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Precision Machinery & Components

Medical Appliances



38-1, Mangpo-dong, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do 443-400, Korea T +82-31-204-4200 F +82-31-204-4203 -02412 product : Diagnostic Radio Graphic X-ray System

- Full field light beam collimator - Generator support unit Vertical travel length : 785mm Horizontal travel length : 1500mm - Radiographic Table Fixed top table with moving cassette tray; 1800(W) X 710(D) X 650(H) 4-way floating table with moving cassette tray; 2000(W) X 720(D) X 650(H)


159-1, Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-090, Korea T +82-2-551-5631 F +82-2-551-5636 -07584 product : Portable X-Ray Unit & Portable Stand


621-14, Docheon-dong, Gwangsan-gu, Gwangju 506-301, Korea T +82-62-952-3251 F +82-62-951-5261 -03355 product : X-Ray System

SY-31-90P, SY-31-100P


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- Line input power : 220V~, 50/60Hz, Single Phase - Max. output power : 3.3kW - X-ray generator : High frequency inverter type (60kHz) - Rating : kV : 40~100kV; 1kV increment, mA : 60mAmax., 15mAmin. mAs : 0.4~135mAs time : 0.02~3.0 sec. - Cool-down period : 2min. at max. output - Total filtration : min. 2.8mmAleq. - X-ray tube : Model : D-205BS (Toshiba) Focal spot size : 2.0mm Target angle : 20 Anode heat storage capacity : 28kJ (40kHU)


Product Description 2 different types ; Radiographic mode and Anatomical mode. Easy to operate all switches (One touch way), All figure can be digital - displayed. All conditions and quantity are shown exactly.

PORTABLE X-RAY UNIT SY-31-90P - FOR VETERINARY USE ONLY - Max. tube voltage : 60 kVp - Max tube current : 30mA - Timing Range : 0.03 - 5sec. (23 steps) - Tube current and tube voltage are preset to 60kVp at 10mA, 80kVp at 15mA, 70kVp at 20mA, 60kVp at 25mA and 50kVp at 30mA - Power : 50/60Hz 110V, (220V also available) - Weight : 16Kgs - Carrying Case : 31 31 33cm, Weight : 3.5Kgs PORTABLE X-RAY UNIT SY-31-100P - For veterinary use only - Max. tube voltage : 100 kVp - Max tube current : 30mA - Timing Range : 0.03 - 5sec. (23 steps) - Tube current and tube voltage are preset to 100kVp at 10mA, 90kVp at 15mA, 80kVp at


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20mA, 70kVp at 25mA and 60kVp at 30mA - Power : 50/60Hz 110V, (220V also available) - Weight : 18Kgs - Carrying Case : 31 31 33cm, Weight : 3.5Kgs MOBILE STAND - With two swivel wheels for convenience of movement and two locking wheels for stationary positioning and location - Top=10Kgs, Base=18Kgs, Total=28Kgs performance HFG and versatile new functions based on full range of mammography technology.


#512, Byoksan Technopia, 434-6, Sangdaewon 1-dong, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do 462-716, Korea T +82-31-737-8020 F +82-31-737-8025 ray product : Digital Panoramic X-ray System, Surgical C-Arm

Medical Appliances


3F, ACE-Tower 9th, 345-30, Gasan-dong, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul 153-802, Korea T +82-2-2109-7874 F +82-2-2109-7880 77 product : Digital X-ray

RADIEQ Co., Ltd.

235, Guro-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul 152-050, Korea T +82-2-2108-8887 F +82-2-2108-8889 068177668 product : Mammography



Senoguard-750 is a premium mammography system from Radieq and shows the value of the future of the mammography technology as a leader in Mammography. It offers full range of applications specially designed for your practice. Providing the unsurpassed image quality and easy operation with a high

- High Quailty Diagnostic Image It provides an accurate and precise diagnosis on any kind of lesion through its clear and distinctive images without any distortion. Such prominent images can be obtained by its 139 pixel Panel which is a lot smaller than other DRs. - Humanity System VIDIX System s hardware and software provide the easy-to-handle user interface for the operators. They helpperform a rapid exposure and imaging. The hardware operations of various kinds help X-raying a lesion in any targeted area with ease and provide an environment where the patients can feel comfortable.

Indivisual Preferences in Digital Technology - Optimal layout of images for each preference setting - Most options for comparison with other images - Best compatibility with other apparatus(eg.intra-oral sensor, camera) A Resoulution in Dental Imaging - The most natural, sharp and clear view - The fastest readout circle, which improves imaging efficiency - The highest quality image with lowest does of radiation - The greatest choice of information for diagnostics

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ORAPIX Co., Ltd.

5F, Myeongjin Bldg., 234-27, Nonhyeon 2-dong, Gangnam-gu,

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Precision Machinery & Components

Medical Appliances
Seoul 135-012, Korea T +82-2-548-0697 F +82-2-548-0639 74 product : 3D Dental Scanning System product : Sinus Transilluminator, Irrigator, Total Treatment System for ENT, Steam Inhalator, Olfactometer



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Orapix is a system that transfers the dental plaster cast, primarily produced in dental hospitals and labs, to digital models accurately and rapidly by using CAD.CAM technology. Easily stores and manages the tooth models, an important data for dental patients. - Scanning Type : Laser Slit System - Scanning Range : 100 x 100 x 50 mm - Accuracy : 20 - Maximum Scanning Speed : 7 min (1jaw) - User Environment : [ Room Temperature ]

To diagnose empyema, the most common method is X-ray. However, X-ray needs film development, which means waste of time and money. In addition, radiation is not very good for human body. STI 2000 simply gets over those problems. It doesn t need running cost, without harmful facts, can diagnose empyema in very short time. Transillumination way is well known in many European countries but patients must placed in dark room. With this device, whoever can diagnose empyema with image system in just 3 seconds

Digital High Frequency Inverter Photographing Unit has superior performance and its control console is compact and power unit is small size, as of the inverting high frequency equipment with frequency 30Khz for the first time in Korea. It gives its convenience to users because photographing work is possible by applying Hand Switch and Remote controller Switch. - Control unit WSR-40 - High tension generator(1Phase type) - X-ray tube unit (Rotating anode tube, 1.0 X 2.0mm 140,000HU) - Floor to ceiling tube support unit - High tension cables (6m) - Collimator - manual - 4-way floating top bucky table - Bucky stand - Transportation expense


1056-2, Usan-dong, Gwangsan-gu, Gwangju 506-812, Korea T +82-62-945-5775 F +82-62-945-5789 product : Radiography X-ray System 333-1, Sangdaewon 1-dong, Seongnam-si Jungwon-gu, Gyeonggi-do 462-807, Korea T +82-31-730-6800 F +82-31-730-6899 018142824 product : Flat-panel Digital X-Ray Detector, DR, Digital Radiographic


#7303, Dongil Techno Town, 823, Gwanyang 2-dong, Anyang-si Dongan-gu, Gyeonggi-do 431-716, Korea T +82-31-421-0196 F +82-31-424-2490


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Medical Appliances



FLAATZ series is Flat-Panel Digital X-Ray detectors for high-performance radiographic imaging with revolutionary technology that captures the high-quality radiographic images directly in digital format within seconds. The major diagnostic advantage of this system is the larger dynamic range compared with the conventional film/ screen system. And, its dose efficiency is also higher than any other digital systems including, CR and CCD. - Pixel Size : 168 - Detecting Area : 43cm x 43 cm (~17 x 17 ) - A/D : 14bits (16,000 : 1) - Resolution : 2560 x 2560 - Dimensions (mm) : 482(W) x 482(V) x 35(H) - Weight : 6.2kg - Movable : Handle Attachable

- Produces stable printing based on high frequency and crisp images through the combination I I of high resolution and a CCD camera - Significant reduction in the amount of radiation exposure through quick image taking - Stable table system in consideration of a user s convenience - Available are ceiling system and tube support system, which can be beneficial even in a tiny space - Built-in shot conditions, resulting in easy to use - Built-in automatic protection device, resulting in checking overload and error occurrence



1656-1, Donghwa-ri, Munmak-eup, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do 220-801, Korea T +82-33-747-4466 F +82-33-747-1133 angmedi product : Ultrasound, Interferential, Tens, Beauty Care

General - Model Name : Therma G Plus - Power Input : 220Vac 60Hz - Max. Power Consumption : 500W - Classification(EN60601-1) : Class 1, Type BF - Mains Fuses : 2 x T2A (5 x 20 mm) - Dimensions : 370(W) 450(D) 1000(H) - Weight : 30Kg Output Parameter - Output Frequency : 0.3MHz & 0.5MHz - Output Mode : Electrode & Pad Type - Timer : 5 - 60(Min) - Safety Device : Zero Start, Safety Switch


269-1, Dabok-ri, Boksu-myeon, Geumsan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do 312-923, Korea T +82-41-754-7201 F +82-41-754-7203 058156198 product : Diagnostic X-ray R/F TV System


#108, Hyundai I Valley 223-12, Sangdaewon-dong, Seongnam-si Jungwon-gu, Gyeonggi-do 462-120, Korea T +82-31-737-9181 F +82-31-737-9182 mme product : Infrared Wave

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Medical Appliances
- kVp Selection : 40kV-100kV, by 1kV step - mAs Selection : 40mAs-100mAs, 25 steps - X-ray tube : Focal spot : 1.2mm - Anatomical program : Memories for 6 selection - Display : 7-segment LED read-out, Reversible, with hand switch of remote control function - Collimator : Auto timer, DC24V, 50W halogen, 30sec. Light Field Min. 5 x 5cm@1m SID - Max. 35 x 35cm@65cm SID SID scale length : 2m Laser pointer 110/220V AC - Line Nominal/Phase : 110V or 220V. 50Hz or 60Hz, single phase - Line Voltage Compensation : 10% - Accessories : Hand Switch, Power cable, Carrying case, Shoulder band - Dimensions : 350L x 250W x 206H mm - Weight : Net weight : 12.5kg frequency - Tube voltage : 60kV(fixed) - Tube current : 1mA(fixed) - Tube type : Stationary - Tube focal spot : 0.8mm - Target angle : 20 - Exposure time(increse 0.05sec) : 0.05~1.35sec - Power requirement : DC 14.2~16.8V - weight : 2.2kg - Detector : Film / Digital Sensor - Power supply : Rechargeable battery - Display : 3.5 TFT-LCD(radiation imagr display) - Image processing : Brightness/contrast/invert/zoo m/mirror - Connect with sensor : E2V(38-20 / 78-20 / 76-40)

TR-300, DS-777, TR-1000, TR-2000D

- General acute/Chronic diseases - Internal department, Pedlatrics, Surgery, Plastic surgery, Dermatology


#717 Unitechvill Venturetown, 1141-2, Baekseok-dong, Goyang-si, Ilsandong-gu, Gyeonggi-do 410-815, Korea T +82-31-907-7222 F +82-31-904-2231 -02400 product : Digital Diagnostic X-ray System
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1644-1, Donghwa-ri, Munmak-eup, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do 220-801, Korea T +82-1577-8522 F +82-33-740-8400 ajhs product : Digital Radiography


#1102, E&C Venture Dream Tower 3, 197-33, Guro-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul 152-050, Korea T +82-2-6330-1122 F +82-2-6330-1126 owin product : Digital X-ray Seneor


- Generator Type : High Frequency, Inverter - Maximum Output : 35mA/100kVp - Power Rating : 2.4kW@80kV - Frequency : 70kHz


- X-ray generator : high

Digital Radiography is a system that does not use film. It provides superior imagery


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Medical Appliances
compared with that of existing analogue-type x-ray equipment. And as it converts x-ray images into digital data and performs direct diagnosis, it can obtain various and accurate diagnostic information from a single session. The image taken by our device can be stored and transmitted digitally, revolutionizing the medical industry. Installation Specifications - kVp range : 40 to 125 (1kVp steps) - mA range : 10 to 500(18 steps) - Ratings : 500mA@80kvp 400mA@100kVp 200mA@125kVp - mAs range : 0.1~630 mAs - A.E.C : Optional - A.P.R : Selective anatomical mode - P.S.U : Optional - Self Diagnosis : Rotor error Filament error Tube over heat error Exposure time error - Max Volt. : 125kVp - Focal Size : 1.0 - 1.0mm 2.0 - 2.0mm - Anode Heat : 140KHU



297-3, Paju-ri, Paju-eup, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do 413-865, Korea T +82-31-953-6901 F +82-31-953-6900 -00910 product : Digital Radiography, Radidgraphic X-Ray System, Photofluorographic X-Ray System

Dental Equipment
74-1, Maecheon-dong, Buk-gu, Daegu 702-825, Korea T +82-53-311-0336 F +82-53-311-0390 tar product : Wax Carving Pencil, Wax Pot, Dipping Pot, Vibrator


Features - Using Micro Process Control, Easy Operation - High Frequency Generatior Type - Include Self-Test Circuit that check Overload and Error - Advanced X-ray output and high quality and lower dose - Easy operation with APR - Compact design ang easy

Denstar *150 (Wax Carving Pencil) This is designed to carve wax electrically and mold its form, and features its availability for a variety of carving tips(6EA), easy temperature control of touch style and precise waxing work. - Excellent heat conductivity, long lifespan and easy to use with ergonomic design. - Magnetic cradle on the surface of the products. More convenient use. - A chest at the rear of the product for TIPS, protectible from loss or damage. - Making the desired temperature by touching the holder. Quick and convenient to use. Denstar * 200 (Digital Dipping Pot) This is a wax pot designed to melt a variety of wax in the dental industry. The wax dipping pot can heat wax quickly and keep in its liquid condition without any change in physical properties. Its setting temperature is so visible and easy to be compared with the current temperature that the deviation can be reduced as much as possible to achieve better workability. - Excellent heat conductivity, lasting service life, and easy to use. - Build-in memory chip available to memorize the previous working temperature even after turning off power.

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Medical Appliances
- Easy to select Celsius( ) or Fahrenheit( ). - Automatic heater-on indicator LED. (LED off when reaching the preset temperature) - Buzzer on when pressing a pad key.


93-15, Paho-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu 704-220, Korea T +82-53-587-2345 F +82-53-587-2347 -07969 product : Micro Motor Handpiece, Hand Grinder, Micro motor, Contra Angle, Implant Angle



44-127, Ihyeon-dong, Seo-gu, Daegu 703-830, Korea T +82-53-525-6090~1 F +82-53-525-6092 90 product : Dental, Handpiece


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As the fist Korean made contra angle, ACL-01C button type runs max 35,000rpm with 1 : 1 rate in speed. With Bur running within 0.01mm in eccentricity, it provides the precision in operation. It is autoclavable at 135 and is endurable after repeated sterilization. - Button type - 1 : 1 Direct Drive - Max 35,000rpm - Autoclavable - CA Bur 2.35

For dental lab, jewelry, nail-art. Dust seal protection for excellent durability. An electronic safety device (automatically shuts the power off when there is malfunction or overload) Zero stage speed system (1,000R.P.M~40,000R.P.M) Foot pedal can be used to change the speed easily. Maxium of operation efficiency with less shaking and strong power.


1465-2, Chimsan 1(il)-dong, Buk-gu, Daegu 703-010, Korea T +82-53-471-1433 F +82-53-473-1433 ent product : Dent, Articulator, Dental Removal Pin

1. C.S.A 500 Articulator has Spring-Sliding System which enables smooth lateral and protrusive movements. 2. The frame design provides fully open access from the lingual position for easy access and optimum posterior access. It is enhanced visibility during laboratory procedures. 3. The bended frame design enables 30 degree standing for optimum viewing. The 30 degree standing enables the operator to accomplish corrective and restorative dentistry with much greater precision. 4. Interchangeable plates are included. 5. The rounded edges and frame corners improve feel of operation, and the light weight aluminum frame enhances the efficiency of operation. 6. The UV curable coated C.S.A 500 Articulator is increased chemical resistance, temperature endurance adding elegant refinement.


3F, Dongyang Bldg., 39-7, Dongja-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul 140-821, Korea T +82-2-778-4565~6 F +82-2-778-4501


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Medical Appliances
NAMISDENTAL product : Hand Piece, Hand Piece Oil, Cartridge around world. With the experience of developing various kinds of dental implant systems, KJ Meditech Co. Ltd, is one of best company to be able to develop, design and manufacture any kind of implant system and minimize developing cost of cad-cam design and pilot production, and the ability has been proved by customers. comprehensive array of functions. The convenient user interface and reliable performance makes the Anybeam one of the office s most valuable tools. Patients and clinic staff immediately appreciate the comfort and diverse treatment options available with the Anybeam series.


#513~514, Ansan Business Incubator, Sa 1-dong, Sangrok-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do 425-171, Korea T +82-31-400-3932 F +82-31-418-2803 ntal product : Orthodentic Dental

- Compact Capsule Cartridge Type - Ultra Push Button Chuck - Ergonomic Design - Sterilization by autoclave


974-3, Wolchul-dong, Buk-gu, Gwangju 500-460, Korea T +82-62-972-5476 F +82-62-973-2809 editech product : Dental Implant

#518, Byucksan/Kyungin Digital Valley II, 481-10, Gasan-dong, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul 153-023, Korea T +82-2-2113-1382 F +82-2-2113-1388 ys1 product : Dental Raser System


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Since 1979, KJ Meditech Co. Ltd, has provided OEM production of medical devices including dental implant system

The Anybeam series integrates the expertise of B&B s design, development, and technical staff into a next-generation 3 wavelengths dental laser with built-in Er : YAG (2940nm) and the 2-wavelength Nd : YAG (1064, 1320nm) laser generating systems. The Anybeam series has a distinctive, doctor-friendly design that incorporates a

Our new ceramic brackets MISO are made of mono clean sapphire with an advanced miling technique. All brackets are designed with 3D technique to make closer anatomical tooth shape. Also, MISO is completely transparent. has round corner and minimized size to give superior and comfortable feeling to patients. And, MISO has special base surface that is called RMM technique to provide strong bonding strength and easy debonding.

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Medical Appliances


Meditech Bldg., 479-1, Dangjeong-dong, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do 435-833, Korea T +82-31-453-4010 F +82-31-453-4011 -00656 product : Dental Unit And Chair, Autoclave, Oral Camera, Ent Chair, Microscope, Telescopes

- Swivel armrest. - Shock absorbing system for smooth & stepless moving. Unit - Mounted arm system - Slim & wide panorama film viewer is standard. - Wide bracket with autoclavable silicon tray. - Anti-retraction valve. Foot Switch - Foot switch pedal for controlling handpiece and chair.

(Rechargeable battery available) - Stable and curable in wide range of condition - Self diagnosis for the system failure


3F, Seilor Bldg., 219-8, Gasan-dong, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul 153-023, Korea T +82-2-867-2828 F +82-2-867-3456 ozone product : Dental Clinic Water System

S-DENTI Co., Ltd.

#1407, Kolon Digital Tower Aston, 505-14, Casan-dong, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul 153-803, Korea T +82-2-2082-8826 F +82-2-2082-8829 product : Electrinic Apex Locator


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Model Name - MD-3300 MEDITECH Dental unit and chair was compact designed with safety and convenience produced for patient and doctor. Specification - Main Power - AC220, 50/60HZ - Power consumption - 450W - Range of chair elevation - Max 10%, Min : 520 : 870 10% - Range of backrest angle - Up : 10%, Down : +95 10% 175 - Length of chair - 1, 820 - Weight of chair - About 280 Feature Chair - Hydraulic system. - Seamless upholstery for easy alcohol cleaning & maintenance. - Safety device for Emergency stop. - Ergonomic design.

C/G of HX-711I


- Hi-tech new model for the dentist - Accurate measurement in any canal condition - Imporves operation accuracy by using 2-line scale - Simple and easy to use (Holder & Touch type probes included) - Enhanced convenience with various battery available - Longer battery life

HX-711i is a professional grade model for high quality dental procedures and is connected directly to 1 dental unit & chair. - Supply Clean & UV, Ozone stenilizing dental Water to 1 Dental Unit & Chair - Easy to Installation & Maintenance - Water Freeze Protection & Warm Water Supply - No Handpiece Clogging - No Biofilm & Bacteria in Dental Unit Water Lines - Cintains Air gap device Gor Water Supply Regulation Code


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DMETEC Co., Ltd.

402-803, Techno-Park, 193, Yakdae-dong, Wonmi-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do 402-803, Korea T +82-32-234-1441 F +82-32-234-1444 -00715 product : Ultrasonic Piezo Scaler, Curing Light, Air Jet Polisher

T +82-43-216-0433 F +82-43-216-0438 158135211 product : Gutta Percha Obturation System, Gutta Percha Points, Root Canal Sealer


#111, Mega Valley, 799, Gwanyang 2-dong, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do 431-767, Korea T +82-31-420-5710 F +82-31-420-5987 DENTAL1 product : Unit Chair

Medical Appliances



Feed back system for built in circuit module keeps constant strong power. FDA, CE, SFDA certified. Specifications - Ultrasonic Piezo Scaler Working frequency : 24-32kHz Supply power : DC 24V, 1.7A(with AC-100-240V, 50/60Hz Transformer) Product Features - All function is operated by new digital system - 10 of LED lamps show output power degree - One-touch mode of foot switch avoids fatigue on foot during treatment - Small and light


414-12, Mochung-dong, Cheongju-si Heungdeok-gu, Chungcheongbuk-do 361-808, Korea

Developed the first in the world, Cordless Gutta Percha Obturation System maximizes the convenience and minimizes the chair time. A combined filling method of vertical compaction and backfill makes 3-dimensional perfect obturation not only apical part but also accessory and lateral canal. Advantages - Unique and efficient cordless type instrument - Easy & Quick obturation with accurate and predictable filling - Free from twisting of cords during operation - Easy to move and place, also learn and master - Space saving 2-in-1 system - Working fine with combined & improved filling function - Possible best hermetic sealing with 3-dimensional filling (Total obturation of the entire canal including lateral canals) - Excellent apical control


HEAD REST Double-articulating headrest cradle patient s neck and head. It also provides virtually limitless positioning for improved access to any oral cavity even pedodontic treatment. SAFETY S/W Pressing switch mounted on the bottom of channel stop the chair moving further down to prevent risk of injury to the operator or any entrapped equipment. ASSISTANCE TABLE With smooth pivot point, assitance table swing around the back of unit is allowing the assistant various access position. LCD CONTROL PANEL The visual display unit on the keyboard shows all selected functions. When the instrument is picked up from the table, display shows which instrument is selected. The maximum and minimum light intensity can be selected by push button and LCD monitor also indicate the both mode. The built in

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Medical Appliances
microcomputor make three auto positions available for three user respectively. The prefered position is also adjusted by manual push button. - Accurate and precise cutting using 4 type of interchangeable tips - Easy and fast operation - No need assistant - Lightweight - Rechargeable battery operation - Fashionable and practical product design G/P Trimmer Hand piece Hand piece holder 4 Heat Cutting Tips 2 Rechargeable Betteries (1.2V Ni-MH) Bettery Charger (Option)


#4401, TradeTower, 159, Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-090, Korea T +82-2-501-8560 F +82-2-567-9578 um product : Implantium


103-606, Bucheon Techno-Park, 364, Samjeong-dong, Bucheon-si Ojeong-gu, Gyeonggi-do 421-150, Korea T +82-32-327-2123 F +82-32-327-2126 nedent product : Gutta Percha Cutter

MICRO-NX Co., Ltd.

#114, Gyeongbuk High Tech Village, 926, Samchung-ri, Waegwan-eup, Chilgok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do 718-803, Korea T +82-54-976-0011 F +82-54-976-0014 product : Micro Motor Handpiece, Dental Handpiece, Lab Handpiece, Electric Nail File

S.L.A(Sandblasting with Large grit and Acid etching)

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G/P Trimmer is a dental treatment device cutting the end of the gutta percha points with in a moment by one touching a button. G/P Trimmer has eliminated completely the possibility of burns that might be caused by traditional method using this renovated equipment. One touching a button, intended treatment will be completed with in a moment without any fear of pain or discomfort for either the patient or the dentist. - No more primitive flame


The micro motor handpiece for dental laboratory work, jewellry, mold modification, nail art etc. Anyxing300D is suitable for hard work in dental lab and jewellry makin filed.

A.Abutment TiN-Coating - Esthetic gold color with TiN-Coating B.Optimal fixation Screw - Synchronized spiral neck thread - Initial stability & macimum sealing between the cortical bone and fixture. - Optimal fixation screw offers proper stimulation to the marginal cortical bone adaptation and minimizes loss of the cortical bone. C.Abutment Screw - Single screw size fits all different fixture sizes. - Single hex screw driver fits hex screw head socket. D.Cutting Edge - 3 blades self tapping design minimizes bone destruction. - Tappered apical shape promotes eadier penetration. E.Flat End - The flat end design reduces bone perforation risk.


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Medical Appliances
F.Biological Thread - The rich bone housing design creates extra bone filling spaces. - The sharper edge penetrates and engages to the bone readily. - Main voltage : 220V 50/60 Hz, 120V 50/60Hz - Voltage : 12V DC(non-regulated) - Power Consumption : 20 W - Working temperature : 0 ~110 - Dimension (W H D) : 85 50 110mm - Weight : 300g disorders in the thoracic and lumbosacral spine by posterior approaches. It provides pedicle screws of various diameters, lengths and types (Mono axial, Poly axial and Cannulated). These elements are locked to cylindrical, longitudinal rods by means of set screw that was designed reverse trapezoid type thread. A cross-link system is available for increased mechanical stability.

99-6, Janghyeon-ri, Jinjeop-eup, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do 472-865, Korea T +82-31-571-4538 F +82-31-571-4539 -00409 product : C5-Mini Waxer , Born-Waxer , B3-Deux Waxer

Orthopedic Appliances
VARIAN Co., Ltd.
4F, Science Tower, 722-3, Jihaeng-dong, Dongducheon-si, Gyeonggi-do 483-020, Korea T +82-31-879-0414 F +82-31-879-0415 product : Spinal Pedicle Screw

#113, Wonju-Medicaldevicecenter, 1720-26, Taejang-dong, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do 220-120, Korea T +82-70-7019-8627 F +82-33-747-8629 product : Videoscope, Endoscope


Features - Saving modeling time with Born-Waxer - Automatic selectable temperature - Cutting off overheating or burning with accurate temperature - Rapid heat up and cool down - 2 different modeling tips : Gold plated tip - Large digital screen Contents - 1 Main control unit - 2 Handpieces - 2 Gold plated tips - 1 Transformer - Instructions Accessories - Tip #1 (B-931) - Tip #2 (B-932) - Handpiece (B-958) Technical Details

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The Novel System has been developed to more stable structure of spinal pedicle screw system and more easy operation. The Novel was designed to treat a variety of spinal

Our industrial electronic videoscope IN-VISION is inserted into the part you want to examine so that you can see the inner status, engine, structure, circuit and etc of

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planes, ships, automobiles, industrial machines, electric/electronic devices and etc that cannot be checked by naked eyes without disassembly or cutting. This product is a Visual Testing device used for nondestructive testing so that you can observe the inner part from the outside. The modern industrial society is getting more fractionated and specialized. You can, therefore, prevent product damage and save time and labor cost through prompt and correct videoscopies for quality management and maintenance if you use this efficient device. IN-VISION can be adjusted left/rightward. Its thickness can be adjusted in 6mm~11mm. Its length can be adjusted in 700mm~30M. This is a single system device with high-quality image, SD card based saving function and 10.4 inch monitor. It can be, therefore, carried and transported conveniently. As Duo-Care multimeter can measure blood sugar with a small quantity of blood of only 0.5 , the blood can be drawn from many different parts of the body, and the accurate measurement value can be obtained in just 5 seconds. Moreover, a wrist-type blood pressure manometer with world-class technology is integrated into the product, you can measure both blood sugar and blood pressure with one product. A new product developed by GenExel-Sein, Inc. with world-class technology, Duo-Care multimeter is an integrated meter that allows you to measure both blood pressure and blood sugar with one product. This product has been designed for a compact size which is incomparable to existing desk products with a high volume and weight.


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#402, Dae-duk Plaza, 681-7, Gojan-dong, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do 425-020, Korea T +82-31-484-4516 F +82-31-484-4234 -00051 product : Personal Tens, Air Mattress, Water Bed, Anti-Bedsore Cushions, Regulator with Flowmeters

2F, Namgyeong Bldg., 111, Yangjae 1-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul 137-131, Korea T +82-2-575-1141 F +82-2-575-1668 -00194 product : Blood Glucose+Pressure Monitor

Product Specifications - Power Source : 3.6 volt battery - Battery life : Li-MH recharge(1800mA) - Consumption : One channel 30mA(with heating pad : about 900mA) - Dimension : 85(W)x140(H)x23(D) (mm) - Weight : About 210g(with battery) - Output Channel : Isolated 2 channer, 4way - Heating Pad : Off, 43, 50, 60 , 4cmx8cm - Time Setting : 1-60min, Adjustable - Frequency : 1-100Hz 5% - Channel Intensity : 0-8level - LCD Display : Mode Icon(Shouler, Waist, Arm Joint, Foot Joint, Neck, Knead, Push, Press) - Timer, Speed(1-10level), Heating, Auto, Low Battery. - Operationg Environment : Temperature(+10-+40 ), Humidity(95% RH max(@50 ) - Pressure(70-106KPa)


#302, BI Center, 664-14, Deokjindong 1-ga, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do 561-191, Korea T +82-63-278-4063 F +82-63-278-4065



GobizKOREA Official Catalogue -00244 product : Electronic Stethoscope, Diagnosis System for Vascular Disease, Pulse Wave Analysis System -a1241 product : Bladder Volume Measurement System, Extracorporeal Magnetic Stimulation System, Biofeedback system


4F, Luna Bldg., 72-3, Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-100, Korea T +82-2-2056-2600 F +82-2-2056-2688 208192856 product : Heartrate Vary Ability Analyzer

Medical Appliances


First digital diagnostic system for heart and lung sounds which includes pathologically categorized database and quantitative analysis program. Small and light weighted portable electronic stethoscope system also displays and generates sounds through speaker and stores the waveforms. - Electronic Stethoscope : SP-S2 - Heart/Lung Sound Analyzer Software : SP-A1 - Realtime display of heart/lung sounds waveform - Storage/Retrieve/Analysis of sounds Applications - Monitoring and diagnosing vascular and respiratory disease - Functional measurements in sports medicine



#803, Shinnae-Technotown, 485, Sangbong-dong, Jungnang-gu, Seoul 131-220, Korea T +82-2-3421-7780 F +82-2-3421-7076

Characteristics - . Accurately diagnoses urinary dysfunction - . Fastly measures post-void residual urine - . Minimizes unnecessary catheterization - . Reduces rate of urinary tract infection - . Eliminates catheter-related damage and trauma - . Reduces the overall cost with fast examination - . Eliminates patients pain and discomfort - . Operates with battery portable system - . Improves patients quality of life Technical Specifications - . power : 16V DC / 7.2V NiMH rechargeable battery - . characteristic of ultrasound image mode : B-mode image scan method : 3D sector scan scan angle : 120 degrees frequency : 2.8 Mhz - . built in printer - . Graphic User interface 5.6 STN LCD resolution : 320 x 240 contrast : 16 gray level - . range : 0~999 mL - . external interface : USB


1. HRV and APG function 2. Provides auto direct diagnostic report for the patient 3. Easy to move (compact size) 4. Simple operation / Quick result display 5. outstanding accuracy & reproducibility - completed domestic clinical research - provide suitable reference which developed for the Oriental. 6. Reliable evaluation tool

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All MEDICUS Co., Ltd.

#7102, Dongil Techno-Town 7, 823, Gwanyang 2-dong, Anyang-si Dongan-gu, Gyeonggi-do 431-810, Korea T +82-31-425-8288 F +82-31-422-8589

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Medical Appliances dicus product : Blood Glucose Test Meter


#801, Byuksan Technopia, 434-6, Sangdaewon-dong, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do 462-120, Korea T +82-31-732-6320 F +82-31-732-6330 huvis product : Skin Diagnosis System, Medical Vision System, Polarized Diagnostic Tool, Multimedia Diagnostic Tool


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Features & Benefits - Electrochemical biosensor technology (Gold electrode) - Alternative-site testing available - Easy and convenient testing available - Easy and convenient test procedure (Sip-in technique) - Small blood volume for the test (1.5 ) - 205 test result memories with time and date - Large and clear LCD display - Data transmission with USB, Zigbee or Bluetooth Specifications - Test Princlple Electrochemical Method - Sample Volume - 1.5 - Test Range - 20~600 mg/dL - Test Time - 5 seconds - Calibration - 2 AAA Batteries - Temperature - 10~40 - Humidity - Less than 85% RH - Size - 63 x 87 x 24 (mm) - Weight - 83g (including batteries) - Display - 40.5 x 41.5(mm) - Memory Capacity - 250 memories with date and time - Data Transmission - USB / Zigbee / Bluetooth

- RAM : 256M or more - Data Input/Output : USB2. - O.S : Windows XP, Service pack1 or higher - Scope Camera - CCD : 1/4 SONY SuperHAD CCD - Pixel : 410,000 - Effective Pixels : 768(H)X494(V) - Signal : NTSC (or PAL selectable) - Minimum Lux : 1.0 Lux(Minimum) - S/N : 48dB - Horozontal Resolution : 460 TV lines - Output Signal : USB 2.0 - Cable : 3.0M coil type


#701, Hyundai I Valley, 223-12, Sangdaewon-dong, Seongnam-si Jungwon-gu, Gyeonggi-do 462-120, Korea T +82-31-737-9161 F +82-31-737-9168 angk product : Nd : YAG Laser, Endoscope Washer, Ultraviolet-Radiator


Integrated Skin & Hair Diagnosis System Accurate and Fast Diagnosis - Only 5-10minutes to complete all skin diagnosis processes User Friendly System by the automatic linkage between H/W and S/W - Automatically linking hardware with software - Easy to use Camera with Various Image Modes including Normal, Polarized and User - It enables visual examination from skin surface to deeper layer of skin and others like wrinkles. Recommended Computer Specification - Cpu : Intel Pentium 4 800Mhz or higher - Video Memory : 32M or more


FEATURES - Compac and Ergonomic Design - Easy and Reliable Operation - Multi Cell Mode


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Medical Appliances
- Pulse Train Technology (double pulse system) - Zoom Handpiece TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION - Laser Type Q-switched Nd : YAG Laser - Wave Length - 1064 / 532nm - Pulse Duration 8ns - Pulse Energy (max) 1064nm : 1000mj / pulse 532nm : 500mj / pulse - Average Power (max) 10W - Repetition Rate 1~10Hz - Beam Delivery System Articulated Arm with Zoom Handpiece - Aiming Beam 5mW Diode Laser - Spot Size 1~7mm - Display Graphic LCD - Eletronic Control Microprocessor - Cooling System Internal Water to Air Heat Exchanger - Electrical Power 220VAC, 50/60Hz - Dimension 350 X 900 X 1050 (W X D X H) - without arm - Weight 80kg



#203, FreeTrade Zone, 191-17, Yeongdeung-dong, Iksan-si, Jeollabuk-do 570-160, Korea T +82-63-835-5114 F +82-63-834-0154 medic product : Functional Electrical Stimulator

Specification - Pulse for Treatment Rectangular pulse - Frequency - 1~200Hz - Output Current - 0 99mA 50ms - Pulse Width - 50 - Output Waveform Monophasic rectangular pulse - Biphasic rectangular pulse - DC-compensated - Treatment Method Treatment using constant current - Voltage - AC 220V, 50/60Hz - Power consumption - 30W - Output - Independent 8 channels - Stimulation Mode - F, E, D, T and P mode - Time - 5 95 minutes - Dimension L291 W190 H100 mm - Weight - 1.7kg(Cart excluded)

Most Beneficial Features - 20X Amplification - Clear Sound - Feels and Works like Traditional Stethoscope - Internet/PC Connection* - Record and Storage Capability - Data Base and Data Management - Noise Cancellation Specifications - Power : DC 3V, Two AAA - Length : 29 inches - Weight : 6ounce/170g (without Batteries) - Battery Life : 60hous (full time use) - Frequency Mode : Bell, Diaphragm, Wide


#512, Technovalley, Yonsei Univ., 1272, Maeji-ri, Heungeop-myeon, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do 220-842, Korea T +82-33-763-2811 F +82-33-763-2813 product : Bone Mineral Density Measuring Instrument, Postal Balance System
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1F, 112-17, Hwayang-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul 143-130, Korea T +82-2-2668-0610 F +82-2-2668-0752 product : Electronic Stethoscope

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Spo2sensor (OxiPulse Series) OxiPulse is a sensor for measuring blood oxygen saturation, which can measure continuously and non-invasively the functional oxygen saturation (SpO2) of arterial hemoglobin, pulse rate, pulse strength, etc. in connection to a pulse-oximeter or patient monitor. Characteristics - Harmless to human body using biocompatible adhesive - Very flexible using urethane film and durable for long-time use - Shielding for preventing electron wave interference, and minimized noise using gold-plated connectors - Highly compatible with major monitors using high-quality LED and photodiode 2. Two frequency response modes (For heart sound and lung sound). 3. Amplifies heart and lung sounds linearly while the noise by chafing clothes or body amplifies non-linearly, therefore the sounds from chafing noise is minimized while the sounds from the heart and lung are maximized using our circuits. 4. 8-level volume control. 5. Saves recently used volume level when power off 6. Power on/off 7. Micro controller controls automatic power off (Set to two minutes). 8. Low battery indicator. 9. LED (for different modes indication and low-battery indication). 10. Speaker provides best sounds quality for low frequency sounds 11. Low-power design (Eighty hours of continual use from two AAA batteries).


New concept Ultrasound Bone Mineral Density Diagnostic Machine. It use Ultrasound wave and man s finger to diagnose. - Dry type - One- touch, portable - World first, the lowest price, and new conceptional machine - Can be used in every place-home, school, hospital and anywhere - Cheap price

HUREV Co., Ltd.

#104, Gangwon Technopark, 1642-5, Donghwa-ri, Munmak-eup, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do 220-801, Korea T +82-33-747-7171 F +82-33-747-7175 product : Biosignal Measuring Electrodes, Electrodes for Energy Transmission, Personal Low-Frequency Stimulator


#307, 4th Venture Bldg., Hoseo Univ., 165, Baebang-myeon, Asan-si, Chungcheongnam-do 336-795, Korea T +82-41-549-5437 F +82-41-549-5438 ek product : Electronic Stethoscope

#811, Hanshin IT Tower, 235, Guro 3-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul 152-768, Korea T +82-2-2108-7890 F +82-2-2108-7894 product : Patient Monitor, Pulse Oximeter, SpO2 Sensors, Ultrasound Liposuction Device

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1. Amplifies sound up to 15 times


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KTMED KTPM-2002 multi parameter patient monitor is suitable for operating room and intensive care room, etc. You can expect outstanding monitoring performance with KTPM-2002 during a surgery or intensive monitoring care. With the functions of ESIS(Electronic Surgical Interference Suppression) protection and Defibrillator protection, KTPM-2002 can be used with ESU(Electro Surgical Unit) during a surgery. All the functions in KTPM-2002 are proved throughout the hospital and laboratory. Features - 6.4 bright TFT color LCD - SPO2, Pulse Rate, ECG(3 or 5 lead), NIBP, Respiration, Temperature - Reliable, Accurate and Affordable System - For use in adult to neonate application - Long term Freeze function (180 sec.) - Non-fade way scroll - Easy to manipulate the Trend data (24 hours) - ESIS(Electronic Surgical Interference Suppression) protection / Defibrillator protection - Simple and easy to operation - Optional integrated strip chart printer

product : CO2 Laser, Surgical Laser, Therapy Laser, Highfrequency & Electrosurgical Unit, General Medical Equipment


4F, BI Center, Vision College of Jeonju, 1070, Hyojadong 2-ga, Wansan-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do 560-859, Korea T +82-63-222-2085 F +82-63-222-2086 meditec product : Visual Digital Stethoscope

Medical Appliances



#303, Junggye 1-Gongdan, 511-2, Junggye 3-dong, Nowon-gu, Seoul 139-865, Korea T +82-2-971-7766 F +82-2-974-7771 edical

- Laser Type : CO2 Sealed-off Type - Wavelength : 10.6microns Invisible Infrared. - Mode Structure : Single Mode - Spot Size Use : 100mm Lens : 1mm Use : 50mm Lens : 0.2mm - Laser Output Power : 1~30W - Laser Operation Mode : Continuous(Continuous, Single, Repeat) Pulse(Continuous, Single, Repeat) Super Pulse(Continuous, Single, Repeat) - Time Ranges : From 0.01 to 0.99sec at 0.01sec step. - Aimming Beam : Diode Laser 5mW(Adjustable : 1~9 step) - Beam Delivery System : 7joint Articulated Arm - Cooling System : Water(Closed-Cycle) - Purge Air : Air Supplied by Air-Pump - Safety System : Emergency Button - Power Supply : 220VAC, 60Hz - Power consumption : 300W - Display : VFD


1. Main Features of Visual Digital Stethoscope - Sound quality improvement with the use of AGC & ANR controller - Ergonomic design considering convenient use of the device - Battery auto charging system by computer system - High speed sound data transmission characteristics using USB port - Visual monitoring and sound auscultation operate simultaneously - Analyze thoracic & heart sound in time-frequency domain 2. LIFE V 10 allows to measure sounds with a convenient use - Rotary swith for power on/off & wolume control - 1 input port(HEAD), 2 output ports(earphone, speaker), and 1 connection port(USB) - High speed data transmission(max 10Mbyte/sec) - Automatic device

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configuration & setup through USB connection(Windows 2000/XP) - Compact size : 110x95x31mm(WxHxD), 164g T +82-2-979-8200 F +82-2-979-8203 product : IPL System, Skin Analysis System, Endoscope Cleaning & Deisinfecting Device Laser, Medical Laser, Dental Laser

UNICOS Co., Ltd.

210-4, Maero-dong, Seo-gu, Daejeon 302-020, Korea T +82-42-581-0047 F +82-42-825-8041 product : Auto Refracto/Keratometer




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- The newest Auto Ref/Keratometer qualified by the utmost optic developer. - Very competitive price reduce equipping expenses. - Compact and modern design - Optimized optic design & 5.5 TFT Color Monitor - European style design and Simple body. - Comfortable operation with new technology approved - Ultra measurement speed 0.07 sec.

- Cleaning and disinfecting an endoscope perfectly. Trough all the tube and foreceps channels in 19minutes. - Water of only 4 liters is required and recycled. - Power : 220V, 50/60Hz - Disinfectant Tank Capacity : 5L - Water Consumption : 4L/min - Dimensions : 450mm X 600mm X 890mm (W x D x H) - Weight : 70kg - Operating : Auto/Manual


#812, World Merdiang 1-Cha, 60-24, Gasan-dong, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul 153-781, Korea T +82-2-858-8221 F +82-2-867-8221 product : Surgical Laser, CO2

VISCO Co., Ltd.

#302, Junggye-1gongdan, 511-2, Junggye-dong, Nowon-gu, Seoul 139-220, Korea

Surgical CO2 Laser System 1) Our CO2 laser system has high peak power, so called ultrapulse, then there are little char, little pain, little erythema. And healing time of operation wound by ultrapulse laser is shorter than that of superpulse CO2 laser or cold knife. It is also less bleeding. 2) DoctorMed CO2 laser system is easy to control because of touch screen. But it has affordable price. 3) It has various handpiece and accessories for medical and dental applications. It is changeble easily, and clinicians can treat and operate various clinical cases. 4) Its weight is only 20 kg, and its size is small. It can be equipped in an operating room or examination room, and also easily movable to any place. 5) Green pilot beam will be very helpful for operation and clinical procedure. It is more distinguishable on the bleeding site and oral cavity. 6) Memory Mode : Users can memorize the parameters in the embedded control unit of CO2 laser. It will be helpful to save handling time and control easily.


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1650-1, Donghwa-ri, Munmak-eup, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do 220-801, Korea T +82-33-742-5400 F +82-33-742-5483 ana product : Multi-Parameter Vital Sign Patient Monitor, Pulse Oximeter

Medical Appliances

critical, and the stored event or real time vital sigh can be re-called to the display with printing on the optional integrated dual channel thermal printer.

x 520(H) mm - Weight : 45kgs

#151, Gwangmyeong Sibeom Gongdan Gongjanghyeong Apt., Haan 3-dong, Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do 423-754, Korea T +82-2-2025-1112 F +82-2-2025-1115 product : Combined Stimulator, Low Frequency Stimulator, Ultrasonic Stimulator

173, Seo-ri, Idong-myeon, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do 449-834, Korea T +82-31-329-2000 F +82-31-329-2003 -00172 product : Urisacn, Gluco Tech, AceChem, ImmunTech, Stain


- Available Parameters include 3 or 5 lead ECG, Respiration, NIBP, SpO2, 2 Temperatures, Battery, and optional built-in Printer. - High quality 12.1 inch Color TFT LCD screen enables you to monitor 4-traces with 8-numerics vital sign clearly even under the most difficult lighting conditions. - olor coded easy 6 keyboards and a trim knob admits clinicians to quick access to monitoring functions controls within a second. - Optimized rechargeable battery and wheeled mobile cart as well as integrated top handle ensure continuous monitoring during transport between the care sites. - Transferring available optional remote nurse station is notified alarm signal automatically whenever the patient s condition turns



- Throughput : 260 Teste/hours - Measuring system : Measuring head-CCD camera, SG-refractometer, Clarity-Turbidimeter - Sample volume : 1.5~2.9mL (Liquid level detection) - Sample loading : up to 100 samples at one time - Rack : Standard rack (10 samples per rack) - Reagent packs : 500 strips / Cassette (Stability : 14 days after loading) - Memory : I million patient records including scanned test strip plus 500 calibration /control records - Dimensions : 530(W) x 630(D)

Interferential Current Therapy / ULTRASOUND You can meet the various interferential current therapy modes and the ULTRASOUND modes together. With auto and memory function, experience the convenience according to the types of pain. Introduction All the control function and the machine itself are handled and coordinated by microprocessor apart from making available pre-memorized programs for application the microprocessor ensure that the machine can be personalized and operate in a highly safe and efficient manner. Interfacing allows for the operator to dialogue with the apparatus by means of large, clear graphic backlit liquid crystal Display screen. The following paragraphs

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illustrate to the operator the procedures available from the easy selection of a pre-memorized program for use in specific treatments as well as how to determine the correct working parameters for personalized applocation. This equipment has been designed specially to be sued easily by professionals or patients in home. Specifications PRODUCT Mixing stimulator 50/06Hz - Power Consumption : Max. 60W - Dimension : 305.5mm(W) x 296mm(H) x 92.5mm(D) - Weight (Net) : 5.5Kg - LCD Display : 320 x 200 Graphic LCD - Probe : Pulse wave probe - Output : Thermal Printer(Size : A4) - Safety Class : Class I, Type BF Product Features - Plethysmogram(PTG)/Pulse Wave - The Pulse wave is The change of pressure originate from Heart beat transmit through a vessel - The Pulse wave is changed under the power of systole or the state of circulatory(the main artery, the artery, a capillary) - The Pulse wave reflect the state of blood circulation


3F, Poongrim Tech One, 273-10, Seongsu-dong 2-ga, Seongdong-gu, Seoul 133-120, Korea T +82-2-2103-3300 F +82-2-213-3333 dian product : Digital Arterial Pulsewave Analyzer, Autonomic Bio-Electric Response Recorder
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7F, Jeongju Bldg., 1451-38, Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul 137-070, Korea T +82-2-587-4056 F +82-2-588-1937 product : Body Composition Analyzer, Fatness Measuring Device, Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor


Product Description - Measure the pulse wave - Analyze aging of vessel - Analyze the circulation of blood - Diagnose arteriosclerosis in its early Specifications - Power Supply : 100~240Vac,

- Measuring method : BIA via tetra-polar electrode method Using 8 touch electrodes Use 8 electrodes simultaneously among 12 electrodes by selecting plate & hand electrode or ankle & hand electrode at system setup when using ankle electrode option - Frequency range : 1, 5, 50, 250, 550, 1000 - Measuring site : Whole body and Segmental measurement (arms, legs and trunk) - Main Items : 1st Protein mass, Mineral mass, Mass of body fat, Total body water, Intra cellular water, Extra cellular water, Soft lean mass, Skeletal muscle mass, Lean body mass, Weight, B.M.I., Percent body fat, Age matched of body, Basal metabolic rate, Total Energy expenditure, Body type, W.H.R. (Waist to Hip Ratio), Visceral fat level, Subcutaneous/Visceral fat mass, Visceral fat area, Prediction of abdominal fat, Body cell mass, Edema index(whole body), Segmental soft lean mass and its dual bar graph, mass of body fat and segmental edema index, Segmental impedance and reactance classified by frequency, Height(if it is interlocked with height meter/UHM-101), Blood pressure(if it is interlocked with blood pressure monitoring system/FT500, 700, 750) 2nd Segmental Assessment (M.B.F, S.L.M, Edema index) & individual explanation, Assessment upper, lower, left and right body development and balance. Abdominal analysis (subcutaneous fat type/visceral fat type) &


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Medical Appliances
Individual explanation - Display : Color TFT LCD Digital (800 600 pixel) - Input device : Key pad, Touch screen, PC remote control - Transmissible device : RS 232C(9 pin serial)port, USB port, Bluetooth (option) - Printing device : IEEE 1284(25pin parallel)port - Dimension : 496 836 1150 (W D H) - Weight : about 45 (main unit) - Measuring range : 100~950 - Measuring time : Totally 1 minute - Applicable age : 7~89 years old - Operation ambient : Temperature 10~40 , Humidity 30~75%(non condensing) - Storage ambient : Temperature -20~60 , Humidity lower than 95% (non condensing)

#603, Shinnae Techno Town, 485, Sangbong-dong, Jungnang-gu, Seoul 131-220, Korea T +82-2-3422-3812 F +82-2-3422-3814 ejh product : Automatic Blood Pressure System, Body Composition Analyzer, Skin Analyzer

Product Features - The world s first 5.6 inches color TFT LCD - Scientific precision with the cutting-edge algorithms - Measuring blood pressure in either arm - Built-in power saving body temperature detecting sensor - Multi-language supporting system (Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and English) - One-button operation/ voice functions - Ergonomic engineering design and GD(Good design) Mark acquisition - Hospital advertisement or logo can be inserted on the screen - Remote control - Triple Safety Emergency Stop functions - Super high-speed thermal printer (except 300E model) Technical specifications - Method of Measurement : Oscillometric method - Measurement Range : Pressure : 30-300mmHg Pulse Rate : 30-200bpm - Display : 5.6 inch color TFT-LCD(300P)LCD(300E-300 EP) Mono LCD(300E-300EP) - Accuracy : Pressure : within 2mmHg Pulse Rate : within 3% - Graduations : 1mmHg - Pressurizations : Geared Mother automatic operation - Cuff : Automatically pressure by micro pump - Measuring Time : Within 30 seconds - Printer : High-speed thermal printer (except 300E model) - Other Gears : Body temperature sensor / Remote control - Power Supply : AC 220V/110V - Electricity consumption : 30VA - Operating condition : Temperature : 10 - 40

Humidity : less than 95% - Preservation Temperature : -10 - 40 Humidity : less than 95% - Measuring region : RS-232C - Port : Left/right arm - Dimensions : 245(W) X 435(D) X 290(H)mm - Weight : Approximately 12kg


Medical Industry Complex 2, 1720-26, Taejang-dong Wonju-si Gangwon-do 220-120, Korea T +82-31-478-5725 F +82-31-478-5729 edical product : Defibrillator / Monitor


Display - LCD Dimensions : 7 inch Diagonal (152mm*91mm) - Type : TFT Color - Resolution : 800*480 pixels Defibrillation - Defib Common Waveform : Truncated Exponential Biphasic (e-cube) Charge Time : Adapter : Less than 5 seconds to 200 Joules Battery : Less than 7 seconds to 200 Joules - AED Mode Output Energy : 200J Shock Delivery : Via multifunction defib electrode pads

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AED Develop Guideline : Shock advisory sensitivity and - Specificity meet AAMI DF-80 guidelines Voice & Text Prompts : Guide the user through the protlcol Via multifunction defib electrode pads - Manual Mode Output Energy : 1-10J, 15J, 20J, 30J, 50J, 70J, 100J, 120J, 150J, 170J, 200J Shock Delivery : External paddle(with Pediatric)Internal paddle Synchronous Cardoversion Power Source - External Battery Pack : Lithium Polymer Type : 14.BV 3.1Ah (Rechargeable) Capacity : When new, minimum of 100 shock deliveries (200J) - AC Power Module Output : 18V, 6A ECG Monitoring - Input : 3-Lead Cable : , , 5-Lead Cable : , , , aVR, aVL, aVF or V 10-Lead Cable : , , , aVR, aVL, aVF or V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, V6 (Dislpay View : All 12-Lead ECG waves dislpay dimultaneously) - Lead Fault : Lead Fault message and dashed line display, of an electrode or lead wire becomes disconnected - Heart Rate Display : 30 to 300 bpm ( 3bpm) - ECG Size : 5, 10, 20mm/mV and Auto-gain - Heart Rate/Arrhythmia Alarm : HR, Asystole, VF, VT Korea T +82-31-428-9100 F +82-31-477-8617 product : Auto Ref-Keratometer 2.0~14.0mm (Increments : 0.1mm) - Memory of Data : 10 measurements for each eye Other - Internal Printer : Thermal Line Printer - Power Saving : Automatic switch off (5 min) - Display : 5.5 inch (Black & White) CRT - Power Supply : 100-240V~, 50/60Hz , 1A - Dimension : 300(W) x 500(D) x 430(H)mm / 21Kg - Weight : 2Okg


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HUVITZ Co., Ltd.

689-3, Geumjeong-dong, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do 435-862,

Measurement Mode - K/R Mode : Continuous Keratometry & Refractometry - REF Mode : Refractometry - KER Mode : Keratometry - CLBC Mode : Contact Lens Base Curve Measurement Refractometery - Vertex Distance (VD) : 0.0, 12.0, 15.0 - Sphere (SPH) : -25.00~+22.00D (VD = 12mm) (0.12,0.25D) - Cylinder (CYL) : 0.00~ 10.00D (Increments : 0.12 and 0.25D) - Axis (AX) : 1~180 (Increments : 1 ) - Cylinder Form : -, +, - Pupil Distance (PD) : 10~85mm - Minimum Pupil Diameter : 2.0mm Keratometery - Radius of Curvature : 5.0~10.2mm (Increments : 0.01mm) - Corneal Power : 33.00~67.50D (When corneal equivalent refractive index is 1.3375) (Increments : 0.05/0.12/0.25D) - Corneal Astigmatism : 0.00~-15.00D (Increments : 0.05/0.12/0.25D) - Axis : 1~180 (Increments : 1 ) - Corneal Diameter :

DR.LEE Co., Ltd.

2F, Daeyoung Bldg., 31-24, Guro 5-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul 152-838, Korea T +82-2-863-8293 F +82-2-863-8272 product : Electrocardiograph


Specifications - Leads : Standard 12Leads, Recording Paper : Thermosensitive - Record Format : 3/6Channel Auto and Manual, Paper Dimension : 120mm wide, 30m roll - Input Impedance : Greater then 50 Mohm, Display : LCD(16 2Lines) - Leakage Current : Less than 10uA, Paper Speed : 5/25/50mm/Sec


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- CMRR : Greater then 120dB, Record Device : Themal Array Printer - Time Constant : Greater than 3.2Sec, AC Power : 100-240V, 28VA(50/60Hz) - Frequency Response : 0.5~35Hz(filtered), 0.05~100Hz(unfiltered) - DC Power : 24V Ni-Cd Rechargeable Battery - Filter : AC60/50Hz(notch) 35Hz(muscle)0.5Hz(drift), Safety : According to IEC 601-1 CLASS 1 Type CF - A/D Conversion : 12bits, Dimension(W*D*H) : 344*277*91mm - Sampling : 500Hz, Weight : 3.7Kg(with battery) - Sensitivity : 2.5/5/10/20mm/mV, Operating Temp : +10 to +40 C - Operating Atmospheric press : 700hPa to 106 hPa, Operating Humidity : 25 to 95% non-condensing - Optional RS-232 : Stress testing interface Accurate Analysis : Based on the micro-computer analysis including pediatric and post-stress ECG against resting ECG, ECG-310A is provided for those who demand the best to produce high rankings for automatic diagnostic. Concise report of detailed measurement and interpretation, acts as quick reference for the physician s in depth analysis. To assure the accuracy of interpretation and clear ECG printing, digital filters eliminate AC power interference, muscle tremor and baseline wandering. Thermal array printer technology provides clear and sharp ECG traces and alphanumeric patient data that reads easily. Cost-Effective Performance : ECG-310A incorporates all the high qualities of performance, yet it is inexpensive with 6-channel performance. After an ECG acquisition of 12-lead have been completed, simultaneously, the captured ECG complex can be reprinted in any of the multi-format printer without a patient. Care in production and attention to design make the ECG-310A both reliable needing only low-maintenance. Safety/Quality Approvals Details : CE, GM Mark, Gost Mark, ISO 9001, FDA, etc.


Medical Outfits for beauty

#305, SeoryeonKoa Bldg., 409, Sang 1(il)-dong, Wonmi-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do 420-031, Korea T +82-32-326-8895 F +82-32-326-8088 k1 product : Loess Fomentation-room, Loess Fomentation Bed, Loess Nature Bed, Loess Ball Foots Bath Apparatus, Loess Ball Sitz Bath Apparatus

1. Loess Fomentation (AP-100, AP-200, AP-300, AP-400, AP-500, AP-500Q) - The mobile home fomentation-room that was developed on the basis of ergonomic design. - You can use it comfortably whatever you sit or lie down. - Inside far infrared lamp is installed. Far infrared is available to concentrate radiation on a part of body. - Inside surface is pasted on loess by hand. It s emissivity of far infrared is 92% out of loess.


10B-7L, Namdong Industrial Complex, 623-6, Namchon-dong, Namdong-gu, Incheon 405-846, Korea T +82-32-816-0552 F +82-32-816-0557 ninc product : Air Pressure Massager
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POWER-Q1000, POWER-Q6000

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Medical Appliances
Compressible Limb Therapy System(Air Pressure Massager) is a pneumatic pressure treatment system that repeats expansion and shrinkage with sequential pneumatic pressure to vitalize the circulation of blood and lymph in arms and legs enhances the pressure of muscular tissues to remove swelling or pain on arms and legs and recover patients physical functions from disabilities or agedness. achieve homogenous thermal damage at a particular depth, Mosaic exclusive patented technology delivers multiple arrays of randomized microscopic laser beams to the skin. - These beams selectively coagulate a small proportion of the collimated Micro Necrotic Columns(MNCs) that reach as far down as the reticular results in bet ter outcomes in the form of minimal downtime, a more uniform appearance and most importantly, dramatic clinical improvements. System Specifications - Laser Type - Er.Glass - Operating Mode Dynamic/Static - Pulse Energy - 4 - 40mj - Frequency in Dynamic Mode Normal/1/2speed/1/3speed - Density in Static Mode 50/100/200/300/400/500 spots/ - Handpiece Tip Size 10x10mm/8x8mm/6x6mm/5x1 0mm - Display - Touch Screen with Flash Technology - Weight - 48kg - Dimensions - 400mm(W)x 536mm(D)x835mm(H)



#403, Ilsan Technotown, 1141-1, Baekseok-dong, Ilsan-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do 410-360, Korea T +82-31-908-3440 F +82-31-907-3440 -00594 product : Medical Laser System

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4F, Kuckdo Bldg., 273, Yeongeon-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul 110-460, Korea T +82-2-908-5000 F +82-2-741-7071 edic product : Body Composition Analysis, Training Machine

Function Body Composition Analysis - Show actual measurements and recommended values for body composition - Graph of body composition distribution Evaluation/body Fat Distribution - Mark index standard weight and body fat rate - Evaluation of body fat distribution Target Weight - Progressive weight loss planning as represented by 1st target weight and the ultimate 2nd target weight - Show regulation target of fat mass and muscle mass Abdominal Obesity Chart - WHR and whole abdomen FAT values of area displayed Specification - Power source : 110-240 AC - Relative humidity : 30~85% - Power consumption : 25 VA - Operation Temperature : 10~40 - Weight : 41.5 Kg - Size : 498(W) X 1375(H) X 850(D)



#2-614, Woorim Lions Valley, 680, Gasan-dong, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul 153-023, Korea T +82-2-2027-2200 F +82-2-2027-2207

Incorporating the Latest in Micro Fractional Technology. - The Lutronic MOSAIC is an advanced aesthetic solution incorporating the latest in fractional technology. Unlike traditional lasers and light-based technologie s that


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gwoome product : Potable Obesity Treatment Equipment, Physical Therapy Units, Obesity Therapy 2100 product : Acupunctural Diet For Belly Fat

MEDON Co., Ltd.

B-715, SK TwinTech Tower, 345-9, Gasan-dong, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul 153-802, Korea T +82-2-6292-2770 F +82-2-6292-2775 rup product : Medon Intense Pulse Light, Skin & Hair System

Medical Appliances



Specification - Input Power : 220V, 50/60Hz - Power Consumption : 80W - Max. Output Current : 2.5mA - Low Frequency : 2.5~250Hz - Dimension : 425(W)*310(L)*165(H) - Time : 1~90Min. - Temp : below 40 Features - A portable collective treatment device to which pain easing function is added besides weight loss function - The slim line that is designed to be conveniently carried - Far-infrared heating pad and variously-programmed low frequencies being simultaneously used, this device can be effectively used for weight loss. - Furthermore, pain easing function is added to it, so that its applicable scope has been extended.

EDEN21 Co., Ltd.

1064-3, Dalsan-ri, Jeonggwan-myeon, Gijang-gun, Busan 619-960, Korea T +82-51-526-3010 F +82-51-526-2055

The Effect of E-21 - Constipation The massage to large and small intestine is good for the constipation by removing the feces contained long in the intestine and helping the digestion. - Belly Fatness The thermo massage will make a waist line slim by decomposing the fat and removing the flesh of the belly. - Stress Excessive stress makes belly and internal organ harden and can be the cause of a chronic disease. Warm belly massage is the way to get rid of the stress. - Strengthening of Man s Sexual Function Also it has the effect to strengthen the sexual function by improving the flow of stamina and blood. - Indigestion It improves the activity of stomach by enhancing the flow of stamina and blood and removes an indigestion by recovering the function of an autonomic nerve. - Menstrual Pain, Coldnes It improves the flow of blood in the womb and the ovary by massaging the lower belly warmly and mitigates the menstrual pain by cleaning the blood.


- Size : 350 X 400 X 1, 100mm - Weight : 75kgs - Electronic Requirements : 220V, 50~60Hz, Single Phase, Dedecated line - Spectrum -Photorejuvenation/Pigmented Lesions : 560nm~1, 200nm - Hair Removals : 640nm~1, 200nm - Energy Density(Fluence) 18~32(J/cm2) - Pulse Duration -Photorejuvenation/Pigmented Lesions : 2.8~6.5(ms) - Vascular Lesions : 2.8~6(ms) - Hair Removals : 4.9~14(ms) - Pulse Sequence - 2~3 pulse - Delay Between Pulses - 20~60 ms - Repetition Rate - 0.5 Hz - Spot Size : 35X8 (mm)

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Medical Appliances


DXM Co., Ltd.

#1003, IlsanTechnotown Bldg., 1141-1, Baekseok-dong, Ilsan-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do 411-815, Korea T +82-31-909-8275 F +82-31-909-8276 1234 product : Dental, Intraoral Camera, USB Camera, Curing Light, Guttapucha Opturaror

with high resolution and the most efficient wireless LED curing light. DXM also has been developing a CCD based intraoral filmless x-ray sensor. DXM will continue its effort to develop, produce and supply a high quality products with good design and to provide satisfactory services so that customers over the world smile.

functions as safety glasses against harmful substance.

DAIWHA Co., Ltd.

Daehwa Bldg., 733-18, Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 733-18, Korea T +82-2-558-1711 F +82-2-554-0317 -a0813 product : Volumetric Infusion Pump, Lumenis, Syringe Pump, Electrosurgical Unit,


822, Dohwa 3(sam)-dong, Nam-gu, Incheon 402-063, Korea T +82-32-875-9811 F +82-32-875-9813 sys product : Surgical Telescopes, Headlight System


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Looks 2500, Looks 3000, Looks 3500, Looks 5000 USB CAMERA, CURING LIGHT, GUTTAPUCHA OPTURAROR

D.X.M.(Digital eXcellence for Medicare) is an innovative manufacturer & supplier serving customers with high tech products and high quality services. DXM was established in August 2000 in Korea with the aim of producing & distributing the world-best products. DXM has been supplying the most lightweight intraoral camera

1. Magnified image provides magnified images of extremely small objects that can t be identified with bare eyes. 2. Correction of eye defects collect myopia, hyperopic, astigmatism and old eyes, squints by a glasses lens. 3. Set for convenience manufactured in a the way that the user could be in the most convenient posture while using it. 4. Infection Prevention

MEDIFUSION can be used for continuous flow rate infusion of fluid drug and transfusion in ICU or CCU as well as infusion of anesthetic, anticancer agent or nutrient. With any standard IV set without special trying & efforts, the operator can set the pump for the application. Features - Flow Rate : 0.1 ml/h to 99.9ml/h (0.1 increments) - 100ml/h to 999ml/h(1ml/h increments) - Accuracy - 5% with assigned IV set - Compatible with Most IV sets - Variable Alarm Functions - Safety Features - Improved Drop Sensor (option) - CE / ISO 13485


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94-97, Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul 150-869, Korea T +82-2-2633-0019 F +82-2-2677-2286 -a0847 product : Electric Universal Operating Table, Cart, Hospital Bed, Air Creaner, Surgery Light, Etc.

Medical Appliances

- Knee crutches : 1pc. - Mattress : 1set. - Drain tray : 1pc. - Chest & Waist Supports.

product : Pigment Lesion Treatment Laser, Diode Laser Used in Cancer Therapy, Photo Dynamic Therapy Laser


156-8, Chunui-dong, Wonmi-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do 420-120, Korea T +82-32-662-9211 F +82-32-655-6882 -00229 product : Ceramic Heating Unit, Electric Acupuncture, Multiple Therapy Machine, Ultrasonic Diathermy



Functions The advanced high performance electro-hydraulic system can position smoothly at any required position by just pressing remote control switch. Specification - Table top size : 1970(L) * 480(W)mm. - Height of table top : 780 * 980(H)mm. - Trendlenburg/ Revers Trendlenburg down : 30. - Kidney Angle : 160 - Back section : 75 up, 15 down. - Lateral tilt : 30 (left/right). - Leg section : 90 down, 15 up. - Head section : 90 down, 15 up. - Electric power souce : AC220V, 50/60Hz. - Weight : 184kg. Standard Acc. - Arm reset : 1pair. - Shoulder supports : 1pair.


Ceramic heating unit, RAYON using a new material shows a good effect on pain relief by infiltrating into the hypoderm of 40mm as radiant heat of infrared ray between 3.0 and 14 wavelength.


Daedeok Techno Valley, 538, Yongsan-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 305-500, Korea T +82-42-934-6800 F +82-42-934-9491 -00379

Utilizing Q-switched Nd : YAG Laser, this equipment shows excellent results in treating unwanted spots - age spots, freckles and other pigment disorders, cafe au lait, nevus of Ota - and benign pigmented lesions. Dual wavelengths 532nm and 1064nm- of Won-COSJET TR provides stable and accurate energy input necessary for the treatment. With dimensions measuring 49x22x75cm (with the exception of the articulated arm), its efficiently compact design allows for convenient transfer and space-saving storage. Technical Specification - Irradiation Type Flashlamp-excited Q-Switched Nd : YAG Laser - Electrical Requirement AC 220 V (50/60Hz Single Phase) - Power Consumption 1.5 kW (Maximum) - Wavelength 532nm & 1064nm, FR Mode - Dimensions 220*490*750mm (W*D*H) - Weight 40Kg (Laser Arm : 5kg) - Repetition Rate Single, 1~10Hz - Spot Size 2~10mm (1mm step) - Pulse Duration 6ns(Q/SW), 300 s (Free Running Mode) Beam Delivery Articulated Arm

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Medical Appliances
- Device Cooling Air & Water-cooling system - Aiming Beam Diode Laser, 655nm - Radiation Control Foot Switch - Class of Laser Class 4 - Display 128*240 Graphic LCD - Menu Mode Touch-pads Keypad for treatment parameter selection & Modification from Menu - Parameter Memory Max. 30 parameters memorable(EEPROM) - Power Supply Half-bridge Parallel-loaded Resonant Converter Technical Specification - Light Wource Intense Pulse Light (Xenon Lamp) - Standard Spectra(Wavelength) 560~950nm / 700~950nm - Optional Spectra(Wavelength) 590~950nm / 640~950nm - Energy Density(Fluence) 10~50 J/cm2 - Pulse Sequence 1~2 pulses - Pulse Width 0.1~300ms for every sub-pulse - Pulse Delay 1~60ms - Delivery Direct coupling through coated filter light guide - Repetition Rate 0.5 Hz - Sizes of Light Spots 8mm 34mm - Light Conduction Sapphire coupling - Integrated Skin Cooling Approximately 0 - 10C or normal temperature System Specification - Electrical Power 220VAC 16A 50 / 60Hz Single Phase - Dimensions 350 680 1,030mm - Weight 70Kg


- Semiconductor technology og GluCall applid - Make the Strip Size - Ergonomically


3F, Inchon-ro 2nd Bldg. 126-83, Anamdong 5-ga, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul 136-075, Korea T +82-2-924-3445 F +82-2-924-0780 md product : Personal Automatic Urine Collector


#307, Daerung Techno Tower 8, Gasan-dong, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul 153-023, Korea T +82-2-2603-6417 F +82-2-2603-6447 product : IPL, Purebeau

KMH Co., Ltd.

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P-NAIN Technology P-NIAN System, using Intense Pulsed Light, provides more effective and safer with the powerful cooling device and find sapphire filter. It gives wider and specific application area by various wavelengths and parameters.

F4, Anyang Megavalley, 799, Gwanyang-dong, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do 431-060, Korea T +82-31-420-4730 F +82-31-420-4733 product : - Digital image management & transferring system - Diet Standard level GI Slim - Gluecose Monitor


The Caremate2000 is a fully automatic and self-contained urine-collecting device that enables bed-ridden patients to urinate without the constant aid of a caretaker. Also, its portability allows mobility for people restricted to wheelchairs. This innovative new product helps to reduce the burden of outpatient care by providing simple operation even for those who do not have use of hands, and the bidet system allows for personal hygiene care.


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#1-125, wonju Medical Technopark1720-26, Taejang-dong, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do 220-120, Korea T +82-33-748-0206 F +82-33-748-0705 zen product : Physical Therapeutic Equipment

Medical Appliances product : Blood Glucose Monitoring System



Feature Enable to select the spray mode for the satisfaction of customer and therefore to have comfortableness and cool feeling during the massage with giving stimulation to tired muscle as various spray patterns (have the maximum pattern numbers in domestic market) are built in the device. Specification - Overall Dimension (mm) 2420 1000 1020 - Seat Dimension (mm) 2100 634 - Weight (kg) - 199 - Water Consumption (liter) 400 - Using Water Quality - General City Water - Electric Consumption (kva) 3.6 - Electric Source - 220V, 60Hz

- CareSens, CareSens is capable of measuring blood glucose levels accurately in less than 5 seconds with only 0.5 microliters of blood. - CareSens, CareSens allows alternative site monitoring where fewer nerve endings exist to greatly reduce pain associated with drawing blood for testing.


#307, IT Private Venture Town, 694, Tamnip-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 305-510, Korea T +82-42-934-1105 F +82-42-934-1106 product : Laser Blood-Sampling and Blood Sugar Level Tester, Card-Type Blood Sugar Tester

insulin-dependant diabetic (Type I) who measures the blood sugar level 3-6 times a day from the wound and pain by a needle-type blood collecting device that penetrates deep into the skin and hurts the tissue of the skin and the capillary. And it does a diabetic of the worry about being contaminated with germs and AIDS from the wound. It easily and conveniently collects a little amount of blood that is appropriate for measuring the blood sugar level, and measures the blood sugar level by one integrated device for a short time. This integrated device performs synthetically such a low pain blood sampling and fast blood sugar level, and it is produced in the chargeable device of the mobile phone shape so that it can be carried out easily and used at any place. So, it provides better convenience for the management of diabetes that is gradually acknowledged as a serious disease.


#B-317, Venture Land, 646, Eupnae-dong, Asan-si, Chungcheongnam-do 336-190, Korea T +82-41-544-3567 F +82-2-534-5338 hers product : Blood/Fluid Warmer Controller, Disposable Blood/Fluid Warmer Set, Connected Tube

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465-14, Wolgye 4-dong, Nowon-gu, Seoul 139-845, Korea T +82-2-916-6191 F +82-2-942-2514

This relieves the

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Medical Appliances
Light, Rechargeable Head Light, Throatscope, Otoscope, LED Operating Light


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- provides power to the heater built in the Disposable Blood/Fluid Warmer Set. - indicates the outlet temperature of the warmed blood. - makes it possible to place the Disposable Blood/Fluid Warmer Set stably. - controls the temperature. - Flow Rate : MAX 53ml /min - Input Temperature : 20 c - Output Temperature Range : 38 c 2 c - Temperature Sensors : 3 thermistors - Output Temperature Display : LED 26 c~42 c - Dimension : 60(w)x88(L)x28(T)/mm - Weight : 80g - Power Requirement : Dc 12V/3.5A (Rechargeable Battery Possible)

- Strong Point Brightness is more than 50,000 Lux (at 25cm) Semi-permanent life with usage of LED lamp (100,000hours) No UV radiation Suitable for operating because of no heat from the lamp Use Li-ion battery that can be recharged more than 800 times 3-Hours of continual use with one recharge Delicate design without any exposed wires Excellent heatsink design and economical price The head band is made of soft natural leather Sliding type of both eye loupe equipable (option) Light Spot (9cm at 25cm)



#301, Sinwon Vision Tower, 898, Hogye-dong, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do 431-080, Korea T +82-31-478-8766 F +82-31-478-8768 cope product : Operating Head

SNJ Co., Ltd.

#604, Acetechno tower, 197-7, Guro 3-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul 152-848, Korea T +82-2-866-9005 F +82-2-866-9007 calsnj product : Ultra Pulse CO2 Laser, Q-Switched Nd : YAG Laser, Smoke Evacuator

Product Feature - Medical Product under ISO9002 Approved from EuroCERT - High Peak Power and Reliable CW Oscillating Power Output - Delicate and Precision LASER Beam Pattern 100mm Handpiece Beam Spot Size 1.0mm 50mm Handpiece Beam Spot Size 0.5mm - Good Optical Coherence, Reliable Pulse Quality & Human Ergonomic Design - One-Step Mode Selection with Dial Switch - Less Thermal Damage on Tissue and Shorten Terms of Skin Rejuvenation Technical Specificatons - Dimension : 27(W) X 25(L) X 100(H)cm - Weight : 35kg - Max. Weight : 45kg - Wavelength : 10, 600nm(10.6 m) - Pulse Frequency : 10~990Hz - Pulse Duration : 0.1~1.7ms - Peak Power : 800W - Max. Power : 25W(1~25W; CW Mode) - Power Capacity : 200~240VAC/50~60Hz, 650VA


#709, Hanrim Humantower, 1-40,


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Medical Appliances
Geumjeong-dong, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do 435-824, Korea T +82-31-479-1156 F +82-31-479-1157 http://www.medicom.koreasme.c om com product : Surgical Drill Etc. - Warranty - 18 Months - Condition of Return and Exchange - in case of a trouble on the product - Sales Agency - Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, Daejeon, Wonju - Overseas Branch Office Export Incubator in China - Scheduled Registration of Products discoloration of sodalyme inside 6. For safe anesthesia, internal pressure gauge and residue gas exhauster is attached 7. Automatic cutoff (Diaphragm-controlled) of N2O is attached 8. With color difference of handles and control valve for O2 and N2O, prevent miss operation (International standard size) 9. Oxygen flush valve is mounted for large amount of fresh oxygen to inflow to respiration circuit incase of emergency


#912, SJ Technoville, 60-19, Gasan-dong, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul 153-801, Korea T +82-2-3397-3030 F +82-2-3397-3035 nics product : Anesthesia Machine, Ventilator, Patient Monitor


Product Features - The Hand piece of the surgical drill is the essential device used in both domestic and overseas hospitals. - This device is focused on the super-precise process of the artificial joint replacing surgery, such as cutting, trimming, and opening of a bone. - Description - First Development of South Korea - Easy Handling - Light Weight, Small Size - Design of Value Engineering (VE) - High RPM & Torque Inexpensive Price - Type of Product - Variable Speed Motor : 0 - 750rpm - Torque : 35 in-lbs - Weight : 920g - Useful Pressure : 100psi (6-7kg/ ) - Useful Gas : Nitrogen - Material : Aluminum, Stainless Steel - Item No. - ISA-001 - Certifications - ISO9001/2001, QS9000, KFDA, Utility Model - Price - upon the consultation - Exporting Countries - China, India, Vietnam, Thailand, and

STYX Co., Ltd.

778, Yullyang-dong, Sangdang-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do 360-818, Korea T +82-43-216-1121 F +82-43-216-1120 tyx product : Hydro Therapy Leg Spa
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Use and Explanation 1. COMPACT 70 is anesthesia equipment that made to suit general small and medium size hospitals. 2. It is light weighted and simple, easy to operate. 3. Quick operation 4. 190mm rib-rotameter is attached for each of O2 and N20 5. CO2 canister of 1,000cc is clear so it is easy to identify


If you make your foot warm through warm water, the blood circulation will be improved and your body will get warmness because internal part of your body was warmed up. If your body gets warmness, your body will feel comfortable owing to the vigorous activities of autonomic nervous system

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Medical Appliances
governing visceral function and in vivo enzymes, and the improved physiologic function. The health care method like this which makes our body comfortable by warming foot is called as Leg Spa. - Model : FORD202 E - Power Source : Change with your country - Spending Power : 950W - Size : (W)50 (D)44 (H)33 Cm - Weight : 7.5Kg - ISO Certification : 8205227 problem it designed to stop with a warning sound. - There is no waste of an injection. - It programmed to go into the planned depth and inject. - A cartridge s forward, backward moving is automatized. - Memory of the former operation. - Comfact design. examine & view on the monitor any ENT( Ear, Nose, Throat )-related parts such as tympanic, larynges, paranasal and etc.. 2. Ob / Gyn : By applying 30X magnification, you can examine the patient s cervix more accurate than ever before, making it easier to determine the possibility of uterine cancer. 3. Rectal : By applying anal rectalscope with lubricant on a patient, you can examine & view on the monitor any anal-related diseases such as Hemorrhoid, anal fistula, rectum cancer and etc.. 4. Dermatology : By connecting the skin observation accessory to the hand probe, you are able to examine the patient s condition precisely with images of up to 30~60 times magnified images of the skin.


#201, 459-8, Dunchon-dong, Gangdong-gu, Seoul 134-060, Korea T +82-2-477-6364 F +82-2-476-6364 http://www.photolight.koreasme. com olight photolight@photolight.koreasme. org product : Mesotherapy #203, Wonju Venture Factory, 1642-5, Donghwa-ri, Munmak-eup, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do 220-801, Korea T +82-2-3453-6050 F +82-2-3453-6040 product : Medical Vision System

UNITMA Co., Ltd.

3F, Chungmyeong Bldg., 224-8, Jamsil-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul 138-220, Korea T +82-2-420-0070 F +82-2-420-9797 ma product : TMA, Tissue Microarray, Tissue Microarrayer, Recipient Block, Automatic Tissue Microarrayer, Quick-Ray, Quick-Ray Master

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- Injection appliance is small and light and comfortable. - You can decide an injection. - You can control injection syringe s depth. - You can see how many times you ve inject by count function. - You can use any kind of injector. - If needle has obstructed by something or injector has a

- Type : Gun type, Camera movement type - Magnification : 10~ 60 - Function : Freeze, Brightness control - Image sensor : 1/3 sony color ccd - Image pixel : 410,000 pixel - Light Control : Electrical light control (14 level) 1. ENT : By applying endoscope with hand probe, you can


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64-82, Gaebong 1-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul 152-803, Korea T +82-2-2611-4755 F +82-2-2611-4758 product : Head Lamp, Loupe

Medical Appliances

Features - Portable - Low cost - Easy to handle - Shortening Tissue Array block production time - Minimized size Arrayer comparing with the conventional products - Easy to carry and to make the array block anytime and anywhere - Inexperienced pathologist can handle easily in the lab. - Simple developing procedure - Easy to create the various sized blocks with using the disposable bases - Steel array block and Cassette array block are available Application - Immunohistochemistry - In situ hybridization - FISH - In situ PCR etc. How to order - The patented recipient block(melts when heated at 60 C for 30 minutes) has pre-made, evenly spaced round orifices (wells) arranged in a square matrix (array). Four different recipient blocks are currently available : 10 x12 wells of 1mm in diameter 6 x10 wells of 2mm in diameter 5 x 6 wells of 3mm in diameter 4 x 5 wells of 5mm in diameter - The Quick-Ray set comes with one puncher, 4 tips of each size(1, 2, 3, and 5 mm in diameters), and 1 recipient block of each size, and a base mold, guide for 1mm recipient block. - More recipient blocks can be purchased separately as they are not reusable.


It has supplied its goods to domestic market as well as overseas markets; USA, etc. And it was appointed as a trade support company by Gyeonggi-do Office and prominent trade company by Small & Medium Business Administration.

- Characteristic : Shadowless head lamp - Luminence : 40,000lux at distinct distance - Power : Li-ion rechargeable battery(wireless) - Duration : 2.5 hours in continuous use - Weight : 110g

4-208, 1720-26, Taejang-dong, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do 220-120, Korea T +82-33-734-5970 F +82-33-735-5972 product : Meso Gun, Mesotherapy, MTS


503-2, Mubong 2-ri Soheul-eup Pocheon-si Gyeonggi-do 487-822, Korea T +82-31-543-5054 F +82-31-543-5059 496 product : Dressing Cart, Infrared, Infralux

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Mesotherapy Injector : Used for mesotherapy treatment in the hospital AMT-S (Auto Microneedle Therapy System) : Used for

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Precision Machinery & Components

Medical Appliances
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microneedle therapy treatment in the hospital or in the aesthetic shop

INAREX Co., Ltd.

735-10, Ancheong-dong, Gwangsan-gu, Gwangju 506-258, Korea T +82-62-952-1052 F +82-62-954-1055 product : Massage Bed, Thermal Massage Bed


We are in the leading company in Korea for thermal therapy machines and manufactures and develops innovative massage bed, which blend modern technology and ancient healing methods. Moxibustion, acupressure, 2 dimensional thermal therapy unit. We have been exporting over $2million to American continents and Europe from 2003. We acquired ISO 9001 certifications and got patent-KIPO in June, 2004 (Control method of thermal therapy unit and the ceramic structure of the thermal therapy unit) We are committed to implementing a comfortable medical system by promoting consistent medical business in this age of healthcare.