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Vyas, Fredrick see Zachariah, Anand Wahab, Seema see Koul, Opender Watanabe, Hitoshi 439 (Article, Recent

Advances in Silkworm Biology Special Section) Watve, Milind G. see Kale, Anagha U. Weerasooriya, Aruna see Karunaratne, Veranja Wei, J. see Liu, Z. Wendt, Thoralf see Budson, Barry I. Wijesundara, D. S. A. see Karunaratne, Veranja Wu, Zhihao see Saluz, Hans Peter Xu, A. see Liu, M.; see Liu, Z.

Yadav, Dinesh see Das, Sabari Yamakawa, Minoru see Ponnuvel, Kangayam M. Yan, Shi Du see Hudson, Barry I. Yan, Shi Fang see Hudson, Barry I. Yarish, Charles see Sahoo, Dinabandhu Yuan, J. see Liu, M.; see Liu, Z.

Zachariah, Anand 351 (Correspondence) Zeeshan, M. see Gopal, R. Zhang, S. see Liu, M.; see Liu, Z. Zheng, Honggang see Tyagi, Aruna Zinman, Bernard see Owens, David R.

Articles in Commentary, Historical notes, News, Personal news, Research news; Books reviewed and letters in Correspondence are also listed alphabetically under the respective category name.

Acetobacter diazotrophicus 137 (Review article) Achaya, K. T. 1037 (Personal news) Acronyms 1432 (Correspondence) Actinorhizal symbiosis 404 (Review article) Adrenal cortex 1103 (Review article) Aedes aegypti 119 (Scientific correspondence) Aerodynamic resistance 39 (Research article) Aeromagnetic anomaly 162 (Research communication) Aerosol parameters 1235 (Research communication) Aerosols 586 (General article) Agricultural research 690 (Commentary) Ahmedabad relief camps 351 (Correspondence) All-optical switching 623 (Research communication) Amplitude and phase 502 (Research communication) Animal experimentation rules 800 (Commentary) Anopheles stephensi 1585 (Research communication) Anoxia 498 (Research communication) Antarctic bacteria 1000 (Research communication) Antibacterial agent 737 (Research communication) Antioxidants 30 (Review article) Aqueous solution 47 (Research article) Arabian Sea 1235 (Research communication) Arnebia benthamii 484 (Research communication) Arsenic poisoning 21 (Scientific correspondence) Artificial recharge 699 (Scientific correspondence) Asian Brown Cloud 349 (Editorial); 586 (General article); 1307 (Commentary) Asian Indians 1483 (Article, Diabetes Special Section) Astrophysical bodies 620 (Research communication) Atmospheric chemistry 731 (Research communication) Atmospheric stability 296 (Research article) Auto fuel policy 554 (Commentary) Automated NMR assignments 1372 (Research communication) Azotobacter chroococcum 1565 (Research communication) Bacillus anthracis 697 (Scientific correspondence) Bacillus thuringiensis 146 (Research communication)

Bacterial infection 447 (Article, Recent Advances in Silkworm Biology Special Section) Bacteriorhodopsin photocycle 799 (Research news) Bagworm moth 71 (Research communication) Behaviour ecology 1112 (Research account) Berge, Claude 906 (Personal news) Bhawad chondrite 1071 (Scientific correspondence) Bhotiya tribal 814 (General article) Bhuj earthquake 492 (Research communication); 603 (Research article) Bilogical weapon 566 (General article) Biodegradable plastics 562 (Scientific correspondence) Biodiversity 593 (Review article) Biodiversity hotspot 117 (Scientific correspondence) Bioinformatcs 9, 794 (Correspondence) Biological diversity 810 (General article); 1351 (Review article) Biotechnology 202 (Meeting report) Biotite granites 1124 (Research communication) Bisphosphate 870 (Research communication) Black pepper 561 (Scientific correspondence) Bombyx mori 409, 415, 426, 432, 439, 447, 455, 466 (Articles, Recent Advances in Silkworm Biology Special Section) Book reviews Alfred Russel Wallace A Life 1151 Ancient Indian Astronomy: Planetary Positions and Eclipses 1593 Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Vol. 39, 2001 899 Annual Review of Biomedical Engineering, Vol. 3, 2001 1034 Annual Review of Cell and Developmental Biology, Vol. 17, 2001 77 Annual Review of Genetics, Vol. 35, 2001 769 Annual Review of Microbiology, Vol. 55, 2001 905 Annual Review of Neuroscience, Vol. 24, 2001 75


Biochromatography: Theory and Practice 1404 Biodiversity and Environment: Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System Perspective 903 Bioinformatics for Beginners 1154 Biophysical Processes in Living Systems 171 Biophysics 1267 Calcium Carbonate From the Cretaceous Period into the 21st Century 328 Chemical and Biological Warfare A Comprehensive Survey for the Concerned Citizen 513 A Collection of Interesting General Chemistry Experiments 1403 Data Mining Techniques 173 The Dynamic Neuron 1407 Earthshaking Science What We Know (and Dont Know) about Earthquakes 172 Eco-Economy 1156 Einsteins Miraculous Year 510 The Ethics of Human Cloning 1155 Exploration in Mathematics 326 First Steps in Number Theory: A Primer on Divisibility 326 500 Years of Tantrasangraha A Landmark in the History of Astronomy 1150 Fracture Mechanics for Modern Engineering Design 768 Fun and Fundamentals of Mathematics 509 Geology of Bihar and Jharkhand 1035 The Health of Nations: Infectious Disease, Environmental Change and their Effects on National Security and Development 78 Hepatitis B: The Hunt for a Killer Virus 1270 Himalaya: Emergence and Evolution 900 History of Pharmacy in India Pharmacy Practice 171 The Intelligent Genome On the Origin of the Human Mind by Mutation and Selection 512 In the Shadow of the Bomb Bethe, Oppenheimer and the Moral Responsibility of the Scientist 74 An Introduction to the Mammalian Fauna of the Siwalik System: Biodiversity of the Siwalik Fauna 771 An Introduction to the Science of Cosmology 1151 Ivory Bridges 648 Kaveri Riverine System: An Environmental Study 1407 Liquid Membrane Phenomena: Biological Implications 1270 The Little Book of Earthquakes and Volcanoes 901 Mathematics and its History 1593 Mathematics of the 19th Century 1032 The Math of Money 650 Method for Affinity-based Separations of Enzymes and Proteins 1594 Microarrays for the Neurosciences An Essential Guide 648 Migraine: A Neuroinflammatory Disease 1406 Mysterious Motions and Other Intriguing Phenomena in Physics 1033 Neutron Scattering with a Triple-Axis Spectrometer 1266 A New Kind of Science 1271 Optical Solitons: Theory and Experiments 327 Origin of Inertia Extended Machs Principle and Cosmological Consequences 1033 Probability and Its Applications Probability Models for DNA Sequence Evolution 1595

Problems and Methods in Mathematical Physics 511 Quantum Generations: A History of Physics in the Twentieth Century 1149 Rocks of Ages: Science and Religion in the Fullness of Life 767 RSSDI Textbook of Diabetes Mellitus 1596 Saraswati: The River that Disappeared 903 Science and Engineering Indicators 2002 652 Science and Technology in Ancient India 1405 Statistics in Genetics and in the Environmental Sciences 768 Tourism, Biodiversity and Information 1266 Vertebrate Functional Morphology: Horizon of Research in the 21st Century 329 Where Do We Come From? The Molecular Evidence for Human Descent 651 The World Energy Assessment: Energy and the Challenge of Sustainability 1265 Boron nitride 225 (Article, Plasma Applications Special Section) Botanists 1060 (Correspondence) Brain drain 678 (Correspondence) Branchiostoma belcheri 50, 1249 (Research communications) Brassica transformation 146 (Research communication) Brown haze 947 (General article) Brown, Robert Hanbury 654 (Personal news) Bryology 545 (Meeting report) Calcium channel modulators 480 (Research communication) Calixarenes 870 (Research communication) Camellia sinensis 941 (Scientific correspondence) Capsicum frutescens 480 (Research communication) Carbon-fullerene 363 (Research news) Carbon isotopes 498 (Research communication) Carbon liquefaction 593 (Review article) Carbon nitride 225 (Article, Plasma Applications Special Section) Carbon sequestration 1380 (Research communication) Carcinogenicity 1005 (Research communication) Career and women 681 (News) Carrier screening 291 (Research article) Carthamus tinctorius 1138 (Research communication) C-banding 150 (Research communication) Centre for Earth Science Studies 548 (News focus) Cereal genomes 965 (Review article) Chaperone cycle 1103 (Review article) Chaperonins 1337 (Review article) Chemical shift signatures 1240 (Research communication) Chemists 12 (Meeting report) Chennai urban population 1497 (Article, Diabetes Special Section) ChinaIndia comparison 23 (General article) Chlorophyl fluorescence 880 (Research communication) Chloroquine 1128 (Research communication) Chromosome diversity 124 (General article) Chromosome identification 150 (Research communication) Chromsome markers 124 (General article) Chronic liver disease 219 (Review article) Chrysosporium lobatum 1585 (Research communication)


Climate change 947 (General article); 1398 (Research communication); 1444 (Scientific correspondence) Climate modelling 201 (Meeting report) Cloning fish 1063 (Research news) Coastal ecosystem 214 (General article) Cobalt 1368 (Research communication) Coleus forskohlii 945 (Scientific correspondence) Colletotrichum falcatum 745 (Research communication)

Commentary Animal experimentation rules Separating the reality from the rhetoric 800 Auto fuel policy: A question of balance 554 Farmland geology an emerging field in sustainability science 557 Molecular markers and QTL analysis in crop plants 113 Need for a dialectical approach in agricultural research for sustainable growth 690 The new international seed treaty: Promises and prospects for food security 366 On the Asian Brown Cloud controversy 1307 On the safety of nimesulide, a preferential COX-2 inhibitor 1442 Reflecting on IMDs forecast model 936 Taxonomic research in India: Future prospects 1068 Communication skills 7 (Correspondence)) Competitive examinations 1301 (Correspondence) Conflicts of interests 530 (Correspondence) Contractual appointment of teachers 1433 (Correspondence) Corneal blindness 197 (Correspondence) Coronary artery disease 488 (Research communication); 1497 (Article, Diabetes Special Section) Correspondence Academic standards in Indian universities 1181 Achieving excellence through development of skills 7 Appaling lethargy 1302 An approach to sustainable food security 354 Beyond the laboratory 1182 The bioinformatics industry 9 Botanists! Just think for a while 1060 Can information technology be another useful tool to diagnose and understand schizophrenia? 1057 Choosing research guides 543 Collection of data on microbial resources of India 9 Contractual appointment of teachers a welcome proposal of UGC and additional suggestions to revive excellence in higher education 1433 Corneal blindness 197 Coverage of Indian life sciences/S&T journals in major global alerting services 928 Dealing with conflicts of interests: Some suggestions 539 Decline in scientific publication in India: Is high energy physics an exception? 1179 Diabetes in India: snapshot of a panorama 791 Diabetes research in India 355 Do you have it in you? 103 Epilepsy, madness and creavitity: The Indian ethos 197 Evaluating palaeontology and palaeontologists 679

Four-year undergraduate programme in science 196 Future of science and science education in medical profession 106 Has Indian science slowed down? 1055 Have we forgotten science teaching in schools? 541 Haze layer over the Indian Ocean natural or anthropogenic? 1300 Health situation in the relief camps of Ahmedabad 351 Hepatitis C: a major health problem of India 1058 Impact of statistical software packages on scientific research and statistical education 678 Indian science coming of age 675 Indian science slows down II 540 Indian science slows down III: While we sleep 1056 Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology: Bioinformatics training with a difference 794 Is Gahirmatha the worlds largest sea turtle rookery? 1299 Is mathematics research in India on the decline? 353 Is science in India on the decline? 107 Is science in India on the decline? A rejoinder 1431 Limited usefulness and relevance of coaching for competitive examinations 1301 Low temperature and oxidative stress 109 The menace of acronyms 1432 Mindbrain interaction 103 Monsoon vegaries 796 M.P. Government orders closure of Hoshangabad Science Teaching Programme 1183 Natural History Museums to play an active role 796 Need for more open admission policy and meaningful examination system for Ph D in the universities 927 Palaeontology in India at cross roads a comment 929 Palaeontology needs immediate attention 540 Pedicularis (Scrophulariaceae) an underinvestigated genus of botanically curious plants 10 Plugging the brain drain: An ecologists view and a cartoonists perspective 678 Prevention of chronic complications of diabetes mellitus Does patient education score over treatment 1435 Prevention of smallpox in ancient India 1055 Priorities in science and technology 796 Promoting science in India 793 Quality of science and science journals in India 195 Raising the standards of Indian science 795 Recesses of the mind 104 Reducible iron affects organic matter oxidation and ammonium production in wetland soils and sediments 1434 Research non-guides 351 Salvage science education and save science 7 The sanctity of Pedicularis bicornuta KL ex KL & Gracke (Scrophulariaceae) in the Indian cold deserts of LahaulSpiti 929 Schizophrenia brain research 1183 Science and Current Science on cultivating uncultivable bacteria 10 Science practicals at the Intermediate level neglected 542 Scientific research and academic developments crave for new issues of life 677 Smallpox variolation 1302 Some issues related to application procedure 543 Spirit of scientific innovation in India 104


Suggestion for enhancing nitrogen-fixation in grain legumes 795 Suggestions for improving the academic status of Indian research journals 8 Sustainability science for mine-spoil restoration 792 The timing factor 675 Towards a global perspective on globalization 1056 Transparency in editorial discretion 927 White coat in the medical profession 106 Why neglect groundwater biology? 931 Will e-journals serve the purpose of library journals? 675 Winds of change 1180 Cotyledonary node 312 (Research communication) Crystalline ferroelectric copolymers 472 (Research communication) Crystal structure 870 (Research communication) CSIRs diamond jubilee 1062 (News) Curcuma aromatica 1312 (Scientific correspondence) Curcuma longa 737 (Research communication); 1312 (Scientific correspondence) Current Science 10 (Correspondence) Cycle rickshaw 703 (General article) Cytochrome 873 (Research communication) Decline in scientific publication 1179 (Correspondence) Desiccated clay 318 (Research communication) Dharwar craton 162 (Research communication) Diabetes 1533 (Article, Diabetes Special Section) Diabetes in India 791 (Correspondence) Diabetes, Type 2 1471,1477 (Articles, Diabetes Special Section) Diabetes mellitus 30 (Review article); 1435 (Correspondence); 1456 (General article); 1497,1556 (Articles, Diabetes Special Section) Diabetes research in India 355 (Correspondence) Diabetic retinopathy 1506 (Article, Diabetes Special Section) Dialectical approach 690 (Commentary) Diamond coating 225 (Article, Plasma Applications Special Section) Differential gene expression 829 (Article, Aspects of Biotechnology Special Section) DNA chips 829 (Article, Aspects of Biotechnology Special Section) DNA transformation 1376 (Research communication) Docking predictions 857 (Article, Aspects of Biotechnology Special Section) Doctor on wheels 357 (News) Dravidian tribe 158 (Research communication) Drug delivery 1539 (Article, Diabetes Special Section) Drug design 845 (Article, Aspects of Biotechnology Special Section) Drugs control 1053 (Editorial) DuckworthLewis method 577 (General article) Dwarf mutant 116 (Scientific correspondence) Early-Archaean microfossils 15 (Research news) Early Cretaceous intertrappeans 1073 (Scientific correspondence) Earthquakes 760 (Research communication) Earths core 932 (Research news)

Earths mantle composition 111 (Research news) Earth tide effect 61 (Research communication) Editorial Chemistry: In search of icons 1177 The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research 673 Drugs control: A slippery slope 1053 Editorial discretion and indiscretion 101 Environmental politics: The Asian brown cloud 349 Malaria 789 The mores of publishing in science 1429 Oxygen, Lavoisier and Revolution 925 Philanthropy and the funding of science 537 Requiem for a missing generation 1297 Science in India: Signs of Stagnation 193 The science of engineering 5 Editorial discretion 927 (Correspondence) EF-hand proteins 1240 (Research communication) E-journals 675 (Correspondence) Elaeocarpus ganitrus 1391 (Research communication) Electrets 1437 (News) Electric cycle rickshaw 703 (General article) Eleocharis dulcis 371 (Scientific correspondence) Elephant dung 374 (Scientific correspondence) Endophytes 137 (Review article) Ensete superbum 939 (Scientific correspondence) Enzootic bovine haematuria 1005 (Research communication) Epilepsy 197 (Correspondence) Erythrocyte membrane 693 (Scientific correspondence) EST dababase 426 (Article, Recent Advances in Silkworm Biology Special Section) Ethanol 1376 (Research communication) Eumeta crameri 71 (Research communication) Export protection 23 (General article) Expressed sequence tags 965 (Review article) Expression system 455 (Article, Recent Advances in Silkworm Biology Special Section) Ex situ conservation 1351 (Review article) Extracellular proteins 715 (Review article) Eye colour mutants 119 (Scientific correspondence) Farmland geology 557 (Commentary) Fast breeder reactor 542 (Correspondence) Fields Medals 544 (News); 1088 (General article) Fish vertebrate 68 (Research communication) Fishery interaction 1210 (Review article) Flacourtia jangoma 476 (Research communication) Floral resources 810 (General article) Fluorescent pseudomonads 561 (Scientific correspondence) Fluoride 699 (Scientific correspondence) Fluormica glass-ceramics 1121 (Research communication) Food pathogen 53 (Research communication) Food security 366,557 (Commentary) Foot adherence 735 (Research communication) Foot-and-mouth disease 1016 (Research communication) Forestry applications 1320 (General article) Forskolin 945 (Scientific correspondence) Frankia 404 (Review article) From the Archives 19, 110, 209, 365, 559, 688, 803, 938, 1066, 1192, 1310, 1440


FTIR 755 (Research communication) Fusion technology 357 (News) Gahirmatha 1299 (Correspondence) Gamma-ray spectroscopic analysis 1124 (Research communication) Gangetic delta 21 (Scientific correspondence) Garhwal Himalaya 814 (General article) Gaussian ensemble 1231 (Research communication) Gene expression 447 (Article, Recent Advances in Silkworm Biology Special Section); 715 (Review article) Genetic codes 834 (Article, Aspects of Biotechnology Special Section) Genetic resistance 439 (Article, Recent Advances in Silkworm Biology Special Section) Genomics 826 (Article, Aspects of Biotechnology Special Section) Genotyping 749 (Research communication) Geological hazards 502 (Research communication) Geophysical lineaments 760 (Research communication) GIS 308 (Research communication) Gladiolus cultivars 1132 (Research communication) Global alerting services 928 (Correspondence) Global climate change 593 (Review article) Globalization 1056 (Correspondence) Global warming 120 (Scientific correspondence) Glossiphonia weberi 1317 (Scientific correspondence) Glucocorticoid action 1103 (Review article) Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus 137 (Review article) Glycated haemoglobin 1522 (Article, Diabetes Special Section) Glycation 1515,1522 (Articles, Diabetes Special Section) Grain surplus 301,361 (News) Grain yield 610 (Research article); 1140 (Research communication) Gravity anomaly 492 (Research communication) Grazing land ecosystem 316 (Research communication) Groundwater biology 921 (Correspondence) Gymnosperm 806 (Scientific correspondence) Haemocytes 321 (Research communication) Halophyte 1199 (Scientific correspondence) Hard rock aquifer 61 (Research communication) Haze layer 1300 (Correspondence) Heat flux 39 (Research article) Heavy metal stress 880 (Research communication) Helicobacter pylori 749 (Research communication) Helicoverpa armigera 1387 (Research communication) Hepatitis C 219 (Review article); 1058 (Correspondence) High energy physics 1179 (Correspondence) Historical notes Cyril Wace Nicholas (1898-1961): Gentleman, scholar and the first warden of the Wild Life Department, Sri Lanka 1408 The story of C. V. Ramans resignation from the Fellowship of the Royal Society of London 1157 The story of insulin crystallography 1398 Holocene marine transgression 64 (Research communication) Holocene vegetation 1444 (Scientific correspondence)

Hominid behaviour 641 (Research communication) Hoshangabad Science Teaching Programme 1183 (Correspondence) Hospital waste treatment 271 (Article, Plasma Applications Special Section) Human brain bank 544 (News) Humanmangrove conflicts 1328 (General article) Human pathogens 685 (Research news) Hydrogen peroxide 1193 (Scientific correspondence)

ICMR Awards 2000 1186 (News) Imaging 1197 (Scientific correspondence) IMDs forecast model 936 (Commentary) Immune responses 447 (Article, Recent Advances in Silkworm Biology Special Section) IndiaUS High Technology Co-operation Group 1303 (News) Indian Academy of Sciences, Mid-year meeting 199 (Meeting report) Indian Himalayan region 974 (Review article) Indian mangroves 1328 (General article) Indian nuclear explosions 989, 992 (Research communications) Indian Ocean 877, 889 (Research communications) Indian Ocean Cetacean Sanctuary 1210 (Review article) Indian research journals 8 (Correspondence) Indian summer monsoon 394 (General article) Indian universities 1181 (Correspondence) Indigenous knowledge 814 (General article) Industrial plasma torches 254 (Article, Plasma Applications Special Section) Infectious diseases 707 (Review article) Infertility clinics 1185 (News) Information technology 1057 (Correspondence) Inhibitory effects 303 (Research communication) Insect resistance 146 (Research communication) Insect transgenesis 432 (Article, Recent Advances in Silkworm Biology Special Section) In situ painting 124 (General article) Institute of Physics 682 (News focus) Insulin 1190 (Research news); 1544 (Article, Diabetes Special Section) Insulin crystallography 1598 (Historical notes) Insulin resistance 1483, 1533 (Articles, Diabetes Special Section) Insulin therapy 1548 (Article, Diabetes Special Section) Integrated pest management 1387 (Research communication) Interfaces 683 (Meeting report) International Cricket Council 577 (General article) International Ornithological Congress 798 (Meeting report) International seed treaty 366 (Commentary) Inter-tidal beach profile 64 (Research communication) In vitro propagation 939 (Scientific correspondence) Ion implantation 237 (Article, Plasma Applications Special Section) Ionosphere 1117 (Research communication) Ionsurface interaction 237 (Article, Plasma Applications Special Section) Isoprenoids synthesis 685 (Research news) Jhum cultivation 117 (Scientific correspondence) Joint forest management 1358 (Research article)


Kala azar 210 (Scientific correspondence) Kalam, A. P. J. Abdul 198 (News) Kasturirangan, K. 1303 (News) Kazakh nuclear test site 992 (Research communication) Kondo effect 204 (Research news) Kotumsar Cave 1112 (Research account) Kyoto Protocol 1063 (News) Lafforgue, Laurent 1088 (General article) Lahaul-Spiti cold desert 929 (Correspondence) Land-cover changes 308 (Research communication) Land resources 1380 (Research communication) Land use 974 (Review article) LangmuirBlodgett film 472 (Research communication) LASPEX-97 39 (Research article) Last GlacialHolocene transition 1398 (Research communication) Lateral force microscopy 693 (Scientific correspondence) Latex agglutination 57 (Research communication) Latur earthquake 502 (Research communication) Leishmania donovani 631 (Research communication) Leproloma sipmanianum 741 (Research communication) Lichens 741 (Research communication) Lidar remote sensing 1320 (General article) Ligandprotein docking 845 (Article, Aspects of Biotechnology Special Section) Ligandprotein interaction 857 (Article, Aspects of Biotechnology Special Section) Limited over cricket matches 577 (General article) Lipid peroxidation 488 (Research communication) Liquefaction 603 (Research article); 1019 (Research communication) Live cell detection 53 (Research communication) Low temperature 109 (Correspondence) Lucknow environs 1580 (Research communication) Lunar data 377 (General article) Lunar exploration 377 (General article) Lunar interior 377 (General article) Magma ocean 377 (General article) Magnesium deficiency 1456 (General article) Magnetic field 167, 620 (Research communications) Magnetotelluric studies 1259 (Research communication) Malaria 789 (Editorial) Mangrove ecosystem 1328 (General article) Mangroves 1246,1573 (Research communications) Marine bacteria 562 (Scientific correspondence) Marine bioinvasion 214 (General article) Marine geophysical data 1446 (Scientific correspondence) Marine ichnology 64 (Research communication) Marine mammal research 1210 (Review article) Marine toxin 735 (Research communication) Marker genes 128 (Review article) Mass spectrometers 840 (Article, Aspects of Biotechnology Special Section) Mathematics prizes 544 (News) Mathematics research in India 353 (Correspondence) Mature bamboo 885 (Research communication) Medical profession 106 (Correspondence) Medical waste 271 (Article, Plasma Applications Special Section)

Medicinal plant 476, 484 (Research communicatons); 797 (News); 956 (General article); 1077 (Scientific correspondence) Medicine 211 (Scientific correspondence) Mehta, Goverdhan 1188 (News) Menon, A. G. K. 772 (Personal news) Metabolic pathways 818 (Review article) Methyl iodide 868 (Research communication) METSAT 1081 (General article) Micellar structure 47 (Research article) Micelle 627 (Research communication) Microarrays 829 (Article, Aspects of Biotechnology Special Section) Microbial detoxification 745 (Research communication) Microbial resources 9 (Correspondence) Micropropagation 312,885 (Research communications) Middle Eocene prosimian primate 1255 (Research communication) Mind 104 (Correspondence) Mindbrain interaction 103 (Correspondence) Mine-spoil restoration 792 (Correspondence) Mitochondrial DNA 158 (Research communication) Moho boundary 1259 (Research communication) Molecular cloning 50 (Research communication) Molecular markers 113 (Commentary) Molecular modelling 845, 857 (Articles, Aspects of Biotechnology Special Section) Molecular photonics 623 (Research communication) Monsoon 394, 586 (General articles); 796 (Correspondence) Monsoon changes 947 (General article) Monsoon simulation 296 (Research article) Moon 377 (General article) Morphine 57 (Research communication) Mssbauer study 1071 (Scientific correspondence) Mulberry silkworm 455 (Article, Recent Advances in Silkworm Biology Special Section) Multilayer structures 997 (Research communication) Multiplex polymerase chain reaction 634 (Research communication) Mung plant 880 (Research communication) Musical notes 805 (Scientific correspondence) Mycobacteria 873 (Research communication) Mycobacterium leprae 1078 (Scientific correspondence) Nano-porous photovoltaic devices 1368 (Research communication) Nanotechnology 627 (Research communication) Natural forest 1358 (Research article) Natural History Museum 796 (Correspondence) Neisseria gonorrhoeae 634 (Research communication) Nemacheilus evezardi 1112 (Research account) Neofelis nebulosa 20 (Scientific correspondence) Neutrino oscillations 553 (Research news) Nevanlinna Prize 1088 (General article) News A. P. J. Abdul Kalam elected President of the Republic of India 198 Application of nuclear techniques in the prevention of degenerative diseases (obesity and non-insulin dependent diseases) in aging 1436


Break in career: Back to the bench option for women 681 Chemists cook gourmet 12 China promotes traditional medicine 358 Dichotomy between grain surplus and widespread endemic hunger 361 Doctor on wheels 357 DST and the earmarked fund for pharmaceutical research and development 1061 Emerging trends in biotechnology stem cells 202 Endangered medicinal plant species in Himachal Pradesh 797 Enhanced Research Fellowships 358 French honour for Indias space scientist 1303 Fusion technology project to get more funds 357 Goverdhan Mehta named ICSU President-elect 1188 Human brain bank at NIMHANS 544 ICMR Awards 2000 1185 ICMR spurs public debate on infertility clinics 1185 IndiaUS High Technology Co-operation Group to think boldly and creatively 1303 Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar 682 International Ornithological Congress 798 Learning to change 547 Mathematics prizes 544 Mid-year meet of the Indian Academy of Sciences 199 New initiatives in organic chemistry research funding 1187 Palaeomagnetism and rock magnetic research in India 14 Physics at surfaces and interfaces 683 Regional Engineering Colleges go national 356 Retraction of published claim for observation of superheavy element 357 RISUG the male contraceptive 109 Science in Thiruvananthapuram 548 K.R. Srinivasan appointed Director, ICTP 1188 Symposium on electrets 1437 Time for soul-searching urges PM as Team CSIR completes 60 years 1062 USA not to ratify the Kyoto Protocol 1063 Weather and climate modelling 201 World conference of bryology 545 Nicholas, Cyril Wace 1408 (Historical notes) Nimesulide 1442 (Commentary) NIMHANS 544 (News) Nitrite photoreduction 628 (Research communication) Nitrogen-fixation 795 (Correspondence) Nitrogen incorporation techniques 263 (Article, Plasma Applications Special Section) Nitrogen oxide 731 (Research communication) NMR 1304 (Research news) Nonlinear optics 623 (Research communication) Nothapodytes nimmoniana 1077 (Scientific correspondence) Nuclear techniques 1436 (News) Nutrient dynamics 316 (Research communication) Nutrient uptake 316 (Research communication); 818 (Review article) OCM data 1235 (Research communication) Odoiporus longicollis 893 (Research communication) Onion 1438 (Research news) Optical fibre sensors 1365 (Research communication)

Optical tweezer 1464 (Research article) Oral hypoglycemic agents 1539 (Article, Diabetes Special Section) Organic chemistry research 1187 (News) Organic matter oxidation 1434 (Correspondence) Orthopalladation 870 (Research communication) Oscillating neutrinos 1064 (Research news) Osmium isotopic compositions 1253 (Research communication) Oxidative stress 30 (Review article) Palaeobathymetry 153 (Research communication) Palaeoenvironment 153, 641 (Research communications) Palaeomagnetism 14 (Meeting report) Palaeontology 540, 679, 930 (Correspondence) Palaeoseismicity 1019 (Research communication) Passive microwave remote sensing 877 (Research communication) Patent statistics 23 (General article) PCR fingerprinting 372 (Scientific correspondence) Pedicularis bicornuta 10, 929 (Correspondence) Penakacherla Schist belt 755 (Research communication) Permian bolide impact 363 (Research news) Permo-Triassic boundary 498 (Research communication) Personal news Claude Berge 906 Robert Hanbury Brown 654 Lifes history ends for a food scientist-historian An obituary of K. T. Achaya 1037 A. G. K. Menon 772 B. V. Raghavendra Rao 1597 G. S. Ramaswamy 330 Suresh Kumar Sinha 514 Pharmaceutical research 1061 (News) Pharmacokinetics 1128 (Research communication) Ph D in universities 927 (Correspondence) Phenolics 374 (Scientific correspondence) Phenolics-mediated reduction 1588 (Research communication) Photochemistry 868 (Research communication) Phthalocyanines 628 (Research communication) Phylogenetic analysis 1249 (Research communication) Physa acuta 1317 (Scientific correspondence) Phytochemicals 30 (Review article) Phytogenetic analysis 50 (Research communication) Piezoelectric shells 981 (Research article) Pinocytosis 631 (Research communication) Pinus kesiya 1010 (Research communication) Piper nigrum 561 (Scientific correspondence) Plantago ovata 150 (Research communication) Plant genes 404 (Review article) Plant genetic engineering 128 (Review article) Plasma boundary physics 237 (Article, Plasma Applications Special Section) Plasma gases 254 (Article, Plasma Applications Special Section) Plasma nitriding 263 (Article, Plasma Applications Special Section) Plasma processing 225 (Article, Plasma Applications Special Section)


Plasma pyrolysis 271 (Article, Plasma Applications Special Section) Plasma sources 279 (Article, Plasma Applications Special Section) Plasmodium falciparum 818 (Review article);1128 (Research communication) Podocarpus wallichianus 806 (Scientific correspondence) Pokhran tests 992 (Research communication) Pollen and spores 1580 (Research communication) Pollination ecology 1144,1395 (Research communications) Polyhydroxy alkanoates 562 (Scientific correspondence) Porphyra 1313 (Scientific correspondence) Prenatal diagnosis 291 (Research article) Prevalence index 565 (Scientific correspondence) Protein-folding machines 1337 (Review article) Protein nanobioscience 1464 (Research article) Proteomics 840 (Article, Aspects of Biotechnology Special Section) Proterozoic belts 1025 (Research communication) Pteridium aquilinum 1005 (Research communication) Pterocarpus santalinus 1144 (Research communication) Pump and probe 868 (Research communication) QTL analysis 113 (Commentary) Quantum mechanics 1231 (Research communication) Quartz veins 755 (Research communication) Quaternary peat deposits 318 (Research communication) Quercus floribunda 312 (Research communication) Quorum sensing 707 (Review article) RAGE connection 1515 (Article, Diabetes Special Section) Rainfed lowland ecosystem 1097 (General article) Rain rate 877 (Research communication) Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology 548 (News focus) Raman, C. V. 1157 (Historical notes) Ramaswamy, G. S. 330 (Personal news) Random selections 18, 115, 208, 370, 560, 689, 804, 935, 1067, 1189, 1311, 1441 Rao, B. V. Raghavendra 1597 (Personal news) Recombinant proteins 455 (Article, Recent Advances in Silkworm Biology Special Section) Redox reactions 627 (Research communication) Regional Engineering Colleges 356 (News) Regional Research Laboratory, Trivandrum 548 (News focus) Research Fellowships 358 (News) Research guides 543 (Correspondence) Research news Cloning the fish 1063 Cocking the gun First steps in the bacteriorhodopsin photocycle 799 The controversy over early-Archaean microfossils 15 Direct observation of neutrino oscillations at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory 553 Does resistin resist insulin? 1190 Earths mantle composition present understanding 111 The Kondo-effect and the single-atom transistor 204 Mevalonate-independent pathway of isoprenoids synthesis: A potential target in some human pathogens 685 NMR Bigger, stronger, faster 1304

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