

replenishment. Coding for the module Application was handled independently. User can attach images. on a twenty four hour basis.     Analyzing the requirement and prepare document of understanding. The system enabled real-time tracking and provided on-line drive instructions to all forktruck drivers as well as providing monthly summaries of cargo movements and productivity. The system stores a variety of essential information about each chemical and supply used of each level of Research. Creating the required Functions and procedures was part of the coding standards. Environment: COBOL. . Customers can log into the system at any time. Panvalet. reserve quantities. Bangalore. Creation of Ad-Hoc reports required for users. JCL. labor control. picking. CICS. MVS/ESA and Z/OS. Performed database testing by passing SQL Queries to retrieve data. receiving.CHEMTRAC is as easy to use as a word process but offers the reporting and searching capabilities of a relational database and its tracks chemicals and laboratory supplies. INDIA Mar ’04 Software Engineer CHEMTRAC (Chemical Tracking System) APr’02 to The CHEMTRAC is designed for QC and R&D labs. warehouse task management. place warehouse orders and review order status. CHEMTRAC can store and report the entire lab’s data.net. TSO/ISPF. Document test case criteria for releases. . SQL. Sync Sort. File-Aid. By using CHEMTRAC user can assign rights on Reaction Tree. Modified the Existing screens using CICS under DB/2 environment. Prepared test cases so that various scenarios are covered. Documenting the Unit Test Plan and preparing the Unit Test Results. Apr’04 to Oct’ 05 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Responsibilities: • • • • • • • • Analyzed business and system requirements. Warehouse Management System offers the flexibility to run one wave that allocates inventory for multiple customers within a single warehouse and generates the billing transactions necessary to invoice each individual customer. raw data files and processed data files. Tested the software with the real time system and used the application to get the accurate results in the measurements. Attending project status meetings on weekly basis. Review and Testing. VSAM. tracking and inquiries. This is will give various reports regarding how much chemicals used for each research and it gives estimated cost of each level of the research. Cargo tracking provided access of up-to-date information on cargo held on-site. QMF. This Warehouse Management application allows authorized personnel to view inventory levels. DB2. stocking. Singapore Mainframe Developer Warehouse Management System Warehouse Management System was using Mainframe Technology which controls the movement and storage of materials within the warehouse. WMS included Order management. Coding the programs as per specifications. xxxxxxxxxxxxx. to get an update on the status of their cargo.

CICS.AG. TSO/ISPF. DB2. USA FIRST INDIAN CORPORATION June 2009 to till date Analysis. Ensured that deliverables meet requirements. VSAM. Project#1 Client Organization Duration Role Team size Environment AIG-AG (DALLAS) AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL GROUP. Xpediter. Monitoring the interaction of Code and test database using COBOL and DB2 Preparation & execution JCL using JCLPREP prior to execution and created GDG bases and empty VSAM files when necessary. Involved in different Cycles of Testing after fixing the bugs and before moving the Programs into Production Region. Involved in preparation of Weekly and daily status reports. File-Aid. MVS/ESA and OS/390. Modified the existing Programs and generalized the existing PROCs such that it works for existing and new company Performed code reviews to meet the company standards Involved in Manual execution of testing and the creation of defect reports Developed Test strategies & Test plans including modifying the JCL. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Environment: Mainframe – COBOL. JCL. COBOL .QMF and executing the JCLs for validating the data in DB2 tables.Responsibilities: • • • • • • Analyze requirements and create Low level designs. Endevor. Creation of new processes from supplied client request documentation and testing of new processes Resolving CICS transaction abends. Build COBOL and JCL elements for CHEMTRAC laboratory supplies. Performed Unit Testing & System Testing using written test cases Monitored Test progress and preparing Summary Report Involved in doing Rush Install during implementation if any issue is identified Maintaining the defects using Defect tracking system and bug review. Coding & Testing 8 Z/OS. DB2. Worked in Production Support of CHEMTRAC module which involves Chemicals and laboratory and processing them based on the customer history and relevant information and subsequently decisioning the application. design. JCL. File-Aid. TSO/ISPF. Involved in enhancement of the existing DB2 Stored Procedures Performed Integration testing to verify the interface between various application modules Used Test Director for defect tracking and maintained log information for the defects. VSAM . creating data using SPUFI.

Distribution Support System (DSS) is comprehensive.K HCL Technologies July 2007 to May 2009 Programmer 6 COBOL. Enhancement of the systems as per the requirements. DB2. Project#2 Client Organization Duration Role Team size Environment Barclaycard Barclaycard. Annual Statements.  Status calls and Review meetings to update the work status. U. Specifications for Maintenance and Development of new code or modification of existing code. Agent commissions and Payments. claims entered online are processed in the batch cycle.  Test result Review. The system calculates the interest for all its payable amounts if the claim is in pending status. Preparation of Test Plans and designing Test Cases. FILE-AID . It is structured to co-exist with multiple issue/feeding systems and supports flow-based and asset-based commissions. Effective review of the developed work products. Responsibilities:       Understanding Business and Functional Enhancement requests from the customer. Policy Renewal. It is designed for on-line and batch processing and interfaces with various other applications that take care of Claims Payment. CHANGEMAN. Testing for ensuring conformity to business requirements. JCL. depending on the state interest rules.  Code review as per the standard.Project Description: Universal Life Administration (ULA) is a policy administration system used by the customer for its Universal Life policies. Claims Processing System (CPR) is designed for on-line and batch processing. flexible agent and agency support system that is capable of computing and distributing commissions through channels defined by the user.

Bangalore. India. Responsibilities:    Preparation of specification documents. FILE-MANAGER Team Member TechnoQ solutions. Code Reviews. JCL. Test result review.6 million retail customers. France COBOL. In 1966.000 cash machines and banks worldwide. Barclaycard credit card is still UK’s most recognized band. with 9.   Unit testing. .Project Description: Barclaycard is part of the Barclays Group and has its headquarters in UK. Barclaycard credit card was the first to be launched in the UK and to produce the first all-purpose credit card in Europe. ENDEAVOR. Today. In addition. It is one of Europe’s largest multi-brand credit card and consumer lending business.  Unit test plans. IMS-DB. You can use Barclaycard to pay for goods and services in over 24 million outlets in over 200 countries. Projects ________________________________________________________________________ Title : Client : Environment: Tools : Role: Organization: GE Health Care GE-health care. and to withdraw cash from over 600.6m cards in issue outside of the UK and operations in over fifty countries and four continents. Source code modifications. Barclaycard is rapidly expanding global cards and lending business with 7.

Specialty and Dental. namely Primary. Title : Client : Environment: Tools : Role: Organization: American Insurance Group – (AIG) AMERICAN INSURANCE GROUP. and updating defects in defect tracker. SPUFI and FILE AID Team Member TechnoQ solutionsBanglore. more secure . Capturing Unit Test results. The capitation system (CS) database uses DB2 and provides backup and access to other systems by means of flat files. Health Insurance and Annuities. POS etc. and services to meet the administrative needs of health payer. India. JCL and VSAM. Reviewing code and documents. Preparing Unit test cases and test data. Responsibilities • • • • • • • • Understanding the new interfaces Gathering and analysis of requirements. Conducting weekly status meetings. Unit Testing and System Testing. This is mainly a development and Enhancement project. Users can access the system on-line or companies can convey data electronically through flat files. COBOL. or physician practice organization. : : Description: State AIG is one of the America’s leading sources for Life Insurance. TPA. The company mainly caters to the healthcare needs of companies and groups with plans such as HMO.Description: GE-Health Care is a Healthcare Maintenance Organization in the France. AIG has a wide array of insurance products and through its subsidiaries and a nationwide distributors. helps nearly 5 million customer’s step up to a better. Enrollment. ENDEAVOR. Which offers a wide variety of products. The Capitation system contains three types. XPEDITER. and Administrative Services etc. Coding of programs with COBOL & IMS-DB. which includes Capitation. This system deals with the system used to carry out the day-to-day activities of this firm. DB2. USA.

Adjuster splits the largest entities into smaller entities. UK and Brazil. JCL. File Aid. Road Runner and SmartTest. DB2. Once money is reserved it has to be paid to the claimant.  Involved in Coding as per Client requirements. This project is based on bringing HSBC Sales and Marketing tool (SAMS) available for all the regions like Hong Kong. The objective of the project is to handle claim i. This means replaces customer contacts and complaints in OHSS system. Adjuster creates a case for the claim number. OHSS Phase 2 project describes about deployment of Interaction Manager (IM) and Service Feedback Manager (SFM). Code the requirements as per the design thereby following all coding standards.  Interaction with Onsite Co-ordinator. CICS. loss or damage. The OHSS databases will exist on the GSS box whilst the legacy databases will exist on LIVQ. UK : HSBC Software Development (I) Private Limited. US. After symbol is created. Endevor.0 package that has been designed to cater for the need to maintain UK legacy databases in sync with the OHSS databases through R2ds.e. Adjuster who is handling the claim giving the accident information in the accidental information screen. Hyderabad : OS/390. Claimant who met the accident giving the loss or damage suffered. Roles and Responsibilities:      Analysis of the requirement and preparation of design documents with Functional and technical specification. .future. Branch and case together called claim number.TSO/ISPF. COBOL.  Test cases preparation.  Unit Testing. Preparation of Unit Test Cases and its results. money is reserved into the reserve allocation type.MVS. Preparation of KT documents of the project and sharing with team by giving transition. Project Title Client Organization Environment Interfaces Project Description: : One HSBC Sales and Services : HSBC Bank Plc. The advantage of this project is. : R2ds for COBOL OHSS can be acronym of One HSBC Sales and Services. The integration of SAMS and OHSS will be handling via 4 phases. Perform unit testing and support of system testing or SIT for various change requests. Then symbol is created for the claim. The Migration Toolkit (MT) suites of programs are part of the OHSSv2. Roles & Responsibilities:  Analysis. it provides more effective and efficient customer interactions.

DB2.MVS.   Played the role of Release Coordinator and responsible for consolidating and updating the components list accurately for the respective release. 4. scheduling review meeting to go over the checklist and coordinating for a successful deployment. Analysis of requirement with Programs and preparation of Estimation. New York : HCL Technologies. Xpeditor and Endeavor. DPC meetings with team. CICS. In case of republish scenario. JCL. Internal review of Program Specs and UTPs before delivery of them to the client. Roles and Responsibilities:      Understanding Business requirements and functionality. Attending weekly status meetings with client. : MQ Series This project describes steps and process involved in sending and receiving Security Setup information between SABER and DMS. VSAM. The process will be co-ordinate using TIBCO business work flows. DMS (Deal Management System – Application) sends the approved information to TIBCO. This project also explains in detail how SABER receives the Security Setup information from DMS and sends the updated information back from SABER via TIBCO. Project Title Client Organization Environment Interfaces Project Description: : DB Securities Cluster-CTAS-US (L3) : Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas (DB). SABER (TSS Mainframe – Application) will process the data from the last transaction in which the data was failed previously. . 2. TIBCO sends the transposed data from SABER to DMS and DMS updates the database depending on the success message. Internal review of design documents.TSO/ISPF. Enhancement of existing programs according to Client specifications. SABER pickups the data that is sent by TIBCO in CSV record format and parse it. code and UTPs. File Aid. 3. TIBCO (Work Flow Management Software) sends the transposed data to SABER. COBOL. Interaction with DB Client and up stream system team. It does Company process/Issue process/Scheduling process using the data sent by DMS. Chennai : OS/390. 1.

second letter. CICS. Coding the program according to the specifications. Modifying queries according Requirement for the data. Involved in writing Unit level test cases. Test Results and delivering in time. In CAS three modules are going on which is API. . and executing test cases. CAS will check the account numbers insurance validity expiry.    Code reviews and validation of online screens. Preparation of Test Plans. Preparation of Weekly Status Reports and all the Quality documents pertaining to day-today activities. Description: CAS stands for Cards and System. renewal accordingly it will send the letters. The letters are first letter. Unit testing. The Balboa is handling the CAS system. Agent data base. and certificate letters. VSAM. It supports ¾ of the insurance in North America. Link loan. DB2. Integration of code and Integration testing. Environment : COBOL. Responsibilities: • • • • Analyzed Requirements Specification depending on SRS. WORK EXPERIENCE Project: 1 CARDS AND SYSTEMS Client : Balboa Role : Software Engineer. it is mainly Insurance tracking system.

Environment : COBOL. inheritance and tax planning for their clients. and executing test cases. An institution's private banking division will provide various services such as wealth management. usually via dedicated bank advisors.WORK EXPERIENCE Project: 2 PRIVATE BANKING WEALTH MANAGEMENT Client : CLOVA Role : Software Engineer. Responsibilities: • • • • • Analyzed Requirements Specification depending on SRS. A high-level form of private banking (for the especially affluent) is often referred to as wealth management. VSAM. savings. CICS Description: Clova is one of the leading Banks in Hong Kong. investment and other financial services provided by banks to private individuals disposing of sizeable assets. The term "private" refers to the customer service being rendered on a more personal basis than in mass-market retail banking. The Bank provides various types of services to its customers. Its replace of existing system Portia to PBWM. Done Review Defects List and Review Summary List. It’s only catering for high net worth individuals with liquidity over $1 million. Private banking is a term for banking. DB2. Coding the program according to the specifications. Data correction in PBWM application. Involved in writing Unit level test cases. In present we are dealing one module called Private banking. .

Unit testing of batch programs using test cases. which concentrates its activity in public sector banking. CICS and JCL.  Maintainence and Enhancement. Ness Technologies. VSAM. mortgage and asset —backed securities. This application deals with Bonds. XPEDITOR. offering complete banking and financial solutions to local public sector operators. and in retail and commercial banking.DEXIA BANK BELGIUM. JCL.  Service requests. CHANGEMAN Description: DEXIA Bank Belgium is European bank. FILE-AID. Preparation of test cases. and Credits. Domain: Banking. Responsibilities:       Preparation of Requirement Analysis document based on client specifications. Asset management and investor services are also major activities in retail and commercial banking. BANGALORE. municipal bonds. Tools: SPUFI. Participate in the code review and code walk through of the new programs. The majority of systems of DEXIA Bank can be broadly categorized into Passiva (Investments) and Activa (Credits). Nov 2008 To Aug 2009. This is a maintenance project to provide support to the DEXIA Bank enhancements and regular maintenance activities. PROJECTS EXECUTED Software Engineer. DB2. DB2. Coding according to the specifications. Impact Analysis. These systems consist of COBOL. The following major activities are carried out in the project.      Clients: DEXIA BANK BELGIUM. . QMF. Loans. Role: Developer. corporate bonds. Environment: COBOL. federal agency securities and foreign government bonds. This business deals with different types of bonds they are as follows Government securities.

CICS. Ness Technologies.Logistics Home Store.  Paticipate in the code review and code walk through of the new programs. Tools: SPUFI. The managers are facilitated to add/modify/delete the personal information of an employee. PROJECTS EXECUTED Software Engineer. FLO. COBOL. adding of new policy products. XPEDITOR.  Changing the existing programs as per the requirements. QMF. Testing.      Client: EDS Malaysia Role: Team Member Domain: Insurance Environment: IBM Mainframe. DB2. A combined file will be created for the MCH RDS Inventory data to be supplied to FEDINV. JCL.      Clients: Federated Systems Group. Logistics Name Plate changes. Responsibilities:  Involving in Design. production information and claim status. DB2. RTV. May 2008 To Nov 2008. Description: This project consists of small modules like RDS Inventory.  Involved in unit test. which affected the manner in which data has been stored. the .  Developing / Enhancing Mainframe software’s for Customer Batch application. JCL. Role: Team Member Domain: Retail Environment: IBM Mainframe. Description: Current Health Insurance is one of leading provider for health services in the Malaysia. BANGALORE. renewals and enquiries for policy information. EXA subsystems.  Maintenance and support of the system.  Preparation of Requirement documents for enchancement activities. USA. EDI. Name Plate Changes: This project involves changing of the hard coded division names replacing them with a table based read for the RCV. COBOL. In addition to the customers features. Coding. FEDINV will no longer process the data individually for the operating divisions. The customers are provided online features such as payment of premiums. It deals different health insurance facilities. RDS Inventory: The Inventory project goal is to modify current processes to work with the Home store changes. submission of claims. Malaysia. Tools: CHANGEMAN. EDS Helth Insurence.

Project Name Client Cargo Container Management System (CCMS) American President Lines (APL). 34 months IBM Mainframes COBOL. Endevor. Mapgen. File Aid IDMS. ● Preparing Test Cases ● Coding ● Data Setup and Detail Test Planning ● Test Execution ● Quality Control and Adherence ● Enhancement and Maintenance of Existing Programs and development of new programs● Implementation of various Software Processes to keep the Project compliant with SEI CMM Level 5 Processes and ISO Standards. CA7. Role Responsibili ty Duration Hardware Software Tools & Utilities Database Software Developer ● Prime Offshore Application Contact for Production Support and User Queries● Requirement Analysis. o Preparation of Unit test cases. CICS TSO/ISPF. Unit testing. Code Review.DB2 . JCL. ● Design Walkthrough. o Review of Tasks/Change requests for all Modules before delivery to Onsite. It is the base application which aid customers from the point of booking creation to delivery of their cargo. CCMS also facilitates the communication between Customs of different countries and participating carriers. Smartest. Roles and Responsibilities: o Analyzing Requirements. o Responsible for developing and supporting applications. The system also provided many of batch processes to meet the day to day need of employees. track and control equipment and cashiering. o Coding as per program logic. DMLO.employees are provided with New Policy registrations and daily/monthly and yearly collection of premiums information. OLQ. Description of the project CCMS is the core to business of APL as it provides all of the basic operational requirements to book cargo. MapC. general bills of lading. Abend Aid. APL is a leading transportation and logistics company which provides customers around the world with container transportation services through a network combining high-quality inter modal operations with state-of-the-art information technology.

Reviewed and provided feedback on Unit Test scenarios. Report generation etc. • Worked on Various web portals like Connecture (IBU enrollments). Job Summary: I have been involved in • Analyzing the business requirements and transforming the requirements to Functional design specifications • Design.. • Creating test data with Automation of Rational Robot and VB Script. reduced administrative cost etc. 835.Project 4: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan – Michigan Operation System Project Role: Mainframe Developer (Jun 2008 . debug of the code and produced high quality deliverables with least number of defects • Development of both online and batch programs with database connectivity like CICSDB2 and COBOL-DB2 • Querying data from database (SQL) for creating data for unit testing using QMF. Agent and group portal. • Effective defect tracking through Rational Manual Tester. • Requirements from the Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM).Mar 2010) Project Description: Michigan Operating System Project (MOSP) is a Migration Project. were traced to test cases. Claims processing (NPS). • • • • Assigning the testing tasks to offshore resources and track the status. .. The benefits from this initiative include greater flexibility and speed-to-market. 997 formats for Membership Enrollment as well as Agent Commissions system (Membership & Billing area) • Worked in conjunction with NASCO team for Membership and Billing. Developed effective technical and user documentation Effective planning and working with multiple client vendors. SPUFI etc. Requirements are managed through Rational Requisite Pro. and creating best unit test scenarios covering all aspects of the business requirement • Organizing and storing reference information about unit tests and test cycles in Rational Clear Quest. • Worked on ANSI EDI 834. and data to offshore resources as well as other team members. To position BCBSM for the future. code. unit test. In order to achieve the Single Operating Platform objective. Executive Leadership decided to move to a single operating platform by migrating Local business to the Michigan Operating System on the NASCO platform. 837. Unit test case/scripts. • Interacting with Business for getting the requirements for User acceptance testing and have a good rapport with Client partners. all membership and billing content that is currently interfaced to data sources within the LOCAL platform and other system interfaces (external and internal) must be redirected and interface to comparable sources within the NASCO platform..

The eligibility system houses a broad spectrum of information such as Customer level. • Tracking the requirements through Requirements traceability matrix (RTM). DB2. Member Demographics and Benefit Plan level information. etc. Preparing the Technical Specification. set detailed schedules and expectations. This eligibility system plays a critical a role in Client’s business as the information stored in the systems is considered as ‘source of truth’. Enterprise testing as well as Deployment check outs. delegated task among team members. test cases etc. • Developed High complex SQL queries to fetch data from database to validate the data for testing • Developed complex programs using stored procedures and functions • Provided estimates for Development Projects. • Participated in reviews of various functional documents like Use case design.. REXX. Release meeting. SAS. FTP. Member Eligibility. Regression testing. monitored overall progress. The system also provides feed to the other external systems. JCL. • Arranging meetings for Business requirements walkthru. • Development of Mainframe code using COBOL. Integration testing. The availability of CES is crucial for Client’s Business. Test Cases and Test Data for the Unit testing. functional design specifications. MQ Series. User acceptance testing. DB2. Functional specification.May 2008) Project Description: Consolidated Eligibility System (CES) is an application enhancement and maintenance project. JCL. unload. Deployment meeting and walking through Test artifacts. The system undergoes a cycle of enhancement and maintenance changes defined by the business needs of UnitedHealth Group (Uniprise account). Example: FTP tool for Parm verification and Job scheduler tool Environment: COBOL. Debugging.Consolidated Eligibility System Role: Mainframe developer/Systems Analyst (Nov 2005 .. Coding. functional specification walkthru etc. NDM. Rational Requisite Pro. • Triaging the issues and providing an effective resolution • Understanding the business & technology of the client system for providing them with quality . etc. IMS. CICS.. Rational Clear Quest. The system maintains all the member and plan level information for all the customers of Uniprise. VSAM. DB2 utilities like load. TSO/ISPF. • Maintaining the documents and various versions using version control system software – Microsoft Visual source safe. and provided status report to upper management • Capturing Business requirements.Benefit focus eBilling Portal • Developing few tools using REXX to minimize the routine/redundant activities. Project 3: UnitedHealth Group . Rational Manual Tester. Endevor. transforming requirements into functional design specifications. SQL.. JCL utilities like sort. test scenarios. Test Conditions. • Interacting with Business and Testing teams for discussions on Business requirement. Job Summary: I have been involved in: • Analysis. Web services.

JCL Database: DB2. DB2. Lead a team of 6 other co-interns and coordinated with them for the development of the product with assistance from the mentors..(Maintenance Project) BARCLAYS. VSAM OLTP: CICS Tools: FILE-AID. Assembler. • Working with interfacing of various external systems like claim adjudication. Received accolades from project mentors and external guides. Provider details. Expeditor. Environment: COBOL. Test Director/Quality Center. Endevor. Project 1: Company: Veda Institute of Technology Library Management systems: Developer (June 2001 . eServices etc. CICS (including TSQ and TDQ). Worked as an active team player as well as lead other team members from the initiation to the closure of the project. Bangalore 01/2010 to till now Project Size: 20 Software Languages: COBOL. • Implementing standard methodologies like Peer Review Process. VSAM. Test Readiness Process and Test Case Standards • Peer reviews and group reviews.. NDM.SPUFI. used other technologies like Apache Tomcat. FTP. • Generating reports with SAS programming with Mainframe • Client walkthroughs for all the artifacts like Technical specifications.CHANGEMAN.ESDS . VB Script. CMS data processing. QTP. • Reported defects in the application through Remote Bug Reporter using TestDirector.QMF. Test conditions and other artifacts. Also. Project Thesis: Project # 1 Client Role Organization Duration Team Size Environment Project Name: Barclays Bank . UK Module Leader Accenture. TSO/ISPF O/s: MVS/ESA .May 2002) Developed a Java application for managing Library systems.deliverables. TSO/ISPF. JCL. REXX.Jun 2005) Developed a J2ME based mobile application by getting involved in all different phases of software development cycle. Project 2: Company: Renaissance Softlabs Pvt Ltd: Mobile Tour Guide: Developer (Jul 2004 . Java etc. SAS. MQ series.. • Creating a new test environment including all online and backend processes along with connectivity to external systems for data exchange.

The principal business activities are financial services provider globally. VSAM Tools: FILE-AID. Enhancement of existing programs according to client requirement.TSO/ISPF O/s: OS/390. Quality and effective interaction with clients are prioritized.Project Description: Barclays is the third largest bank in United Kingdom and 28th largest bank in the world by market capitalization. MVS Project Description: .Hyderabad 12/2008 to 12/2009 Project Size: 25 Software Languages: COBOL. Preparing unit test cases document.QMF. Ensuring that coding standards are followed. Responsibilities: • • • • • • • • • • Played major role as a module leader. Providing technical help to the team members. JCL Database: DB2. Involved in coding modification. testing and implementation.SPUFI. Testing the developed code.PANVALET. Analysis of system changes are carried out along with coding. Analyzing of requirement and arranging them for the functionalities. Involved in review meetings.(Maintenance Project) Selective Insurance Team Member S2Tech. Project # 2 Client Role Organization Duration Team Size Environment Project Name: Personal Lines . Testing programs either manually or by using tools. This project mainly focuses on maintenance and development of Barclay’s system to support the changes for calculations based on regulations or enhanced calculations or introduction of certain new parameters.

The predictive modeling is aimed at refining the rating process in determining the insured’s premium with ever changing rating factors. MAINFRAME PROJECT: PROJECT NAME: Insurance mortgagee relation system Project Description This project is actually meant to build "Insurance mortgagee relation system" in mainframe environment for insurance employee. are redefined and are now a part of the rating process. > Mortgagee addition/change screen. Analysis of the specifications provided by the client. Coding programs and conducting code reviews. > Mortgagee relations menu screen. Preparing all necessary system documents as per quality standards. As a part of the new model.COBOL . Integration testing is the 3rd and final phase of predictive modeling. Performed unit testing and integration testing. The predictive modeling is being incorporated in phases.DB2 . > Mortgagee search screen. It includes the following online screens.VSAM . Involved in converting functional requirements to technical requirements. In our project we used Batch process to generate report as well as DB2 for storing the details of the customers. The system will allow the user to add or view/change mortgagee details for an insurance policy. Responsibilities: • • • • • • • Involved in design of new rating formulas for predictive modeling.JCL . the various factors of the policy that are considered to predict accurately the risk involved. Providing support during acceptance testing. Control Language Application Language File access method Database Responsibilities: . Phase 1 and Phase 2 are successfully deployed in production. Predictive modeling is about introducing new rating process to VICS.Vehicle Information Control System (VICS) consists of processing required to maintain vehicle insurance policies and generating master statistics that are input for the MSTAT system.

 Involved in coding programs. .  Preparing Copybooks and Run JCL’s.  Coding the programs and preparing documents for changed programs.  Involved in preparing test data and Unit Test plan.

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