INT. LIVING ROOM – NIGHT A girl sat on her couch, flipping through the channels on the TV. Her name is Ashley Simmons, 16 years old, and full of life and laughter. The TV read: Channel 122 – SYFY Imagine Greater Friday The 13th She clapped her hands, and selected the channel. The movie was to the point where Jason threw the girl onto deer horns. ASHLEY Oh, shit! That must’ve hurt like a bitch. She got up, and walked away. INT. KITCHEN – NIGHT She got some popcorn out, and put it into the microwave. She pushed the start button, and went to her cell phone on the counter. She read a text message, and laughed loudly, and she texted back. We get to see what she’s typing. The screen says: PARENTS AREN’T HOME. YOU CAN COME OVER! She sent the message, and went to the beeping microwave. She got out the popcorn. It was still hot from the heat, and she screamed from the pain. She dropped the bag onto the floor. She bent over to pick it up, and the camera angle stayed the same. It revealed A GHOSTFACE outside her window. The Ghost walked past, and Ashley stood back up, with the popcorn bag. She dumped the corn into a big green bowl. ASHLEY Fucking popcorn

2. HER PHONE RANG She answered it. ASHLEY (into Phone) Hello? VOICE

Hello Ashley
ASHLEY Hey, Ghost face. What’s up? VOICE Just looking at a girl I’m about to kill. Ashley shakes her head. Plays along, and gets the joke. ASHLEY Ah, I see. I’m doing the same actually! VOICE

No you’re not.
ASHLEY What do you mean “No you’re not”? VOICE Did I stutter? ASHLEY No, but –

3. BOBBY It means it’s me, Bobby! Laughter came out of the telephone. BOBBY It’s me, Bobby. Sorry I was just messing around! ASHLEY Huh, you prick. Anyway, are you on your way over? BOBBY I’m already here. ASHLEY Oh, you are? Well, come on in. The door’s unlocked. I’m just watching Friday The 13th. It’s one of my favorite movies, you know? VOICE Interesting… ASHLEY OK Bobby, enough with the Ghost Face voice. It’s not funny anymore. Ashley stood up, and walked to the middle of the room. Behind her Ghost Face slipped into the house. The ghost disappeared. VOICE I’m not Bobby. ASHLEY What?

4. VOICE Obviously this isn’t Bobby. But, you’re too fucking stupid to recognize that. ASHLEY Hey! Screw you asshole! VOICE No! Screw you, you fucking twat. ASHLEY OK, Bobby that’s enough now. VOICE I told you already. This isn’t Bobby. But, if you’d like to see him, I’ll take you to him. ASHLEY (starting to be upset) Where is he?? VOICE RIGHT HERE! SUDDENLY A Ghost Face plunged out of nowhere and went after Ashley. She screamed, and tried to run. Ghost Face slit her in the back, and she fell to the floor. She cried out in pain, and the Ghost pulled her by her feet backwards, leaving blood streaks on the hard wood flooring.

5. INT. DOORWAY – NIGHT Ghost Face dropped her by the door. She looked up, and saw the doorway. She reached out for the handle. She turned it halfway, but the Ghost stabbed her in her hand. She screamed again, and the Ghost picked her up. He threw her, and she slid across the floor, hitting her head off of the wall. She held her head, and Ghost Face came forward. ASHLEY No! No! Please!! GHOST FACE You little bitch! Fuck you. I only want this all to end! I’m sick of it! It’s time. The Ghost stabbed her again in the stomach, and she spit up blood. EXT. YARD – NIGHT The Ghost dragged her body across the yard. He went out back to the pool area. He lifted her up, and stabbed her again. She gurgled, and held her wound. ASHLEY (barely breathing) Why? GHOST FACE It ends now. Ghost Face slammed her onto the pavement, and shoved her head into the water in the pool. (CAMERA ANGLE SWITCHES TO UNDER WATER) Ashley’s head was under the water. She was screaming, and shaking tremendously. The Ghost put the knife under the water, and slit her neck. Blood filled the pool, giving it a red dye. Ashley’s eyes closed.

6. The Ghost pushed her body into the water. He swiped his blade clean, and ran off. CUT TO BLACK: SCREAM (SLICING SOUND) (Word “SCREAM” Changes to…)

EXT. OUTSIDE – MORNING Woodsboro High is in sight. The bell rings indicating the day has started. INT. HALLWAY – MORNING A girl is walking by herself, looking at her Geometry book. SUDDENLY – She smashed into somebody. She fell onto the floor, and dropped all of her books. She looked up, revealing that she is Nikki. She is hot and beautiful all at the same time. NIKKI Oh, sorry! I was just looking at my book. BOY It’s alright. Shit happens.

7. The boy knelt down and picked up some of her books. Nikki stood up, and he handed them to her. The boy’s name is Lenny. He’s a geek, but yet attractive. NIKKI Thank you LENNY You’re welcome. Now, watch where you’re walking, or I’ll have to put a big blinker on you. He laughed, and so did Nikki. NIKKI Alright, I have to go, bye. LENNY Bye. Nikki walked away, and didn’t look back. Lenny stared at her. He looked at his friend he was talking to. LENNY Damn, she’s hot! Who is she? GUY That’s Nikki Carleton. She just moved here from Oklahoma. LENNY Ah, I see. She’s… something. GUY She’s something alright! She’s a big boner, is what she is! Lenny laughed, and walked away.

8. INT. MR. PETER’S ROOM – MORNING Nikki walked into the room. She went back to her seat, and set her things down. 2 other girls came up to her. One was Emily, who is very pretty. She seems to be a slut, but isn’t. The other was… KIRBY! KIRBY Hey, Nikki, what’s up? NIKKI Nothing, what’s up with you guys? EMILY A girl died last night! That’s what’s up! KIRBY What?? EMILY Yeah! Ashley Carpenter! She was stabbed and thrown into a pool. KIRBY Did – did the police – EMILY No, they didn’t find out who did it! NIKKI Oh my God. That’s horrible! EMILY Yeah! It’s fucking nuts. And, Kirby, I’m sorry. I know it’s hard for you.

9. KIRBY Don’t be. It’s not your fault. Let’s just hope that this was just one killing instead of a series of murders. NIKKI I hope so. But hey, we’ll stay with you at your house, if you want? KIRBY OK, or yours, or Emily’s. EMILY Actually, we can’t go to mine. Dad’s doing business tonight. NIKKI So mine then? KIRBY Yeah, I guess. Kirby’s boyfriend, Kyle, walked up them. KYLE Hey, are you OK?? I just heard about what happened. KIRBY Yeah, Kyle, I’m OK. KYLE Oh, good. I was worried you were going to be upset or something today. KIRBY Oh, well nope, I’m not. It’s just been 2 years, now.

10. NIKKI This is crazy. EMILY Got that right NIKKI I’m so sorry Kirby. KIRBY It’s fine, really. I’ll be ok. THE BELL RANG. The group split apart, and took their seats. The teacher walked into the room. Mr. Peter, a teacher he is mid-40s’. MR. PETER Alright, class. I assume you all heard about Ashley last night. A few hands flew up. MR. PETER Woe, alright then. Well, Nina, you. He pointed to a teenage girl. Nina Benson. She is a prissy bitch. You can tell the teacher does not like her, just like the other students. NINA Well, I think somebody finally realized how mean she was and killed her. A couple kids yelled out things. GIRL #1 I think Ghost Face is back!

11. BOY #1 Yeah! He wants to finish off the survivors! Kirby put her arms together, and turned away. She looked out the window. EMILY Um, if there’s a new killer, who’s planning to kill everyone, why didn’t they leave a clear message like they did 2 years ago, huh? BOY #1 Well, maybe he did! The police aren’t letting all the details go. They’re not even the ones who found her. Her neighbor heard screaming and went outside to find her. INT. BEDROOM – MORNING A woman turned in bed, and rubbed her eyes. She sat up, and put her feet down from the bed. It is revealed to be Sidney Prescott. Sidney got out of the room. INT. HALLWAY - MORNING Sidney rubbed at the back of her neck, and started to head toward the stairs. She met a man coming out of another room. DEWEY. SIDNEY Hey, Dewey DEWEY Hey Sid, everything ok this morning? SIDNEY Oh, yeah. Did you guys have a good sleep? A woman walked out of the same room Dewey did. GALE.

12. GALE Hey Sid SIDNEY Hi Gale, I'm going to go down and get some coffee real quick. You guys want anything? GALE No thanks SIDNEY Dewey? DEWEY Oh, sure. Coffee, they had me up late at the station last night. SIDNEY Oh, is something going on? Sidney is obviously worried. She knows today is the anniversary of the killings. DEWEY Yes, everything's fine. SIDNEY Oh, ok. Sidney took off down the stairs. GALE (whispering) Aren't you going to tell her?!

13. DEWEY No! And you shouldn't either! This is already a tough time. I don't need her upset, too. GALE Ugh DEWEY Promise me you won't say anything! GALE Alright, alright, I promise. CUT TO: Sidney standing in the stairwell, she heard everything they said. She started to cry, and walked down the rest of the stairs. EXT. SCHOOL FOUNTAIN – NOON Kirby sat on the fountain, texting on her phone. Nikki, Melissa, Emily, and Jenny all walked up and sat around her. Kyle then took a seat next to Kirby. JENNY So, I heard I missed an interesting conversation this morning. EMILY Ugh, I’d say! Everyone argued about Ghost Face. MELISSA It was epic. The others looked at her in bewilderment. She got a funny look on her face.

14. MELISSA What?? I’m just saying. EMILY Whatever, well, it was definitely an interesting morning. JENNY It’s too bad I don’t have the same 1st hour as you guys. Mr. Avalanche really sucks ass. (DOWN BELOW) NIKKI I don’t like the talks about the killer. It freaks me out, and it makes people seem like psychos. KIRBY I agree. JENNY Oh, so you think I’m a psycho, huh? KIRBY No, Jenny. Jenny laughed. JENNY I’m just busting your balls. EMILY When aren’t you busting balls?

15. Everyone around laughed loudly, and Jenny’s glare was enough to let Emily know to shut up. NIKKI Well enough with the awkward silence! Um, is everyone coming over to my house tonight? Everybody nodded. MELISSA I’ll bring some horror movies. NIKKI Um, Kirby, is that alright with you? Kirby hesitated to answer her. KIRBY Yeah, it’s fine. But, if you do, do NOT bring stab 8. PLEASE! JENNY I don’t think I’ll be over until late. NIKKI Why? JENNY I have my movie audition, remember? EMILY Oh yeah! Stab 9

16. NIKKI Oh, super exciting! Make sure to let us read the script when you get a part in it so we don’t have to wait for the retarded movie to come out. JENNY Ha, alright. MELISSA What character are you trying out for? JENNY

Lindsay Schuler. She’s kind of a bimbo, but hey, it’s a gig.
MELISSA She probably dies. JENNY Yeah, I think so. I think that’s the part I’m acting out, too. EMILY Very awesome! (DOWN BELOW) KIRBY So, is the movie set in Woodsboro? JENNY I think so. I’m not sure, though. I’ll let you guys know everything tonight! KIRBY Alright, sounds awesome. THE BELL RANG.

17. KIRBY Oh, well, time to go. See you guys later. Kirby leaned over and kissed Kyle. KIRBY (CONT’D) See you later KYLE Yeah, see you. Kirby walked off, and the others gathered their belongings together. INT. HALLWAY – AFTERNOON Kirby walked down the hall. She got to her locker. She got inside of it, and put away her 2 large books she was carrying. She got out her backpack, and put the strap around her neck. She stuffed a few papers into the bag, and closed her locker shut. BEHIND IT – Lenny was standing. KIRBY Ah! Oh, hi Lenny. LENNY Oops, sorry. I didn’t mean to frighten you. KIRBY Yeah, it’s fine. LENNY So I was wondering if you needed someone to talk to. I know this is a hard time of the year for you and all.

18. KIRBY Oh, well thank you. LENNY Oh, so you do want to talk? KIRBY Oh, no. No thanks. I have girlfriends and Kyle for that. Kirby stepped away to walk away, but Lenny blocked her way. KIRBY Is there something you need, Lenny? LENNY Well, no. But, yes. I would like to get to know you. I mean we haven’t exactly talked before. KIRBY Yeah, I know. LENNY Yeah, so I was just wondering if maybe I could talk to you. I just really need somebody to talk to. KIRBY Yeah, well they’ve got 800 numbers for that. Now, I really have to go. Kirby started to walk off, but Lenny cut her short again. KIRBY What, Lenny?!

19. LENNY Ok, let me get this out. I like you, Kirby. I have since I first saw you. You’re my dream girl, and I— KIRBY Ok, let’s not go all I Love You Beth Cooper on me, now. Goodbye Lenny. Kirby walked past him, and he didn’t stop her. Lenny has a grizzly angry face on, and stormed off. EXT. PARKING LOT – AFTERNOON Kirby walked to her car. She unlocked it, and got in. She flipped out her cell phone, and dialed a number. PHONE Hello? KIRBY Hey Sidney SIDNEY Oh God Kirby. I thought you were in trouble. I was actually going to come down to the high school soon. KIRBY Oh, no. Don’t do that. I’m leaving right now. SIDNEY Oh, ok. Wait, I thought school went until 2:30? It’s only 1:00. KIRBY Yeah, they let us out early. You know, because of… Ashley.

20. SIDNEY Oh, ok. Well, do you want me to come to your house, or you come to mine? KIRBY Oh, well actually I’m going to my friend’s house. We’re going to just chill and relax. Don’t worry. I know to leave the doors locked, and not to answer an unknown caller phone call. SIDNEY Ha, well ok. Just be careful. (DOWN BELOW) KIRBY Ok, we will. SIDNEY Ok, bye. KIRBY Bye Kirby hung up the phone. She turned the car key, and the engine roared. SUDDENLY Someone pounded on her window. She screamed and turned to look. It was Jenny. KIRBY (putting down her window) Jesus Jenny! JENNY I’m sorry Kirby I didn’t mean to scare you.

21. KIRBY Yeah it’s fine. I’m just a little jumpy, that’s all. JENNY Yeah, we’re all on edge today. Anyway, I was going to ask if you could maybe give me a ride to my audition. I don’t have anyone to take me. KIRBY Oh, ok. Yeah, I’ll do it. Hop in. (DOWN BELOW) JENNY Oh, thank you! Jenny got in the passenger side of the car. She closed the door behind her. JENNY Thank you Kirby KIRBY You’re welcome. So, where is it? JENNY On 5th avenue KIRBY As long as it’s not on Elm Street, I’m fine. Jenny laughed, and they took off. INT. KITCHEN – AFTERNOON Sidney sat on a seat alone drinking coffee. She looked out the window. Gale came into the room.

22. GALE Hey Sidney, what’re you doing? SIDNEY Oh, just drinking some coffee. SIDNEY Is Dewey at work? GALE Yeah, he left a while ago. SIDNEY Oh, ok. GALE Oh, I was just on the computer. Everyone loves the book. SIDNEY Good. I was thinking we could maybe release it today. GALE Why? Release isn’t until next month. SIDNEY Yeah, I know. I was just thinking that we could release it today, since it’s the anniversary and all. I want some peace. I think letting it go would get everyone’s mind off of the murder last night. GALE What?! How did you find that out?

23. SIDNEY I heard you and Dewey this morning. I just can’t believe that it’s happening AGAIN. GALE We don’t know that for sure. It was just a spontaneous murder for all we know. SIDNEY Well, let’s hope so. GALE Well nobody’s called about getting a call from Ghost Face, so I think it should be alright. SIDNEY Yeah, maybe, I talked to Kirby. She’s doing well. I guess the anniversary isn’t really hurting her like it is us. GALE Well that’s good. She needs to be strong. SIDNEY Yeah, I know. She said she was going to a friend’s house tonight. GALE Uh-oh SIDNEY I know, I know. She said they were just chilling out and watching TV. So, I assume everything will be ok. She’ll probably call me or Dewey if something happens.

24. GALE Ok, well as long as everyone’s safe. SIDNEY Yeah, I know. EXT. OUTSIDE OF THEATRE – AFTERNOON Kirby and Jenny got out of Kirby’s car. They walked up to the front of the movie theatre. KIRBY Is this it? JENNY Yeah, I think so. KIRBY Alright, well let’s go. JENNY You’re coming in too? KIRBY Yeah! You need supporters. JENNY Oh, ok. Thanks! Jenny smiled and they walked inside. INT. THEATRE ENTRANCE – AFTERNOON Kirby and Jenny looked around.

25. JENNY Hello? Is anyone here? There was no answer. KIRBY I don’t think anybody’s here. Are you sure your audition is here? JENNY Yes! The paper said 126 5th Avenue. KIRBY Oh, well then this is it. JENNY Maybe they’re just late. KIRBY Yeah, probably, celebrities are so dramatic. JENNY Ha, yeah I know. I’m going to go inside the theatre and wait. KIRBY Ok, well I really have to pee. I’ll meet you in there. JENNY Ok Jenny walked off, and went in the theatre. Kirby walked off to the left, where the bathroom was. We can see in the movie ticket booth, there is a man lying dead. Blood is everywhere.

26. INT. BATHROOM – AFTERNOON Kirby washed her hands, after coming out of the stall. She dried them off, and her phone RANG. She sighed and answered it without looking at the caller ID. KIRBY Hello? VOICE

Hi Kirby, miss me? It’s been a while.

Aw, no thanks. I have a better idea. Why don’t we catch a movie?
KIRBY No thanks, creeper. VOICE

Why not? You’re already there…
Kirby’s eyes got wide in horror. KIRBY What? How do you know that? VOICE

I know because I’m here, too. And your friend is so adorable. It’s too bad she won’t get the part for the movie. STAB.

27. Kirby kept the phone to her ear, and ran out of the bathroom. INT. THEATRE – AFTERNOON Kirby ran inside gasping. KIRBY Jenny?! Jenny was nowhere to be found. KIRBY Fuck! Kirby put the phone back to her ear. KIRBY Leave her alone. VOICE

Na, I like to play games.
KIRBY She hasn’t done anything! Please! Leave her alone! VOICE

Then answer a question for me.
KIRBY (starting to cry) What question? VOICE

You know, horror movie trivia, your favorite category.

28. KIRBY The last time I played that game I got stabbed twice. I’m not playing it again. VOICE

Aw, why not? You didn’t play with me yet. I’m different than your beloved CHARLIE WALKER.
KIRBY Fuck you, you prick! VOICE

Answer the question.

Then everyone dies.
KIRBY No! Please, no! VOICE

Then answer the fucking question you little bitch!

Good, now that only took an hour.

29. KIRBY Just get on with it, asshole. VOICE

Kirby Reed! You do not want to piss me off. I will gut you right here.
KIRBY Just ask the question! VOICE

You’re lucky I’m feeling generous. Now, who was the mastermind behind the whole murders of Woodsboro?
KIRBY Jill. Jill Roberts. VOICE

Wrong, wrong, wrong. That’s wrong!

You didn’t ask what murders I was talking about. I meant the first murders. The original ones
KIRBY Please! One more! VOICE

Ok, Kirby. Last chance, though! Now, who was the killer in Friday the 13th?

30. KIRBY Which one? VOICE

Ah, you learn fast. I’m talking about the original, once again. Remakes these days do no justice to the originals. It tears me up inside.
KIRBY Mrs. Voorhees VOICE

KIRBY Now let her go! VOICE

I can’t
KIRBY What? But I won! I fucking won! VOICE

I would, but I don’t have her.

You never asked if I even had her. You went through that for nothing.
KIRBY You asshole! Let her go. NOW!


I can’t. I don’t have her, I told you.
KIRBY Whatever Kirby hung up the phone. She slid it into her pocket. KIRBY Jenny?? Where’d you go?? There was no response. SUDDENLY – The Ghost flew into the theatre, going after Kirby. She saw him, and screamed. She took off. Kirby was on one side of the seats, and the Ghost was on the other. The Ghost had the knife in hand, but it had no blood on it. Kirby knew he didn’t have Jenny. Her face was relieved, but she was still scared of him. GHOSTFACE Kirby, Kirby, Kirby. Why don’t you just let me fucking kill you? KIRBY Never in a million years asshole! Kirby raised up her hand, which has her phone in it. She threw it, and it hit the Ghost in the face. He tumbled backwards over seats, and fell. Kirby ran off. She ran up the steps, and to the doorway. She started to open it, when someone pulled her back into the movie projector booth. Kirby saw it was Jenny

32. JENNY (whispering) Kirby, it’s me! It’s me! KIRBY Oh, thank God. I thought he got you. JENNY No. I saw him come in here, and I ran off in here. Then a minute later you came in. KIRBY He’s coming The girls looked out the window, and saw the Ghost was walking up the steps. He went out the door, and they closed behind him. JENNY He’s gone! KIRBY No, he’s not. JENNY What?! KIRBY He’s not going to give up. He won’t just leave. JENNY Well then what do we do?! KIRBY We call for help.

33. Kirby reached in her pocket. Her phone was gone, from when she threw it at Ghost Face. KIRBY I need your phone. JENNY It’s in the car! KIRBY What?! JENNY It’s in the car. They don’t want ringing cell phone here, so I left it in there. KIRBY Oh God. PERSON Kirby! Where are you?! Kirby and Jenny both looked up and saw Lenny was at the bottom of the stairs. He was yelling for them. KIRBY Oh my God JENNY Do not go out there. KIRBY What? Why?! He probably has a phone

34. JENNY Yeah, but think about it. He’s probably the killer. I even thought about it earlier. KIRBY He can’t be. JENNY Well I think so. KIRBY Well we need a phone, and he’s probably got one. Kirby got up and went down the stairs. Jenny followed. KIRBY Lenny! LENNY Kirby! Are you ok?? I followed you here and heard screaming. KIRBY You followed me? That’s creepy. LENNY Yeah JENNY Where did you come in at? LENNY The bathroom window, the front door is locked, inside and out.

35. KIRBY Well, let’s go. They started up the stairs. INT. THEATRE ENTRANCE Kirby opened the door a crack, and peeked out. The Ghost was gone. KIRBY (whispering) Come on They all went out in the entrance. They walked over to the bathroom. SUDDENLY The Ghost jumped up from behind the booth, and came after them. They all SCREAMED. Kirby opened the bathroom door, and went in. Jenny went in after her, but the Ghost stopped Lenny. INT. BATHROOM – AFTERNOON The Ghost stabbed Lenny in the back, and he screamed. Jenny slammed and closed the bathroom door. INT. THEATRE ENTRANCE – AFTERNOON Lenny was on the floor, and blood was on his hands. LENNY No! The Ghost raised the knife and swung it down. Lenny kicked him off of him and ran to the doors. He pulled on them, but they didn’t open. LENNY No! No! No! Fuck!

36. The Ghost came up behind him, and stabbed him in the back on the neck. His eyes go wide, and the Ghost pulled the knife out. Blood spilled, and Lenny’s corpse fell onto the floor. Blood surrounded his body and immediately stained the floor. INT. BATHROOM – AFTERNOON/EVENING The girls were standing behind the door, breathing heavily. KIRBY Lenny?! There was no answer. JENNY He’s… KIRBY Let’s go. Kirby went to the window, and opened it. It was a crappy old one, so it only opened halfway. KIRBY Oh, fuck. SUDDENLY The knife went through the door. Both of the girls screamed. Kirby went through the window. She reached her hands out for Jenny. Jenny got halfway out. SUDDENLY The Ghost burst into the bathroom. (From Kirby’s POV)

37. The Ghost swung the knife. Kirby pulled Jenny out just that second. The knife just barely missed Jenny’s leg. JENNY Ah! Ah! Holy fuck! The Ghost swung the knife around out the window. The girls took off. INT. POLICE STATION – EVENING Deputy Hicks walked across the room, holding paperwork. She came to Dewey. HICKS Dewey, where have you been?! It’s been nuts around here. DEWEY I was with the hospital attendants at the morgue. I had to get her parents to come home and go there. HICKS Oh, dear. That must’ve been hard for them. DEWEY Yeah, the mother had a nervous breakdown. HICKS Oh, that must be hard. I know if that was my kid, I’d probably die. DEWEY Yeah me too HICKS Are you and Gale going to have any kids together?

38. DEWEY Oh, I don’t know. Maybe in the future! HICKS Oh. Well, I’m starting to really think that that murder was just a random one. We haven’t gotten any calls. DEWEY That’s good. Dewey’s signaler went off. DEPUTY Dewey we need you. DEWEY Ok Dewey left the room, and left Hicks alone. EXT. OUTSIDE NIKKI’S HOUSE – EVENING Kirby and Jenny ran out of their car, and to the front door of Nikki’s house. KIRBY Let us in!! Hurry! The door swung open, and Nikki was behind it. The song #1 Night by Cobra Starship was playing loudly. NIKKI What’s going on? KIRBY It’s fucking happening again!!

39. Kirby and Jenny both ran into the house. INT. NIKKI’S FOYER – EVENING NIKKI What happened? Kyle, Emily and a dark handsome boy came into the foyer too. His name is Adam. JENNY It’s the killer! The killer is back! NIKKI Oh my God. What happened?? KIRBY We went to her audition and the killer was there. Lenny’s dead. We need to use your phone to call the police. NIKKI What happened to your guy’s phones?? KIRBY I threw mine at the killer, and Jenny’s disappeared. Kirby ran off into the kitchen. INT. KITCHEN – EVENING Kirby ran to the phone. Kyle came in after her. He spun her around, so they were face to face. KYLE Kirby, are you ok?!

40. KIRBY Yeah, I’m alright. I need to call 911 though. She grabbed the phone, and dialed a number. KIRBY Fuck! Phone line is dead. INT. FOYER – EVENING KIRBY Nikki, your phone line is dead! NIKKI What? That’s impossible. I was just on the phone talking to my dad. Nikki clicked a button, and put the phone to her ear. NIKKI Fuck, you’re right! KIRBY Lock the doors. EMILY Wait, why? The song switched to I like How It Feels by Enrique Iglesias KIRBY He’s obviously here. ADAM Who’s here?

41. KIRBY The killer is here! EMILY Oh God. Emily ran to the door, and locked it. EMILY All good INT. RILEY HOUSE LIVING ROOM – EVENING Sidney and Gale sat together on the couch. The TV was on, but it was turned down all the way. THE PHONE RANG Gale’s hand reached for it. GALE Hello? VOICE

Sidney Prescott please
GALE Oh my God. No, please! VOICE

Fine, if I can’t talk to her, I’ll just have to come and visit her.
GALE What?! No!

42. The line went dead. GALE Sidney! We need to go, now! Let’s go! SIDNEY Why, what happened, did Dewey call? GALE No, the killer did. I know it was him. He said he’s going to come and visit us. We need to leave ASAP. SIDNEY Oh God. Ok, let’s go. Sidney grabbed the car keys, and Gale grabbed her coat. They both ran to the front door. Sidney opened it, but… INT. FOYER - EVENING GHOSTFACE came to the door, running, and stabbed the blade through the door. SIDNEY Fuck! Sidney slammed the door on the Ghost. She locked it, and grabbed Gale. They ran off up the steps. The Ghost burst through the door. He walked around slowly. INT. LIVING ROOM – EVENING The Ghost walked slowly around, and then went up the steps. INT. HALLWAY – EVENING The Ghost walked down the hall, and went into a room.

43. INT. RILEY BEDROOM – EVENING The Ghost stood for a moment, and looked to the closet. He swung it open. Nobody was in it. He turned, and… SIDNEY smashed him in the head with a mirror. The Ghost fell to the floor. Sidney reached out, and grabbed Gale’s hand. They stood together. The Ghost laid and did not move. GALE You think that he’s dead? SIDNEY No. They always come back, remember? GALE The last time I heard that I shot Billy Loomis in the head. SIDNEY Yeah, I remember. GALE What do we do? SIDNEY Call Dewey GALE Ok Sidney turned and put the small shattered mirror back on the dresser. She was looking down at it, and it the big mirror’s reflection, we can see the Ghost standing up.

44. INT. LIVING ROOM – EVENING Gale was on the phone. She dialed a number, and put the phone to her ear. PHONE Hello?? GALE Dewey, Dewey! Please get the police! The killer is here at the house! DEWEY Gale! Get out of there!! GALE Sidney’s upstairs with the killer. He’s on the floor. VOICE Then you’d better hurry and get up there. GALE Oh my God! Gale dropped the phone, and ran up the steps. From the phone we can hear demonic laughter. INT. HALLWAY – EVENING Gale stopped running. She slowly walked to the bedroom. GALE Sidney? INT. BEDROOM – EVENING Gale slowly crept into the room. She looked over to the left, and saw Sidney. Sidney was duct tape and set against the wall.

45. Gale eyes widened in horror, and behind her, we can see Ghost Face standing. CUT TO BLACK. INT. NIKKI’S HOUSE Melissa walked into the house. MELISSA Hey, Nikki, I got your text. Is everything alright?! NIKKI Yeah it’s fine MELISSA Lenny’s dead? KIRBY Yes MELISSA What happened to him?? JENNY That fucker Ghost Face got him! We were at my audition and he killed him. MELISSA Oh my God. Do the cops know? KIRBY Yes, I called them and told them. They said someone will be over here to stay and watch us. NIKKI They’re going to die. And then we will, too.

46. EMILY What?? NIKKI Haven’t you ever seen a horror movie? The cops always get it. Then, wince nobody’s there to watch, the kids die, too. It’s a trap, either way. ADAM So you’re saying we’re fucked no matter what? That’s impossible. We can fight back, or get out now, while we can. SUDDENLY The lights in the whole house went out. The music stopped playing. It was black in the house, except for car headlights shining in. They all looked back to where the lights were pointing. What they saw was horrific. Gale and Sidney were both tied down in chairs, out on the patio out back of the house. NIKKI’S PHONE RANG She picked it up immediately. NIKKI He- Hello? VOICE

Kirby please
NIKKI (obviously scared) Oh my God. Who is this??


Your worst fucking nightmare
NIKKI Ok, well this isn’t a good prank. It’s been done many times. VOICE

Yeah, so has murdering, but I’m still doing that.
Nikki held the phone out to Kirby, who looked horrified. NIKKI It’s for you. Kirby took the phone and after a few moments, put it up to her ear. KIRBY What? VOICE

Hey Kirby, it’s too bad you left earlier. I was hoping we could hang out, and you know, get to know each other.
KIRBY In your dreams psycho VOICE

Well, your friends out here are counting on you, Kirby.
KIRBY Please, let them go. VOICE

I want another round of Horror Movie Trivia.

48. KIRBY Are you fucking kidding me? VOICE

No, I’m not fucking kidding. Now, play the game, or they die.
KIRBY Fine, ask me. VOICE No not you KIRBY What? Who then? VOICE

KIRBY Kyle? What?? VOICE

Kyle. I want HIM to answer these. He should know them.
KIRBY He wants to talk to you Kirby held out the phone to Kyle, who stood speechless. Kyle put the phone to his ear. KYLE Hello?


Hey Kyle
KYLE What do you want?? VOICE

To talk, and I want to talk alone. Now, go upstairs.

GO. NOW, if you don’t I will literally slaughter everyone in there.
KYLE Ok, ok! Kyle went to the stairwell. KIRBY Kyle, where are you going?! KYLE He wants me to go upstairs. KIRBY And so you’re doing it?! KYLE I don’t want you guys dead, so yes. Kyle went up the stairs.

50. INT. STAIRWELL – EVENING/NIGHT KYLE Where do I go? VOICE INT. PARENT’S BEDROOM – NIGHT KYLE Ok Kyle went into the room, and sat on the bed. He started to tear up. KYLE Ok, now what? VOICE

The Ghost came out from under the bed, and raised the knife. INT. LIVING ROOM – NIGHT The others stayed in the living room, and watched Sidney and Gale. KIRBY I’m going to go and get them. Kirby went into the kitchen, and got a big knife. She went to the sliding glass door, and hesitated. She looked at the others who had worried faces. KIRBY I’m going. Kirby opened the door.

51. EXT. OUTBACK PATIO – NIGHT She walked out to the patio. KIRBY Sidney! Gale! Kirby tore through the duct tape on Sidney. Sidney stood up, and hugged Kirby. SIDNEY Thank you! Kirby tore Gale’s tape, too. She stood up. They all went inside the house. INT. LIVING ROOM – NIGHT They all were standing in the living room. NIKKI What is Kyle doing? KIRBY He had to go upstairs. NIKKI Where is he?? EMILY’S PHONE RANG EMILY Hello? VOICE

You should not have brought those two in the house. You shouldn’t have.

52. The line went dead. ADAM Why don’t we just leave?! KIRBY Because! We don’t know how many killers there are. There could be another outside watching. If we go out there, we could die. NIKKI Well then we’re going to need to get some lights, so we can see in this house. EMILY Let’s go get them. NIKKI They’re outside. In the shed EMILY Well, when there are two of us, it’ll be fine. NIKKI Well, let’s go. SIDNEY You guys be careful. Watch out where you are. NIKKI We will. Nikki and Emily started out the door. Nikki stopped, and grabbed the knife from Kirby. She muttered a “Thank You” and left.

53. EXT. OUTSIDE – NIGHT Emily and Nikki walked around the house. EMILY Where’s the garage? NIKKI It’s right up there. They walked up to the garage. Emily pulled the doors. They didn’t budge. EMILY Shit! It’s locked. NIKKI Let me see it. Nikki went up to the door. She slammed the knife down on the padlock. NIKKI It’s unlocked. They went inside. INT. GARAGE – NIGHT Nikki held up glow sticks. She snapped one and it lit the garage up green. SUDDENLY The doors closed, and a click was heard as the killer locked the door. Nikki and Emily slammed into the door, but it didn’t open. NIKKI Fuck! Open it!!

54. INT. LIVING ROOM – NIGHT KIRBY Ok, we need to figure out a plan, to leave. JENNY Let’s get some weapons. We can take off. ADAM We need to wait for Nikki and Emily to come back in. JENNY I mean when they do come back in, dipshit. ADAM You know what? Screw you. KIRBY Alright guys! That’s enough! Kirby peered out of the sliding glass door. KIRBY I can’t see – SUDDENLY The glass door shattered. Melissa, Jenny and Kirby ran off. Sidney and Gale ran off to the basement. Adam tried to run off, but the Ghost stopped him in his tracks. The girls made it up the stairs. Kirby and Jenny ran off into a bedroom. Melissa went to the balcony at the top of the steps. MELISSA Adam! Ah, run!

55. Adam punched the Ghost in the face, and he fell. Adam started up the steps. Melissa met him halfway, and grabbed his hand. MELISSA Come on! They went up the steps together. INT. HALLWAY – NIGHT They ran to a door, and opened it. They went inside, and closed the door behind them. The Ghost came up the steps, and walked down the hall. He turned his head, in a creepy way. INT. STORAGE ROOM – NIGHT Melissa stood with Adam. Adam held her arms, as he stood in front of her, while she was crying. ADAM It’s going to be ok! We’re going to get out of here. MELISSA Ok The noise of footsteps was outside the doorway. They both turned, and looked at the door. ADAM Hide!! Melissa did that immediately. She hid behind a stack of boxes. Adam stood behind the door, and stood on his tip toes. The door swung open, with the Ghost behind it. They had the knife in grip, and the light coming in off of the window reflected off of it.

56. Blood was soaked into the pure metal. The Ghost walked through the room, and looked around in circles. The Ghost simply skimmed the room, and gave up. He walked off, and closed the door. Melissa came out of hiding, and Adam went to her. They hugged, for a long moment. SUDDENLY The door swung open again. The Ghost was behind it. They raised the knife in the air, as they were ready to kill. Melissa screamed, and Adam pushed her away. The Ghost and Adam went into battle mode. Adam threw punches and the Ghost hit back. The Ghost raised the knife, but Adam kicked it out of his hands. Melissa ran to the window, and tugged it to come open. It wouldn’t budge. MELISSA Fucking window! Adam and the Ghost continued to battle. Melissa spun around to see that the Ghost had grabbed Adam at the throat, and completely picked him up off of the ground. MELISSA Oh my God. The Ghost threw Adam, and he slammed into the wall, and landed on the floor. The wall had cracks in it. The Ghost turned to face Melissa. Her eyes widened with horror. The Ghost picked the knife up off of the floor. Melissa watched, in terror. The Ghost went over to Adam’s body on the floor. He was knocked out The Ghost raised the knife,

57. MELISSA NO! And then shoved it down into Adam’s neck and the Ghost stabbed Adam repeatedly. Melissa screamed continuously. She wiped away tears, and looked to her left. There was a set of skis over there. She looked back at the Ghost, who was still stabbing Adam, and then back at the skis. She went over and grabbed them. She ran over to the Ghost, and smacked him with the pole. The Ghost turned, and dropped Adam’s lifeless body. He swiped his bloody knife clean. Melissa saw this, and smacked him again, in the head. The Ghost fell onto the floor, dropping the knife. Melissa dropped the pole, and grabbed her knife. She stood for a moment, and then nodded her head. She STABBED the knife into the Ghost’s side. The Ghost grunted in pain, and Melissa took off. INT. HALLWAY – NIGHT Melissa was almost to the stairs, when… A hand reached out from a doorway, and yanked her into the room. INT. NIKKI’S BEDROOM – NIGHT KIRBY Melissa, it’s us! Jenny closed the door gently. She had a metal fireplace rod in her hands. JENNY Are you ok?? MELISSA No.

58. KIRBY Where’s Adam?? Melissa bit her lip, and shook her head. Tears poured out of her eyes. KIRBY Oh God Kirby pulled Melissa’s face to her chest. She rubbed her head, and made a “SHH” noise. KIRBY It’s going to be alright. Don’t worry. MELISSA I saw it. I fucking saw him killed Adam. This guy is… awful. KIRBY I know, I know. But, we need to be strong right now, ok? MELISSA Ok Melissa stopped crying, and stood back up. She wiped tears from her eyes. JENNY Ok, now that the cry-a-thon is over, can we make an escape plan, please? KIRBY Duh MELISSA Window

59. Melissa pointed to a window. It led out to the balcony, which was over top of the pool. Kirby looked out of the window, and got a relieved look on her face. KIRBY We can do this MELISSA What is it? KIRBY It’s the balcony. We can jump off and into the pool. Or, we could climb the roof, and jump. Either one or we’ll still make it! JENNY Ok, let’s do this. Jenny opened up the window, and they all went out. EXT. BALCONY – NIGHT Jenny looked downward at the pool, and smiled. JENNY We can do this. MELISSA How far is the police station? KIRBY About 7 miles JENNY We can make it

60. MELISSA Oh God, look! Melissa pointed down at the garage. The doors were being pushed on hardly, and cracked a little. MELISSA (CONT’D) Nikki and Emily! KIRBY Oh my God, I completely forgot they were even in there. JENNY Well, we can get down there and get them out, can’t we? MELISSA We have to KIRBY We will. Jenny climbed onto the roof, and started to walk. Kirby did the same, and then so did Melissa. EXT. ROOF – NIGHT The girls walked along the roof. They came to a window, and stopped. Jenny hesitantly looked in it. She sighed and came back up to the other girls. JENNY Nobody’s in there. KIRBY Good, keep going.

61. Jenny started going. SUDDENLY The Ghost’s hand went through the window, shattering it into a million little pieces. The Ghost grabbed Jenny’s ankle, and pulled her down. She slammed down, face first onto the shackles of the roofing. JENNY Let me go you fucker! Jenny took the metal rod, and shoved it into the Ghost’s arm. The arm went back inside the room, and Jenny came back to her feet. JENNY Let’s get the fuck out of here. The girls continued around the roof, and came to a stop. JENNY Look Jenny pointed down to the boat below in the driveway. JENNY (CONT’D) We could jump onto it. KIRBY I guess MELISSA We could make that. JENNY Alright

62. Jenny stood on the ledge of the rooftop, and bent her knees. She JUMPED and landed perfectly on the boat. She tumbled off it, and landed on her feet onto the pavement. She waved her hand for the other girls to come down. Melissa went to the ledge, and bent her knees. She JUMPED and landed too. She went to Jenny’s side. Kirby did the same as the others. They walked away. We can see that the Ghost was watching from an upstairs window. He disappeared. EXT. BACKYARD – NIGHT The girls went to the shed. A green light was coming out of the cracks of the shed doors. Jenny took the metal rod and busted off the lock. Nikki and Emily were flying out of the shed. NIKKI Fuck! KIRBY Are you guys ok?? NIKKI No. Now let’s kill that fucker. KIRBY Ok you’re fine. Emily, are you ok? EMILY Yeah, I’m fine. KIRBY Ok, now let’s get the hell out of here. The girls started away, and made it to Kirby’s car. Kirby got in and turned the key. The car made an “ink” noise.

63. KIRBY Fuck! NIKKI Car won’t start, will it? KIRBY No NIKKI He cut the wires. Damn that’s a smart son of a bitch! Kirby got out of the car, and joined the other girls. MELISSA Well what do we do now?? JENNY We leave. We run and find the nearest house. NIKKI The nearest house is at least 5 miles east. KIRBY No, we stay here. JENNY What?! KIRBY Sidney and Gale are still inside.

64. JENNY Oh God KIRBY We need to go and get them, and we can leave. EMILY I don’t see how you plan on doing that, without getting cut up into fish sticks. KIRBY If we all go in together EMILY I’m not going in there! KIRBY You want to stay out here and get gutted then, huh? EMILY Touché bitch KIRBY Alright, well we’re all going in. Now, let’s go. The girls all went to the back patio. Glass chunks were out everywhere, and the girls climbed into the house, through the broken window. INT. LIVING ROOM – NIGHT Nikki moved around the glow stick. The light left green on the walls and flooring. Kirby went to the basement door. She swung it open.

65. KIRBY (whispering) Sidney? Gale? There was no answer. KIRBY Let me see that. Kirby reached out for the glow stick, and Nikki gave it to her. She shined the light down the stairs, but nobody was down there. KIRBY Shit NIKKI Are they there? KIRBY No Kirby handed the glow stick back to Nikki. EMILY What ever happened to Kyle? Kirby’s eyes widened in horror KIRBY Oh my God. I forgot. MELISSA Where’d he go? NIKKI I thought he went upstairs. Didn’t Mr. Ghostbuster tell him to go up there?

66. KIRBY Oh my god, you’re right. He’s probably… MELISSA No, no don’t say that. Please think positive! Kirby began to cry. NIKKI I’ll go and check. Nikki disappeared, leaving the dark to cover the room. INT. HALLWAY – NIGHT Nikki walked with the glow stick in her hand. She shined it on every doorway. She shined it into her room. She then shined it into her parent’s room. She found a drop of red on the carpeting. She got on one knee and put her finger on it. She stood back up. NIKKI Oh God SUDDENLY The door slammed behind her. She turned and found Ghost Face right behind her. NIKKI Ah! NO! GHOST FACE

Hello bitch!
Nikki ran to the window, but the Ghost pulled her back. She kicked him in the leg, and he fell. She spit on him, and went back to the window. She opened it, but the Ghost yanked her back down. She was lying on the floor.

67. The Ghost got on top of her. The Ghost raised the knife, but she held his hand away. She pulled his head down, and banged it off of the bed frame. He held his head, and she kicked him off of her. NIKKI I like it rough The Ghost stood back up, but she raised her leg. She kicked him dead on in the stomach, making him fly back, slamming into the closet door. She ran to the bed, and grabbed her glow stick. The Ghost stabbed her in the back before she got to the door. She let out a simple scream, and the Ghost pushed her onto the bed. She smacked him in the head with the glow stick. He yanked it out of her hands, and pushed her head down. She had her mouth open to scream, but the Ghost jammed the stick into her mouth, and down her throat. She let out a gurgle, and blood spewed out of her mouth. The Ghost raised the knife, and stabbed it down into her chest, killing her. INT. LIVING ROOM – NIGHT There was dead silence in the room. There was barely enough light to make out the girl’s faces. SUDDENLY A cell phone in the corner of the room rang. The phone light lit up the whole room. Emily went to the phone. EMILY Hello? VOICE

Tell Kirby that Nikki’s out of the game.

68. EMILY NO! OH GOD! KIRBY What? What?! Emily cried and handed the phone out to Kirby. She took it, and put it to her ear. KIRBY What do you want?! VOICE

To finish this once and for all
KIRBY Yeah, well me too. But it’s hard to do when psychos keep killing! VOICE

Well, I’m killing to end it. The only way to end it is to kill off all of the original survivors. Sidney, Gale and Dewey, and even YOU

No thank you I already had a bad lunch.
KIRBY Ugh, why don’t you stick your tongue in an electrical socket? That’ll give you a charge.


Ah, Kirby. You do still like horror movies. BLACK CHRISTMAS 1974, character Barb.
KIRBY Yeah, I’m very proud of you. Now just leave me alone! VOICE

Well, Kirby, I want this to be over more than anything, too. But, it’s hard to do when you and your little bitches won’t stop fighting and running away.
KIRBY I’m not going down, without a fight. VOICE

Oh, it’s a fight you want? Well then you’ll get it.
The line went dead. KIRBY This ends now. The girls all looked at each other, and Kirby got an angry face. She wiped away threatening tears, and cleared her throat. KIRBY (CONT’D) We need to fight this fucker, and get the hell out of here. EMILY Isn’t that what we’ve been trying to do this whole time? It hasn’t gotten us anywhere,

70. KIRBY Ok, I don’t need your sarcasm, bitch. I’m just trying to get us a plan so we can kill this fucker and then get out of here. EMILY Well, the killer’s in the house. KIRBY I know EMILY Then why are we in the house?? KIRBY Well if the killer wanted us dead so bad, he would’ve came down and slaughtered us already. MELISSA (angrily) Let’s kill this fucker. THE LIGHTS CAME ON IN THE HOUSE. The music started again. The song was Sorry for Party Rocking by LMFAO KIRBY What the…? The front door slammed shut. The girls all turned around and saw the Ghost standing at the doorway. The music cut off. GHOST FACE

Hello girls. Having a fun evening, are we?
EMILY Fuck you!

71. GHOST FACE A feisty little bitch you are. EMILY An ass wipe you are. GHOST FACE I want to kill you, really badly. The Ghost began to slowly walk toward the girls. They backed away, but… ANOTHER Ghost Face entered though the back door. GHOST FACE #2

Hi girls…
JENNY Oh my God. There are two of them. KIRBY There always are. GHOST FACE

Now let’s get on with this charade, shall we?
KIRBY Fuck off. GHOST FACE #2 Now, Kirby, is that anyway to treat a guest? Kirby turned her head at the sound of the familiar voice. The Ghost took off the mask, to reveal… CHARLIE WALKER.

72. KIRBY Oh my God CHARLIE Hey, Kirby, I always knew we’d meet again. KIRBY But h- how did you-? CHARLIE With his help Charlie pointed at the other Ghost. He took off the mask to reveal… DEWEY RILEY. KIRBY Dewey?!? DEWEY Yeah, me, I told you I wanted this to end. KIRBY But HOW?! CHARLIE Now, Dewey came to the house, and found you alive. He sent you to some paramedics. DEWEY I also found Charlie alive. I knew that moment I was going to do this. So, I took him, and stitched him up. After a few months, he was good as new.

73. CHARLIE And I still wanted to get my chance at a STAB movie. And since Dewey was a helper, I knew we could get away with it. DEWEY Yeah, and we’re going to, too. KIRBY What?? DEWEY We’re going to get away with this. We’re going to kill your friends, and then kill Sidney. CHARLIE And Gale DEWEY Yes, and Gale. KIRBY What? How could you?! DEWEY I now have a psychopath’s mind. So, it doesn’t matter to me anymore. The bitch could fall in a well for all I care. EMILY You sick fuck CHARLIE came up behind Emily, and put the knife up to her neck. He pulled her backwards, and held her.

74. KIRBY No!! CHARLIE Shut up Kirby KIRBY Fuck you Charlie! CHARLIE Fuck me? No, fuck you! Remember 2 years ago? You and I was almost a thing. Exclusive and we almost kissed. I was hoping maybe this year we could start where we left off. KIRBY In your dreams CHARLIE Fine, then the bitch dies. Charlie slit Emily’s neck, and dropped her to the floor. JENNY Ah! Oh my God! MELISSA Holy fuck! KIRBY No! No! No! CHARLIE Now, it’s time to finish things.

75. KIRBY Who were you planning to frame? DEWEY That’s the best part. It’s you. KIRBY What! CHARLIE Ha, it’s you Kirby. After we kill you, we’ll put a Jill Roberts and completely fuck the place up. Dewey will do the justice of phoning the rest of the squad. They’ll stumble in on the carnage. All taken care of DEWEY Yup, it’s for sure. Now, let us take care of things, and it’ll all be over soon. Charlie went after the girls, and kicked Melissa back. She stumbled to the floor, and screamed as Charlie was upon her. Charlie raised the knife, but KIRBY punched him and he fell off of Melissa. Melissa stood up, and kicked Charlie in the crotch. He screamed in agony, and held it. DEWEY You just fucked with the wrong dude Dewey threw the knife, and Kirby ducked. It went into the wall, and the girls gasped. Jenny raised the metal rod, and smashed Dewey in the side of the head. He held his ear, and blood spewed out. JENNY Fucker!

76. She smashed him again, in the stomach. CHARLIE rose up behind her. She spun around, and hit him in the face. He fell backwards. JENNY That’s how you do that. Kirby took the rod from Jenny, and went to Charlie’s body. He looked up at her. CHARLIE So, we’re here again. KIRBY Yup, except this time, I end it. She raised the rod, but Charlie swiped her foot, making her fall face first onto the flooring. She held her bleeding nose, and rose up. Charlie was holding the rod, and hit Kirby in the stomach. Jenny ran up behind him, and jumped on his back. JENNY You fucking bastard!! CHARLIE Get off of me you dumb bitch! Charlie flipped her off of his shoulders, and she slammed on the floor. JENNY Ah! You prick. CHARLIE It’s time to die, whore. Charlie kicked her in the head, and she sat dazed.

77. Melissa still stood in the corner, horrified. She began to cry. CHARLIE Oh, I almost forgot about you. Charlie went over to her, and she punched him in the stomach. CHARLIE Oh, you fucking bitch! MELISSA Don’t fuck with me, ass hole! Dewey rose, and pulled out a roll of duct tape. Charlie rose above Melissa, and hit her in the back of the head. She fell next to Kirby. CUT TO BLACK KIRBY’S POV She looked around, and realized her and the other girls were all lying next to each other, duct taped to the floor. Kirby began to struggle. KIRBY Shit! Jenny woke up, and Melissa did, too. JENNY What – What happened? KIRBY We need to get out. Help me tear it! You too Melissa

78. MELISSA Ok The girls began to struggle, and the two killers came into the room. They stopped struggling. DEWEY Oh, I see our girls are awake. CHARLIE Let’s do this thing. DEWEY Ok Charlie handed Dewey a knife, and Dewey gripped it. DEWEY Oh, wait, can you go pick up that mask for me? Charlie turned and saw the mask on the floor CHARLIE Yeah Charlie started to walk off, and Dewey WHIPPED OUT HIS PISTOL. He aimed it, and pulled the trigger. CHARLIE AH! FUCK! Charlie looked back, and saw Dewey aiming the gun. CHARLIE Classic Jill Roberts and Billy Loomis move.

79. DEWEY Surprised? CHARLIE (grunting) No Charlie pulled out his knife, and went after Dewey. Dewey picked up the gun and aimed it at Charlie, but he cut him off by punching him. The gun slid across the floor, to the doorway. Dewey grunted, and Charlie got on top of him. They kept fighting, and from what it looked like, Dewey were winning. KIRBY Jenny, grab the rod! It can cut through the tape. Jenny looked over to the side and saw the rod within reach. She sprawled out her fingers to grab it. She was almost there. Kirby looked up at the two still fighting. Charlie was on the floor, and Dewey was beating him up. Charlie punched him in the crotch. JENNY Fuck I can’t get it! KIRBY Keep trying Jenny reached out more, and finally got it. JENNY Yes! She put it to the tape over her arm, and pushed. After a few moments, it tore. She sat up, and tore the other piece off. Charlie and Dewey didn’t even notice she was up. She got a pair of scissors off of the counter, and began to cut Kirby out.

80. Dewey slammed Charlie’s head on the floor, knocking him unconscious. He looked up, and sat Jenny. His nose was bleeding and he had a big gash on his cheek. DEWEY Hey, you fucking bitch! Dewey ran after Jenny. He stormed into her, knocking her backwards. He was on top of her, and he was holding her arms down. Kirby used her elbow to push the scissors the rest of the way down, and it cut through the tape. She got up, and began to cut Melissa’s tape. MELISSA Please hurry KIRBY I’m trying! She finally cut through the tape, and got Melissa up. She turned and saw Dewey had the knife up in the air. He was about to kill Jenny. Kirby got up, and ran after him. She got to him at the last second, and stabbed the scissors into his neck. He immediately dropped the knife, and fell backwards. DEWEY You… stupid bitch KIRBY Fuck you Dewey Kirby reached out her hand, and pulled up Jenny. JENNY Damn, you did well.

81. KIRBY Not my first rodeo Jenny hugged Kirby. Melissa came over to them. They all hugged for a moment, and let go. CHARLIE You bitches think this is over? They all turned and saw Charlie standing, covered in blood. His face was intensely cut up. CHARLIE (CONT’D) We’re not done, here. KIRBY Give it up Charlie. We won. CHARLIE You’ll never win. Charlie came charging after them. He slammed Kirby and Jenny into the wall. He kicked Melissa into the wall. She grabbed a knife that was on the floor next to her. Charlie turned to face Kirby. CHARLIE Don’t you see, Kirby? This will never end. Ever since your first time, you’ll always be chased after. I’m going to kill you. Think of it as… a favor. SIDNEY I think of it as murder.

82. BAM! A gun shell fell to the floor, and Charlie fell on his knees. He then slammed onto the floor, face first. Sidney was standing, holding the pistol. SIDNEY Problem solved. KIRBY Sidney?? Where did you go!? SIDNEY Gale and I ran off. She went to go and get the cops. I knew you guys were going to be in trouble, so I came back. JENNY Perfect timing SIDNEY Yeah Sidney pulled Kirby and Jenny up. Melissa came in behind them. MELISSA So this is what it’s like. To be a survivor SIDNEY Yeah, feels great, doesn’t it? MELISSA Feels like shit SIDNEY You’ll get used to it.

83. SIDNEY (CONT’D) Come on, let’s go. Sidney put her arm around Kirby. Melissa gripped the knife she grabbed. SUDDENLY Charlie sat up CHARLIE Bitch! MELISSA TURNED and ran to him. She STABBED him in the top of the head. She pulled the knife out, and stabbed him repeatedly. She stuck the knife into his chest. MELISSA That should take care of that. She joined the other girls, and they walked out into the night. CUT TO BLACK TITLE:

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